EC Agenda, Tirupati 2015

Agenda for EC Meeting to be held at Tirupati on 23rd January, 2015
Agenda1.Confirmation of the minutes of the EC Meeting held at the Department of
Psychology, L&C Mehta Arts College, Ahmedabad on 3rd March, 2014.
Agenda2. Presentation of audited accounts of IAAP upto 31st Dec,2014 by the
treasurer Dr. S. Surendran.
Agenda 3. Presentation of Annual Report and audited accounts of JIAAP by Dr.
Panch Ramalingam / Prof. Jayanti Basu.
Agenda 4. Presentation and consideration of the Annual Report of the
Academy’s activities: Prof. Jayanti Basu.
Agenda 5. Prof. Sultan Akhtar Endowment Fund, Annual Report: Prof. L.R.
Agenda 6. Proposal to meet part of the publication expanses of JIAAP Special
Issue in memory of Prof. S. Sultan Akhtar from Endowment Fund, IAAP
and also from donations.
Agenda 7. Progress report of constitution amendment: Prof. N.K. Saxena.
Agenda 8 IAAP Website (New) and IAAP Newsletter: Members response and
evaluation: Prof. Ravi Gunthey.
Agenda9. Report on establishment of a common federation/counsel to support joint
activities by the existing Psychological associations.
Agenda10. Proposal to undertake MoU with different institutes: Prof. K.V.
Kalliappan/ Prof. Ravi Gunthey.
Agenda 11. Proposal to present an award to Mr. Nanavati of GLS College in
recognition of his support to IAAP.
Any other matter with the permission of the chair.