Feb-85 I
1 Information Requests
History Of The Lands and their owners in Galloway
Alec Vans Christmas Letter
2 Barnbarroch Fire
Vance Family Conference
Information Requests
Calendar Of Events
Vance Family-The French Period
Listing of VFA membership and ancestors
3 Conference Summary
Financial Statement
Notes From The Editor
A Family Bible
Notes on Andrew Jackson
Family Crest
Bibliography-Garrett, Hester Elizabeth
Information Requests
By-Laws For The Vance Family Association
New Members
Index-VFA Newsletter - Volume 1-1985
1 Odds and Ends of Information
Zebulon Baird Vance Papers Microfilm Project
The English Period - Part 1
Information Requests
The Care and Storage Of Family Papers
New Members
2 Personailties-Marcia O'Neal
Calender Of Events
Information Requests
Care Of Your Family Photograpsh
Notes from Our Family Historian
The Cumberland Area - Part 2
Lanercost Priory Appeal
New Members
3 News From The Editor
In Memorium - Kathleen Vance Urgon
Line of Descent
Information Requests
USA History Notes
USA Family History Notes - Charles Vance
The Scottish Period - Part One
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4 Personalties
New Members
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DAR 1940 Bible Records:Vance Family
The Scottish Period - Part Two
USA History - The Hite-Fairfax Trial
Irish Family Links
Conference Updates
INDEX VFA Newsletter - Vol. 2-1986
Personality Of The Month
Clan Munro Septs
Some Notes of Interest
Note of The June Conference
Notes from Our Family Historian
A List of Verifiable Samuel Vances from Wills, Genealogical Publ., Etc.
Authenticated Joseph Vances
Authenticated David Vances
Family of James and Elizabeth Glass Vance
The Scottish Period-Part Three(Galloway Area)
New Members
Personality Of The Month
Notes from Our Family Historian -USA History
Samuel Vance
Joseph Vance
David Vance of Hite Trial
James Claude Vance-100th Birthday
The Scottish Period-Part Four (Galloway Area)
Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick
Comments on Vance Plats
Information Requests
New Members
By-Laws For The Vance Family Association
Financial Statement
Personal Note - Kathleen Corley Mason/Thomas O. Pinkerton
Captain Robert Vance
Current National News
USA History - David Vance of Hite Trial
USA History - Marriage records
The Ancestry of Dr. Patrick Vance, Educated At Edinburgh
Conclusion - Charles Vance & James Isaac Vance
Galloway Area - Part Five
New Members
The Bigggest Liar In Itasca County
Personal Notes -Virginia Elaine, Eckel, Patricia Janssen, Robert M. Vance
Notes From Our Family Historian-Kathleen Mason
In Memorial - J. Claude Vance & James L. Corley
The Scottish Period: Galloway Area - Part Five
Parents of Captain Robert Vance
Abner Vance - A Legendary Man
USA History
North Carolinia Corner
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Jan-88 IV
Apr-88 IV
Jul-88 IV
Oct-88 IV
Index - Volume III/Vance Family Association Newsletter-1987
1 One For The Family Album
Personal Notes
In Memoriam - Edwin L. English, Sr., & Margaret B. Vance English
Elder Vance of Clinch Valley Area
USA History
John Vance/John Smith???
Maj. William G. Vance
Important PlacesTo Visit In Wigton Area
The Will of Captain Robert Vance
Joseph Vance, Son of Samuel and Sarah Colville
The Scottish Period: Galloway Area - Part Six
2 USA History: A Vance/ Indian Connection
Unawarded Civil War Medals
In Memoriam-Ann Pritchett Vance
Former President of Arts Council Dies-Ann Pritchet Vance
Some Virginia Court House Records
Major William Vance (1718-1788) of Cross Creek, PA
The Cross Creek Cemetery (Vance)
John and Jane Black Vance, Buried in Washington Co., VA
Accelerated Index Systems Census Index 1607-1819
Why Two Versions of Balbirnie's Book
Early Vances to America
The Scottish Period:Galloway Area/ Part Seven
Ireland - Rev. John Vans
Church of Ireland/Representative Church Body Library
New Members
3 The Mysterious Vance Coat of Arms
Spencer Weds Peddycord
Personalties:Charlotte Ritch Clark
A Vance Reunion - Campbell Vance
Was Andrew Vance (1) Real?
Patrick Vance/Sarah Harrington
Eli (Elijah Clarke)? Vance
Drury (Andrew) Vance
Lydia Vance Owen
Andrew Vance/Ann Ramey
Ancestry And Descendents Of Mary Vance And Jordan Vance
USA History - Pennsylvania
Accelerated Index Systems Census Index 1607-1819
The George Washington/Vaux Family Connection
Scotland:Galloway Area-Part Eight
The Vance Family Arms of Vauxs/Vans/Vance
Ireland: Rev. John Vans-Conclusion
Ireland: by Kathleen C. Mason
Indexes to Irish Wills
New Members
4 Personalties: Marilyn Vance McGaughey/Virginia Vance Moore-Ward
Jan-89 V
Apr-89 V
Jul-89 V
Report On "The Mystery Coat of Arms"
A Visit To Les Baux
Alerich And The Visigothic Kingdom
USA History:Part 2, Abstracts of Documents from Pennsylvania
Colonial Homes
David Vance of Meckleburg Co., North Carolina
Another David Vance of Winchester, VA
Accelerated Index Systems Census Index 1607-1819
Ireland Coat of Arms:Part 2 Exhibit B
Abstract From Chart By William Vance, 1882
Addendum To Part 2, Ireland Article
Records of Parish Register of Wigton
Scotland:Galloway Area-Part Nine
New Members
Vance Family Association Newsletter Index Vol. IV 1988
1 USA History:Thomas Vance---10 August 1820--- Boone County, KY,
(2nd Judicial District)
Revoluntionary War Pension Files
Pennsylvania Research
William and Rachel (Minton) Vance
William Little Vance - A Man Of Vision
The Vance Family - Iran Hostage Saga
Some Notable Vances-Trent Lott
Accelerated Index Systems Census Index 1607-1819
Scotland:Galloway Area - Part Ten
Historic Scotland
Ireland by Kathleen C. Mason
Parish Records of Templemore,Derry Cathedral, Londonderry, N. Ireland
New Members
2 Pentney Priory was Rich and Active
Personalties:Vance Voss Smith
USA History: David Vance, Son of Major William Vance (1718-1788)
The Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church Records, Fishersville, VA.
Collins' History of Kentucky, Vol.42, page 142
Colonial Log Houses of Washington County, Virginia
The John Vance/John Smith Connection
The South Carolinia-Pennsylvania Vance Connection
Governor Joseph Vance of Ohio
Abraham Lincoln's Letter To John W. Vance
Mrs. Ross Cherry's Books-Fact or Fiction
Ancestry and Descendants of Elizabeth Veach and Andrew Vance
Accelerated Index Systems Census Index 1607-1819
VFA Membership as of January 1989
Battle Abbey
Norvolk County England 1086 Land Holdings of de Vaux Family
Domesday Records In Suffolk Co., Eng. Of Robert & Aitard deVaux
The Priory and Pentney:by Kathleen Mason
Ireland: by Kathleen C. Mason - Various Vance Records
The Septs Of The Highland Clans
New Members & Late Pedigrees
3 Constitution And By-Laws For The Vance Family Association
The Last Farmer: A Collection of Poems
Oct-89 V
Jan-90 VI
Apr-90 VI
USA History-Abstract of Orphans Court Records, WA Co., PA., Isaac Vance Sr.
Samuel Vance - Washington Co., PA
David Vance of Green Co., PA
David Vance And The Jail Break Incedent
Papers of Congress
Thomas Vance Of Union County, South Carolina
Vance Records: Ireland
Robert Anstruther Balbirnie-Vans
Notice of Possible Closing, South Carolina Dept. of Archives & History
Dr. Lancelot Vance
Belvoir Castle: by Kathleen Mason
New Members
4 Vance Scotland Trip Itinerary, Aug. 24-Sept. 2, 1990
Anacortes girl's wish came true
Personalities of The Issue:Robert George (Bob) Vance
USA History: Virginia Vances
West Virginia Vances
Fayette Co. Kentucky
The Hermitage
Governor Zebulon Vance
The Papers of Zebulon Vance
Oops, Correction Please - Hite Fairfax Law Suit NL Oct. 1986 Pg. 12
Union County S.C. Update
Genealogical Papers of Mrs. Eva Cummins
Scotland:Vans of Barnbarroch. The Book of the Agnews
Ireland: by Kathleen C. Mason -Index to 1796 Flax Seed Lists
Baronies of Ireland
Vance Family Research in Ireland
New Members
Vance Family Association 1989 Newsletter Index
1 Personality-Mary Vance Mullinax
Deadline Set To Save Cedar Creek Land
Mail Bomb Kills Federal Judge-Robert S. Vance
An Update on Abner Vance
The Iron Hand of Fate
U.S.A. History - Rutherford's Rangers
Map & Research of Carol Vance Norris
Thomas Henry Vance, Father of Tobias Vance of Glasgow, Kentucky
Pennslyvania Tax Records
Zebulon B. Vance:Part II
Ireland:Index to Tithe Appletment
North England-The History of Dalston Hall
New Members & Pedigrees
2 Personality:A Short Life History of VFA's Vice-President-William R. Huss
In Memorial:Mary Lee Vance Graves, Vida Vance, Loyd F. Vance
Article on Andrew Vance & Elizabeth Veech by Ada Kaye Thompson
USA History:Vance names from Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, South Carolina
Chronicles of Scotch Irish Settlement of VA. Augusta Co 1745-1800
References of John Vance & Samuel Vance
More on James Vance, Abingdon, VA Connections
Fire at Vance's Mill Recalls Historic Events
On the Burner:Dirleton Castle
Jul-90 VI
Oct-90 VI
Jan-91 VII
Ireland:Personal Names Index PRONI-Vance references pre 1850
Naworth Castle-North England
All Power to the Ghost of Bold Willy
New Members
Last Chance For The Vance Scotland Trip
3 Home of Vaux of Catterlen Line, So. Of Carlisle, near Penrigh, England
Personalities:Ina P.PetersTucker, Dolores W Swaney, Charlotte H Puckett
In Memorial: Ruth Vance Parker
U.S.A. History - Roland Pinkney Burks
Virginia Miscellanea
North Carolina Miscellanea
Virginia - Continued from last issue(Vance References by Chalkley)
Revolutionary War Records-Military Reccord Cards
Summary Utilizing Military Card Records
Zebulon B. Vance: Part III
Vaux of Catterlen
Dates of Andrew and Samuel Vance
Ireland: Registry of Deeds-Dublin
New Members
4 VFA Members Return From Scotland Tour
Personalties: Mary Vance Ewart, Wanda Allen Kessling
In Memorium-Ed. L. Vance
Letters: - Margaret Vance Webb
USA History:Governor Henry D. Hatfield
Genealogical Excerpts-Public Library, Martinsburg, W.V., Genealogy Room
The Jonathan Clark Notebook 1786
Tobias Vance
New Jersey Vance Research
Vance Listed in1787 Tax List, Ky., WV, VA
Ephriam Vause - Vause's Fort(The Virginia Frontier)
John Vance's Journal 1822
The Two V. Jefferson Davis Letters
Yanks, Rebels Once Fought Around Quiet, Scenic Vance
Index To War of 1812 Pension Files, Vol III:N-Z
Charter of Henry II, to Hubert De Vallibus
New Members
1 Vance Family Assoc. Pedigree Data Base Project
Personalities: Marilyn Vance Muller, Fay Vance Morrison
The ruins of Les Baux, Barnbarroch
USA History:David Vance of Fayette Co., Kentucky
Family Records:Taken from the Bible of Wilson Vance
Revoluntionary War Records -All Vance Surnames
Abstracts of Manuscripts
Mississippi:Sarah Vance and William Moore
The Canadian Connection
Translated documents to Sir Patrick Vans from King James VI of Scotland
The Tomb of King Robert The Bruce
BreakThrough:Have We Found The Father of Rev.JohnVans of Kilmacreenan
Widow of Sir Patrick Vaus Weds
IRE:Emmigrants, Census's, Freeholders List, Religious Returns1766,Burials
Coagh, Ireland
Apr-91 VII
Jul-91 VII
Oct-91 VII
Jan-92 VIII
Dirleton Castle, East Lothian
New Members
In Memorial:Edna Vance Corley
Personalities: Alan Patrick Taplin
State of North Carolina, Dept. of the Secretary of State
Article of Incorporation of The Vance Family Association
USA History:(Maryland, Cincinnati, Ohio, Lincoln Co., Ky, The Horn Papers,
Wheeling, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland Marriages 1634-1777)
Wythe County, Virginia
Vances in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania;(Philip Vance, Adam Vance)
Historic England:John de Vaus, Thirsk in 1267
Scotland:Religious Turmoil in The Royal Burgh of Wigtown
Robert Vans Agnew
Scotland-Barnbarroch House
New Members
Museum to Honor Valley Settlers
1991 Vance Family Association Meeting
Attendance:1991 Vance Family Association-June 28-9, Seattle, Washington
USA History:Cemetery Records (Missouri,Laurens Co., SC)
Tennessee:Old Store Ledgers in Sparta, TN (Vance names)
Marriage Records, IGI (Vance Names)
Bible Records:James Vance and Mary Gobble
The Elusive Arthur St. Clair Vance
Dazzy Vance
Letters:David of 1768 Will, Frederick Co., VA
Scotland: Wigtownshire Charters
Ireland:by Kathleen Mason
New Members-New Pedigrees-Revised Pedigrees
USA History: Erie PA. (Daily Times, Sat.23, 1919) Early Pioneers
Cross Creek Woman Left Her Mark on Civil War
Hugh Vance Family
Captain William Vause
Scotland: Aberdeen;Lochslyn; Wigtownshire Charter
St. Kentigern Chruch At Irthington, England
New Members-New Pedigrees-Revised Pedigrees
West Virginia - The Mountain State - James Nelson Vance 1828-01913
Tantallon Castle
Alabama - Francis Marion Vance 1845-1923
Tennessee - 1850 Census Abstracts - Vance Surname
Clarence Vance Papers - McClung Historical Collection-Knoxville, TN
Tennessee - 1850 Census Abstracts - Vance Surname
Tennessee - "EAST TENNESSEE ROOTS" Vol III, No. 3, Spring Ed. 1986
Old Kingsport Presbyterian Church Register (Feb. 1820-Oct. 1880)
Vance's Station - Southwest Virginia
Lexington, Rockbridge Co., VA - Estate of Doctor Patrick Vance
Kentucky Annals of Floyd Co., KY 1800-1826 & Assorted Counties
Kentucky, The Bluegrass State - Vance Bible records
Texas Pioneer - James Milton Vance
Illinois - Various Vance information
France: by Kathleen Mason (Vaux Family in Normandy)
Apr-92 VIII
Jul-92 VIII
Oct. 92 VIII
Historic England - Cumberland Area
New Members - New Pedigrees - Revised Pedigrees
Early Vance Personal Property Taxpayers of Highland Co., OH
2 Triermaine Castle, Cumbria, England
Sketch of Vance Crest submitted to Jewelers
USA History - York County, Pennsylvania
David Vance III CA 1749- VA - 1816 OH
Kentucky, The Bluegrass State - Town of Vanceburg
Western Pioneers:Susan Kohli Vance, Wilson John Vance & Paul J. Vance
New Jersey Colonial Records
Cumbria, England - Vaux Of Triermaine
Ireland- Early Ecclesiastical Sites, County Donega, Ireland
New Members - New Pedigrees - Revised Pedigrees
1992 Highland Games and Clan Gatherings
Obituaries: "Osage" Dick Vance, Florence Marie Rager, John C. Vance
Vances Born Prior to 1841 in Kentucky or Ohio
3 Cross Creek Presbyterian Church , Washington Co., PA
Vances Pipe & Dance
1991 VFA Biannual Meeting, Tukwila, WA
USA History: Tennnessee - Margaret Vance Genealogy
Abstracts - 1860 Tennessee Census Records (Vance surname)
East Tennessee - County Residents Expected the Milkman
Vance Carter Mill Restoration
A Note About Washington and "The Winchester Connection"
Kentucky - Tax List - Green Co., Nelson Co.,KY
Kentucky- The Bluegrass State - James Vance & Daniel Minor
Losantiville/Cincinnati, OH - John Vance
Delaware-Archives Military,Colonial Dames, Kent Co., Probate 1680-1800
Ireland, Antrim Town, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, Presbyterian Church
France - Map of Provence area of France
England: Alumni Oronienses, The Members of the University of Oxford 1500-1714
New Members - New Pedigrees - Revised Pedigrees
In Memoriam - Thomas O. Pinkerton 1920-1992
Vances Born Prior to 1827 in other than Kentucky & Ohio
4 USA History:Follow-up on (Susan Kohli Vance, Wilson John Vance,
Paul J. Vance, Oral Family Legends)
Update David Vance Sr., Jr., and III
Joseph Vance's Powder Horn - 1776 & Family Records
The James Vance Family Record
Accounting of Joseph's Vance Estate
Gannet/Jane Vance-1763 VA-1842 OH; Miles Wilson 1750/60 PA 1823 OH
Bible Record:Formerly Owned by Mrs. Mert Wilson
Champaign Co., Ohio Cemetery Records, Springhills Cemetery
Western Writer-Phoebe Paulina Ann Vance Thomas
James Alexander Vance, Sr., Chester Co., SC
Jack Vance's Courtly Elegance
Sinking Springs Cemetery Preservation-Abingdon, Virginia
Letters:On Various Vance Family Names
Vance Home Once Occupied Chamer of Commerce Site
Thomas Vance of Caribou, Maine-1801-1886
England - Extracted from "Catherine of Aragon and her Friends", and
Jan-93 IX
Apr-93 IX
Jul-93 IX
"The Earlier Tudors 1485-1558
Ohio Vance Family Luncheon
New Members - New Pedigrees - Revised Pedigrees
Proposed Amendments To The By-Laws of The Vance Family Association
Vance Family Association Root Ancestors - Part 1
1 USA History-North Carolina, South Carolina
Family Reunions-David Vance Family Gathers for 13th Reunion
Ohio-Highland County Vances
Vance Women in History
Lost Fortune in Ohio
Various Records of Robert Vances
Indiana - Colorado - John Ennis Vance 1815-1901
Morris David Vance
Children of John Rogers & Emily Austin Beane Vance
Virginia - Ohio - Joseph Vance
Scotland-Letter from John Vans Agnew, last Laird of Barnbarroch
Sir John Vans of Barnbarroch, Scotland
Scotland:Religious Turmoil in The Royal Burgh of Wigtown
King College, Bristol, Tennessee/Three Vance Brothers
William M. Vance, Oneida, Knox County, Illinois-About 1873
New Member's Pedigrees and Member's Revised Pedigrees
Vance Family Association Root Ancestors - Part 2
2 U.S. A. History: Jane Hoge-Andrew Vance (THE FAMILY OF HOGE)
Wise Co., Va.-Southwest Virginia Ancesters
Maryland Colonial, Wills
Mennonnite Cemetery Records, Alverton, PA., (Quaker Rec., Census Records)
1850 US Census, Russell Co., Tazewell Co., VA. (Vance Names)
Vacationing - Grace Dotson
Vermont:(History of Ryegate, VT., Past & Present of Will Co., IL
State of Delaware, Military & Naval, Oath of Allegience
Hannah Vance Crawford (A Typical Pioneer Woman)
Ohio:Index to The Grave Records of Servicemen of the War of 1812
North Carolina: Book (The French Broad); Vance name interspersed in book
The Washington Post:An Independent Newspaper
UpDate - David Vances of Pennsylvania
Vances Named Benjamin
Confessions of An Alien Vance
New Member's Pedigrees and Member's Revised Pedigrees
3 USA History:Hiram Vance, Legan & Vanse vs Latany; Avery Co., NC
Mississippi: Governor James Luck Alcorn
Union County, South Carolina-Mary Vance - Robert Lusk
Union County, South Carolina-Catherine Vance-William Cotter
Tennessee:100,000-Family Genealogical Collection Given to Library
Valentine Vance Sr. of Roggen Housen County, Germany
VA:1767 Tax List of Pittsylvania Co., Sketches and History of Tazewell Co.
Rockbridge County Virginia Notebook. (News Gazette, Lexington, VA)
Washington County, Virginia-John Vance & Jean/Jane Black Vance
Virginia:Historical Society In New Libarry
Update:Pension Rocords-Hannah Vance Crawford, Frederick Co., VA courthouse
Fayette Co., Pennsylvania (Various Vance information found in Books)
Historic Place Crumbling Away-The Old Moses Vance Homestead (excerpts)
Oct-93 IX
Jan-94 X
Apr-94 X
David Vance of the Jail Break Incident
Moses Vance Family Bible Records
Virginia-Pennsylvania/Jane Vance Matthews Doyal
Vance - Vail
Lancaster Co., PA-Deed Abstracts&Oaths of Allegience, Will Index 1729-1869
Scotland: Wigtownshire Parish Marriage Records
England -Aydon Castle, Northumberland:Peter deVaux
New Member's Pedigrees and Member's Revised Pedigrees
4 USA History:York County Pennsylvania Wills (John Vance) dec'd 1757
Kansas: Governor George Docking
Vance Brothers Gave Railroad Right of Way to Convey Water - 1857
John Samuel Vance, Sr., Family Records
Marriage Records of Berkeley Co., VA
David Vance & Wife Emma Wikoff
Bible Records:Joseph English, son of Jane Elizabeth Vance & Job English
Bible Record of Nathaniel Anderson English (GrSon of Jane Elizabeth Vance
and Job English)
History of the early Vance (George Vance) wife Martha
Jacob Vance:Virginia-South Carolina
Governor James Lusk Alcorn
A Bend - Lawrence L. Vance, Jr.
Ireland:The John Vans/Vance Monument at Coagh, Ireland
New Member's Pedigrees and Member's Revised Pedigrees
The Fifth Vance Family Asso. Bi-Annual Meeting June 19, 1993
Male Vance Marriages:"Marriage Records of Highland Co., OH, 1805-1880
1 Cyrus Vance, Clarksburg, West Virginia
U.S.A. History: Rebecca Kenton Pyle, Dean Vance
Bible Records:Ruby Vance Harrison, James & Marzy Elisabeth Vance
Fayette Co., KY (Joseph Vance & wife Jean, John Vance & wife Hannah,
James Vance & wife Margaret)
Will of Joseph Vance
Will of James Vance
Beaver Co., PA, Ohio, Iowa (Vance surnames)
New Jersey: Various Vance information from Libraries.
Bible Records:Alanson A. Vance
Ireland-Nova Scotia - John Vance
The Life and Times of William Ford Vance and His People
The Meaning of "Les Baux"
Update - Margaret Vance Steen, Sister of Catherine Vance Cotter
Promise of Jobs Leisure Complex at f20 million(The Gazette,
Newton Steward, Scotland)
Obituaries-Alleine Gertride Vance McGuire, Bill Doyle Vance, Walter Hix Vance
New Member's Pedigrees and Member's Revised Pedigrees
2 USA History:(Some Early Settlers West of the Shenandoah River; An Old
Seder Cemetery: Botetourt Co. VA. Tithabiles; PA First & Second Series,
Vol. 1, p. 486/96, Fithian's Journal; Union Co., SC, Intestate Records
Vance Descendant Represents United State At WWII Memorial In England
George Vance-Derry County
Little Town of Vance Braces For Big Changes-Mercedes-Benz Chooses Vance
The Ancestry of Mary Vance Greer
Mifflin Co., PA; Deed Grantee Index, Deed Grantor Index
Jul-94 X
Oct-94 X
Jan-95 XI
Pennsylvania Buried Genealogical Data
Tennessee Records
France:The Abbey/Holy Trinity-Caen;Bronze in Chapel Chateau of Wm.theConqueror
The Meaning of Les Baux, France
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Another Vance Mystery:(Grandfather William Wright Vance, Sr. & Grandmother
Lucy Crotty Vance and Uncle Dan Vance and other Vance's
3 William Vance Marquis
U.S.A. History:Miscellaneous Research
Important Changes:Samuel Vance-His Father, His Children
Joseph Colville Vance 1759-1809
John Wilson Vance 1782-1857
David Vance 1783-1823
Joseph Colville Vance 1786-1852
Jane Vance 1788-1869
Samuel Vance c.1787
William Vance 1793-1866
Wilson Vance 1796-1862
Bridget Vance 1801-1887
Moses Baird Vance 1804-1871
Oakdale, Buck Creek, Birth & Cemetery Records of Champaign Co., OH
Tax List of Washington Co., Tennessee
Analysis of Relatives of Patrick Vance of PA.
York Co., PA. Abstracts-Adam Vance, Cumberland Twp. PA
Abstract of Documents, Patrick & John Vance, Cumberland & Franklin Co., PA
Patrick Vance/Sarah Harrington
William Mitchell Davidson & Elizabeth Vance
Les Baux by Virginia Vance Lovett
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
4 Kansas: Governor Robert Blackwell Docking
USA History:S.C.Magazine of Ancestoral Research, Vance Surnames
Frederick Co. VA Order Books 16 & 17: 1772-11778
John Vance of Chambersburg, PA
Franklin County, PA.:Will index at Kittochtinny Hist. Soc., Chambersburg, PA
Sarah Vance Vail, Wife of John Vail
Vance Revoluntionary Pension Rolls 1835
Mifflin County PA. Wills or Administrations
Reuben Vance's Journal
Errata and Updates
A Tribute To Marcia Corrigan O'Neal's Project
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
1994 VFA Tour-Notes From Tour Leader, Sam Vance
1 Associated Names Appearing in VFA Data Base, More Than 4 Occurrences
Mississippi-Newton County Vances
Bible Records-David Vance & Margaret Vance
USA History:Republic of TX. Poll Lists-1846;Austin Colony Pioneers
Abstracts From The South Branch Intelligencer:Hampshire, Mineral & Hardy
Counties-June 1837-Dec. 1839 (Black and Vance)
John Vance-Sullivan Co., TN
Samuel Vance - born 1770-1780 - Various Census for Vance in TN
Thomas M. Vance-born Feb. 11, 1782, wife Katharine Richards
Apr-95 XI
Jul-95 XI
David Vance - born ca.1792-Sullivan Co., TN
Ruthea Vance Richards
Other Vance Families of Sullivan Co., TN (John Vance)
KY Bible Rec.-Genealogical Rec. Committee of The KY Society of DAR
Murrell Family Bible
Ancestors Found!Virginia-Kentucky
Update-Rockingham/Russell Co., Virginia
PA Settlers From England and Wales
Belgium-France Vance Research
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Obituaries-Pat Vance, Ralph Holton Vance
Thomas Marion Vance Family Gathering, Phillipsburg, near Lebanon, MO.
2 County Donegal, Ireland/Rev. John Vans'Kilmacrenan Church & Friary
Tartan Update
USA History:Marriage Records(Preble Co., Oh; Abbeville Dist. SC; Grainger Co.,
McMinn Co.; Knox Co., TN)
Success Story #I-Desendant of Samuel Vance of Abingdon, VA
Success Story #2-Alexander/William Vance Line
Bible Record:John Vance & Martha Davidson Vance
Kentucky - Location of Vances in 1820
Lincoln Co., KY. LDS Film#192262, Marriage Records
Update:Swearinggen/Blue Jacket/Vance
Tennessee Wills & Administrations 1779-1861
NC Land Grants in TN 1778-1791
Samuel Vance/Samuel C. Vance (Frederick, Shenandoah, Rockbridge,
Sullivan Counties, TN)
Margaret (Peggy) Vance & Samuel Evans
David Vance, Son of Samuel C. Vance
Family Group Sheet-Elizabeth Vance & William Davidson
Children of Sarah Vance/Amos Marney
Estate of Amos Marney, Jr., Kingston, Roane Co., TN
Will of Robert Marney-Bourbon Co., KY
President Andrew Jackson
Awards-Cyrus R. Vance
Little Town Holds Little Claim to Fame-Vance, Alabama
Donegal Presbyterian Church, Mt. Joy, PA
Robert Vance of San Francisco_An Icon of Three Dimensional Photos
Greeting from Northern Ireland to the 1984 Tour Group
Miscellaneous Rev. War Vance's from DAR Registry
The "Vance Patisserie", Kyoto, Japan
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
3 Introducing the Vance Family Association Coat of Arms
Andrew Jackson by Kathleen Mason
Springfield Plantation C1786-1791, Fayette, Mississippi
The Anaconda Standard Newspaper, June 3, 1902 "Hickory Jim" The Jockey
USA History:Some Vance References From the Draper Manuscript
Draper Manuscripts Vo.. 175-20J George Rogers Clark Papers(Vance Names)
Update:Donegal Presbyterian Church Records
Bedford Co., Virginia Court Order Minutes
Abstracts of Bedford Co., VA Will Book 2 1788-1803
Oct-95 XI
Jan.-96 XII
Jacob Vance Sr.VA/SC/TN;(JamesVance,John A. Vance,Willie Tennessee Vance
Mary Ann "Mollie" Vance)
Old Cowan Plantation Bed & Breakfast & Gift Shop
Recollections by Corinne Cowan Staacke
?Sarah Vance? - The Steen Family
Three Physicians In The Vance-Luttrell Family
Traditional Scottish Naming Patterns
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
4 Coat of Arms - Update
The New Zealand Connection-Mary Vans-Agnew
U.S.A. History:Vances of Russell Co., VA
Matthew Vance
Abstracts of Colonial Virginia Records-Beverley Fleet (York Co., VA)
Will of Isreal Voss-Norfolk Co., VA
Will of Francis Wilder - Norfolk Co., VA
Frederick Co., VA-William Vance, 2nd son of James Vance & Elizabeth Glass
Hampshire Co, VA. Grant to James Vance of 564 Acres
Hardy Co, WV. Will of Wm Vance-Nov. 7, 1860
Update:John Vance
War of 1812-William Vance of Georgia/Mississippi
Cooking Hints For The 1850's
The Vance/Crawford Connection
Samuel Vance Update
Samuel Vance/Sarah Bird
Vances of Early Tennessee-Joseph Vance
Vances on Early Blount Co, TN Deeds
Index to Samuel P. Bates/History of The PA Volunteers-Civil War Series
Book, "Genealogical Records, Fayette Co.," at State Lib. Of Harrisburg, PA,
(Various Vance Names)
Documentation for Jordan Vance & Mary Vance nee Vance
Documentation for the Charles Vance; Thought to be brother to Jordan Vance
Thomas Vance, Washington Co., MO
Vance Family Holds 16th Reunion At Panther Park
PA Marriages Records
Lincoln Co., NC Marriage Records
Scotland-Robert The Bruce
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Minutes of 1995 General Meeting of Membership of VFA-Nashville, TN-6/1/24/1995
1 Patrick Alexander Vans Agnew, B.C.S., 1823-1848
USA History:Preble Co., OH
The Family of Joseph & Nancy Bradley Vance
James Vance -- Warren Co., KY
Robert Vance of Scotland/Canada
Two Mississippi Towns Named Vance
John Vance-Hartford Co., MD
Birthday Book Records:Book owned by Mrs. Bertha Vance, Ottumwa, IA
Vance Cemeteries-Wilson Co., Cannon Co., TN
Mercedes Rolling On
Pennsylvania - John C. Vance, New Wilmington, PA
Vances-Appearing in Fayette Co, PA Cemetery Records
Miscellaneous David Vances
Londonderry Co., Ireland-Thomas, Margaret, Matilda & David
Apr-96 XII
Jul-96 XII
Oct-96 XII
Castle Howard, York, England
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Obituary: Marcia Corrigan O'Neal
2 Cissy Vance:Dortyerroth Farm, Wigtonshire, Whithorn, Scotland
Selected Early Deeds fromFayette Co., PA
USA History: Various Vance names in TN, PA, VA
Locating Early Vances in Frederick Co., VA
Will of William Vance, Allegheny Co., PA
Steele Creek Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Obituaries from Early TN Newspapers
Eastern, Middle, Western, Tennessee Marriage Records\
Tennessee Enlisted Men, War oof 1812
The Edythe Rucker Whitely Manuscript Collection, Williamson Co. Franklin, TN
John Vance of Chester Co., PA
Pennsylvania, Chester Co., & Bucks Co.
A Virginia Hillbilly-Vance surname
Some Descendants of Lt. William Blackburn
Children of Samuel Evans & Ann Colville
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
3 Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi
USA History:Washington Co., VA.-Guardian Bonds
The Wolfhill Suit:Vance v. Walker
Joseph Vance, Son of Samuel & Sarah Colville Vance
New Castle Co., Delaware, Marriage, Guardian,Wills
Misc. Records:Frederick Co., Orange Co., VA; Lincoln Co., KY; Chester Co., PA
Frederick Findings-Linage Search Associates
Handel Vance Land In Washington Co., TN
Samuel Vance, Revoluntionary War Soldier, Washington Co., VA, Greene Co., TN
Census Index Colonial America 1607-1789
Records of Eastern Cherokee Ancestry/U.S. Court of Claims-1906-1910
Passenger & Immigration Lists Index
Will The Descendants of This Thomas M. Vance Please Write In?
Georgia Research by Carol Vance Norris
Body-Snatching For The Medical Schools
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
4 Vermont: Martin Van Buren Vance
USA History:(John Vance-Topsham, Orange, VT; Deed Abstracts-Warren Co., KY;
Floyd Co., KY)
The Vances of NC/SC and Bossier Parish, LA
Follow Up From Associate Historian: Mary Norfleet
Vance Burying Ground, Lauren's Co.,SC;Nathional Vance & Mary Dunbar McTier
John C. Vance & Abraham Lincoln
Joseph Vance of Greene Co., PA
Isaac Vance of West Elizabeth, Allegheny Co., PA
Catalog of John Vances in PA
A Search of Area Histories by Walt Vinson
Vance Marriage Records from Wayne Co., West VA-:ate 1800's
Massachusetts 1880 Soundex Cards
Part 2-Body-Snatching For The Medical Schools:Notes of Dr. Ap Morgan Vance
Vance Heritage Trip Report
Tennessee State Library & Archives-1796-1830/Vance Surnames
Vance Heritage Trip Report
Jan-97 XIII
Apr-97 XIII
Jul-97 XIII
Oct. 97 XIII
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Some Mississippi Vances
Over 400 Gather For Vance Reunion in West Virginia
Miscellaneous Vance Records from Our Heritage, San Antonio, TX
Ireland/New York, San Antonio, TX
USA History: Thomas Vause, TN before 1800-Washington Co.; KY;
William Vance of Fincastle Co.,Washington Co., VA & Green Co., KY(1761-1831)
The First Census of the US, 1790, Vance, Vanse, Vantz Households
Judge Samuel V. Fulkerson; Colonel Abram Fulkerson
Washington Co, VA Marriage Records
PA Archives, 3rd Series, 5th Series
From"Emigrants to Pennsylvania, 1641-1819"
References to Vances-Nat'l. Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections 1959-1993
Some "German Vances"
William Vance of Maine
John Vause, Lancaster Co., VA
John Vance & Lydia Reiss
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Host Quintin Vance's Report SW VA Mini-Conference,Bluefield, VA Oct. 1996
USA History:Early Kentucky Land Grants to Vances
Children of William Vance And Fanny Woolrdridge
Early Vance Marriages, Rockbridge Co., VA
Old Letter Gives Glimpse of Life 110 Years Ago
Vance/Taylor Family - Vance/McCullough Family
From Pennsylvania Archives III Series
John Vance of Cumberland Co., PA
Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series
Politics as Usual-James Ross v Jospeh Vance from The Pittsburgh Gazette
Ezekial Vance
Delilah Vance/John Patton, VA-KY
Index to Washington Co, PA. Wills 1781-1900
Martinsburg Presbyterian(From Ledgers of Rev. Henry Hervey)
Genealogical Abstracts from Tennessee Newspaper 1791-1808
Marriage Records 1803-1850, Gallia Co., OH
1830 Alabama Census Records Vance Surname
Business (The Orlando Sentinel, Nov. 30, 1994) Vance Murray
Patrick Vauce House, Chambersburg, PA
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
VFAHonors Historians:Virginia Vance Lovett, Grace Dotson,Mary Vance Norfleet
USA History:Virginia Historical Society (Preston Papers)
Isle of Wight Co., VA/Various Vance Surnames
Allegheny Co., PA-Various Vance Surnames
Michael Vance & Wife Rebecca Mills, Their Children & Grandchildren
Ezekial Vance, D. 1768 York Co., PA
David Vance of North Carolina and Tennessee
The Robert Vance Family of Fayette and Grant Co., KY.
John & Jane Black Vance And Their Descendants
The Vaulx Road for 900 Years
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Travelogue & Minutes of San Antonio Meeting, May 15-18, 1997
Archives Room, Handley Regional Library, Winchester, Frederick Co., Hist. Soc.
Jan-98 XIV
Apr-98 XIV
(Selected Titles On The Vance Family)
USA History-1790 PA Census
Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series
John Vance of Chambers Town, PA., Deposition re Land in Mason Co., KY
Certificate Book of the Virginia Land Commission, Frankfort, KY, Vol. 21, 1923
Chronical of Records of Joseph Vance, Frederick Co., VA
A Dream Com True - Thanks VFA - (David Vance) of Mecklenburg, NC
Abstracts from Jefferson Co., TN
Samuel Vance - Christina Weaver, Burke/Buncombe Co., NC-Bedford Co. TN
Christina Weaver Vance, wife of Samuel Vance
Pittsylvania Co., VA/Simion Vance
Early Tennessee Tax Records
Notes on Some Descendants of David Vance, Sr.
Jane Vance - John Porter
Kentucky Bible Records (Peak Bible)
Warren, Bristol Co., RI Cemetery Records.
Newspaper Notices of Mississippians 1820-1860
Success Stories From Newsletter
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
1 Registry of Alex Vans as Laird of Barnbarroch
USA History & Errata-Kathleen Mason
Samuel & Margaret Laughlin Vance & Their Descendants
Update On Christian Vance, Daughter of John & Jane Black Vance
Photo-Home of Samuel & Margaret Laughlin Vance
Photo-Home of Samuel & Sarah Colville Vance
Abner Vance, The Real Story
Patrick Vance, Sr., & Patrick Vance, Jr. of Fayette Co., KY
Vance Marriages in Fayette Co., KY 1804-1835
Vance/Wentz Cousins Day, 14 Sept. 1997
E. Clark Vance - Obituary
Early Families of Frederick Co., MD & Adams Co., PA
David Vance Sworn In as Judge
Pennsylvania Archives, Third Series
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
2 Northern Ireland-Blynis Vance Armstrong Pedigree
A Visit With The Armstrong Family in Northern Ireland
U.S.A. History-Rhode Island & Kentucky
Success Stories in Fayette Co., KY
Jeanne Hand Henry, copy of ancestor George Vance's early land grant in MI
Photos of new/restored home of Samuel Vance Sr., Abingdon, VA
Samuel/Sarah Colville Vance Tombstones, Abingdon, VA
Hugh Vance, son of Dr. Patrick Vance, Washington Co., VA
Patrick Vance, son of Hugh Vance
John H. Vance
Jane Vance Larimer
Montgomery Co., TN
Sumner Co., TN
Calvin & John Vance of SC., Confederate Soldiers
Chester Co, PA - Andrew & John Vance, etc.
Rev. War Service of David, John & Samuel Vance of MD
War of 1812 Bounty Lands in Illinois
New and Revised VFA Pedigrees
Jul-98 XIV
Oct-98 XIV
Jan-99 XV
3 Lt. Governor Stephen Henry of Kentucky, Descendant of Joseph Vance
Joseph Vance of Tennessee, Kentucky
United States History:Uniontown, PA,Morgantown, WV, Lancaster Co., PA
General M. D. Vance Meets President Franklin D. Roosevelt
William & Nancy Vance of Allegheny Co., PA
Charles Vance of Lancaster & York Co., PA
John Vance - Will 1773, York Co., PA
Tennessee - Vances Not Heads of Household, 1850 Census
Lowell Thomas/ Vance Acquaintance
Highland Co., OH - Annual Reunion of Jacob Vance Descendants
Georgia - Vance Land Lottery & Grants
Maryland, Harford Co. Church Records - Vance & Allied Names
Research Tips: Canada, WV and Maryland
Andrew Vance - Found (But Remains Lost)
Vance Alabama Tour
Lanercost Priory Update
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
National Genealogical Society - Recommended Standards for Research
4 Tribute to Kathleen Corley Mason - VFA Senior Historian
USA History: Thomas Vance of Maryland/Georgia
Will of Joseph Vance, Sevier Co., Tennessee
Family of Sarah Vance & Philip Moser
Sarah Vance & John Campbell:PA, TN, OH
Minutes of The Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, 1780
Joseph & George Vance of Lincoln Co., KY
Ships - Vances
Vances in Kaufman Co., TX Cemeteries
William & Sarah Vance, Orange & Augusta Co., VA & Orangeburg, SC
Vances of Early VA
Indian Mound Cemetery, Romney WV
Confederate Ky. Volunteers
Davis Vance, WashingtonCo., TN/NC, Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Vans Agnew Crypt, Kirkinner, Scotland
1998 Vance Reunion in WV
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
National Genealogical Society Standards for Use of Technology in Research
Nat'l. Gen. Society Standards for Use of Record Repositories & Libraries
1 William Balbirnie's Wife & Daughter - Photo
USA History:Early Tennessee Land Owners
NC Land Grants, TN Wills 1779 - 1861
Prothonotary Records, Hugh, Wm., Davis Vance
Genealogy 101 - Otherwise - The Demise of Abram Vance
James Vance, son of Patrick & Sarah Taylor Vance, Tennessee
Sarah Vance & James Watt Family Bible Record
Patrick & Rebecca Jane Brennan Vance - Records of Family
Mississippi - Texas, Wm. H. Vance Research
George M. Vance & His Descendants
Update on Samuel & Margaret Laughlin Vance
William Wentz/Vance
Samuel Vance/Agnes Penquite
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Wilson Vance Home, Findlay, OH & Small Contest
Apr-99 XV
Jul-99 XV
Oct-99 XV
2 Vaux of Harrowden Hall
Lanercost Cartulary
USA History:Fincastle Co., VA. Records
Esther Vance Shirley of Virginia
Joseph Vance of Virginia - Land Office Military
David Graham & Theodocia Vance
Ohio Abstracts
William Houston Vance of PA, TN & MS
Montana - Jim Vance & Vance Mountain
Pennsylvania Archives - 3rd Series
Remembrances of Jacob C. Vance
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
3 John M. Vance - Cover Picture Story
Harford Co., Maryland Man
Maryland Records
Charles Patrick Vance & Taylor City, Texas Cemeteries
Bible Record-Harrison Ramey Vance/Mary Fitzgerald
Beyond the Rim of the Blue Ridge
Ohio Abstracts - Part II
Samuel Vance of Tuscaloosa Co., AL
Pennsylvania Archives - Second Series
Abstracts from History of Washington Co., PA
Abstracts from the Washington Co., PA Will Books
Pennsylvania Archives - First Series - Vol XII
Volunteer Soldiers 1784 - 1811
Bits N Pieces
George Vance
Wilson J. Vance - Medal of Honor
Virginians in the Revolution
From Texas to Warragamba Australia
Early Virginia Marriages
Vance Surname Files
Mary's Footnotes
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
4 John Adam Vance, Onego, WV
John Vance, Revoluntionary War Pension Application
Nancy Vance, Widow of John Vance
Map of Pittsburgh - 1855
Vance/Vaux of Allegheny Co., PA
Union Dale Cemetery of Pittsburgh, PA.
Reverend Hugh Vance, Berkeley Co., VA
Bits 'N Pieces
Ensign David Vance of Londonderry, New Hampshire
Kentucky Soldiers of the War of 1812
Early Vance Entries in Green Co., Kentucky Records
Fincastle Co., VA Court Records
Ohio Abstracts Part III
William Kirkpatrick Vance
Fox Hunting, Hillbilly Style
Mary's Footnotes(Historian's Message)
Minutes of 1999 VFA Meeting
List of Attendees at 1999 VFA Meeting in Columbus, OH
Jan-00 XVI
Apr-00 XVI
Jul-00 XVI
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Vance Family Association (Surname Index) Newsletters 1985-1999
1 Samuel Herchel Vance
Virginia Land Grants
West Virginia Land Grants
John Wilson Vance-Vermilion Co., Illinois
Family Bible Records - John Wilson Jr. & Sr.
Bits 'N Pieces
John & Jennet Vance Stephens
John B. Vance - Memorial Record of Licking Co., OH
James Vance - Mercer & Henderson Co., IL
Vance's in Retrospect - Fayette Co., PA
North Carolina Soldiers of the American Revolution
Capt. John Vance, Lieut. John Carlow Vance, Corp. Wm. Ross Vance
Update on Wilson Joshua Vance
The Penn-Vaux Connection
Pres. Churches SW PA-Mainstream & Dissenting-Founded Before 1801
Historians Message "Mary's Footnotes"
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Elijah Vance - Picture
Brandon Vance-Classical Violin & Scottish Fiddler Champ
2 John C. Vance, Harrison Co., WV
William Vance from New York to Mississippi
David Vance of Mecklenburg Co., NC - Update
Mathew Vance of Burke Co., NC to Spartenburg, SC
Pennsylvania Soldiers in War of 1812
Design and Meaning of the VFA Coat of Arms
Early Maryland Wills
Maryland Inventories of the Prerogative Court
New Castle Co., Delaware Wills 1682-1800
Peter H. Vance from "The Past and Present Woodford Co., IL
Linking to Vance to Vance Fails - Try Another Line
Strickler & Lehman Chart With Vance Connection
Another Samuel Vance
Joseph & Rachel Alexander Vance - Update
Battle of Point Pleasant Memorial - West Virginia
Genealogy from the Scrapbook of Enoch Harvey Vance, Sr.
Robert J. Vance - "Representative Men of Indiana"
Deed Abstracts of Augusta Co., Virginia
Early New Jersey Wills
Bits 'N Pieces
Vance's in the "History of Ohio"
Governor Vance's Descendants at 1999 VFA Meeing
Samuel & Rebecca Morgan Vance
Robert Vance "The Past & Present of Rock Island Co., IL
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
3 Announcement-VFA Meeting, Winchester, VA, Oct. 21-22, 2001
Lawrence Martin Vance
Update on Mathew Vance of Burke Co., NC & Spartanburg, SC
Orange Co., Virginia Records
Virginia Inheritance Laws Before 1786
Vance Families of Franklin Co., PA,William, David, Philip Vance
Oct-00 XVI
Jan-01 XVII
Apr-01 XVII
Joseph Vance, George Washington & the "Wooden Nickel"
Vance Land Records in Southwestern Ohio
Bits 'N Pieces
Some Vance Families of West Virginia
Could You Have Passed The 8th Grade in 1895?
Westermoreland Co., PA
William F. Vance, Fayette Co., PA and Highland Co., OH
Highland Co., OH Vance Deaths 1867 - 1907
Will of William Vance, Tazewell Co. Virginia
W.C. Vance, Portrait & Biographical Record of Madison & HamiltonCo. IN
Itinerary for 2000 VFA Tour of Scotland
Copy of Odom Award
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Offer to Research Civil War Records
Web Site for Barnbarroch
4 Hardin and Elizabeth Vance Blevins - Cover Story
David Vance - Frederick Co., Virginia
Early Frederick Co., Virginia Wills
Pitt Co., North Carolina Deeds
Bible Records of Vance - Gilkeson Family
Vance Connection to Ireland
Herman Mason - Obituary
David Vance, Urbana, Ohio 1782-1839
Joseph, John & Robert Vance-Washington & Carter Co., Tennessee
Wilson Vance - Findlay, Ohio City Founder & County Officeholder
Samuel B. Vance & Robert D. Vance - History of Kentucky, Vol.3
Edward E. Vance-Biographical & Historical Record of Jay Co., IN
Update - Hugh & Sarah Law Vance
Dr. Patrick Vance
From Stick Horses to the Law-An Early Biography of John Turner Vance
Signature of Governor Joseph Vance
Update - Mathew Vance
Dunmore's War Muster Rolls
Vance's Gather For The 21st Dual, Vance Reunion in West Virginia
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
1 Vance Family Association Meeting, Winchester, VA
The Nathaniel Vance House
Nathaniel Vance & Mary Dunbar McTeer
The Nathaniel Vance Cemetery
Vance-Godbold Cemetery
Samuel & Alice Carr Vance
David Vance Revoluntionary War Pension Application
Vance-Endsley Genealogy
John Vance, Stokes Co., North Carolina
Analysis of the Samuel Vances of Frederick Co., Va
Andrew Vance
VFA Member News
VFA Pedigrees
2 Vance Family Association Meeting
St. Kentigern Church
Enoch Harvey Vance
Jul-01 XVII
Oct-01 XVII
Jan-02 XVIII
Vance-McAnulty-McCullough Connections
Georgia Records
Samuel Vance, Bucks Co., PA
Richard Vance, Russell Co., VA
Texas Land Grants
Biographical Sketches, The Peters Colony of Texas
Beaver Co., PA Wills
Reverend Joseph Vance
Mendham, New Jersey Church Records
Vinton Co., OH
Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina Court Records
Chester M. Vance
History of Muscatine Co., Iowa
Augusta Co., VA Court Minutes
Colonial William Crawford
Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812
VFA Member News
VFA Pedigrees
3 Two Sites of the Presbyterian Church of Cedar Creek
Opecquon Presbyterian Church
Opecquon Presbyterian Graveyard
Shenandoah Co., Virginia Deeds
Marriages from Military & Naval Magazine of the United States
Tennessee Records, Land Grants
Vance Cemetery Records, Jefferson Co., TN
Robert Vance
Civil War Soldiers
David C. Vance
1913 Gratiot Co., Michigan History
North Carolina Marriage Bonds
Will of Patrick Vance
Eugene Columbus Vance
Virginians in the War of 1812
Vanceville, Louisiana
Will of Thomas Vance, Cannon Co., Tennessee
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
The Vance Settlers of Old Frederick Co., Virginia by Mary Vance Norfleet
4 Adam Vance Mystery Man of Adams Co., PA
Somerset Co., Maryland Marriage Records
Descendants of Samuel Vance of Orange & Yates Co, NY & ClintonCo., MI
Valedictory Speech by Vernon M. Vance
John Vance of Pennsylvania, Augusta & Bedford Co., Va
Doctory William Vance and the Underground Railroad
Ann Connell & Elizabeth Vance Natthews Doyal
Vance Births, 1867 - 1901 Highland Co., OH
VFA Member News
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
1 Alanson A. Vance
Bible Record of Alanson A. Vance & Mary E. Martin
Newspaper Abstracts From the National Intelligencer & Washington Advertiser
Newpaper Deaths from Poulson's American Daily Advertiser, Philadelphia, PA
The Vanceville Tournament
Jan. 03 XIX
Camp Vance
Greene Co., TN Deed Records
Miscellaneous Records from Greene Co., TN
David Vance, Patriot of the American Revolution
Robert Vans, Early Virginia Merchant
National Carr Vance Murder
Nathaniel Vance Home
Pennsylvania Naturalization Records
McCormick Family Bible Record
John Filson's Mileage Guide
Vance Property Tour
Winchester, Virginia 2001
Minutes of Vance Family Association Meeting
Thank You From Lanercost Priory
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
The Family of David Vance & Priscella Brank
Zebulon B. Vance Letters in the Draper Manuscripts
Zebulon Baird Vance
Robert Brank Vance
George N. Witson
Charles J. & Ella Vance Custer
Vance Frontier Forts in Western Pennsylvania
Cyrus Roberts Vance
Soldiers in the War of 1812
Matthew Vance
The Early Vances of Columbia Co., PA
Claims Presented to US House of Representatives 1st to the 31st Congress
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Helen Vance Eckelberry
American Battle Monuments Commission
Ed Vance & The Marion Riot
New Castle Co., Delaware Records
Vance Mortality Schedules
J. P. Vance and His Succession
Sergeant Gene Arden Vance, Jr.
VFA Member News
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Announcing Vance Family Association Meeting
Searching for Dad, Finding a Brother
Tombstones of the Children of John Wilson Vance, Senior
Presbyterian Church News from the Upper Ohio Valley, PA
The "Vance" in The Vance Guards
Vaux Footsteps in Normandy, France
Memories of Lt. Col. Leon R. Vance
Civil War Soldiers Part II
Two Civil War Prisons
John Hagy & Sarah Jane Archer Vance & Their Descendants
Samuel Herchel Vance Will
Census Trivia from 1900
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
Vance Family Association Meeting
Alexander F. Vance
The Two Duncan McArthur Vance's of the Civil War
Wicomico Co., Maryland Records
The Descendants of Samuel Vance & Ann Warth
James M. Vance
Pennsylvania Genealogical Listings from "The Lancaster Journal"
Lunenburg Co., Virginia Records
Benjamin and Ardelia Cullison Vance Family
Tennessee Court Records from Tennessee Tidbits, Vol. II, III, IV
The Vance-Murff Family
Ella Virginia Huss
Vernon George Vance
Vance's Red Pepper Jelly
John K. Vance
Revoluntionary Patriot Nathaniel Vance, Senior
New Revoluntionary War Monument at Sinking Springs Cemetery, Abingdon, VA
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
2 VFA Meeting, Salt Lake City
Searching for Calvin Vance
Tazewell Co., VA Deed
Vance-McCoy Cemetery Dispute
Land Entry Records for the Abner Vance Family
Margaret Rose Vance Ottiger
James Alexander Vance III
Margaret Vance Lusk Piper
Joseph Vance and Mary Apperson
Greenbrier Co., West Virginia Records
Monroe Co., West Virginia Records
VFA Member News
New & Revised VFA Pedigree
3 VFA Meeting, Salt Lake City
Greenbrier Co., WV Deeds-Part II
Edward Richards Vance
Civil War Claims Filed in Tennessee
Robert Johnstone Vance
Early Ohio Newspaper Briefs
Ohio 1810 Tax List
Early Ohio Officeholders
Vance Deaths from the Pittsburgh Dispatch 1858-1860
Worcester Co., Maryland Deed
Early Ohio Co., West Virginia Marriage
William B. Vance
Thomas M. Vance
Earliest Records of Burials in Philadelphia
Nina Vance
Verifying Information Found in a Database:Ancestral File
Maple Grove Cemetery
Samuel & Elizabeth Vance Rawlings, Family Bible Record
Miscellaneous Cecil Co., Maryland Records
Reverend Joseph Vance
Revoluntionary War Public Claims in Virginia
Texas Marriage Records
Obituary-Helen Vance Levenson
Jan.04 XX
Apr. 04 XX
4 George Livermore Vance
Will of Samuel Vance, Salem, NJ
Vance Land Records in Southwestern Ohio
John Vance, Madison Co., TX, Bounty Land Grant
Thomas Vance--An Indiana Pioneer
William Hezekiah Vance
Vance, Belgium
William Vance of San Antonio, Texas
Bounty Land Warrant of Captain James Lemmon
John Vance of Hamilton Co., OH
The John Vances of Butler Co., OH
Cincinnati, Ohio Newspaper Death & Marriage Notices
Hamilton Co., Ohio Marriage Records
Alexander & John M. Vance
Isaac Myers Vance
Samuel Vance Obituary
Sam Houston & Mr. Vance
Lieutenant Samuel Vance of the Revoluntionary War
A Vance Family Puzzle
Calvin Fletcher Vance
Update on James Alexander Vance
Robert & Mary Vance Lusk
Bits 'N Pieces
William F. & Jane Wynne Vance
Isaac Watson Vance
Eva Menor is Eva Vance
David Vance & Margaret Colville
Patriot Spouses from DAR
1 Ancestry, Eliz. Little (Vance) Topp
Bible Record - George W. Vance, Sarah Vance
Bits 'N Pieces
Book Source
Bible Record-William Moore & Sarah Vance Moore-Cover Story
Family Group, George W. Vance
Deeds, Early Maryland
Land Grant, Wm. Vance
Minutes, Salt Lake City Conference
Miscellaneous Records, Maryland
Petition of David Vance, 1873
Treasurer's Report
Wills, Colonial Maryland
2 Morgan Brown Vance
Sir Patrick Waus (Vaus) son John
"Stone Causes Stir"
Biography - Gov. Joseph Vance
Bits and Pieces
Rachel Vance Scott 1816-1880, Cover Story
Letters:Lanercost; To Scottish Records Office; James Washington Vance
Agricultural, Lauderdale Co., MS
Robert Vance, Southern Claims
Samuel Vance, Jr.
Aug.04 XX
Nov.04 XX
Feb. 05 XXI
May.05 XXI
Reunion:Thomas Anthony Vance
3 600th Anniversary of Vans of Barnbarroch, Celebrated Aug. 4, 1984
Wigtown District
Barnbarroch Castle-Photo
Vans (16th Century)
Alexander "Alec" Vans
Whithorn and Priory
Wigton-Wigton Church
Bits and Pieces
An Act of Kindness-Vance Miller
A Mystery Solved - Vance Woodward
Obituary - Paul D. Vance
Vance Family Association Reunion, 2005-St. Louis, MO
4 600th Anniversary Celebrated Aug. 4, 1984
England-Lanercost Priory
Ireland-Vans/Vance Monument at Coagh
Scotland-Dirleton Castle
Andrew Jackson, President, Vance Descendant
Charles King Soloman Vance
Bits and Pieces
Historic Vance Home Preserved
Dr. Hubert "Booney" Vance Endowment
General Vance Captured
Letters:National Archives of Scotland
Obituaries:Cissy Vance / Hilton R. "Jack" Vance
1 "Vances Down Under" - Cover Story
Joseph and Isabella Vance
The Scottish Who Came to Australia
Tom Vance Family Photo
Vances from SC to AL, LA, TX and NSW AU
Cameron Family
Five Vance Brothers
Frank Vance, NC Highland Games Manager
Vance Federal Security Services
Vance Toe River Lodge
Bits and Pieces
Lancaster Co., PA Family History Conference
Sihon M. Vance
Gladys Ellen Mecum-Obituary
Premature obituary of Mollie Vance
David Vance Descendants
Zebulon Vance Connection
2 Vance Family Assoc. Officers
Pictures taken at Clermont Farm, Berryville, VA
Panoramic, of the House at Clermont Farm
Fay and Representative of VA Dept. Historic Resources
Fay and Marjorie Morrrison (Daughter)
Clermont Farm Foundation
History of Delaware 1699-1888, Vol. 2 (Vance)
Scotland Inquiry Letter
Aug.05 XXI
Nov.05 XXI
Feb.06 XXII
May.06 XXII
The Marquis Clan
Inventory and Writings of Barnbarroch
Long-Married Couple Die on Same Day
Preacher Clarence Smith Greenleaf (descended-Abner V)
The Vances of Fannin Street - Cover Story
A Campbell Connection
Inventory & Writings of Barnbarroch, Part 2
Landmark Inn-John & Rowena Vance
Castroville Preservation
Vance Post Office, Washington State
Calvin Brooks Vance - Biography
Vance Volunteer Soldiers 1784-1811
Ligonier Highland Games
The Execution of Abner Vance
Joe Edwin Vance - Obituary
Ralph J. Franke - Obituary
Fort de Vaux, Verdun, France - Cover Story
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 3
Stories of Guernsey Co., OH
Notable Southern Families-Vance
Alexander Franklin Vance
Capt. David Vance
Castroville - The Rest of the Story
Vance in Colonial Wars of VA
Vance in Revoluntionary War
William Kirkpatrick Vance
Vance-Wiley Engagement
David Vance Reunion
Military Service, Brad Parr
"Dear Ancestor" - Poem
Scotch-Irish Congress
Bernice Katherine Holman - Obituary
Vaux Connection to Sir Walter Scott - Cover Story
Memorials of the Haliburtons
Surnames of Scotland
Barnbarroch: Inventory and Writings
William Little Vance - Biography
Hon. Robert J. Vance - Biography
Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence E. Vance, Sr.
The Murder of Hiram Vance
Glynis Vance Armstrong - Correspondence
Minutes of St. Louis Meeting
Letitia Vance Brooks Proctor - Obiturary
Paintings of Barnbarroch & Dirleton
Colorado and Its People, Dr. Jack Vance
DNA Project
Dedication, Gen. Hilton R. "Jack" Vance
History of Hancock County, IL
Pioneers of the Prairie
Vance, Vaux to Wallibus
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 4
Samantha Ann Vance - Birth
Aug. 06 XXII
Nov. 06 XXII
Feb. 07 XXIII
Helen Vance Van Dyke - Birthday
Samuel Vance, 1736 - Indenture
Samuel and John Vance, 1790 - Indenture
Samuel and James Vance, 1793 - Indenture
Rev. Melvin E. Vance - Obiturary
Surprise Bible Discovery - (Vance Surnames)
Samuel Vance, 1664 - Tidbit
Samuel Vance, 1791 - Will
Philadelphia Co., PA 1682-1819
3 Barnbarroch Sold For Restoration
Fire At Scots Mansion
Inventory and Writings of Barnbarroch, Part 6
News Items of Barnbarroch
A Letter of Mourning for Mary Vance - Cover Story
Missouri Marriages before 1840
Murder of Larry Vance
Scottish Flags
VFA 2007 Conference
4 2007 VFA Meeting
"Bad Jim Vance" and the Hatfield-McCoy Feud
Lt. Col. Vivian Vance
Paul Vance, Composer, Alive
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 7
James Wesley Vance - Biography
Byron Alvin Vance - Biography
William Perkins Vance - Biography
John J. Vance "Progressive Men of Montana"
Kinson McVeigh Vance - Cover Story
Correspondence with The National Archives of Scotland
Illinois Deaths, Pre-1916
Missouri Marriages and Deaths
Montana Military, 1917-1918
Montana Civil War Record
Who's Who in the West
Marcia Melrose - Obituary
1 The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Narrative by Letitia Vance Brooks Proctor
Samuel Hamilton Brooks
Vance Family Involved
Calvin Fletcher Vance and Bessie Vance
Letitia Hart Vance
Letitia Vance Brooks Proctor
Valerie Farrington
Samuel Hamilton Brooks - Portrait
Bessie Vance Brooks - Portrait
Samuel Brooks - Portrait
Bessie Vance - Portrait
The Memphis Brooks Museum of Art
Marble sculptures, "Spring", Summer", "Fall"
Sculpture, "Sacrifice III"
Bronze sculpture,"Aquacade, 1949"
Brooks Family Lineage
May.07 XXIII
Aug. 07 XXIII
Nov. 07 XXIII
Calvin Fletcher Vance
Calvin Fletcher Vance Lineage
Samuel Vance III descendants
DNA Report, Group II
Abner Vance
Kinson McVeigh/McVay Vance
Matthew Vance of Pittsylvania Co., VA
Matthew Vance/Barbara
Matthew Vance before 1767
Robert Vance of Carter Co., TN
Thomas Vance of Fermanagh and Maine
Wanda R. Green - Obituary
Helen L. (Green) Clark - Obituary
Gerald Ford-President - Obituary
Hannah Richardson Vance - Obituary
Phillip Martin Vance - Obituary
Vance Family Reunion Meeting, Louisville, KY
2 Archibald Campbell Vance
William Vance Fought Many Battles
Brozos Co., TX
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 8
Bits and Pieces
CSS Shenandoah
Ruth Nesbitt Morris - Obituary
Andrew N. Morrison - Obituary
Earl E. Vance - Obituary
Phillip Martin Vance - Obituary
Rachael Lauraine Cooley Wilson Vance - Obituary
Wilbur Dewey Vance - Obituary
Thomas James Vance - Obituary
Ohio Civil War Veterans
Ohio Wills
Elmer Leon James Vance - Pedigree
3 Alexander and Vance Connection of Virginia
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 9
Hannah Vance Crawford (A Typical Pioneer Woman)
Irish Wills
Montana Death Records, 1910-current
Andrew Vance, Will
Vance Cemetery, Upper Tyrone Twp., Fayette Co.
Rev. Hugh Vance
Jane Gentry, Vance, Kentucky's Poet Laureate
Leonard K. Vance
Robert Vance, Court Record
Bit's & Piece's
Jane Bradbury - Obituary
Judith Ogden Gardner - Obituary
Aline Lewis Vance - Obituary
Grace Crozier Vance - Obituary
John Bonner Vance - Obituary
4 Benjamin Vance
Thomas Vance
Feb. 08 XXIV
May.08 XXIV
Aug. 08 XXIV
Nov. 08 XXIV
Barnbarroch, Inventory and Writings, Part 10
Bi-Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY
Financial Report, Minutes
VFA Bi-Annual Meeting/A Commentary
T-Shirts, Vance Smith Book
Bo Gabriel Vance - Birth Announcement
David Vance Reunion
VFA Member - Marilyn Vance McGaughey
Ruth Ann Needham - Obituary
Dallas and Marilyn Vance - Obituary
Mary Ruth Hale Vance - Obituary
Ralph (Wendell) Vance - Obituary
Clermont (Update)
Hannah Vance (Update)
A Letter From Rosalee Vance Woodward
DNA Report-Adam Bradford
Today's Daughters-Janice Zipf Speer
Matthew Vance Family- By Juda Vance
Vance - Warwick
Hugh Vance, A Deserter In The War Of 1812?
Obituaries-Coleman Caldwell Hatfield, William (Bill) Vance, Peggy E. Vance
Bits and Pieces
Vance, Texas
Inventory & Writings of The Estate Of Barnbarroch 1518-1707-Part 2
Wylie, Texas And The Vances(Taylor Co.)
Bits and Pieces
Vances of Hardy County West Virginia
Historic Group Moving(SAR)
The Lost Letter (Sabra Vance)
Bible Record of the Family of Addison Shannon Vance
A Second Letter From Rosalee Vance Woodward
Obituary, John Thomas Vance III
DNA Report
Cemeteries, Sullivan County, Tennessee
Inventory And Writings of The Estate of Barnbarroch (Part 3 of "Tiends 1518-1707")
DNA Report
George Vance-By Marilyn Vance McGauhey PH.D
Vances of Ionia & Montcalm Co., MI
A Third Letter From Rosalee Vance Woodward
Dr. Joseph Vance
Hardships Of The Wife Of A Captain In Monroe's Regiment(D. L. Vance)
Inventory And Writings Of The Estate Of Barnbarroch
Anniversary-Charles & Elizabeth Vance.
Introducing-Our New Newsletter Editor, Bill Coup
Irish Vances
Calendars of Wills; David Vance, Jane Vance, Mary Vance, Belfast
Obituary-Ella Mai Vance Cash
Obituaries-Historic-George William Vance; Wm. & daughter Jane Vance
Hannah Vance
Warrant for Land from Lord Fairfax to John Vance of Frederick Co., Va.(DNA 67952)
John Vance of Frederick Co., VA (DNA 67952) Land Grant
Feb. 09 XXV
May. 09 XXV
Aug. 09 XXV
Nov.09 XXV
Feb. 10 XXVI
A Fourth Letter from Rosalee Vance Woodward
Vance Family Asso. Yearly Financial Report
Adam Vance b. 1781. PA
Adam Vance 1781-1851
Patrick Vance and James Alexander Vance
Mississippi House
An Excerpt from An Anecdotal History of the Taylor-Vance and Allied Families
Annual Vance Reunion Held in West Virginia
A School to Honor Hannah Crawford
A Fifth Letter From Rosalee Vance Woodward
Obituary-Col. Wendell Wood Vance
An Excerpt from An Anecdotal History of the Taylor-Vance and Allied Families
Samuel & Nancy Vance - Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA.
Descendants Of Samuel & Nancy Vance, Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA.
Mt. Moriah Baptist Church Cemetery
Obituaries For Vance-Smithfield, Georges Twp., Fayette Co., PA
The Handly Regional Library
Association Member Deaths: Norval Tucker, Dwane V. Norris
Inventory And Writings of The Estate of Barnbarroch
Vance Military Men to Remember on Memorial Day
Capt. Jacob Vance & Wife Magdalena Kerns of Chester Co., PA
Capt. Jacob Vance & Magdalena Vance of East Brandywine Twp, Chester Co., PA.
Chester County Vance's, Tax & Militia Records Pre 1800
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Leon Robert Vance
Vance Ancestry of Lieutenant Colonel Leon Robert Vance, Jr.
Inventory And Writings of The Estate of Barnbarroch
An Excerpt from An Anecdotal History of the Taylor-Vance and Allied Families
Our Irish Cousins
An Indiana Vance Family
Joseph Williams Vance, Jr.
Vance Ancestry of Joseph Williams Vance, Jr.
Minutes of the Vance Family Assoc. Meeting
Vance Family Association Biennium Report
Vance Family Association - Improving Our Website
A New Book Added to the Vance Family Archive
A Message from Jamie Vans
Waid Winston Vance, Obituary
Rendell Jacob Vance, Obituary
Robert Brank Vance
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Irish Potato Famine Passengers to New York
Vance Cemetery, Slate Springs, Calhoun Co., MS
Charles E. Vance, Biography, Hardy Co., WV
If You Invite Them…They Will Come by Kim Emery
Vance Info Found in Senior Historian's Papers in Vance Family Assoc. Archive
Clermont Update
Breakthrough:Have We Found the Father of Rev. John Vans of Kilmarcreenan
Widow of Sir Patrick Vaus Weds
Cases in Pennsylvania Supreme Court
The Mathew Vance and John Jones Families
Infant Oil Baron
10-May XXVI
10-Aug. XXVI
10-Nov. XXVI
11-Feb. XXVII
Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy:Virginia
Donna Lee O'Hanlon Obituary
Pennsylvania Vital Records - Volume III
Whitney Vance Nicholson Obituary
Carol Frances Vance Clay Obituary
Thomas G. Seeberger Obituary
General John Luther Vance
Early Vances & Tedricks in Highland County, Ohio
Gilbert Vance in the Irish Rebellion of 1641
Vance Family of Knox County, Ohio
The Baptist Confession
On the Sunny Side of the Hill
Pedigress-Documenting Our Family History
Suggestions for Completing Your Vance Pedigree
From the WPA Project
West Virginia Magazine List
Mary Mothershead Vance
VFA Pedigree Charts 1-3
VFA Family Group Sheet
DeArthur Yandell-Obituary
Colonel Johnnie Vance-Obituary
Sgt. Gene Arden Vance, Jr.-Obituary
Patton/Vance Family of Ohio County, Kentucky-Query
Notes From the Senior Historian
Wiliam Fa(u)lkner's Vance Connections
Beverly Vance, an African-American of SC, and Some of His Descendants
Lord Dunmore's Little War
John Vance, New Castle County, Delaware Land Records, 1673-1710
Rowland Vance
Advertisement from the Belfast Newsletter
William C. Vance and the "First Shot" of the Civil War
David Colville Vance Bible Records
Notice (David Vance)
Alternate Vance Pedigree Forms
Willie Doyle Vance (Obiturary)
Declaration to be Made by a Surviving Officer
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Commodore Thomas MacConough: Hero of Lake Champlain
John Vance of New Castle County, Delaware: The MacDonough-Hackstaff Ancestry
Dazzy Vance
Smyth Co., VA Deed Book #, Page 64, Recorded 15 March 1841
Going Hollywood
History Of The Lands and their owners in Galloway
Letters and E-Mails
VFA T-Shirts
New Members
Obituaries: Paul D. Vance, Officer Mark Vance, Virginia Vance Ward
William Vance and Wife Elizabeth Backhouse
Wilson Vance, Awarder the Medal of Honor in the Civil War
Lived Long in Fear of Savage Indians, Woman Almost Centenarian
Inventory of the Estate of Patrick Vans 17 August 1747
From Lumber to Gold to Coal
11-May XXVII
11-Aug. XXVII
11-Oct. XXVII
12-Feb. XXVIII
William Vance 1824 - 1891
William Vance/Squire Vance - 1759-1841
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Obituary: George Scott "Scottie" Frye
Electing New VFA Officers-Compiled by VFA Officers
Ohio Cemetery Records
The Vance Migration
The House That Jack Built, Christmas 2005
Pennsylvania Vital Records, Volume III
Cousins By the Dozen - A DNA Project
10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809-1850
The Kingsport Times, Kingsport Tennessee Monday, September 16, 1935
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Vance Pennsylvania Marriages
VFA Biennial Meeting and Reunion
Beatrice Vance Keller - Obituary
Marilyn Herndon Vance - Obituary
Notes on the Norman de Vaux
Sarah and Letitia Vance Mouzon
Vance Y-DNA Porject:Group 2 Overview
Notes on the Norman de Vaux (Part 2)
Minutes of the 2011 Meeting of the Vance Family Association-Sept. 16, 2011
Vance Family Assocaiton Financial Report
President's Business Meeting Presentation
Group Traces Roots to Fayette County
VFA Tours Fayette County & Cross Creek in Washington County
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Vance Y-DNA Project: Group 3 Overview
Clermont Forum Covers History, Future
Forum Looks at Future 'Museum' at Clermont
Trees Tell Time at Historic Clearmont House
Rare Water Wheet is Aded to the Mix at Clermont Farm
Pennsylvania Vital Records - Volume III
Ohio Cemetery Records
Happy Birthday to Helen Van Dyke
Vance Place, Vance Barn, and Vance Creek
Vance DNA Project: Group 1 Overview: DNA Analysis
Vance Y-DNA Project: Group 1 Overview: Genealogy (1b)
Message from Jamie Vans
Vance Y-DNA Project: Group 1 Overview: Genealogy (1a)
Physical Descripton of Colonel William Crawford
William Vance & Rachel Mintun
Inventory and Writings of the Estate of Barnbarroch
Mexican War-Illinois