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3 Seas Literary Agency
Website address
Handles fiction, non-fiction, scripts, screenplays , children's books, etc.
Aardvark Literary
[email protected]
Alexis Starr Productions and
Literary Agency
Alison J. Picard
Alive Communications
[email protected]
Allred and Allred Literary Agents 7834 Alabama Ave., Canoga Park, CA 913044905
Altair Austrailia
Altair Literary Agency
American Literary Agents Of
Washington, Inc.
Amicus Literary Agency
Andrea Brown Literary Agency
Andrea Hurst & Associates
Literary Agency
Andree Abecassis, AAR, Ann
Elmo Agency
[email protected]
1076 Eagle Dr., Salinas, CA 93905
P.O. Box 19010, Sacramento, CA 95819-0010
(916)736-3745 ([email protected])
P.O. Box 7283, Berkeley, CA 94707
(510)526-5099 ([email protected])
Andrew Lownie Literary Agency
Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency
Ann Elmo
60 E. 42nd St., NY, NY 10165
Ann Rittenberg Literary Agency
Ann Wright Representatives
Anne McDermid & Associates
AP Watt
Artists and Artisans
165 W. 46th St., Ste. 1105, NY, NY 10036
Manuscripts wanted: Mainstream, literary fiction, mysteries/thriller,
current events, and non-fiction. Fiction: Query letter and first 50 pages
or first 3 chapters. Nonfiction: Query letter with SASE.
Accepts children's and YA fiction and non-fiction and some adult fiction
(historical and Asian-related). Send query with outline, sample pages
and bio. E-mail to see if e-queries are acceptable at
([email protected]).
Non-fiction: personal growth, self-help, memoirs spirituality, parenting,
business, cookbooks, holistic health, narrative , true crime. Fiction:
Commercial, women's, mystery, thriller.
Primarily non-fiction: politics, biography, careers, health, parenting, selfhelp, psychology, medical, memoirs, gardening, meteorology.
Specializes in history, biography, current affairs, reference, and
celebrity books.
100% of clients are new/unpublished.Reps literary fiction, commercial
fiction, narrative non-fiction, and self help books. Equery okay to
([email protected]).
Accepts Fiction (literary, contemporary, mystery, romance, thriller) and
non-fiction (business, cooking, bio/memoir, self-help, pop culture,
science, technology). Send query and SASE.
Accepts up-market contemporary fiction and serious narrative nonfiction. Query with first chapter via regular mail.
Fiction and screenplays with strong film potential. No e-queries. For
questions e-mail at ([email protected]).
Represents commercial and literary fiction and non-fiction (memoir,
biography, literary travel, and investigative journalism). No e-queries.
Founded in 1875. Represents a wide range of fiction and non-fiction.
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Accepts e-queries. See site for needs.
1342 18th Street, San Pedro, CA 90732
Ashley Grayson Literary Agency
Australian Literary Management
Authentic Creations
Represents 20% non-fiction, 60% novels, and 10% juvenile. Focuses
on romance and women's fiction.Accepts: Romance, women's fiction,
historical, regencies, paranormal, romantic suspense, non-fiction,
young adult and children's. Send a query letter, synopsis, the first three
chapters, a bio sheet and SASE to: Michelle Grajkowski, 3 Seas
Literary Agency, P.O. Box 8571, Madison, WI 53708 or e-mail her at
[email protected]
Rep books and screenplays.
A literary management and motion picture company
Specializes in first-time authors who write commercial fiction and
screenplays whose story lines involve, "thrillers, conspiracies, dramas,
mysteries, war stories, comedy, and intrigue.
Seeks commercial adult fiction and non-fiction, middle grade and
juvenile fiction. Accepts e-queries.
Represents non-fiction, novels, short stories, novellas, and juvenile
Represents non-fiction, novels, short Story collections, juvenile books
and scholarly books. Query with SASE to Robert Allred. Submit first
25 pages plus 1-2 synopsis.
Handles fiction (children's, mainstream, crime & mystery,
action/adventure, with a specialty in sci-fi / fantasy) and is just starting
to represent non-fiction.
Accepts e-queries for non-fiction and fiction. See site for more.
General fiction, mystery, romance, fantasy / sci-fi, juvenile fiction,
computers/technology, business/investing/finance, history,
mind/body/spirit, health, lifestyle, and science. Send by mail query
letter, first three pages of manuscript or an overview of non-fiction
proposals. No e-queries. Allow up to 4 months of reading.
Represents fiction and non-fiction. No e-mail queries, but does accept
phone pitches.
Accepts fiction (mainstream and literary) and non-fiction (true crime/
organized crime, how to, sports, business, personal and corporate
finance, politics and current events.
Barbara Hogenson Agency
Barbara Kouts
Fiction: Adventure, historical, murder mysteries, romance, suspense,
and literary fiction. Non-fiction: business, crafts, how-to, humor,
political, true crime, and women's issues.
Accepts fiction, non-fiction, and children's books. Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Email [email protected] to
see if e-queries are allowed.
Needs 50% fiction, 50% non-fiction. Literary and women's fiction,
narrative and trade non-fiction. Include 3 sample chapters with fiction
5130 Bellaire Ave., North Hollywood, CA 91607
query r proposal with non-fiction query. Questions can be directed to
([email protected]).
1165 W. End Ave., Ste 19-C, NY, NY10023
Adult fiction, non-fiction and stage plays. Mail query.
P.O. Box 560, Bellport, NY 11713
Children's fiction and non-fiction. Mail query.
Barbara Markowitz Literary
P.O. box 41709, LA, CA 90041-3032
Authentic Creations Literary
Author Management Group
Axelrod Agency
B.J. Robbins Literary Agency
Bert P. Krages
Betsy Amster Literary Enterprises
P.O. Box 27788, LA, CA 90027-0788
(323) 662-1987
Beverly Slopen Literary Agency [email protected]
Big Score Productions
Blanche C. Gregory
Bleecker Street Associates
Bloominghouse Literary
532 LaGuardia PL., Ste. 617, NY, NY 10012
Bob Erdmann
Bob Mecoy
Bobbe Siegel
[email protected]
41 W. 83rd St., Ny, NY 10024
Bohrman Agency
Book Blast
Book Deals
BookEnds, Inc.
Books & Such
Bookstop Literary Agency
Brandt & Hochman
8899 Beverly Blvd., Ste. 811, LA, CA 90048
Specialized in mid-level YA, contemporary fiction, adult trade fiction and
non-fiction. Send a query with SASE and 2-3 sample chapters.
Seeks nonfiction in the areas of science, health, fitness, psychology,
technology, architecture, business, legal, visual arts, performing arts,
humor and memoir. Accepts e-queries.
Has 65 clients; 35% are new/unpublished. Social issues, history,
adventure, travel, psychology, self health, women's issues, parenting,
popular culture. Literary fiction. Query with SASE and proposal (for
non-fiction) and first three pages for fiction to Betsy Amster. Member
of AAR.
Accepts a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction (No fantasy, horror, or
romance). Accepts e-queries.
Markets books rights to general and religious publishers. Check site for
details. Email query to ([email protected])
Interested in adult fiction and non-fiction. See site for specific needs
and submission info.
25% fiction, 75% non-fiction. Mail query
Accepts fiction (mysteries, thrillers & supernatural tales that are
researched and sophisticated and literary novels with eccentric
storylines) and non-fiction (popular history, history, Americana,
biographies, current events, self -help & reference.
Will show your book and represent you to international publishers if he's
interested in your material.
Bob McCoy, seeks commercial fiction/mystery
Adult fiction and non-fiction. Mail query.
Send query letter marked attention Literary Dept. Interested in
features, all TV formats, and novels in all genres.
Accepts traditional and underground fiction and non-fiction. No horror,
crime, fantasy, children's, cooking, poetry, or health.
Fiction: Ethnic, literary, mainstream, suspense, thriller/espionage
(financial and medial thrillers), urban literature, contemporary women's
fictionSeeks commercial non-fiction (Business, personal finance,
investing, diet, parenting, lifestyle, relationships, self help, and women's
Query to, serious non-fiction
(American studies, history, science, current affairs, and business.
Query to [email protected] narrative non-fiction
(book length narrative work).
Query to
([email protected]), and novels (with fresh voices
and rich characters. Query to ([email protected])
Seeks Fiction (romance, chic lit, romantic suspense, mystery, women's
fiction, and literary fiction and non-fiction (spirituality, self-help,
business/finance, health psychology, relationships, parenting, pets, and
general non-fiction.)
Accepts novels (including young adult), nonfiction and children's books
Accepts e-queries.
Accepts juvenile/YA fiction and non-fiction. Send complete mss for
fiction and sample chapters + outline for non-fiction via regular mail.
Clients include Scott Turow. They want you to write a query that will
give the agent a sense of you as a professional writer, your long term
interests as well as a short description of the work at hand. 30% of
clients are new writers. Famous clients include Scott Turow NS
Micahel Cuningham (The Hours). The following agents should be
queried depending on the book you have: Gail Hockman--literary fiction
or memoirs; Carl Brandt, Marianne Merola, Charles Schlessiger, and
Meg Gils--Interested in mystery, history, current affairs, western issues,
Bright Lights Associates
Bukowski Agency
Cambridge Literary Associates
Candace Lake Agency
Carlisle and company
Carlisle Co.
Carol Mann Agency
Castiglia Literary Agency
Cat Ledger Literary Agency
Celia Catchpole
[email protected]
[email protected]
24 East 64 Street, New York, NY 10021
Tel No: 212 813 1881
Fax No: 212 813 9567
24 East 64 Street, New York, NY 10021
Tel No: 212 813 1881
Fax No: 212 813 9567
Claudia Menza Literary Agency
Collins McCormick Literary
Communications Management
Represents novels, screenplays, TV MOWs, and episodic dramas. Fax
query to 310-247-2116 to Candance Lake. Or e-mail for other info.
Interested in commercial and literary fiction, narrative non-fiction,
science, history, memoir, business, sports, and culture. No Sci-Fi,
romance, or children's books.
Looking for new authors
Accepts literary fiction and narrative non-fiction, including psychology,
biography, memoirs, history, pop culture, spirituality.
mail about e-queries at (
1155 Camino Del Mar, Suite 510, Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 456-5085
[email protected]
Charlotte Gusay Literary Agency
Christina Pechstein Agency
Seeks novels in the following genres: romance, women-in-jeopardy,
horror, occult, women's fiction, suspense, paranormal, gothic, and time
travel. Also seek non-fiction: self help books, women's issues, current
affairs. Query via e-mail to Suzanne Hoos with title, premise, genre
and word count. She is a published romance author herself and never
charges reading fees.
Accepts commercial fiction (no genre fiction, short stories) by mail only,
and non-fiction proposals by e-mail query or mail.
See site for needs.
1170 Broadway, Suite 807, NY, NY 10001
1129 Sixt Ave., #1 Rockfor, IL 61104-314
Fax :815-964-3061
Literary Mainstream, ethnic fiction, health, science, biography, women's
issues, pop culture, true crime.Query (via mail) the following depending
on area of interest: Julie Castiglia--Young women's fiction Winifred
golden--Thrillers and edgy fiction Both women look for literary, ethnic
and commercial fiction as well as narrative non-fiction by experts. Mail
query with a one paragraph synopsis and bio.
Accepts general fiction and non-fiction. Accepts e-queries.
Represents children's authors.
Fiction: Mainstream and literary fiction. Non-fiction. Narrative nonfiction/memoir, political/social subjects, business, film/television,
fashion, biography, humor, cookbooks, and others.Most genres in
fiction and non-fiction. E-queries welcome, but no more than a
paragraph or two. No downloads please. ([email protected])
Accepts: Creative non-fiction with a twist, memoirs, high-concept nonfiction, commercial mainstream fiction, edgy suspense and crime
novels, and thrillers of all flavors. Accepts e-queries
Represents non-fiction books and novels. Specializes in AfricanAmerican fiction and non-fiction. Send outline and sample chapter to
Claudia Menza.
Interests include literary and commercial fiction, narrative non-fiction,
history, biography/memoir, politics, sports, science, and humor. See
site for details. No e-queries.
Send query with outline and 3 sample chapters to Thomas R. Lee via
mail or fax. Has 20 clients 50% are new/unpublished. Accepts movie
scripts, non-fiction, and novels.
Cooke Agency
278 Bloor St. E., Suite 305, Toronto, ON M4W 3M4
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Doesn't want: How to, self-help,
spirituality, genre fiction. Mail query with SASE to Elizabeth Griffen or email ([email protected]) to see if e-mail query is acceptable.
Core Creations
Visit site for more details.
Interested in stories about characters with flaws who take chances and
lead fuller lives as a result. Considers mainstream, mystery, suspense,
romance, and historical fiction. Snail mail query to Helen Breitwieser.
30% of clients are new/unpublished writers. No e-queries.
[email protected]
Mr. Nelson is a former executive editor with Random House, Villard,
Hyperion, and Harper Collins. Accepts fiction and non-fiction Fiction:
Literary fiction with an "outsider perspective, GRIPPING THRILLERS
[email protected]
Accepts non-ficti0on (celebrity and /or media-based books) and
commercial fiction. E-mail query to Susan Crawford.
[email protected]
Bob McCoy has been an editor at Crown, Simon &Schuster,
Morrow/Avong, Dell/Delacorte. He is interested in literary and
commercial fiction (mystery, sci-fi / fantasy) and narrative non-fiction
(business, sports, adventure, science, politics and current affairs. No
romance, children's' or you adult books. Query via e-mail.
Cornerstone Literary
Craig Nelson Company
Crawford Literary Agency
Creative Books Services
[email protected]
Cyd LeVin & Associates
Dale Harney Productions
[email protected]
Send a e-query to Rob Gallagher with you title, genre log line and 50
word synopsis.
Only for Canadian writers. Accept email queries.
Darhansoff, Verrill, Feldman
Literary Agents
236 W. 26th St., #802, NY, NY 10001
David Black Literary Agency
156 Fifth Ave., NY, NY 10010
Dee Mura Enterprises, Inc.
DeFiore & Co
Denise Marcil Literary Agency
DHS Literary
Doe Coover Agency
269 West Shore Drive, Massapequa, NY 11758
685 West End Ave., Ste. 9C, Ny, NY 10025
Doe Coover Literary Agency
Don Congdon Associates, Inc.
156 Fifth Avenue, Suite 625, New York, NY 10010
Donald Maas Literary Agency
Donna Levin Manus & Associates
425 Sherman Ave. #200, Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 347-8121 ([email protected])
Doris S. Michaels Literary Agency
Douroux & Co.
[email protected]
Dreyer & Helland Literary Agency [email protected]
Dunham Literary
Dystel & Goderich Literary
E S Agency
Elaine P. English
Elise Proulx, Lowenstein Yost
Elsa Hurley, Candice Fuhrman
Seeks new and experienced writers in all genres. Most of their
previous work has been in academic publishing, but they are branching
out into other areas. They are located in Grand Forks, ND.
30% of clients are new writers. Interested in literary fiction , alternative
spirituality, and children's books (fastest growing area of agency). Mail
query to Jennie Dunham or Dona Lieberman.
Accepts adult fiction and non-fiction. Brief e-queries are okay.
6612 Pacheco Way, Citrus Heights, CA 95610
55 Central Park West, Suite 6, NY, NY 10023
[email protected]
Elizabeth Pomada, AAR, Larsen- 1029 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Pomada Literary Agents
(415) 673-0939
Ellen Levine Literary Agency
Query with outline and SASE. Accepts non-fiction and novels.
Specializing in sports and politics.
Snail mail a query letter, synopsis and brief author bio and SASE to
Dee Mura. Interested in features, TV Movies, and novels in the
following genres: Drama, comedy, horror, sci-fi, action/adventure,
romantic comedy, true life drama, crime, espionage, thriller, medical
thriller, non-fiction, women's issues.
Seeks adult fiction and no-fiction. Represents 25% fiction Fiction:
Commercial, suspense, modern. Non-fiction: Business books, finance
books self help, inspiration, health, memoir, biography, entertainment,
cooking, sports, psychology. Query via e-mail
[email protected]
Accepts commercial fiction (thrillers suspense, contemporary
mainstream women's fiction and chick lit) and non-fiction (self help, how
to, reference, business, parenting/relationships, health, popular
psychology, and books that help people's lives). Send one page query
with SASE.
Areas of Interest: Mainstream fiction, suspense, mystery, thrillers,
business, historical fiction, pop culture, film, technology, true crime,
travel/adventure, humor, and music. As of June 1, 2003 they will no
longer be accepting unsolicited queries or submissions. Accepting new
material by referral only. E-mail queries to
([email protected]).
Accepts literary fiction and non-fiction (bio/memoir, business, social
science, cooking, and gardening). No e-queries.
See site for needs.
Looking for new talent.
Sells about 100 novels per year. Takes on 3-5 new/unpublished writers
each year. Handles only novels. Specializes in sci-fi / fantasy,
mystery/thriller, romance, women's, historical, and mainstream. Snail
mail query to one of the four agents: Donald Mass, Jennifer Jackson,
Michelle Brummer, or Andrea Somberg.
Fiction: Commercial and literary, mysteries. Non-fiction: Memoirs.
Author of Get that Novel Started.
Fiction: commercial, literary, women's, novels with strong screen
potential. Non-fiction (see site) E-mail queries only.
[email protected]
Represent both books and screenplays. Have an online query form on
their site.
Educational Design Services, Inc. P.O. Box 253, Wantaugh, NY 11793
Elaine Koster Literary Agency
Fiction, non-fiction, literary fiction. Mail query.
Represents fiction, non-fiction, movie scripts, feature film, TV movie-ofthe-week. Query via fax (916) 723-2796 or via e-mail with SASE to Ed
Silver, president. For more information e-mail them at
[email protected]
Accepts k-12 educational texts only. Submit query with outline, sample
pages or complete mss and bio/resume.
Accepts commercial and literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, self help,
and memoir. Mail query.
actively seeking women's fiction, including single title romance. E-mail
query to ([email protected]).
Fiction: literary, women's fiction, quirky fiction, mysteries. Non-fiction:
serious, health, psychology.
Literary & commercial fiction, romance, historical, mysteries, thrillers.
Nonfiction: Women's interest, travel , narrative, memoir, biography, and
new voices.
Represents non-fiction (biography, memoir, history, sociology, health,
business) and fiction (thrillers, strong stores for women, multicultural
fiction, and a wide range of literary fiction). Will accept queries via
email. See submissions section of site for details.
60 Greenwood Way, Mill Valley, CA 94941
(415)383-6081 ([email protected]
Literary & fiction. Narrative non-fiction.
Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency
Farber Agency
Farber Literary Representation
Faris Literary
Fegen/Parrent Literary
Established in 1984. 10% of clients are new writers. Represents
commercial and literary fiction as well as children's books and serious
non-fiction. Sells over 100 tiles per year and actively seeks new
authors. See guidelines on site. E-mail query ok.
[email protected]
Represents fiction, non-fiction, children's books and playwrights.
Accepts adult fiction, non-fiction, YA / children's, and plays. Query with
outline and 3 sample chapters via mail only.
Seeks fiction (thrillers, suspense, mysteries, romance, mainstream,
horror, action/adventure, literary, Christian, westerns) and non-fiction
(how to, self help, law, true crime, current affairs, popular culture,
women's issues, biographies, history, travel, sports, politics,
entertainment, spiritual, and inspirational). See site for submission
details or e-mail query to Mike Farris at ([email protected]).
[email protected]
Accept email queries
First Books
First Books Inc.
First Look Talent and Literary
Accepts 85% non-fiction provocative non-fiction: (psychology, health,
popular science, women's, investigative journalism, and bio). And 15%
fiction (mainstream and contemporary -- represented Jane Austen in
Boca). E-mail query ok.
Specializes in selling foreign rights for a handful of literary agencies, but
does represent a few writers domestically. Whitney Lee, an agent here,
is interested in commercial and literary fiction, narrative non-fiction,
science, history, memoir, business, sports, and culture. Her e-mail
address is [email protected]
Mainstream fiction and non-fiction. (No romance, westerns, short
stories, or extremely violent novels)
Adult fiction and non fiction
Have an online query form on their site.
Felicia Eth Literary
Fielding Agency
Flannery Literary
Fogelman Literary Agency
Francesca & John Vrattos,
Vrattos Literary Agency
Front Matter Agency
Futerman, Rose & Associates
Gelfman Schneider
Georges Borchardt, Inc.
Gina Maccoby Literary Agency
Gislason Agency
Golvan Arts
Goodman Associates
Graybill & English
Gregory & Co.
Grey Literary Enterprises
Grosvenor Literary Agency
[email protected]
Fiction and non-fiction for children and young adults; all genres infant to
college age. For questions email at ([email protected]). Query by mail
only. Mail query and SASE to Jennifer Flannery.
Women's fiction, romance, mystery, suspense and thrillers' commercial
and pop culture non-fiction; also, non-fiction for a female audience.
Query to [email protected] Represents 40% fiction, 60% non-fiction. They are interested in all nonfiction projects, mysteries, thrillers and women's fiction.
Visit site for more information.
Accepts screenplays, commercial, literary and non-fiction, particularly
where there's is a strong film potential.
Contemporary women's commercial fiction, literary and commercial
fiction, mystery and suspense. Mail query. For questions e-mail at
250 W. 57th St., Ste. 2515, Ny, NY 10107
[email protected]
136 E. 57th St., NY, NY 10022
Accepts fiction and non-fiction.
P.O. Box 60, Chappaqua, NY 10514
Fiction and non-fiction for adults and children.
Accepts fiction (mystery, suspense, thriller, legal thriller, sci-fi, fantasy,
romance) and non-fiction (health, alternative medicine, science,
spirituality, self help, New Age, animal behavior, and popular
psychology). All queries must be by mail to Barbara Gislason. For
fiction: query with synopsis, first three chapters, and SASE. For nonfiction: query with proposal and sample chapters.
Represents adult and children's fiction and non-fiction, poetry,
screenplays, and stage plays. Base in Australia.
500 West End Ave., Ny, NY 10024
Accepts adult fiction and non-fiction. Mail query with SASE.
1140 Wickfield Ct., Naperville, IL 60563
[email protected]
5510 Grosvenor Lane, Bethesda, MD 20814
65% of clients are new/unpublished. Needs fiction (women's, incl.
Romance and mystery; literary/commercial, particularly character driven
novels) and non-fiction (current events, biography, health, science,
narrative-women's stories, self help, sports, politics. Accepts e-queries.
E-mail Lynn Whittaker at ([email protected]).
Accepts 90% novels (action/adventure, detective/crime, mainstream,
and romance). Sold 100 titles in 2002. See site for submission details.
Accepts e-queries.
Seeks commercial fiction, horror, hardcore murder mysteries, and
medical thrillers. Will consider any quality fiction. E-mail to see if they
accept e-mail queries
Management company for novels and screenplays
Mail outline/proposal for non-fiction and query with 3 sample chapters
for fiction. No e-mail/fax queries.
Harold Ober Associates
Harris Literary
Harris, Harris,& Donahue, Ltd.
Hartline Literary Agency
Harvey Klinger, Inc.
Helen Rees Literary Agency
Henry Morrison, Inc.
Hopkins Literary Associaters
452 Madison Ave., NY, NY 100017
376 North St., Boston, MA 02113
Fiction, non-fiction, and screenplays. Query with SASE.
2117 buffalo Rd., Suite 327, Rochester, NY 146241507
Represents novels. Specializes in women's fiction, particularly
historical, contemporary and category romance, as well as mainstream
work. Mail outline and three sample chapters to Pam Hopkins.
Hy Cohen Literary Agency
[email protected]
International Literary
Representation and Management,
Jacqueline Simenauer Literary
JCA Literary Agency
P.O. Box A.G., Mantoloking, NY 08738
Accepts fiction (literary and mainstream) and non-fiction
(health/medicine, popular psychology, how to/self help, women's
alternative health, spirituality, New age, fitness/nutrition, current issues,
true crime, business, celebrities, reference and social issues). For
fiction query with first 3 chapters. For non-fiction send query only.
318 E. 51st St., NY, NY 10022
P.O. Box A.G., Mantoloking, NJ 08738
Jean V. Naggar Literary Agency 216 E. 75th St., Ny, NY 10021
Jeanne Fredericks Literary
Jed Mattes, Inc.
Jeff Herman Literary Agency
Jennifer De Chiara Literary
Jennifer Jackson of
Donald Mass Agency
Jenny Bent
Jill Grosjean Literary Agency
Jim Donovan Literary
Welcomes queries from published authors. (Not vanity or selfpublished).
Irene Krass: Psychological thrillers, medical thrillers, mysteries, and
literary fiction. Ashley Krass: Romance, women's fiction, historical
fiction, non-fiction. Send a short cover letter and the first 50 pages on
a completed manuscript. No query letters.
Jane Dystel Literary Management.
Jaqueline Simenauer Literary
Accepts a broad range of serious and commercial non-fiction and select
fiction. Non-fiction-full proposal, fiction, one-page synopsis and the first
30-35 pages of the manuscript. We are no longer accepting unsolicited
fiction queries via the mail. Call for any questions on
submissions.Accepts e-queries.
Accepts adult and yung0adult fiction and no-fiction. E-Query okay.
507 NW 22nd Ave, suite 104, Portland, OR 97210
James Levine Communications
Jandy Nelson, Manus &
425 Sherman Ave. #200, Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 347-8121 ([email protected])
Jane Rotrosen Agency
Mainstream fiction, thriller, mystery, humor, sci-fi, children's, young
adult , historical fiction. Nonfiction: True story, how to, adventure,
historical, medical, self help. Email queries okay. Contact: Query letter
with SASE, E-mail 300 word description
New agency looking for fiction and non-fiction. See site for details.
Accepts mainstream and inspirational fiction and non-fiction.
Accepts mainstream adult fiction and non-fiction, literary and
commercial. E-mail query to ([email protected]).
Accepts literary fiction and non-fiction (business, bio, and health).
Query with outline, bio, and up to 50 page sample. Direct all questions
to ([email protected]).
P.O. Box 235, Bedford Hills, NY 10507
Hornfischer Literary Management
Irene Krass Agency
Accepts general fiction and non-fiction. Query with SASE.
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Accepts equeries.
Literary and commercial fiction and nonfiction.
Fiction: Action/adventure, ethnic, gay/lesbian/ literary, mainstream,
suspense, thriller,/espionage.
Specializes in commercial fiction (all varieties, including suspense,
romance, and mystery) and non-fiction (narrative). Represents well
known writer Iris Johansen. Mail query to Jane R. Berkey, Andre Cirillo,
Annelise Robey, or Margaret Ruley.
Literary and commercial fiction; general non-fiction. Equery is okay. Email address?
Accepts adult fiction (literary, thrillers, mysteries, commercial) and nonfiction (narrative, history, science, pop culture, true crime). Query with
50 sample pages and synopsis. Query by mail with SASE to Jeff
Gerecke or Tony Outhwaite.
Adult mainstream fiction, literary and commercial fiction; narrative nonfiction. Include outline, bio and resume.
[email protected]
Consider novels occasionally
[email protected]
Fiction and non-fiction. See for details.
General adult non-fiction and fiction. Query to [email protected]
Seeks commercial and literary fiction (looking for next John Steinbeck),
mystery/thriller and self-help. Specializes in children's literature for all
ages. Snail mail query. 40% of clients are new/unpublished writers.
No e-queries.
Seeks mystery/suspense/romance/ and women's fiction
A lit agent with Harvey Linkter where she represents literary fiction,
women's commercial fiction and popular non-fiction (health, psychology,
spirituality, history, biography, and memoir)>
accepts mainly fiction: mystery/suspense, literary, thrillers,and women's
4515 Prentice St., Suite 109, Dallas, TX 75206
Accepts non-fiction and novels. For non-fiction send query and SASE.
For fiction send 2-5 page outline and 3 sample characters.Query by
mail with SASE. Looking for books with something fresh to say.
Joan Brandt Agency
Jodie Rhodes Literary Agency
Jody Rein Books
788 Wesley Dr., Atlanta, GA 30305-3933
8840 Villa La Jolla Dr., Suite 315, La Jolla, CA 920371957
Joelle Delbourgo Associates
John A. Ware Literary Agency
392 Central Park W., NY, NY 10025
John Hawkins and Associates
John Talbot Agency
Jonathan Dolger Agency
Jonathan James Agency
49 E. 96th St., 9b, NY, NY 10128
[email protected]
Joy Harris Agency
Julie Barer of Sanford J.
Greenburger Associates
Julie Pokin
Karen Nazor Literary Agency
Kidde, Hoty, & Picard
[email protected]
[email protected]
15340 Albright Street, #204, Pacific Palisades, CA
335 E 51st St., NY, NY 10022
Kimberley Cameron, AAR, Resse- 98 Main Street #704, Tiburon, CA 94920
[email protected]
Knight Agency
Knox Burger Associates
LA Literary Agency
425 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10017
P.O. Box 46730, Los Angeles, CA 90046
Larsen Pomada Literary Agents
Laura Rennert, Senior Agent,
Andrea Brown Agency
Laurence Pollinger
Laurens R. Schwartz Agency
Lazear Agency
Left to Write Agency
Lennie Literary Agency
[email protected]
Specializes in marketing/selling books in other languages to the
Japanese by selling Japanese translation rights to Japanese publishers.
"No initial fee is required to evaluate the possibility that…your book
might be sold in Japan."
Represents non-fiction, novels, and short story collections. Query with
Represents 60% non-fiction, 35% novels, and 5% middle to young adult
books. Doesn't want: erotica, horror, fantasy, romance, sci-fi, children's
books, religious, inspirational books. Mail query with brief synopsis,
first 20-50 pages and SASE to Clark McCutcheon (fiction) and Bob
McCarter (non-fiction) For other question email at
([email protected]).
7741 S. Ash Ct. Littleton, CO 80122. Commercial and narrative nonfiction; commercial and literary fiction; Screenplays.
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. No e-queries.
Accepts adult fiction (non-category thrillers and mysteries) and nonfiction (biography, history, current affairs, investigative journalism,
social criticism, nature, Americana and folklore, science, medicine, and
Wants fiction of all sorts, non-fiction (contemporary journalism, history,
biography, etc.), juvenile (mainly young adult and middle grades). See
site for more details
Seeks commercial and literary fiction and general and narrative nonfiction. No children's, sci-fi / fantasy, poetry or screenplays. Accepts equeries.
Adult fiction and non-fiction. Mail query.
Seeks new literary fiction
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Accepts fax queries to joy Harris at
(212) 924-6609. Check site to see if email queries are accepted.
Email address is ([email protected]).
Likes working with emerging writers on developing their careers. The
agency seeks literary fiction, narrative non-fiction, history, biography,
religion, and cultural studies. E-mail her for queries.
Mail query to Ms. Popkin with SASE. Has 35 clients. 30% are
new/unpublished. Accepts non-fiction (art, architecture, government,
politics, history, women's issues) and fiction (mainstream novels).
Specializes in non-fiction (arts, culture, politics, technology, civil rights
and fiction. Query to [email protected] NOTE: She charges for
express mail services and photocopying costs.
Mainstream fiction, literary fiction, romance, mysteries, and general nonfiction. E-mail at ([email protected]) to see if e-queries are
Non-fiction: culture, history, biography, self-help, spirituality.
Mainstream & literary fiction, sci-fi.
Seeks Romance: Contemporary, historical, time travel, paranormal scifi, romantic suspense, woman's fiction, commercial fiction, literary
fiction. For non-fiction, they seek--business, self help, finance, music,
entertainment, media-related, pop culture, how to, psychology, travel,
health, inspirational/religious/reference, and holiday books. Query via email
Accepts adult fiction (no sci-fi, fantasy, or romance) and non-fiction
Mail query with SASE
Adult fiction and non-fiction. Mail query, including outline and 50
sample pages + bio of author. For questions you can e-mail at
([email protected]). No e-queries.
40-45% of clients are new/unpublished. For fiction (literary or
commercial) query Mike Larsen. For non-fiction contact Elizabeth
Pmada. Snail mail query with outline and sample chapters (or first 10
pages of completed novel0.
All categories of children's books. Nonfiction: history, thrillers with
female angle, narrative & popular, memoirs. Fiction: historical, literary
& thrillers.
[email protected]
Accepts children's and adult fiction and non-fiction. Accepts e-queries.
5 E. 22nd St., Suite 15D, NY, M 10010-5325
Handles fiction, non-fiction. Query with SASE
Handles fiction, non-fiction, juvenile, feature film, TV scripts, etc. Query
by mail with SASE and outline/proposal to Editorial Board.
Represents authors in these genres: Action/adventure,
mystery/suspense, and thriller/espionage.
Accepts fiction (general and mystery, short story compilations) and nonfiction (biography, Latin America, Women's Literature, history, social,
political, and public policy). No e-queries.
Lescher & Lescher, Ltd
Lescher Agency
Lewis & Co.
Lilly Ghahremani, Full Circle
Literary Agency
Linda Roghaar Literary Agency
67 Irving Place
New York, NY 10003
[email protected]
[email protected]
Lindsey's Literary Services
7502 Greenville Ave., Ste. 500, Dallas, Ty 75231
Literary Agency for Southern
2123 Paris Metz Road, Chattanooga, TN 37421
Literary Group
LitWest Group
Loretta Barrett Books
Lori Perkins
Lori Perkins Associates
Lowenstein Associates
Lowenstein-Yost Associates
Lukeman Literary Management
Lynda Tolls Literary Agency
M. Courtney Briggs
General fiction and non-fiction.
90% nonfiction 10% fiction. Handles everything but romance, horror, or
sci-fi. No e-queries. Check website for details.
Accepts fiction (mystery/suspense/thriller, mainstream, romance,
women as strong heroines) and non-fiction (self-help, psychology,
women's , some metaphysical). For fiction query with synopsis, first 3
chapters, and brief bio. For non-fiction query with proposal, writing
sample, brief bio detailing credentials and platform. Include SASE. For
further questions email at ([email protected]).
Focus is on authors living in the Southern U.S. Special focus on "new
authors with something to say, who have a vision of where they are
going as an author."
Accepts 50% fiction and 50% non-fiction (specializes in true crime,
military, history, biography, sports, how to). Mail query along with an
outline and 3 sample chapters to Frank Weimann with SASE or e-mail
him at ([email protected]).
30-50% of clients are new-unpublished. Interested in well-researched
historical fiction, literary fiction and mystery/thriller. For non-fiction they
seek business, self help, health, parenting, women's issues,
fitness/sports, leisure, travel, pop culture, memoir, current affairs,
intelligent religion/spirituality.
101 Fifth Ave., F1. 112, NY, NY 10003
10% of clients are new writers, 80% are first-time novelists. Accepts
non-fiction (up-market psychological/spiritual, sophisticated theology,
self help, history, biography) and fiction (thrillers, romantic suspense,
contemporary women's). Mail query with SASE
[email protected]
Lit agent for books
5800 Arlngton Ave., Riverdale, NY 10471
10% of clients are new/unpublished. Accepts non-fiction (popular
culture) and fiction (fantasy horror, dark literary and sci-fi). Mail query.
121 West 27th St., Suite 601, NY, NY 10001
Send Query and SASE to Barbara Lowenstein (for fiction, send outline
and first chapter). Has 150 clients. 20% are new/unpublished.
Accepts non-fiction (health, business, spiritualism, creative non-fiction,
crime, and women's issues) and fiction (literary, commercial,
Agent Nancy Yost handles fiction in these areas: crime, suspense,
mysteries, women's fiction, and romance. The agency represents such
know authors as Perri O'Shaughnessy, Stephanie Laurens, Leslie
Glass. You should mail a query along with the first 10 pages (the 1st
chapter). Accepts paper and e-submissions of fiction and non-fiction.
Doesn't represent material in these genres: horror, westerns, sci-fi,
children's, textbooks, and books in need of translation.
Visit site for more info. Rep both fiction and non-fiction
[email protected]
100 North Broadway Ave., 20th Floor, Oklahoma City,
OK 73102-9906
Malaga Baldi Literary Agency
204 W. 84th St., Ste. 3C, NY, NY 10024
Manus & Associates Literary
March Tenth
Accepts serious non-fiction (current affairs, history, biography, memoir,
politics, law, sociology, psychology, pop culture, and food/wine) and
literary and/or commercial fiction (mysteries/thrillers and some
children's books). E-queries to ([email protected] or
[email protected]).
Accepts fiction (including mysteries) and non-fiction (travel, cookbooks,
bio/memoir, psychology, and spiritual). E-mail query.
Accepts fiction (mystery/suspense/thriller, commercial/mainstream,
romance, and some literary) and non-fiction (self-help, how-to,
metaphysical, gay/lesbian, memoir, psychology, and ethnic). E-mail
Margret McBride Literary Agency
Biography, education, cultural interests, health/medicine, history, travel,
current affairs, others. Fiction, multicultural, history, literary, suspense,
mystery, romance. Non-fiction: query with SASE, fiction: query with
Send query with SASE. 25% of clients are new/unpublished. Actively
seeking children's friction, children's picture books, and young adult
fiction and non-fiction.
Accepts literary adult fiction and no-fiction. Mail query. For questions email [email protected]
50% of clients are new/unpublished. Seeks women's fiction, literary
fiction, thrillers, narrative non-fiction, health, and sophisticated self help.
Handles fiction and non-fiction. Email query to Harry Choron, vice
president at [email protected]
General fiction and non-fiction. Mainstream business, fiction, and nonfiction.Accepts fiction (legal, historical) and non-fiction (business,
leadership, management). Query by mail--no e-mail.
Maria Carvainis Agency
Martha Casselman
Martha Jewett
McClean Literary Associates
McHugh Literary Agency
Meredith Bernstein Literary
Agency, Inc.
Mic Cheetam
Michael Meller Literary Agency
Michelle Tessler of Carlisle &
Mocknick Productions
1350 Avenue of the Americas, Suite 2905
New York, NY 10019
P.O. Box 342, Calistoga, CA 94515.
[email protected]
Accepts most fiction (except SF/Fantasy, Horror, Children's Books) and
all areas of non-fiction. E-mail Elisabeth McHugh with a query first. She
has recent sales to Harlequin, Time-Warner, Bantam, and more.
Handles fiction (women's and men's), mysteries, romance, and nonfiction (women's issues, personal memoirs, parenting, psychology,
2112 Broadway, Suite 503A, New York NY 10023. Tel: business, spirituality, science, travel, fashion, inspiration and humour).
001 212 799 1007. Fax: 001 212 799 1145
Always interested in new ideas, voices and other original projects.
Looking for mainstream fiction, psychological suspense, medical
thrillers, love stories (but not romances). Not taking on any unpublished
romance writers at present.
Interested in edgy literary fiction, crime fiction, thrillers, historical fiction,
and sci-fi / fantasy.
Seeks fiction, non-fiction and children's.
Seeks literary fiction and non-fiction (narrative, biography, cultural and
social history, memoirs, popular science, travel, and spirituality.)
Contact here at [email protected]
Accepts new writers of novels, poetry, short stories, screenplays, stage
plays, new age, and children's stories.
Mountainview Literary Associates [email protected]
Mysterious Content Literary
[email protected]
Nancy Love Literary Agency
250 E. 65th St., NY, NY 10021-6614
Natash Kern Literary Agency
National Writers Literary Agency
Nelson Literary agency
Fiction: Mainstream, literary fiction, mystery/suspense, thrillers, fantasy,
historical, young adults, contemporary women's fiction. Non Fiction:
biography memoirs, health, self help, business, finance, psychology,
and popular science.
Accepts general and literary fiction with a particular interest in crime,
thrillers, sci-fi and contemporary women's fiction. Also accepts nonfiction and screenplays.
Trade non-fiction, food books, and cookbooks. Mail query letter.
Mainly wants business and motivational books.
Represent fiction, mysteries, true crime, literary fiction, and non-fiction.
Adult fiction and all non-fiction. E-mail queries okay.
Seeks fiction (mystery, thriller, suspense, espionage, crime fiction, noir,
adventure, military fiction, literary novels, short-story collections,
commercial fiction, children's and you adult fiction) and narrative nonfiction, life stories in an identifiable narrative voice, and books about
writing. E-mail Query to Debbie Carter.
Seeks non-fiction (health/medicine, alternative medicine, etc.) and
fiction (mysteries and thrillers only). Member of AAR. Mail query.
Fiction: commercial and literary, mainstream women's, romance,
historical, thrillers, suspense, and mysteries, mainstream sci-fi. Nonfiction: investigative journalism, health, science, women's issues,
parenting, spirituality, and more. ([email protected])
Represents authors like Coleman Stokes. ommercial fiction and nonfiction, screenplays. Equeries okay.
Seeks fiction: Literary, commercial mainstream, women's, historical
romance, romantic suspense, sci-fi/fantasy. Non-fiction: Narrative,
memoir, biography, history, popular culture, business spiritual,
established in 2002 on advice from the head of Harcourt's trade dept.
Accepts e-queries.
New Brand Agency Group
Fiction: adult/ya-thrillers, mysteries, suspense, light horror, mainstream,
light literary fantasy, magical realism, historical, soft sci-fi, non-genre
romance, women's literary. Nonfiction: Pop culture, women's issues,
success/leadership, psychology/self help, relationships, personal
growth, spirituality, biography, humor, business/investing, and more.
Accepts e-mail queries. Contact Mark Ryan.
Norris Literary Agency
Prefers mainstream fiction, literary non-fiction and children's books.
Accepts e-mail queries. If he finds an author has promise, he goes
through one edit before signing any kind of contract with the author as
a way for both parties to evaluate working with each other.
[email protected]
Visit site for more info.
114 Coronado St.
Atlantic Beach, N.Y. 11509
[email protected]
Seeks "socially relevant and female issue oriented material." Email
query to Robert Kozak at ([email protected]).
Send e-mail to find their policy on e-mail queries
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. No e-queries.
Northrup Literary and
Entertainment Agency
Otto R. Kozak Literary and Motion
Picture Agency
Owen Prell Literary Agency
Pacific Northwest Literary
Paraview Literary Agency
Partricia Teal Literary Agency
2036 Vista Del Rosa, Fullerton, CA 92831
Accepts non-fiction in these areas: mind, body and spirit; health and
fitness; business; investing; finance; biography; travel; lifestyle;
reference; religious; science. Accepts e-queries.
Women's fiction, commercial non-fiction.
Paul and Peter Fritz
Paul Levine Literary Agency
pslevi[email protected]
Pearson Morris & Belt Literary
Pema Browne
P.O. Box 4063, North Hollywood, CA 91617
Specializes in the representation of English Language writing for
publication in German. Also represents writers writing in German.
Accepts e-mail queries.
Commercial fiction and non-fiction. Represents 30% non-fiction, 30%
novels, 10% movie scripts, 30% TV scripts. No sci-fi, fantasy or horror.
E-mail query to ([email protected]) 1054 Syperba Ave, Venice,
Ca 90291 Phone (310) 450-6711 Fax(310) 450-0180 Contact"
Query by mail, e-mail, or fax.
Accepts fiction (women's commercial, literary, African-American literary,
and commercial) And non-fiction (computer, self help, parenting,
business, health, fitness, science, current events, narrative non-fiction,
Actively seeking adult non-fiction, romance, juvenile, middle grade,
some young adult, picture books, and novelty books. Mail query and
SASE to Pema Browne.
22284 Avenue San Luis, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 340-4302
Fiction and non-fiction, most genres.
551 Fifth Ave., Ste. 1613, NY, NY 10014
Commercial and literary fiction; non-fiction. Include the nature of the
submission, author's credentials, sample chapter, synopsis, and e-mail
address. For questions you can e-mail at ([email protected]). No
Peter rubie Literary Agency
20% of clients are new/unpublished. Seeks non-fiction (prescriptive
material by experts, new age, and narrative non-fiction) and fiction
(literary, thrillers, crime novels, intelligent sci-fi. Reps pop culture,
business, history, pop science, narrative non-fiction, Judaic, New Age,
children's, literature, thrillers, crime novels, sci-fi, fantasy, and literary
fiction. E-mail query to Peter Rubie at ([email protected]).
Pema Browne LTD
Peter Lampack Agency
Philip G. Spitzer Literary Agency 50 Talmage Farm Ln., East Hampton, NY 11937
Pinder Lane & Garon-brooke
PMA Literary and film
Publishers Weekly
Qcorp Literary
Quicksilver Books
[email protected]
Rachel Vater, Donald Maas
Literary Agency
160 W. 95th St., Suite 1B, NY, NY 10025
Randi Glass Murray, Randi
Murray Litera Agency
804 Vista Road, Hillsborough,k CA 94010
(650-347-8121 ([email protected])
Redwood Agency
Reece Halsey Agency
RG Management
Rich Henshaw
Richard Parks Agency
[email protected]
One of Europe's leading literary and talent agencies. Represents
writers, actors, athletes, etc. No e-mail.
Adult fiction, literary, and suspense/mystery. Non-fiction. For
questions e-mail at ([email protected])
Fiction: Commercial and literary fiction, incl. Thrillers, techno-thrillers,
adventure, romance sci-fi, fantasy. Non-fiction: Cookbooks, pop
culture, personal lifestyle, etc.
Fiction: Action, suspense, thrillers, particularly legal thrillers Non-fiction:
Pop culture and current events. Contact their website for submission
details. They have an impressive list of clients which you can see on
the website.
Lists all agents with AAR membership
Accepts fiction (children's, romance, experimental, erotica, occult,
science fiction, fantasy, mainstream, literary) and non-fiction
(biographies, sports, the outdoors, reference, texts, self help,
computers, religion). Also handles Screenplays.
Agency seeking new writers. 75% nonfiction, 25% fiction. adult
mainstream trade and /or mass market fiction. Prefers literate
suspense thrillers and contemporary novels with bestseller potential.
Accepts e-queries.
Visit site for further details.
Worked at Writer's Digest magazine as the trade books editor. She is
taking clients now.
Literary & commercial fiction, mysteries, historical, chick lit. Nonfiction:prescriptive/narravtive, memoirs, humor, science, politics/current
affairs, business, and sports.
Accepts Non-fiction for the general consumer market. Has online query
Agency started in 1957 and has represented such writers as Aldous
Huxley, William Faulkner, Upton Sinclair, and Henry MillerEmail to see
if they accept e-mail queries. Literary fiction. 8733 Sunset Blvd, suite
101, LA, CA 90069 (310) 652-7593
Send query letter via email with no attachments to Rebecca Gallegos.
Interested in features, all T.V. formats, plays, and novels in all genres.
Specializes in commercial fiction and non-fiction, with a special interest
in all areas of crime fiction. Also looks for fiction thrillers, mysteries,
science fiction, fantasy, and horror
Represents literary and commercial fiction and trade non-fiction.
Especially interested in: narrative non-fiction, biography and
autobiography, history, popular culture, medicine and health,
psychology, parenting, nature and environment, outdoors/adventure,
women's issues, cultural and ethnic issues. No children's books,
poetry, plays or screenplays.
Ricia Mainhardt Agency
represents adult and young adult fiction, non-fiction, picture books and
early readers.
Specializes in Adult non-fiction. Send proposal package, outline, and
SASE by mail.
Represents fiction and non-fiction for more than 20 years.Seeks fiction
and non-fiction, including teen and young adult. No sci-fi / fantasy.
Accepts e-queries.
Represents non-fiction (journalistic expose, bio, history), novels, and
novellas. Query with SASE. For questions e-mail at
[email protected]
Specializes in books about entertainment, pop culture, popular science,
food, and travel. E-mail query to [email protected]
Rita Rosenkranz Literary Agency 440 West End Ave., Suite 15D, NY, NY 10024
RLR Associates
Robert Ducas, The Barn House
Robert Lecker
244 Westside Rd., Norfold, CT 06058
Robert Preskill, Attorney at Law,
Legal & Literary Representation
Commercial men's fiction, mysteries and thrillers. Non-fiction of all
Robert Shepard, Robert Shepard
Literary Agency
Robin Wade Literary Agency
Memoirs, spirituality, history, current affairs, pop culture, business,
science, Judaic, and gay / lesbia
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Accepts e-queries.
Rosenberg Group
Russel & Volkening, Inc.
Ruth Cohen Inc.
Sagalyn Literary Agency
Sanda Dijkstra Literary Agency
Sandra Watt & Associates
Sandum & Associates
Sarah Jane Freymann Literary
Schiavone Literary Agency
Scott Treimel
Scovil Chichak Galen Literary
Serendipity Literary Agency
Seymour Agency
Fiction: Women's, mystery, literary, romance, and sports. Non-fiction
Commercial non-fiction. Check site for submission requirements.
38 E. 29th St., 10th Fl., NY, Ny 10016
50 W. 29th St., Suite 7E, NY, NY 10001
P.O. Box 2244, La Jolla, CA 92038
[email protected]
Adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction; stage plays.
Fiction: commercial and literary (no westerns, romance, fantasy, sci-fi)
Non-fiction: history, psychology, health, business, spiritual, self-help.
And children's fiction/non-fiction Query to [email protected]
1750 N., Sierra Bonita, LA, CA 90046
144 E. 84th St., NY, NY 10028
Adult fiction and non-fiction. Include bio/resume.
Accepts non-fiction and literary fiction. Query with sample pages and
[email protected]
85% non-fiction, 15% fiction. E-mail query.
434 Lafayette St., Ny, Ny 10003
Fiction: Mainstream, commercial, literary, thrillers, mysteries,
romances, historical, and al children's. Contact James Schivone.
Juvenile/young adult fiction and non-fiction.
Adult fiction and non-fiction. E-mail query to ([email protected]).
[email protected] Lit agent for books
602 65th St., Downers Grove, IL 60516-3020
Sligo Literary Agency
Sound Boy Entertainment &
[email protected]
Speciality Book Marketing
Spectrum Literary Agency
Spieler Agency
154 W. 57th St., Rm. 135, NY, NY 10019
Stanlake, Mitchell Literary Agency
Steele-Perkins Literary aGency
[email protected]
Steele-Perkins Literary aGency
[email protected]
Stefanidis Agency
Selective women's fiction, mysteries, juvenile literature, young adult
Adult fiction and non-fiction E-mail query to Raphael Sagalyn.
PMB 515, 1155 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014
(858) 735-3115 ext18 Fax: (858)792-1494
Sheree Bykofsky Associates, Inc.
Silver Screen Placements
Accepts fiction and non-fiction. Query with outline.
Represent 60% non-fiction (actively seeking African-American nonfiction, computer books, and juvenile books and 40% novels. Accepts
most genres of fiction except science fiction. E-mail query to Regina
Brooks at [email protected] Ms. Brooks was an editor at
McGraw-Hill and John Wiley and sons
Reps Christian romance, self help, romance, westerns and general nonfiction. E-mail query to ([email protected])
Accepts literary and commercial adult fiction and non-fiction (popular
reference, business,, self-help, humor, biography, memoir, women's,
spiritual, health, fitness, multicultural, parenting, gay/lesbian, and
Accepts novels (all genres), movie scripts, non-fiction (all genres). Email query to William Levin at ([email protected]).
In house literary agency for its own publisher.
email query letter. Interested in features, all T.V. formats, plays, and
novels in these genres: drama, comedy, horror, and action/adventure.
Accepts Children's and middle-grad fiction and non-fiction. Accepts equeries.
Represents new and established writers of non-fiction and novels.
Accepts commercial fiction, sci-fi / fantasy, mystery/suspense, romantic
suspense, and historical romance. No e-queries.
Non-fiction and literary fiction.
Represents writers of literary and contemporary/mainstream fiction.
Seeks romance and women's fiction.
Nees 100% romance and mainstream women's fiction. E-query to
Pattie Steele-Perkins.
Accepts commercial and literary fiction, non-fiction and children's.
Accept e-queries.
Fiction: multicultural. Literary and women's fiction, young voices. Nonfiction: prescriptive & narrative non-fiction, Gen X/Gen Y issues,
popular science.
Specializes in motion pictures, novels, humor, pop culture, urban
fiction, and independent filmmakers. Mail query to Stephen Pevner
with SASE and outline. (He represented the Vagina Monologues) Email address, just in case, is ([email protected]).
Will consider sci-fi / fantasy and mysteries. Accepts e-queries.
Name is now Sternig & Bryne Literary Agency. Check site for detail.
[email protected]
Preschool through young adult fiction and non-fiction. Equery okay.
Strachan Literary Agency
Accepts fiction (literary, mystery/suspense and legal/psychological
thrillers if beautifully written) and non-fiction (memoirs, travel, parenting,
self help, decorating, food/cooking, gardening, etc.) Accepts e-queries.
Stuart Krichevsky Agency
Stephanie Lee, AAR, Manus and 425 Sherman Ave. #200, Palo Alto, CA 94306
(650) 347-8121 ([email protected])
Stephen Pevner
Sternig & Byrne
Stimola Literary Studio
Stuart Miller Co
382 Lafayetter St., 8th Floor, NY, NY 10003
[email protected]
Sunshine Coast Literary Agency [email protected]
Susan Ann Protter Literary Agent
Susan Schulman Agency
Susan Zeckendorf Assoc.
Susan Zeckendorf Associates
110 W. 40th St., Ste 1408, NY, NY 10018
454 West 44th Street, New York, NY 10036
171 W. 57th St., NY, NY 10019
(212) 245-2928
171 W 57th St., #11B NY, NY 10019
Susan Zeckendrf Associates
171 W. 57th St., NY, NY 10019
Susijn Agency
Talesmyth Entertainment
TC Wallace, LTD
312 St. Jon St., Suite 69, Portland, ME 04102
[email protected]
Tennyson Agency
The Literary Group
Toby Eady Associates
Toni Lopopolo Literary
[email protected]
Transatlantic Literary Agency
Trident Media Group
Venture Literary
Victoria Sanders & Associates
Visit site for further details.
Represents non-fiction, fiction, and movie scripts. E-mail query with 23 page narrative and outline/proposal.
Based in Australia and is fairly new. Will consider anything but Sci-Fi.
Contact Cindy Lloyd via e-mail.
Accepts fiction (mysteries, thrillers, sci-fi / fantasy) and non-fiction
(health/medicine, how to, science, psychology, biography, reference,
and self help). Query with SASE
One who liked IWFE
Handles fiction and non-fiction books only. Mail query and SASE.
Accepts commercial fiction (mysteries, thrillers, and literary) and nonfiction (science, bio, health, parenting, social history, and classical
music). Query with outline, bio, and SASE.
Commercial fiction and non-fiction. Include outline and bio.
Represents fiction and no-fiction. Specializes in international works,
selling world rights, representing non-English language writing as well
and English. E-mail query to Laura Susijn or Charles Buchau at
([email protected]).
Seeks mainstream and genre novels with strong character and
thematic development and screenplays with strong driving plot and
meaningful characters. Mail query and SASE to Thomas Burgess
between 7/1-12/31 only. For further questions e-mail at
([email protected]).
British, serious fiction and serious non-fiction
Accepts fiction (Sci-fi, fantasy, children's or short stories) and
70% of clients are new/unpublished writers. Specializes in narrative
non-fiction, suspense/thrillers, history, and sports. Also accepts
Literary and mainstream fiction.
Represents fiction and non-fiction.
Good mysteries with unusual protagonists like Latin American, Italian
American etc. Also, non-fiction on today's most important subjects.
Represents only children's books. No e-queries.
Represents 85% commercial fiction and 15% non-fiction. Clients
include Dean Koontz, Catherine Coulter, and Janet Evanovich.
Specialize in non-fiction in business, sports, pop culture, gambling and
anything narrative. Will accept a fantastic novel if it has film potential.
Accept e-queries.
Commercial and literary fiction; general non-fiction. Equery to
([email protected])
Accepts fiction (women's romantic suspense, historical, supernatural
thrillers, mainstream fiction, literary, political thrillers, and legal thrillers)
and commercial non-fiction. E-mail query to ([email protected]).
[email protected]
Seeks new writers in all areas of fiction
Wales Literary Agency
[email protected]
Mainstream and literary fiction; narrative non-fiction. Non-fiction that
has a progressive cultural or political impact. Fiction, mainstream story
tellers. Elizabeth Wales accepts books designed for a female
readership. (no genre fiction, westerns, romance, sci-fi or horror) with
a special interest in Pacific Rim, West Coast, and Pacific Northwest
stories. Accepts e-mail queries less than 1 page.
Waterside Productions
Accepts only computer and technology books. Query via online
form.Seeks new and established non-fiction writers. Check site for
specific needs. NOTE: They charge photocopying fees.
Vines Agency
Wainwright Agency
Watkins/Loomis Agency
133 E. 35th St., Ste. 1, NY, NY 10016
Adult literary fiction; also biography/memoir and cookbooks. Include
first three chapters (fiction) or synopsis (non-fiction).
Waxman Literary Agency
Accepts narrative non-fiction literary and commercial fiction, memoir,
sports, business, culture, health, and fitness. Query via online form.
Wendy Schmalz Agency
[email protected]
Wendy Sherman
Wendy Sherman & Assoc.
Wieser & Elwell, Inc.
William Morris Agency
Williams Literary Agency
Wilson Devereux Company
Witherspoon Associates
Witherspoon Associates
WM Clark Associates
Writers House
450 Seventh Ave., Suite 3004. NY, NY 10123
80 Fifth Ave, Ste. 1101 NY, NY 10011
1325 Avenue of Americas, NY, NY 10019
235 E. 31st St., NY, NY 10016
235 E. 31st St., NY, NY10016
(212) 889-8626
21n W. 26th St., NY, NY 10010
Adult fiction and non-fiction. E-mail query
15-20% of clients are new/unpublished. Seeks fiction (literary and
quality/quality women's fiction, and suspense) and non-fiction (narrative
, popular psychology, and parenting). Mail query.
quality fiction, thrillers, suspense, narrative non-fiction, practical nonfiction, memoir, human drama. E-mail Wendy at
Accepts trade and mass market adult fiction and non-fiction. Query
with 25 sample pages, outline, bio, and a SASE.
Fiction and no-fiction. Include synopsis and publication history.
Accepts mainstream, contemporary and literary fiction, and general nonfiction. Accepts e-queries.
Accepts non-fiction popular science topics. Accept e-queries.
Adult fiction and non-fiction.
Query with SASE to David Forrer. Accepts non-fiction and novels.
Mainstream literary fiction and non-fiction in the following areas"
Memoirs, pop culture, current events. Query via email at
[email protected]
50% of clients are new/unpublished. Specializes in all types of popular
fiction and non-fiction, everything you might find in a bookstore. Query.
Clients include Nora Roberts, V.C. Andrews, Stephen Hawking, Ken
Follett, and Heinrich Boll.
Accepts adult and young-adult fiction. E-mail query to Robert Brown at
[email protected]
Wylie-Merric Literary Agency
Zachary Shuster Harmsworth
Literary Agency
Accepts literary and commercial fiction, memoirs, biography, history,
science, narrative non--fiction, and prescriptive books in the areas of
business, health, relationships, parenting, and general psychology.
Andrew Zack non-fiction and commercial fiction, esp. thrillers of every
type! See site for details.
Zack Company