Military & Civil Aviation – Military Weapons & Equipment – Naval Vessels
Beyond the Horizon
The History of
AEW&C Aircraft
I Shaw Gives the full
history of the airborne
early warning mission
and its various
aircraft, from the first
tentative steps in
World War II up to
the present day.
SB 252pp £31.99
Flying in Pre-War
Skies Private & Club
Aviation 1920-1939
A Ord-Hume Looks at
the history of private
and club aviation and
travelling air shows
through hundreds of
charming black and
white photos, all
extensively captioned.
SB 144pp £18.95
Avro Lancaster in
Military Service
1945-1965 M Derry
This book offers a
concise yet informative history of the
Lancaster’s post-war
operational career
charting the course of
the various alterations
and improvements.
SB 96pp £16.99
Vanator Romanian
Hunter The I.A.R.80
And I.A.R.81 In
Ultimate Detail
A detailed and comprehensive illustrated
technical history of
the I.A.R.80 and
I.A.R.81 and covers
the different versions
of the plane.
HB 352pp £60.00
IL-2 Shturmovik
V Povinsky Lavishly
illustrated technical
history of the most famous Soviet warplane
of WWII. Covers all
versions. Colour and
black and white photos, colour profiles,
walkaround photos and
technical drawings.
HB 208pp £35.00
Phantoms C Breda
An overview of the
258 preserved F-4s in
the USA and includes
a pictorial overview of
over 150 of the preserved F-4s at their
locations, visited during 2009 and 2013.
Full colour.
SB 182pp £45.00
Super Drawings in
3D The Japanese
Aircraft Carrier
Kaga S Draminski
Contains technical
specification and
operational history
and some 120 colour
graphical illustrations
showing close-up and
walkaround views.
SB 80pp £14.99
WWP Latest Hips in
Detail (B15) J Fojtik
High quality (slightly
larger size), super
detailed photo manual
with over 130 pages
of colour photos of the
Mi-171 & Mi-17V-5
and its subvariants in
Afghan, Czech, Kazakh,
Pakistani and Russian
markings. Highly
detailed colour photos.
SB 132pp £24.99
Fabled Fifteen: The
Pacific War Saga of
Carrier Air Group 15
T Cleaver Documents
the history of CAG15
in WWII, which scored
312 enemy aircraft
destroyed, 33 probably
destroyed, and 65
damaged in aerial
combat. 50 black
and white photos.
HB 240pp £19.99
Arab MiGs Volume 5
October 1973 War:
Part 1 T Cooper
Provides a detailed
record of aerial warfare during the opening phases of the
October 1973 ArabIsraeli conflict and
recounts the origins
and performance of
the air forces involved.
SB 252pp £31.99
MiG-19 in the Czech
Air Force M Irra
Lavishly illustrated
history of the MiG 19
in the Czechoslovakia
Air Force with photos
of aircraft, ground
crew and pilots. B&W
photos, colour profiles
and line drawings.
HB 104pp £33.99
303 Squadron Vol. 1
1779 - 13 July 1941
The Complete
Illustrated History
W Matusiak Extensive
reference work covering the history of 303
Sqn., an elite unit
formed almost entirely
of well-trained and
experienced pilots and
ground crews.
SB 192pp £25.00
The 5th Fighter
Command in World
War II Volume 3 5th
FC vs Japan Aces,
Units, Aircraft and
Tactics W Wolf
Final volume in this
trilogy. The aces of the
5FC are now personalised, and their
fighters described.
474 B&W photos.
HB 444pp £58.50
Martin B-26
Marauder : The
Ultimate Look: from
Drawing Board to
Widow Maker
Vindicated W Wolf
Offers the reader a
definitive description
of this neglected
bomber, its development, testing, and
HB 627pp £66.50
A Shipyard at War
Unseen Photographs
from John Brown’s
Clydebank 19141918 I Johnston
Clydebank employed
professional photographers to record the
whole process of
construction at the
yard using large-plate
cameras. B&W photos.
HB 192pp £30.00
Republic F-84E & G
Thunderjet in Royal
Danish Air Force
service 1951-1961
O Rossel Lavishly
illustrated reference
work which
encompasses all
aspects of the RDAF
Thunderjet including
its development,
history and service.
HB 216pp £43.00
The Marvels of
Flying: Air Travel
Before 1950
A Emmerson This
Aero Magazine 1.
Luftwaffe Aces
Luftwaffe Crash
book explores all
Vickers Wellington Biographies and
Archive Volume 6
aspects of air travel
Mk.1 M Snajdr
Victory Claims S-Z
28th October 1940
(not just aircraft)
Czech text. Lavishly
Volume 4 J Mathews to 31st December
including airport archiillustrated magazine
Ultimate reference
1940 N Parker
focusing on the devel- work which features Covers the end of the tecture and advertising
together with its
opment, service, tech- every Luftwaffe Fighter Battle of Britain and
influence on popular
nical description and Ace who claimed five on into the winter
culture focusing on the
camouflage schemes or more victories
when activity
of the Vickers
along with his
decreased significantly golden age of flying
from 1920 to 1950.
Wellington Mk.I.
biographical details
due to the weather.
HB 96pp £9.95
SB 120pp £25.00
SB 34pp £7.99
SB 335pp £30.00
More Vintage Years
of Airfix Box Art
R Cross
The unearthing of
many more images in
old Airfix files has
enabled this entirely
fresh look at Roy’s
work to be presented,
coinciding with the
seventy-fifth anniversary of the first Airfix
kit. Colour paintings
and line drawings.
HB 128pp £35.00
Westland SAR Sea
King Owner’s
Workshop Manual
1988 onwards (HU
Mk.5 SAR model)
L Howard An insight
into the design, construction, operation
and maintenance of
the RN’s life-saving
SAR helicopter.
HB 156pp £25.00
Kagero Air Battles
22 Crickets against
Rats Regia
Aeronautica in the
Spanish Civil War
1936-1937 Vol.I
M Sobski Follows the
day to day struggles in
the air and the rapid
development of the
Italian Air Force in Spain.
SB 76pp £15.99
Aircraft Instrument
Panels Vol 1 Bf 109
F-4, Bf 110 E, Fi 156,
Fw 190 A-3, Hs 123A,
Ju 88 A-4 D Karnaz
This volume illustrates
and documents the
instrument panels of
six famous German
World War II aircraft.
HB 40pp £15.00
Aero Magazine 3
Fokker D.VII
Lavishly illustrated
magazine focusing
on the service and
schemes of the D.VII.
SB 34pp £7.99
Avions 203 Jan/Feb
Jusqu’au bout sur FW
190; Les P-51 Mustang
de course a Reno;
XP-67 and much more.
SB 95pp £11.99
10 Million Tons for
Victory 1944 A
Fanastic Armada
J Benamou Presents
an impressive inventory of the efforts
employed by the Allies.
SB 94pp £12.99
Windsock Datafile
166 Thomas Morse
S-4 Scout C Owers
Includes civil and military use, colours and
markings and colour
walkaround photos.
SB 32pp £11.90
Windsock World War
Centenary 30/4
Includes Reader’s
gallery; Logbook
entries; Bleriot goes
to war, Rara Avis
1914 Farman F.24.
SB 32pp £7.70
Aero Magazine 2
Avia S/CS-92 Me 262
in Czechoslovakian
Air Force M Irra
CZECH TEXT. Lavishly
illustrated magazine
on the Avia S/CS-92.
SB 34pp £7.99
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secure website:
The Weathering
Magazine 10 Water
Covers techniques on
creating water effects
in aviation, military
or naval dioramas.
Includes oceans.
SB 62pp £8.99
Tracks & Wheels The
definitive guide for
all kind of effects,
nature, weathering
etc R Gonzalez
How to paint and
weather tracks/wheels.
SB 82pp £10.99
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