English 10 Les Miserables Study questions Worksheet 1

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English 10
Les Miserables
Study questions Worksheet 1 ( pp 1 – 46)
Date: __________
1) In the first chapter of the novel, “An Upright Man,” what generous act does the bishop
perform for the hospital?
2) List 3 instances in “An Upright Man” and “The Fall” which reveal how society reacts in a
cruel and harsh manner against vagrants.
3) Explain the criminal act that Jean Valjean performs. What is ironic about his crime and
his capture? Explain.
4) Explain what happens between Petit Gervais and Jean Valjean. Why is this scene so
5) To whom does Fantine give Cosette? Explain the details of the transaction. Why does
she do this?
6) Who is the lark? Why does this person have this metaphorical epithet?
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study questions Worksheet 2 (pp 46 – 84)
Date: __________
1) Who is Father Fauchelevent? What is his connection to Father Madeline? How does Javert fit
in? What does Javert notice?
2) Specifically, what happened, and why, to Fantine’s hair, teeth, and body?
3) What happened with Fantine and the dandy? How did Javert treat her? How does Father
Madeline fit in?
4) Who are Eponine and Alzelma?
5) Why does Javert apologize to Father Madeline? How does Valjean react to this apology?
What does Javert demand of him?
6) Why does he apologize now? How does Champatheiu fit in?
7) What is Jean Valjean’s internal conflict? What does this cause him to do?
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study questions #3 (pp 84 – 121)
Date: __________
1) Why isn’t Valjean able to enter the courthouse at Arras when he first arrives? What does he
do that eventually allows him inside? When he does get inside, why does he remain in the
judge’s chambers for so long?
2) Who are the following people: Brevet, Chenildieu, and Cochepaille? How does father
Madeline convince each of them that he is Jean Valjean?
3) When Madeline announces that he is, in fact, Jean Valjean, why does someone call for a
doctor? After he has revealed his identity, why is he allowed to walk out of the court and return
4) What frightens Fantine? Why is she so frightened, and what is the eventual result of her fear?
5) Hugo hints that Fantine is miserable even in death and her final resting spot, but at the same
time, he also hints at a peaceful life. Explain.
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #4 (pp 121-167)
Date: ____________
1) Explain the conversation between Pontmercy and Thenardier on the battlefield of Waterloo.
What mistake does Pontmercy make?
2) What happened on the ship Orion? Explain in detail.
3) Name the two ways in which Cosette was useful to the Thenardiers.
4) Explain the situation involving the following: Cosette, the stockings; Eponine and Azelma’s
doll; the cat; “the lady”
5) How is “the stranger” able to leave the inn with Cosette? Where does he take her? Be as
specific as possible, and explain the circumstances of the situation.
6) What does Valjean become suspicious of? How does he discover that his suspicions are
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #5 (pp 167 – 228)
Date: _________
1) Explain (in detail) how Valjean and Cosette are able to escape Javert and his men as they are
being chased through the streets.
2) Who is the man with the bell? Why does he have a bell? Explain his reaction to Valjean and
Valjean’s situation.
3) How does Jean Valjean become Ultimus Fauchelevent?
4) Who is Gavroche? Who are the Jondrettes? What is the relationship between the two?
5) Describe the details of how George Pontmercy lost his son to M. Gillenormand. How was this
political? Explain.
6) Under what circumstances is Marius called to meet his father? When he learns of his father’s
request, what reasons prevent Marius from seeing him?
7) Describe what Pontmercy’s servant finds and gives to Marius. How does this force Marius to
go through a “transformation”? Explain in detail.
8) Why is Marius eventually forced to leave his grandfather’s house?
9) Who are “The Friends of ABC”? How does Marius meet them? What do they stand for?
10) What causes Marius to part with Courfeyrac and The Friends of ABC? Where does he live
following his departure?
11) How does Marius know that his aunt has discovered where he is living? How does he react
to this gesture?
12) Describe Marius’ daily life.
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #6
Date: __________
1) How has poverty changed Marius for the better? In other words, what qualities become
evident during his everyday life that illustrates a change in attitude? Give one example.
2) What becomes Marius’s daily habit? Who are Monsieur Leblanc and Mademoiselle Lanoire?
3) What three mistakes does Marius make in his pursuit of the girl?
4) Who is the Patron-Minette?
5) Describe Marius’s first encounter with the neighboring girl. What does he ask of her when
she returns for the second time? More importantly, how does she react to his request?
6). What does Marius discover in his room? Explain, in detail, how this leads him to the police
station. How is this situation an example of irony?
7). What do you think will happen at six o’clock?
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #7
Date: ________
1) How does Jondrette explain the presence of the strange men that continue to enter the room?
Who are these men? How does Jondrette manage to distract Valjean’s attention from them?
2) What does Thenardier force Valjean to do when he is tied to the bed? How does Valjean trick
his captors? How do you know that they have been tricked?
3) How is Valjean able to escape the ropes that hold him?
4) How does Marius react to the scene? What action does he take, and what effect does it have?
5) How does this all come to an end?
6) What is Gavroche’s reaction when he learns of his family’s actions? Why does he respond
this way?
7) Describe Mabeuf’s encounter with “the spirit.” What is her intention?
8) What does Eponine give to Marius that is both sad and selfless? How does he misinterpret
Eponine’s wish?
9) Why does Valjean decide to leave the convent? Where does he go and what precautions does
he take when he moves?
10) What does Cosette begin to notice about herself? How does she realize this, and who has
told her otherwise in the past?
11) Why is a distance forming between Cosette and Valjean? Explain.
12) What does Cosette find under the stone in the garden? Who is this from?
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #8
Date: _________
1) What didn’t Marius and Cosette know when they fell in love?
2) How is Thenardier able to escape from prison? What dilemma does he face as he is making
his attempt? Who comes to his rescue? What doesn’t Thenardier realize?
3) What news does Valjean tell Cosette? What is the chain of events that have led him to make
this decision? Be specific!
4) What does Marius beg his grandfather for? Why does his grandfather deny him this request?
What does he suggest as an alternative? How does Marius react to this suggestion?
5) Where do Courfeyrac and his friends urge Marius to go? Where does he go instead, and what
does he bring with him?
6) What character repeatedly appears throughout this chapter to Marius? What are the intentions
of this character, and what are Marius’ reactions? What significance do you believe this will
have later in the novel?
7) Who is General Lamarque? What happens at his funeral procession? Why does this occur?
8). Who are the people who join Courfeyrac’s party?
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #9
Date: ____________
1) Briefly describe the history of the Corinth. What particular group of people feel “at home”
2) Describe how Enjolras takes pride in his fight for the Republic. How does he use La Cubuc as
an example? What does this show about the kind of leader that he is?
3) Who is the spy that has infiltrated the barricade? How is he recognized, and what is done with
him once he has been discovered?
4) When he finds that Cosette is not present, what thoughts run through Marius’ head? How do
these thoughts change once he arrives at the barricade?
5) Once the attack begins and the flag falls, who volunteers to replace it? Why does he do this?
What statement is Hugo trying to make here?
6) Who comes to the rescue of Gavroche and Courfeyrac? Who saves Marius’ life?
7) How is Marius able to convince the army to leave the barricade? How is this a reflection of
Marius’ state of mind at this point in the novel?
8) As the men reorganize their supplies, Marius encounters a figure struggling for life. Who is
this person and why is their conversation important? Explain.
9) Describe each note that Marius writes and why each is important.
10) What are the instructions that Marius gives to Gavroche? What does Gavroche actually do?
11) What is Valjean’s reaction when Toussaint tells him of the uprising in the streets? Why does
he react this way?
12) What does he discover that upsets him? Why?
13) Who does Valjean meet on the street and why does he lie to this person? What does he
discover, and why does he become so emotional?
14) When Valjean arrives at the barricade, explain how he saved a man’s life.
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions #10
Date: ________
1) What causes Gavroche to risk his life? Describe the death of Gavroche in detail. Why does
he act the way that he does? How is his death symbolic?
2) How is Valjean able to take the fate of Javert into his hands? What decision does he make?
Explain the irony of this situation. What upsets Marius?
3) Who are the only men to survive the army’s onslaught? What is the difference between each
of these men?
4) Describe Enjolras’ death? What occurs right before his fate is sealed? What does this
5) How is Valjean able to escape from the barricade with Marius?
6) How does the author foreshadow Valjean’s encounter with Javert?
7) How is Valjean able to escape from the sewer?
8) Who or what is “providence”?
9) Following his escape from the sewer, how does Valjean illustrate that the values that the
bishop instilled are still in tact?
10) What requests do Valjean make to Javert? Why?
11) Describe what leads Javert to commit suicide.
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English 10
Les Miserables
Study Questions (#11 - Last one!!!!)
Date: ____________
1) What does Jean Valjean give to Marius and Cosette that he claims to be from an unknown
2) Before the wedding, how did Jean Valjean explain Cosette’s family’s whereabouts as well as
his own involvement in her life?
3) Where will Marius and Cosette live?
4) Why does Jean Valjean leave the wedding dinner? Explain the stages of Cosette’s reaction
and what they reveal.
5) What does Jean Valjean take out of the valise that has never left him after all of these years?
6) What does Jean Valjean finally reveal to Marius? What are his reasons for revealing all of
this? What does he make Marius promise?
7) What does Jean Valjean tell Cosette not to say anymore? What does Jean Valjean call her
now? What is he trying to accomplish with these actions? Why does he choose to do this?
8) How did Marius try to oust Jean Valjean from his visits?
9) Jean Valjean takes something else out of his trunk that he has kept for years. What? What
does he do with them?
10) Who comes to visit Marius? What news does he tell that Marius did not previously know?
What proof does he offer for each piece of information?
11) What does Valjean take from off the wall? Why?
12) How does Valjean die?
13) To whom does Hugo compare Jean Valjean, especially towards the end of the novel? Give
examples from the text.