fall 2012 Department of Modern & Classical Languages

fall 2012
Department of Modern & Classical Languages
Welcome New Faculty
New Native Assistants
Leadership Positions
Awards & Grants
Academic Conferences
Welcome Back!
Dominican Republic: Kristen Bosch, Rachel Doud,
Anna Filcik, France: Michaela Roskam, Katie Sluiter,
Mary Tripp, Ilar Edun, Sofia Hedman, Devin Ryan,
Rebekah Skinner, Kristin Stevenson, Emily Handy,
Germany: Gabriela Olaguibel, Megan Hauck, Japan:
Conor Hughes, Daisy Hernandez, Laura Parker, Gabrielle
Russell, Thanh Nguyen, Kevin Zetterholm, Spain:
Ryan Millikan, Crystal Hooper, Mark Donkersloot,
Logan Kragt, Danielle Portfleet, Shelby Wyant, Greern
Bratschie, Kayla Larsen, Haili Schneider, Heather
As in previous years, we will continue to offer a
variety of extra curricular programs for the enjoyment of
students and the Hope community! Make sure to check
our website for the latest programming!
The Department of Modern and Classical
Languages is happy to welcome the largest incoming
Freshman class in the history of the college!
In this Fall 2012 edition of DMCL’s News,
we would also like to welcome our new faculty and
teaching assistants in Spanish: Maria Laura Dentel, Olga
Diaz, Berta Carrasco de Miguel, Ashely Korte, Stacey
Johnson, and Pilar Bendoiro; Japanese: Jukinao Mizuta
and Hana Ogawa; German: Greta Wagner; French:
Olympe Messoinnier; and Chinese: Chiouling Chen.
Furthermore, we extend our greetings and welcome to
our students who have just returned from a semester
abroad: Argentina: Jack Bush, Cheryl Keenan, Melissa
Meyer, Annalise Larson, Christina Noa, Chile: Ariel
DuVal, Claire Triner, Alexandra Carley, Morgan Smith,
Welcome New Faculty!
Maria Laura Dentel
Berta Carrasco
Maria is originally from
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She got her B.S. Secondary
Mathematics Education,
Spanish and Computer Science
Minors from Ferris State
University in Michigan. And
she got her M.A. Spanish from
Central Michigan University.
She has travelled extensively throughout Latin
America and Spain.
Berta is from Spain. In 2003,
she came to the US on a study
abroad program at Kalamazoo
College. After completing her
BA in English, she transferred
to Western Michigan
University where she received
her MA and PhD in Spanish
literature. Her research area
is Spanish feminine literature
written by prisoners of the Spanish Civil war;
however, Berta enjoys reading all sorts of literature,
specially the one with historic content.
Olga L. Diaz
Olga has been an instructor of
Spanish for more than 20 years.
Originally from Colombia,
she has been living in the US
since 2008. She has a Masters
degree in Linguistics. She
has written textbooks for
Spanish as Second Language
and English for Academic
Purposes while doing research in Discourse Analysis
and Applied Linguistics. Her previous experiences
teaching Spanish are from Grand Valley State
University in Grand Rapids, and from Javeriana
University in Colombia.
Chiouling Chen
Chiouling is a patient,
humorous and professional
native Mandarin teacher. She
graduated from the National
Taiwan Normal University with
a MA degree in TCSL. She
also has a Chinese teaching
Certificate from National Taipei
University of Education, and
from Overseas Compatriot
Affairs Commission R.O.C. She has taught
Mandarin Chinese and English in Taiwan, Thailand
and Grand Rapids for years.
Stacey Johnson
Stacey completed her MA in
Romance Languages with a
major concentration is Spanish
at the University of Michigan
in 2002 and her Ed.D. in Adult
Education at the University of
Memphis, TN in 2011. She has
annually presented papers at
ACTFL conferences in 2008,
and she received UofM’s Dr. R. Eugene Smith
outstanding graduate assistant award in 2009. She
was chosen as one of 50 Women Who Make a
Difference by Memphis Woman Magazine in 2003.
Welcome New Native Assistants!
Pilar Marino (Spanish)
Hanna Ogawa (Japanese)
My name is Pilar Marino, I am a twentynine years old girl from a small town
called Lalín, in Galicia, the Northwest
of Spain. At college, I did a 5 years
English Language and Literature degree,
and another on the teaching of English
as a Second Language to Non-native
Speakers. At present, I’m doing a
doctorate in Galician-English Translation.
Regarding a more personal field, I’m interested in animals,
nature, free time activities or travelling, among others.
I grew up in Yokohama, Japan,
studying psychology and sociology.
I have two older siblings who also
went to college in the States. Teaching
has always been my passion, and it is
my privilege to be a part of Japanese
Department. Thank you for giving me
such a great opportunity to learn as
well as grow as a Christian.
Greta Kristina Wagner (German)
My name is Greta Kristina Wagner.
I was born on July 28th, 1991 in
Göttingen, Germany. I graduated high
school in 2010 and started studying
at the Georg-August-Universität
Göttingen afterwards. My majors are
Political Science and American Studies
(American literary and cultural studies).
From 2007 to 2008 I spent one year as an exchange student
in Decatur, Texas.
Olympe Meissonnier (French)
I was born in Angers, in the French
region of the Pays de la Loire.
Once I graduated from highschool,
I moved to Nantes where I studied
English and Literature for three years
(Undergraduate degree in France). I
expect to achieve a Master’s Degree in
Communication and be able to work
in the media or marketing field. I am
very happy to be the French TA for this academic year and
I hope I will help Hope students have a glimpse of French
culture and improve their command of the language !
Congrats Students!
Commencement Honorees
Honorary Societies Inductees
Courtney Mulder: Ruth W. Todd Classics Prize
Emily Hayes: Edward J. Wolters Classics Award
Radhajyoti Deitenbeck: Eta Sigma Phi Book Prize
Alex Mouw & Isabel Morris - CAMWS Award
Pi Delta Phi
This year, Athina Alvarez (’13), Delaney
Erickson (’12), Joe Habbouche (’12), Gina
Veltman (’12) and honorary member Karine
Chagneau, l’assistante française, were inducted
into the society.
Joe Habbouche: Linda D. Palmer Memorial Award
Delaney Erickson: AATF Outstanding Senior
Gina Veltman: Marguerite Prins French Award
Sigma Delta Pi
Here are the Sigma inductees from this Spring:
Taylor Groth: Delta Phi Alpha Book Prize
Emily Wheeler: Laura Alice Boyd Memorial Award
Heather Gill: Barbara E. Geeting Memorial Award
Marco Tori, Amber Rogers, Marissa Martz
(President), Alyssa Carlburg, Nayeli Venegas
(Vice-president), Megan Harper, Erin
Johnson, Leslie Vaas, Diane Hawke, and Taylor
Alexander Krieg - The Japanese Faculty Award
Renee Wynveen: Martin N. Ralph Memorial Award
Leadership of Regional & National
Professional Organizations
Nakajima: Kuyper College Board of Trustees member, representative of Great Lakes College Association
Japanese Division, and AsiaNetwork representative for Hope College.
André: Consultant and reviewer for Letras Femeninas (2 articles) and Alba de America (4 articles and 2
book reviews).
Maiullo: Michigan Vice President of CAMWS (Classical Association of Middle, West, and South).
Larsen: Treasurer (U.S. and Canada) for S.I.E.F.A.R. (Société Internationale pour l’Etude des Femmes sous
l’Ancien Régime.
Consulting for Vetting of Kirk Read’s manuscript, Birthing Bodies in Early Modern France, and portfolio
for promotion to professor of French (Bates College) (January).
Critique of colleague’s draft article on the Querelle des femmes (February).
Translation of letter by Kathleen McGookey to purchase publishing rights for her English translation of
French poet (March).
Referee for article for Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature (April).
French Consultant for the web site bibliography, Early Modern Women (1400-1700): A Comprehensive
English Language Bibliography, Companion to the Series The Other Voice in Early Modern Europe.
Awards & Grants For Professors
Larsen: The Lavern ’39 and Betty DePree ’41 Van Kley
Professor of French Endowed Chair.
Dorado: GLCA’s NDI Grant $5,000 for the project
“Building of the Galician Nationality. History, Language
and Culture.”
Hamon-Porter: also received the NDI grant to conduct
research at the Archives Nationales d’Outre Mer
(National Archives for Overseas Territories) during my
sabbatical leave in the spring of 2011 thanks to a GLCA
Nakajima: received Sojitsu Foundation Japanese
Understanding Grant ($2,000)
André: received the Jacob E. Nyenhuis Summer Grant
to conduct research in Mexico on contemporary women
Academic Conferences
Our faculty organized and participated in several academic conferences:
André: presented “Machismo,
capitalismo y poder en De la cintura
para abajo de Diana Raznovich” at
the Coloquio Internacional de Teatro
Latinoamericano, Nov. 2-4 (Mexico
Forester: “The Culture Video
Project at the End of the
Language Requirement.” ACTFL
Spanish.” ACTFL annual meeting.
November 2011.
“Reworking First-Year German.”
ACTFL annual meeting. November
in Beginning and Intermediate
Language Courses.”
Invited presentation at CIC
Conference on Teaching World
Languages: Strategies for Success.
Little Rock, AR. April 1, 2011.
Hamon-Porter: presented a paper
titled “L’écriture des silences dans
les romans de Maissa Bey” at the
Francophone session of the MMLA
the Maghreb” for the Midwest
Modern Language Association that
took place in Saint Louis, MO in
November 2011.
Maiullo: presented “Plato and the
Poets” Mt. Holyoke College, March
Nakajima: “Japanese Students in
Meiji Period Who Influenced the
United States” Invited speaker at
Michigan Japanese Businessmen
lecture series October 22, 2011:
Novi, MI
“Higher Education in the United
States” Invited speaker at Akita
National University, June 9, 2011:
Akita, Japan.
“Japanese Business Culture” Invited
speaker at Gentex Inc. February 15,
2011: Zeeland, MI.
Special lecture presented for Hope
College Meiji Gakuin exchange
between U.S. and Japan” August 23,
2011: Hope College.
Organized the City of Nagahama
Board of Education in-service
conference tour and gave a lecture
on US higher education.
Larsen: Organizer (with J.
Campbell and D. Robin), Chair, and
Commentator, “Sociability across
Borders and Salon Entertainments”
(2 sessions), Renaissance Society
of America Conference, Montreal
Alvarez: « Au secours! La dictée
revient!’ : Le retour en force du bon
usage du français à l’école et au travail
en France. » Michigan Academy of
Science, Arts and Letters, Saginaw
Valley State University, University
Center, March 11, 2011.
« La lecture de l’image en classe
de français : quelques pistes
pédagogiques. » MIWLA, Lansing,
October 21, 2011.
Organized and chaired a session at
the Annual Meeting of the Michigan
Academy of Science, Arts and
Letters held at Calvin College,
Grand Rapids, March 26, 2011
Undergraduate where three students from FREN
student research in a Spanish 444 class presented their research.
immersion program: Design and
implementation of an assessment
schedule. American Association
for Applied Linguistics 2011
Conference, Chicago, IL. (2010,
Personal narratives in the firstyear Spanish language classroom.
North American Christian Foreign
Language Association, Abilene, TX.
(2011, April).
Revitalizing First-Year College
Spanish. American Council on the
Teaching of Foreign Languages
Convention, Denver, CO. (2011,
Recent Publications
André and Dorado. Mujeres en escena: Dramaturgia, performance y producción teatral femenina contemporánea en Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos, y España. Letras Femeninas 37.1 (Special Summer Issue 201v1).
André: “Machismo, capitalismo y poder en ‘De la cintura para abajo’ de Diana Raznovich y ‘El suplicio del
placer’ de Sabina Berman.” Mujeres en escena: Dramaturgia, performance y producción teatral femenina
contemporánea en Latinoamérica, Estados Unidos, y España. Letras Femeninas 37.1. (Summer 2011): 87100.
---. “Identidad, cuerpo y nación en el discurso autobiográfico de Victoria Ocampo y Eva Perón”. Nation and
Narration in the Luso-Hispanic World. Letras Femeninas. Ámbitos Feministas.
---. Güiraldes, Ricardo; Bonasso, Miguel; Castellanos, Rosario; Ocampo, Victoria; Bullrich, Silvina; Denevi,
Marco entries in Latin American History and Culture Encyclopedia, Salvador Oropesa and Maureen Ihrie
(CA: ABC_CLIO, 2011).
Dorado: Novo monográfico de LIJMI: o álbum na literatura infantil, El Correo Gallego, September 20, 2011
(Book review).
---. “Memoria histórica y compromiso ético en Los Niños perdidos de Laura Ripoll”. Letras Femeninas
XXXVII.1 (Summer 2011)
Forester: Connecting with CALL: Using Technology to Connect Language Learners with Other Disciplines.
In: Arnold, N. & L. Ducate. eds. 2011. Present and Future Promises of CALL: From Theory and Research to
New Directions in Language Teaching. CALICO. pp. 281–310.
Hamon-Porter: Book review in The French Review. Frédérique Aït-Touati. Contes de la lune. Essai sur la
fiction et la science modernes. Paris: Gallimard, coll. “NRF Essais”, 2011.
Larsen: Teaching Renaissance Women’s Influence on One Another: The Case of Catherine des Roches.” In
Teaching French Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation. Ed. Colette H. Winn, 254-63. New
York: Publications of the Modern Language Association, 2011.
Faculty Collaboration
Forester, Woolsey, Fernández, and André collaborated in Ritmos, an introductory textbook for students of
André: External reviewer for Palgrave Editors of Children and Adolescents in Spanish and Latin American
Film by Carolina Rocha & Georgia Seminet.
phone number: 616.395.7570
website: www.hope.edu/academic/language/