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issue 1 l 2013
Meeting Family Mental Health Needs
children’s center
Glamorous Gams
presented by
raises over $140,000
Sherri McMillan wins
the Golden Gam
Sherri McMillan took home the coveted Golden Gam after raising over $45,000 for Children’s
Center. Two of her friends also purchased “Legs About Town” art in the silent auction.
Left to right: Jane Duvauchelle, Tamara Fuller, Emm Moore, Sherri McMillan and Tina Louise.
Left to right: Shari Van Dinter (Wilma),
Courtney Sheldon (Pebbles), Troy Van Dinter
(Fred), Jan Blair (Betty), Marty Blair (Barney),
Alex Van Dinter (Bam Bam), and Trevor
Thomas (Dino).
Three of the dazzling Glamorous Gams
contestants: Cora Chandler as Tomb
Raider, Tonya Rulli as Wonder Woman
and Ali Novinger as Pretty Woman.
The new fundraiser for Children’s Center
featuring thirteen community movers
& shakers exceeded all expectations.
Approximately 300 people attended the
event that began with a Mystery Legs
Contest, a bagpiper and a lively dance
number to “Footloose,” performed by
30 young dancers from the Groove
Nation Dance Academy. Emcee Poison
Waters and the Capeloto Commentators,
Kim and Lisa, entertained the
audience with exceedingly good humor.
Sherri McMillan was the first of the
contestants to take to the stage and
she and her back-up dancers (including
Ike Turner) absolutely rocked the house
with their rendition of “Proud Mary.”
To read more about
Glamorous Gams,
turn to page 6.
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Former Congressman Brian Baird
was the keynote speaker at the
annual luncheon on April 26, 2012.
Turn to page 8 for a complete
article about the luncheon.
This year’s
annual luncheon
features Patty Duke
(see back page)
[Letter from Executive Director]
Gratitude for Collective Effort
By Pat Beckett, executive director
Glamorous Gams is a shining example of the
power of collective effort for the common
good. A gamtastic group of community
members united in their goal to raise funds
for the children of our community raised
over $140,000 in a first time event. We are
incredibly appreciative for the efforts put
Enjoying the event are board members
Nancy Retsinas and Lisa Schauer with
forth, both in fundraising and performance
executive director Pat Beckett.
quality, by each and every one of our
Glamorous Gams contestants. Please see pages 6 & 7 for photos of our wonderful
Children’s Center is able to serve over 400 children weekly thanks to the collective
effort of the community and our donors who embrace our mission and by doing so,
give the children in our community the opportunity to have a different path and a
brighter future. We are grateful that our community thinks of others not just during
the holidays, but throughout the year.
With appreciation for your support,
Pat Beckett
Founding board member
Peg Busick helped check-in
our Glamorous Guests.
Board members (left to right) Darryl Walker, Wendy Kelley, Maggie Traverso and
Kate Sacamano all participated in the Parade of Mystery Legs.
Board of Directors
Kate Sacamano, President
Kelly Parker, President Elect
Tonya Rulli, Secretary
Wendy Kelley, Treasurer
Peg Busick
Nancy Retsinas
Bill Roller
Lisa Schauer
Roman Schauer
Mike Stromme
Maggie Traverso
Darryl Walker
Brian Willoughby
New Board Members
Maggie Traverso is
a Trust Officer with
Riverview Asset
Management & Trust
Company where she
specializes in investment
management and financial analysis.
Maggie has been with Riverview since
October 2001, and has been working in
investment management since 2004.
Brian Willoughby is the
Community & Public
Relations Specialist
for Legacy Salmon
Creek Medical Center
in Vancouver, WA. Prior
to that, he worked as the Southwest
Washington Outreach Director for U.S.
Senator Maria Cantwell; as managing
editor of Teaching Tolerance
magazine at the Southern Poverty
Law Center in Montgomery, AL; and
as a daily newspaper journalist in
Vancouver, WA, and several cities in
Northern California, covering poverty,
homelessness, welfare, family issues,
philanthropy, nonprofits and religion.
Through his company
Digital Marketing
Roman Schauer helps
entrepreneurs, team
leaders and executive
directors devise and execute online
communications strategy. He cofounded a marketing company that
worked with big names in media,
including major record labels (Capitol,
EMI/BMG, Epitaph), sports franchises
(New Jersey Nets, Washington
Capitals), and entertainment
companies (MTV, LiveNation).
Children’s Center
415 W. 11th Street
P.O. Box 484
Vancouver, WA 98666-0484
t: 360.699.2244, f: 360.699.1900
issue 1
[Partners, Programs & Grants]
Vancouver Rotary Foundation Grant
Provides Waiting Room Makeover
An inviting and comfortable environment is essential when dealing with children
and families presenting with severe emotional and behavioral problems or
trauma-related issues. Thanks to a very generous grant from the Vancouver Rotary
Foundation we created a warm, inviting environment that promotes healing and
recovery and reduces feelings of anxiety and fear. The facility improvements
include new carpeting, paint and countertops in the reception waiting room,
new window blinds throughout the agency, and new countertop, sink, mirror and
paint in the client restroom. These much needed improvements demonstrate
the Agency’s commitment to providing a warm and soothing environment for
vulnerable children, adolescents, and families.
We thank the Vancouver Rotary Foundation for their care and support!
“Dancing with Death,” said the
15 year-old boy in describing his
life fueled with alcohol, drugs
and serious depression
A Significant Partnership –
Children’s Center and
Daybreak Youth Services
Imagine that your teenager, an
honor student involved in sports
and clubs, is now skipping school,
failing classes and spending time
with a new and alarming set of
friends. He’s confided in you that
he’s seriously depressed and is
using alcohol and pot to feel better.
Young people sometimes turn to
alcohol and drugs to cope with
life’s frustrations, to feel more
adult-like, to fit in, to rebel, or
to satisfy their curiosity about
drugs and drinking. Teens with
depression or other mental
health problems are particularly
vulnerable to alcohol and drug use.
Among adolescents entering
substance abuse treatment, 62%
of males and 83% of females
also have an emotional disorder,
according to SAMHSA’s Center for
Substance Abuse Treatment.
Research has shown that
adolescents with substance use
disorders are most likely to attempt
suicide when they also have a cooccurring mood disorder.
Continued on page 8
Children’s Center provides a range of mental health services for children including:
Mental Health Program for children/youth (depression, anxiety, ADHD)
School-based mental health program in Evergreen and Vancouver School Districts
Child Sexual Abuse Recovery Program
COACHES Program (specialized treatment and training program for preschool
children, school-aged children/youth affected by methamphetamines)
PATHWAYS (free Clinic for uninsured or under-insured children & youth)
Helen Sullivan (Right), clinical
supervisor, and Melissa Glader, therapist,
provide training and consultation to
Daybreak staff members.
Children’s Center Summer of
with Fred Flintstone
and Friends
Presented by
Fred Flintstone & Friends Bowling
Tournament at Big Al’s
(Left) Fred Flintstone (Troy Van Dinter) and Bam Bam (Alex Van Dinter) were a big
hit with the kids at the bowling tournament including Eddie Taylor, who is proudly
modeling his Water Buffalo Lodge hat.
(Right) Participating in the bowling fundraiser were Glamorous contestants Cora
Chandler, Brett Bryant and Troy Van Dinter. Big thank to Big Al’s for the use of Slider
Alley! A good time was had by all!
Indoor Rock
Climbing, Zumba,
and even a Triathlon!
Rock solid thanks to Michael
Lary and The Source Climbing
Center for hosting a fundraising
fitness event to boost Sherri
McMillan’s fundraising efforts
for Glamorous Gams! Young and
old, tall and small all enjoyed
scaling the walls at the Source!
The Rock Wood
Fired Pizza
The Rock supported Troy Van
Dinter’s fundraising efforts
by creating the Cactus
Cooler, Fred Flintstone’s
favorite drink! $2 from every
purchase was donated by
owner Brad Loucks!
Britnee Kellogg Concert
Britnee Kellogg, a season
11 American Idol top
45 contestant, delivered
a fantastic concert in
Ridgefield in support of
Troy Van Dinter’s efforts to
raise funds for Glamorous
Gams. Approximately 200
people turned out to enjoy
the summer concert.
Year of Fun Dates Raffle
Our wonderful volunteers help out at the aid station at the
Girlfriends & Dudes Triathlon
Sherri McMillan perfected her fundraising talents by hosting
a series of events throughout the summer that benefited
Children’s Center. Through NW Personal Training, she hosted
a Zumba Party at the Atrium Lounge, Girlfriends & Dudes
Triathlon and Trial Tri Swim, the Little Girls & Dudes Half
Marathon and more!
Kristy Weaver put together
an incredible “Mae
West” raffle package that
included over $2,500
worth of fun “dates for
a year.” We thank all
those businesses and
restaurants that donated
certificates for this
gamtastic package!
issue 1
Tomb Raider Wine Tasting Party
at Java House
(Left to Right) Felicia Tuck, Cora Chandler and Chlo´e
Gunderson demonstrate some Tomb Raider moves at her
wine tasting party. (Right) Lonnie Chandler shares his
wine expertise.
Erik Runyan Jewelers donated a beautiful
diamond and pink sapphire martini necklace
as a raffle item.
Beaches Restaurant
Mark Matthias
and Ali Novinger
(Pretty Woman)
present Kim
Hash, Director
of Development,
with a check
at the Beaches
Cruisin’ at PIR
this summer.
Beaches also dedicated all donations made at the
charity tables during the month of August to Children’s
Center and had a “Cashback for Children’s Center”
day during which 50% of each check was donated to
Children’s Center when diners mentioned the agency.
Thank you Beaches!
Thank You!
We asked area artists
to create art using
mannequin legs for
our Legs About Town
art promotion.The public was invited to vote for
their favorite leg. The ballots were tallied and the
People’s Choice Award was presented by Susan
Courtney at the Glamorous Gams event to artist
Katie Willis who created a Hawaiian themed
leg that is on display at Beaches Restaurant.
Katie is the owner of Sole Purpose, a popular
manicure and pedicure shop in Vancouver. All of
the created art pieces were sold at silent auction
to raise funds for Children’s Center. We thank all
the artists who participated!
Kim and Lisa Capeloto joined
Posion Waters on the stage as
the Capeloto Commentators,
interacting with each of the
Glamorous Gams contestants in a
fun and very humorous exchange!
presented by
Sherri McMillan was absolutely in
Groove Nation kicked off the evening with an rousing and energetic dance
number to “Footloose.”
Turner! She danced down the catwa
Turner, portrayed by Rob Cloke. She
win the competition and the covete
It’s a good thing that Lee
Hazelton is a VFD Fire Chief,
because he set the place on
fire as Elvis!
Tonya Rulli, dazzling as Wonder
Woman, used her super powers to
rescue Superman – or Super Mayor, as
played by Mayor Tim Leavitt!
Kelly Parker glowed as a
true legend of the silver
screen, a fiery redhead
named Rita Hayworth!
Cora Chandler amazed the
audience as Tomb Raider. She not
only performed a cartwheel on the
catwalk, but did the splits, too!
Though Patrick Lamb couldn’t
attend as he had to go on tour,
he appeared via video as a
Timbers Soccer player along
with Timbers Joey!
Linda Owen, the Lt. Governor’s
wife, and First Citizen
Pat Jollota became the world
renown female duo of ABBA,
performing “Take a Chance on
Me.” During their number, all of
the Glamorous Gams contestants
came out in pairs, dancing down
the catwalk hoping for last
minute donations.
Photos: David Heidinger, Paul Montague and Tim Stewart.
issue 1
ncredible as powerhouse Tina
alk with the assistance of Ike
erri raised over $45,000 to
ed Golden Gam!
Troy Van Dinter brought the
entire Flintstone clan, including
Dino, to join him on the stage.
Old Twinkletoes demonstrated
his bowling expertise as he
rocked the house!
Brett Bryant as Gladiator gallantly
throws Cleopatra (Patti Bryant) over
his shoulder to keep her out of the
romantic grasp of Elvis! Brett entered
the stage on a custom Segway chariot
and led the audience in
a sing-a-long about
Children’s Center!
Kristy Weaver
could have
passed for the
real Mae West!
She delivered
some of Mae’s
best lines, “I
used to be Snow
White, but I drifted.”
Bob Dingethal entered the arena to the tune Ali Novinger was joined by
of “Rocky!” Battling Bob warms up before
Mark Matthias as Edward Lewis
fighting his way down the catwalk. Bob was a in a reenactment from Pretty
Woman. They recreated several
of the movie’s key scenes in a
beautiful photo montage before
Ali took to the catwalk to “Real
Wild Child.”
Gary Bock proudly walked the
catwalk as Posiedon, God of
the Sea, with his mighty trident
bearing the WSU flag!
Our wonderfully entertaining
Emcee for the evening was
Poison Waters, pictured here
with Susan Courtney. Susan
participated as one of our
Mystery Leg contestants along
with Paul Montague, Tom
Owens and Rhona Sen Hoss.
Trevor Smith had the
crowd out of their seats
with his tremendous
performances of
“Celebration” and
“Higher Ground.”
Bart Hansen, bearing face
paint and a killer kilt, entered
from the side door and made it
to the stage in one brave leap.
Braveheart commanded the
audience to support Children’s
Center as he wielded his mighty
sword! He even managed to pull
his wife from the audience
for a kiss!
It was Gamstastic! Thank you to all!
[Annual Luncheon]
2012 Annual Luncheon reminds us that
“It’s all About the Kids.”
The Honorable Brian Baird delivered
the keynote remarks last April at the
annual luncheon to an audience of
over 240 attendees and community
partners raising over $105,000. The
former congressman holds a Ph.D. in
Clinical Psychology with a license to
practice in Washington State, which
equipped him to deliver a particularly
Brian Baird visited with Lt. Governor Brad
poignant message. “For some people,
Owen, who introduced Brian at the luncheon.
through no fault of their own, life and
the mere challenge of living itself can be terribly difficult and sometimes terribly
cruel,“ Brian explained. “Consider, for example, the case of children whose parents
are addicted to methamphetamine or the child who observes or is the target of
domestic violence on a daily basis. Consider the child obsessed with cutting (selfinjuring), or who is obsessed with starving herself to the point even of death. When
those precious hearts are doing their best to run around and find meaning, love
and joy instead are lost and tortured and seem beyond hope, someone, some place
must be there for them, for their families, and indeed for our whole community.
That is why Children’s Center is in our community. That is why we are here today.”
Please join us on April 23, 2013 as Patty Duke will be our featured speaker.
Ticket information is on the back page.
PARTNERSHIP—Continued from page 3
Both male and female substance
abusers who attempt suicide begin
taking drugs at an early age and
have more symptoms of psychiatric
and substance use disorders than
adolescents who do not attempt suicide.
Children’s Center and Daybreak began
an exciting collaboration in early 2011
designed to better serve adolescents
faced with both mental health and drug/
alcohol issues. The program started off
as a grass roots effort funded internally
as both agencies realized that they
often share clients whose needs would
be better met by a more unified effort.
Thanks to the generosity of a Meyer
Memorial Trust grant, a new collaboration
between Children’s Center and Daybreak
Youth Services allows us to work together
helping youth with co-occurring disorders
in a more seamless and effective
manner. Bringing kids back from the
brink is a high priority for both Children’s
Center and Daybreak Youth Services.
Thank you!
Meyer Memorial Trust generously
provided a $25,000 one-year grant to
establish a new working partnership
between Children’s Center and
Daybreak Youth Services to provide
crucial mental health consultation
and training on-site at Daybreak.
Further funding will be needed to
continue this vital partnership.
Brian Baird met with some of our current and former board members prior to the luncheon.
Left to right: Brian Baird, Jeanne Bennett, Wendy Kelley, Nancy Retsinas, Lisa Schauer,
Kate Sacamano, Peg Busick and Bill Roller.
Toy Drive! Dianna Kretzschmar inspired
Drew Carney, KGW Northwest
Newschannel 8, returned as
our M.C. for the second
Board member Mike Stromme introduced advanced
acting students and their teacher from the Vancouver
School of Arts and Academics, who portrayed clients of
Children’s Center in a very moving segment of the event.
many community leaders to gather as
the Children’s Center All-star Community
Choir to film a video of “When Christmas
Comes to Town,” to help publicize the toy
drive. Left to right: Dianna Kretzschmar,
Jack Burkman, Kim Hash, Sean Guard,
Diane Figley, and Ron Figley.
issue 1
Volunteers are vital!
Throughout the year we rely on volunteers to assist at a number of events in a variety of capacities as well as helping at our
annual food and toy drives. Here are a few pictures of our wonderful volunteers in action!
Heavy Helpers
Food Drive
Volunteers from New Heights West made
Heavy Helpers for the children we serve with
sensory issues.
The Clark County Newcomers Club donated
new coats and backpacks for the children
we serve and will make Children’s Center
the focus of their fundraising efforts for
the year.
Students from St. Joseph’s Catholic School
annually host a food drive for Children’s
Center in the fall. With them are several
volunteers who brought their pick-ups and
helped transport the food back to the agency
for sorting and packing.
Toy Drive
Dianna Kretzschmar of the Fort Vancouver
Convalescent Center partnered with
Children’s Center to encourage a much
larger level of participation in our annual
toy drive throughout the community.
Dianna gathered a team of Santa’s elves
to help pick up donated toys at various
locations in a festively decorated Jingle
Bus. Left to right: Vicki Scheel, Dianna
Kretzschmar, Sean Guerrero, Maria Cura
Jokela, Ken Ross and Nicole Haltiner.
Volunteers help sort and pack the food
for easy distribution to the families that
Children’s Center serves.
Special Events
Carly Hansen and
Paige Brockway
register attendees
at a Braveheart
(Bart Hansen)
Donna Bleth was
invaluable as
the Glamorous
Gams backstage
Amy Maxwell and Roman Schauer were
the magic behind Glamorous Gams! Amy
masterly controlled and directed the
very complex musical elements. Roman
created and operated the intricate
power point and video presentations that
were the backdrop for the event. Thank
you both!
We thank all the contributors to our
successful toy drive! Great appreciation
to all our hosts including Java House, Halo
Design, Kazoodles, Dolce Gelato, Fort
Vancouver Convalescent Center, Mustangs
Unlimited, Mill Creek Pub, Rosemere
Tavern, All Risk Insurance, US Bank
branches, C-Tran employees, AL Insurance,
Home Street Banks, Luepke Senior Center,
Regence Bank, The Quarry Senior Living,
Global Security, Happy Hoppers, SW
Contractors Association, BIA, Walker &
Dunlop, Veolia Water, Patrick Lamb Holiday
Soul Show, Fort Vancouver High School
Medical Magnet Program, the Feno Family
and more!
If you would like to get involved with Children’s Center and volunteer,
just call or email Kim Hash at 360.699.2244 or [email protected]
We’d appreciate your participation and support! See page 10 for a list of upcoming events.
The year ahead is filled with
leprechauns, triathletes, a brewfest and more!
By Kim Hash,
Director of
Children’s Center is extremely fortunate this year to be the nonprofit partner for many wonderful fundraising
events. Mt. Tabor Brewing which is owned by Eric Surface started the fundraising year off at the First
Friday event in February. They sold t-shirts produced by Moreland Print depicting scenes from Artist Charlie
Layton’s Freezer Friday Art Collection and donated $10 from every shirt purchase to Children’s Center!
Mark your calendar for these upcoming events that will benefit Children’s Center:
Milestones and Memories is a project
created by Colleen Hoss. Colleen has
a goal. She wants to raise $70,000 in
honor of her 70th birthday in March.
She is going to donate the money
raised to Children’s Center, Daybreak
Youth Services, North County
Community Food Bank and the
Ronald P. Hoss Memorial Scholarship
at WSUV. Plan to attend the
Milestones & Memories fundraiser,
Share a Little Green St. Patrick’s Dinner
Auction* March 16, 2013 at Summit
Grove Lodge in Ridgefield.
On May 17 from 5 to 8 pm, Spoiled
Spa and Salon (5500 NE 109th CT
#L) will be celebrating their second
anniversary! They are hosting a party
with a mission. Open to the public,
this celebration includes nibbles,
beverages, and a live DJ. The entire
spa will have themed gift baskets in
each room that will be up for raffle.
Proceeds benefit Children’s Center!
The summer sun of July means
it’s time for the Girlfriends and
Dudes Triathlon* hosted by NW
Personal Training! Sign-up now,
mark your calendar for July 21
and start training! Sign-up at
and click on events. Once again
this fabulous event will benefit
Children’s Center. Want to sponsor
this event or have a vendor booth?
Contact Kim Hash at Children’s
October 13 is a chance for children to
compete in the Kids Mini Marathon* at
the Girlfriends Half Marathon hosted
by NW Personal Training. What a
great way to inspire your children to
pursue fitness. They will walk or run
12 one-mile increments in the weeks
prior and the last 1.1 mile on the
course at the event. Watch your child
swell with pride at receiving a medal
after they crossing the finish line!
Sign-up at www.nwpersonaltraining.
com and click on events. Once again
this fabulous event will benefit
Children’s Center. Want to sponsor
the Girlfriends Half Marathon or have
a vendor booth? Contact Kim Hash at
Children’s Center
August 9 – 11 join us in Esther
Short Park for the second annual
Vancouver Brewfest*! Children’s
Center is one of the nonprofit
beneficiaries of this great event
offering tastes of many unique beers
from our region along with great
bands and music. for
tickets, to volunteer or for more
Benefiting Children’s Center for the
first time is “The Season Electric
2013*,” a holiday show for kids of
all ages and features some of the
finest musicians performing seasonal
favorites in a variety of musical
styles. Producer and creator Blake
Sakamoto has created a high energy
extravaganza bringing together the
excitement of a rock concert and the
elements of a theatrical production to
create a truly unique holiday event.
Date and location to be announced.
*Volunteer opportunities available!
Contact Kim Hash for more information! [email protected] or call 360.699-2244.
issue 1
Our great appreciation to our donors who have made a difference in the life of a child
This list reflects donations of $250 and above received between 1/01/12 and 12/31/12
Meyer Memorial Trust
Dustin Bennett
Bryant Family Fund,
a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Peg and Steve Busick
The Community Foundation
of Southwest Washington
Kathryn Corwin
Courtney Irvin Foundation
Chris and Tracey Feno
Kelley Gaylor
Samara Gilroy-Hicks
Greater Clark County Rotary
Heritage Bank
Clyde and Rena Holland
Ronald Keil
Elaine and George Killian
KMR Group Foundation
James Martin
Karlene and Wilson
Meiko Mitchell
MJ Murdock Charitable Trust
Jan and Steve Oliva
Vicki and William Pahl
Joe Pauletto and Kathy Corwin
Providence Health & Services
Quantum Residential
Erik Runyan Jewelers
John J. and Lois A. Tennant
U.S. Bank
Vancouver Firefighters Union
IAFF Local 452
Voiture 99, La Societe Des
Quarante Hommes et Huit
Waste Connections
$20,000 +
$1,000 - 2,499
$10,000 - $19,999
Beaches Restaurant and Bar
Hansen Family Fund,
a charitable fund of the
Community Foundation
for Southwest Washington
Allan and Saundra Kirkwood
$5,000 - $9,999
Pat and Wayne Beckett
Columbia Credit Union
The Columbian People In
Need Fund,
a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Richard and Carol Dickey
Jo Marie and Steve Hansen
Kiewit Bridge and Marine
NW Personal Training
Jan and Steve Oliva
Charitable Fund,
a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Riverview Community Bank
Sterling Financial
$2,500 - $4,999
Leslie Durst
Legacy Salmon Creek
Ed and Dollie Lynch Fund,
a Charitable Fund of the
Community Foundation
for SW Washington
New Phoenix Casino/
The Last Frontier Casino
Pacific Continental Bank
Joe B. Pauletto Jr. Charitable
Fund, a Charitable Fund of
the Community Foundation
for SW Washington
Teresa Pauletto
Cherry and Ed Shaw
Jon and Colleen Thrift
$500 - $999
Kate and Cameron
Anonymous (2)
Bank of America Matching
Biggs Insurance Services
Tomi Blackledge
Earl and Kathleen
BR Capital, Inc.
Helen Cartales
Sally Charuhas
Cinda and Bill Connelly
Lois A. Cook
Susan Courtney
Carol Curtis and
George Welsh
Jane Duvauchelle
Ron Edwards
Evergreen Memorial
Gardens/The Carlson
Tamara Fuller
Russ Garrow
Kim Hash
Lee and Nancy Hazelton
iQ Credit Union
Barbara Johnson
Lee and Connie Kearney
Joanne Kendall
Alicia L. Lowe
MacKay & Sposito, Inc.
McMillan Fitness Group
Paul Montague
David, Rochelle, Riley
and Raegan Moss
New Seasons Market
Northwest Custom
Pacific Office
Automation, Inc.
Paula and Jim Palmer
Stuart Peek
Rand Jewelers
Julie Rawson
David and Kelly Reiter
The Rock Wood Fired
Tonya Rulli
Kate and David
Lisa and Al Schauer
Dr Martha Sharman
and Dr Warren Reid
Carrie Skerbeck
Smith-Root, Inc
Southwest Airlines Co.
Rick Takach
U.S. Trust, Bank of
America Private
Wealth Management
West Coast Bank
Mike and Patti Westby
Rebecca Writt
Candace Young
Advised Fund, a
Charitable Fund
of the Community
Foundation for SW
Jay & Diane Zidell
Charitable Foundation
Rick Melching Donor
Advised Fund,
a Charitable Fund
of the Community
Foundation for
SW Washington
Marianne Moore
Betty Sue Morris
Randy Norris
The Nutter Family
Sally and Dave Palena
Daphne Perry
Prestige Development
Nancy Nellor Retsinas
$250 - $499
Retsinas Law Offices, PC
Jane and James Adams Jennifer and Donald
ADCO Commercial
Printing, Inc.
Robert Ridgley
Anonymous (2)
Bill and Shannon Roller
Winston and Jan Asai
April C Rosen
At Your Place, LLC
Robert and Geri Rowe
Brian Baird
Jeanie and James Rulli
Beigeblond, Inc.
Don Russo
Rich Biggs
Bob and Sally Schaefer
Mark Brown
Tim and Kelli Schauer
Jack Burkman
Rand and Suzanne
Annette Cleveland
The Columbian
Jonathan Scott and
Jim and Sharon Crowson Kelly Nolen
Davidson & Associates Shamrock 51 Productions
Insurance Agency
Deborah Ewing Simon
and Mike Simon
Sheri Delgado
John and Joleen
Brad and Lisa Dow
Tammy Fox
Cathy Golik
David and Cheryl Groth
Jack and Kay Grover
Shair and Les Springer
Ginger Hancock
Bill Thomas
Billy Henry
Troy Thomas
Scott Horenstein
U.S. Bancorp
The Scott Horenstein
Foundation Employee
Law Firm PLLC
Matching Gift
Julie Kuni
Scot and Brenda Lubbers
Tracey and Rick Waid
Makad Corp
Kirsten and Gregory
John Marble
Howard and Susan
West Marine Products
Bev and Jon McArthur Susan Wolff and
Sherri McMillan
Judge John Wulle
For a complete list of donors who donated in 2012, please refer to our website.
Non-profit Org.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 4284
PO Box 484
Vancouver, WA 98666
It’s all about the Kids!
Annual Luncheon
and Fundraiser
for a silent action
Vancouver, Washington
Master of Ceremonies
Drew Carney
KGW Northwest
NewsChannel 8
by April 17, 2013
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call 360.699.2244
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Tuesday, April 23, 2013
11:30 a.m.
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Our featured speaker
Musical Talents of
Father Daughter Team
Trevor and Kyra
Meeting Family Mental Health Needs
Patty Duke, Academy Award-winning
actress, past President of the Screen
Actors Guild and best selling author,
has been delighting and challenging
audiences for more than 40 years with
her work in movies and on television.
Her Oscar-winning portrayal of blind,
mute, and deaf Helen Keller in The
Miracle Worker launched Patty as one
of America’s finest young talents. Still a
teenager, she went on to enjoy success in
The Patty Duke Show before establishing
herself as one of screen and televisions
most versatile and beloved actresses.
Patty has received much recognition
from her peers — an Oscar, two Golden
Globes, three Emmy Awards, six Emmy
Nominations, and a People’s Choice
Award. Community service awards have
honored her commitment to many social
issues. Since the publication of her
autobiography, Call Me Anna, and her
second book, A Brilliant Madness, Patty
spends a great deal of time speaking on
the topic of mental illness.