Saint Barnabas Bulletin Board for 18th January 2015

Saint Barnabas Bulletin Board for 18th January 2015
The Altar Flowers, and the Sanctuary Candle in honour of the Real Objective Presence of the Body and Blood of Our
Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, are given to the glory of God.
Upcoming Special Events
The Men's Group gathers on Wednesday 21st January at 6.30pm for Evening Prayer, dinner, and monthly
meeting. The business session will be followed by Deacon Hitchcock's presentation entitled "Poses and Postures", and
dinner will be provided courtesy of Sheila Baptist. All gentlemen are invited. Sign-up sheet is in the Narthex.
The Vestry meets at 1.15pm on Sunday 25th January.
Holy Communion for the Feast of the Purification of Saint Mary the Virgin will be celebrated at 7pm on Monday
2nd February.
The Anglican Church Women will meet on Tuesday 3rd February at 11.30am for Morning Prayer followed by
BYO Luncheon and the regular meeting. All women of the church are cordially invited to attend. A sign-up sheet is
in the narthex.
The Society of Mary meets for prayer on Thursday 5th February at 6.15pm.
Winers and Diners will be held on Wednesday 11th February at 6.30pm. Food, fun and conviviality await!
The Parish Work Day will be held on Saturday 14th February from 10am until Noon.
Sacramental Confessions will be heard on Shrove Tuesday, 17th February, at 3pm.
The annual Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper, sponsored by the Men's Group, will be held on Tuesday 17th
February from 6pm to 8pm in Harvey Hall.
Holy Communion for the Feast of Saint Matthias the Apostle will be celebrated on Tuesday 24th February at
The Men's Group gathers on Wednesday 25th February at 6.30pm for Evening Prayer, dinner, and the monthly
Lenten Announcements and Events
Holy Communion with the Penitential Office and the Blessing and Imposition of Ashes will be celebrated on the
First Day of Lent, Ash Wednesday, 18th February, at Noon and 7pm.
Beginning Thursday 19th February, we shall begin a special Lenten Study series to be held each Thursday
evening in Lent at 7.45pm following the 7pm Eucharist. Please make a special effort to be with us this Lent!
Sacramental Confessions will be heard during Lent on Thursdays at 6.15pm and Saturdays at 12.30pm, and by
On Fridays in Lent, the Stations of the Cross, with Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament, will be offered
at 7pm.
Recurring Events
Confirmation Class meets on Sunday at 1pm. Please consult the Bulletin Board for breaks.
Adult Sunday School meets weekly at 10.15am; Children's Sunday School meets weekly during
the 11am service.
The Wednesday Bible Study on the Book of Ezekiel held each week at 11am will meet regularly throughout
February unless otherwise noted. Cancelled on Ash Wednesday.
The Wednesday Bible Study is studying the Book of the Prophet Ezekiel. The class is held each week at 11am,
unless otherwise noted in the Bulletin Board or Calendar.
Christian Faith Class meets each Thursday at 7.45pm, following the 7pm Eucharist, unless otherwise noted in the
Bulletin Board or Calendar. The current topic is: “Q&A: Stump the Priest!”
Holy Communion is generally celebrated each Wednesday at Noon, each Thursday at 7pm, and each Friday at
Noon. Please consult the Bulletin Board or Calendar for breaks.
Special Announcements
Save the Date! All men of the parish are invited to a Day Retreat at the Monastery in Conyers on March 28. This
event is sponsored by the Men’s Group. Details and Sign-Up Sheet to come.
Inclement weather could force the cancellation of a church activity. Please check the church website
( for any cancellations.
We would like to express our appreciation to Jim Spotts and Bill Johnston for their assistance with the installation of
the wood pedestal for the statue of Our Lady of Walsingham.
The Winter Conference of the Anglican Province of America will be held in Fernandina Beach, Florida from Tuesday
27th January through Friday 30th January: the parish office will be closed for the week and all regular parish
events for the week will be cancelled.
Opportunities for Service
Bulletin “Folding Crew” volunteers needed. The volunteers who come in every Friday at 11:00 AM to prepare our
Bulletins provide a valuable service. We need an additional volunteer(s) to help temporarily while one of the regular
team members is convalescing. To volunteer, or for more information, please contact Bill (770) 457-1103 or
[email protected]
Standing Notices
Prayer Chain: we welcome you to register for the email prayer list. Please send an email to Ann Dozetos on
[email protected] requesting the same.
2014-2015 Prayer Cycle for Unity and Reconciliation: Anglican Province in American and Anglican Church in America
Second Sunday After Epiphany
 St. Peter's Church, Auburn, California: Very Rev. Warren W. 'Bill' Skinner, Rector
 St. Stephen's Church, Fillmore, California: Rev. Bob Hammond, Vicar
 All Saints Church, Fountain Valley, California: Chair of the Rector is vacant
Last Sunday’s Attendance
59 atList
Armed Forces Prayer
159 at 11am
Troy Grundorf, Army PFC Joseph, Capt. David Adams, Col. Phillip Barks, Cpl. Brian Carson, Lt Col. Douglas Crissman, Thomas Edwards, Pvt. Brenton Egan, PFC
Cara Egan, LtCol. Keith Filer, Capt. Daniel Gade, Major Jason Gallardo, Maj. Paul Hayes, David Kengatha, PFC Matthew Lunsford, Maj. Timothy Mallard, Pvt. Matt
Mefferd, Spc. John K. Nieves, SSgt Steve Ouellette, 2ndLt. Samir Patel, MAJ Matt Rasmussen, Pfc. Dennis Romans, 1 st Lt. Brian Saladin, MAJ Patricia Kast, Sgt.
Joseph Smith, MAJ Scott Smiley, Lt. Col. Scott Steere, Maj. William Vaughn, LTC Geoffrey Ward, Sgt Kevin Watson, MAJ Graham White, Dennis Williams, 3 rd Bde
Combat Team/31D from Ft. Benning, 57th MP Company, Capt. Jacob Whiteside, Lt. John McWilliams U.S. Coast Guard, 1st Lt. Justin Drake Bower USAF, PFC Kyle
Burks USMC, Father Jamie Danforth, Lt Rick Tackaberry, CW02 Max Jackson.
Allison Harrison
Andrew Ethridge
Ann Dean
Ann Matthews
Ashley and Barbara Shoaf
Bailey Rae
Barbara Miller
Bert Obioha
Beth McCart
Bill Barks
Bill Harvil
Blair DeRossett
Bobbie Garrison
Bonnie Rudd
Brandon Jones+
Bret Chance
Cameron King
Carol P. Pruett
Carole Fisher
Catherine Morrow
Cecilia Speck
Charles Hicks
Charlie Crass
Chinedu Nwaebueze
Chris Gardner+
Christine Brooks
Connie Ohl and family
Conrad Jones
Corinne Spreen
Dan Barnes
Dave Crass
David Shiller
Deacon Joel
Doris Eade
Doris Holsey
Dot Larkins
Dwight and Suzanne Irons
Ed and Mary Jane Shearer
Ed, Julie and Leia
Eddie Talley and Dale Oakey
Edward Warner+
Elena Baldwin
Elizabeth Kegel
Elsie Bader
Elsie Post
Elsie Ryan
Father Bill and Val Weston
Father Craig Smalley
Fred Young
Geaorgeanne and Paul
Gerry Davidson
Gianna Woodruff
Glenn DelConte
Grace Huff
Graham Ramsay
Graham Russell
Harriett and Sam Jorgensen
Helen Eschenbacher
Howard Spreen
James Daughtry+
Jan Higbee
Jeane Stone
Jeanne Foote
Jim Snelson
Joan Cooper
Joan Walker
John Orrison
Joseph Benjamin Pitt
Joyce Bourrie
Judy Filer
Judy Fowler and family
Julie Barks
Julie Cumpata
Jurgen Buckup
Katie Schaefer
Keith Filer
Kenneth Eade+
Kim Padilla
Larry Moore
Lee McFall
Leslie Huber
Linda Nicewander Newsome
Lindsey Motley
Lisa and Grant Ward
Lisa Clay
Lollie Lott
Loretta Loney
Mae Shumpert
Marcia Seaton
Marguerite Harvey
Mariam Odupolu
Marian Hicks
Mary Jane Crass
Marilyn Wilson and family
Marlayna and Isabella Cooksey
Mary Jane
Mary Jane Crass
Mary Linda Duncan
Marybeth Elliott
Michel and Sara
Mickey Donnelly
Mike Bell and Jim Bell
Mrs Onwudegu
Nancy Young
Olive Mulgrave
Pat Riedel
Paula Helen Smalley
Rachel Smith
Ralph and Mattie Lane
Raven, Fr. Kevin, and Alice Sweeney
Rebecca Grundorf
Richard Huff
Rod Derrick
Ruth Mangione
Sandy and Dexter
Shirley Nutt
Simon Fulford and family
Stephanie Eckert
Stephen Sweigart
Steve Crass
Steven Grundorf
Sydney, Amanda, and family
Taylor Gray Eckert
Tenecia Shepherd
Teri Kelley
Tim Bumann
Tim Woltering
Tina Jenkins
T. J. Cox
Tom and Terry
Vallery Wunder
Will Weston
WS ‘Bud’ and Juanita Greene
+Robert Harvey (RIP)
Anne Witt (RIP)
Bill McNutt (RIP)
Bob Pearsall, Sr. (RIP)
(Hugh E.) Bud Howard (RIP)
Charles Ohl (RIP)
Christopher Carlton
Donald Ames (RIP)
Doris Mallard (RIP)
Dorothy Weston (RIP)
Ed Ahern (RIP)
Enid Jones (RIP)
Eric Henry Cook (RIP)
Gabriel Oyemade (RIP)
Irene Smith (RIP)
Jeane Stone (RIP)
Jeneal Benton (RIP)
Jerry Nutt (RIP)
John Greco (RIP)
Joyce Croy (RIP)
Julianna (RIP) and Stephen
Mary Jane Crass (RIP)
Mary Smith (RIP)
Nora (RIP)
Novis Clifton (RIP)
Phyllis (RIP)
Richard Pickens (RIP)
Rick Merritt (RIP)
Robert Croy (RIP)
Robert Derrick, Senior (RIP)
Ronnie Miller (RIP)
Sandy (RIP)
Thomas Newsome (RIP)
Tom Sangster (RIP)