Low-Cost or Free Medical Insurance and Prescription Drug Resources

Low-Cost or Free Medical Insurance and Prescription Drug Resources
Name of Program
Healthy Way LA
What Assistance Does This Program Provide?
Medi-Cal is California’s health insurance program for
people who are low income, particularly families,
children, seniors, and the disabled.
Medicare is a federal health insurance program that
consists of three parts: hospital insurance, medical
insurance, and prescription drug insurance. Each
part has different eligibility requirements. If you are
on Medi-Cal and start receiving Medicare, Medicare
can pay for your prescription drugs through a
“prescription drug plan” (PDP). Medi-Cal will
continue to cover doctor’s visits, hospital visits,
medical supplies, and some prescription drugs that
Medicare does not cover.
Healthy Way LA is a no-cost health program that
provides healthcare to low-income uninsured adult
legal residents who are current users of LA County
Department of Health Services (DHS) healthcare
Individuals may enroll at participating clinics, which
include but are not limited to:
-H. Claude Hudson Comprehensive Health Center
2829 S. Grand Ave., LA 90710
-Hubert H. Humphrey Comprehensive Health Center
5850 S. Main St., LA 90003
-LAC + USC Medical Center
1200 N. State St., LA 90033
-Roybal Comprehensive Health Center
245 S. Fetterly St., LA 90022
Who is Eligible?
-Persons 65 or older
- Persons who are under 21 years of age
- Certain adults between 21 and 65 years of
age, if they have minor children living with
- Persons who are blind or disabled
- Pregnant women
- Persons receiving nursing home care
Where Do I Apply?
Application forms are available
at your nearest DPSS office. Call
(877) 597-4777 for information,
or to find the nearest DPSS
Persons eligible for Medicare:
-must receive Social Security or Railroad
Retirement benefits due to age (65 years or
older), disability or blindness, or chronic
renal disease.
-Must be a legal resident or citizen.
-No income limit.
To apply in person, visit your
local Social Security Office. For
the nearest location, call (800)
To be eligible, you must:
- Be a resident of LA County
- Adult, 19 to 64 years of age
- U.S. Citizen/National or Legal Permanent
Resident of 5+ years
- Have a net monthly income limit of
$1,207 or less (for a family of one)
- Not be pregnant or eligible for Medi-Cal
or Healthy Families
For languages other than Spanish
and English, call (800) 880-5305.
You can also visit
alth_care/default.cfm for more
information and a list of
To find the closest participating
medical center, call (877) 3334952 or visit
l/HWLA .
For more local services, dial 2-1-1 for information and referrals.
Public Counsel: (213) 385-2977, www.publiccounsel.org. * This resource is intended as an informational tool. The information provided is not intended
as legal advice and Public Counsel does not guarantee any result with respect to a particular case.
Name of Program
Healthy Families
Other Resources
Health Consumer
Center Hotline
What Assistance Does This Program Provide?
Healthy Families is a program that provides low-cost
health insurance for children. A family pays a small
amount each month, called a premium, to receive
healthcare for their children. Depending on income
and the plan chosen, the insurance can cost
between $4 and $24 per month for each child. Once
a family pays for 3 children, it does not have to pay
for additional children.
Who is Eligible?
Where Do I Apply?
Children must live in California and:
Application forms are available
-Be age 18 or younger.
at DPSS offices, or by calling
-Not be eligible for no-cost Medi-Cal.
(800) 880-5350.
-Children in families with incomes within
the Healthy Families Guidelines.
You can also apply online at
-Live in families without health insurance
from an employer for the past three
-Meet citizenship or immigration
How do I access these services?
If you have a question, call (800) 896-3203 (toll free). Hotline hours are
Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 9-11:45 a.m.
What Assistance Does This Program Provide?
The Health Consumer Center of Los Angeles helps
low-income residents of Los Angeles County
navigate the health care system. It specializes in
answering questions about Medicare, Medi-Cal,
Their website, http://healthconsumer.org/, also offers many free resources.
prescription drugs, and health care issues facing a
wide range of individuals (including immigrants and
uninsured individuals).
RxAssist is a nationally recognized, web-based
To access these resources, visit http://www.rxassist.org.
medication assistance resource center. RxAssist
A list of drug companies’ Patient Assistance Programs can be found under
provides information about patient assistance
http://www.rxassist.org/pap-info. For questions about any particular program,
programs, Medicare Part D, programs for low cost
please contact the drug company directly.
medications, and any other issues related to
pharmaceutical access. RxAssist does not operate
For more information on RxAssist, call (401) 729-3284 or e-mail
any medication programs
[email protected]
A Limited List of Patient Assistance Programs, By Drug Company
Contact Number
(800) 999-6673
Acorda Therapeutics, Zanaflex Uninsured Individual Program
Astrazeneca Pharmaceuticals, AZ & Me Prescription Savings Program for people with Medicare Part D
(800) 292-6363
AZ & Me Prescription Savings Program for people without insurance
(800) 424-3727
Bausch and Lomb Indigent Patient Program
(800) 323-0000
Blairex Laboratories Indigent Program
(800) 252-4739
Genentech Access to Care – HIV and Transplants
(888) 754-7651
NitroMed Cares Uninsured Patient Program
(888) 417-7153
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Geilenya Support Program
(877) 408-4974
Sanofi Aventis, PACT + Patient Assistance Program
(800) 996-6626
Wellspring Patient Assistance Program
(908) 203-3791
Xubex Pharmaceutical, Free Medication Program
(866) 699-8239