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JULY 2013
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Vol 1 no 3
Much time has passed and many miracles
have occurred since our last Feed A Child
Newsletter in April. Things are happening at
such tremendous speed that we barely have
time to touch the ground each day, but this
just means we have so much more to report
to you, and we do so with joy!
Bennie fund
Donor hall of fame
New happenings
A Feed A Child first was
held in May. We had
a very enjoyable Golf
day which was made
all the more special by
motivational speaker,
Dr David Molapo and his
H.O.P.E. message, which
was a unequivocal hit
Middelburg City Mayor, Michael Masina and
with the audience. Muso Dr David Molapo.
Molapo, Dr David’s son,
celebrated his birthday the previous day. He chose to join his dad
at the golf course in Middelburg and fund-raise for Feed A Child
instead of receiving gifts. According to Dr David, to not receive gifts
but instead serve in some way is a family tradition of the Molapos,
an example of selflessness and generosity that profoundly touched
the hearts of the Feed A Child team. In addition, the Middelburg
City Mayor, Michael Masina, graced the event with his presence,
and all participants left feeling inspired and uplifted. We thank them
from our hearts!
With the same purpose, but different in style, a sumptuous
dinner in aid of Feed A Child projects will be hosted at the
Milkplum Café, in the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on August
1. At R200 per person for dinner, and other perks, it promises
to be a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable evening. Call us to
book ahead. Bring your friends!
Groundbreaking new operation Got game’s pop-up digital learning centres.
We are honoured to partner with Arthur Anderson and the
‘Got Game’ initiative, an innovative operation that entails popup digital learning centres at disadvantaged communities. It
uses technology to create a stimulating and state-of-the-art
learning environment, whilst yielding all the benefits of topnotch security and infrastructure. Feed A Child is most excited
about this newly-formed partnership, and expresses a heartfelt welcome to Arthur and his team!
Another honour we are grateful for, and
pleased to mention, is the invitation by
the African Development Bank to join
a congress on the elimination of fraud
in ground-level projects. Feed A Child
wants to thank them for this opportunity
to be part of the national launch of these
important discussions, and we look
forward to the event.
We are so grateful and inspired every
time we announce an increase of staff
members to the Feed A Child team. This
time our joyful welcome is to newcomers
Connie Kruger and Charl du Toit – we are
excited to have you on board and may
you be blessed beyond your wildest
expectations with us!
Charl du Toit
Connie Kruger
Charity shop news
General news
Our Facebook friends
were spoilt with the
most beautiful photos
(by professional photographer Eben Liebenberg)
of a spectacular outreach
by spectacular people.
The cast of the hugely
successful Jesus Blyspel
joined the Feed A Child
team for a day among
Krugersdorp’s disadvantaged children, and the
actors’ general reaction
was one of awe – these
outreaches are often life
changing. We thank the Feed A Child team & Jesus Blyspel cast with the
actors for their time and children during the Krugersdorp-outreach.
generous giving of themselves that day. Visit (and ‘Like’) our
Facebook page for the whole stunning story in pictures.
A huge thank you goes to
Aerobridge, who is sponsoring
clothes on a regular basis. They
help Feed A Child to help others, and make the lives of so many
people in our projects much easier.
We also extend a heart-felt (and amazed!)
thank you to Jeanette and Maritha - two
nutcases who completed the grueling
Great Wall of China Marathon this year, and
represented Feed A Child at the event.
Jeanette & Maritha
Another school that astonished us with their generosity and enthusiasm
is Hoërskool Lydenburg –
thank you so much for your
support of Lydenburg Feed
A Child’s Charity Shop Jumble Drive! Take note, readers in the area, the shop is
Fltr: Jeanette Kruger-Hibbens, Hannelie Paulik,
now a veritable treasury of Nikita Paulik and headmaster Johan Loots.
vintage everything. Thank
you also, Nikita Paulik, who headed this project for us.
Middelburg is now also boasting its own
Feed A Child Charity shop, which was
opened in June. We welcome Cathy van der
Merwe as our shop manager and wish her
many blessings.
Middelburg Charity Shop
manager, Cathy vd Merwe.
Thank you very much to
Innovative Glass, for
sponsoring a trophy
towards the Best Performing Charity Shop
Ansie in Klerksdorp, first winner!
each month. The first winner
to take it home is our Klerksdorp Charity shop - well done, Ansie!!
Project news
I Can Care project at Hoërskool Eldoraigne.
Sometimes one plans a project, feels excited about and expects much from it, and
yet it still manages to blow one’s socks
off, so to speak. The pupils at Hoërskool
Eldoraigne have exceeded our expectations in such a way, not only in terms of
the 850 full I Can Care donation tins, but
also for their enthusiasm and participatory spirit regarding the project. We want
to thank them for making a difference
in the lives of so many under-privileged
children. And a big thank you to all the
schools participating in this project - we
invite (and challenge) you to break this
fantastic record!
Our vegetable tunnel projects keep us busy and very positive – see the
beautiful cabbage and spinach in the Wepener and Hobhouse tunnels!
Congratulations to Nico and his team
for opening a butchery in Tembisa as
another Feed A Child Enterprise Development. Best wishes and well done!
Vegetable tunnels,
Wepener & Hobhouse.
The Feed A Child butchery in Tembisa.
Bennie fund
There is now a lot more hope for Bennie Botha,
whom we’ve mentioned in every newsletter
so far. In an act of great generosity, Shanduka
has recently pledged R10 000 towards the
cornea-replacement operation that Bennie
needs to have his sight restored. Thank you,
Shanduka, this feels like such a miracle, we
are so grateful! While the operation is very
expensive (corneas alone cost approximately R35 000), we are hopeful
and optimistic that Shanduka’s example will inspire other donors – this
operation will make a world of difference to Bennie who is not only
blind, but autistic and deaf as well.
Another miracle we can’t wait to report
about is the donation towards a little boy’s
tendon-lengthening treatment for one foot
and hand, to improve his movement. We
were preparing to ask for donations in this
newsletter, but grace moved ahead of us
and a medical device has been sponsored,
which, according to an orthopaedic doctor,
will suffice for treatment of Detroit’s limbs.
Thank you so much!
Detroit, from Stilfontein.
C o n tact U s
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E-mail: [email protected]
We want to sincerely thank the following
people for their assistance in putting the Feed
A Child Newsletters together: Christa Davel
(writer), Annemie Visser (graphic designer) &
Kurt Donald (copy editor).
James 1: 27 “Pure and undefiled religion before God and
the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their
trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”
Donor hall of fame
Our heartfelt and warmest thank you to the following
generous donors and sponsors:
McCarthy Toyota
Cell Find
Optimum Coal Mine
Calculus Auditors
Kanhym Biltong
Mini Explorers
PJ Tech
Zizwe – Lydenburg
Middelburg Cold Storage
La Rochelle Guest House
Thabo Printing
Monica van der Merwe
Innovative Glass
Belgium Bakery
Wimpy Middelburg
Drive Control
Central Melk
Golf in a Box
Milkplum Café
Fire Cherry Creative Branding
Photo Elements
Groenkloof Melkery
Shemasa trading as OHS
Academy CC
UMFA MP Business Trust
3RD Degree Project
Petro Pals cc
Panacea Mobile (Pty) Ltd
Zippy Office Furniture
Applied Lifestyle Sciences
Krukon Elektries
Hutech International Group
Epsilon Engineering
Loeriebos Bed & Breakfast
Café Lumiere
Little Swift Investment
Oasis Water, Middelburg