FAMILY B4 june 15 – june 21, 2012

June 15 – June 21, 2012
Some fathers pass on their love of sports. These dads went one step further.
1. Which father and son have combined for the most points in NHL history?
2. Who were the first father and son to
win Olympic hockey medals as goalies?
3. Which two daughters of former
heavyweight boxers met in a 2001 bout
called the “The Thrilla in Manila 4?”
4. Who are the only father and son to
play on national championship basketball teams?
same time?
7. Name the only father and son to be
selected in the first round of the NFL
Draft by the same team.
8. Who were the first father and son
to be selected in the first round of the
Major League Baseball draft?
9. Who were the first father and son to
reach the Super Bowl?
10. How many of George
Foreman’s 11 children have
“George” in their name?
5. Who were the first father
and son to coach in the NBA?
ANSWERS: 1. Bobby and Brett Hull, 2. Denis
and Martin Brodeur, 3. Laila Ali and Jacqui
Frazier-Lyde, 4. Matt Guokas and Matt Jr.,
5. Bill and Eric Musselman, 6. Ken Griffey
and Ken Jr., 7. Ed and Brad Budde (Kansas
City), 8. Tom and Ben Grieve, 9. Frank Cornish
(Miami) and Frank Jr. (Cowboys), 10. Seven —
sons George Edward Jr., III, IV, V and VI, plus
daughters Freeda George and Georgetta
6. Who were the first father
and son to play in the
major leagues at the
Happy Father’s Day! We know this is the one day of
the year that dads are supposed to take it easy, but we
wanted to stretch your brain a little. So we decided to
test your knowledge with these trivia questions to see
how you measure up against other dads.
— Jody Mitori, MCT and David
Thomas, McClatchy Newspapers
Former heavyweight
boxing champion George
Foreman has 11 children.
Match the father-themed lyrics to the song title.
___ 1. “Daddy, daddy if you could only
see/Just how good he’s been treating
me/You’d give us your blessing right
now/’Cause we are in love.”
___ 2. “Father, father/We don’t need
to escalate/War is not the answer/For
love can conquer hate.”
___ 3. “My son turned 10 just the other
day/He said, ‘Thanks for the ball, dad,
come on let’s play/Can you teach me
to throw?’ I said, ‘Not today/I got a lot
to do.’ He said, ‘That’s OK.’”
___ 4. “The mama pajama rolled out of
bed/And she ran to the police station/
When the papa found out he began to
shout /And he started the investigation.”
___ 5. “Then the light begins to
shine/And I hear those ancient
lullabies/And as I watch this
seedling grow/Feel my
heart start to overflow.”
___ 7. “There’s two things I know for
sure/She was sent here from heaven
and she’s daddy’s little girl.”
___ 8. “So fathers, be good to your
daughters/Daughters will love like you
___ 9. “It’s not time to make a change/
Just relax, take it easy/You’re still
young, that’s your fault/There’s so
much you have to know.”
___ 10. “Words can’t express my
bound-less gratitude for you/I appreciate what you do/You’ve given me
such security.”
A. “Mr. Mom,” Lonestar
B. “My Father’s Eyes,” Eric Clapton
C. “Father and Son,” Cat Stevens
D. “Butterfly Kisses,” Bob Carlisle
E. “Daddy,” Beyonce
F. “Papa Don’t Preach,” Madonna
G. “What’s Going On,” Marvin
___ 6. “How
much smoke
can one stove
make/The kids
won’t eat my
charcoal cake/
It’s more than
any man can
I. “Me and Julio Down
by the Schoolyard,” Paul
J. “Cat’s in the Cradle,”
Harry Chapin
Beyonce’s dad also
was her manager.
by Chris ware/
Answers: 1. F, 2. G, 3. J, 4. I, 5. B. 6. A, 7. D,
8. H, 9. C, 10. E
Bill Cosby
played Cliff
Huxtable on
the hit sitcom
“The Cosby
Many are founding fathers, but how much
do you know about the U.S. presidents as parents?
1. Which U.S. president had the
most children?
A. Theodore Roosevelt
B. Theodore Roosevelt
C. William Henry Harrison
2. George Washington is known as the
father of the United States. How many
children did he have?
A. None
B. One
C. Three
Match the TV dad with his profession.
3. Who said: “My father was not a failure. After all, he was the father of a
president of the United States”?
A. Dwight Eisenhower
___ 1. Cliff Huxtable, “The Cosby Show”
B. Ronald Reagan
___ 2. Ray Barone, “Everybody Loves Raymond”
C. Harry S. Truman
___ 3. Mike Brady, “The Brady Bunch”
4. Which president signed the law that
made Father’s Day a permanent
annual holiday?
___ 4. Tony Soprano, “The Sopranos”
___ 5. Andy Taylor, “The Andy Griffith Show”
___ 6. Merrill Stubing, “The Love Boat”
___ 7. Al Bundy, “Married ... with Children”
___ 8. Ross Geller, “Friends”
A. John F. Kennedy
B. Richard Nixon
C. Jimmy Carter
___ 9. Homer Simpson, “The Simpsons”
5. How many U.S. presidents
were fathers of a president?
___ 10. Archie Bunker, “All in the Family”
A. None
B. One
F. Sheriff
C. Two
A. Cruise ship captain
G. Loading dock
6. Which president’s
grandson was also presi-
B. Obstetrician
C. Shoe salesman
D. Sports writer
E. Nuclear power
plant worker
H. Waste management
I. Architect
J. Paleontologist
Source: “Facts About the Presidents,” by
Joseph Nathan Kane, U.S. Census Bureau
Is President George W. Bush
the only U.S. president whose
father also held the position?
A. William Henry Harrison
C. William Howard Taft
7. How many presidents were the sons
of ministers?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
8. David Eisenhower, grandson of
Dwight Eisenhower, married which
president’s daughter?
A. Jimmy Carter
B. Richard Nixon
C. Bill Clinton
9. Which president’s son served as the
secretary of war?
A. Abraham Lincoln
B. Andrew Jackson
C. Franklin Pierce
10. Which president’s father
served as U.S. ambassador
to Great Britain?
A. Franklin D. Roosevelt
B. John F. Kennedy
C. George H.W. Bush
Answers: 1. B. Tyler had 15 children;
2. A; 3. C; 4. B. Nixon signed the law in
1972; 5. C. John Adams was the father
of John Quincy Adams, and George
H.W. Bush is the father of George W.
Bush; 6. A. William Henry Harrison
was the grandfather of Benjamin
Harrison; 7. C. The fathers of Chester A. Arthur, Grover Cleveland and
Woodrow Wilson were ministers; 8.
B. David Eisenhower married Julie
Nixon in 1968; 9. A. Robert Todd
Lincoln was secretary of war under
President James Garfield; 10. B.
Joseph P. Kennedy served from
B. John Tyler
Answers: 1. B, 2. D, 3. I, 4. H, 5. F, 6. A; 7. C; 8. J; 9. E; 10. G
played TV
dad Ray Barone.
H. “Daughters,” John