Careers Week Day 5

Careers Week Day 5
What a fantastic week! The children have had a
brilliant week and have gained so much from all
the visitors and work they have been doing to
help them understand the world beyond primary
education. They have reflected on the skills they
have and matched them to the many career
options that will be open to them as adults –
some of which do not even exist yet!
Bob Buckley and his team talked to the children
today about the vast number of roles there are in
banking. The children discussed what they
thought a banker does and what skills they need.
They played a fantastic game where they had to
work as a team to trade money to make a profit
for big companies. They learnt that the bigger
the risk, the more money they lost or gained!
We even treated them to a lovely school dinner!
Today’s update will be a bumper edition to
include many of the brilliant costumes the
children have worn today. Children, you looked
amazing! The detail and imagination that has
been used in many of the costumes has been
outstanding! Parents, thank you for helping your
children look great in their costumes today.
It was a busy day for visitors today. We
welcomed Jide Adeniran, a Microchip Designer,
David Sims, a Project Manager (and our Chair of
Governors!), Bob Buckley and his team, bankers
from Morgan Stanley, Claire Rosevear, a luxury
Retail Manager, Tom Browning, a Probation
Officer, Sirsendu Sen, a Project Manager, David
Keighley, a Vicar & Therapist and Una Walsh, a
Quality Leader for Lilly UK.
Claire Rosevear has inspired many of our children
to become Luxury Retail Managers. I have been
reliably informed that there are a group of Year
3s who are going to open a shop in Hollywood
when they are grown-ups! I can’t wait to visit!
Jide Adeniran showed the children tiny
microchips. They were amazed that the tiny
microchip can contain masses and masses of
data. They also learnt that the microchips were
made from silicone.
David Sims showed the children the plans needed
to prepare a large team of people to build a large
office. He talked about his role as Project
Manager in making sure the building was built
how it was planned and finished on time.
Tom Browning sensitively talked about what can
happen if people do not abide by the law and get
themselves into trouble. He explained his role in
helping people change their ways and the skills
he needs to do his job. The children were really
intrigued and asked some really sensible
questions. As you can see the ‘Judge’ was causing
trouble in 6H so had to be taken to jail!
Sirsendu Sen had the children working in teams
constructing buildings using Lego. Then he called
over the Project Managers in the group and
explained that no blue bricks could be used to
build the building. So the Project Managers had
to go back to their teams to tell them they
needed to make a change. It was a really
effective way to show the children how each
person in the team had a role. It also showed
them that the Project Manager’s role was to
make sure that everyone else in the team did
what they were meant to do.
All that is left for me to say is a huge THANK YOU
to all the visitors who kindly gave up their time
this week. This week would not have been this
successful without you all preparing informative
& stimulating presentations and sharing your life
experiences with our children. The children are
‘buzzing’ about your visits and will remember this
week for years to come.
Children, you have made us all very proud this
week. You have listened well and thought
carefully about the questions you have asked.
Many of the visitors this week have commented
on your wonderful manners and impeccable
behaviour. Well done!
More photographs will go on the new school
website, which is due to go live in a few weeks
and there will be a display of the photographs in
the Reception area soon, so do pop in to have a
David Keighley spoke to the children about his
career journey and his role as a Vicar and
Therapist. The children enjoyed hearing about
how he helps people in the community.
Until then, enjoy the pictures of the children in
their costumes below.
Una Walsh captivated the children whilst
explaining to them the long process that
medicines go through to make sure they are safe,
before they are allowed to be given to patients.
The children found out about the skills and
qualifications that are needed to become
involved in
Emma Humphrey