DATE TIME EVENT FRIDAY, 1 November SATURDAY, 2 November SUNDAY, 3 NOVEMBER‐2.00pm 4.00pm‐9.00 pm 7.00pm‐8.00pm 9.30pm‐2.00am 3.00 pm 6.30pm till Cayman Brac Lunch at Heritage House, administration Lawn & Museum Heritage Day Events – demos, craft stalls, live music, fireworks Airport Welcome Pirates Welcome Party Venue TBA Parade Assemble at Scotts Dock West End, Route from Scotts Dock to Alexander Hotel parking lot, South Side, Fireworks, Live Music, Food, Street Party Pirates Farewell Feast – Dinner, Raffle, Movie at Alexander Hotel, South Side THURSDAY,7 November 5.30pm‐9.00pm 6.00pm‐9.00pm 7.00pm 7.00pm‐9.00pm 9.00pm 3.30pm‐4.45pm 5.00pm 5.00 pm – 6.00pm ‐6.45pm 6.45pm 8.30pm‐9.00pm 9.00pm‐10.30pm 10.30 pm – 2.00 am Pre‐Pirates Week Happy Hour at Breezes by the Bay
Holiday Inn Resort, Pirates Week Bonfire/Barbecue on the beach Pan in the City, Harbour Drive, sponsored by CUC Pirates Welcome Party at Cayman Cabana Pre‐Pirates Week Kick‐off Party at the Wharf – live band Late Registration 5k Run Bayshore Mall
Pirates Week 5K Run start (Bayshore Mall) sponsored by Ministry of Sports Happy Hour, live band Green Parrot Miss Festival Queen Competition, Harbour Drive sponsored by Ministry of Culture Children’s Pirate Costume Competition sponsored by Home Gas Fireworks, Harbour Drive DJ Renegade Street Dance w/ International Soca Band, Kes The Band and Food Festival, Harbour Drive/Shedden Road SATURDAY, 9 November 8.00am 10.30 am 1.00pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 6.00pm‐8.00pm 7.00pm‐Midnight 7.00pm‐11.00pm 5K Sea Swim sponsored by CIASA
Pirates Brunch at Cayman Cabana Linton Tibbetts Student Catboat Boat Race sponsored by the Linton Tibbetts family & Cox Lumber Pre‐Landing Entertainment, Hog Sty Bay Landing Pageant at Hog Sty Bay followed by Float Parade sponsored by Davenport Development Wenches Gone Wild live band at the Green Parrot Street Dance and Food Festival, Harbour Drive/Shedden Road Teen Up, Teen Disco, Goring avenue sponsored by Pepsi and Pizza Hut SUNDAY, 10 November 12.00pm‐4.00pm 1.00pm‐4.00pm 12.01am‐4.00am Children’s Fun Fair Day at Pedro Castle
Underwater Treasure Hunt at Divetech, West Bay RED at Spots Dock sponsored by Synergy Entertainment MONDAY, 11 November 11.00am‐2.00am West Bay Heritage Day (West Bay Heritage site; next to Ed Bush Stadium). TUESDAY, 12 November 11.00am‐2.00am North Side Heritage Day (Water Key Public Park next to Kaibo)
WEDNESDAY, 13 November 11.00am‐8.00pm Bodden Town Heritage Day (Mission House, Gun Square Avenue) THURSDAY, 14 November 11.00am‐9.00pm 3.30pm‐8.00pm George Town Heritage Day (Cardinal Avenue)
Mike Lockwood Memorial International Swim Meet – Lions Pool sponsored by Fosters Food Fair FRIDAY, 15 November 11.00am‐2.00am 4.00pm‐8.00pm East End Heritage Day (Heritage Field)
Mike Lockwood Memorial International Swim Meet – Lions Pool SATURDAY, 16 November 8.00am‐5.00pm 8.30am‐10.00am 11.30am‐2.30pm 2.30‐3.00pm 4.15‐5.00pm 6.00pm 7.40pm 8.00pm 8.30pm‐12.00am 7.00pm‐11.00pm Mike Lockwood Memorial International Swim Meet – Lions Pool Circuit race downtown for the under 12’s sponsored by Ribena Boat Delivery and assembly South Terminal area, entry via Boilers Road Stand Up Paddle Board Race Hog Sty Bay Caybrew Cardboard Boat Race, Hog Sty Bay sponsored by Caybrew and Digicel Wenches gone Wild at Green Parrott Sentencing of the Pirates, Harbour Drive Fireworks, Harbour Drive Street Dance Finale and Food Festival – Harbour Drive/Shedden Road Teen Up, Teen Disco – Goring Avenue sponsored by Pepsi and Pizza Hut SUNDAY, 17 November 7.00am 8.00am 1.00pm 7.30pm Jerry Harper 10K Run sponsored by KRyS Global
Mike Lockwood Memorial International Swim Meet, Lions Pool Mickey Mouse Darts Tournament – Mango Tree sponsored by Budweiser Football – under 15 tournament TBD 22‐23 November Little Cayman Heritage Celebration
FRIDAY, 8 November Updated 10 October 2013. For more information email [email protected]