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The bull
March 13, 2014
Dear folks:
It is with joy and humility that I accept the call to be the Priest in Charge at St. Mark’s. St. Mark’s has
had a special place in my heart since I did my field education time there in 1998/1999 with Dean
Taylor as my supervisor. I was a student at The University of the South Seminary, and although that
was more or less a million years ago, I have never forgotten that time. In a sense, I began to learn
what it means to be a priest during that year at St. Mark’s.
Some time has passed, and I have now been ordained for almost fifteen years. Lots of experience,
lots of adventures, joys and sorrows have accrued in my life, as I know they have in yours. After over
seven years serving as Rector of St. Clement’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, a wonderful call that I
have cherished, I am beyond excited to be turning my attention to the work of moving to Georgia.
My daughter, Margaret, dog Oscar and cat Sabrina are pretty excited too. Well, to be truthful, I
might be making an assumption about the pets, but they will just have to go along.
I am looking forward to our first year of getting to know one another, to sharing stories, listening,
having a joyful time, and worshipping God. After that, we will know how to chart the next year together, knowing that we will be working on ways to engage God’s mission at St. Mark’s and in Dalton, living out the gospel good news in our relationships and actions in the world.
So, friend me on Facebook, email me at [email protected], send me notes and advice on
moving…..I’m looking for a house y’all! Can’t wait to meet you.
In faith, and with hope in our Risen and Living Lord Christ,
Honor a loved one with a donation for Easter.
Please place your order in the offering plate or bring it to the
church office by Thursday, April 10. A form may be found
on the last page of this document and
in the Sunday bulletins beginning Lent 3.
Lilies - $15 each
St. Mark’s Episcopal
901 W. Emery St.
Dalton, GA 30720
Contact For Urgent
John Hutcheson,
Sr. Warden
[email protected]
Spring is coming…
Donate items from your
spring cleaning that you
no longer use for the
St. Mark’s Rummage Sale
Saturday, March 22.
Items may be dropped off at the
church office during office hours
March 17 - 20.
March 16-22
Kristina Wagner
Connie Blaylock
Mackenzie Creswell
William Alderman
Megan Hull
Contact Alicia & Paul Alderman for
questions or more information
(Proceeds will benefit
St. Mark’s Church.)
Save the Date!
Nick Hull,
son of Deb and Andy Hull,
will be ordained into the priesthood on
Annual Easter Egg Hunt
Plastic candy-filled eggs are
needed for the children’s Easter
egg hunt. There is a container for
collection of the eggs in the parish
hall. Please NO chocolate but do
fill your eggs prior to bringing
them to the church.
June 21, 2014
at the Cathedral of St. Philip.
Everyone is invited to attend.
Nick has accepted a call
to serve as the Associate Rector at
Trinity Episcopal Church
Columbus, GA
upon his graduation from seminary in June.
Calendar of Events
SUNDAY, March 16 - Lent 2
8:00 AM
Holy Eucharist: Rite I
10:00 AM
Christian Education (All ages)
11:00 AM
Holy Eucharist: Rite II
5:00 PM
MONDAY, March 17
10:00 AM
Quilting for Others
4:00 PM
Book Study
11:00 AM
Bible Study
12:15 PM
Healing and Holy Eucharist
5:00 PM
6:00 PM
Cherub/St. Cecilia Choirs
7:30 PM
Adult Choir
SATURDAY, March 22
8:00 AM Youth Rummage Sale
SUNDAY, March 23 - Lent 3
8:00 AM
Holy Eucharist: Rite I
10:00 AM
Christian Education (All ages)
11:00 AM
Holy Eucharist: Rite II
5:00 PM
Church Staff
Camilla Springfield
Merry Lee Wilson
Parish Administrator
Nancy Bell
Financial Administrator
Angela Palmer
Christian Education Consultant
Meredith Andersen
Preschool Director
Ellen Andersen
Sue Killcreas
Sunday, March 16
Rev. Jocelyn Bell
Wednesday, March 19
Giving for March as of 3/9/2014:
Total giving (Mar)
M-T-D Budgeted:
$ 12,006.00
$ 1,573.63
$ 13,579.63
$ 10,030.80
$ 3,548.83
Y-T-D Budgeted:
Y-T-D Received:
Line of Credit:
$ 53,251.80
$ 53,079.89
$( 171.91)
$ 5,000.00
Thank you for your generosity and support
for the work of God here at St. Mark’s!
Rev. Dr. Lee Humphreys
Sunday, March 23
Rev. Bob Leopold
Wednesday, March 26
Rev. Dr. Lee Humphreys
Sunday, April 6
Rev. Jocelyn Bell
Intercessory Prayer List – March 2014
((Parishioners indicated by *)
Turner Fordham
Bailey Underwood
*Geneva Albertson
Evie Gadette
Jimmy Walker
*Walter Arms
Richard Garrett
Justin Watson
*Ben Blackburn
Betty Garman
David Whittle
*David & Beth Blackburn
Janet Goodroe
John Wild
*Charlotte Bryant
Charles Gowing
Joanne Yeargin
*Jon Burchfield Family
Shirley Gribble
*Pat Cole
Grayson Hall
*Carey Craig
Bert Hatch
*Melba Greene
Ben Hyde
*Jake Harrison
Billy Jones
*Cathy & John Houser
Justin Jones
*Yvonne Howalt
Tian Justman
*Josephine Jaconetti
Bob Killcreas
*Bill Jenkins
Brooks Lansing, Jr.
*Drew Michaels
Jim Lord
*Kim Miller
Hannah Locke and family
*Alice Oosterhoudt
Ann Lumpkin
* Rose Renfroe
Jim McDowell
*Norma Sanders
Elton McEntire
*Bernadette Smith
Bud McNally
*Meg Smith
*Pat Sportiello
Debbie Melton
*Virginia Weaver
Esme Miller
*Andrew Wood
Hite Miller, Jr.
Teresa Mitchell
Estrella Avila
Lynn Bailey
Lelia Mullis
Martha Painter
Mary Batchelor
Diane Pearson
Ben and Family
Susan Phinney
Mae Blessing
Joanne Rhem
Angie Boykin
Marilyn Ridley
Nancy Brittain
Larry Roth
Margie Bruner
Alice Sarrett
Steven Bryant
John Sewell
Mark Burnette
Jacob Sligh
Marita Cantrell
Travis Stewart
Greg Clough
Patsy Stone
Jeri Cotnam
Stephanie Susen
Mindy Cox
Meryl Sutton
Virginia Cross
Katie Thompson
Fran Ellis
Jack Turner
Easter Flowers
Honor a loved one with a donation for Lilies and/or Instrumentalists
for Easter 2014. Please fill out the form below and return it with
a check to St. Mark’s no later than Thursday, April 10
so your gift can be printed in the Easter bulletin.
EASTER LILIES: $15.00 each
Name of donor: _________________________________________________
I would like to donate (#) _______ lilies:
In memory of / honor of / thanksgiving for (circle one):
In memory of / honor of / thanksgiving for (circle one):
I enclose $__________ to cover the cost of (#) _________ lilies.
( Instrumentalist donations are tax-deductible.)
Use other side for additional orders.
Name of donor: _________________________________________________
In memory of / honor of / thanksgiving for (circle one):