Origami &

I.I. WORKSHOP - Saturday, November 8, 2014
A HANDS-ON Workshop - presented by Jane Nakama
Have you always wanted to know how to make those wonderful origami flowers to incorporate in an arrangement or use to decorate a package? Jane Nakama of Boulder has been folding origami flowers since
she was a child. She will teach us basic paper folding and simple origami flower techniques. You will go
home with your own creations of origami flowers and the knowledge of how to pursue this fun and remarkable art. Jane will graciously supply some flowers to Diana Lee and our expert Ikebana teachers
Akiko Buckmaster and Kazuko Kozai. They will incorporate them into arrangements for us. We will also
have books on origami flower making for you to look through and enjoy.
Scroll down to page two to see some fine examples of both simple and complex origami flowers.
Before the workshop
If you have“fear of folding” try the fun exercise of Folding Toilet Paper Origami demonstrated in a
separate pdf file attached to this announcement. Bring your creations to the workshop to share.
Check out our many wonderful resources on the history of origami, some inspiring examples of origami flowers, sources and websites - including some ingenious applications of origami. These resources
have been assembled by Program Committee members Lisa Kelly and Jamie Bolane.
See the Japanese Cultural Resources - Origami & Ikebana sent with this announcement.
FEE: $10 per member, $15 per guest, by cash or check made payable to I.I. Denver Chapter 66 .
MATERIALS: All materials will be supplied and the cost covered by your workshop fee.
TIME: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
PLACE: Plant Society Building - Denver Botanic Gardens - 1007 York Street, Denver, CO 80206
REFRESHMENTS: If your name begins with D - K please bring something delicious to share.
INSPIRATION: Small Ikebana arrangements to enliven our welcoming and refreshment tables will be
provided for this meeting by members Yvonne Russell and Lois Bassfield.
GINZA: Clear out your treasures and bring them to the workshop for our fund raising. Ikebana containers, small gift items, candles etc. Please be sure to mark prices on each item you bring. Thanks.
DOOR PRIZES: Pick up your ticket when you check in. Drawing for our fun prizes will be at noon.
LIMITED TO 20 participants - so that you can receive individual attention.
PREREGISTRATION IS A MUST for both members & guests. DEADLINE. Sun. November 2nd
CALL: Yvonne Russell 303-781-0730 or EMAIL her at: [email protected]
Come learn basic folding techniques and some simple origami flowers such as the Buttercup.
You will also see examples of just how elegant some of the origami flower forms can be.
Come join us for a day of fun.
Origami Ikebana is a great new book by expert
Benjamin John Coleman. It was recently released by Tuttle
Publishing and includes clearly illustrated instructions to create
basic flowers, leaves and stems as well as more complex origami
flowers and arrangements. It comes with an instructional DVD.
Contact tuttlepublishing.com to order a copy.