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Aboriginal Law
Title / Author
Aboriginal Self-Government In Canada;
Current Trends and Issues; 3rd ed.; Yale D.
Belanger (Ed).
Shelf Location
KF 8204 .A26 2014
Moving toward justice: legal traditions and
Aboriginal justice; John D. Whyte (Ed.).
KF 8205 .M68 2008
Aboriginal law; commentary and analysis;
Thomas Isaac
KF 8205.5 .I83 2014
Revisiting the duty to consult Aboriginal
peoples; Dwight G. Newman
KF 8205 .N49 2014
Examining the justice system in Nunavut; annual
report on the state of Inuit culture and society 20132014 = ᖃᐅᔨᓴᖅᑕᐅᓂᖓ ᐃᖅᑲᖅᑐᐃᕕᓕᕆᓂᖅ
ᐊᐅᓚᓂᖓ ᓄᓇᕗᒻᒥ; ᐊᕐᕌᒍᑕᒫᕐᓯᐅᑦ ᐅᓂᒃᑳᖅ
ᖃᓄᐃᓐᓂᖓᓄᑦ ᐃᓄᐃᑦ ᐃᓕᖅᑯᓯᖓ ᐃᓅᓯᖓᓗ
KF 8208 .N86 2014 2 copies (one in
A toolkit for developing community-based
dispute resolution processes in First
Nations communities; Canadian Human
Rights Commission
KF 8205 .A2 C353 2013
The 2014 Annotated Indian Act and
Aboriginal Constitutional Provisions
KF 8202.8 .C36 2014
Canada’s Indigenous Constitution; John
KF 8204.5 .B673 2010
From Truth to Reconciliation:
Transforming the legacy of residential
schools; Aboriginal Healing Foundation
KF 8204.5 .A26 2008
Main Collection; c. 2 is in Reference)
Terms of Coexistence: Indigenous peoples
and Canadian law; Sébastien Grammond
KF 8205 .G723 2013
An Ethic of Mutual Respect: The covenant
chain and Aboriginal-Crown relations;
Bruce Morito
KF 8208.5 .M67 2012
On Being Here to Stay: Treaties and
Aboriginal rights in Canada; Michael Asch
KF 8208.5 .A83 2014
KF 8210 .E34 K46 2012
Living Indigenous Leadership: Native
narratives on building strong communities;
Carolyn Kenny and Tina Fraser, eds.
Aboriginal consultation, environmental
assessment, and regulatory review in
KF 8210 .E78 L34 2013
Consolidated native law statutes,
regulations and treaties, 2014-2015; Jack
KF 8202.8 .C66 2015
Criminal Justice, Practice, & Procedure
Title / Author
Practitioner's Criminal Precedents, The; 4th
ed.; Alan D. Gold
Shelf Location
KF 9616 .G65 2014 (text) – Main
Collection /
KF 9616 .G65 2014 CD – Reference
Criminal law defences 4th ed.; Pat Knoll
KF 9240 .K66 2013
Preliminary inquiry handbook; Lloyd
KF 9645 .L66 2013
Charter justice in Canadian criminal law,
6th ed.; Don Stuart
KF 9655 .S78 2014
2015 Guide to the Youth Criminal Justice
Act; Lee Tustin & Robert E. Lutes
KF 9779 .T87 2015
Common Canadian criminal code offences KF 9215 .W35 2014
and procedures 2014 Part 1; Henry Waldock
Racialization, Crime and Criminal Justice
in Canada; Wendy Chan and Dorothy Chunn
KF 9225 .C43 2014
Witness Preparation: a practical guide;
Bryan Finlay, T.A. Cromwell, Nikiforos Iatrou
KF 8950 .F56 2010
Mack's criminal law trial book; Dallas Mack
KF 9655 .M35 2014
KF 9660 .B435 2014
Pierre Béliveau, Martin Vauclair
Hutchison’s search warrant manual 2015;
Scott Hutchison
KF 9630 .H88 2015
Defending Battered Women on Trial:
Lessons from the transcripts; Elizabeth
KF 9322 .S54 2013
Title / Author
Expert evidence; 3rd ed; Glenn R. Anderson
Shelf Location
KF 8961 .A63 2014
24(2): exclusion of evidence under the
Charter; Nick Kaschuk.
KF 8935 .K38 2014
The Portable Guide to Evidence; Michael P.
Doherty; 3rd edition
KF 8935 .D64 2009
The Law of Evidence in Canada; Sidney L.
Lederman, Allan W. Bryant,Michelle K. Fuerst
KF 8935 .S65 2014
The practical guide to evidence in criminal KF 9660 .S25 2013
cases; Roger E. Salhany
Cox’s criminal evidence handbook 2013 – KF 9660 .C87 2014
The New Wigmore: A Treatise on
Evidence; various authors; Cumulative
KF 8935 .W639 suppl. 5 vols
Civil Justice, Practice, & Procedure
Title / Author
Ontario Superior Court practice 2013;
Archibald, Killeen, Morton
Shelf Location
KF 8816 .ZB3 A73 2 vols.
Canadian Precedents & Pleadings, 2nd ed.; KF 8870 .B85 2013 2 vols.
Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s
Solicitor-Client Privilege; Adam M. Dodek
KF 8959 .A7 D63 2014
Civil Justice, Privatisation and Democracy; KF 9084 .F37 2014
Trevor C.W. Farrow
2014 Annotated Crown Liability and
Proceedings Act; Justice Donald Rennie et
KF 1321 .A55 2014
KF 8840 .L44 2011
Case management and complex civil
litigation; Michael Legg
KF 8840 .W35 2010
Civil Litigation; Janet Walker & Lorne Sossin
Title / Author
Judges and courts (Series: Halsbury's
laws of Canada)
Shelf Location
KF 8775 .H35 2014
Governing from the Bench: The Supreme
Court and the judicial role
KF 8764 .ZA2 M33 2013
Judicial Independence: Keeping law at a
distance from politics; Martine Valois
KF 8775 .V35 2013
Bora Laskin: Bringing Law to Life; Philip
KF 345 .Z9 L38 2013
How judges think; Richard A. Posner
KF 371 .P67 2008
The great decision: Jefferson, Adams,
Marshall and the battle for the Supreme
Court; Cliff Sloan and David McKean
KF4575 .S56 2009
Title / Author
To Right Historical Wrongs: Race, gender,
and sentencing in Canada; Carmela
Shelf Location
KF 9685 .M87 2013
On the Outside: From lengthy
imprisonment to lasting freedom; Melissa
Munn and Chris Bruckert
KF 9728 .M86 2013
NCR: Not Criminally Responsible [DVD];
NFB, directed by John Kastner
KF9242 .K37 2013 DVD - DVD
collection – Reference Collection
Family Law
Title / Author
Family law : practice and procedure; 4th
ed.; JoAnn Kurtz
Shelf Location
KF 505 .ZB3 K87 2015 2 vols.
Family Law Arbitration in Canada, 2nd ed.;
Ann Wilton and Gary Joseph
KF 534.5 .W55 2014
Annual Review of Family Law - 2013
Serials Collection
2015 Annotated Divorce Act; James
MacDonald & Ann Wilton
KF 535 .M23 2015
Administrative Law
Title / Author
Commissions of Inquiry and Policy
Change: a comparative analysis; Gregory
Inwood & Carolyn M. Johns, eds.
Shelf Location
KF 5422 C653 2014
Unjust by Design : Canada’s
administrative justice system; Ron Ellis
KF 5417 E45 2013
Banking / Property / Contract Law / Tort Law
Title / Author
Législation canadienne en faillite et
insolvabilité = Canadian legislation on
bankruptcy and insolvency 2015; JeanYves Fortin
Shelf Location
KF1536 .B68 2015
The commercial lease; a practical guide,
5th edition; Harvey M. Haber
KF 593 .C6 H32 2013
Canadian tort law in a nutshell; 4th edition;
Margaret Kerr, JoAnn Kurtz, Laurence M.
KF 1250 .A9 K41 2014
Principles of property law; 6th ed.; Bruce Ziff KF 561 .Z43 2014
Defamation Law: A Primer, 2nd ed.;
Raymond E. Brown
KF 1266 .B768 2013
KF 801 .M32 2012
Law of Contracts, 2nd ed.; John D. McCamus
Constitutional / Charter Law
Title / Author
National journal of constitutionel law =
Revue nationale de droit constitutionnel;
Vol. 28 (2010-2011); Errol P. Mendex (Ed. in
Shelf Location
KF 4483 .C5 N38 2011
Impaired Driving in Canada – The Charter
Cases, 2nd ed.; Justice Joseph F. Kenkel
KF 2231.K463 2014
International Law
Title / Author
International law, chiefly as interpreted
and applied in Canada; Hugh M. Kindred, et
al. (Eds).
Shelf Location
KF 4581 .I68 2014 2 vols.
International Law and the Arctic; Michael
KF 1105 .B94 2013
Legal Practice
Title / Author
The comprehensive guide to legal
research, writing & analysis; Moira
McCarney, Ruth Kuras, Annette Demers; with
Shelley Kierstead.
Shelf Location
KF 240 .M328 2013 2 vols.
Legal ethics: theories, cases, and
professional regulation; 3rd ed.; Randal N.
M. Graham
KF 306 .G73 2014
Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th ed.; Bryan A.
KF156 .B53 2014
The lawyer's guide to income tax and
GST/HST 2014; David M. Sherman
KF 6300 .S53 2014
Title / Author
The Canadian law of toxic torts; Lynda
Collins, Heather McLeod-Kilmurray.
Shelf Location
KF 3775 .C65 2014
Halsbury’s Laws of Canada : Natural
Resources Special Edition
KF 3775 .H35 2013
Natural Resource Jurisdiction in Canada;
Dwight Newman
KF 5505 .N49 2013
Environmental law; 4th ed.; Jamie
KF 3775 .B45 2013
Employment / Labour Law
Title / Author
Labour arbitrations and all that : a
handbook on the preparation and
presentation of labour arbitrations; John P.
Sanderson; Matthew Wilson
Shelf Location
KF 3424 .S36 2013
Privacy in the workplace; 3rd ed.; Gratton
and Wasser
KF1262 .P75 2013
Mediating employment disputes; 2nd ed.
KF 3457 .K87 2013
Cross-Canada guide to human rights law
in employment; Canada Association of
Counsel to Employers
KF 3467 .C36 2013
Trade-Marks/Copyright Law
Title / Author
Trade-marks and unfair competition law in
Canada: cases and commentary; 2nd ed.;
Bita Amani, Carys Craig
Shelf Location
KF 3180 .A63 2014
2014 Annotated Copyright Act; Normand
KF 2994 .T35 2014
Title / Author
Sullivan on the construction of statutes;
6th ed.; Ruth Sullivan
Shelf Location
KF 425 .S95 2014
Mental Health
Title / Author
Law and mental disorder: a
comprehensive and practical approach; Hy
Bloom, Richard D. Schneider (Eds).
Shelf Location
KF 9242 .L39 2013 - Oversize
Occupational Law
Title / Author
Musicians and the law in Canada; a guide
to the law, contracts and practice in the
Canadian music business; Paul Sanderson
(Ed.), et al
Shelf Location
KF 4291 .S36 2014
The journalist's legal guide, 5th ed.;
Michael Crawford
KF 2750 .C72 2008
Sociology / Criminology
Title / Author
Arming and Disarming: A history of gun
control in Canada; R. Blake Brown
Shelf Location
KF 3941 .B76 2012
The Canadian Rangers: A living history; P.
Whitney Lackenbauer
KF 7252 .L33 2013