Jan Feb 2015 Newsletter

From School to Home - Keeping you Informed
January / February 2015
Message from the principal:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the
Dates for your Diary and
Upcoming Events
staff and students who contributed so much during the
month of December to make Kelvin such a great place
to be. There were any number of activities taking place
at Kelvin in December that were noteworthy but I
would like to take a moment to talk about one of
On December 12 we hosted our Annual Christmas
Breakfast with over 200 students from an inner city
elementary school for a morning of breakfast and
This event takes hundreds of hours of
volunteer time of both staff and students before the
event. Students are working weeks in advance and the
atmosphere they create on that morning is truly
I’m not sure who had the bigger smiles that
morning, the young students or the Kelvin buddies
working with them.
The event is for the younger
children but I think we get every bit as much from it as
they do.
January and February are going to be busy months for
time. February brings the start of a new term and for
most students the start of new courses.
I want to wish everyone the best of luck in your exams
and the start of the new semester.
J. Brown, Principal
5 - School Reopens
6-9 - Grade 12 Provincial ELA Test
7 - In Service (PM only)
8-10 - WSD Honor Choir/Band
9 - Newsletter available on-line
12-14 - Provincial Grade 12 François Exams
20-22 - Grade 12 Math Achievement Tests
26-30 - Final Exams
2 - In Service
3 - Semester II commences
3-6 - Grad Portraits
6 - Grade 9 Awards
9 - Report cards issued
9-11 - Grad Portraits
12 - Open House (7:00-9:00 pm)
16 - Louis Riel Day
27 - Deadline for registration applications
MARCH 2015
4 - In Service (PM only)
11-13 - Shakespeare in the Snow (Grade 12 IB)
13 - Newsletter available on-line
13 - In Service
13 - IB Entrance Test
17-20 - Grad Photo Retakes
25 - IB Visual Arts Exam
23-26 - Musical
27 - Last Day of School
30 - Spring Break Commences
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Guidance and Counselling Corner
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Exam Schedule
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Grade 9 Immunization
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Churchill School
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École River Heights School
Kelvin High School
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Registration for 2015/2016
Smoke Free Environment
Code of Conduct
Registration Deadline: February 10, 2015
Pascal Contest (Grade 9)
Cayley Contest (Grade 10)
Fermat Contest (Grade 11)
University of Manitoba Contest (Grade 12)
Registration Deadline: March 20, 2015
Euclid Contest (Grade 12)
all written on:
Tuesday February 24, 2015
Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Note: The Euclid Contest is a requirement for scholarship candidates entering the Faculty of
Mathematics, University of Waterloo, and is strongly recommended, but not required, for
Registration Deadline: March 20, 2015
Fryer Contest (Grade 9)
Galois Contest (Grade 10)
Hypatia Contest (Grade 11)
all written on:
Thursday, April 16, 2015
A reminder of the upcoming Provincial Standards Exams to be written in January 2015:
Grade 12 Applied Math
Grade 12 Essentials Math
Grade 12 Pre-Cal Math
January 20, 2015
January 21, 2015
January 22, 2015
In 2010, école secondaire Kelvin French Immersion teachers decided that our collective goal was
to promote oral literacy in our classrooms. We developed an evaluation tool to assess the
students’ French language proficiency. The intent of this evaluation was to create a
consciousness in our students and to provide them with a baseline to set goals for themselves
over the next couple of years.
This is the 4th year of our oral literacy initiative and the 4th year that your children will be part
of the process. On December 3, the majority of the grade 12 students had an interview session
with two immersion teachers which consisted of a 10 minute discussion based on 1 or 2 topics
of their choice followed by feedback from the teachers. There will be a second evaluation
session for grade 12 students who are taking French in second semester on April 29.
The grade 10 evaluation is similar in format to the grade 12 assessment. Grade 10 students were
evaluated on November 5 and 6.
The grade 11 students will participate in a round table discussion for their evaluation which will
take place on May 21. For all three levels, parents will receive results in the mail.
We are excited to see the students’ growth over the past few years at Kelvin.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lise Simonsen or Leanne Chase
for clarification.
1961 McCreary Rd. Winnipeg Manitoba
Friday, March 6th, 2015
9:30am to 3:30pm
Arctic Science Day at FortWhyte Alive is a FREE full-day experiential learning
opportunity offered in collaboration with Schools on Board, NSERC, ArcticNet and the
University of Manitoba's Centre for Earth Observation Studies.
Arctic Science Day is for high school students Grades 10-12. Students will be introduced
to current research in Arctic Systems Science by University of Manitoba researchers and
graduate students.
This is an outdoor symposium involving hands-on experience with equipment and
methods used in Arctic field research. Topics include snow, ice, contaminants, weather,
marine mammals and Northern communities.
If you are interested in attending ARCTIC SCIENCE DAY, please see Mr. Romu in room
11 for an application. We will select 5 students to attend from the applications
Water Management In Action Multi Media Competition
Congratulations to
1st Place - Alexander B., Grade 11 from Kelvin High School
1st Place - Abriham S. and Ben N., Grade 11 from Kelvin High School
2nd Place - Zinan C., Grade 11 from Kelvin High School
Honourable Mention to Robin R. Grade 11 from Kelvin High School
Thanks to their teacher Mr. Romu for his guidance and support, and congratulations
again to our winners.
Winnipeg School Division Science Fair 2015
Celebrating 35 Years
Deadline for registration: Friday March 13
Set-up at Brodie Centre April 15 at 8:00 am
Judging begins April 15 at 9:50 am
Awards April 18.
If you are interested in participating in this year’s science fair, see your science teacher,
or Mme Bisson in room 2, or Ms. Torchia in room 14.
St. Boniface Research Lab
Over 5 days at the St-Boniface Research Centre, students from the Winnipeg School
Division, including Holly W. from Kelvin, focused on the many ways in which St.
Boniface Research Centre scientists approach complicated diseases in their major
medical research divisions: the Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Division of
Neurodegenerative Disorders, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and
Medicine and Clinical Research. They explored the connections between Alzheimer’s
disease, diabetes and heart disease using a variety of molecular and cellular biology
techniques to demonstrate current understanding of how these diseases work. They
took a particular focus on the use of stem cells in these areas of medical research and
participants ran a small type of stem-cell experiment over the course of the sessions to
explore how cells change in disease. If you are currently a grade 10 student who plans
to take grade 11 biology next year, and are interested in participating in next year’s
research, please see M. Davidson in room 6 for more information.
Winners of the 2014 Youth Multi Media Competition
Water Management In Action, The Urban-Rural Connection
Entrants were to create a promotional piece directed at a high school audience, but
with appeal for other age groups. This piece will use creative elements to attract
students to the current and changing state of our water resources, assist others in better
understanding these resources, while becoming a water steward in Manitoba. Topics to
be covered were:
—Manitoban’s perspective on water availability or environmental change
—Our use of water resources
—Personal use of water
—Why we need to conserve water
—What threatens water resources in our area
—Upstream and downstream neighbors in your local watershed
1st Place - $200, 2nd Place - $150, 3rd Place - $100, honourable mention-books for
your school’s library
“We create our tomorrows by what we dream today.”
- Unknown
Exam Schedule -
The January/February 2015 Exam Schedule has been set. Be sure to check the
date and the time for each of your exams. The exam schedule is included in
this newsletter, it is on the Kelvin High School website and your teachers will
have a copy posted in each of their classrooms.
Photos -
Please email photos of any IB events to Mrs. Decelles at [email protected]
Information Night -
The Kelvin High School Open House information evening will be held on
Thursday, February 12, 2015 in Kelvin’s gymnasium, starting at 7:00 pm. An
IB information session will also be held the same evening for those students
currently in Grade 9 who are interested in entering the IB programme for
their Grade 10 school year, 2015-2016. The IB information will include a
general description of the I.B. programme, how it functions at Kelvin High
School and what is involved in the application process. An information
package, including a Grade 10 I.B. application form, will be available for those
attending. All applications are due by February 27, 2015.
IB Entrance Test -
The entrance test for current Grade 9 students interested in entering the IB
programme for their Grade 10 2015-2016 school year will be written at 9:00
am on Friday, March 13, 2015 at Kelvin High School. The entrance test is 2½
hours in length. More details will be provided at the Information Session
described above.
Grade 11
Great Escape mtg. -
Grade 12
Extended Essay -
The annual Great Escape for all of the Grade 11 IB students in the Province
will be held at the University of Manitoba on March 6, 2015. I will let you
know about an upcoming lunch hour meeting to explain all about this fun
day. All Grade 11 IB students must attend this brief meeting.
Please remember that you must hand in a minimum of four reflections by
June of your Grade 11 year. Ten reflections in total are due by April of your
Grade 12 year.
Two FINAL COPIES of your Extended Essay (one for mailing and one to keep
at school on file) are to be handed in to Mrs. Decelles by February 23, 2015
at the latest.
Please remember that you must have all ten of your reflections in and your
final appointment with Mrs. Decelles by the middle of April at the latest.
Kelvin's French production, Festival theatre jeunesse, is looking for actors, costume designers, set
crew, tech crew.
Watch for audition dates and tech sign up in February. The play will be presented in Saint
Boniface at Cercle Molière in May and all French speaking thespians are welcome to participate.
For more information, see M. Buskell, Mme Finlay, M. Martin, Mme Simonsen or Mme Chase.
Looking for independence and planning to improve your "parlez-vous"? A huge bursary is
available to cover most of your expenses as you study this summer in Québec. Sign up date is
approaching! Check out the website and join the experience before February 28.
Kelvin Performing Arts is proud to present the grade 12 Acting Showcases running from January
15-16. Kelvin students will showcase The Importance of Being Earnest, an award winning play,
written by one of the most impressive playwrights of our time, as well as an original play,
created and written by grade 12 student playwright Salty M. All aspects of the performances
have been entirely managed by Kelvin students, including the direction, costumes, lighting,
sound, advertising, photography, and stage management. Come out for some great acting, and
prepare for an evening (or two) of excellent live theatre.
Thursday, January 15 @ 7:00 – Solipsistic by Salty M.
Friday, January 15 @ 7:00 – The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde
Performances are $2.00 and all tickets are available at the door. No advance tickets. All
performances are rush seating, so please come early to guarantee your seat.
February 3 – 11, 2015
Place: Kelvin High School Libr ar y
Retakes: Mar. 17 – 20, 2015
Sitting Fee: $20
Appointments must be made in advance at the school. ONE APPOINTMENT PER STUDENT.
Any forms and money not handed in with school fees in September must be handed in to the
Guidance Office by May 8. Let the Guidance Office know by May 8 if you do not plan to attend the
ceremony or your fee will NOT be refunded.
Cost: $40.00 (includes price of individual photo taken as you receive your Diploma)
Teacher in Charge: Ms. S. Hurley, Guidance Office
All graduating students should submit a Kelvin High School Awards Application form.
Applications will be distributed in Grade 12 English classes: late April, 2015
Applications returned to Mr. M. Gregory, Rm. 63, or the Main Office by May 23, 2015
Teacher in Charge: Mr. M. Gregory, Rm. 63
Additionally, students should check the Student Bulletin, talk to the Career Intern in the Career
Exploration Office, and visit the Winnipeg School Division’s Financial Help page (https://
www.winnipegsd.ca/FAMILY%20COMMUNITY/students/financial-help/Pages/Default.aspx) for
information about awards and scholarships offered by a variety of organizations.
Nominations: April 6 at 12:20 pm through April 11, 2015 at 1:20 pm
1st Round of Speeches: mid-April, 2015
Final Speeches: late April, 2015
Teacher in Charge: Mr. J. Romu, Rm. 11
Monday evening, June 22, 2015, Canad Inns Polo Park
Cost: TBA
Ticket Sale date to be announced in May, 2015
You need a copy of government-issued photo ID to be verified for Safe Grad.
Teacher in Charge: Ms. K. Stewart, Rm. 25
Wednesday, June 24, 2015, 1:30 pm
Calvary Temple, 440 Hargrave St.
Teachers in Charge: Mr. K. Mann, Rm. 5
Thursday, June 25 2015, 10:00 am
Calvary Temple, 440 Hargrave St.
Teacher in Charge: Mrs. A. Osborne, Library
- Mrs. A. Osborne, Graduation Coordinator
Parents and Guardians
Your Assistance is Requested
Grades 9, 10, 11 – pay it forward
Grade 12 - it’s the Last Year
Discover How a Little of Your Time will Make a Huge Difference
January 20 at 7:00 pm in the multi-purpose room
enquire - [email protected]
Yes, it’s that time already! Start thinking about your grad quote—they are due by April 23rd. Forms will
be available in the Student Office and the Main Office on February 23rd. See Mr. Burdeniuk or Ms.
McGregor if you have any questions.
The Rules: 125 characters or less - each space, comma, period, etc. counts as a character. Your student
number must also be included (does not count as part of the 125 characters).
Option - you may email your quote as well. If you don’t have your own account, you can ask your
English teacher for assistance or you can email directly to: [email protected]
Reminder! All quotes will be put through a screening process!
Guidance and Support Services:
Guidance Office Direct Line: (204) 474 – 1156
Office Hours: 8: 00 a.m. – 4: 00 p.m.
Website: www.wsd1.org/kelvin
Sandra Severi (Guidance Department Head)
Susan Hurley
Ed Zeglen
Janus Bazan
The following are important dates:
Manitoba Post-Secondary Open Houses
Tuesday, February 17: Red River College Open House (12 – 3 p.m.)
Wednesday, February 18: University of Winnipeg Open House (9 – 3)
Thursday, February 19: University of Manitoba Open House (9 – 3)
Wednesday February 25: Grade 11 Tour St. Boniface (AM)
Entrance Scholarship Application Dates
University of Winnipeg: March 1, 2015
University of Manitoba: March 1, 2015
Out of province Post-secondary: Various dates
Grade 10 field trip to Rotary Career Symposium April 21 (9 - 3)
Family Literacy Day takes place annually on January 27 to celebrate adults and children reading
and learning together, and to encourage Canadians to spend at least 15 minutes enjoying a
learning activity as a family every day.1 Try the suggestions from ABC Life Literacy Canada to
get you started: http://abclifeliteracy.ca/fld/family-literacy-day.
February is filled with occasions to celebrate reading. The theme for 2015’s I Love to Read
Month is “Literacy is a Human Right.” Check the Manitoba Reading Association’s site for
resources and ideas.
“I dreamt of a country where education would prevail.” Malala Yousafzai
Every year Canadians are invited to participate in February’s Black History Month festivities
and events that honour the legacy of black Canadians, past and present. We take this time to
celebrate the many achievements and contributions of black Canadians who, throughout
history, have done so much to make Canada the culturally diverse, compassionate and
prosperous nation we are today. During Black History Month Canadians can gain insight into
the experiences of black Canadians and the vital role this community has played throughout
our shared history.2
February 22 - 28, 2015
Freedom to Read Week is an annual event that encourages Canadians to think about and
reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom, which is guaranteed them under the Charter
of Rights and Freedoms.3 Learn more about censorship in Canada at the Book and Periodical
Council’s Freedom to Read Week website.
“You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”
~ Ray Bradbury
Family Literacy Day, ABC Life Literacy Canada. 2015
2 Black History Month, Citizenship and Immigration Canada. 2015
3 Freedom to Read Week, Book and Periodical Council. 2015
If you haven't made it out to a Parent Advisory Council (PAC) meeting - there's no time
like the present! And here's why: for the most part we're consumers of education. As
parents we remember walking through the halls of Kelvin High School and as we watch
our kids take similar steps, with the odd detour to reminisce, we still have but a single
perspective - as the consumer of education.
Sit in on a Parent Advisory Council meeting and you'll start seeing a more complete
perspective - that of the consumer and that from the delivery side. Every time I attend a
PAC meeting I feel privileged - that our educators, administrators and Student
representatives take the time out of their busy lives to share with us, what happens on
the delivery side of education. That these professionals reach out for our input and our
advice as 'we' navigate the changing education landscape - in the essence of the inclusive
culture of Kelvin.
It really is interesting to gain a better understanding and to have a broader perspective
of our education system - as parents with equally busy schedules, there is no better way
that I know to experience, to understand, to appreciate and to effect the holistic
approach Winnipeg School Division One takes in delivering an outstanding product.
The care, the pride and the continual striving for excellence permeates throughout.
Youth in Philanthropy (YIP)
Kelvin’s Youth in Philanthropy committee is a group of passionate students dedicated to providing
support to at risk women and youth in our community.
Kelvin’s YIP committee has had a very busy year so far! We’ve established our mission
statement (see above) and have narrowed down a list of charities that we plan on
visiting in March.
At the beginning of October, we held a Thanksgiving dinner fundraiser for patrons at
Siloam Mission. With the help of Kelvin students and staff, we were able to raise enough
money to help purchase over 90 meals!
In addition, in late October a group of YiPpers volunteered at Siloam Mission and
served lunch and sorted clothes.
In December, some of our members volunteered with the Christmas Cheer Board to
help collect donations at Safeway. YIP’s enthusiasm encouraged people to make
donations while shopping.
The YiP committee held Tea Time Tuesdays for the month of December. For only $1
Kelvin students could purchase a cup of tea and a sweet treat. All proceeds went to the
Kelvin Food Bank.
YIP would like to thank all the Kelvin staff and students who have been so generous and
have helped make these initiatives such a huge success!
See M
YIP meets every Thursday at 12:25 in Room 25.
Simonsen, Ms. Hurley or Mme Thompson for further information.
There will be an information evening for those students currently in Grade 9 who are
interested in entering the IB programme for their Grade 10 school year, 2015-2016. The
information session will be held on Thursday, February 12, 2015 in conjunction with
Kelvin’s Open House. The IB information will include a general description of the I.B.
programme, how it functions at Kelvin High School and what is involved in the
application process. An information package, including a Grade 10 I.B. application
form, will be available for those attending. All applications are due by February 27,
There are still a few spaces open on Kelvin's Rocky Mountain Trip. This year’s Rocky Mountain Trip will
leave on June 23rd and return on June 30th. The trip was established in 1982 by staff members who
wanted to share their experiences of hiking in the mountains. Six teachers will be on the trip with a
maximum number of 24 students. All staff on the trip have experience with hiking and outdoor trips. The
trip is open to students in Grade 10 & 11.
The approximate cost of the trip this year will be between $900 and $950 depending on the number of
students. The final trip cost should be finalized by March. This cost covers tour bus transportation, group
supplies, lodging, and meals once we are in Canmore. Students will need to pay for their own meals on
the way to and from Canmore. We will stay at the Alpine Club of Canada, which is located in Canmore,
Alberta. The group will cook its own meals at the facility in Canmore, and we will hike in the Canmore /
Kananaskis area in Alberta.
We will hold trip planning meetings with trip members approximately every 4 weeks. Meetings will
include information about outdoor education, clothing and equipment selection, fitness training, and our
expectations of the group regarding behavior, etc.
Please check out our Rocky website. Our site can be accessed through Kelvin’s home page. Go to
Athletics and Extracurricular – School Trips – Rocky Mountain Trip.
If you have questions concerning this trip, please contact me at the school. I can be reached by email at
[email protected]
A big thank you to the following Peer Tutors who The Board of Trustees is inviting feedback from
have graciously given their valuable time to help in parents, residents and stakeholders regarding the
the success of their fellow students:
2015/2016 budget.
Cassidy A.
Sean O.
A budget feedback meeting will be held on:
Angela A.
Temi O.
Riley B.
Nadine P.
Date: Monday, February 23, 7:00 p.m.
Marizza C.
Brennan R.
Place: Admin. Building No.1, 1577 Wall St. East
Zinan C.
Tim R.
Ekoria C.
Cindy S.
Please pre-register to speak at the February 23
Kristina C.
Michelle S.
meeting by emailing [email protected] or calling
Maia D.
Irena T.
(204) 789-0469. Deadline for registration is noon
Nada E.
Serena T.
February 19.
John E.
Crystal T.
Maiah F.
Nicholas V.
Or share your ideas with us by writing:
Sean G.
Sidney W.
Hannah L.
Darnell W.
The Winnipeg School Division
Dae Ho M.
Maggie W.
Attn: Board Office
Mahnoor M.
1577 Wall St. East
Winnipeg, MB. R3E-2S5
Parents/Guardians of Grade 9 Students
Or via email: [email protected]
Public Health will be offering TdaP (Tetanus, Diphtheria and Pertussis) vaccination at school for all Or fill out the survey at www.winnipegsd.ca
Grade nine students on March 10, 2015. This is
a recommended childhood immunization. Please Deadline for submissions is noon February 27.
watch for a consent form and fact sheet to be sent
home at the end of January. If you have any ques- Information about the budget is available on the
tions about this immunization please call your Public website: www.winnipegsd.ca
Health Office at 204 938-5039.
Congratulations to Kelvin's Academic Stars for achieving
Honour Roll Status (80% or higher) in Semester 1
Grade 9 Honour Roll
Aowar A.
Zeytuna A.
Haidar A.
Nour A.
Alvin A.
Silvia A.
Graham A.
Klarc A.
Amanda A.
Megan A.
Gordon B.
Peter B.
Faith B.
Maya B.
Edward B.
Charlotte B.
Anais B.
Ripudaman B.
Noah B.
Hayley B.
Isabella B.
Anna B.
Sophia C.
Gabriela C.
Miguela C.
Gabriel C.
Liesette C.
Luke C.
Emily C.
Samantha C.
Patrick C.
Maurice D.
Zayna D.
Pema D.
Amelia D.
Margaret D.
Jubilee D.
Danica D.
Carson D.
Samuel E.
Aidan E.
Sarah F.
Bailey F.
Steven F.
Samrawit F.
Mebis F.
Benson F.
Sophia F.
Veronica G.
Brendan G.
Shea-Sarah G.
Aidan G.
Sam G.
Cali G.
Harvir G.
Kody G.
Rhea G.
Tara H.
Nouran H.
Jaden H.
Jenna H.
Abigail H.
Abdul H.
Zachary H.
Kevin H.
Brooke H.
David H.
Riley H.
Daphne H.
Tannis H.
Alexander I.
Evan I.
Johannah J.
Mya J.
Kayla K.
Matthew K.
Noel K.
Ryan K.
Gabrial K.
Shogun L.
Gabrielle L.
Jiansen L.
Kiefer L.
Noah L.
Sean L.
Gabrielle L.
Rebecca L.
Octavia M.
Lauren M.
Martin M.
Olive M.
Brayden M.
Jessica M.
Emily M.
Jacob M.
Wynonna M.
Mariana M.
Kate M.
Khadija M.
Abdulahi M.
Mackenzie N.
Ngoc N.
Sara N.
Maria N.
Shae O.
Hailey O.
Deja O.
Isabel O.
Reynalyn P.
Darby P.
Sabrina P.
Adrianna P.
Elyce P.
Joseph P.
Michael P.
Ryan P.
Giuliana P.
Roxanne P.
Patrick P.
Richelle Q.
Huery R.
Emma R.
Jemarie-Lin R.
Reece R.
Helen R.
Arielle R.
Mckenzie R.
Cheerie-Ann R.
Alexander R.
Rayan R.
Shaye S.
Peter S.
Maxmilian S.
Marc S.
Paisli S.
Samuel S.
Ariella S.
Sarah S.
Dylaney S.
Scott S.
Justin S.
Brooke S.
Alexandra S.
Erin S.
Lily S.
Beatrice S.
Ricardo S.
Maxwell S.
Kathleen S.
Alexandria S.
Catriona S.
Jessie T.
Kaila T.
Ashley T.
Angel T.
Zachary T.
Ethan T.
Loanne T.
Dragos U.
Nicole V.
Miguel V.
Erin V.
Tyler V.
Liselle V.
Mary V.
Sabrina V.
Jasmyn W.
Sierra W.
Cheyenne W.
Hannah W.
Hlina W.
Lars Y.
Congratulations to Kelvin's Academic Stars for achieving
Honour Roll Status (80% or higher) in Semester 1
Grade 10 Honour Roll
Jeremy A.
Angela A.
Nathan A.
Mhari A.
Jacob A.
Annie A.
Irish A.
Nichole B.
Joel B.
Jason B.
Mia B.
Elijah B.
Rachel B.
Gerald B.
Caitlin B.
Grace B.
Megan B.
Danielle C.
Kenneth C.
Samuel C.
Erik C.
Nicholas C.
Samantha C.
Razl C.
Maria D.
Carter D.
Maya D.
William D.
Bhea D.
Joyce D.
Manuel D.
Matthew D.
Sarah D.
Jacob D.
Skyler D.
Elijah D.
Vina D.
Beatriz D.
Mairin D.
Samantha D.
Jacob E.
Natea E.
Hannah E.
Roselle F.
Michael F.
Skylar F.
Daniel F.
Ruzzell F.
Alexa F.
Megan F.
Kira F.
Spencer G.
Melissa G.
Conor G.
Gabrielle G.
Madelyn G.
Jesse G.
Talia G.
Zoe G.
Chyle G.
Thomas H.
Danika H.
Mohamed H.
Gabrielle H.
Jenna H.
Brooke H.
Leah H.
Walker H.
Bethany H.
Lucas H.
Molly I.
Bethel J.
Lennox J.
Kousha K.
Arian K.
Kaitlin K.
Katie K.
Leighetta K.
Hyo-Won K.
Nikola K.
Sydney K.
Tommy L.
Harmony L.
Luke L.
Adrianna L.
Monique L.
Hannah L.
David L.
Julia L.
Grace M.
Mikaela M.
Evan M.
Leslie M.
Kathleen M.
Zachary M.
Elise M.
Mary M.
Evynn M.
Eric M.
Marielle M.
Ian M.
Conor M.
Magdalena M.
Madelaine M.
Riah M.
Julia M.
Zoe M.
Jade M.
The Thong N.
Joshua N.
Paulina O.
Angelica O.
Liezl O.
Gwen O.
Angel P.
Rasmin P.
Van P.
Sean P.
Nell P.
Kai P.
Robert P.
Estella P.
Adrienne-Mamie P.
Mehr R.
Jalaire R.
Belle R.
Emily R.
Harriet R.
Bailey R.
Amanda S.
Anna S.
Nico S.
Selena S.
Phaolan S.
Hermella S.
Selene S.
Errah S.
Mackenzie S.
Aoife S.
Ryan S.
Maia S.
Jaden S.
Rhyan S.
Anna S.
Caleigh S.
Elizabeth S.
Cielo S.
Janelle T.
Louis T.
Mackenzie T.
Theoren T.
Julien T.
Torbjorn T.
Elise T.
Janice T.
Jullenne T.
Chelsea T.
Erica T.
Crystal T.
Taylor T.
Maren T.
Erik U.
Kari V.
Ela V.
Kenneth V.
Taisha W.
Holly W.
Xueying W.
Emma W.
Larissa W.
Thomas W.
Jacynthe Y.
Jun Ho Y.
Riley Z.
Congratulations to Kelvin's Academic Stars for achieving
Honour Roll Status (80% or higher) in Semester 1
Grade 11 Honour Roll
Cassidy A.
Camille A.
May A.
Taha A.
She-Ra A.
July A.
Andrea A.
Caressa B.
Alexander B.
Talajah B.
Wolfgang B.
Didier B.
Ronnie B.
Marizza C.
Katelyn C.
Taylor C.
Mariela C.
Zinan C.
Mira C.
Jeremy C.
Caitlin C.
Alyssa C.
Jaidyn C.
Zackary D.
Quinn D.
Noah D.
Remy D.
Sydney E.
Diana E.
Robyne E.
Mohammed E.
Fatma E.
John E.
Benjamin F.
Levi F.
Bronwen F.
Teersten F.
Charlotte F.
Kate F.
Evan F.
Emily G.
Bailey G.
Zoe G.
Christine G.
Kieran H.
Liam H.
Adam H.
Arthur H.
Halle H.
Poe H.
Astrid H.
Connor H.
Kaitlyn H.
Eliza H.
Maya J.
Charanpreet K.
Kitty K.
Marina K.
Chloe K.
Kaela K.
Avalon K.
Breck L.
Sheila L.
Aine L.
Jasmine L.
Sarah L.
Princess L.
Scott M.
Nicole M.
Alice M.
Dae Ho M.
Halle M.
Mike M.
Barbara M.
Maria N.
Leah N.
Catherine N.
Dat N.
Mariel O.
Temiloluwa O.
Rose O.
Sean O.
Rhys O.
Jeshua P.
Yoveena P.
Selena P.
Jeffrey P.
Nadine P.
Kate R.
Abigail R.
Emily R.
Norien R.
Robin R.
Sarah R.
Brennan R.
Andrea R.
Dream S.
Stefanie S.
Hannah S.
Madison S.
Avery S.
Angelica S.
Damon S.
Sarah S.
Xiao S.
Rhiannon S.
Maria S.
Cambria T.
Jessica T.
Kristin T.
Irena T.
Serena T.
Lia T.
Ryan T.
Nicholas V.
Justony V.
Maggie W.
Colin W.
Holly W.
Nathan W.
Joshua W.
Emily Y.
Michaela Y.
Ian Z.
Congratulations to Kelvin's Academic Stars for achieving
Honour Roll Status (80% or higher) in Semester 1
Grade 12 Honour Roll
Christian A.
Elora A.
Kristel A.
Carlyn A.
Emily A.
Samuel A.
Sabrina A.
Annika A.
Angela A.
Rene B.
Liam B.
Ariel B.
Vanessa B.
Michael B.
Riva B.
Akio B.
Riley B.
Natalie B.
Marvin B.
Julian B.
Janella B.
Michael B.
Marc C.
Sean C.
Michael C.
Angelica C.
Daniella C.
Aryanna C.
Marco C.
Simi C.
Richard C.
Hugh C.
Colin D.
Braeden D.
Georgia D.
Camille D.
Kyle D.
Hannah D.
Rodrigo D.
Dale D.
Marilen D.
Maia D.
Carling D.
Kenji D.
Vida E.
Omar E.
Nada E.
Isabelle E.
Maiah F.
Karl F.
Alexcia F.
Brandan G.
Santiago G.
Louis H.
Robert H.
Casandra H.
Anne-Sofie H.
Melanie I.
Rachel J.
Jessica K.
Stefan K.
Mia K.
Abigail K.
Kathleen K.
Emma K.
James L.
Hannah L.
Kaitlyn L.
Kelly L.
Zhewen L.
Fiona M.
Solmund M.
Charles M.
Camille M.
Saio M.
Mary M.
Dulcemiel M.
Zoe M.
Emily M.
Quinn M.
Benjamin M.
Phuong N.
Steven N.
Katia O.
Joshua O.
Tristan O.
Griffin P.
Lydia P.
Kate P.
Karly P.
Kelly P.
Jean-Paul R.
Campbell R.
Nicholas R.
Maria R.
Madeline R.
Marc R.
Aaron R.
Victoria S.
Saghar S.
Sabrina S.
Levin S.
Kailey S.
Madison S.
Rachel S.
Chantel S.
Adam T.
Julibella T.
Devon T.
Alexander T.
Keza U.
Imogen V.
Melanie V.
Alyssa V.
Karla V.
Jessica V.
Paige W.
Hannah W.
Hannah W.
Ethan W.
Ye-Young W.
Seo Rhin Y.
January 2015
Last Day
Winter Break
(PM only)
avail. on-line
Jan 6-9: Grade 12 Provincial ELA Test
Jan 8-10: WSD Honour Choir/Band
Day 6
Day 1
Staff Meeting
@ 3:30
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Jan 12-14: Provincial Grade 12 Français Exams
Day 5
Day 6
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Jan 20-22: Grade 12 Mathematics Achievement Tests
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 1
Day 2
Literacy-RA Wkshp
#3 (1/2 day, AM)
Jan 26—30: Final Exams
Literacy-RA Wkshp
#1 (1/2 day, PM)
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 1
February 2015
Grade 9
(B slot)
Semester II
No Classes
Feb 3-6: Grad Portraits (library)
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Report Cards
Day 2
Louis Riel Day
(no school)
D & E slots
Red River
Open House
12-3 pm
Day 4
Day 5
IB Visual Arts
Exam (library)
Day 2
Day 3
Applications Due
(including IB)
Univ of St B
Tour—Gr 11 (am)
Workshop #2
(all day)
Day 6
Day 5
Univ of Man
Open House
9am-3 pm
Day 1
Pascal, Cayley,
Fermat & U of M
Math Contests
C slot:
Day 4
Univ of Wpg
Open House
Day 6
(Kelvin gym)
Day 3
Open House
(including IB)
Feb 9-11: Grad Portraits (library)
Day 1
Day 6
Day 1
Day 2
March 2015
Staff Meeting
@ 3:30
Day 3
(PM only)
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 1
Mar 11-13: Shakespeare in the Snow (Gr 12 IB)
Grade 9
Day 2
I.B. Entrance Test
Literacy-RA Wkshp
#3 (AM)
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
d’art oratoire
MIP: Eng 12
Due today!
March 17-20: Grad Photo Retakes (library)
Day 1
(No Classes)
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
IB Visual
Arts Exam
March 23-26: Musical
Day 6
Day 1
Spring Break
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Parents and Students are invited to attend an
Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 7:00 p.m.
· Program Information · Student Registration · Tours
The following are important components to the Earl Grey program:
· An environment in which students feel empowered to reach their full potential.
· Two state of the art computer labs equipped with Smart Boards, networked classrooms, iPads, with
technology fully integrated into all curricular areas.
Depending on enrolment, a dance program will be offered in addition to the regular (fantastic) music
· An active physical education program in which students are encouraged to participate fully in classes,
intramurals, and team sports.
· An exemplary art program, which is a favorite amongst students.
· Options classes in which students enjoy hands-on activities such as music, art, and computers.
· Caring and committed teachers who meet the educational needs of students.
· Close communication between home and school – Earl Grey provides a small, protected
environment with a high level of contact between staff, students, and parents.
· An atmosphere where competition is healthy and students are prepared for higher education in the
future. Advanced programming is available where appropriate.
· A wide variety of student activities such as intramural sports, computer club, Student Council, etc.
Academic Program Overview and Tour
Thursday, February 5, 2015, at 7:00 p.m.
Earl Grey School
Library – 3rd Floor
340 Cockburn Street North
Call: 204-474-1441
Grade 6 Orientation and Information Evening
École River Heights School staff invites you to an orientation and information evening
on Tuesday, February 10th, 2015
from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in the gym.
This evening is designed for parents of students who are interested in attending
École River Heights School during the 2015-2016 school year!
Teachers from English, French Immersion and
Late Entry French Immersion will discuss
Programming options and activities,
and answer any questions you may have.
The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA) states that when a
student reaches the age of 18 they are an adult and schools are unable to share
information with parents without the written consent of the student. We believe that in
the majority of situations parents would like to continue to receive information about
their children from the school. Forms to give consent are available in the guidance
office and need to be filled out after the student has reached the age of majority.
Due to increased concerns with students having
adverse reactions to scented products, Kelvin
High School is taking steps to becoming a scent
free school. We are asking for the support of
students, staff and parents. We are asking all
those attending Kelvin to avoid wearing
scented products such as perfume, men's
cologne, scented hairspray or lotions, strong
smelling soaps, etc. Your support would be
greatly appreciated.
Registration 2015 - 2016
Students will be filling out their 2015-2016
applications in early February during school.
Please remember to discuss course selections
with your son/daughter before signing and
returning to Kelvin.
Deadline for return of applications is February
The practice of dropping off and
picking up students in the parking lot
before and after school is quite
disruptive to the staff as well as “an
accident waiting to happen.”
Please be reminded that the school’s
parking lot is specifically assigned to,
and paid for by, school staff only and
therefore, we are requesting that you
refrain from using it as a drive-thru by
making arrangements to drop off or
meet your son/daughter on one of
the surrounding streets.
Smoke Free Environment
The Winnipeg School Division Board of Trustees
has adopted the following motion:
“School Division buildings, Division vehicles and
School Division property, shall be smoke free.
Smoking by students, employees of the Division,
and any persons shall be prohibited in Division
buildings, Division-owned vehicles and on school
Students are being cautioned not to bring valuables to school (ie: iPod, MP3 players),
unless it is a course requirement (such as scientific calculator). Kelvin will not assume
responsibility for any “lost” items.
Kelvin High School Code of Conduct
Kelvin High School has adopted a “Clipper Code of Conduct for Student Athletes”.
Kelvin believes that participating in athletics is a privilege. Student athletes are
ambassadors of our school. The image presented by our student athletes will be of a
positive nature, enhancing the reputation of Kelvin inside and outside the community.
To achieve this the “Code of Conduct” will be a guide for our student athletes. The
code will reflect personal behavior, attitude, courtesy, academics, sportsmanship and
general commitment. Student athletes who do not adhere to these considerations will
be referred to an Athletic Review Committee and appropriate action will be taken to
rectify the situation.