Membership - Buckeye Lake Yacht Club

January 2015 - Volume 24, Issue 4
supported Josh in this time of need.
For that, we all should be proud...
Thank You!
Please check the BLYC event calendar
and make plans to attend the events
coming up this winter.
Charles Wadley
Happy New Year!
You will see several projects
underway at the clubhouse over the
winter months. Please pardon our
dust as we make these improvements.
The Board of Governors are working
dilegently to continue the Yacht Club
traditions and to provide the
members with a great experience at
the BLYC. The Governors’ areas of
responsibility are listed on the back
of the Log. If you have any questions
or comments, please don’t hesitate to
contact us.
Come in and enjoy your Club!
Commodore Chuck Wadley
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club
Mission Statement
I am pleased to announce that there
will be no increase for the 2015
Membership Dues. The invoices will
be mailed out this month. Please
remember that payment is due 30
days from receipt.
Josh Daniels continues his recovery.
I wish to thank all the members and
staff who have donated time and
money to help Josh and his family.
Special thanks go out to the BLYC
Auxiliary. They have contributed all
of the proceeds from their recent
fundraisers to the Daniels Family. It is
heartwarming to know, that the BLYC
Members have so generously
The Object of the Club shall be...
Promotion of yachting
and aquatic sports
Cultivation of sociability
among its members
Improvement of Buckeye Lake
for boating purposes
- Governor Kara Mulvey
I’d like to welcome our new members
this month:
Timothy & Dawn Chester
Steven & Mary Covert
Matthew Fennen & Jefferey Hamilton
Mark Oschenbein
Edmund & Colleen Romito
George & Aimee Schwab
I warmly welcome you all! I know the
new members will love the club as much
as we all do!
Happy New Year!
Kara Mulvey
Membership Governor
Correction: We accidentally mis-spelled the Covert’s
names in a previous issue of the Log. Our apologies.
- Governor Mark Severance
Happy New Year!! The Majestics rang in 2015 with a bang
and Chef Matt’s fare was exquisite! Hope you enjoyed the
other holiday entertainment with the jazzy tunes of
Studio 3 and your favorite Christmas tunes with Jamie
Whetstone. The coming year holds more fantastic
entertainment and fun at the BLYC. The Club will be closed
New Year’s Day but we will be back in action on January 2.
Ease into 2015 with our own Lakeside Trio on January 3
from 7:00-10:00 pm—a great time to bring your house
guests for a relaxing evening of music—and YOU won’t
have to cook! DJ Randy Cobun will spin your favorite Jimmy
Buffett and Caribbean music on January 10 from 7:00-11:00
pm. Don your favorite Hawaiian shirt, shorts, flips and
parrot-gear for the ultimate Parrot Head Party. What’s that
song about Margaritaville??
On Saturday, January 17, mellow out with the exquisite
guitar work of Mark Williams and a little (or a lot) of VINO
during BLYC’s Winter Wine Tasting event! Sample some
great wines, enjoy the fireplace and great food! Jamie
Whetstone returns on January 24 entertaining us with some
dining and dancing tunes. Join us for an evening of Jazz
with the Jazz Gallery Project on Saturday, January 31 from
7:00-10:00 pm.
Don’t be a LONER! It’s Euchre on Sunday afternoons at
1:30 PM beginning on Sunday January 11 and continuing
through February 8. Join us for a “friendly” game of
Euchre in Fireplace Room. Ryan Christy will be hosting
this progressive Euchre event. You can still sign up at the
bar or just show up! Chef will feature the pub menu. Grab
a cold one, sample the new snack offerings or munch on
complimentary popcorn.
In February, Don Beck entertains on February 6 from 7:0010:00 with dinner/dance music. On February 14, make it
a romantic Valentine’s Day with Dave and Friends. Listen
to those love tunes that will get you “In the Mood.” OK...
Mardi Gras will be long over but February 28 is the date
ARNETT HOWARD could be with us! Don’t miss this one!
Celebrate a belated Mardi Gras and get “HOT, HOT, HOT!”
from 7:00-11:00 pm. Break out the beads, dress in Mardi
Gras attire, and party down with Arnett! CHECK HIM
The Speaker Series is always a winter favorite. This year’s
topics are both educational and maybe a little controversial.
Chef Matt will prepare a “Blue Plate” special each Thursday.
Check out this schedule!
Mark Severance
Saturday, January 17
Dinner Served
5:30 - 9:00
Chef Matt’s House Made Grilled “Bacon”
Honey-Bourbon Reduction, Scalliion Chimichurri,
Sharp Cheddar Grits
Lobster “Mac’n Cheese”
Lobster, Chive, Mascarpone Cheese, Creste Pasta
Second Course
Forest Mushroom Soup
Roasted Mushroom, Portabella Broth,
Whipped Chevre
Arcadian Salad
Apple Cider Vinaigrette, Toasted Pecans, Aged
White Cheddar, Grape Tomatoes, & Shaved Onion
Cabernet Braised Beef Short Rib
Cabernet Jus Lie, Haricots Verts
Yukon Potato Pureé
Pan Seared Scallops
Tomato Beurre Blanc, Chive Oil
Roasted Fingerlings, Wilted Spinach
Vanilla Bean Cremè
with Blackberry Compote
Flourless Chocolate Torte
Dried Cherry Port Gastrique, Pistachio Dust,
Vanilla Bean Marscapone Mousse
Dauphinoise Cheese, Apples, Almonds, Crostini
Order Food à la Carte, or... Do a “Feed Me” Special: Choice of
four courses for $44, or... Do a “Wine Me” Special: A selection
of wine paired with the “Feed Me” Special for an additional $22
Mark Williams
7:00 - 10::00
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club
Thursday Evenings - 7:00 pm
The New Cold War
The New Plague
January 15
February 19
Jerry Besanceney
John Sproat
Natural Law
The Legalization of
Dr. Tony Lisska
Dr. Bob Masone
Human Rights from
Aquinas to Jefferson
Denison University
Spinal Technology & Pain Center
January 22
February 26
Antique Boat
Jerrie Mock
Matt Zimmerman
Zimmerman Boat Works
January 29
The Flight that Changed the World
Susan Reid
March 5
Living Well Longer
The Burning Tree
Dr. Jim Whetstone
Brad Leper
Whetstone Medical Clinic
Ohio Historical Society
February 5
March 19
- Governor Rose McEntire
Happy New Year! Only 80 days till spring!!
Remember to check out the Yacht Club
web page for updated information, and
access to many pictures from activities at
the club! Speaking of pictures, I want to
recognize and thank Karen Baltzell!
Karen is an excellent photographer and
she graciously takes many pictures around
the club for us! Thank you Karen!
If you have some fun photos from
activities at the club that you would like
to share, please let me know — we will be
happy to post them!
Stay warm, and I hope to see you around
the Club this winter!
Rose McEntire
Docks & Rentals
- Governor Tom Baltzell
Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a
wonderful Christmas and a very happy
New Year’s Eve. The Christmas party at
BLYC was simply awesome (as always).
We (Karen and I) are excited for the New
Year’s Eve party. BLYC puts on a great
“year out, new year in” party. Thank you
Ginger and staff for your help in making
our holiday season special!
Just a couple items for Docks and Rentals:
Work is progressing on the support post
replacement in the covered docks. Thanks
go out to Commodore Tim Ryan for managing this project.
Looking back on my year as I-LYA Commodore, I know that none of it would
have been possible without the support of the best Club anywhere — The
Buckeye Lake Yacht Club! It was truly an honor, not only to serve I-LYA, but
also to represent BLYC. This year brought much recognition to our Club
throughout the region. So many members and famililes from BLYC supported
our efforts this year — through fundraisers, support at the meetings and regattas, and SO much more! The list is too great to thank everyone here, but to all
I would especially like to thank the BLYC Commodores’ Association and the
BLYC Auxiliary for their generous support and the Davis family — Tracey,
Matt, Michael, and Matthew — for their time and tireless efforts in helping to
make the year GREAT!
P/C Steve Harris, I-LYA 2014
Billing for docks, garages, and storage will
be arriving soon. If you desire to make
changes, please do not hesitate to
contact Rebecca at the Club, or me by
e-mail at [email protected] or by
text at 740.739.2706
Finally, if you need a dock for 2015, please
contact me.
That’s a wrap for this month... See you at
our CLUB!
Working together for a common purpose
results in a better BLYC
Tom Baltzell
Docks & Rentals
Bar & Kitchen
- Vice Commodore David Luttenberger
Greetings! It may be cold outside, but inside we have major
events planned for January designed to excite your appetite and warm the cockles of your heart. We a have special
menu planned for the Parrot Head Party on January 10. Put
on your best Buffett outfit, come on in, and get your
“Cheeseburger in Paradise.” We also have a special menu for
Wine Night on the 17th, and wonderful comfort food menus
for the Speaker Series every Thursday, January through
March. You don’t want to miss these wonderful speeches, or
the Blue Plate Specials that go with them. Come on down,
tease your brain, and tickle your fancy... all at the same time.
I want to send a special thanks out to all those that donated
to the Josh Daniels Recovery Fund. I can assure you that
Josh, his wife, and his two beautiful children thank you too.
I want to also give special thanks to Ginger for overseeing
the fundraising effort and the Auxiliary for their
contributions. Also, a special Thank You goes out to Cat
& Howard for providing the entertainment for last month’s
fundraiser. If you haven’t donated yet, or if you would like to
donate more, we will continue to accept contributions until
Josh can come back to work. Make your checks out to Josh
Daniels and please give them to Rebecca during the day, or
Ginger Deuley in the evening. ‘Tis the season!
Reminder: Come in and take advantage of our Happy Hour
drink specials, Wednesday through Friday from 4-7 pm. We
will be offering specials on beer, wine and well drinks. There
will also be a special of the day. Got a thirst? Belly up to the
bar at the BLYC!
Please remember to call ahead to make reservations so we
can be fully prepared to meet your needs. We’re here for you,
our members, at your home away from home, the BLYC.
House & Grounds
- Rear Commodore Dave Lawrence
Happy New Year, 2015! It seems hard to believe that ‘14 is no
more. With Thanksgiving so late in November, the
holidays were on us so quickly that many felt they needed
another week to prepare. I hope that all of you had a
wonderful holiday season with friends and family. The Club
was nicely decorated and festive looking. Ginger and crew
had the inside looking wonderful and we put an emphasis
on the outside this year as well. Thanks to Chuck and Trent,
our maintenance guys, for helping me the Saturday before
the Christmas party.
As mentioned in the December Log, we have plans to
continue with needed improvements at the Club. Our
standing practice is that any expenditure over $500 must
have three bids before submitting to the Trustees for
approval. I invite all members who have businesses that deal
in improvements—i.e. plumbing, electrical, landscaping,
painting, flooring, refrigeration, etc.—to submit your name
and specialty to me so that I can contact you if you are
interested in bidding on any of the many projects that we
hope to complete or may be of the emergency type. You
are not expected to give us the lowest bid because you are
a member and we are not expected to give you the job just
because you are a member. The open bidding process helps
to insure that the Club is getting a fair price. Although,
if things work out, we would prefer to give the work to a
member. Again, if you are interested in bidding on Club
projects, I am assembling a resource file of businesses to bid
on whatever projects or problems that occur, so notify me at
the Club or online, ([email protected]) or call
(cell phone: 614.975.1820)
Well, that’s all for this issue and I will close with a Fun Fact...
Some early drawing designs for the Club included a
We’re here to serve!
“lighthouse” rising some twenty or so feet above the Club
David Luttenberger where the present cupola sits now.
Bar & Kitchen
I would also like to congratulate P/C Steve Harris on an
excellent year as Commodore of I-LYA.
See you at the Club!
Dave Lawrence
House & Grounds
Race & Regatta
A Worldwide
Celebration of
- Governor Chuck Gleich
Not being able to be on the lake for the next few months
gives us time to dream. The next best thing is being at the
Club watching a sunset, enjoying a drink , food, and talking
about sailing and boating.
I look forward seeing you soon.
Get ready for the Summer SAILstice! More information
coming soon...
Lets get on board!
Chuck Gleich
Race & Regatta
BLYC Auxiliary
“... and to all a good night.”
The grand finale of the Auxiliary’s 2014 year was a shining star. Kimberly
of Kimberly’s Creative Canvas brought out the artist in all of us. Thank you
Kim! The food and staff were great, as usual. Look for pictures on the BLYC
website. We also added two new members at the December meeting! A big
welcome to Cindy Lape and Steve Harris!
Many thanks to all of the particpants in the 50/50 raffle for Josh Daniels at the
Beat Michigan Party. Mark Severance won and donated his winnings back to
help Josh and his family.
Our booze basket fundraiser was also a huge success! All of the proceeds
went to the Josh Daniels Recovery Fund. Bruce Ames was the winner. He is
certainly going to have lots of visitors this winter! We have so many caring
and generous folks at our Club — guests as well as members pitched in.
Bless You!
The BLYC Auxiliary Children’s Christmas Party was fun for all. We are so
happy that Santa was able to come and visit. A huge thanks to our Head Elf,
Nancy Ball, for all the organizing and shopping for Santa. “Elf Junior,” Stacy
Baumgardner, was also a hit with kids and parents alike. Our Santa hats go
off to Gail and Jay Beck for photographing the entire event.
We will not be meeting in January or February, but we have a special meeting
planned for March 12th to kick off the upcoming summer season and work
on the August fundraiser. If you have any ideas for the Auxiliary, please email
our President, Cherie VanDyne, at [email protected]
Happy New Year! See you at the Club!
Linda Masone
Junior Training
- Governor Michael McVey
Imagine crossing the walkway bridge to Watkins Island, Buckeye Lake Yacht
Club, with your family, friends, or business associates. As you step onto the
island, there in front of you is a brick pathway with engravings.
The engravings record, celebrate and honor current and past members of
BLYC, including members of your family. The engravings can include:
• Names, Dates, Commemorations —
• A special anniversary, a sailing championship, remember a loved one
• Positions on the Board of Governors or the BLYC Auxiliary
• Your boat name, your business, etc.
• Other Ideas? The possibilities are endless!
There will be two sizes of bricks:
• 4 x 8 (32 square inches) $120
• 12 x 12 (144 square inches) $450
This pathway will be a part of BLYC for many, many, many years to come!
Be a part of BLYC history and help support Junior Sailing at the same time!
Friday Specials
Come join us every Friday!
Slow Roasted Prime Rib au jus
Fish & Chips
Please contact Michael McVey, Tom Greiner, Steve Harris, Tracey Davis, or
Tami Schroeder to order yours and ask questions. Vic Schroeder has very
graciously volunteered his time to construct the pathway—Thanks Vic!
BLYC is a yacht club because of the many boating activities, of which Junior
sailing camp and racing is a vital part. Without boating, we would simply be
the “Buckeye Lake Club.”
“Mac” McVey
Junior Training
2015 Board of
Chuck Wadley
Vice Commodore
David Luttenberger
Bar & Kitchen
Rear Commodore
Dave Lawrence
House & Grounds
Governor Tom Baltzell
Docks & Rentals
Governor Chuck Gleich
New Year’s Day
Thursday, January 1
The Lakeside Trio
Saturday, January 3
Parrot Head Party
Race & Regatta
DJ Randy Cobun
Saturday, January 10
Governor Rose McEntire
Speakers Series
Governor Michael McVey
Junior Training
Governor Kara Mulvey
Governor Mark Severance
Board of Trustees
Commodore Don Harris
Commodore Rick Henderson
Commodore Steve Harris
Commodore Gayle Fisher-Mulvey
Commodore Tim Ryan
Auxiliary Officers
President Cherie VanDyne
Vice President Dianne Ryan
Vice President Sue Wadley
Secretary Linda Masone
Treasurer Gail Beck
The New Cold War
Jerry Besanceney
Thursday, January 15
Wine Night
Mark Williams
Saturday, January 17
Speakers Series
Natural Law
Human Rights from
Aquinas to Jefferson
Dr. Tony Lisska
Thursday, January 22
Jamie Whetstone
Saturday, January 24
Speakers Series
Antique Boat Restoration
Matt Zimmerman
Thursday, January 29
Jazz Night
Jazz Gallery Project
Saturday, January 31
Standing Committees
Commodores Association
Commodore Don Harris
I-LYA Delegate
Matt Davis
Commodore Don Harris
Blue Gavel
Tony Durieux
Fleet Captain - Sail
Fleet Captain - Power
Commodore Don Harris
Commodore Joe Campbell
Fleet Surgeon
Dr. John Vangilder
Fleet Chaplain
Father Michael Gribble
Rufus Hurst
Commodore Steve Harris
Insurance Committee
Classic Boat Regatta
Commodore Chuck Wadley
Snowball Regatta
Annual Golf Outing
Bob Dye Memorial Poker Run
Commodores’ Steak Nite
Commodore Steve Harris
Paul Sanzone
Paul Sanzone
Commodore Greg Miller
Good Neighbor Committee Commodore Joe Campbell
Buckeye Lake
Yacht Club
(740) 929-9941
Classic Car Show
Mike Fornataro
Howard & Rosa Clark
Scholarship Fund
Commodore Greg Miller
Evan Miller
Summer Sailstice
Commodore Steve Harris
Commodore Tim Ryan
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