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Specialist designers
of stabling
• Loose boxes
• Internal stall
• ‘National’ shelters
• ‘Versatile’ stores
• Mobile field shelters
• Specialised units
• Doors, windows and
20875 Harlow Stable Brochure_wayne
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Harlow Bros Head Office at Long Whatton
Our Proud History
A family owned and run company, Harlow Bros have over 80 years
experience in timber, engineered wood products and in manufacturing
timber products. Spread over 10 sites and employing over 250 people,
we offer a wide range of products and services to suit each customer’s
individual requirements.
We are proud to have been associated with many prestigious projects
over the years, ranging from racecourse installations to state of the art
timber frame housing. Our experience and personal attention has
allowed us to establish long term partnerships with our customers and
suppliers alike.
We have depth of expertise in supplying:
• Craftsman-built equestrian, poultry and agricultural buildings.
• New Build Housing packages.
• Private and commercial fencing.
From merchanting to manufacture, Harlow Bros are a company
respected throughout a wealth of industries for our expertise. Our
reputation for reliability, quality and longevity of product is well known
and can be seen in many parts of the world where our stabling products
are still in use after many decades of service.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
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Opening sale at the new Doncaster bloodstock site Harlow Bros
manufactured and Erected over 500 boxes
20875 Harlow Stable Brochure_wayne
Stabling of Distinction
Anyone who knows anything about horses will recognise the name
HARLOW as being something special.
HARLOWS have been designing high quality stabling for more than 75
years, based upon our personal knowledge of horses and being proud
owners of several winners ourselves.
In this brochure you will see many examples of fine craftsmanship for
which we are so well known, and whether yours is a professional
establishment, or you simply keep horses as a hobby, we feel sure you
will find the right kind of building to suit your requirements.
We combine the manufacturing skills of experienced craftsmen with the
latest technological innovations to produce buildings which are practical
in every kind of situation but still retain the charm of traditional stabling.
See For Yourself...
Colour photographs can be very nice, but they are no substitute for the
real thing.We at HARLOWS are proud of our products, that is why we
invite prospective customers to visit our works to discuss their
proposals with our experienced staff and to see the quality of our
buildings for themselves on our permanent showground.
[email protected]
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‘National’ Loose Boxes
‘National’ Mark 2 boxes are by far our most popular design of box
commanding our largest sales.
Open fodder stores, garages, archways, tack and feed rooms can be
combined with standard boxes, enabling us to provide customers with
individually designed buildings, particular to their personal needs.
Small Compact Units
Many proud owners of HARLOW boxes are people who keep horses
simply for their own pleasure; such people often need only small
compact units like the ones illustrated.
These smaller units are nevertheless built to the same high specification
as any of the larger complexes shown in this brochure.
Loose Box Sizes
Standard box sizes: 3m x 3.6m (10 x 12'); 3.6m x 3.6m (12' x 12'); 4.2m x
3.6m (14' x 12'). Height to eaves 7'4"; to ridge 11'3" or height to eaves 8';
to ridge 12'1". Other sizes available on request e.g. foaling boxes.
L-shaped layouts
Corner boxes 5.4m x 3.6m (18' x 12') or 4.8m x 3.6m (16' x 12') can be
incorporated into loose boxes to form l-shaped layouts.This is
particularly useful where there is space for future expansion.The initial
unit can comprise of any number of boxes, and extensions can be added
as and when required until the projet is completed.
Optional Extras
Kickboard Linings: Available in 12mm (1/2") exterior plywood or
18mm (3/4") OSB (Orientated Strand Board) up to eaves height.
Stable and Tack Room Fittings: A wide selection of fittings and
equipment are available.
Miscellaneous: Galvanised sheet steel to inside of top and bottom
door. Louvre windows with grilles. Steel grilles in partitions between
boxes.Top doors to rear wall.
Sitework and preparation of bases
are the customer’s responsibility.
The normal recommendation for boxes is
a concrete floor with a single course of
engineering bricks to carry the sections and
to act as a dampcourse. HARLOWS provide galvanised stays to anchor
the building firmly to the base after the building has been erected.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
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Page 5
Ends & walls
Framework is 50mm x 75mm at 600mm centres. All sole plates and door posts
are pressure treated.At corners the total timber section is 75mm x 125mm.
External cladding is 19mm T & G pressure treated weatherboard. A louvre
vent is fitted in the gables of all end boxes to allow maximum ventilation
without draughts.
Framework is 50mm x 75mm (2" x 3") covered with 12mm (1/2") exterior grade
plywood or 19mm (3/4") OSB (Orientated Strand Board). Partition gables
between boxes are left open to allow free movement of air throughout
the building.
Polyester coated steel sheeting in a box profile laid on an 11mm OSB sub-roof.
Available in four colours: slate blue, juniper green, vandyke brown or
goosewing grey.
Alternatively, roofs can be made in sections with 12mm T & G boarding laid on
50mm x 95mm (2" x 4") purlins and a covering of heavy grade, high performance
glass fibre based mineralised roofing felt. Mineralised felt tiles are also available in
two-tone red, green, brown or slate grey. Colour samples available on request.
Approx 4' wide and comprises 15mm (5/8") T & G treated matchboarding.
Stable doors (top & bottom)
7' x 3'8" x 2" thick, with T & G boarding on the outside and 1/2" exterior grade
plywood on the inside face.All door ironmongery is galvanised and of heavy duty.
Bottom door has a kick-over bolt fitted. Door frames are protected with anti-bite
strips to floor level, and to outside of bottom doors.
Tack room doors
6'6" x 2'9" framed, ledged and braced doors, or solid core external flush door
with a 5 lever BSS insurance lock and furniture.
Joinery made in two parts with top half opening inwards.Windows are glazed with
clear glass and have strong galvanised steel guards fitted as standard.
Rainwater gutters
Heavy duty PVC (brown or black) gutters with appropriate downpipes are
included to both sides of the building.
All external cladding, sole plates, doors, windows and barge boards are pressure
treated in our own treatment plant, to BS EN 599:1997 and BS EN 335-1:1992,
and give a pleasing mid-brown finish. All timbers used are good quality joinery
grade European softwood. All timber sizes shown are nominal - before planing.
[email protected]
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Page 6
National Shelters & Versatile
Store Buildings
National Shelters
Available in four widths - 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft. Height to eaves 7'4".
Built to the same specification as our loose boxes and to the same eaves
height. Boarded sections are available for infilling the open fronts or to
divide the building under the trusses.Windows or doors can be
incorporated as required.
Available in three designs to meet every need, and in a wide variety of
sizes. Shelters can be free-standing or incorporated into stabling layouts
as required.
Versatile Store
Available in three widths - 18ft, 20ft and 24ft. Height to eaves 8ft. Height
to ridge 11'8", 12'0" and 13'0" respectively. Ideally suitable for use as a
“horse or cattle shelter”,“hay and straw store”, vehicle and
implementation shed, workshop etc.
The Versatile is normally erected on a single brick course set on a
concrete base or on concrete footings. If extra height is required, the
building can be erected on either one or more courses of 9" concrete
It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the base which must be
built to the details shown on HARLOW’S detailed drawings supplied
with each order.
The material specification would be generally as shown to our loose
boxes on the previous page.Where fronts are open, the trusses are
supported on 6" x 6" pressure treated posts.
We can supply fronts, dividing partitions,
doors, windows etc., as required.
NOTE: Rainwater gutters are NOT
included but can be supplied at extra
cost when required.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
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Page 7
Mobile Field Shelters
Mobile Boxes
Manufactured to HARLOW’S usual exacting standards, our range of mobile field
shelters have been introduced to provide the ultimate in versatility. Planning
permission is not normally required.
Supplied as standard: 16' x 10', 20' x 10', 12' x 12', 20' x 12' and 24' x 12' with
pressure treated skids, provision for ground anchors, one set of galvanised towing
chains, pressure treated weatherboarding, towing hook at each end, anti-chew
strips to all external corners, rubber flaps between skids, polyester coated steel to
roof, corner braces for added strength, roof truss for added strength, one or two
openings to front.
Optional extras
Overhang, lining to eaves, underlined roof, roof lights, slip rails as dividers or to
front, guttering, partition, gate to fit opening with metal to top rail (above), solid
gate also available, front infill panel with loose box door, window and guard as
shown (right, second from top), ground anchors.
[email protected]
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Page 8
Internal Stall Buildings
Internal Stall Buildings
Buildings are 34ft wide with a central passageway. Standard stall sizes are
10' x 12', 12' x 12' and 14' x 12'. Height to eaves 8'5", height to ridge 15'3".
Exterior sides & ends
Main framework is of 50mm x 75mm (2" x 3") timbers at approx. 600mm centres,
making double thickness at corners and treble at section joints. Exterior cladding is
19mm (3/4") nom. PT & G moulded weatherboarding, rot-proofed by pressurised
treatment to BS 4072.
Of 50mm x 75mm (2" x 3") timber framework manufactured in appropriate
sections to a height of 7ft. Partitions are covered each side with 12mm (1/2")
exterior grade plywood, or 18mm OSB (Orientated Strand Boards).
Stall fronts
Incorporate a bottom loose box door, and a galvanised steel viewing grille with
manger access gate. Outside of fronts including face of bottom doors are clad with
T & G matchboarding. Anti-chew strips fitted to door frames, grilles and to face of
bottom door. Sliding doors also available.
50mm (2") x 125mm (5") Purlins are secured to timber trusses at 3m (10') or
3.60m (12') centres, and to gable ends with bolted steel brackets.Trusses are
supported on timber posts which also act as stabilisers for the partitions. Roof
covering is Polyester coated steel profile sheeting coloured externally as standard
slate blue or juniper green, and with an underlining of 1/8" fireproof partition board
and 90mm glasswool insulation.
A pair of framed, ledged and braced sliding doors 8' x 10' wide are included at
each end.
Are the same standard as our loose box range and include galvanised steel guards.
All boxes are lined to eaves height with 12mm (1/2") exterior grade plywood or
18mm OSB.
Air intake is through windows in stall wall sections, large sliding doors and louvre
type windows in gable ends and expelled through ridge.
Exterior cladding, barge boards, windows, external doors, and wall plates
rot-proofed to BS EN599; 1997 and BS EN335-1;1992, with a mid brown finish.
Heavy duty gutters
PVC rainwater gutters, in brown or black, with appropriate downpipes to each side
of the building.
Optional extras
Top door grids. Stable fittings. Grilles in partitions between the boxes.Top doors to
rear walls. Sliding doors. GRP roof lights.Tack room fronts, and open wash boxes.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
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Page 9
Specialised Units
Racecourse Units
The racecourse specification is slightly higher than our standard specification, eaves
height is 2.4m, stable wall linings are 12mm exterior grade painted birch plywood and
there is additional tinning on the doors and frames.
We can quote as main contractors including all groundworks, drainage, water and
electrics down to sub-contractor for the supply and erection of the stables only.
We can also work with racecourse owners who wish to supply their own
specification and requirements.
Complexes have included single and/or back to back stables, tack boxes, stores,
workshops, open and closed stores, offices, wash boxes, saddling boxes, vet's
treatments and sample units.
We have provided complexes for: Newcastle, Sedgefield, Huntingdon, Uttoxeter,
Yarmouth, Cheltenham,Ascot, Epsom, Cartmel, Fontwell Park,Taunton, Newton
Abbott,Wincanton,Aintree, Carlisle and Bath, and one of our larger projects the new
Doncaster Bloodstock Sales Complex where Harlow Bros manufactured and erected
over 500 boxes.
We would be pleased to show you around our factory and premises if required, or
meet on site.
We also offer a service to upgrade existing brick and/or wooden stables.
We have undertaken this work at the following courses: Newcastle, Epsom, Chepstow,
Sandown Park,Yarmouth,Taunton and Brighton.
General Purpose Buildings
We also supply general purpose buildings such as pavilions for boat clubs and changing
rooms for tennis and other sports clubs.
We have also manufactured golf driving range shelters, cricket pavilions, farm-shop
stores, pheasant rearing pens & houses.
[email protected]
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Page 10
Doors & windows
All items can be purchased individually
Stable doors & frames
Stable windows in frame
Doors are 7' high x 3'8" wide.Top doors are 2' 6" high.
Bottom doors are 4'6" high (4' high for ponies).
Dimensions including frame: 7'3" high x 4'2" wide.
Construction - Frames: constructed from 31/2"
x 2" and 31/2" x 3" timbers with a 41/2" x 2" sill.
Construction - Doors: Strongly constructed with an
internal frame, designed to take hinges for right or left
hand fixing. Doors have T & G boarding outside and 1/2"
exterior grade plywood on inside face.
Heavy duty galvanised hinges, fasteners and kick-over bolts
are supplied loose for fixing by customers.
Galvanised anti-bite straps are fitted to top edge of bottom door, face of
bottom door and to inside edge of top door.
Construction - Frames: ex 4" x 3" timber, and fitted with galvanised metal
protection. Frames which are delivered by carrier are sent out
unassembled. Frames are morticed and pre-drilled to make assembly a
simple operation using the nails provided.
Tack room doors & frames
Construction - Windows: Our standard pattern
window lights are made in two parts with top
half opening inwards onto galvanised stays.
Overall size: 3' 111/2" wide x 3' 43/4".
Smaller windows suitable for tack rooms are
also available: overall size 2' 63/4" wide x 3' 43/4" high.
Louvre windows in frames
Louvre windows have six perspex and aluminium louvres fixed into 4" x 2"
timber frame with sill.
All these windows are for outside opening and
have a strong mesh protective screen on
the inside.
Size of frame 2' 81/2" wide x 3' 11/4" high.
Please note
Doors are 6'6" x 2'9" standard joinery construction. Framed,
ledged and braced with a T & G boarded infilling. Doors are
made to open inwards and are fitted with strong mortice
lock and aluminium furniture. Frames are
ex 4" x 2" timber. Overall size 6'8" x 3' wide.
Top door only with timber frame
• HARLOW windows are glazed at our works
(collection only).
• All doors and windows are treated with Wolmanit CX8 preservative.
• Doors, windows and frames are rot-proofed to BS EN 599:1997,
BS EN 335-1:1992 and are a mid-brown colour.
Galvanised steel window guards
Top stable door with a suitable timber frame for
building into the rear of stables. Hinges and
fastener supplied loose for fixing by customer.
For fitting on the inside of stable or tack room
Doors are 3'8" x 2'5" high. Overall size of frame
4'2" wide x 2'11" high.
Strong 1/2" diameter steel bars are welded onto a strong
frame and hot-dipped galvanised after manufacture.
Door accessories
Economy window guards
Size 3' 101/4" wide x 3' high. Constructed from heavy
gauge steel mesh, welded onto a 10mm steel frame and
galvanised after manufacture.
A small guard, 2' 51/4" wide x 3' high to fit
smaller tack room windows is available.
Top door grids
Special quantity discounts
S38 Standard top
S39 Anti-weaver
door grid
door grid
Both types of guards are well constructed with strong bars
and galvanised finish. Complete with sockets for fixing
inside bottom door.
Size 3'6" wide x 2'6" high
S34 Kick over door bolt
Strong, foot-operated fastener
for bottom of lower stable
door. Galvanised.
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
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Page 11
S7P Plastic manure or
feed skip
Strong & rigid.
1' 8" square x 7" deep.
Bucket holder/bucket
S2 Galvanised corner manger
Complete with anti-waste bars and
rim-drilled for fixing.
2' 4" wide x 1' 10" x 11" deep.
Timber support frame also
S85 Stable bucket - 3 gallon
Heavy duty white plastic. Flat side for
easy carrying or hanging on wall.
Capacity approx. 3 gallons (13.5
Also available:
S85A Large stable bucket 4 gallon
Feed scoops
S47 Feed scoop
Galvanised steel bowl.
S80 Plastic feed scoop
Very strong and durable.
Metal handles.
S2P Plastic corner manger &
S2PB Support frame
Heavy duty white plastic. Complete
with anti-waste bars.
2' 1" wide x 1' 18" x 1' deep.
Support frame of galvanised tubular
steel or timber.
S4P Plastic corner manger
In galvanised protective support
frame. Complete with anti-waste
bars. 1' 11" wide x 1' 7" x 11"
Manure baskets
S44 Large capacity
american style manure
18 gallon.
Wall fixings
S85 PS Snap hook on
wall plate
To hang bucket or use as tie
S30 Plate fixing tie ring
For screwing to wall.
Galvanised finish. Complete
with two strong
coachscrews for fixing.
S11 Traditional corner
Strong 12mm diameter bars.
Galvanised. Top 2' 9" x 1' 9" x
1' 9" deep.
S44A Medium capacity
manure basket
8 gallon. Lightweight, strong
S15 Economy type corner
Galvanised. Top2' 9" x 2' x 1' 9"
deep.With four retaining brackets.
S25 Salt lick holder
Strong steel, coated with hard plastic.
Brackets & holders
Head collars/bridle hooks
S28A Small head
collar/bridle hooks
Set of 5. Plastic coated. 4"
S28 Head collar/bridle hook
A heavy duty tack room fitting. Plastic
coated 8" long.
Bridle racks
S20 Bridle rack
Plastic coated pressed steel. Fully supports
over head to prevent ‘kinking’ of leather.
S17 Standard type saddle
Tubular steel, red plastic
S20/3 Three S20 bridle racks
coated Supports all types &
Mounted on varnished timber and drilled for fixing.
sizes. 1' 9" long.
1' 8" wide.
[email protected]
S29 Bracket for stable tools
Strong steel bracket, plastic coated to
carry brush, fork, shovel etc.
S29/3 Three S29 brackets
Mounted on varnished timber and
drilled for fixing. 2' 6" wide.
S24A Pronged tack
cleaning holder
Plastic coated steel. 10"
S24 Tack cleaning
Adjustable in length from
1' 6" to 2' 6" .
Plastic coated. Complete
with ceiling hook
Page 12
Our offices and factory, situated in the heart
of the Quorn hunting country and covering
more than 15 acres, are some of the largest
and most modern of their kind in the
Harlow Bros Ltd
Long Whatton
LE12 5DE
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1509 842561
Fax: +44 (0)1509 843577
Email: [email protected]
Being conveniently situated, between
junctions 23 and 24 of the M1, means that we
are ideally placed for delivery to all parts of
the mainland with our own lorries, thus
ensuring the personal care of your order
from when it leaves our works to its arrival
An erection service is available in most areas.
Designed and produced by Dialhouse Tel: 024 7660 3030 www.dialhouse.co.uk
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