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The Vision Leading Crespi
Carmelite Charism
The Jubilee year of Crespi Carmelite was a marvelous
celebration and offered a time of renewal with the school.
Now that all the anniversary balloons, banners, and streamers
are just memories in time, the Crespi Carmelite Community
looks forward to the next half-century. Over the last five
years, the exceptional leadership of Father Tom Schrader, O.
Carm., has continued Crespi’s reputation as one of the elite
college preparatory institutions in the area. During his term
as the President, the school has seen increased enrollment,
improved facilities, and has had more interaction among the
Crespi Carmelite Community.
After celebrating a milestone year, Father Tom
is pleased with the current state of Crespi and believes the
future is bright. “Enrollment is good, and academics are
stronger as the number of our seniors who were awarded
college scholarships increased by fifty percent since 2007.”
This year, he is excited about the fall drama production, the
sports seasons, and helping Louisville celebrate its Jubilee.
Father Tom is proud that Crespi is reaching out to a wider
range of students around the Los Angeles area. Some reasons
he expects Crespi to remain one of the area’s elite college
preparatory schools are the smaller class sizes and our
course offerings.
During his term as President, Crespi has gone through
many needed facility enhancements. Over the next five years,
Crespi will continue capital improvements. There are many
construction ideas, but Father Tom would prefer that the new
facility enhancements be lead by the Board of Directors.
Strategic planning with the Board is why Crespi is doing so
well today and will continue to be even better tomorrow. One
issue the current strategic plan has to face is the lack of rising
household incomes from families around the San Fernando
Valley. To alleviate some of the financial pressures for future
families, Crespi created an endowment that is still building
today. Alumni and Crespi families have offered more help by
establishing named family scholarships.
As Crespi draws closer to the centennial, the laity will
be called to carry on the mantle of leadership. The Second
Vatican Council has called the laity to take more action and
involvement in Catholic organizations, and the Carmelites
agree with this philosophy. They are currently looking at
ways to recognize the professional growth of the many laity
working at their schools. The Carmelites would prefer their
institutions to be filled with life-long careers for committed
laity. This model of leadership is called sponsorship and
requires the laity to continue the work of the order at the
school. For it to be successful at Crespi, Father Tom believes
“Everyone will need to continue the vision of the Carmelite
values and ideals of the Crespi Man.” He also added that
“Regardless of the leadership model, the hard work of the
faculty, parents, and the excellence of young men we have
attracted over the years, will always represent the legacy
of the Carmelites.”
Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm., the vision leading Crespi
Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm., Father Leo Glueckert, O. Carm.,
and Father Augustine Carter, O. Carm., celebrate the Closing Mass of
the Jubilee
Father Paul Henson, O. Carm., addresses the congregation at the
Closing Mass of the Jubilee
The first International Congress
on Carmelite Schools
Carmelite Charism
The first International Congress on Carmelite Schools
was held in Dublin, Ireland, from April 8-13, 2010. The setting
was Terenure College, the oldest school in the Order, celebrating
one hundred and fifty years since its founding. The Congress
was attended by more than seventy friars, religious sisters, and
lay people who represented almost all of our schools. These
men and women are in charge of the education and formation of
thousands of children and young people. Gathered during these
days, the participants had the opportunity to share their work
and experiences in Carmelite education. They discussed the
importance of transmitting our values and spirituality through
our academic institutions.
This Congress was a response to the proposal approved
by the General Chapter of 2007. It was organized by the
International Commission of Carmelite Schools and Youth
presided over by Fr. Raul Maravi, O.Carm. The Congress
offered four lectures by Fr. Paul Chandler, O.Carm. (Aus), Fr.
Micéal O´Neill, O.Carm. (Hib), Mr. Cesar Santa Maria (TOC
Peru), and Sr. Visitacion Bas (HVMMC).
In addition, this international gathering was enriched
by the presence and participation of our Prior General, Fr.
Fernando Millán Romeral, O. Carm., who officiated the Sunday
Eucharist in the presence of the school students and the Congress
participants, and by the four General Councilors of the Order,
whose attendance served as a symbol of support of our General
Council to our educational endeavor on all five continents.
The Carmelite Leadership in Ireland
Carmelite Charism
Men of Carmel, Crusaders, and Celts gathered at
the Chapel in the Crespi Carmelite Student Commons to
celebrate the life of Eric Patrick Johnson MC ’75 who
passed away on July 29, 2010.
The family and friends of Eric Johnson gathered
on Thursday, August 5, 2010 to recall his life, tragically cut
short awaiting surgery for a heart and kidney transplant.
Eric, a well-loved son, brother, father, husband, and
friend was a graduate of Mount Carmel High School
in its waning years at Hoover and 7th Streets in Los
Angeles. He came to Crespi Carmelite at the request
of fellow Mount Carmel grad, Paul Muff MC ’65, who
was Varsity Basketball Coach, in the early ’80’s. Eric,
a well-respected coach, developed life-long friendships
with many of the young athletes he mentored. Members
of his Crespi team attending the service were: Michael
Salerno ’83, Michael Lang ’83, Keith Woods ’83, Rik
Hartman ’82, Chris Nikchevich ’82, Hilary Condren
’82, and Mark Ferraro ’76. Their attendance, along with
fellow Mount Carmel Alumni, Ron MC ’75 and Nick
Gueringer MC ’76, at his funeral mass was a testament
to his wisdom and leadership as a son of Carmel.
Eric’s faith played a major role in his life.
Educated in the parochial school system of the Los
Angeles Archdiocese, Eric attended St. Michael’s where
he first began to develop his gift of creating life-long
friendships with peers. At Mount Carmel High School,
Eric was a member of the basketball team; a love for the
game carried him through life as a coach to many young
Following his years coaching at Crespi Carmelite,
Eric ventured into the world of business, although he
once again enjoyed coaching at LA City College for the
women’s basketball program. As time passed, however,
his health no longer allowed him to fulfill his life’s
Michael James ’82 spoke of Eric as having a
special motto that he lived by: “Treat people fair and
genuinely. Don’t show favoritism.”
His life was lauded by Kevin McKesson MC
’75, class mate Tony Gueringer MC ’74, Michael James,
a member of his 1982 JV Basketball team at Crespi
Carmelite, and Des Johnson, a dear friend.
Eric leaves behind his two daughters, Hailey
and Erica, his mother, Sara, and sisters, Karen (Michael
Lambert) and Rachel, numerous extended family
members and his former wives, Rose, and Cathy, with
whom he remained close, as well as his many brothers
in Carmel from Mount Carmel and Crespi Carmelite
High Schools.
Fr. Paul Henson, O. Carm., Principal of Crespi
Carmelite, presided over the Mass of Resurrection and
shared the promise of heaven with each of Eric’s loved
ones, assuring them that Eric had brought a piece of
them in his heart to heaven.
Board of Directors
Rev. Augustine Carter, O. Carm., Principal Emeritus
Rev. William J. Harry, O. Carm. Western Commissary Provencial
Rev. Thomas Schrader, O. Carm., President
Rev. Paul Henson, O. Carm., Principal, (Non-voting member)
Wayne Bailey P ’08
Ron Berryman MC ’57
Tom Burns ’80
Judith Cannavo Mckeever MC ’57
Jim Dunn ’63
Bill Edmonds ’64
David Ellis P ’02, ’04
Charlie Green P ’03
Sam Koh ’87
Lynne Lins P ’90, ’95
Dennis Luderer P ’90, ’93, ’96
Ed Marek ’77
Paul Martin MC ’57
Anne Scioscia P ’07
Grant Seltzer P ’04
Walt Wabby P ’06
Nick Verdugo P ’02
Chairman of the Board, Bob Beaman, pictured with
wife Denise (Bob ’96) at the 50th Jubilee Closing Mass
at Our Lady of Grace, Encino.
David Genders
Carmelite Charism
A journey of eight years culminated on April
10th, 2010 for Crespi Carmelite alumnus David Genders
’98 as he made his Solemn Profession of Vows as a
Carmelite. These years of pre-Novitiate time he spent
in community at Carith House in Chicago, followed by
the Novitiate training in New York and an Internship in
Carmelite communities in the United States, Canada,
Mexico, and other sites where the Carmelites of The
Province of the Most Pure Heart of Mary have a calling.
That was just the beginning of a commitment to a life
of serving God in the presence of his people. David
concluded his time of preparation at the Washington
Theological Union in Washington, D.C., where he had
the opportunity to prepare himself for ordination to the
priesthood in the next year or two.
David has joined the ranks of other Carmelite
educated young men from the Los Angeles area who, over
the past 75 years, have chosen to follow the leadership
of Elijah and the example of Mary in their journey up
the mountain. Some other Carmelite students who have
become members of the Order of Carmelites are Fr.
Augustine Carter, O. Carm., Fr. Pete Liuzzi, O. Carm.,
and Fr. John Knoernschild, O. Carm., all graduates of
Mount Carmel High School in Los Angeles. Fr. Glenn
Snow ’78, O. Carm., and Fr. Paul Koenig ’69, OCD,
are alumni of Crespi Carmelite. The Crespi Carmelite
Community is proud of David’s accomplishments and
asks that all continue to pray for David and other young
men who have heeded the call to this special vocation.
Congratulations, David!
Carmelite Charism
The Vision Leading Crespi
1 Congress in Ireland
2 Remembering a Man of Carmel: Eric Johnson
Special Features
The Women Behind the Crespi Man
Annual Report
Blessed Angelo Paoli Giving Society
Recap of the 50th Jubilee Events
Celt Tracks: Where Are They Now?
Medal of Valor
Class Challenges
Ambassador Program
Scholarship Golf Tournament
Going Places
Student Life
Graduation Report
College Acceptances
Drama and Science
Interview with Cardinal Mahoney
Celt Works
For Carmelite Vocation Information
Please Contact Father Sam Citero, O. Carm.,
[email protected]
The Women Behind
Seated (left to right): Fran Calfo (Angelo ’78, Alexander ’82, & Anthony ’88), Anne Scioscia (Matt ’07),
Libbie Brady (Daniel ’86, Patrick ’89), (past Pres of CMC ’89)
Standing (left to right): Virgina Musich (Chris ’95), Mary Burns (Tom ’80), (Thomas ’07 & Daniel ’12),
Deedy Nordyke (Ryan ’90, Matthew ’92 & Brett ’94), Geri Lang (Jeffrey ’90), (Past VP of CMC ’90),
Debbie McGaughey (Trevor ’09 & Terrence ’12)
The Crespi Man
Part I in a series
On a sunny August afternoon, a group of Crespi moms
was invited by Anne Scioscia to a discussion of why they sent
their sons to Crespi. Anne, whose son Matt graduated in 2007, is a
member of the Board of Directors at Crespi Carmelite and liaison
to the Campus Ministry Department for the Board. As the Order of
Carmelites look to the laity for a more active role in the running of
their schools in the coming years, Anne felt that it was important
to get an understanding of the Women behind the Crespi Man. The
starting place, of course, was mothers.
The group consisted of mothers ranging from the 1980’s to
mothers of current students. The topic that they discussed was why
they believed in Crespi when they chose to send their sons here for
high school.
Greg Cornell ’74, Vice-President of Institutional
Advancement, himself a graduate of 1974, asked each lady around
the table: “Why do you believe in Crespi Carmelite High School,
and what was it that compelled you to send your son here?”
Surprisingly, in thirty years time, very little had changed as to why
the mothers felt that Crespi was a place where they wanted their
sons to study and to learn life’s lessons.
Anne Scioscia (Matt ’07) began by saying that her son was
the one that chose Crespi. “The first time he came to the school did
it for him.” At first, she wasn’t sure why. “It isn’t fancy, we weren’t
‘wowed’ by the facility, but by the people. It fills your soul and
it starts with the first person you meet when you walk in the door.
And that is you, Virginia.” Anne smiled at Virginia Musich, the
Crespi Mom who has run the front office for the school over the
last fifteen years.
Deedy Nordyke, who had three sons graduate from
Crespi: Ryan ’90, Matt ’92, and Brett ’94, who now works as
Director of Institutional Advancement for Crespi, says “Crespi
was an extension of Our Lady of Grace, where the boys had
all gone. Crespi stressed the same values we had established at
home: we felt that was important. They still do. Whenever I am
at the school, either today or fifteen years ago, the boys greet you
respectfully and say hello. It is wonderful!” Her son, Ryan, had
one of the fastest background checks in the history of the Secret
Service when he was hired. “I know that had to do with what he
learned at Crespi.” She smiled.
Debbie McGaughey, a graduate of Chaminade and mother
of a recent graduate, Trevor ’08, and current junior, Terry ’12,
has served as co-Chair for C.A.P.E.R. 2010 and on almost every
other committee over the past six years. “Crespi has that sense of
family, unlike some other schools. That will never be lost. At
Crespi, teachers always look out for the student’s best interests. I
like that!”
Mary Calfo Burns responded. Mary, like Debbie, has
one son currently enrolled at Crespi, Danny ’12, and one son who
graduated, Tommy ’07. “Not only am I the mother of Crespi Men,
but I am the sister of Crespi Men and I married a Crespi Man!”
She smiled at her mother, Fran, seated next to her. “My husband,
Tom ’80, is a rock! He’s very spiritual. He has great companions
still from the ’80s and those friendships are strong and they share a
mutual respect. I see that with my sons; they have a bond, and are
tied together in a special way. This is a treasure that you get from
Crespi. It is easy to make new friends at Crespi, so you don’t have
to be tied only to those guys that you went to grammar school with.
And the staff and faculty are so encouraging to the kids.”
Her mother, Fran, laughs and says, “It isn’t just for the kids.
I met some of by best friends at the oven at Crespi!” With three
sons and three grandsons who graduated from Crespi, this Crespi
mom recalls some of the friendships she made as she served on
the Mothers’ Club. “In those days, the Carmelites were needy of
the parents’ help. We did everything from cooking for the football
teams to making decorations for the dances. Every fundraiser it was
the parents who did the work, gladly! It was a great time and my
sons learned to participate in the community because of what they
learned at Crespi.”
Libbie Brady, past president of the Mothers’ Club, also had
two sons, Danny ’86 and Patrick ’89, graduate from Crespi. “The
best friends my sons have are the ones they met at Crespi. They
both wanted to go to Crespi and they had no argument from us.
We were pleased with their choice. I was glad that it was Catholic.
Kairos was one of the most important experiences they had. It
changed my older son’s attitude toward his father and me and it had
a great impact on their religion as well. I have four grandchildren
all attending Catholic school!”
Geri Lang, who served in 1990 as the Vice-President of
the Crespi Mothers’ Club, had two daughters who had gone to
Louisville, and it was only natural that Jeff ’90 would attend Crespi
when he graduated from St. Mel’s in Woodland Hills. “It was a
Catholic school and that was what we wanted. My son just attended
his 20th class reunion this past summer. He had a wonderful time!
He loved Crespi from the moment of his first interview in 8th grade.
He has been very successful; he went on to USC after Crespi and
has had a great career in insurance. I also made great friends at
Crespi and loved being involved with the Mothers’ Club. It was
wonderful,” she concluded.
“Crespi did and still does offer a good Catholic education.
It is a well-rounded school and looks to the body, soul, mind, and
spirit of the students,” says Virginia Musich, whose son Chris
graduated in 1995. “Chris also chose to come to Crespi. His brother
went to Notre Dame. Today he is a very successful architect. He
felt that Crespi was much harder than USC and had really prepared
him for the world beyond Crespi.” She added, “He really learned
to help others and he practices that today.” With another laugh, she
concluded, “My future is with Crespi!”
Lynn Gaytan and Bridgett Green are both Crespi wives
(Dan Gaytan ’80 and Mike Green ’66) as well as Crespi moms
(Blake ’09; Scott ’90) who are also, along with Pam Trovatten
(Kris Vangelisti ’93), working at Crespi. Both Lynn and Bridgett
have served as President of the Parents or Mothers’ Club and
have a feeling of pride in being able to continue to be a part of the
place that helped shape their husbands and sons. All three women
agree that it is the small school qualities that were attractive to
them as mothers. For Pam, it was the fact that it was a religious
environment. Although not a Catholic herself, her husband and
sons were, and she wanted them to have that environment during
their high school years. Bridgett and Lynn agreed.
“The fact, like Deedy said, that it upheld the values we were
teaching at home was very important to us. It still is important, and
I hope that today’s parents will feel that importance for their sons,
especially today,” commented Bridgett.
The Women behind the Crespi Man is a series that will run
over the next several issues of the Alumni Newsmagazine, while
we continue to explore the Crespi Man and the women that have
supported the students and the school over the years. From wives
to mothers and grandmothers, there is always a woman who stands
firmly behind the Crespi Man.
Celt Tracks
Crespi Carmelite High School prides itself
on maintaining a network of connections to all its
alumni across the country, and as a way of bringing
the community back together, we offer this edition of
Celt Tracks: Where are they now?
Conrad Micale ’72 after thirty years in sales,
opened his own business, M&M International,
which provides equipment and supplies to electronic
and solar component manufacturers. He lives in
Temecula, CA, with his wife and has two children.
His oldest son is in the US Marine Corps and married
with a fourteen-month old son, with a second on the
way, due in September. Conrad’s daughter is a senior
in high school this year.
Mike Fasani ’73, a member of the 1973
Track Team, who will be honored at the October
9, 2010 Hall of Fame, travels to Peru each fall
where he assists a medical mission team performing
pediatric cardiology procedures for poor children
in the southern part of the country near Arequipa.
Although not involved in the medical field, Mike has
been running youth programs for over twenty years,
coordinating the logistics of traveling for the doctors
and nurses involved in the program, Hearts with
Hope. It has become a cause dear to him. Committed
to the organization that has zero overhead, Mike is
part of the team who helps procure the supplies and
schedules the plans for procedures.
Jeff Slavitz ’76 works as an independent
Oracle consultant, and in his spare time serves on the
town council of Tiburon. He has been elected mayor
twice, and is currently vice-mayor. He recently
celebrated his 20th wedding anniversary with his
wife, Nancy. He also stays in contact with his best
man and best friend from Crespi, Neil Sliva ’76.
Jeff and Nancy have two sons, ages fifteen and
seventeen, attending high school in Tiburon.
Matt Moelter ’77 got his Bachelor of Science
in Physics from UC Irvine, a Master of Science in
Physics, as well as a PhD in Physics from Brown
University. He has been a Lecturer of Physics at Cal
State Sacramento, a Visiting Assistant Professor of
Physics at Puget Sound, and a Professor of Physics
at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is currently the
Physics Department Chair and a Professor of Physics
at Cal Poly.
Mike Costigan ’81, has spent a great deal of
time maintaining his home and family. His wife,
Kathryn, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and
Mike has dedicated himself to making things as easy
for her as possible. It seems that she will beat her
illness, but Mike reminds us that prayers for her are
always appreciated.
Chris Lipari ’81 graduated from Cal State
Northridge and has a new position as a Senior
Mortgage Planner at Ventura county Business Bank.
Contact information below. [email protected]
Brian Oard ’83 is now a Senior Director
for Bank of New York Mellon, working out of
their Century City Office. He is also married, and
celebrated his sixteenth anniversary with his wife,
Sandy, in September. They are living in Thousand
Oaks, CA, with their two daughters, Brianna, age
eleven, and Athena, age seven.
Bill Foudy ’88 is Vice President, Head of
Brand Sourcing and Strategy for the Adidas-Group.
His son, William (Liam) Joseph Foudy III was born
on August 4, 2010. Congratulations, Bill!
Joe Turner ’93 graduated from Pepperdine
University Graduate School of Education and
Psychology with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.
He is working on completing a post-doc in Forensic
Psychology and has opened a private practice
in Beverly Hills where he works with children,
adolescents, and adults.
Timothy Clunen ’98 graduated from Cal
Lutheran University in 2003 with a Bachelor’s
Degree in Marketing Communication and three
minors in Sociology, Psychology, and Coaching
As an athlete, he earned NCAA letters in
both Soccer and Cross Country. He became a coach
after graduation, and earned three Marmonte League
Varsity Championships in 2002, 2004, and 2005 with
Where are They Now?
the Boys Soccer team. Tim is currently the Online
Operations Coordinator for Guitar Center in Westlake
Village, CA and lives in Simi Valley, CA.
Kris Hodgins ’98, former football player at
Crespi, has just completed a Masters in Business
Administration at Mount St. Mary’s College in Los
Angeles, CA.
Derek McKernan ’99 has passed the
California State Board exams and is now an
independently Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He
has been promoted to Program Manager for intensive
outpatient services at Pacific Clinics, Metro Los
Angeles Division.
Benjamin “Ben” Trammell ’05 graduated from
Stanford University in 2009 with a Bachelor’s Degree
in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. He
also earned a Masters’ Degree in Education and the
Teaching of English as well as a Teaching Credential
in 2010, also from Stanford. At the same time, he
spent a year as a student teacher at Westmont High
School in Campbell, CA. He has recently come home
to Southern California and is currently working in the
Institutional Advancement Department here at Crespi
Carmelite, where he eventually hopes to become a
teacher to future Celts. He is currently engaged to
Lauren Nicole Dolezal LVHS ’05, and is planning a
wedding for the summer of 2011.
Charles “Charlie” Rettig ’06 graduated
from UCSD (Biology) and on March 8, 2010 was
commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S.
Army. He will be attending the U.S. Army-Baylor
University Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy
at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas. Charlie
just returned from Indonesia where he participated in
the Pacific Partnership 2010 aboard the USNS Mercy
(T-AH 19) hospital ship. The Pacific Partnership is
a humanitarian and civic assistance mission of the
2010, the fifth in a series of U.S. Pacific Fleet aimed
at strengthening regional relationships with host and
partner nations in Southeast Asia and Oceania. The
mission is made possible through the collaborative
efforts of the Pacific nations as well as non-
governmental organizations and military personnel
providing health care services, civic action projects,
and community service engagements.
Dylan Schwinn ’08 is currently serving in the
military. He is in the combat zone of Afghanistan,
where he serves as a combat medic. His father
regularly attends home football games, and loves to
see rivalry games. Our prayers for a safe return are
with Dylan and his family.
Art Tresierras ’91 of Tresierras Supermarkets caters
the Crespi Fest
Lance Thomas ’91 and son, Colton join Scott Green ’90
and son, Gavin for a weekend camp out in Mammoth
Crespi Celt awarded the Medal of Valor
from the Los Angeles Police Department
Photo of Eric Hammerschmitt ’95, his wife Staci, and Police Chief Charlie Beck.
Last May, Eric Hammerschmitt ’95 was one
of seventeen Los Angeles Police Officers to receive a
Medal of Valor from Police Chief Charlie Beck. This
distinguished honor is given to very few of the more
than 10,000 officers serving the public throughout
the city.
On a busy June evening in 2008, while on duty
with his partner, Eric found himself at the scene of a fourcar accident at the southbound exit of Sherman Way on
the 405 freeway. A loud explosion, resulting in a fireball,
had engulfed one of the involved vehicles, trapping a
man and his teenage daughter. Although several good
Samaritans were trying to douse the flames, it was to no
avail. Eric, with no thought of his own safety, grabbed
a fire extinguisher and placed the nozzle directly into
the burning car’s window. With no protective gear,
Eric continued trying to rescue the injured father and
daughter, attempting to open the scorching door, and
then finally breaking the window using his asp baton.
As the inside of the car filled with thick black smoke, it
became clear that the vehicle’s driver was on fire. One
of the onlookers helped pull the man from the car; as he
was being wrapped by a woman’s shawl to smother the
flames, he pleaded with Eric to rescue his daughter still
trapped within the burning vehicle.
Armed with two extinguishers and bombarding
everything with as much fire retardant as possible, Eric
once again tried to rescue the teenage girl. Despite his
heroic efforts, it was too late. The young officer had to
be physically restrained by his partner and those who
had stopped to help. A few days later, the girl’s father
also died of his injuries.
Eric was commended for his heroic actions.
Chief Beck noted that his selfless and valiant actions
embody the highest traditions of the Los Angeles Police
Department. We at Crespi Carmelite commend Eric for
his act of courage and compassion. Now there is a real
Crespi Man!
New Beginnings, Spiritual Growth
As we start a new year at Crespi, our focus has
been not only on maintaining and revamping the great
programs we already have established, but also on
implementing new ideas and activities for this new school
year. Already, we have taken thirty transfer students to
Holy Spirit Retreat Center for their “Get Connected”
day. In September, we will begin our meetings for the
Dead Theologians Society (a new program we initiated
at Crespi last year) and will launch our brand new ProLife group, the Crespi Lifeguards. We will be hosting
two “Cardboard Tent City” events, which will allow
our students to live for twenty-four hours sharing the
experience of a homeless person, and the activities and
style of our IMPACT Service weeks are also being slightly
adapted and modified. Our IMPACT Service program
was launched last year to give our students (freshmen –
juniors) a holistic opportunity of service, reflection, and
education on the themes of environment, affliction, and
poverty. We will have four Kairos retreats this year, and
we will also host a special Kairos Alumni Reunion event
on Thursday, June 2, at 7:00PM. Throughout the year,
we will be working with Student Activities to provide a
variety of drives and aid efforts to allow the students to
give back to those in need. In order to connect students
with the wider Catholic Church, we will be going to
Inspiration at Magic Mountain on November 6, 2010,
and the Archdiocesan “Youth Day” on March 17, 2011.
Crespi will, again, observe “National Day of Prayer”
and participate in the “See You at the Pole” event.
As always, we are in constant need of your
prayers, support, and assistance to keep these and other
programs going, as well as to create new programs and
events that will help form our students into young men
of character, service, and spirit.
Should you have any questions, or if you would
like to know how you can directly support some of
our programs, please contact Campus Minister, Chris
Knabenshue, at [email protected]
or 818-654-1311.
Crespi Alumni Scholarships
The scholarships established by Crespi and
Mount Carmel alumni and alumni parents, in addition to
the merit scholarships, are an important part of the many
types of financial support given to our students at Crespi
Carmelite High School.
Many of our students would never have the
opportunity to attend Crespi Carmelite without the
help of scholarships. Several of our alumni who have
established scholarships were themselves recipients of
financial aid during their years at Crespi.
Those same alumni appreciate the benefits they
received from their Catholic education, including the
knowledge of unity and brotherhood gained in the
small Crespi Community, and the tools they needed to
succeed in their years in college and in their chosen
careers. They also feel the Gospel value of giving
back was rooted in the sense of the “continuation of
the brotherhood” that one becomes a part of during the
years spent at Crespi Carmelite.
Today, more than ever, our students need the
help and support of their “older Celt brothers” as we
continue to struggle with the economic crisis facing so
many of our families. Crespi offers an unlimited realm
of opportunities for alumni to establish a scholarship. Many are in memory of a relative that graduated
from Crespi, and others are established as part of their
family’s foundations or trust funds. There is no limit to
the type or amount of support you can offer; you can
tailor your scholarship to what you feel would be the
most beneficial for the students.
Each year in January, our scholarship students
and benefactors get together for a lunch reception and
share their Crespi experience with one another. For many
students, putting a face to the name on their scholarship
gives them a true sense of belonging. It is not just a
handout; it is tied to a belief in academic achievement
passed down through the years, a commitment to
excellence established over fifty years ago.
We ask your family to seriously consider joining
those Mount Carmel and Crespi Carmelite alumni in
establishing a legacy gift of a scholarship. If your class
is holding a reunion this year, establish a scholarship
as a class gift. There is no better way to continue the
brotherhood of Celts than to ensure that there will always
be room for one more to join the ranks.
The possibilities are endless and the rewards
unlimited. It is all up to your legacy.
Crespi Class
John Cappetta ’79, in an effort to give back to
his Alma Mater, created a team challenge in support
of the Athletic Field Enhancement Project, a challenge
to share in the pride of giving back to the institution
that has helped shape his life. His teammates from
the Celt Football season of 1977 enthusiastically met
the challenge and together raised nearly $100, 000.
We are asking others to parrot this type of
challenge to their teammates, classmates, and families,
in support of continuing the educational traditions only
found at Crespi Carmelite High School. Reconnect
with your fellow Celts and challenge them to join you
in matching gifts.
“Matching gifts can take the shape of anywhere
from $1,000 on up,” says Greg Cornell ’74. “A
challenge gift demonstrates the legacy of the Celt
Family, with strong Catholic convictions, to put up
a specific amount of money and encourage others to
join them and get involved.”
In support of Catholic education and
establishing your legacy, we encourage you to create
a family scholarship and to lead a challenge to a team
or classmates to ensure that Catholic education with
Carmelite Traditions in Encino will always be here
for generations to come.
2010 Annual
2009-2010 Total Actual Expenses $9,679,224
Faculty Salaries and Institutional Materials: $4,969,822 or 51%
Maintenance: $464,788 or 5%
Athletics: $443,708 or 5%
Administrative Staff and General Expenses: $1,231,483 or 13%
Capital Expenditures: $112,974 or 1%
Fixed Costs: $1,257,904 or 13%
Scholarship and Financial Aid: $710, 300 or 7%
Development: $488,245 or 5%
2009-2010 Total Actual Revenue $9,332,500
Development: $1,141,339 or 13%
Tuition, Fees, and other Income: $8,191,161 or 87%
2010 Annual Report
Class of 1963
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Charles Grubbs
Mr. James Sherlock
Mr. Richard Werner
($1 - $499)
Mr. Daniel Bamberg
Mr. James Barlow
Dr. Robert Cleymaet
Mr. Daniel McMann
Mr. Gary Obringer
Mr. Jerome Piepmeyer
Mr. Donald M. Smith
Class of 1964
($1,500 - $2,999)
Mr. William Edmonds
($1 - $499)
Dr. Donald Coluzzi
Mr. Greg Fox
Mr. Thomas Fox
Mr. Jeff Kantner
Mr. Allan Nett
Mr. Roy Thomas
Mr. Tom Work
Class of 1965
($1 - $499)
Mr. Charles Blakeman
Mr. Michael Jonckheere
Mr. James V. Kelly
Mr. Kevin Mauch
Dr. Bruce Monaco
Mr. Richard Muller
Mr. Bernard Nownes
Mr. Paul Polito
Mr. David Saykally
Mr. James Shontere
Class of 1966
($500 - $1,499)
Captain Dennis Murphy
($1 - $499)
Mr. Dan Breaux
Mr. John K. Downey
Mr. Gary Fash
Mr. Laurence Gillis
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Green
Mr. John Harrigan
Mr. Steve Hilbert
Mr. Joseph Loll
Mr. Frank Magdlen
Mr. Robert Magro
Mr. Allan Michelena
Mr. Frank Tabet
Class of 1967
($1 - $499)
Mr. Greg Daniels
Mr. John Davis
Mr. Larry Jenkins
Mr. Eric Klosterman
Mr. Raymond Kurzeka, Jr.
Mr. Richard Lefevre
Mr. Carl Manisco
Mr. Peter Marien
Mr. Mark McArdle
Mr. Pat McBride
Mr. Greg Orfalea
Mr. James Shanahan
Mr. Edward Siegler
Mr. Stephen R. Wemesfelder
Class of 1968
($1 - $499)
Dr. John Galbreath
Mr. Michael Loughran, PH.D.
Mr. Christopher Melahn
Mr. Mike Olson
Mr. Noel Ross
Mr. John Thomson
Class of 1969
($3,000 - $4,999)
Mr. William Borden
($1 - $499)
Mr. David Gall
Mr. Neil Gillis
Mr. Raymond Lombardo
Mr. Rick Spalding
Class of 1970
($1,500 - $2,999)
Mr. Robert Wagner
($1 - $499)
Mr. Chris Bomba
Mr. Leonard Ciufo
Mr. Michael Lebens
Mr. James McNaught
Mr. William Nownes
Mr. Arthur Pratt
Mr. Philip Wayne
Class of 1971
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Mark Bonenfant
Mr. Daniel Costello
Mr. Dennis Drew
($1 - $499)
Mr. Dennis Cutler
Mr. Edwin DeCuir
Mr. George Esseff, Jr.
Mr. Walter Hickey
Mr. Chris Long
Mr. Steve McArdle
Mr. John Spillane
Class of 1972
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Randall Cross
($1 - $499)
Mr. Steve Borzage
Mr. Steven Ford
Mr. Thomas Harrington
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy McNicoll
Mr. Joel Nakae
Mr. Robert Norswing, Jr.
Mr. James Reising
Mr. John Surdo
Class of 1973
($1 - $499)
Mr. Ben Bowler
Mr. Keith Eck
Mr. Thomas Ellis IV
Mr. Craig Falstrom
Mr. Joseph Harrigan
Mr. Robert Heber
Mr. Michael Ineman
Mr. Paul Nakae
Mr. Neal O’Toole
Class of 1974
($1,500 - $2,999)
Mr. David Preimesberger
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. David DiTomaso
Mr. Daniel Fasani
Mr. Jeffrey Otto, C.P.A.
($1 - $499)
Mr. Dan Brunton
Mr. & Mrs. W. Greg Cornell
Mr. Anthony Kay
Mr. Joseph Lombino
Mr. Sean McSherry
Mr. Bill Moylan, Jr.
Class of 1975
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Gary Lambrix
($1 - $499)
Mr. Ken Buttke
Mr. Timothy DiTomaso
Mr. Thomas Farley
Mr. Geoff Graham
Dr. Michael McNicoll
Mr. Thomas Pulte
Class of 1976
($1 - $499)
Mr. Richard Brehove
Mr. John Cerniglia
Mr. Paul Dooley
Mr. Geoffrey Lavery
Mr. Mark Pasano
Mr. John Piepmeyer
Mr. Jon Preimesberger
Mr. David Rasmussen
Mr. Craig Russell
Mr. Mark Schuberg
Class of 1977
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Mark Amstock
Mr. Joseph Atencio
Mr. Phil Harrigan
Dr. Donald Nikchevich, Jr.
Crespi “lifers” Peg O’Connor and Ron Thomas
look on and place bids during the silent auction
at the 50th Anniversary Jubilee C.A.P.E.R. in
the Alumni Gym.
Incoming freshman parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Keith Laird, look over C.A.P.E.R. silent auction
items and join in the spirit of the 50th Jubilee
($1 - $499)
Mr. William Adler
Mr. Jim Boehler
Mr. John Cummings
Mr. Steve Floyd
Mr. Robert Gagnon
Mr. Dave Gomer
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jacobsen
Mr. John W. Kelm
Mr. John Rezzo
Mr. Joseph Salamunovich
Mr. Robert Shedd
Mr. David Towbin
($1 - $499)
Mr. Gregory Badovinac
Mr. Steve Cameron
Mr. Raymond C. Cook
Mr. Mark A. Luni
Mr. Mark C. Richardson
Mr. David Sarosi
Mr. Daniel Shumovich
Class of 1978
($500 - $1,499)
Dr. Robert Ponec
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Stephen Pursley
($1 - $499)
Mr. Paul Aylmer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Condon
Mr. Anthony Curran
Mr. Thomas DiGiuseppe
Mr. James Faraci
Mr. Karl Jacobsen
Mr. Ernie Megazzini
Mr. Michael Parr
Mr. Joseph Preimesberger
Class of 1979
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Frank Chiorazzi
Two outstanding volunteer Crespi Moms, Sharon
Prince and Jeanette Christopher, put their heads
together to make C.A.P.E.R. a success.
($1 - $499)
Mr. Chris Connolly
Mr. John Costello
Mr. Daniel Crilley
Mr. Thomas Gebken
Mr. Paul Kass
Mr. & Mrs. James Laccabue
Mr. Thomas McGuinness
Mr. & Mrs. Edward McSweeney
Mr. John Phillips
Mr. Tim Shontere
Class of 1980
($15,000 - $24,999)
Mr. Gregg Buckley
Pam Trovatten and Cindy Simone steal a photo
with Rick Springfield at C.A.P.E.R.
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Thomas Burns
Mr. Daniel A. Gaytan
Major Michael Turley
Class of 1981
($3,000 - $4,999)
Mr. James Treinen
($1 - $499)
Mr. John Badovinac
Mr. Mark Bennett
Mr. Marc Dibie
Mr. Thomas Jones
Mr. John Morris
Mr. Steve Tronson
Class of 1982
($3,000 - $4,999)
Mr. Terry Melican
($1 - $499)
Mr. Gerald Anderson
Mr. Phillip Dolce
Mr. Kevin Gallagher
Mr. Colin Giffen
Mr. & Mrs. Michael James
Mr. Earl Lawrence
Mr. William MacArthur
Mr. Rich Manning
Mr. Todd A. Moore
Mr. Kevin Morrissey
Mr. Robert Oedy
Mr. Paul Savoie
Mr. F. Dante Sorianello
Mr. Derrick Toole
Class of 1983
($1,500 - $2,999)
Mr. Michael Lang
($500 - $1,499)
Dr. David M. Grossman
($1 - $499)
Mr. Karl Altergott
Mr. Michael Carroll
Mr. Jerome Jackson
Mr. Michael Kurtz
Mr. John Laufenberg
Mr. Jim Myatt
Mr. Daniel Reimer, DVM
Mr. Robert Romanin
Class of 1984
($1 - $499)
Dr. Eugene Campbell
Mr. Bruno Gilson
Mr. Alex Jewell-Thomas
Class of 1985
($500 - $1,499)
Dr. Douglas McDonald, DDS
($1 - $499)
Mr. Christopher Lamia
Mr. Patrick Rezzo
Mr. Jerry Schenkelberg
Class of 1986
($1 - $499)
Mr. John Creamer
Mr. Michael Selna
Class of 1987
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Mark Lamia
Mr. Charles LeVine
($1 - $499)
Mr. John T. Carpenter
Mr. Dennis O’Brien
Class of 1988
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Scott Ford
Mr. Timothy Trafficanda
($1 - $499)
Mr. Francisco Fabregas
Mr. William Gould
Mr. & Mrs. Louis Holtz
Mr. John Malicci
Mr. Michael Marrone
Mr. Jon McGovern
Class of 1989
($1 - $499)
Mr. Rudy Cedillos
Class of 1990
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Damon Frier
($1 - $499)
Mr. Craig Chally
Mr. Brett Johnson
Mr. John O’Keefe
Mr. Rowell Quemuel
Class of 1991
($1 - $499)
Mr. Kenneth Kuras
Mr. Philip McCreary
Class of 1992
($1 - $499)
Mr. James Horacek
Class of 1993
($1 - $499)
Dr. Gintaras Duda
Mr. Damon Hirschensohn
Mr. Matthew Lavine
Dr. Andrew Palladino
Class of 1994
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. Jon Blanda
($1 - $499)
Mr. William Faley
Mr. Marc Hubert
Mr. Paul Rawate
Mr. Tupac Roberts
Class of 1995
($1 - $499)
Mr. Aleksandrs Drumalds
Mr. Dagan J. Massey
Mr. Christopher Tresierras
Class of 1996
($1 - $499)
Mr. Pearse Leonard
Class of 2000
($1 - $499)
Mr. John Borncamp
Class of 2009
($1 - $499)
Mr. Lucas Borncamp
($25,000 & over)
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Goldie
($10,000 - $14,999)
Ms. Mercier & Mr. Joseph Schirripa
($5,000 - $9,999)
Ms. Lyon and
Mr. Bruce Gossard
Lewis A. Kingsley Founda.
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schild
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Sheridan
Ms. Poole-Terheggen &
Mr. Dan Terheggen
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Tipton
($3,000 - $4,999)
Mr. & Mrs. Randall Harbert
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Lynch
($1,500 - $2,999)
Mr. & Mrs. Maximo Aguirre
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Balzer
Bank of America Matching
Gifts Program
Ms. Marie Brazil
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Deutsch
Dr. Nicholas Di Domenico
Mr. & Mrs. Gustavo Farias
Mr. & Mrs. Farhad Hamdam
Mr. & Mrs. Gavin Koon
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Kroopnick
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Mogan
Mr. & Mrs. Niki Nechita
Mr. & Mrs. John O’Keefe
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Quagliaroli
Dr. & Mrs. Jalil Rashti
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ryan
Ms. Allen-Segal & Mr. Nicholas Segal
Mr. & Mrs. Neil Sherman
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Tedeski
Mr. Jack Wagner
Ms. Kristina Wagner
Ms. O’Hara &
Mr. Robert Welch
($500 - $1,499)
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Allen
Mrs. Pam Alsheskie
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Alvarez
Amgen Foundation and
Matching Gifts
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Andrews
Mr. William Anguetta
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Awbrey
Ms. Wright & Mr. Xaypani Baccam
Mr. & Mrs. Eden Banas
Ms. McCreary &
Mr. Sterling Barbour, Sr.
Ms. Kimberly Bloom
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Briscoe
Ms. Retallick and
Mr. Lance Brisson
Ms. Patricia Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brown
Mr. Tim Brown
Mr. & Mrs. John Burk
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Calvey
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Castellaw
Dr. Joan Cohen
Ms. Lane & Mr. Lewis Colick
Dr. Thomas Condon
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Costello
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Craven
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cushman
Mr. & Mrs. David Dang
Ms. Rosemary Danon
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Donley
Mr. & Mrs. David Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Doyle
Mr. Vincent Duke
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dunn
Ms. Claudia Eaton
Ms. Heather Ellis
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Enbody
Mrs. June Finn
Mr. & Mrs. William Ford
Mr. Ray Franco
Mr. Joseph Franiak
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Frost
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gallo
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Gallucci
Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Gamboa
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Goen
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Gray
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Greenstein
Ms. Elidice Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Griley
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Grossman
Mr. & Mrs. Herman Guldag
Dr. Melanie Gullett
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Hammitt
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Haney
Mr. Darryl Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. James Hassenfratz
Mr. Robert Hayward
Ms. Lingg & Mr. Stephen Heineman
Ms. Julie Henriksen
Mr. & Mrs. James Hughes
Mr. John Hunter
Ms. Michele Hunter
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Iacovino
Mr. William Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Jacobsen
Mr. & Mrs. Scott James
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Jones
Ms. Connie Kambur
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin King Templeton
Mr. Raymond Kovacic
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Kruger
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Krutilek
Mr. & Mrs. Somsakdi Kuramarohit
Mr. & Mrs. Don Larson
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Laskin
Mr. & Mrs. Winston Linton
Mr. & Mrs. David Loth
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Loversky
Mr. & Mrs. Desmond Lynch
Mr. Allan Madrid
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Magana
Marangola Financial Group Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martinez
Ms. Jimenez &
Mr. Robert McFall
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Meehan
Mr. & Mrs. William Moothart
Mr. Scott Muckey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Muldoon
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Munro
Ms. Whiteman
& Mr. Kevin Murphy
Pasadena Community
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Pelone
Mr. & Mrs. Marcelo Perales
Mr. & Mrs. John Platt
Mrs. Teresa Priore
Mr. & Mrs. John Privitelli
Ms. Charnock &
Mr. Paul Radenberg
Mr. & Mrs. James Ramlochan
Mr. & Mrs. Pradeep Rawate
Raytheon Company
Mr. Michael Richardson
Mr. & Mrs. Todd Robinson
Mr. Michael Rogerson
Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Ruplenas
Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence Samec
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sarazen
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Sasaki
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scioscia
Mr. Ermanno Signorelli
Mr. & Mrs. David Slade
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Greg Snyder
Ms. Patricia Steiniger
Mr. William Strickland
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sykora
The Tilley Family Foundation
Thomson Reuters Tax and
Accounting Service, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Thorell
Toyota Motor Sales
Mr. & Mrs. William Waggoner
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Randal Wallace
Mr. & Mrs. William Weatherby
Ms. Maruja Wilson
Mr. & Mrs. Harout Yaghsezian
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Yuengert
Mr. & Mrs. Hassan Zeenni
Mr. Anthony Zoida
($1 - $499)
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Adair
AIG Matching Grants Program
Mrs. Barbara Springthorpe (Josh ’07), James
and Kerry Gosnell (James ’12), and Mrs. Dee
Shaw (Daniel ’13) enjoying the glitz and glamor
of C.A.P.E.R. 2010
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Alpert
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Arbogast
Mrs. Julia Armstrong
Mr. Al Arnold
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arnold
Mr. & Mrs. Xavier Atencio
Mrs. Sonia Auza
Avery Dennison
Foundation Matching
Gifts Program
Mrs. Beverly Banks
Mrs. Marie Barbarino
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Battaglia
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Belliotti
Mr. & Mrs. Don Bendix
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bennett
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Biernat
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bird
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Blair
Mr. George Bloom
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bluemel
Audrey Matoesian (Stephen ’10), former CoChair, Julie Todd (Cameron ’07), and Kathy Lien
(Patrick ’10, Matthew ’12) join former C.A.P.E.R.
Chair Candy Wallace (Morgan ’07) at the 2010
CAPER Jubilee Celebration.
Boeing Company
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bonenfant
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bononi
Mr. & Mrs. John Borncamp
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Boryk
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Boskin
Mrs. Betty Bowler
Ms. Libbie Brady
Ms. Susanne Bridges
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brockett
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Brophy
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Broudy
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Brown
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Brumbach
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bryden
Mr. & Mrs. Anan Buranasakorn
The EPI group enjoys C.A.P.E.R. 2010
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Burke
Mr. & Mrs. William Burton
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Buth
Mrs. Julianne Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. William Cannon
Ms. Ruth Ann Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Caron
Mr. & Mrs. Mario Casalenuovo
Mrs. Laura Cedar
Mr. & Mrs. Gonzalo Cerda
Mrs. Marlene Cerniglia
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Vigil, Friends of Crespi
Mr. & Mrs. Poom Chantha
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Charchut
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Charette
Ms. Valeria Christiansen
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Clarke
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Cline
Mr. & Mrs. Wil Clunen
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Connolly
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Conway
Mr. Leo Costanzo
Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Coulsell
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cowles
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Crespel
Crespi Man Fund General
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cressey
Mr. & Mrs. William Cumberland
Mr. & Mrs. William Curran
Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Czajkowskyj
Mr. & Mrs. William Daniels
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Biff Dawes
Ms. Kendra Day
Mr. & Mrs. Herman De La Roca
Mr. & Mrs. Henk De Wit
Mr. & Mrs. Edward DeJoy
Ms. Bernejo and
Mr. John Del Gaudio
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Delpit
Mr. & Mrs. Marc DeSisto
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Diaz
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Dinsmore
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Dirstine
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Dituri
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Dolce
Fr. Austin Doran
Mr. Edward Doty
Mr. & Mrs. Juris Drumalds
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Duehren
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Dwyer
Ms. Dayna Moore &
Mr. Dexter Edwards
Mr. & Mrs. John Erlinger
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Eschner
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Espinoza
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Fabiano
Mr. & Mrs. Zahi Faranesh
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Ferdman
Mrs. Yolanda Ferraro
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Fink
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Fisher
Mr. James Fitzpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Flohr
Ms. Michelle Foti
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Frakes
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Francisco
Ms. Cheryl Franck
Mr. Francis Fuerstenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Furnish
Ms. Laris & Dr. Daniel Fuster
Mr. & Mrs. Glen Futterman
Mrs. Bernice Galbreath
Mr. & Mrs. Ernesto Garcia
Mrs. Renia Gaytan
GE Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Pete Gil
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Glenn
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Glienke
Mr. & Mrs. John Glode
Mr. & Mrs. Felix Gomez
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Good
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Greenberg
Mr. & Mrs. Nonito Gregorio
Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Gris
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Guarino
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Guerrero II
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harris
Ms. Belinda Harvey
Dr. & Dr. Robert Havis
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Hayes
Ms. Shuster &
Mr. Michael Healy
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Helin
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Herrera
Mr. & Mrs. John Hilliard
Mr. & Mrs. Ramzi Hodali
Mrs. Dickie Hofflund
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Holert
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Houselog
Mr. & Mrs. David Huard
Mr. & Mrs. Anita Hubert
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Huston
J. Paul Getty Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Jacobellis
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Jacobs
Mr. & Mrs. John Janssen
Mr. & Mrs. Garo Jellabouchian
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Pat Johnson
Dr. Ruth Anne Johnson
Mr. Ed Kaiserski
Mr. & Mrs. Alpar Kajtor
Mr. & Mrs. Shahe Kalaydjian
Ms. Michele Karpe
Mrs. Sally Kearney
Mrs. Michele Keebler
Mr. Ernest Khougaz
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Kimaz
Mr. & Mrs. Willie Kincaid
Mr. & Mrs. Rob King
Mr. & Mrs. William Kisar
Mr. David Klaparda
Ms. Helene Klosner
Mr. & Mrs. William Knebel
Mr. & Mrs. John Knight
Mrs. Karen Knowles
Fr. Anton Kollar, O. Carm.
Mr. Henry Kramer
Mr. & Mrs. Aloysius Kremer
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kronman
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuras
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Lamas
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lapple
Mr. & Mrs. Frank LeBrun
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Leff
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Leslie
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Levinson
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Levitt
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lewis
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Lien
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lins
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Lloyd
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lombardi
Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Lopez
Mrs. Linda Lundquist
Mrs. Colleen Lutz
Mr. & Mrs. James MacArthur
Mr. & Mrs. John Madden
Ms. Rafati &
Mr. Mehdi Maghami
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Martens
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mathers
Mr. Rodger Maus
Dr. & Mrs. Patrick McDade
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McDermott
Mr. & Mrs. John McDonald
Mr. & Mrs. Joe McDonough
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent McEveety
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McGarrigle
Mrs. Mary Ann McGaughey
Mr. Thomas McInerney
Mr. & Mrs. Michael McKernan
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McNicoll
Mr. & Mrs. Mike McNulty
Mrs. Genevieve McSweeney
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Meek
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Merideth
Mr. & Mrs. Jean Michel
Ms. Marie Midyett
Mr. & Mrs. Nap Milan
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Milkovich
Mr. & Mrs. Don Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Miller
Mr. & Mrs. William Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Milligan
Mr. & Mrs. Stanislav
Mr. David Mitchell
Dr. & Mrs. Robert Modlin
Mr. Norbert Moniz, Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Montes
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Mora
Mr. & Mrs. William Moran
Ms. Celia Morelli
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Moreno Sr.
Mrs. Rita Morris
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Mounier
Ms. Karleen Moussa
Ms. Rensleau &
Mr. Edward Mungcal
Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Myers
Mr. Takuro Nakae
Mr. Cherif Nassour
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Nelson
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Newton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nicholas
Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Nicola
Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Nobleza
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nordyke
Mrs. Romona Nungary
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Oechsel
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Okerman
Mr. Ed O’Neill
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Onorati
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Pacheco
Mrs. Virginia Panza
Mrs. Cheri Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pasano
Mr. & Mrs. Jesus Pasos
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Paternoster
Ms. Erodita Pelone
Mr. & Mrs. David Penner
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Perera
Mr. & Mrs. John Pierce
Mr. & Mrs. David Pitini
Ms. Becky Platania
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Plue
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Plutte
Mr. & Mrs. Dick Poladian
Mrs. May Porter
Mr. & Mrs. John Poupis
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Prince
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Procop
Publix Super Markets
Charities, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raab
Ms. Betty Rachal
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Rawlings
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Redell
Mr. & Mrs. Val Reichardt
Mr. & Mrs. Gale Reimer
Mrs. Betsy Rettig
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Ricketson
Mr. & Mrs. Jorge Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. Reynaldo Rivera
Mr. & Mrs. R.H. Robinson
Ms. Lisa Rowe-Handley
Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Rubenacker
Ms. Christine Rufolo
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Sabo
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Safady
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Salamunovich
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sandzimier
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Santana
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Santi
Mr. Raymond Sasaki
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Sawyer
Mr. Larry Schlopy
Mr. & Mrs. Max Schwartz
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Scrivens
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Scruton
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Scuderi
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Seo
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Shanahan
Mrs. Suzanne Sheridan
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Sime
Ms. Karla Singleton
Ms. Jo-Anne Smith-Ojeil
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sorrentino
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Soule
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Spratt
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stella
2010 C.A.P.E.R. Chairs Kristy Harrigan (Patrick ’12, Michael ’13)and Debbie McGaughey (Trevor ’09, Terrence ’12)
glow at the success of their efforts.
Ms. Sheila Stotts
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Strauss
Mr. & Mrs. William Strausz
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Strickland
Ms. Margarete Stueven
Mr. & Mrs. Terry Supple
Mrs. Elaine Swieca
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tarlau
Mr. Trueman Taylor
Mr. & Mrs. Harry Teophil
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Terhar
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Thomas
Ms. Mary Thompson
Mr. & Mrs. David Toma
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Tresierras
Dr. & Mrs. Patrick Tripe
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Trovatten
Mr. & Mrs. Hank Tunney
Mr. & Mrs. Martin Turley
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Udall
Mr. & Mrs. James Udel
Mr. & Mrs. Rudy Uribe
Mr. & Mrs. Gerardo Valenzuela
Mr. & Mrs. Frits
Van de Bovenkamp
Mrs. Susan Vigo
Mr. Adolfo Villaflor
Mr. & Mrs. Laszlo Vincze
Mr. & Mrs. James Wagoner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Walsh
Ms. Joanie Warner
Ms. Joan Weaver
Mr. Chad Webber
Mr. & Mrs. Randal Wendt
Mr. & Mrs. Winston White
Mr. Edward Wiley
Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Wong
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Yarrow
Mr. & Mrs. Michael
Greg Cornell ’74 honors the first C.A.P.E.R. Chair, Doug Gray
(Tim ’81) at the 50th Anniversary of C.A.P.E.R.
Louisville student volunteers keep their eyes on this year’s C.A.P.E.R.
puppies donated by Pradeep and Sujata Rawate (Neil ’94)
C.A.P.E.R. bidders, including Dave DiTomaso ’74 and Tim McGinnis ’80, leap to outbid one another at the auction’s latest hot item.
Rick Springfield (Springthorpe) (Josh’07) and James Gosnell,
Jr. (James ’12) rock the night away at C.A.P.E.R. 2010.
Crespi President Fr. Tom Schrader, O. Carm. together with Crespi Moms Gregoria Leoni (Michael ’12, Vincent ’13) and Mary Burns (Thomas ’07, Daniel ’12)
and Louisville President , Sr. Myra McPartland, S.S.L., and Louisville Principal Kathy Vercillo, C.A.P.E.R. 2010
Crespi Carmelite High School
Ambassador Program
Sign up to be Class Ambassador!
Were you a leader at Crespi? If so, we have the job for you. How would you like to be the Crespi Class Ambassador for your class?
It’s a great way to reconnect with your classmates and make a difference for students today!
There is really no great time commitment to being a Crespi Ambassador, other than attending a few parties and representing Crespi
Carmelite within your community.
The role of a successful Ambassador is to:
• Promote good will in the community towards Crespi Carmelite High School.
• Share your love of Crespi Carmelite with prospective, well-rounded students, referring them to the Crespi Carmelite Admissions Process.
• Support Crespi in the Financial Aid program by coordinating a table of your class mates at the most prestigious fundraising gala:
C.A.P.E.R. (Crespi Auction for Promoting Educational Rewards) each spring.
For more information on how you can become a Class Ambassador, call Brett Nordyke ’94, Director of Institutional Advancement, at:
818-654-1304. You will be glad you did!
Carmelites from around
the world gathered in Rome
with the Prior General, The
Most Rev. Fernando Millán
Romeral, O. Carm., for the
Beatification of Carmelite
Priest Angelo Paoli in April
of 2010.
Carmelite, Father of
Charity, Blessed Angelo
Paoli was a humble
contemplative priest who
at times taught, grammar,
acted as organist and was
a sacristan during his
ministry around his native village of Argigliano, near
Florence, Italy.
Ordained as a Carmelite Priest in 1667, Blessed
Angelo lived a quiet life, always making room for his
prayers away from the communities, and seeking the
solace of God’s beautiful places. He was always aware
of the poor people around who needed him and his help.
Summoning Blessed Angelo to Rome, the Prior
General wished Fr. Angelo to set his prayerful example to
the Carmelite Community there. Assigned to the task of
assessing the community’s finances, it was soon evident
that the poor of Rome were being fed at the monastery
doors. His love of the poor soon made him known as
the “Apostle to the Poor of Rome,” causing him to be
compared to Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes,
feeding many of Rome’s hungry with the little that was
available to him. Whereas Christ fed the multitudes
through the direct power of God, Blessed Angelo used
the power of his profound love and care to feed the
spiritual hunger of the downtrodden. Fr. Angelo opened
his heart to the Voice and Spirit of God, and, through the
power of God’s will, was able to touch the lives of many
on his pilgrimage of service and dedication. The caring
Carmelite priest delighted in helping at the hospital of St.
John Lateran, feeling a special calling to help the sick,
and comforting and consoling those in need. His legacy
is found in the words often spoken by him to his Roman
patrons, “Whoever wants to love God must search for
him among the poor.”
In honor of the recent beatification of Blessed
Angelo and his dedication to those in need, Crespi
Carmelite has created the Blessed Angelo Society , which
recognizes donors who make endowed or planned gifts
to Crespi Carmelite High School.
Planned gifts are accepted in many forms and can be
tailored to your individual financial and philanthropic
objectives. Some forms of planned gifts include:
CASH – Gifts of $1,000 or above to the school’s
Endowment Fund, or as a planned gift, qualify for
membership in the Society.
LIFE INSURANCE – Either donate the life
insurance policy to Crespi Carmelite, or simply name the
school as beneficiary.
BEQUESTS – Leave Crespi Carmelite a specified
sum of money, a percentage of your estate, or a particular
piece of property. This is a popular type of planned gift.
significant future gift to Crespi Carmelite while receiving
additional income for life.
For more information on the Blessed Angelo Paoli Society
of planned giving, please contact Greg Cornell ’74,
Vice-President of Institutional Advancement, at
818-654-1314 or [email protected] You can also visit
our website at giving
The following Foundations have been
In a recent interview Tom Cerniglia ’75, discussed
the generous bequest to the Crespi Carmelite Blessed
generous contributors to
Angelo Giving Society made by his parents, Don and
Marlene. Tom reminisced about his growing up as one
Crespi Carmelite High School:
of six children in an Italian-American family in the San
Fernando Valley. The Catholic Church’s role in their
lives was merely a matter of everyday life. In addition to
attending Mass on Sundays, the family was involved in
every aspect of parish life, from both his mom
and dad
serving as officers of the Men’s and Women’s Clubs at
Our Lady of Lourdes in Northridge, to helping school
fundraisers from grammar school through college. Catholic
was what they were; just like being Italian and American,
there was never a question about it.
They were friends with several priests, mostly
Carmelites, and there was always a priest at the house for
Mass, swimming, or a game of cards. Especially close
to the family were Fr. John Malley, O. Carm. and Fr. Al
Koppes, O. Carm. who, along with Fr. John (Columba)
Fogarty, O. Carm. and Fr. Leo Glueckert, O. Carm., were
as much a part of the family as uncles. Christmas and
Easter Masses were held in the family home followed by
great feasts.
Throughout the year, his parents gathered and
collected gifts to be given at Christmas to an annually
adopted family who was less fortunate. This became a
family function, and though the kids were never told they
had to help out, if they were around, it was expected that
they would. Tom remembers his parents preparing the
food baskets for Thanksgiving in the parish hall.
His parents’ philanthropic giving was just a part
of everyday life in the Cerniglia home. When his father
recently passed away, it was not a surprise that there was
a large bequest set aside for charitable giving.
had children at both Crespi Carmelite and Louisville, it
was equally not surprising that they were named in the
“My dad enjoyed a successful life,” Tom said. “It
was natural that he would give back to the community
that helped him to achieve that success. As far as Crespi’s
share, it was always a part of our life because my parents
had such good friends that were Carmelites. The priests
were always at the house and so it was just a continuation
of family.”
Tom continued, “Schools like Crespi help prepare
a foundation for life. Crespi gives this sense of community
to the students who attend there and teaches them the
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundatio
understanding of giving back; Crespi helps to create a
Carrie Estelle Doheny Founda
better society for everyone to live in. The amount that my
father left to the many charities, and to Crespi Carmelite,
Estelle Doheny Foundation
was just his way of saying thank you.”
Carrie Estelle Doheny
For more information of tax deductible gifts
Dan Murphy Foundation
to Crespi Carmelite High School, please contact
Greg Cornell ’74, Vice-President of Institutional
Murphy Foundation
Advancement, at: [email protected]/818-654-1314.
Dan Murphy Foundation
Carrie Estelle D
Dan Murphy Foundation
Building for the Crespi Man
Capital Campaign
Our Sincere Thanks to our Major Gift Donors!
St. Elijah (donors making contributions of $250,000-499,999)
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Bailey P'08
William H. Hannon Foundation
Fritz B. Burns Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Suppan '93
Mr. Mike Mugel '82
St. Joachim & St. Anne (donors making contributions of $100,000-249,999)
Mr. Joseph Jr. & Mr. Jim Carrabino 76 & '80
Mr. & Mrs. John Cappetta '79
The Ahmanson Foundation
Carmelite Fathers
Mr. & Mrs. James Dunn '63
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Springthorpe P'07
Mr. & Mrs. David DiTomaso '74
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
The Steve Moede '63 Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Doug Urbanski '09
The Weingart Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Paulson P'98, '00, '07
Michael Yagemann '73 & Scott Yagemann '71
St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (donors making contributions of $50,000-99,999)
Ed Marek '77 & Bill McBride '83
Falstrom Family '64, '66, '73
McIntyre Foundation
The Tichenor Family '68, '70, '71
Daniel Murphy Foundation
Family of Eric Hammerschmitt P'95
Melissa McKnight P'09
The Turley Family '80, '83, '86
Tere D'Elia P'10
Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Koh '87
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sumpter '09
St. Teresa of Avila (donors making contributions of $25,000-49,999)
Anderson Family '82, '84 & '91
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Burns '80, P'07
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Jacobsen, '77, P'09,'11
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Calfo '82
Mr. & Mrs. David Ellis P'02, '04
Mr. & Mrs. Michael James '82
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Luderer P '90, '93, '96
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Nikchevich '82
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Porter '66
Mr. & Mrs. William Scott '78
Mr. Chuck Rettig '06
Mr. & Mrs. Grant Seltzer P'05
The Tronson Family '70, '71, '76, '81 & '82
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Wojciechowski P'10
The Von Der Ahe Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. William Waggoner P'02
Ellen Mercier & Joseph Schirripa P'02-'04
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Beaman P'96
Dr. Greg & Dr. Jeanne Fontana P'09
St. John of the Cross (donors making contributions of $10,000-24,999)
Mr. & Mrs.Craig Adford
Mr. Joseph Atencio '77
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Boggs P'98, '07
Mr. & Mrs. Raul Alvarado P'00, '07
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Bacon P'10
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Bruehl P'05,'08
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Amos P'08
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Bennett P'10
Dr. Ken Cerniglia '89
Mr. Tom Condon '78
Mr. & Mrs. William Edmonds '64
Dr. Jeanie Fontana P'09
Mr. & Dr. Bill Gottschalk
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Joseph '75, P'08
Ms. Anne Kulinski P '00
Mr. & Mrs Frank Loversky
Mr. & Mrs. Sean McGaughey P'09
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Prince P'05, 08
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Robinson P'07
Mr. & Mrs. James Shontere '65
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Tarpey P'06
Mr. & Mrs. William Weatherby P'04
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Cummings P'91
Mr. Mark Eskander '68, P'96,P'02
Mr. & Mrs. Parkash Gill P'07
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Green P'03
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kenney '81
Mr. & Mrs. Walter Lack '93 '98
Mary Lyon & Bruce Gossard P'10
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Keefe P'90
Dr. & Mrs. Jalil Rashti, '10
Ms. Shannon Dilbeck P '10
Mr. & Mrs. Owen Frost P'09
Fr. Leopold Glueckert, O. Carm
Fr. Paul Henson, O. Carm.
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Kronman P'10
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Lambrix '75
Mr. & Mrs Anthony Mazzarella P'09
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Olson P'09
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Schild '94
Mr. & Mrs. James Simpkins P'06
Mr. & Mrs. Walt Wabby P'06
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Redell '89
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Scioscia P'07
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Spaulding '78
Mr. & Mrs. Loc Waters P'06
Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson
Mr. Chris Bomba
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Carpenter
Mr. Chris Connelly
Mr. & Mrs. John Cromwell
Mr. & Mrs. D. Duggan
Mr. Ric Flores
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Grubbs
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Herrera
Mr. Chris Knabenshue
Mr. & Mrs. S. Llewellyn
Mr. & Mrs. Ed Moreno
Mr. & Mrs. N. Ojeil
Mr. Thomas Pulte
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Schnelldorfer
Mr. Mike Suppan
Mr. & Mrs. Nick Verdugo
Mr. & Mrs. A.Yuengert
Mr & Mrs. Steve Allen
Mr. Brian Bilek
Mr. Eugene Campbell
Mr. Tom Condon
Mr. & Mrs. Eric Crespel
Mr. Evan Driedger
Mr. & Mrs. Mel Flohr
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn Griley
Mrs. Diana Herrera
Mr. Paul King
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lins
Mr. Bob Modlin
Mr. Jack Oechsel
Mr. Paul Polito
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Schilling
Mr. Scott Sorrentino
Mrs. Mary Van de Bovenkamp
Mr. & Mrs. Russell White
Mr. & Mrs. H. Zablinski
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Vigil
Mr. Alan Swaney
Fr. Thomas Schrader, O. Carm.
The Matt Reno Family
Mr. & Mrs. W. Okerman
Mr. Scott Muckey
Mr. Joe Loll
Mr. Rob Kodama
Mr. Christopher Houston
Mr. Peter Gulla
Mr. & Mrs. D. Fuster
Mr. Daniel Dunn
Mr. Brian Daly
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Conte
Mr. Matt Carpenter
Mr. Tom Booth
Mr. James Armstrong
Mr. Jim Zapp
Von der Ahe Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Tim Viol é
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Zanrosso
Mr. Ron Thomas
Mr. Richard Segal
Mr. Bill Rivera
Mr. Jeffrey Otto
Mrs. Virginia Musich
Mr. Brett Louis
Mr. Ken Kuras
Mrs. Donna Huckaby
Ms. Patty Hager
The GE Foundation
EPR Consrtuction Co.
Mr. & Mrs. William Daws
Mr. Dan Costello
Mr. Tom Carter
Mr. Richard Brehove
Mr. Brian Banducci
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tarlau
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Sciarra
Mr. Joseph Rezzo
Mr. Mike Olson
Mr. James Mungcal
Mrs. Dona Long
Fr. Al Koppes, O. Carm.
Mr. & Mrs. David Huard
The Haven-Glickman Family
Mr. Tomas Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Brent Engilman
Mr. & Mrs. B. Dawes
Mr. & Mrs. W. Greg Cornell
Cars 4 Causes
The Borncamp Family
Mrs. Gene Autry
$ 0 to $ 9,999
Mr. Steve Zens
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Walker
Mr. Jeff Thornton
Mr. Brian Sheehan
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Rocha
Ms. Cheri Parker
Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Nelson
Mr. John P. Martin
The Lannutti Family
Mr. Larry Jenkins
Mr. Richard Hall
Mr. Bruce Gipe
Mr. Craig Falstrom
Mr. Tim DiTomaso
Mr. John Costello
Mr. Don Cerniglia
Mr. Walter Bremond
Mr. & Mrs. W. Banos
Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Walker
Mr. Sean Torsney
Ms. Linda Simon
Mr. John Rutter
Mr. Travis Parker
Mr. Albert Nery
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Matoesian
Mr. & Mrs. M. Laskin
Mr & Mrs. David Jones
Mr. Phillip Harrigan
Mr. Bob Girvan
Mr. & Mrs. Christian Fauria
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dituri
Mr. Mike Costigan
Mr. Craig Challey
Mr. & Mrs. Lance Brisson
Fr. Tom Batsis, O. Carm.
Crespi Family and Friends
in Support of
"Building for the Crespi Man"
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Wasson
Mr. Jim Treinen
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Slade
Mr. Paul Salamunovich
Mr. Eric Plue
Mr. & Mrs. Roger Newton
Mr. Rob McGuire
Mr. William Laufenberg
Mr. Brian Kamel
Mr. Robert Hedge
Mr. Bob Granville
Dr. & Mrs. R. Ferkel
Mr. Terry Dooley
Mr. David Coulier
CJ School Catering Inc.
Mrs. Patricia Brown
Mrs. Deanna Belsheim
Mr. Philip Wayne
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Trovatten
Mr. Mark Sorrentino
Mr. Raymond Sasaki
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Plue
Mr. & Mrs. Brett Nordyke
Dr. Michael McNicoll
Mr. Matthew Lavine
Ms. Michelle Killian
Mr. James Helin
Mr. John Grazer
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Fishman
Mr. Dick Dornan
Mr. Gordon Coulsell
Mr. & Mrs. W. Clunen
Dr. & Mrs. Donald Buth
Dr. & Mrs. Bennett
Ms. Joan Weaver
Mr. Steve Tully
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Sorrentino
Mr. Jonathan Schild
Mr. Dick Poladian
Mr & Mrs. Paul Nunneri
Mr. Jose Melgar
Mr. Howard Levitt
Mr. John King
Mr. Frank Hernandez
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Green
Mr. & Mrs. P. Fitzpatrick
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Driedger
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Craven
Dr. Joan Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Barry Caires
Mr. Ron Biernat
Crespi Carmelite 9th Annual
Scholarship Fund
Golf Classic
Crespi Alumni hit the links in the hopes of raising funds…
and in this case, the lowest score didn’t win.
The sun rose and shone brightly over the
spectacular North Ranch Country Club, providing a
perfect day to tee off and shoot for the green. The 9th
Annual Crespi Carmelite Scholarship Golf Tournament
was held on Monday, April 26, and the green that we
were aiming for rested snugly in the pockets of generous
donors. The purpose was to raise funds for Crespi
Carmelite Scholarships, and we scored over $50,000.
This year’s Golf Committee deserves a huge
round of applause with over fifteen members holding
consistent monthly meetings. Over ten volunteers made
sure check-in time was smooth, raffle tickets were sold,
and golfers were as comfortable as if it were their home.
Corporate Sponsorship is what really makes the
Annual Classic a success. EPI Construction and HMH
Investment Company were this year’s Title Sponsors.
Thanks to John Rutter ’84 and Mike Amato ’83 from
EPI, who also donated hats, to John Hunter (Sean ’13)
from HMH Investment Company, and Nino Antonacci
’67, Paul Panza ’89 and Robert Wagner ’70 from Dole 22
Packaged Foods. Brown and White Sponsors were Rob
Leff ’92 of LT Development, Mike McAndrews ’86, Tom
McAndrews ’78, Rich Gebele ’86, and Brett Johnson ’90
of Tiarna Realty. Neil Sherman (Hayden ’11) of Industrial
Metal sponsored the Polo Shirts. Damien Bonenfant ’82
of Budweiser secured the beer and signage for the day.
John Melican ’80 donated the Tee Prizes that
included Callaway Polo Shirts and golf balls. Whole
Foods donated golf bags and provided the snacks golfers
enjoyed throughout the day. Golfers were greeted at the
bag drop by the incoming head football coach, Jon Mack,
and senior football players.
In a star-sighting, special guest Kevin Sorbo of the
famed TV series “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,”
that ran from 1995-1999, participated in the event. Some
other alumni who joined in the day were: Kevin Prince
’08, joined by two classmates filling the Wayne Bailey
(Matt ’08) foursome and Chris McGee ’89 of Fox Sports.
Winning the Low Net Award was the foursome of Dennis
Itule ’00, Carl Fox ’67, Adam Penner ’03 and, Joe Vona.
Stephen Matoesain won the Putting Contest.
Winners of the 2010 Crespi Scholarship Golf Classic Adan Penner ’03, Joe Vona, Dennis Itule (Christopher ’00), Carl Fox ’67 (Dennis ’97),
and Brett Nordyke ’94. Also pictured – Fr. Tom Schrader, O. Carm.
Dave Scheper ’76 (center) hangs out with class of ’94
alumni (left to right) Jonathan Schild, Julio Vergara, Paul
Rawate, and Brett Nordyke after the golf tournament
HMH Investments Team: Dennis Duggan (David ’05),
John Hunter (Sean ’13), Jeff Kiley, and David Duggan ’05
Greg Cornell, Vice-President of Institutional Advancement, congratulates Stephen Matoesain
Enjoying a day of golf
Wayne Bailey’s (Matt ’08) foursome consisted of Jeff Stork
(Daniel ’10), Kevin Prince ’08, and Kevin McDermott enjoy
a round of golf
Walt Wabby’s (Matt ’06) foursome included Jerry Stone,
Russell White, Head Basketball Coach, and Matt Luderer
’90, the Athletic Director
Bill Edmonds ’64 and Doug Gray (Tim ’81) get ready to tee
off at the 2010 Alumni Golf Tournament
Tiarna Real Estate Services Team: Mike McAndrews ’86,
Tom Stocking, Rich Gebele ’86, and Todd Wensley
Chelsea Management Team: Kenny Waggoner ’02, Patty Waggonner (Kenny ’02), and Darren Edwards ’02. Kenny also
volunteered on the golf committee this year
Kevin Prince ’08 takes his golf game serious at tournamen
Bill Edmonds ’64, Sean McGaughey (Trevor ’09, Terence
’12), and Bud Chapman (Spencer ’08) pose for the camera
on the links
Kim and Harris Scheper’s team consisted of Bill
Foreman, Dave Scheper ’76, Julio Vergara ’94,
Jonathan Schild ’94 and John Kerin
Going Places
Crespi Carmelite High School maintains a
longstanding-tradition of academic achievement and
athletic excellence as one of the standout College
Preparatory high schools in the area. Though they remain
a permanent part of the Crespi Carmelite Brotherhood,
student-athletes join athletic teams at top universities
nationwide, where they excel and bolster our sense of
Celt Pride.
Standout Senior
This year’s Standout Senior
is Sione Fua ’06, starting nose tackle
at Stanford. Following graduation,
Sione was one of the most soughtafter defensive linemen. At Stanford,
Sione has had an explosive football
career, including three seasons as
a varsity player, playing in thirtyseven games and starting eighteen.
As a junior, Sione earned Honorable
Mention All Pac-10 selection,
finishing the season with twenty-four
tackles, including three tackles for
a loss, and 1.5 sacks. When asked
about his success, Sione credited
his teammates and coaches, saying,
“Every player on the team knows
what our goals are and are willing to
give everything they have to obtain
those goals…We are no longer
the hunters…we have become the
hunted…As a result of our hard-nose,
blue-collar work ethic, Stanford
football is in the running for the Pac10 title.”
Sione has a 3.1 cumulative
GPA and seeks a Bachelor’s Degree in
Science, Technology, and Society, a
cross-disciplinary program that seeks
to bridge the gaps between technical
and non-technical aspects of society.
He is studying future applications
of science and technology and is
working to develop those applications
for implementation on a wide-focus
Additionally, we acknowledge graduates of
Crespi Carmelite for their efforts in their respective
universities and colleges.
Kevin Prince ’08 plays starting quarterback at
UCLA and is joined by tight end
Joseph Fauria ’08.
Bryan Bennett ’10, Center Hronis
Grasu ’10, and wide receiver
Blake Stanton ’10, are playing at
Mark Watley ’08 and
Adam Gottschalk ’08 are safeties at
Arizona. Kevin Cummings ’09 is a
wide receiver at Oregon State. Nico
Grasu ’07 is the starting kicker for
Washington State. DJ Holt ’07 is a
two year-starting linebacker at CAL.
Former Celts are making a splash
in other sports. Patrick Simpkins
’06 is a senior swimmer at Stanford
and participated in the 2008 Olympic
Kevin Williams ’10 is a
baseball player at UCLA, while Ryon
Healy ’10 joins the baseball team at
Oregon. Chris Cummings ’08 is a
sophomore defender on the UCLA
soccer team, while Justin Matoesian
’07 is a pole vaulter for USC.
Big West Conference
Crespi graduates have flooded
the Big West Conference with
student-athletes in recent years.
Jeremy Rodriguez ’08, catcher for
CSUB, led his team in 2010 with a
.400 batting average. Carlos Lopez
’08 batted .354 for CSUF in 2010.
Austin Walker ’10 will play baseball
for UCI, and Daniel Stork ’10 will
join him at UCI as a setter on the
volleyball team. Brandon Greenberg
’10, 2009 & 2010 CIF Shot-put
Champion, joins Track & Field at
UC Davis, while Omar Zeenni ’10,
a two-time NSCAA All-Academic
All-American, plays goalie on the
UCD soccer team. Brandon Ibarra ’07 played goalie
the last three years at CSUN. Matt Stork ’08 is a setter
on the CSUN volleyball team totaling 1626 assists in
2010. Brandon Lebrock ’10 will join him this year as
an outside hitter. Jerramy King ’08 is a guard on the
basketball team at CSULB. Brock Roverud ’05 spent
four years at UCSB as a swimmer and graduated in
Other Conferences
Alex Guzzi ’10 begins his career at New Mexico
State as a long snapper, Mike Mitchell ’10 is an offensive
tackle at UNR, and Lonnel Jones ’08, is a sophomore
defensive back at Fresno State. Mikio Island ’09 is a
hurdler for the Boise State track team. All four compete
in the WAC.
Ben Loth ’10 and Pierce Richardson ’10 are
playing tackle and tight end respectively for the Iowa
State football team in the Big 12.
Chris Aragon ’06 and E.J. Woods ’08 are both
playing for the PacWest Conference at Dixie State
College, UT as defensive backs this year.
Ryan Hawthorne ’08 plays outfield at LMU and
led his team in hitting with a .364 average in 2010, along
with freshman first baseman Sean McIntyre ’09. Craig
Nitti ’10 will also be going to LMU as a soccer player,
competing in the WCC. Chris Capo ’10 is a golfer at
Sean Gilmartin ’08 is a starting pitcher at Florida
State, posting a 12-3 record and being named 2nd team
All-American as a freshman. Nicolas Gomez-Garcia ’10
will join the soccer team at Wake Forest as a freshman
mid-fielder. Both will face tough competition in the
ACC Stony Brook University (AEC) will see three
alumni this year. Josh Mason ’10 and Michael Hubbard
’10 will join the baseball team, while Tyler Johnson ’08
is a starting pitcher after posting a 10-3 record in 2010.
Austin Shanks ’08 is a junior wide receiver at
Northern Arizona, scoring three touchdowns on nineteen
receptions last year. At UNLV, Yusef Rodgers ’07 returns
as a junior offensive tackle. Dayne LoCollo ’07 is a
senior offensive lineman at Marist College and will be
joined by linebacker Chris Carter ’09. Brandon Graves
’10 is a freshman wide receiver for Central Missouri
State. Graceland University welcomes back senior
defensive back Martin Ciccolini ’05, while Western
Carolina University greets junior quarterback Matt
Wabby ’06. Will Gottschalk ‘06 is a senior defensive
back at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. At College of
the Canyons, Khalil Bass ’09 will play football, while
Cole Midkiff ’10 will join the football team at Linfield
University. Gianni Coleman ’10 is a freshman linebacker
at Morehouse College.
Matt Scioscia ’07 is a junior first baseman/catcher
at Notre Dame. Zach Wiley ’09 led his team in hitting at
LeMoyne College as a freshman in 2010, batting .356.
Dean Benavidez ’05 graduated from CSUDH after
batting .267 as a senior in 2010, clubbing nine homeruns.
Sean Fisher ’09 batted .395 as a freshman at Fontbonne
and was named to the second team All-League.
Fontbonne has another Celt returning this year
in Adam Walker ’09, an attacker on the lacrosse team.
Lamar Reed ’06 wrestles at California Baptist University,
following a very successful 2009 season in which he
was named 2009 All-American at the NAIA National
Championship with a record twenty-four wins. Gabe
Gorboa ’09 started ten games at forward for the Puget
Sound basketball team. Jon Bacon ’07 is a sophomore
water polo player at Concordia, while Ryan Lannutti ’09
plays soccer at Chestnut Hill College. Anthony DaPello
’09 plays soccer at Chico State.,
At Kansas Wesleyan, Victor Mercado ’09 is a
midfielder for the soccer team, while Eli Zamora ’08
is a sophomore defender on the CSUMB soccer team.
John Teevan ’10 will play basketball at St. Thomas’ in
Minnesota, while Kevin Fiskio ’10 will play lacrosse at
Grand Canyon.
The Celt Brotherhood has expanded to our
brothers to the north as Alex Spadoni ’09 plays hockey
at Vancouver Island University in British Columbia.
Old Pros
Celt Pride does not end after a student graduates
from college. A number of Crespi alumni have taken
their athletic abilities to the professional level. Scott
Baines ’88 is a golfer on the Illinois PGA tour. Marcin
Jagoda ’99 is a professional volleyball player touring
with the AVP for six years. Brian Horwitz ’00 was called
up by the San Francisco Giants in 2008 and hit two
homeruns in thirty-six at bats after winning two minor
league batting titles. Trevor Plouffe ’04 was drafted in
the first round by the Minnesota Twins in 2004 and was
called up in 2010, where he recently hit his first career
homerun. Ollie Linton ’04 was drafted by the Arizona
Diamondbacks after starting three seasons for UC Irvine.
Michael Gilmartin ’05, three-time conference player at
Wofford College, was drafted by the Oakland Athletics.
2010 College Acceptances
American University
Abilene Christian University
Anna Maria College, MA
Arizona State University
Azusa Pacific University
Baylor University
Binghampton University, NY
Boise State University
Boston University
Cal Lutheran University
California Maritime Academy
California State University
Channel Islands
East Bay
Long Beach
Los Angeles
Monterey Bay
California Polytechnic
San Luis Obispo
Carthage College
Chapman University
College of the Canyons
College of William and Mary
Columbia College of Chicago
Cornell University
Creighton University
De Paul University
Drew University
Drexel University
Eastern Kentucky
Eastern Washington
Fordham University
Graceland University
Gonzaga University
George Washington University
Hampton University
Hofstra University
Holy Cross College at Notre Dame
Holy Cross College at Worcester, MA
Howard University
Iowa State University
Johns Hopkins University
Lafayette College, PA
Los Angeles Film School
Los Angeles Pierce College
Loyola Marymount University
Linfield College
Marist College
Marquette University
Marymount College
Menlo College
Michigan State University
Moorpark College
Morehouse College
Musician’s Institute
New Mexico State University
New York University
Northeastern University
Northern Arizona University
Norwich University, VT
Oregon State University
Pacific University of Oregon
Pennsylvania State University
Pepperdine University
Philadelphia University
Portland State
Sacramento State University
San Diego State University
San Francisco State University
San Jose State University
Santa Barbara City College
Santa Clara University
Santa Monica College
Sonoma State University
St. John’s University, Bronx, NY
St. John’s University, Queens, NY
St. John’s University, Randolph, MA
St. Louis University
St. Mary’s College
Stony Brook University, NY
Syracuse University
The US Military Academy
The US Naval Academy
Utah State University
University of
Central Missouri
Colorado at Boulder
Miami, FL
Nevada at Las Vegas
Nevada at Reno
New Mexico
Notre Dame
San Diego
San Francisco
Scranton, PA
South, TN
Southern California
St. Thomas, MN
Pacific, Stockton, CA
Texas, Austin
West Florida
Wisconsin, Whitewater
University of California at
Davis Irvine Los Angeles
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz
West Virginia University
Western Carolina University
Whittier College
Xavier University
Crespi Students Explore Cancer Cure
Earn 2010 Honorable Mention from NSTA Awards Competition
Student Life
Crespi Carmelite Players are proud to
announce the fall production of Bram
Stoker’s Dracula. The production
is an exciting literary classic that is
sure to entertain. Stoker explores the
nature of man’s mortality, good vs.
evil, and the power of God.
The play takes place in a
London Sanitarium and features such
colorful characters as: Count Dracula,
Professor Van Helsing, the beautiful
Lucy, and the crazed Renfield.
The Crespi Carmelite Players
consist of students from Crespi
Carmelite and Louisville High
Schools. Alumnus Blake Gaytan
’09 will return as Stage Manager,
Director of Campus Ministry, Chris
Knabenshue will act as Assistant
Director under Brian Sheehan, Crespi’s
teacher of Film Studies, Drama and
Public Speaking. Mr. Sheehan is a
professional actor and a member of
Actors Equity Association.
Dracula will open the week of
October 24, 2010, with closing night
October 30, 2010. All performances
will be held in Crespi Carmelite High
School’s Student Commons located
in the Fine Arts Building. Curtain call
is at 7:00 p.m. each night. Admission
is $10.
Please visit our website:
for further information.
Since 1992, ExploraVision has brought more than 245,000
students from across the United States and Canada together for
scientific competition. The program encourages students to create and
explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations
with the tools of science, regardless of skill or experience. Participants
are encouraged to continue a life-long love of science.
With projects being submitted from around North America,
this competition is intense. Surprisingly, Crespi of Encino just had a
major win for a small school in this large event. Dr. Sherryline Jogie
Brahim and her students were recently selected as a 2010 Honorable
Mention from Toshiba/NSTA ExploraVision. The Honorable Mention
award placed Crespi in the top 10% of all ExploraVision entries
submitted to the competition this year.
Team members Danielle Fasani (Louisville ’10), John
Houselog ’10, Kevin Schilling ’10, and James Nassour ’10 entered a
project called CURE-GN: Cancer Treatment Using Laser Radiation
to Excite Gold Nanoparticles. CURE-GN manipulates the peptide
bonding and photo reactive properties of gold Nanoparticles to target
and destroy cancer cells. Gold Nanoparticles bonded to cancerseeking peptides are released into the bloodstream where they target
cancerous tissue. Having penetrated diseased cells, the Nanoparticles
are excited by laser radiation output from a Nanrobot, triggering
an increase in the temperature of the Nanoparticles and killing the
cancerous cells that they have targeted. Such Nanrobots have
built-in ultra capacitors that have the dual function of powering
the robots through the body, as well as delivering rapid boosts of
energy to their laser diodes. This technology offers a diagnosis and
cure for cancer.
Dr. Sherryline Jogie-Brahim pictured with winning team members John Houselog ’10, Kevin
Schlling’10, and James Nassour ’10. (Danielle Fasani Louisville ’10 not pictured)
Student Life
Cardinal Mahoney’s favorite saint is Saint
Colin Jones and John Weinert ’11, Crespi juniors
taking Mr. Suppan’s Comparative Religion class, Joseph the Worker because he represents the everyday
man who works with his hands to provide for his family
were assigned to interview an official of the Catholic
Church, and rather than going to their Pastor, or and community.
The Cardinal, born in Hollywood, CA, was
the local bishop of their deanery, they decided to called to serve in his home city as the first native-born
interview the Cardinal himself!
Angelino to be named Archbishop of Los Angeles.
Being true Crespi Men, Colin and John wanted
“L.A. is a part of the Cardinal,” the boys
to go the extra mile, and they wanted the top official to answer their questions. As they diligently prepared their commented. “He loves the city and says that when
questions so readers would know the “real” Cardinal he came back to L.A. the population of Catholics
Mahoney, Colin and John went to see if it was possible was 24%, and now 50% of the city are practicing
Catholics today.”
to get an appointment with the Cardinal.
John said, “The cardinal feels the Church in Los
Fr. Paul Henson, O. Carm., was delighted with
Angeles is only going to get greater in the future.”
their enthusiasm for the assignment, but was doubtful
“He is worried that Catholic schools do not
that they would actually achieve their lofty goal. He agreed to call the Cardinal’s office to ask his secretary promote enough vocations,” Colin shares. “He says
if there was any possibility of securing a meeting. A this is why there is a shortage of priests and religious
few days after speaking with the Cardinal’s office, Fr. [leaders] in today’s church.”
“Cardinal Mahoney looks as if he has seen
Paul received a call setting up an appointment for the everything there is to see, but doesn’t think he will see
boys to meet with the Cardinal during the second week
an American as Pope,” the boys said. When asked why,
of May for an interview in his office.
the cardinal replied, “The Americans and the Papal
The interview was held in the Conference
Room at the Archdiocesan Catholic Center in the philosophy just don’t mix!”
Commenting on Archbishop José Gomez, the
Mid-Wilshire District of Los Angeles. Colin and
Cardinal feels the people of Los Angeles will embrace
John noticed that the Cardinal had an eclectic mix of
him. He says, “It is not the person who is the Archbishop
African and Chinese pieces of art filling the lobby. It
seemed to them to be relevant to the diversity of the or the Cardinal that matters. What matters is that it is
about Christ!”
Archdiocese’s ethnic makeup. Their first impression
of the Cardinal was that he is a
funny guy without any sense of
pretentiousness. His down-toearth personality immediately
made the students feel at ease.
He shared with them some of
the most significant moments
of his life and priesthood, such
as standing with Caesar Chavez
for the rights of workers, and
being appointed as First Chair
of the California Agriculture
Labor Relations Board in
California. Another major
highlight in his priesthood
was traveling to Rome to help
elect Pope Benedict XVI as the Father Tom Schrader, O. Carm., and Father Paul Henson, O. Carm., are pictured with student
representatives Giuseppe Scarcello ’10 and Will Cornell ’10 at the welcome Mass for new
successor to John Paul II.
Archbishop Jose` Gomez
Distinguished Speaker Series Opens a New Door
Since the first graduating class of 1963, Crespi
Carmelite High School alumni have expanded all over
the globe, establishing careers in many different fields.
The majority of Celts are in positions of ownership or
management. They have achieved individual success,
both in life and in their careers.
Today, Crespi has maintained a strong network
of alumni, alumni parents, and current parents that
continue to work within the community and promote their
professions and businesses.
There are many ways for an alumnus to leave
a legacy to Crespi. As part of the San Fernando
Valley Distinguished Speaker Series, Tim Huckaby
’80, founder of InterKnowlogy and the man the tech
press called “Pioneer of the Smart Client Revolution,”
returned to campus. With him, Tim brought his
unbridled enthusiasm, expertise, and imagination.
A roomful of young men, along with parents and
faculty, listened and watched as he brought the future
of technology into the Commons. He showed a
documentary featuring Microsoft Surface applications
and VirtuView, an application which allows physicians
to communicate more clearly with their patients by
using a 3D model of the heart and allowing the doctor
to rotate it and draw with his fingertips, among other
When Tim called for questions, there were
many, one of which was about Project Natal (now
known as Kinect), a virtual reality application for
controllers from Microsoft. It was not a question he
expected as it was still in development and had only
been touched on at last year’s E3 gaming convention.
Tim made it clear that he was open to Crespi
student internships at InterKnowlogy. He provided his
e-mail address and asked any boy who was interested
to contact him. Joseph Santi ’13 did. Joseph was
14 at the time, so an internship in Carlsbad was not
possible, but Tim did arrange a shadow experience for
him with Emilie Hersh, CEO of InterKnowlogy; “I
spent a day at their headquarters, shadowing a project
manager and a software engineer. I was able to watch
and listen as they worked on various projects for
different clients – everything very confidential. I was
shown the new Microsoft Surface and even had a short
lesson in programming using C#. I am tremendously
grateful to Crespi, Mr. Huckaby, and all the people
at InterKnowlogy for this special opportunity. This
experience gave me hands-on experience with things
I had only read about, a glimpse at a workplace
environment I had not had, and an opportunity to see a
possible future,” Joseph said.
As a Crespi alumnus, you can offer a young
man a glimpse into his future. Think about the legacy
you might leave by participating in the Speaker Series
or offering summer internships or shadow experiences
to Crespi students.
If you are in a position to create an internship
for a current student or an alumnus of Crespi, please
contact Brett Nordyke ’94 by email at [email protected] or by phone at
Tim Huckaby ’80
Crespi’s New Grotto Houses Historic Statue
and Welcomes Visiting Fans
Student Life
As the Jon Mack Era begins at Crespi of Encino, the
football program has already felt his unique stamp. Besides
winning passing leagues and running rigorous practice sessions,
Mack has kept his players busy this summer with community
action projects. These projects not only helped to build the
camaraderie and character of the team, but also have helped
Mack’s players understand their responsibilities to the community.
Before summer practices began in June, Crespi football players
accompanied Mack to rebuild homes in Mexico. When the team entered their last weekend of practice
for summer on Friday, July 30, 2010, they began work on a new
grotto designed to house a displaced statue of Our Lady of Mount
Carmel. The statue is one of the oldest pieces of history on campus
and has been moved several times. The statue symbolizes the
legacy of the Carmelites in Southern California because its first
home was in the priory next to Mount Carmel High School of
Los Angeles. In 1990, the Carmelite Priory in Los Angeles was
closed and the statue found a new home in Encino.
The statue was placed inside the Encino Priory located
on the east side of Alonzo Avenue, across the faculty parking
lot of the Crespi Carmelite campus. The statue remained there
until the Northridge earthquake in 1994. It was moved to the
Campus Ministry Office until the completion of the Fine Arts
Building. When the Campus Ministry Offices were moved, the
statue needed a new home.
For this project to be completed, it involved more than
teamwork among the Crespi football team. Ensuring a new home
for the statue required teamwork from different facets of the
school. The statue was given a temporary home on the southeast
section of the field by facilities manager, Mr. Don McGee ’63.
The concept of creating a permanent home for the statue began
as an architecture class project by Mr. Brian Bilek ’98. Ten
groups from his class were asked to submit designs for the grotto
to an administrative committee that chose a project submitted by
Bryan Bennett ’10 and Justin Ibarra ’10.
After receiving design approval from the administration,
the project needed funding. Virginia Musich (Chris ’95), an
alumni mother and current employee, offered to be the first
benefactor for the project. She was extremely pleased with the
completed grotto and said, “Mary finally has a home at Crespi
Carmelite High School and is the Mother of 600 boys!”
The football team received the honor of building the
new home for the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. As
the players finished a weekend of practice, they were free the
following week. They spent their vacation time on campus
volunteering to finish the grotto. Thanks to the final efforts of
Coach Mack’s squad, the historic statue has a permanent home
in the southeast section of the field. With the project complete,
visiting fans will now have a warm welcome thanks to efforts of
the Crespi Community.
Father Tom Schrader, O. Carm., and Father Paul Henson, O. Carm.,
pictured with Grotto sponsor Virginia Musich (Chris ’95)
Student Life
Dear Crespi Families, Friends, & CELT Alumni,
Welcome to another exciting year at Crespi Carmelite High
School! It’s a thrilling time to be a CELT heading into the
2010-2011 school year! Our rich tradition of academic and
athletic success spans over five decades. As we continue
to excel in the classroom, we can also boast competitive
athletic teams in baseball, basketball, cross country, football,
golf, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, tennis, track and field,
volleyball, water polo, and wrestling.
The athletic program at Crespi is based on strong commitment
by student-athletes, parents, coaches, and the school. Our
student-athletes dedicate themselves to hard work to improve
their athletic prowess and conditioning while maintaining
performance in the classroom. Our success in the athletic
arena and classroom is a testament to the support given by
students, parents, faculty, and alumni.
The cornerstone of the athletic department philosophy is that
our student-athletes can balance the pursuit of athletic and
academic success simultaneously. This coincides with the
Crespi Mission Statement that we strive to emphasize the
spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical, and social development
of our students. Our coaching staff is committed to providing
the skills necessary for our student-athletes to reach their
potential athletically, but their greatest measure of success
is their ability and commitment to ensuring the academic
success of our athletes.
For our loyal Celt brethren, I am proud to say our teams
are competing as well as ever. We had some special
accomplishments this past calendar year and look forward
to great success this coming year as well:
• Our Baseball team, led by 2009 CIF Coach of the Year,
Scott Muckey, won the Easton Tournament, National Classic,
and Mission League title in 2010 and looks to reload this
season with up-and-coming players.
• Our Soccer team, led by Head Coach and Director of
Admissions, Rob Kodama, had another strong season
leading to a playoff berth and will return several talented
players this year.
• Our Volleyball team, under the direction of Raissa Adolphe,
finished second in the Division I Mission League to Top five
nationally-ranked Loyola. They won twenty-five games in
2010, but lost to top-seeded Mira Costa, and have qualified
for the Division I playoffs seven of the last eight years.
• Our Basketball team, led by 2010 CIF Coach of the Year,
Russell White, won the Division IV-A CIF Title this past year
and returns a lot of young talent this season for another run.
Student Life
• Our Track & Field Team, led by 2008 CIF Coach of the
Year, Jess Garner, produced back-to-back CIF Champ in the
shot put, Brandon Greenberg ’10.
• Our Football team, led by new Head Coach Jon Mack,
competes in the ultra competitive Division I Serra League
(Pac-5). The football team has been to three title games in the
past six years, winning two. We start a new era under Coach
Mack with a lot of young talent as the future begins anew.
• Our Swimming program, led by Head Coach and Internet
Communications Manager, Aaron Robinson, boasts many
talented athletes. A handful of school records fell last season,
and the future is bright.
• Our Water Polo program, led by second year Head Coach
and Dean of Students, Jason Nevis, returns several talented
players and looks forward to an exciting season.
• Our Wrestling crew, led by Coach Mike Odman, returns
several key components and has added additional talent to a
squad that looks to bounce back to league prominence.
• Our Lacrosse team, led by new Head Coach Brock
Livingston, continues to grow as a program and looks to
take the next step in a very competitive Mission League
this season.
• Our Cross Country team, led by new Head Coach
Ryan Emery, returns several of last year’s talented
underclassmen. The program made strides last season
and looks to make some noise in the always competitive
Mission League this fall.
• Our Tennis program is led by third year Head Coach,
Joseph Siron. The Celts have solid talent returning to
the program this year as they look to flex their muscles
this spring.
• The Golf team is led by Coach Marvin Nudell. The team
has talent returning throughout the program. The team looks
to solidify its place in a very competitive Mission League
line up.
I encourage our loyal Celt followers, Alumni, Family, and
Friends to join us during this special time at Crespi Carmelite
High School. Whether you come to a theatre event, social
event, athletic event, or join our Booster Club, I look forward
to seeing all of you on campus.
Matt C. Luderer ’90 | Athletic Director
50th Recap
Thanks to Richard and Bonnie Tresierras
(Art ’91. Mark ’93, and Chris ’95), and
the Tresierras Supermarkets for the food
Mr. Brian Sheehan is all smiles during
the Crespi Fest
Crespi Carmelite High School celebrated fifty years of Carmelite
Education in Encino, California, beginning in August, 2009. Building on
the Carmelite traditions established at Mount Carmel High School in Los
Angeles, Crespi entered its Jubilee Year with much anticipation and rejoicing.
The year-long celebrations began with a Mass at the Cathedral of Our Lady of
the Angels on August 22, 2009, welcoming the Prior General of the Carmelite
Order from Rome and numerous Carmelites from across the Country who, at
one time or another, have played a role in the history of the school.
A core group of volunteers helped to plan a full slate of monthly
activities throughout the year. Beginning in September with the Annual
Mothers’ Welcome Tea, past Mothers’ Club and Parent Association Presidents
were honored. In October, at our Annual Hall of Fame Ceremony, we inducted
two teams from Crespi’s first decade, an era that set the stage for our athletic
strength in the Valley. November had us gathering again in the gym but
with a different atmosphere and a new event - a 50’s style Sock-Hop and
Casino Night. Alumni Chris Kajtor ’03 and Ryan Burch ’03 spun the “vinyl”
as we tested our luck and rocked the night away. As we reached the halfway
point on our journey of reflection in December, we enjoyed a Christmas
Luncheon and Fashion show as our Crespi men, both current and alumni,
strutted their stuff to tunes like “The Boys are Back in Town” and “Celebrate
Me Home.” Speaking of celebrating home, in January we kicked off the New
Year by bringing back the Hootenanny. For those too young to remember,
Hootenanny is a musical gathering of Crespi players that literally rocked the
house! Our sound and lighting crew produced a fabulous show, welcoming
several alumni and introducing many current Celts to the Hootenanny arena.
February found us looking way back to the school’s namesake, Fray
Juan Crespi. His life and journeys recording the history of California on the
Greg and Carole Cornell (Will’10) at the
Crespi Fest
Mr. Chris Knabenshue, Campus Minister, is pictured with Jordan Singleton ’12,
Dominic Stella ’12, and Christian Morquecho ’12
Portola Expeditions of the 18th Century inspired, and continue to inspire,
young men all over the world. The night of History and Reflection brought
back alumnus Scott Green ’90 to speak on the historic influence of Juan
Crespi, while Mr. John King reflected on the Carmelite Charism and those
people who shaped the early years of the school.
March highlighted the fabulous artistic talent in the Fine Arts
Department. Sculptors, painters, and photographers from current and past
years exhibited and sold their work. April brought C.A.P.E.R., our annual
dinner and auction, back on campus for the first time in many years,
welcoming home many friends and alumni, along with our current families.
Our creativity was on display again in May as the Media Arts Department
held their inaugural Annual Film Festival, highlighted by the many talented
artists in front of and behind the camera.
Finally, in June, the festivities culminated with an intimate Mass at
Our Lady of Grace and a Fiesta lunch provided by the alumni family of
Tresierres Markets in the courtyard of our beautiful campus, while everyone
enjoyed alumnus Chris Cote’s (’70) a cappella singing group
In the end, a sigh of relief was mixed with disbelief that the year had
gone by so quickly. May the next fifty years be filled with the same wealth of
tradition, brotherhood, and spirituality that shaped the first. God Bless, and
Go Celts!!
Father Paul Henson, O. Carm., enjoys
some great food
Chris Cote ’70 and his group, Who’s
Your Daddy perform at the Crespi Fest
Father Thomas Schrader, O. Carm., Father. Leo Glueckert, O. Carm., and
Father Augustine Carter, O. Carm., pictured with Chris Tresierras ’95 of
Tresierras Supermarkets
Theresa Jeensalute (Peter ’06), Mrs.
Margie Moreno (Fidence ’09), Director
of Finance, and Mr. Joe Quirici at the
Crespi Fest
Celt Works
Crespi parents Sean and Debbie McGaughey first became
actively involved in Crespi Carmelite High School when their
eldest son, Trevor ’09, was accepted to the school in 2005
and graduated in 2009; their second son, Terry ’12, is in his
junior year. Debbie enthusiastically participates in helping to
plan some of Crespi’s largest fundraising events and has cochaired two Christmas luncheons, as well as chairing other
Luncheon committees, and co-chaired C.A.P.E.R. 2010. In
addition to these responsibilities, Debbie and Sean have
hosted two C.A.P.E.R. gift gathering parties in their home.
The couple are great believers in Carmelite education and
supporters of the Crespi Man fund, and the Capital Campaign,
as they joyfully support their sons’ water polo and swim
teams and other extra-curricular activities.
Both Trevor and Terry have followed in their parents’
footsteps, giving their time to Crespi. Always willing to help,
Trevor comes back on occasion to help with photographing
many events.
Sean, a Farmers’ Insurance agent in Woodland hills, together
with his agency, has formed a new partnership with Crespi
Carmelite to provide a complete Insurance and Financial
Services* package to Crespi families. Sean and his agency
are equipped to assist you in long-range life insurance
planning which could include charitable gift donations to
Crespi Carmelite High School.
McGaughey says, “Our motto is, ‘Insuring your assets builds
a future for the Crespi Man.’”
Please contact Sean, at 818-817-1230 or [email protected], to schedule a personal appointment to
discuss how Farmers’ products and services may benefit you.
Reverend Thomas Schrader, O. Carm.
Reverend Paul Henson, O. Carm.
Office of Institutional Advancement:
Vice-President: Greg Cornell ’74 (Will ’10)
Director: Brett Nordyke ’94
Manager: Pam Trovatten (Kris Vangelisti ’93)
Lynn Gayten (Blake ’09)
Bridgett Green (Scott ’90)
Ben Trammell ’05
Office of Marketing and Public Relations:
Director: Paul V. Rawate ’94
Editor: Patricia Brown
White’s Studios
Alexander’s Photography
David Toma ’12
Michael Toma ’12
Collin Sheridan ’11
Greg Cornell ’74
Matt Luderer ’90
Brett Nordyke ’94
Paul V. Rawate ’94
Art Layout:
Advanced Imaging
Advanced Imaging
Front Cover Art Work:
Michael Toma ’12
Sam Coca
Home, Auto, Umbrella, Life, Business and Investments*
* Securities Offered though Farmers Financial Solutions LLC,
Support your Celts and become an Alumni Booster today!
Contact Brett Nordyke, Director of Institutional Advancement
at (818) 654-1304 for more information
Thanks to Mike McDonough ’76, and McDonough
Insurance Services for sponsoring the food at the
2010 Free All-Alumni BBQ