In Christ we Learn and Grow
Ke Hehu Te Kaiwhakatipu
Something to SINGH about….
We were really excited to learn of
the engagement of Jaclyn Smith and Stuart Daun in the
Easter Holidays. As a School community we wish Jaclyn
and Stuart everything of the best and we have started
hearing Wedding Bells in the not too distant future.
Teacher Only Day Yet another reminder that we have a
teacher only Day on Friday 13 June. No staff will be at
school. Also note that staff will be starting their
Professional development at 3.30pm on 12 June so we
politely ask that all children be picked up by 3.15pm on
Thursday 12 June.
Uniform Please note that Tee shirts should not be visible
under the school polo. If children are cold then a School
Polar Fleece/ Jersey must be worn.
Please also check earrings, hair ties, socks, shoes etc.
The BOT have amended our Uniform Policy and a copy
will be sent out next month.
Uniforms are now available at Academy Apparel -306
Broadway Avenue.
Car Park “Rules” Please try and adhere to these simple
- Please do not block the driveway by parking in
non-designated areas.
- Help us by using the pedestrian crossing. This may
be trivial for you but it sets a bad example and
other children may follow.
- Be patient – and most of you are. Staff try their
best to get children ready as soon as they see
your car. You have to ensure that you are ready
to pick them up. By getting out and opening
doors and sorting out booster seats you do hold
up traffic behind you. We suggest that you find a
park and walk your child to your car and then
adjust seats etc.
- While I cannot tell parents not to talk on mobile
phones while driving in the car park I do worry
about the safety of our children if distraction
causes an accident.
Consultation meetings Shortly I will be sending out
information on consultation meetings. These will take
place on a school evening and to help facilitate these
we will invite the different communities/ethnicities on
different dates.
School Absentee Number – 0210 279 5744
School Bank Account Number 01 0755 0215050 00
Maths / Numeracy Evening - 20 May 6-7 pm
We have had just 25 families (7%) indicating
that they would be attending our Maths
information evening. We intend to help
parents understand how maths is taught and
more importantly how you can help them at
home. We would love to have at least 50
attend. However staff will do their best if only
a few arrive. If you do change your mind and
want to attend be sure to let your child’s class
teacher know.
PTA We have a new PTA in place after the
AGM on Monday. Terry Gibbons is the new
Chairperson and Fi Moffatt is the Secretary/
Treasurer. We have one major fundraiser this
term and it is a Car Boot sale. If you would like
to help in some way please contact the school
office and we will be sure to forward your
name to the PTA. We again acknowledge
the outgoing PTA for their effort and thank
them for a job very well done.
New Parents This term we will be inviting new
parents (parents who joined us this year) to
morning tea to welcome them and introduce
them to staff as well as BOT members. Vicky
will send out invitations and you are asked to
reply to help with catering.
Lachlan Smith and Madison Abraham (pictured above)
both entered their first Tae-Kwon-Do tournament in
Levin on the weekend, competing in the sparring
section. They fought several different opponents
scoring points for kicks and punches landed and were
awesome competitors, with Lachlan winning the gold
medal for the boys section and Madison winning the
silver in the girls.
Friday 16 May
Friday 16 May
Friday 23 May
Friday 23 May
Class Mass
Class Mass
Room 5
Rooms 3 & 5
Room 4
Rooms 1,4 & 7
Trivia challenge
Last month’s trivia answer was Basketball. Test your
knowledge on our next quiz:
How many times did John McEnroe win the US Open Singles
• Never
• Twice
• Four Times
• Seven Times
We wish to acknowledge and
wish the following students who
celebrated their birthdays over
the past few weeks a very
Happy birthday.
Travis Kilile, Keegan Renshaw, Jake Warrington, Kurt Kibir,
Jacob Wealleans, Jamie Croucher, Tyler Irwin, Karl Laylo,
Rose Shijan and Isaiah Nelmes.
St Vinnies - Sometimes what we have loved our children
and grandchildren don’t, or maybe it’s that ornament
your favourite Aunty gave yu that doesn’t fit the décor
anymore. Why not donate to St VINNIES for the June
Collectable Sale………..Aunty will never know!
52 Rangitikei Street opposite Countdown.
Above are some pics of Chris Fortune from “Kids Can
Cookl”. Chris demonstrated how to cook apple and
spinach crepes with the children where he received
mixed reactions.
Start Date
Monday 5 May
Monday 21 July
Monday13 October
End Date
Friday 4 July
Friday 26 September
Thursday 18 December
Thursday 22 May
Tuesday 27 May
Tuesday 27 May
Monday 2 June
Friday 6 June
Monday 9 June
Tuesday 10 June
Wednesday 11 June
Friday 13 June
Friday 4 July
Friday 4 July
BOT Meeting 7.00pm
Scripture Reading Competition
School Cross Country
Queens Birthday – School Closed
Inter-School Cross Country
World of Maths
St Joseph’s Sports Day
Support Staff Day
“Red Socks Day”
Last day of Term 2
Please make very welcome to St Mary’s School
Jacob (not pictured) and Grace Dakin and
Isabella Langreo.
To be wise is to acknowledge that our judgement
can be flawed, that we do not always know the
necessary facts,
facts, that we are not always right.
- Pam Brown
Vicky Hayward (Editor) Suneal Singh (Principal)