Worksheet on Scale Drawings

Class- 7
Math Weekend Worksheet-3
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Geometry Lesson 2 - Scale Drawings
Math 7-4
The scale of a map is 2 cm:15 km. Find the actual distance for each map distance.
5 cm
3. 13.2 cm
A scale drawing has a scale of 3 in: 10 ft. Find the length on the drawing for each actual length.
40 ft.
3 ft
6. 6 ft
7. An architect designed an apartment building that was to be 196 ft. high. He made a model of
the building using a scale of inch = 1 foot. How high was the model?
8. Aaron bought a model airplane. The model used a scale of
airplane is 18 in long, how long is the real airplane?
inch = 50 feet. If Aaron's model
1. The scale of a map is 1 cm: 12km. What area on the map would represent
a) 144 km2 b) 432 km2 c) 1296 km2 d) 2592 km2
2. The figure on the right is a rectangle, drawn to a scale of 1 cm: 150m.
9 cm
5 cm
Given that PQ= 9cm and QR=5cm, find the actual a) length and breadth of
the rectangle;
b) Area of the rectangle in km2
3. The scale of a map is 1: 20000. Find the area on the map which represents
124 km2
4. On a map whose scale is 1: 40000, the area of a housing estate is 50 cm 2 .
Calculate the area in cm 2 , which represents the same housing estate on a
second map whose scale is 1: 20000.
5. A model of a ship is made to a scale of 1: 200. The volume of a hall on the
model is 250 cm 3 . Find the volume of the hall on the actual ship in m 3 .
9. A road map uses a scale of 1 inch : 4 miles. If the distance on the map between two
towns is 3.8 inches, what is the actual distance between these two towns?
10. The actual distance between Chicago and Pittsburgh is 375 miles. If the scale on a map
is 1 inch : 125 miles, what is the distance on the map?
11. Kim is looking at a map with a scale of 1 inch : 18 miles. If the distance between Kim's house
and her friend's house on the map is 4 inches, how many miles away is her friend's house?
12. On a map, the distance between Washington DC and New York City is 1.5 inches. If the map scale is 1
inch : 125 miles, what is the actual distance between the 2 cities?
Scale Drawings – Worksheet #1
For problems #1 – 2, use the following scale...
2 in : 35 miles
The distance between Troy City and Ben City is 315 miles. How far apart
are they on the map?
Marking City is 5 inches away from Jamming City on the map. What is the
actual distance between the two cities?
A blueprint of a house has a scale of 1 in : 6 ft. The living room has
dimensions of 18 ft by 24 feet. What are the dimensions on the blueprint of
the living room? (HINT: Use two different proportions!)
A model of a car has a scale of 3 cm : 2 m. The length of the actual hood of
the car is 1 m. What is the length of the hood of the model?
A 120-ft long playground is just 15 in. on the scale drawing. What is the
scale on the scale drawing?
Scale Drawings – Worksheet #1
The scale on a map is ¼ in : 18 mi. The state capital is 252 miles from the
border. How far is the state capital from the border on the map?
A model length of 12 cm. represents an actual length of 102 ft. What is the
scale for the model?
Other proportion review:
Jenny can type 1,200 words in just 15 minutes. How many words can she
type in an hour?
A tree casts a shadow that is 24 ft long. A 4-ft tall young boy casts a shadow
that is 3 ft long. The two triangles created are similar. How tall is the tree?
(HINT: Draw a picture first!)
Given: ∆ABC ~ ∆DMV ; DM = _______
30 in
16 in
20 in
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6-3 Scale Drawings and Models
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(Pages 276–280)
When objects are too small or too large to be drawn or constructed at actual
size, people use a scale drawing or a model. The scale is the relationship
between the measurements of the drawing or model to the measurements of
the object. The scale can be written as a scale factor, which is the ratio of
the length or size of the drawing or model to the length of the corresponding
side or part on the actual object.
a. The key on a map states that 1 inch
is equal to 10 miles. Write the scale
for the map.
1 inch
10 miles
b. According to EXAMPLE A, how far
apart would two cities be in actual
distance if they were 5 inches apart
on the map?
Write a fraction as .
Write a proportion using the scale.
1 x 5 10
x 50 mi
Use the property of proportions.
On a set of blueprints for a new home, the contractor has
established a scale that states inch 10 feet. Use this
information for problems 1–6.
1. What is the actual length of the living room whose distance is 1 inch on
the blueprints?
2. What is the actual width of the living room whose distance is inch on
the blueprints?
3. What is the actual height of the living room whose distance is inch on
the blueprints?
4. If the buyer would like a kitchen to be 18 feet in length, how long should
the kitchen be in the blueprints?
5. What are the dimensions on the blueprints of a bedroom that will be
18 feet by 16 feet when the house is built?
6. If the den has dimensions of 0.5 inch by 0.6 inch on the blueprints, what
will be the dimensions of the actual den after the house is built?
7. Standardized Test Practice A model car has a scale of 1: 24, where the
model dimensions are in the numerator and the actual car dimensions
are in the denominator. If the tires on the model have a diameter of
inch, how long is the diameter of an actual tire on the car?
C 12 inches
5. 0.9 inch by 0.8 inch 6. 10 feet by 12 feet
7. C
4. 0.9 inch
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3. 9 feet
Subject Teacher: Subrata Sutradhar
D 20 inches
2. 15 feet
B 10 inches
Answers: 1. 20 feet
A 9 inches
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