2004-05 Verification Worksheet - Anne Arundel Community College

AACC Financial Aid Office
2014-2015 Verification Worksheet
Your application was selected for a federal process called Verification. Our office is required to review the accuracy of the data listed
on your Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Please carefully complete this form.
A. Student Data
Last Name
First Name
Address (include apt. #)
Student ID Number (required)
Phone Number (include area code)
Zip Code
E-mail Address
B. Financial Household Data
Please refer to “Parent Information and Marital Status Instructions” when completing this section and providing income
information to our office.
Parent Marital Status:
Never Married
Married, but separated
Unmarried, both parents living together
Please report the month and year your parents were married, remarried, separated, divorced or widowed
List the people living in your parent’s financial household. Include:
1) Yourself and your parent(s) (including a stepparent) even if you don’t live with your parent(s).
2) Your parent(s)’ other children if your parent(s) will provide more than half of their support from July 1, 2014, through June 30,
2015, or if the other children would be required to provide parental information if they were completing a FAFSA for 2014–
2015. Include children who meet either of these standards, even if they do not live with your parent(s).
3) Other people if they now live with your parent(s) and your parent(s) provide more than half of their support and will continue to
provide more than half of their support through June 30, 2015.
College Name of household members
Full Name
Date of Birth
who are seeking a college degree or
certificate and who are attending college
at least half-time between
July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015
Anne Arundel C. C.
C. Income Tax Data for 2013 Tax Filers
If you used the IRS Database match tool on your 2014-2015 FAFSA, you might not need to submit a 2013 Federal Tax Return
Transcript(s). Please check your MyAACC account, Self Services tab, Financial Aid, under the Requested Financial Aid Documents
menu, to see if you need to submit them. They might be requested later, if changes have been made to the tax data elements on your
If you were required to file a tax return, but have not filed it yet, you must file and submit a tax return transcript with this form.
If your parents are married but separated and filed a joint tax return, you must also submit W-2 forms for the parent listed in
section B.
I did not file taxes for 2013.
My parent(s) did not file taxes for 2013.
I am attaching a copy of my 2013 Federal Tax Return Transcript.
I have participated in the IRS match.
I am attaching a copy of my parent(s) 2013 Federal Tax Return Transcript.
My parent(s) have participated in the IRS match
If you and/or your parent(s) filed an amended return, you are attaching signed copies of both the original 2013 tax return and the IRS
Form 1040X that were filed with the IRS and a tax return transcipt.
D. Earnings Data for Non-tax Filers
If you or your parent(s) did NOT file a 2013 tax return, please complete this section. Enter the total annual earnings for 2013, and
attach copies of the 2013 W-2 forms. If there was no income earned from work, please enter “0.”
Name of Employer
Name of Employer
Name of Employer
E. Other Income and Benefits
What were your and your parent(s)’ main sources of financial support during 2013? (Please check all that apply.)
Income from work
Legal Settlement
Student Financial Aid
Child Support/Alimony
Medical Assistance
Assistance from friends or relatives
Lived in Subsidized Housing
Please explain how your family was financially supported in 2013?
For each item, please report the total yearly amount received during 2013. If none, enter “0”
Payments to tax-deferred pension and savings plans (paid directly or withheld from earnings),
including, but not limited to, amounts reported on the W-2 forms in Boxes 12a-12d, codes D, E,F,G,H
and S.
Child support RECEIVED for children listed in section B. Do not include foster care or adoption
Members of the U.S. Military, please report your annual food allowance benefits (BAS).
Do NOT report your military housing benefits (BAH or BAQ).
Housing, food, and other living allowances paid to clergy and other non-military employees
Annual Amounts
Veterans non-education benefits such as Disability, Death Pension, or Dependency &
Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and/or VA Educational Work/Study allowances
Other untaxed income or benefits not reported such as Worker’s Compensation, disability, etc. Do
NOT include student aid, earned income credit, child tax credit, welfare payments, untaxed Social
Security benefits, Workforce Investment Act educational benefits, on-base housing or BAH, combat
pay or benefits from flexible spending arrangements (e.g. cafeteria plans), foreign income exclusion or
credit for federal tax on special fuels.
Money received, or paid on your behalf (e.g., bills), not reported elsewhere on this form.
Taxable earnings from Federal Work Study or other need-based work programs
Military Combat pay or special combat pay listed on your W2 form on box 12 with code Q.
Please attach a copy of your W2.
F. Certification Statement
By signing this worksheet, I certify that all the information reported on this worksheet is complete and correct. I understand that if I
purposely give false or misleading information on this form, I may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
Student Signature: ___________________
Date: ________ Parent Signature: ______________________
Return all forms and documents to: Financial Aid Office
Anne Arundel Community College
101 College Parkway
Arnold, MD 21011
Fax #: 410-777-4019
Date: ________
Anne Arundel Community College
Financial Aid Office
101 College Parkway Arnold, MD 21012-1895
rkway Arnold, MD 21012-1895
Web Site: www.aacc.edu/aid
E-mail: [email protected]
Telephone: 410-777-2203
Fax: 410-777-4019
Parent Information and Marital Status Instructions
If your parent was never married and does not live with your other legal parent, or if your parent is widowed
or not remarried, answer the questions using that parent’s information.
If your legal parents (biological and/or adoptive) are not married to each other and live together, check
“Unmarried and both parents living together” and provide information about both of them regardless of their
gender. Do not include any person who is not married to your parent and who is not a legal or biological
If your parents are married, check “Married/Remarried.” Consistent with the Supreme Court decision holding
Section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) unconstitutional, same-sex couples must report their
marital status as married if they were legally married in a state or other jurisdiction (foreign country) that
permits same-sex marriage, without regard to where the couple resides. Answer the questions using their
combined information
If your legal parents are divorced but living together, check “Unmarried and both parents living together.”
Answer the questions using their combined information
If your legal parents are separated but living together, select “Married or remarried,” not “Divorced or
separated.” Answer the questions using their combined information
If your parents are divorced or separated, answer the questions about the parent you lived with more during
the past 12 months. (If you did not live with one parent more than the other, give answers about the parent
who provided more financial support during the past 12 months or during the most recent year that you
actually received support from a parent.) If this parent is remarried as of today, answer the questions about
that parent and your stepparent.
If your widowed parent is remarried as of today, answer the questions using that parent and your stepparent’s
Using the IRS Data Retrieval
All students who are eligible must use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when filling out their FAFSA. If you did not use
the IRS match when completing your FAFSA, you must go back and use it and make corrections to your FAFSA
data by drawing down the information from the IRS. You need your FAFSA PIN to complete this. If you have not
used the IRS Retrieval tool, go to www. fafsa.gov, log in to your FAFSA record, select “Make FAFSA
Corrections,” and navigate to the Financial Information section of the form. From there, follow the
instructions to determine if you are eligible to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to transfer the 2013 IRS income
tax information into your FAFSA. Using the IRS match could simplify and expedite the verification process. Do
not make changes to the tax information once the “transfer” has taken place.
• Electronically-filed tax return information will be available online from the IRS site in 1-2 weeks
after the return has been filed.
• Data from paper taxes will be available in 6-8 weeks.
Who should not use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool?
Parents with all zeros for Social Security numbers
Students using an 888 identifier in place of a Social Security number
Any student or parent with a marital status date later than the first of the year
Any student or parent who indicates they have not yet filed, or will not file, a tax return
Parents with a tax status of “married filing separately”
Students or parents who filed an amended tax return
Requesting a Tax Return Transcript from the IRS
If you cannot, or will not, participate in using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, be prepared to submit a 2013 tax return
transcript to our office. Please call 1-800-908-9946 to receive one or order one online at www.irs.gov. We cannot accept
state returns, e-files, or account summaries. We cannot accept IRS Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ.
Verification Processing
Counselors must resolve any conflicting data and update FAFSA data as required before we can finalize a student's
eligibility for Federal financial aid funds. Aid awards may need to be adjusted if there are differences between the
data reported on the FAFSA and that reported on your tax transcripts and verification worksheet.
A file can be selected for verification at any time. Any transaction with the Federal Processor can trigger information to
change. We evaluate the files during the whole school year. Awards can be adjusted at any time. If you have already been
paid and you are selected for verification, your money may be pulled back until verification is complete. Failure to
participate may cause your financial aid to be cancelled. At peak processing, in the summer months, a verification review
can take as long as 6 weeks.
Verification Checklist
Make sure the Verification Worksheet has all required signatures.
Make sure all pages are identified with your student ID number.
List all household members who meet both of the following criteria:
• They currently live with you and will continue to live with you through June, 2015.
• You provide 50% or more of their financial support and will continue to provide their financial support through
June, 2015.
If you fax documents, make sure you fax both sides of all double-sided forms.
Enter “0” if an amount or does not apply to your household.
Carefully complete all sections of the form.
To confirm receipt of your documents, you can check your status on MyAACC.
• Login to http://myaacc.aacc.edu
• Choose the “Self Services” tab
• Choose “Students” or “New Students”
• Under the “Financial Aid” section, choose “Requested Financial Aid Documents”
IRS Form 1040: Total of lines 28+32 or 1040A: line 17
Form 1040 or 1040A Line 8b
1040 (15a - 15b) + (16a - 16b) or
1040A (11a -11b) + (12a - 12b)
Education credits from IRS Form 1040: line 49 or 1040A: line 31
First Time Homebuyer credit from IRS Form 1040: line 67
Notice of Nondiscrimination: AACC is an equal opportunity, affirmative action, Title IX, ADA Title 504
compliant institution. Call Disability Support Services, 410-777-2306 or Maryland Relay 711, 72 hours in
advance to request most accommodations. Requests for sign language interpreters, alternative format books or
assistive technology require 30 days’ notice. For information on AACC’s compliance and complaints
concerning discrimination or harassment, contact Kelly Koermer, J.D., federal
compliance officer, at 410-777-2607 or Maryland Relay 711.