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13 11:30am NTO Luncheon (MSFH)
David Michael Royse
14 11:30am Lunch On Main
Resumes (MSFH)
5:00pm Great Banquet
Resumes (MSFH)
by Sally Sutton
On September 13, 1955, David Michael Royse was born and given this name by his
parents. Since that time he has earned several nicknames. David used to walk and
walk all over Tucker so his neighbors began calling him “Walking Dave.” Once a
neurological disease made it impossible to walk any longer, First Baptist Church
and members of the church provided him with electric scooters and Adult A began
calling him “Scooter Dave.”
15 10:00am Tucker Book Group (L)
19 Office Closed in observance of
the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
Main Street Preschool closed in
observance of the Martin Luther
King, Jr. Holiday
My husband, Mark, and I began rescuing Dave from pouring rain, cold weather,
etc. and giving him rides. It didn’t take long to realize he was a very special fellow.
Many times he would be carrying small packages and we learned he was running
errands to the grocery or drug stores to
buy items for “his people.” These folks
were usually shut-ins or were ill and
couldn’t do this for themselves.
21 11:30am Lunch On Main (MSFH)
5:00pm Great Banquet (MSFH)
28 11:30am Lunch on Main (MSFH)
5:00pm Great Banquet (MSFH)
2/1 8:15am Deacon’s meeting
12:15pm Church Conference
and Lunch
2/3 12:30pm NTO Council
1:30 pm NTO Singers
2/1011:30am NTO Luncheon (MSFH)
Talking about friends this dear man
never met a stranger. He would introduce himself and ask, “What is your
name?” He knew people from all walks
of life from the ladies who ran the delis
in the groceries to the ones who served
him food at Matthews Cafeteria. Once
he knew a name he never forgot. That
was also true of phone numbers. Dave
didn’t need a phone book. He was a
smart man.
(for more information visit f bctucker.org or call (770) 938-1688)
Parents’ Night Out
February 14, 2015 • 6 pm to 9 pm
2/16 Main Street Preschool closed in
observance of President’s Day
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4:30pm KidzStreet resumes (GL)
27 1:30pm NTO Singers (MSFH Dance Room)
Our friendship grew and we realized
Dave had one of the biggest hearts and
most generous spirits of anyone we had
ever met. We would bring him fruit,
cookies, cake, etc. and he would keep
a little and share the rest with “his
people.” He made us more generous
because we began giving him more so
he could share with his friends.
We began taking Dave to two different
Grady hospitals, the one downtown
8:15am Deacon’s Meeting (L)
CG - Common Grounds GL - Gym Lobby
L - Library LFH - LaVista Fellowship Hall
MC - Ministry Center NTO - Never Too Old
SANC - Sanctuary MSFH - Main Street Fellowship
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Christmas 2014
December 2014
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Tidings Newsletter
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Atlanta we dubbed “Big Grady” and the satellite clinic on Shallowford Road was called “Little Grady.” Each and every doctor treated him so well and were concerned about his health.
One of the first appointments at Big Grady was to see doctors
in the Orthopedic Division who hoped to do surgery to correct
his deformed foot so he could walk again. After neurological
tests it was found that the nerves in his leg and foot could not
supply blood or oxygen so the possibility of surgery was gone.
That was one of the few times we ever saw him down in the
dumps. He wanted so badly to walk again. When we got back
in the car for a long time Dave was very quiet, then he said, “It
is o.k. because I am used to crawling now.” This is the kind of
person he was. Positive, kind, caring and his coping abilities
were amazing.
Dave couldn’t walk for the past three years but as long as he
had his scooter he managed to get his food, go to the bank, and
make his daily run to Publix, not so much to buy groceries but
to see all his friends who worked there. He grieved when Ingles
closed, again not so much because of groceries but he worried
that his friends didn’t have jobs.
He visited “his people” on a daily basis. He taught me that I
didn’t have to bake a cake to take to someone. A piece would be
fine because all these folks needed was a kind visit from somebody who loved and cared for them.
Our sons, Hank and Marty, loved Dave. Many times they took
him leftovers from our dinner and took time to visit. Before they
could return home, Dave was on the phone thanking us and
always saying that this was his favorite meal. Dave helped make
our sons more generous and giving. Often they would not eat that
last pork chop or chicken leg and say, “Dave will enjoy this.”
Adult A of our church adopted Dave and were so thoughtful and
kind. They were generous in every way possible. Dave appreciated all in the class and would often give someone a phone call
to say thanks.
Anytime you greeted him or bid farewell, Dave would have a big
grin, hold out his arms and say, “Give me a hug.”
On October 19, 2014, Dave had a stroke and his health declined
rapidly. He realized his independence was gone. After a few
weeks we think he had another stroke and was taken to “Big
Grady” where the doctors tried everything they could to save
him. The strokes plus a massive sepsis infection ended his life
on December 1, 2014.
When we told Dave that anyone had died, he would say
“Hallelujah, they have gone to be with Jesus. They have
earned their reward in Heaven.”
Our family and friends will always miss Dave. He blessed our
lives. So our friend, we can sincerely say, “Hallelujah and Give
me a Hug.”
Valentine’s Parents’ Night Out
February 14, 2015 • 6 pm to 9 pm
Enjoy a night out while child care is provided for your children. Child care
includes a healthy dinner and a variety of activities. There is NO CHARGE!
This is an opportunity to provide parents of our church and community with
a service of love from First Baptist Church of Tucker.
Ages 3 through 5th Grade — Register Now at www.fbctucker.org
December 2014
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Tidings Newsletter
Main Street Preschool with Barry Murphy
Main Street Preschool had a fun filled, exciting December!!
Students performed their Christmas program “Hooray for
Baby Jesus” for parents in the sanctuary on December 10.
Santa and Mrs. Claus visited Main Street for story time and
each child had a picture made with Santa! Parents joined in
on the fun for classroom Christmas parties. Students, teachers, and Main Street families celebrated all month long.
Each class currently has a waiting list so main Street will offer
early registration for the 2015-2016 school year on January
27th and 28th from 10:00 a.m. until 11:00 a.m. Please share
this information with anyone you know who is interested in
enrolling in Main Street. Early registration guarantees your
spot for next school year.
Register for School Year 2015-2016 • January 27th & 28th
10:00am - 11:00am • Preschool Floor • Building A, First Floor
Children and Youth Ministry with
Abby Bradley
Children’s Ministry
The children at First Baptist Tucker
were busy during the month of December! The KidzStreet choir presented
their musical in worship and the children helped to decorate the sanctuary
in the Welcoming Christmas Service.
During our Christmas Eve Service, the
children were in costume as they acted out the Christmas story. We are so
thankful for the hard work that everyone put in to make the Advent Season
so special.
After a much needed break, the children will return to KidzStreet on Sunday, January 25th. If you would
like to register your children please see
the registration form on our website
or feel free to give us a try on the 25th
January 2015
and register then. Feel free to email
[email protected] with any
questions. We look forward to seeing
you there!
Youth Ministry
Our youth had a busy December as
they finished final exams and participated in end of the year performances
in band and chorus. To celebrate the
return to school in January, the youth
will be going to lunch and bowling on
Sunday, January, 11th following the
worship service. If you are interested
please email [email protected]
org with questions. See you there!
— Abby
Sundays 4:30pm
to 6:00pm
In the Gym Lobby
KidzStreet is for children
(ages 3 through 5th grade)
that includes a time of
music, games, crafts,
snacks, and Bible stories.
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Tidings Newsletter
Spiritual Formation with Phill Nall
Wednesdays 11:15 am Lunch ($5)
Noon Presentation
For reservations call (770) 938.1688 ext 210
January 14 - 28, 2015 .
Presenter: Dr. Randy Shepley ›
Pastor, First Baptist Church of Tucker .
“At the Table with Jesus”
January 14: Lunch with Jesus
(Luke 9:10-17)
Returns January 20th!!
Tuesdays at 1:30 p.m.
Except NTO day
Classroom #7 Main Street
Fellowship Hall
January 21: Dinner with Jesus
(Luke 14:15-24)
January 28: Breakfast with Jesus
(John 21:1-19)
Ralph Freeman
Tucker Book Group
Meets on the third Thursday of every month
10:00am in the FBCT Library
Thursday, January 15
“Somewhere Safe with
Somebody Good”
by Jan Karon
Tuesday, January 13th
at 11:30 a.m.
Main Street Fellowship Hall
Lunch—$7 per person
Ralph is a native of Atlanta and a
graduate of Morehouse College.
After 9 years in marketing at IBM,
God led him to full-time music ministry.
He has sung with the Atlanta Symphony
and across the USA and around the world.
Wear your blues!
January 2015
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Tidings Newsletter
Sympathy to...
“The Sanctuar y Choir has made a donation to the Main
Street Preschool for musical instruments. We have the
privilege of being lead by an energetic director who is
assisted by gifted instrumentalist and sound/slide techs.
We are made more complete in our worship because
of their offerings, often sacrificial. A big THANK YOU to
Alice Shepley, Debra Freeman, Laura Roberds, Eddie
Freeman, Jared Sarubbi, Grayson Freeman, Kathy Ray,
Samuel Shepley and James Shepley.
The Sanctuary Choir
›› Dan Doster (Jeannette
Medlin’s son) and family in
the loss of his mother-in-law,
Ellen Ford, on November 29.
›› The family of “Scooter Dave”
Royse in his passing on
December 1.
›› The family of Dorothy Chesnut,
who passed away on
December 17.
›› Melinda Hudgens and family
in the loss of her father, Jack
Johnston, on December 20.
›› Carol Cash and family in the
loss of her brother-in-law,
Frank Asbaugh, on Dec. 24.
›› Yvonne Hubbard and family
in the loss of her brother, Larry
Clarke, on December 30.
First Baptist Church of Tucker is a collection site for the
Tucker Mid-Year School Supply Drive for the Tucker Cluster
Schools. The collection box is in the hallway by the office.
Wish list items are:
No. 2 Pencils
Paper Towels
Ball Point Pens
Clorox Wipes
Dry Erase Markers-low odor
Ziplock Bags
Copy Paper
Scotch Tape
Hand Sanitizer
Anti-bacterial hand soap
Boxes of Kleenex
January 2015
›› Ann Sarubbi and family in the
loss of her sister, Cheryl
Melton, on December 30.
Because of a change in
recycling management, the
recycling bins have been
removed from the parking lot at 2367 Main Street.
Thank you for your patience
as we search for other more
viable recycling options.
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Tidings Newsletter
5073 Lavista Road, Tucker, GA 30084
January 11
Deacon’s Meeting
(770) 938-1688
w ww.fbctucker.org
January 13
NTO (Never Too Old) Luncheon
In Case of Emergency (Nights & Weekends)
Please contact the on call ministry staff member as follows:
1st Sunday/1st Week of the Month
Phill Nall 770-757-0527
January 14
Lunch on Main & Great Banquet
2nd Sunday/2nd Week of the Month
Pam Woodson 678-760-3969
January 15
Tucker Book Group
3rd Sunday/3rd Week of the Month
Randy Shepley 678-983-1185
4th Sunday/4th Week of the Month
Abby Bradley 678-294-6196
January 20
NTO (Never Too Old) Singers
The 5th Sunday and 5th week will be on a rotation basis
and will be listed each week in the Sunday bulletin.
The above procedure will be in lieu of the
church emergency number.
Ladies Bible Study (6:30PM)
January 21
Ladies Bible Study (9:30AM)
Dr. Randy Shepley
January 25
Alice Shepley
Interim Director of Music
In case of inclement weather, stay tuned to the
local channels for school closings. If Dekalb
County is closed for inclement weather, the
church office along with Main Street
Rev. Phill Nall
Minister of Education
Senior Adults
Pam Woodson
Ministry Assistant
Abby Bradley
Minister to Children
and Youth
Lois Alexander
Church Ministry Assistant
Barry Murphy
Main Street Preschool
Elaine Hoffman
Pastoral Counselor
(770) 938-1688, x 227
Preschool will be closed.
Requirements to Date
Received to Date
Received this Week
January 2015
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