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1st Friday
Mass of Blessing of the Sick
Saturday 5.30pm
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4th Saturday of the month 11.15am
Our Lady of Lourdes Office
Tuesday - Friday
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Parish Priest
Fr. Michael O’Callaghan
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Fr. Giovani Presiga
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Br Peter Higgins
Parish Secretary
Louise Ryall
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary
Mr. Steven Haskins
11th January 2015
On coming out of the water, he saw the
heavens being torn open and the Spirit,
like a dove, descending upon him. A
voice came from the heavens: “You
are my beloved Son; with you I am well
Mark 1, 7-11
qualifications were expected of Jesus
when he embarked on his public ministry?
Certainly, there is plenty of evidence that
the Jewish religious leaders of the time
questioned Jesus’ authority and credentials. What was it that
actually qualified him for the task he undertook? The story of his
Baptism identifies the point in his life at which he landed a
commission from God. He was given the job of ushering in a new
era. He was asked to be the instrument of an initiative by God to
bring justice, dignity and life to a world that had been starved of such.
It would seem that the early Christian community had some difficulty
with the fact that Jesus was baptised at all, because he was sinless.
It was a cause of some disquiet that the story handed on was that
someone with the greatness of Jesus would be baptised by
somebody of lower rank.
Despite, the nervousness around a greater being baptised by a
lesser mortal, baptism had a meaning that was deeper than
cleansing one from sin. It carried the meaning of “conversion”, a
turning towards something, a commitment to a particular course of
action and a way of living. It was like presenting oneself to accept a
mandate, to be inaugurated into a particular mission. So for Jesus it
was a public declaration of the commitment he was embracing. He
was identifying himself as God’s envoy in the world: “I have come to
do the will of him who sent me.” (cf John 4, 34 and 6, 38).
Jesus qualified himself for the job by affirming his willingness to be
identified with struggling, sinful humanity. He committed to identify
with our neediness, our hopes, our aspirations, explicitly aware of the
fact that death is something that is part of being human. Fully
conscious of the fact that brokenness is part of being human, Jesus
fully embraced the human condition, taking on the full implications of
incarnation. That’s what qualified him for the role he undertook.
And anyone of us prepared to be interviewed for a role in the
operation that Jesus initiated will have to answer the very same
question to which Jesus responded: Are you, too, willing to embrace
the human condition in its totality, with faith, love and generosity?
Adapted from Julian McDonald CFC. AO
Today’s Mass
Baptism of the Lord
After the Lord was baptized, the heavens were opened,
and the Spirit descended upon him like a dove,
and the voice of the Father thundered:
This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.
Is 42:1-4,6-7
2nd Reading 1 Jn 5:1-9
The Lord will bless his people with peace.
Entrance Antiphon
1st Reading
Responsorial Psalm
Gospel Acclamation
Communion Antiphon
Next Week’s Readings
Mark 1:7-11
Alleluia, alleluia!
The heavens were opened and the Father’s voice was heard:
this is my beloved Son, hear him. Alleluia!
Behold the One of whom John said:
I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.
1st Reading
1Sam 3:3-10,19
1Cor 6:13-15, 17-20
Reading Gospel
John 1:35-42
Liturgical Ministry Roster
10th/11th January
Reader 1
Reader 2
Special Ministers
17th/18th January
6pm Saturday
Roland Barros
Rodney Rosario
Peter Steele
John O’Grady
Mark Compton
David Burke
6pm Saturday
Ken Sinclair
Michael Lim
Zelda Booth
Madeline Leslie
A Sinclair
J Neaves
Ross Patane
A Pigott, V Aguirre (A)
C Luther, L Ryall
Fiona Mildren
Group 7
Tony Bracken
John Cavaleri
Maureen Steele
Christine Coxall
L Stevenson,
Grace Yee
A Procajlo (A)
Madeline Leslie
M Menasse, P Koff
Group 8
If you are unable to minister on your Rostered Day please arrange a replacement, particularly for Aminya
Liturgical Ministry Formation Courses
February - May 2015
IFM is currently taking enrolments for its February 2015 Liturgical Ministry Formation Courses.
This course will begin in February 2015 and will be offered at 2 venues:
Venue 1:
Institute For Mission 1 - 5 Marion Street Blacktown
Monday Evenings 7.00pm - 9.00pm.
Venue 2:
Corpus Christi Parish 86-92 Andromeda Drive Cranebrook
Wednesday Evenings 7.00pm - 9.00pm
There is no cost for these courses.
Understanding Liturgical Ministries
(Everyone to attend)
 23rd February & 2nd March
 25th February & 4th March
Ministry of the Word
9th March & 16th March
11th March & 18th March
Extraordinary Minister of Communion 23 March & 20 April
25th March & 22nd April
Communion to the Sick & Dying
27th April
29th April
Senoir Servers & Acolytes
4 May
6th May
4 May & 11 May
6th May & 13th May
• Please note if completing Communion to the Sick and Dying, it is compulsory to attend Extraordinary Ministers of Communion first • It is compulsory for Acolytes to attend all sessions · • Once IFM has received application confirmation will be made via email or phone call *PLEASE KEEP A COPY OF THE DATES FOR YOUR RECORDS*
Prayer Requests
Recently Deceased: Nancy Walsh (mother
of Fr Kevin & Sr Genny RSC)
Deceased: Leo Diekman, Bill Rohan,
Anthony Bertus, Joseph Borg, Salvinia
Borg, Christine Mammoliti, Tony Borg.
Please pray for our sick relatives
John Shiel, Ron Ross, Pat McManus, Olivia Carli, Ron
Cross, Dianne Burke, Michelle Clapham, Rosemary
Quinn, Helen Kingsley, Mary Kirby, Lyn Newson, Br.
Joseph Byrne, Sr Bridie O’Connell, Shaun Hegarty,
Alana Reid, John Walker, Stella D’Costa, Neil Smith,
Diana Ball, Peter Pang, Holly Burns, Evan Garcia,
Brian Roche, Peggy Hayes, Marjorie Rutledge, Warren
Moses, Stephen McNamara, Colleen Rabu, Carmel
Willis, Stella Kitchen, Mary Kingston, Matthew Burke,
Susan Moses, Zena Wong, Sally Vigours, Shirley
Falconer, Julie Bracks, Edward Beaini, Shane Feneley,
Richard Meagher.
Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist
Adoration of the Blessed Eucharist takes
place at Our Lady of Lourdes Church each
Friday morning commencing at 8.30a.m,
prior to 9.15am Mass.
Thank you
To all our wonderful parishioners who
gave their time so generously,
participating in the Christmas
celebrations, a heartfelt “thank you”!
Those whose commitment, talents and
time was offered to minister in Christ’s name including
Acolytes, Ministers of the Word, Ministers of
Communion, the Musicians & Choir, Children’s
Liturgy, those who prepared the Altar and Church and
those who added to the richness of our celebrations by
your simple presence here at Our Lady of Lourdes, we
say “Thank you and God Bless” and wish you and your
families the very best for the year ahead.
Father Mick,
As previously advised, Fr. Mick has been appointed
Administrator of the Parish of Our Lady of the Way,
Emu Plains from 1st February. Fr. Mick’s final Mass
at Our Lady of Lourdes will be 6.00pm next
Saturday, 17h January. No replacement for Fr. Mick
has been announced by the Diocese. It may be that a
temporary priest could be appointed until such time as a
permanent priest is available. Please watch the Parish
bulletin for updates.
Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School
For your information OLOL Primary school will
resume on the following dates.
• Staff of OLOL Primary School will return from
the summer break on Tuesday 27th January.
• Students will return from the summer break on
Thursday 29th January.
Children’s Liturgy
Children's Liturgy is held during
9.30am Mass each Sunday for
children of school age during
school terms. The children listen
to the Word of God at their own
Pre-schoolers are welcome to
attend but must be accompanied by a parent.
Petite Pupils Playgroup
Petite Pupils Playgroup for children 05 years. The group meets every
Tuesday from during school terms 9.00
am – 11.00 am in the Parish Hall
(down the driveway and under the
New members are always welcomed. It is a great
opportunity to meet other children and parents who
also attend the parish/school. Playgroup will recommence when school resumes for 2015.
Direct any enquiries to Angie Lee 0421 340 539
Brother Peter - Cans! Cans! Cans!
For the past twelve years, Br Peter, a member of the
Patrician Brothers, has worked tirelessly in the Parish
visiting those who are housebound through age or
One of Br Peter’s pastoral activities is collecting cans
and other recyclable metals and sending the money to
the Missions. If you have access to empty cans these
can be left at the Parish Centre where Br Peter will
collect them each Wednesday on his Pastoral visits.
If you are a tradesman (builder/electrician) who comes
across recyclable metals such as aluminium, copper or
brass Br. Peter would love to hear from you.
Below is a list of the contributions he has been able to
make through his work:
South Sudan
$ 5,000
Nth Queensland
$ 2,000
Mass of Blessing of the Sick
On the 1st Friday of each month a Mass of Blessing of
the Sick is celebrated at Our Lady of Lourdes Church.
Following the Reflection after Communion those who
require Anointing are invited to come forward.
Following this Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament
takes place and then a Blessing of the Sick is given .
Those in attendance are invited to place the names of
family & friends who are sick in the Box of Petition
which is placed before the Altar during this Mass and
Mass is offered for these intentions.
The next Mass of Blessing of the Sick will be
celebrated on Friday 6th February at 9.15am.
Counsellor / Psychotherapist
Philippa Ford is generously offering her services to the
parishioners and to the family and friends of parishioners
of Our Lady of Lourdes, Baulkham Hills South. If you or
someone close to you is struggling with issues around
grief and loss, anxiety, depression, relationships or mental
health and related issues please contact Philippa on 0418
663 325 to make an appointment. Sessions are strictly
BCHC / Member CAPA
World Day of the Sick Celebration
St John Paul II instituted the World Day of the Sick
celebrations on the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Our
Diocese will celebrate World Day of the Sick with a
Healing Mass in Blacktown on 11 February. The priests
of the Diocese have been invited to help with the
anointing and it is expected that many sick and frailaged will be present, supported by relatives and nursing
staff. It is expected that many people from the healing
professions will be present, doctors, nurses, ancillary
and administrative staff from our major hospitals and
nursing homes will attend.
Date: Wednesday 11 February 2015
Time: 7.00pm.
Where: St Patrick’s Church,
51-59 Allawah Street, Blacktown.
Monsignor John Boyle, the priest coordinator for diocesan health matters
02 9634 2622
Call for Pastoral Care Volunteers Do you have some spare time on your hands and enjoy
spending time with seniors and the elderly? St Hedwig
Village is a German and English speaking, aged-care
facility in Blacktown and is currently looking for
volunteers. Prior training in pastoral care work, or a
willingness to undertake a course would be
advantageous. Support will be given in the role, days
and hours are flexible to suit your own commitments.
For further information please contact Maria Lynam
on 02 8822 9928.
Pastoral Care – Accredited
Certificate IV in Pastoral Care and Diploma of Ageing
and Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care attends in a sustained way to the
emotional and spiritual needs of people through a
ministry of presence, companionship and support.
Nationally recognised qualifications:
CHC41112 Certificate IV in Pastoral Care
91561 NSW Diploma of Ageing and Pastoral
For further information contact:
Holy Family Services Registered Training Organisation
Tel 02 9678 8200 or email:
[email protected]
Family & Life Office
St Vincent de Paul
The Family and Life Office is very interested in hearing
from you about what can be done to support marriage
and family life in this Diocese. This survey presents a
great opportunity for you to provide your feedback.
Participate in the Survey for the Ordinary Synod on
Family 2015 here or at
Copies of the Catholic Weekly are generously provided
each week by the St Vincent de Paul Society. It would be
of great assistance if you would place your donation in
the box at the back of the church to help cover the cost.
Our small SVdP group works quietly and tirelessly
throughout the local community to provide for those less
fortunate and those who have fallen on hard times. If you
find you are able, and to assist with their work, it would
be very much appreciated if you could make a
contribution, from time to time, in the Poor Box at the
back of the church or in an envelope addressed to “St
Vincent de Paul” on the collection plates at Mass.
St John of God Institute of
The St John of God institute of Counselling offers a
two-year course which provides an opportunity to
develop skills in counselling, personal growth and
communication techniques studied within a Christian
ethos. The course aims to enhance personal skills across
a wide variety of vocations including pastoral care,
parenting, teaching, staff management, workplace
negotiations and community care work. It also
encourages people to deal with their everyday
challenges and concerns through a sense of personal
empowerment. The course will be held on each
Tuesday evening from 7.30pm - 9.45pm during the
school term commencing on the first Tuesday in
Contact: Carol Harding: 0408 705 848
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