from the start
Milestone 1997
Since 1985 we have dedicated ourselves to developing high quality and innovative products for people
who ride bikes. Today, exactly twenty-five years later,
a lot has changed.
Yet one thing has remained the same with all the developments: our efforts to design intelligent products
with ultimate safety and durability.
Presenting its successor: the Ritschie².
Once again with many innovative ideas, like the first
child trailer brake system suitable for serial production. Since 1997 there have also been new features in
the form of the 5-point harness with its own childproof
catch, plus the universally usable Weber baby shell.
With the first skater set and a third fully functional
wheel introduced in 2000, you can also jog and skate
with the Ritschie².
Milestone 1992
The Ritschie1 appears on the market. Its innovative
features at the time became – and still are – standard in part to many other trailers:
the fixed three-layer aluminium chassis and the first
suspension in a child trailer for more safety and
comfort, the two-part bicycle hitch and a touring top
hard shell cover for changing your child trailer into a
load carrier.
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Milestone 2003
The Monoporter is introduced and promptly wins
the ISPO Brand New Award.
In the same year Weber presents the Ritschie² SE
“Sport Edition”. The Ritschie² S BIKER is the winner
of the big test by Stiftung Warentest.
Milestone 2008
Move to our own new production facilities.
the best connection
environment and responsibility
Besides bike trailers and accessories, Weber
components enjoy increasing acceptance
with customers and manufacturers, above all the
Weber hitch system. Since 2004 Weber has been
the world's first manufacturer to offer a full range of
hitches for all trailer types and applications.
We do not see our products as part of a throw-away
society, but rather as quality products
with the highest value retention. Furthermore, we
consciously focus on handling raw materials and
our resources responsibly.
For us, diligent production in Germany is a basic
requirement for a consistent quality level and for
our social responsibility.
With HitchUp, Weber provides complete conversion
sets for the first time, with which all conventional
trailers can be retrofitted to the Weber system.
Some reputable bike manufacturers have already
modified their frames so they can be directly
adapted to the Weber hitches.
On this note,
Herbert Weber
Managing Director
Ritschie child trailers
Weber load carriers
Weber baby shell
Monoporter luggage trailers
Weber hitch systems
Weber conversion kits
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Ritschie² BIKER
on tour with the children
Extremely safe
Children want to be with you wherever you go.
With the Ritschie² they can do so in comfort and above
all safely. Because Weber child trailers have been
setting standards in terms of safety, comfort and
versatility for two decades.
When it comes to the safety of your children,
there are no compromises at Weber! The
Ritschie² thus offers extensive features as
High grade materials and careful manual
production guarantee the high quality as well as
the above-average value retention.
The Touring Top (accessories) gives you the option
of also using your Ritschie² as a load carrier after or
during your children's early years.
Safety chassis with all-round impact protection.
Comprehensive back protector due to fixed
padded seat with integrated aluminium reinforcement.
Rollover protection due to roof braces,
seat and patented safety padded roof forming a
Good road position and low tendency to overturn.
Safety pennant and 6 reflectors in total.
The adjustable Ritschie² padded seat ideally adapts
to your child's body due to its flexibility. This means
it provides ergonomic comfort and safety like a
car seat.
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Ritschie² SKATER
Overall width
Overall height
Overall length with drawbar
Head room/ leg room
Interior width (max) Packing dimensions (l x w x h)
Tare weight
Permitted payload (max)
820 mm
1020 mm
1360 mm
630 mm / 600 mm
700 mm
800 x 720 x 410 mm
approx. 16.5 kg
50 kg
Extremely stable three-layer aluminium chassis.
Undercarriage cushioned by elastomers.
Freely insertable head support + head support safety device.
5-point harness with KidSafe belt catch.
Adjustable padded seat with rest position.
Waterproof canopy with large, tinted windows (SPF 16).
The material keeps out 95% of harmful UV radiation.
Rain cover plus separate insect net.
Cotton fleece cover, moisture-wicking, washable & contaminant-free in accordance with Ökotex standard.
High quality 16SDSq plastic wheels with stainless
steel axle, each with twin industrial bearings.
Lockable Weber drawbar incl. “E” hitch
Quick releases for drawbar and wheels.
Dual disc brake as a parking brake and service brake
when jogging or skating.
Rear luggage space.
Can be folded down to chassis size without tools.
Can be folded down to
chassis size quickly and
without tools:
800 x 720 x 410 mm.
The Weber Ritschie² is available in the basic
version Ritschie BIKER or as the sport version Ritschie
SKATER with extra 3rd wheel, adjustable push bar and
patented Weber steering. Both versions come in a choice
of the canopy colours yellow and orange. Of course each
version can be retrofitted to make it a SKATER. You also
have the option of leaving out integrated features from the
basic versions (e.g. the disc brakes).
More information about the Ritschie: weber-products.de/
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Ritschie² EASY
protected with you
safety first
There is almost nothing better than cycling through the
countryside with the whole family. If the children are
not yet big enough to join you on their own kid's bikes,
a child trailer is the ideal solution. The bike trailer is
altogether best suited for a trip to the countryside.
Using a trailer, the children can also join you safely for
everyday trips to playschool, sports and shopping.
The affordable version of the popular Ritschie concept, with equally high safety and comfort features:
Safety chassis with all-round impact protection.
Comprehensive back protector due to fixed
padded seat with integrated aluminium reinforcement.
Rollover protection due to roof braces,
seat and patented safety padded roof forming a
Good road position and low tendency to overturn.
Versatile use due to add-on sets
Quality as a guarantee for value retention
parking brake
The standard parking
brake for the Ritschie
easy and the Ritschie
Touring is a simple and
safe brake. It is operated
by foot and acts on both
Page 6
Ritschie² TOURING
Overall width
Overall height
Overall length with drawbar
Tare weight
Permitted payload (max)
820 mm
740 mm
1360 mm
150 litres
approx. 16.5 kg
50 kg
ritschie touring
The Touring Top gives you the option of also using
your Ritschie² as a load carrier after or during
your children's early years. Ideal for everyday use
and for trips on holiday.
Easy to fit plastic cover
Cargo protected from water
Cargo secure, as cover can be locked.
Opened cover stays in position by means of a
pneumatic spring
Practical roof railing to tie down additional luggage
special designs
Special customised designs of load carriers can be produced for you on request using our components, e.g.
for transportation in factories or for bike couriers.
Illustration: ZARGES box with interior dimensions
750x550x380mm and plastic box with springmounted Weber-chassis, removable Weber low/ hand
drawbar, foldable 2-leg stand.
Page 7
ACCESSORIES for ritschie
ritschie touring top
Of course you can retrofit
your Ritschie with the Touring
Top at any time.
Our Touring Top makes the
Ritschie² into a lockable and
spring-mounted load carrier with
approx. 150 litres of storage
It has a pneumatic cylinder as
standard, making it easier to
open the plastic lid, and a roof
railing to tie down additional
ritschie protective
to extend the luggage space
durable polyester material
with fluorocarbon coating
Whenever you don't need it,
simply put it underneath: this
flexible garage keeps the dirt and
weather off your Ritschie. The
expander straps are used as a
means of windproof fastening.
Colour: dark blue
Pushchair set for Ritschie easy
The set consists of the front wheel with fastening clip
and the push bar with adaptor.
The push bar for the Ritschie easy can be quickly and
easily taken out, turned round and put back into the
adaptor. This gives you two different heights for pushing. The pushchair set is suitable for use on paved
and even paths.
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ritschie rear pannier
Got a lot to pack? No problem
with the big Ritschie² rear pannier. The shoulder strap allows
it to be used as an ideal, mobile
rucksack. Available in yellow or
orange for all Ritschies. (Subject
to alterations)
ritschie fleece set
for softer seat comfort
ritschie head restraint
with head restraint safety
For Ritschies built from 2003
onwards, the Ritschie easy or as
a replacement: the 6-part seat
cover set made of cotton for
retrofitting. Washable, moisturewicking and contaminant-free
in accordance with Ökotex
This set acts as a lateral head
restraint for your children. It is
inserted into the backrest of the
Ritschie and fastened with a
safety catch without much effort.
(Standard on Ritschie-Biker and
Ritschie-Skater). The head restraint safety device is also available separately for retrofitting.
sun shade
For fastening sun shades
When it gets too bright for your
little ones: these simple
clips can be used to attach
all conventional sun shades
quickly and easily. (Shades
available in specialist shops
and DIY stores)
Elastomer springs
To make the Ritschie softly sprung, elastomer springs are
located between the wheels and chassis. The Ritschie
comes with black elastomer springs as standard, which are
designed for a payload of up to 50 kg. When small children
are being transported, we recommend the softer springs.
Red elastomer springs are suitable for weights up to 25 kg.
Page 9
Anybody who wants to take babies in a child trailer
is always faced with the same problems:
the seat in the trailer is not suitable for babies and
standard baby carriers are often bulky, too heavy
and cannot be properly fastened in.
The Weber baby shell, on the other hand, has been
purely designed for taking babies with you in the
trailer. It is made out of high quality EPP foam material. This material features the ultimate dimensional
stability with a low weight and is
therefore employed in safety technology.
The shell comes in two varieties of cover: fleecy
cotton in ecru or light grey and high quality textile
leather in grey/marine.
The covers are removable and can be easily
cleaned in the washing machine.
EPP material information:
Expanded polypropylene is
a high quality and yet very light foam
It is resistant to breakage and weather and features
outstanding energy absorbing properties.
Thesebenefits make EPP an ideal material for
motorbike and bike helmets and ensure the safety of
your child.
Page 10
quick and easy
Using a clever, easy to handle
belt tensioning system, the Weber baby shell can
be safely and easily fastened in all conventional
trailers. Its narrow design also allows adequate
space for a second child or a second baby shell.
as a twin pram)
safe en route
Children in a trailer must always be buckled up. In
order that they remain so during the journey too,
the baby shell is equipped with the Weber KidSafe
belt catch. This special design cannot be opened by
children on their own.
The seat size reducer
Accessory for the baby shell especially to give
additional head support for small babies.
The ergonomic and
comfortable reclining position
relieves the back and
neck area. The high
side walls give additional
1st to 9th month, up to 9 kg weight
Dimensions (l x w x h)680 x 270 x 190 mm
550 g
EPP (expanded polypropylene)
Cover fabric
cotton fleece or textile leather
Meets EU standards EN 71-1, 71-2, 71-3, 12790 re. 5.8.7
Shell made of high quality and contaminant-free
EPP foam material.
Space-saving shape – only 27 cm wide.
Minimum weight – only 550 g.
Adjustable 3-point harness.
Childproof KidSafe belt catch.
Durable and washable (fleece) cover –
in a choice of cotton or textile leather.
Fleece and microfibre cover contaminant free
in accordance with Ökotex Standard.
Can be used in nearly all conventional child trailers.
Simple installation without tools.
Support pad:
In order to be able to safely
fasten your Weber baby
shell in place, on some
trailers it is necessary to use
a support pad in the foot well.
The blow-up support pad fulfils this task ideally,
weighs almost nothing and can be stored without
taking up much space.
The cosy blanket
The cosy blanket from Weber was designed especially for
babies in child trailers. The double layer blanket made of
high quality fleece material
keeps babies comfortably
warm. Specially adapted for
the WEBER baby shell, cord
string at top end, mummy
function, 90 x 90 cm, washable at 30°
Page 11
the Monoporter
The sporty way
Weighs little, bears a lot
Before embarking on a bike trip, the question of
where to put the luggage often crops up. Panniers
and rucksacks do not hold much and impair the
rider and wheel. Although cargo trailers are a good
alternative, they are usually heavy and awkward
when off-road. Especially for these needs we have
developed the Monoporter as a thoroughbred luggage trailer for bike trips and bike journeys.
For long bike trips, a high payload combined with
as low a weight as possible is extremely important.
Thanks to special plastics and weight-saving
aluminium frame, the Monoporter weighs just
5.75 kg, but can be loaded with up to 25 kg of
luggage on good quality roads. Off-road and on
potholed tracks, up to 15 kg are possible.
By reducing it to only one wheel, the Monoporter
is extremely narrow and cannot turn over even in
the tightest of curves, as its double hitch to the
pulling wheel makes it lean sportily into the bend.
The serial suspension with steel spring element
protects the load from impact and ensures a clearly
improved road position as well as better
cross-country mobility.
High quality to the last detail
the space-saver
The Monoporter can be folded to the size of a
suitcase with a few simple hand movements. It will
therefore fit into any car boot and can be checked in
at the airport as normal baggage.
Page 12
All metal parts are made of aluminium, stainless
steel or other rustproof metals.
For plastic parts we use break proof, fibre glass
reinforced nylon plastic.
Suitable pulling wheel sizes
Overall width
Packing dimensions (l x w x h)
Trailer length
Permitted payload (max)
24 - 28 inch with 20″ poss. surcharge
440 mm
760 x 440 x 150 mm
approx. 1,500 mm
5.75 kg
25 kg
Fig. with luggage bag (accessories)
20SDSq wheel with hollow rim with eyelets
and stainless steel spokes, hub with
twin industrial bearings and stainless steel axle.
Minimal weight of 5.75 kg.
25 kg payload at optimum operating safety.
Lockable Weber CE hitch.
Snap on fastening system.
Sturdy aluminium single tube frame.
Scratch-resistant powder coating.
Rear end suspension.
Can be folded to fit in boot.
Special versions with wider forks
for tandems & folding bikes or 20" wheels
Trip round the world
Since its market launch in 2002, the
Monoporter has earned much praise in the press
and won the ISPO Innovation Award. An increasing number of touring professionals, such as the
well-known extreme biker Tilmann Waldthaler, rely
on the Monoporter. The number of bike couriers, leisure cyclists and city dwellers, who have discovered
the Monoporter for themselves, is also increasing.
Page 13
ACCESSORIES for the Monoporter
Mono luggage bag
Mono carry bag
Mono push-in railing
with roll top fastener for
keeping luggage waterproof
during transport
made of nylon for transporting
the folded Monoporter
foldable, for securely fastening loads
The roll top luggage bag made
of extremely robust canvas
material for the Monoporter. High
frequency welded and hence
100% waterproof, the bag holds
up to 80 litres of luggage. It is
fitted onto the platform using the
snap-on click system.
The practical bag for
transporting your monoporter.
Ideal for travel, stowing or keeping it clean
when packed.
To hold your load securely in
place laterally: the practical
railing. Simply click into the
standard push-in layout. Fits into
the Monoporter carry bag when
Page 14
snow/weiß RAL9003
classic orange RAL9009
magic stone grey RAL9023
graphite metallic
classic red RAL3001
light blue RAL5012
magic rubinrot RAL3032
magic night blue RAL5026
light green RAL6018
magic green RAL6035
Mono CR hitch pieces
Mono CR hitch pieces
Two-sided bike hitch
Two-sided bike hitch for
Rohloff gear hubs
Mono quick-release
extra long for wide dropouts
Connecting the Monoporter precisely and quickly with the
pulling wheel: the Mono hitch
pieces. Once fitted with the quick
release skewer or the screw axle,
they remain on the wheel.
Connecting the Monoporter precisely and quickly with the
pulling wheel: the Mono hitch
Easy to remove wheel due to
separate hitch screwed directly
onto frame.
For extra wide dropouts, where
the standard quick release
skewer could be too short. Can
be used for a
clamping length of 160 175mm.
customise your
The Monoporter is more than just
a utility product. We therefore
offer the Monoporter Custom in
12 special colours and a special
custom design. Special requests
are not a problem either!
More at www.weber-products.de/monoporter
Page 15
The Weber hitches
Simple & secure:
the weber bike hitches
The Weber hitches have always
proved how important a reliable and
easy to use hitch is for the safety of a trailer; that
is why they belong to the biggest selling branded
hitches. Customers and manufacturers alike are
increasingly converting to the
tried and tested Weber hitch system.
All Weber hitch systems come in two parts,
i.e. a coupler fixed to the pulling vehicle
and a counterpart on the trailer's drawbar.
are connected with each other by being hitched.
The advantage: the hitch only has to be fitted once. The
connection between wheel and trailer is made by an
easy to use system.
High quality and clever
Weber bike hitches have been designed for everyday and long-lasting use.
All components are made exclusively from high quality materials, such as fibre glass reinforced plastic,
stainless steel, anodised aluminium and other
rustproof materials.
What the press say
“Safe and no bother: the Weber hitch snaps in
with one hand movement and made the safest
impression in the test.” Trekkingbike 2/04
Page 16
“The Weber hitch in particular left a good impression.
It is also available combined with a bike stand, which
ensures stability when parking.”
Stiftung Warentest 5/03
Push together, twist tight... FINISHED!
Push together ...
It is so simple, thanks to the innovative Weber
bayonet catch. The two elements are connected
firmly and precisely by pushing together and twisting a safety catch.
... twist ...
Simple operation: Your benefit
Quick and easy usability guarantees ultimate
convenience and minimises the risk of handling
errors. No loose parts, no awkward fiddling with
extra parts, no annoying rattling due to a connection free of play.
... finished!
And can even be locked! (optional)
Particularly practical for everyday use is the option
of locking the Weber hitches and hence protecting
the attached trailer against theft.
And lock (optional).
Page 12
The WEBER HITCH system
B hitch
E hitch
EP hitch
Hitch with integrated bike
light and compatible
hitch with additional
safety cable
Special version of the E hitch
for use on wheels with Pletscher Comp kickstand
Bike hitch with integrated bike
For 26" and 28SDSq wheel
Up to 80 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
For child transportation Height
of stand base adjustable
Bike hitch for fitting
onto dropout
For all wheel sizes
Up to 80 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
For child transportation
Safety cable
Bike hitch is screwed onto the
frame tube from inside.
For all wheel sizes
Up to 80 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
For child transportation
Weight: 510 g
Weight: 192 g
Weight: 270 g
up to 80 kg – child & luggage transportation
Page 18
EH hitch
ER hitch
EL hitch
Special version of the E hitch
for use on wheels with
Hebie rear stand 661
Special version of the E hitch
-Used on wheels with adjustable Rohloff dropout
the light version of the
tried and tested E hitch
Bike hitch for fitting to dropouts with stand fastening
For all wheel sizes
Up to 80 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
For child transportation
Bike hitch for fitting directly to
the movable
Rohloff dropout
For all wheel sizes
Up to 80 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
For child transportation
Bike hitch for fitting to the
For all wheel sizes
Up to 40 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
Not for child transportation
Weight: 220 g
Weight: 221 g
Weight: 180 g
Special feature:
Light version of the E hitch.
up to 80 kg – child & luggage transportation
up to 40 kg -(not for child transp.)
Page 19
The Weber hitch system
CE hitch
CR hitch
H hitch
Two-sided bike hitch for single
wheel trailers and Weber
stroller hitch
Special version of the E hitch especially for Rohloff gear hubs
for cargo trailers
for fastening to the
saddle support
Double bike hitch for fitting to
the dropout
For all wheel sizes
Up to 40 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
Not for child transportation except with the Weber stroller
Weight: 192 g
Special feature:
Two-sided hitch
Special versions available:
CR version - see right
C+ version: for Rohloff dropouts
with integrated CE hitch
ehe unten)
Double bike hitch for
fitting to movable Rohloff dropout
Also with all hub types (e.g. SRAM
hubs with Clickbox)
Up to 40 kg tensile load
Not for child transportation
Weight: 170 g
Special feature:
Easy to remove wheel due to
separate hitch screwed directly
onto frame.
up to 40 kg – only for luggage transportation
Page 20
Bike hitch for fitting
to the saddle support
For all wheel sizes
Up to 40 kg tensile load
For Weber bayonet catch
Not for child transportation
Weight: 435 g
Special feature:
The tightening belt makes it very
twist-resistant and at the same
gentle for the saddle support.
(not permissible for child transportation)
M hitch
for roller cases!
Fastened to the luggage carrier
with anti-tipping device
Bike hitch for fitting
to the luggage carrier
For all wheel sizes
Up to 40 kg tensile load
With anti-tipping device
Not for child transportation
Weight: 485 g
Special feature:
We supply this hitch with a new
subcarrier, which can be fitted to
many luggage carriers with support clamps.
Polygon inserts
dark green
dark blue
15 L
15 R
30 L
30 R
dark brown
67 L
67 R
ochre brown 75 L
light purple
180 L
180 R
75 R
for hitching to different
bike models with internal gear
We have listened to the request of
many customers who want flexible
products that can be added to.
A large assortment of special polygon inserts is available, especially
for Shimano and SRAM internal
gear hubs.
The polygon inserts, which grip
onto the dropout on the frame,
protect the gears and the Weber
hitch from twisting.
The existing anti-twist device is
simply replaced by the right Weber
polygon insert when fitting a
Weber hitch. Just specify the type
and colour code.
More polygon inserts
For fitting the E and CE hitch, if the
frame is recessed at the dropout or
add-on parts (e.g. disc brake) have
to be bridged.
Page 21
Also for your
Weber hitches fit almost all bikes and are easy to
retrofit with most trailers. We supply conversion
kits for this purpose.
The conversion kits consist of a hitch (choice of E,
EL or H version), the matching connector, all necessary assembly parts and assembly instructions.
5 reasons to make the switch now:
From the very beginning, Weber hitches have set the
benchmark for simple and safe handling. Push together, click in, ...finished. Together with a sophisticated
system of visual and acoustic feedback, this simple
handling reduces the risk of
handling errors to a
Special conversion kits make it possible to switch to
a Weber hitch quickly and easily. These consist of a
coupler and a connector, all the necessary materials
and assembly instructions. For many manufacturers
we supply complete drawbars in the familiar Weber
Information about the assembly principle for B and H hitches:
A stainless steel band 4 is placed around the frame tube or saddle
support 5 and tightened with a screw connection against a so-called
prism adaptor 6. The advantage is an extremely twistresistant connection, a bigger diameter area and
protection of the frame/saddle support against being crushed.
Page 22
Convinced? Then make the switch
to Weber now!
You only have to fit a Weber hitch once. The hitch
parts then remain on the wheel and trailer and are
connected by the Weber bayonet catch or the click
Ask your dealer for the Weber
conversion kits or visit our website www.weberproducts.de
All Weber hitches are made and carefully checked in
Germany. All the relevant components are made out
of high quality materials.
Due to their special design and the materials used,
Weber hitches are extremely long-lasting and practically maintenance free.
Information about the assembly principle for E, EL, CE, CR hitches:
The hitches 1 are fixed in place with the quick release skewer or
the axle nut on the dropout. The so-called “Polygon insert” 2, which
grips into the dropout3 on the frame, protects the hitch from twisting
downwards and is used to set the angle of the hitch. We have all the
appropriate special polygon inserts for Shimano and SRAM internal
gear hubs.
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