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Sitefinity is a Web Content Management
and Customer Analytics Platform
that helps organizations easily create
and optimize customer experiences
across digital channels
Understand and Personalize Customer
Experiences with Next Generation Digital
Marketing and Big Data Analytics Solutions
`` Understand and personalize customer
experiences with next-generation digital
marketing and customer analytics solutions
`` Leverage the most user-friendly CMS, ranked
#1 in Usability by Gleansight*
`` Centralize digital experience delivery with
a content management platform spanning
brands, organizations and languages
`` Understand and optimize every
customer journey with a big data
analytics solution that predicts
customer behavior and identifies
the best next experience
`` Use personalization, content
targeting, persona profiling and
segmentation to serve relevant
content to anonymous users and
`` Leverage the built-in
ecommerce and email
marketing tools
`` Optimize content presentation on any device
and achieve cross-channel continuity
`` Adapt to changing business requirements
with an extensible and highly-customizable
development platform
Haworth, a global designer and manufacturer
of adaptable workspaces, serves markets in
more than 120 countries through a global
network of 600 dealers.
`` Integrate seamlessly with any enterprise system
After launching store.haworth.com on
Sitefinity CMS, Haworth experienced a
*Gleansight 2014 Benchmarks Report
sustained uptick in traffic. Unique visitors
were up 527% and mobile visits up 850%,
which translated into a sizable increase in
View more information at Sitefinity.com
Leverage the Most User
Friendly CMS*
`` Drag and drop layout and
content widgets to rapidly create
new pages; roll out marketing
campaigns faster than ever before
Centralize Digital Experience Delivery
with a Global Web Content Management
Solution Spanning Brands, Organizations
and Languages
`` Use in-line editing and contextual
guidance to quickly get the job done
`` Control all websites and assets
centrally via multisite management
`` Stage and synchronize content
and code across different
`` Support global operations with a
comprehensive multilingual toolset
Tata Global Beverages, the world's second
FARO, world-leading provider of 3D
largest tea manufacturer.
measurement devices and software.
With Sitefinity CMS, Tata re-energized its
Sitefinity CMS helps FARO speak to
Tetley brand, launching 17 multilingual
customers in 15 regions and 12—in one voice.
websites in under six months.
*Gleansight 2014 Benchmarks Report on Web Content Management
View more information at Sitefinity.com
View more information at Sitefinity.com
Optimize Content Presentation on
Any Device and Achieve Cross-Channel
`` Leverage the built-in Responsive
Design Engine to adapt pages to
mobile devices
`` Preview how content is displayed
on 20 different mobile devices with
the emulator
Adapt to Changing Business
Requirements with an Extensible and
Highly-Customizable Development
`` Use the built-in widgets for
touch-friendly navigation
`` Create and customize new modules
rapidly with the Module Builder
`` Leverage the out-of-the-box
tools to create content driven
mobile apps
`` Use MVC, JavaScript, Angular JS,
Telerik controls, the Kendo UI
framework or your favorite technology
`` Use the Visual Studio plug-in to
easily develop and deploy custom
code to multiple Sitefinity projects
Integrate Your Web Content Management
Solution with Any Enterprise System
IC Group delivers interactive promotions
and loyalty reward programs to some of the
world’s top brands, including Pepsi, Seven
BASF is the world's leading chemical
corporation with business partners in over 200
countries, and more than 110,000 employees.
Eleven and Subway.
`` Get out-of-the-box integration
with enterprise solutions, including
SharePoint, Salesforce and Marketo
With the Sitefinity platform, BASF develops
compelling customer experiences optimized
for any device.
View more information at Sitefinity.com
`` Meet any integration requirement
using an open and easy to extend
IC Group slashed development costs by 90%
and dramatically cut project turnaround time
with Sitefinity CMS.
`` Employ comprehensive enterprise
security, authentication and single
sign-on capabilities
Telerik Sitefinity™ is a content management and customer analytics platform developed
Successful organizations such as NASA, Chevron, Expedia, PepsiCo, Panasonic, Roche
by Telerik®, a leading vendor of enterprise software products. Telerik tools and services
and more, rely on Sitefinity CMS to optimize customer experiences across multiple digital
can be adopted individually or seamlessly integrated with each other—or with other
channels. Top finisher for “Usability” in the Gleansight WCM Benchmarks Report, and
popular enterprise solutions. More than 60,000 organizations depend on Telerik products,
Winner of the 2014 People's Choice Stevie Award for Favorite Content Management
including more than 450 of the Fortune 500®, academic institutions, governments and
Solution, Sitefinity CMS has broad industry recognition for its innovative digital marketing
non-profits. Its industry-leading products are widely recognized, including by Gartner,
platform, superior usability, powerful developer capabilities and strong multisite and
who named Telerik to three 2014 Magic Quadrants: Web Content Management, Integrated
multilingual support.
Software Quality Suites and Mobile Application Development Platforms.
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