Providing care, help and healing to those in need
Jewish Family &
Children’s Service
Fall 2010 • Volume 2 • Issue 1
Legacy keeps Jewish values, service
to those in need at forefront
This fall, Jewish Family & Children’s Service (JFCS) proudly celebrates 75
years of service to individuals and families in need throughout Maricopa
County. To commemorate this special anniversary, we’ve commissioned
a historical narrative about our organization, beginning with our
humble roots in 1935 during the Great Depression and tracking our
record of growth over the decades as well as the various focal points
of our outreach and service efforts.
Stephanie McBride-Schreiner, a doctoral student in history at Arizona
State University, spearheaded the research and produced the narrative
by combing historical archives and interviewing JFCS employees and
volunteers, some of whom have been with JFCS for several decades.
Jana Bommersbach, local author and acclaimed journalist, edited a
special commemorative book for the occasion. Following is an
excerpt from the introduction:
It was a frightening, uncertain time, 19six35years until the nation went to war. The stock
Jr. Council of Jewish
Women luncheon,1936
ldn’t end for another
six years into the Great Depression that wou
those who had one
ey just disappeared; jobs were scarce and
ago exhausted
market had
was dry. Like most states, Arizona had long
held on for dear
look for federal help.
its public welfare funds and was forced to
people and
l – was all that stood between most needy
Roosevelt’s grand experiment – the New Dea
insurance and
al Security Act of 1935 that promised unem
destitution. Congress had just passed the Soci
but no one yet knew what that promise mea
retirement help for all working Americans,
s were hoarding their
ly and a roof over
Those who still had a breadwinner in the fami
uncertain moment, that
nightmare. But it was
service agency to
resources for
ded to reach outward – to create a social
help other Jewish
a courageous
themselves to share what little they had to
help those in
families survive.
ce agency that
Children’s Service of Phoenix, a social servi
They laid the bedrock for Jewish Family &
sexual abuse;
welfare in Arizona; would lead the fight agai
over the years, would change the face of child adoption of Native American children; would create the first
ding the
would distinguish itself in adoptions, inclu
of Russian Jews; would create
would be a major force in the resettlement
nursing home for elderly Jews
in trouble, and would
for temporary financial assistance to families
the award-winning Helping Hands program
receive national recognition for its excellenc
Committee of the Phoenix
re in 1935 when the women of the Welfare
Women committed themselves to help.
chapter of the National Council of Jewish
Photo courtesy of the Arizona Jewish
Historical Society
JFCS 75th Anniversary continued on page 4
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Robert Carr
Steven Friedman
Jerome Gutkin
Michael E. Johnson
Andrew Pacheco
Armando Roman
Carol Seidberg
Leesa Berens Weisz
Emeritus Board Member
Lenore Schupak
Executive Leadership Team
Michael R. Zent, Ph.D., President and CEO
Mark Callesen, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Javier Favela, Chief Financial Officer
Carol Felton, Executive Director of Human
Frank Jacobson, Vice President of Marketing
& Development
Martha Miller, Director of Compliance
Kevin Rhode, Director of Information
Ellie Schwartzberg, MC, LPC, Vice President
of Geriatrics & Jewish Community Services
Linda Scott, MSW, Vice President of Child &
Family Solutions
Jack Silver, LCSW, Director of Jewish
Counseling Services
Mary Jo Whitfield, MSW, Vice President of
Behavioral Health
JFCS Connections is published three times a year
by the Jewish Family & Children’s Service, 4747 N.
7th St., Suite 100, Phoenix, AZ 85014.
Contact Information
Jessica Junis-Green
Marketing & Development Coordinator
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[email protected]
A Brighter Tomorrow
Providing care, help and healing to those in need
Although social needs have changed over the decades, the central mission
of JFCS has always been to help others. The time-honored Jewish values
of kehila (building community); tzedakah (charity); tikkun olam (repairing
the world) and gemilut chasadim (acts of kindness) – the cornerstones of JFCS’s mission past,
present and future – infuse the agency with energy, integrity and a devotion to helping others
in need. Our experienced governing Board of Directors and exceptional professional and support staff
are propelling JFCS in new directions that build on the agency’s strengths and solid reputation within the fields of behavioral health and social service. Together, JFCS administrators,
staff and volunteers are exploring strategies to implement innovative and effective programs
and services that will meet future social needs, remaining mindful of our constantly changing
demographic and economic and political landscape.
The current state of the healthcare industry and the growing needs of an aging community
present new opportunities for JFCS. Because JFCS values its role as a nimble, experienced and
responsive social service agency that is in tune with community needs, we have taken a leading
role in developing new programs and revenue sources to sustain our nonprofit.
This fall, we are proud to launch Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona, a new private-pay
program designed to provide personalized in-home care services for older adults and physically
challenged individuals. Thanks to seed funding from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, this
program is positioned to generate revenue that will be reinvested into JFCS programs serving
lower-income older adults.
On behalf of JFCS, it’s been our privilege to serve this community for the past 75 years. We look
forward to many more years of service in the future.
Michael R. Zent, Ph.D., President & CEO
Accredited by the National
Council on Accreditation
of Services for Family and
Constituent Agency of
the Jewish Federation of
Greater Phoenix
Primary partner of
the Valley of the
Sun United Way
Over the past 75 years, JFCS has established a reputation as a missiondriven, nonprofit organization that is passionately committed to serving the larger community and heavily informed by Jewish values since its inception. JFCS Connections • Fall 2010 • Volume 2 • Issue 1
Spirit of Philanthropy Award
On November 17, JFCS and the Association of Fundraising
Professionals (AFP) Greater Arizona Chapter will celebrate
National Philanthropy Day and recognize JFCS board
member Carol Seidberg and her husband, Ken Seidberg,
with the Spirit of Philanthropy Award. The award
represents the long-time commitment, generosity,
volunteerism and leadership that Carol and Ken have
made to JFCS.
In-Home Peace of Mind
Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona helps older adults and
the physically challenged live independently and safely at home
This fall, JFCS is launching Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona, a new private-pay program
designed to provide personalized in-home care services for older adults and the physically
challenged. The program’s goal is to help clients maintain quality of life while functioning at
maximum levels of independence. Jewish Family Home Care has pledged to uphold the same
standards of quality service JFCS has maintained for the past 75 years.
Utilizing a $126,000 seed grant from the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust, this entrepreneurial
startup will provide an initial in-home assessment with each client to determine specific needs.
From the assessment, an individualized care plan is developed, matching a compassionate
caregiver to each client to ensure a trusting and engaged relationship.
At the core of the program’s mission is a Jewish value called gemilut chasadim, which translates
as “acts of loving kindness” and places importance on helping those in need.
Eric Kaye
“We view ourselves as a true partner to our clients and their families. JFCS has already established a solid reputation in the
community as a reliable source for older adult services.
In-home care is a natural extension for us,” says Eric Kaye, director of Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona. “Those who entrust our team will feel confident and optimistic that their needs will be met and expectations exceeded.”
While the program focuses on understanding and valuing
assistance for those within the Jewish community, the
program provides services to people of all religions and
value systems.
“Our goal is to be recognized as the leading standard in providing quality, personalized,
in-home care services to the Phoenix metropolitan Jewish community and community at large,”
Kaye adds.
Future proceeds from Jewish Family Home Care will be utilized to help low-income older adults
in other JFCS programs.
Jewish Family Home Care of Arizona
provides peace of mind to family
members in knowing their loved one
is receiving the best care possible.
This program provides:
• Personal care services
• Medication reminders
• Meal planning and preparation
• Fall prevention and safety
• Transportation
• Companionship
• Light housekeeping
• Compassionate and reliable
• Shopping/errands
For more information on this program or to
enroll, contact Eric Kaye at (602) 452-4680.
Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 •
Cover Story • JFCS 75th Anniversary
Save the Date • Oct. 30, 2010
Please join us as we celebrate 75 years of
providing care, help and healing to those
in need! JFCS is hosting a unique event
in collaboration with the Arizona Jewish
Historical Society at the newly renovated
Cutler-Plotkin Jewish Heritage Center.
The evening will include the premiere
exhibit opening of JFCS: 75 Years
Helping and Healing, cocktails, good
food (dietary laws observed), a special
video presentation, and our featured
guest speaker, author and journalist
Jana Bommersbach.
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Date: Saturday, October 30, 2010
Over the decades, JFCS offered a variety of programs and services to meet the expanding
needs of the community it served. For example, in 1973, the agency became the first adoption
agency in the United States for the adoption of Native American children by Native American
families. As the agency’s programs and services broadened, so did the number of people it
Location: 122 E. Culver Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004
$180 per person
(sponsorship opportunities are available)
Margaret Holley
(602) 567-8327 or online
The exhibit will be open to the public
Oct. 31-Nov. 28 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Wed.-Fri. and 1-4 p.m. Sun. Group tours
outside these hours may be made by
calling (602) 567-8327. Docents will be
available for tours.
Some members from the original Welfare Committee formed the Jewish Social Service Committee
of the Jewish Community Council and Rabbi Abraham Lincoln Krohn became its first chairman.
JFCS Connections • Fall 2010 • Volume 2 • Issue 1
JSS became incorporated
as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit
JFCS was simultaneously
accredited by the Family Service
Association of America and the
Child Welfare League of America.
Rabbi Krohn made a motion
for the Social Service
Committee to seek autonomy
as its own separate agency-the Jewish Social Service, Inc.
The Welfare Committee of
the local Phoenix chapter of the
National Council of Jewish Women,
the precursor to JFCS, was
established as the primary social
service provider for needy Jewish
families in the Phoenix area.
Florence Frank
First Director of Jewish Social Service, 1947
Photo courtesy of the Arizona Jewish
Historical Society
Below is an excerpt from the historical narrative, titled “The 1980s:
Continuing to Expand Boundaries” that addresses JFCS’s decision to serve
individuals of all faiths:
The 1980s brought new ch
allenges --
and opportunities, partic
Jewish Social Service (now in matters of the agency’s philosophy of service.
While the
gradually adopted a non-s CS) started out as a Jewish-centered organizatio
n, it
ectarian approach to soc
ial service. This occurred
reasons. First, as the popu
for several
lation of the Phoenix are
a grew, so did the social
larger community. Second
needs of the
ly, several of the agency’s
new programs (Indian ad
behavioral health services,
child welfare) established
in the 1960s and 1970s dre ns,
government (federal, state
w upon
and city) funding. Agenc
ies were required to be no
to secure funding from go
vernment sources and pro
vide programs that served
wide needs.
The agency’s service to an
increasingly diverse client
some sectors of the Jewish
ele raised concerns from
community, including the
Greater Phoenix Jewish Fe
(formerly the Jewish Comm
services was adequately ser ity Council) about whether JFCS’s broadened ba ion
se of
ving the Jewish community
. A director’s report from
recounts how the JFCS Bo
ard of Directors debated
at len
Federation, and the Board
came to the conclusion tha gth the concerns raised by the
provide the current bread
t the agency would not be
th of services if limited to
funding from solely the Jew able to
nity. In addition, the Bo
ish co
ard affirmed that “as a Jew
ish agency our primary res mmuis that of meeting the nee
ds of our Jewish commun
ity an
we also have a responsibil
ity to the community in wh d Jewish families in trouble, but
ich we live.” Therefore, the
decided that an open-do
or po
integrity of the Jewish fai licy was consistent with Jewish values, and maint
ained the
th that taught to “honorab
ly and faithfully” help oth
the late 1980s onwards,
ers. From
Family & Children’s Servi ’s mission statement made this position transpare
nt: “Jewish
ce provides community-ba
sed prevention and interv
Through education and co
ention services.
unseling, the agency serves
Jewish individuals and fam
ages, as well as the genera
l population in fulfillment
with the teachings of Juda s of all
service to others.”
ism to be of
Rabbi Abraham Lincoln Krohn
First chairman of the Jewish Social Service
Committee of the Jewish Community Council;
he led the organization to be its own separate
agency with the establishment of the Jewish
Social Service, Inc. in 1946.
Photo courtesy of the Arizona Jewish Historical Society
authored by Stephanie McBride-Schreiner and edited by Jana Bommersbach, are
available after November 1, 2010, by calling (602) 567-8305.
JFCS worked with the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix to help
resettle more than 274 Russian-Jewish Soviet refugees in the Valley.
JFCS served more than 30,000
people through its programs,
including older adults, victims
of domestic violence, children,
at-risk youth and those
suffering from mental illness.
The Board of Directors
affirmed the agency’s
non-sectarian approach
to social service was
consistent with Jewish
For more information, visit
JFCS was recognized
as the first private
adoption agency in
the U.S. for the
adoption of Indian
children by Indian
75th anniversary commemorative edition, JFCS: 75 Years Helping and Healing,
Limited copies of the special
Jewish Family & Children’s Service • 4747 N. 7th Street • Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014 • (602) 279-7655 •
Special Thanks
A Society of Special Friends of
Jewish Family & Children’s Service
Jewish Family & Children’s Service thanks and recognizes our most generous group of donors, now part of our Family Friends of Distinction,
who have made a significant commitment to Jewish Family & Children’s Service. Lifetime Membership is extended to individuals,
corporations and foundations whose generosity over time reaches, or exceeds, $25,000, while Annual Membership is extended to those
who make a commitment of $1,000 or more annually. In return, donors are rewarded in knowing their gift has supported exceptional
programs and services, ensuring responsive, quality, personalized behavioral healthcare and social services are available to everyone in our
community -- from early childhood to the most elderly.
Judy and Peter Brandeis
Cardinals Charities
Cheryl and Bob Carr
As of August 20, 2010
City of Glendale
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JFCS Connections • Fall 2010 • Volume 2 • Issue 1
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The Joseph & May Winston
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Helen and Edgar Korrick
Marlene and Lanny Lahr
In Memory of Aileen Osofsky
Earlier this summer, JFCS Emeritus Board Member Aileen
Osofsky passed away. Aileen’s love and commitment was extraordinary to JFCS and began in the mid-1980s when the
Osofskys moved to Phoenix part-time.
Aileen had a tremendous influence on the organization and supported the development of many programs. She was a
co-founder of the JFCS program Shelter Without Walls,
served as a Board Treasurer, was active in the JFCS Russian Resettlement program and was involved with the Holiday Program. Last year, with Lenore Schupak’s help, Aileen
recruited new volunteers and helped re-energize the JFCS Auxiliary, now known as Friends of
the Family.
Aileen was honored for her achievements at the JFCS 2008 Gala Spring Event and was honored
by the JFCS Governance Board when she was made an Emeritus Board Member in 2009. We
will miss her heartfelt enthusiasm, energy, compassion, as well as the “can-do” attitude she
brought to our organization.
Friends of the Family
Seeking Holiday
Program Sponsors
JFCS’s Holiday Program serves families in
need within the Greater Phoenix community
by matching them with generous sponsors.
In years past, JFCS and its volunteers have
provided dozens of families and approximately
100 youths with holiday gifts in celebration
of either Chanukah or Christmas. JFCS case
workers identify deserving families or youths
and provide sponsors with a basic list of
holiday wishes. Sign up to sponsor a youth or
family by contacting Jessica Green at
(602) 567-8305.
Over the past year, more than 250 friends were introduced to the various services provided by
JFCS thanks to Friends of the Family, an ambassador program spearheaded by JFCS volunteers.
The group has enjoyed good friends and food, healthy aging workshops, a re-fashion show and
other programs designed to spread awareness and raise support for JFCS.
from page 6
This year’s events promise to be even bigger and better:
Harvesting the Bounty – Cooking Class at Estate House, Scottsdale, October 10, 2010
Benefitting: The C.A.R.E.S. Friends’ Pantry
Advocating: Real World Job Development
Help Make Lives Happy & Celebrate the Season -- Holiday Party, December 2010
Benefitting: Holiday Gift Program & Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit
Advocating: Youth in Transition
Everything Your Mother Never Told You about Sex -- Jewish Sexuality Workshop,
April 2011
Benefitting: Women of all ages
Advocating: Jewish Community Services
Many thanks to everyone who helped launch the vision of Friends of the Family. If you’re
interested in attending any of the above events or want more information on how you can get
involved, contact Carrol Gottfried at (602) 567-8313.
Aleinu Network presents
November 17th • 7:30 p.m., at the home of Sheila Schwartz
Understanding the complex relationship between mothers,
daughters and food.
Dr. Dena Cabrera
Featuring Dr. Marjorie Feinson and Dr. Dena Cabrera.
For directions or more information go to Please RSVP online!
Family Circle
Gifts of $1,000+ continued
Susan G. Levine
Mesa United Way
Amy J. Myers
Karen and Robert Nagle
Jennifer O’Connor
Aileen* and Meyer
Jessica and Andrew Pacheco
Holly and Jeff Packer
Gerald Peiser
Chris Rainer, M.D.
Ann H. Reinking and
Peter Talbot
Jennifer and Armando
Barbara and Irving Rousso
Fran and Al Sachs
Sheila Schwartz
Linda and Earl Secore/
Secore & Niedzialek,
Enid and Michael
Lola and Jacob Shapiro
Randi J. Sherman
St. Luke’s Health
Temple Emanuel of
Gayle and Jay Weiss
Women’s Independence
Scholarship Program
Terry A. Zamell
Michael R. Zent, Ph.D.
* Of blessed memory
If we have incorrectly listed your name or if we overlooked your gift, we apologize. Please contact Jessica
Junis at (602) 567-8305 to request a correction. For
more information on how you can become a Family
Friends of Distinction member, please contact Frank
Jacobson at (602) 567-8329. Contributions may be
made via our website at
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• 4747 N. 7th Street, Suite 100 • Phoenix, Arizona 85014
To celebrate our 75th Anniversary, we are collecting stories from our
friends! How has JFCS impacted you or your family? Please share your
story by emailing [email protected]
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You Can Give to Multiple
Tax Credit Programs!
SAVE THE DATE • January 10, 2011
As an Arizona taxpayer, you have the unique
opportunity to redirect a portion of your state
income tax dollars to JFCS in order to provide
help to the working poor at no additional
expense to you!
Addressing the State of Your Union
Do you know the 5 Secrets to your
“Homeland Security?”
Join the JFCS Aleinu Network for a marriage enrichment
Seminar with Rabbi M. Gary Neuman, LMHC, best-selling
author and frequent guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show,
The View and NPR. Neuman will help you create your own
Recovery Act, improve your Department of Interior and
understand new ways to spend Political Capital. Supported
by two internationally renowned studies, Neuman will explain
the important truths about what every man and woman
needs from their relationship to keep it happy and secure.
Arizona tax code allows for a dollar-for-dollar
tax credit on your state income tax liability. The
maximum amount of this credit is $200 for
single taxpayers and $400 for married taxpayers. Contribute by Dec. 31, 2010, and see your
tax liability reduced by up to $400 when you file
your taxes.
Multiple Tax Credit Programs
Making a $400 contribution to public schools
for a tax credit? You can take additional tax
credits by making a Working Poor Tax Credit
to JFCS (up to another $400) and up to another
$1,000 to a private tuition organization.
Tax credit donations may be made at
Cost: RSVP: Info: 8 JFCS Connections • Fall 2010 • Volume 2 • Issue 1
7:30 p.m. Monday, January 10, 2011
Chaparral Suites, 5001 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale
$18 ($54 for wine reception with author prior to event)
(602) 567-8327