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New Year
Bob Morris
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20lb mirror carp
Prairie Lake
West Malling Angling
58 High Street
West Malling, Kent
ME19 6LU
Fishing Tackle & Bait
Tel: 01732 875515
High quality service, tackle and bait for the
carp, coarse, game and predator angler
Opening hours:
Mon - Thurs 9.00 - 5.30 • Fri 9.00 - 6.00 • Sat 9.00 - 5.30
Sun/Bank Holidays - Closed
3 Lakes
& 2 Kids
Day & Night
Carp to 30lbs, Bream to 8lbs, Crucians and Tench
Hot Food And Drinks • Toilets • Tackle And Bait Shop
Hello and a very warm Happy New Year from all of us here at the Informer.
We really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I only hope that most of you were able
to spend the festive period with your family and friends, but, appreciate that there are
many professions to whom Christmas Day is just another working day. To those people,
I hope you are able to enjoy a slightly belated Christmas with your loved ones.
With the sprouts and pudding now a distant memory, I am always excited at the prospect
of the coming of a new year. I always feel that there is new hope and dreams associated
with this month. Myself and the team here at the Informer are looking forward to making
the magazine an even more enjoyable and eagerly anticipated read throughout 2015.
We have a number of new features coming up and this month I have penned an article
regarding young people and the future of fishing. This topic has been quite prevalent
throughout the year and I am hoping that, with the assistance of our wide and varied readership, we are able to highlight
initiatives that are happening within the clubs, societies and other bodies throughout the region, but, we really need your help
to do this. Please let us know what is going on out there to get young people fishing. In the February issue we will be
commencing a Junior Informer page where we want to have competitions with prizes, news, features, photos etc all totally
devoted to our young anglers. In order to be able to provide you with a free monthly publication, we are reliant on the
proceeds of advertising to fund the production of the magazine, so if any businesses, whether angling related or not, would
like to help sponsor the junior page then please get in touch with us as we really want to make a difference!
To the many businesses that have advertised with us during 2014, we are most grateful for your support and loyalty and
we sincerely hope to continue to work in partnership with you throughout 2015. We also look forward to welcoming and
working with those new advertisers who would like to promote their business within this unique and exciting publication.
The Informer really can raise the profile of your business above that of your competitors!
The Informer is pleased to announce that we will be on Stand 105 at the Brentwood Show on 31st January and 1st February
and will be situated opposite those nice people from The Tackle Box at Dartford. I did ask Mrs Reed if she would come along
to the show and adorn the Freshwater Informer stand in her swimwear, much like those pretty young ladies do at the Motor
Show. However, dear readers, her reply was not suitable for this family magazine! Perhaps she didn't like her Christmas
present …...????
Enjoy your fishing, Barry Reed
7-11, 15
The Wealden Group, Cowden Close, Horns Road,
Hawkhurst TN18 4QT
Telephone: 01580 753322 Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.freshwaterinformer.com
The Freshwater Informer cannot accept responsibility for the quality of goods or
services advertised in this publication.
All views expressed are those of the contributors concerned.
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Online Catch Reports
fill in the online catch report page at: www.freshwaterinformer.com
and email your photo to: [email protected]
KEITH COLLETT of Addlestone
4lb bream - Penton Hook - 17/11/14
Rod: 30 Yr Old 2 Piece Ledger Rod Reel: Mitchel 300
Line: 6Ib Hook: 14 Hooklink: 5Ib Lead: feeder
Rig details: used standard cage feeder with brown bread
Base mix: cut up bread, mixed with herbs
Baiting situation: slight rain, water levels up
Session length: 4 1/2hrs Range: 20yds
Features: just in the crease, from fast to slow water
Other fish: roach
Other information: It’s a bream, a good looking one at
that, you don’t see that many good looking bream!
31lb mirror carp - Hawkhurst Fish Farm
Speci Lake - 2/12/14
Rod: Warrior Kts Reel: Windcast x Line: Sub Line
Hook: Korda Krank Size 6 Rig details: KD RIG
Bait firm: Salty Squid Mainline
Base mix: Wafter Session length: 24hrs
Other fish: 29lb common
Other information: Cold frosty First December carp out of
the lake two PB in one day
The Ma
24 hour Charity Poppy
match at Wylands
Total haul of 84.10lb
winning me the
match, also
donating my prize
money to the good
cause, 6 fish in total
up to 19lb+
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
The biggest of Chris’ 103lb 14oz haul, 17lb
2 biggest fish caught in Charity Poppy
match at wylands Chris Tillman and
Lewis Wand 'left 19+ right 16+'
Carp League Match on
House Lake at Wylands,
I won the match with a total
haul of 103lb + in 24hours
which was double the
weight of my friend who
came 2nd 15 people took
part this is the biggest fish
of my haul but not biggest
of the match.
The biggest of Chris’ 103lb 14oz haul, 17lb
Beaver Farm, Eastbourne Road, Newchapel
Lingfield, Surrey RH7 6HL
07833 532842
Tanyard Lane, Furners Green, Near Uckfield
East Sussex TN22 3RL
Near East Grinstead on the
Surrey/Sussex border, on A22
thirty minutes from Croydon
Ten Lakes plus the Eden Brook
Excellent variety of fishing
Open 7am-6pm (winter hours) day fishing
Full time Bailiff in attendance
Pegs suitable for disabled anglers
Match bookings welcome • Night fishing available • 3 chalets now for hire
Carp run to 40 lb+, Pike to 36lb, Tench to 11lb, Bream to 13lb
Roach to 3lb, Rudd to 2lb, Perch to 4lb, PLUS Big Eels
Tel : 01342 324006 Mobile: 07710 656041
No access to fishery
6pm and 7am
Carp to 38lb, Cats to 70lb, Tench to 9lb, Bream to 8lb,
Perch to 4lb, Pike to 25lb, Roach to 2lb, Rudd to 2lb,
Crucians to 3lb, as well as Grass Carp Koi and
Ghosties. In 7 fully matured lakes.
Hot and cold food and snacks to eat in the comfort
of the premises or delivered straight to your swim.
It also provides a range of end tackle and dry baits.
1 rod Day £10 • 2 rod Day £13 • 3 rod Day £16
1 Night/2 Day 2 rod £26 • 2 Night/3 Day 2 rod £39
3 Night/4 Day 2 rod £52
Send photo's and catches to:
[email protected]
Basically £13 each calendar day you are with us,
the first day could start as early as 7am and your
last day could finish as late as 7pm.
Automatic Gate Opens at 7am Closes at 7.15pm.
No admission outside these hours
Fishery closed 13th December reopens 4th January
Cafe closed 1st December re-opens 1st February
Cranbrook, Kent
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
JAN 31st –
FEB 1st 2015
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Slideshows & Demo’s*
14 Free Goody Bags From
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Limited advance tickets £10
(with FREE DVD)
Or simply pay £10 at the door
*limited availability/correct at time of going to press
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Fishery Reports
Framfield Fishery
Framfield, Uckfield, East Sussex
SPRING LAKE - fishing extremely well for time of year with carp up to 18lbs showing. Both match,
club and dayticket anglers enjoying good sport with most pegs producing good mixed bags of
carp,perch and silvers. Fish are feeding further out at the moment at about 8 metres but the inside
lines also producing later in the day. Best baits are maggot, corn and pellet, with worm accounting
for some nice perch up to 4lbs.
BROOKHOUSE LAKE - again fish feeding slightly further out although inside lines are still
producing some good carp up to low doubles. Maggot feeder and bomb also accounting for good
quality carp when fished about 6 feet off the islands on maggot. Best baits are maggot, corn and
BURYWOOD LAKE - Most pegs producing with carp to low 20’s showing. Feed should be
reduced at this time of the year with most flavours of boilies the best baits. Pop ups still favourite
although worm is accounting for some good quality mirrors and commons with a few grass carp
Iden Wood Fishery
Iden, Rye, East Sussex
December is our quietest month of the year, with anglers a bit thin on the ground, however some
hardy individuals have fished with some quite good results.
SPRING LAKE - Not many anglers have targeted the carp, with only a few being caught, best
fish 11lb. Floatfished maggot catching some good quality roach, and prawns taking some good
perch and chub.
MATCH LAKE - Our open match produced a 40lb winning catch for Andy Buss from Rye, which
included a 22lb mirror taken on the pole. Small baits, ie maggot and single grains of corn taking
most carp, tight to far banks and margins. Some good bream and skimmers taken on the pole at
10metres on pellet.
MIDDLE LAKE - Very few anglers have fished this lake this month, best tactics are maggot on
the pole and waggler fished across to the island.
SPECIMEN LAKE - Best carp this month a 22lb mirror taken off the island on maize. As with the
other lakes small baits will give the best results. Worm should take some good perch, and
floatfished maggot or caster will take some good catches of roach.
ORCHARD LAKE - Due to the heavy rain this lake has been very coloured so no one has ventured
down to fish it. Worm fished over chopped worm, to the reed bed, will probably produce the best
Elphicks Fisheries
Elphicks has been designed and built with the modern angler in mind.
We have 7 lakes available for day ticket and session fishing. Each
lake has it’s own parking within easy reach of the swims and all
swims are ‘all weather’ - either built of Astroturf, stone or bark.
Please contact the fishery for further information on any of our lakes.
Elphicks Fisheries Spelmonden Road
Horsmonden, Kent TN12 8EL
Tel: 01580
email: [email protected]
Horsmonden, Kent
NORTH LAKE Adult Only (Minimum tackle requirements apply) - the fishing is still fishing quite
well, Andrew Lloyd using corn and maggots had 2 x mirrors of 28lb 4oz and 33lb 2oz. Michael
Toombe had 2 x mirrors of 34lb and 29lb. Alan Jenkins using boilies had 2 commons of 28lb
14oz and 19lb 3oz. Steve Watson using boilies had 2 x mirrors 29lb 3oz, 31lb 4oz and a common
of 37lb Jamie Burt had a mirror at 36lb. Marc Lagdon had a mirror 24lb and a common 29lb
PB. B Aldous had a 26lb mirror. Spud caught a mirror of 36lb and Peter Norman had a common
at 27lb. Don’t forget to fill in the catch report book before you leave and send in those photos.
No overnight guests or visitors on this lake. Please use an UNHOOKING MAT at all times.
*Minimum tackle requirements: 42" net, 42" unhooking mat, 2.5lb T.C rods and 10lb line per angler,
no sharing allowed. Pre-booking for, 24 hour plus, weekend sessions on North Lake is advisable
6 weeks in advance.
PLANTATION LAKE - is still fishing well. Danny Fillery using corn had a mirror of 26lb. Adam
Beavan using boilies and corn had a mirror of 33lb 13oz. Jon Robertson using hybrid boilies
had a mirror of 24lb. Doug Seldon had a mirror of 26lb 8oz. Will Timson using hybrid had a
mirror of 27lb 8oz. Chris Timson using the same bait also had a mirror of 27lb 8oz. Terry
Bowdery using hybrid had a common of 32lb. Alex Seldon had a mirror of 24lb 11oz. Matt Phipps
had a mirror of 31lb. Please use an UNHOOKING mat at all times. *Minimum tackle requirements:
42" net, 42" unhooking mat, no sharing allowed.
PRAIRIE LAKE - Richard Tatnell had 11 carp up to 23lb. Joel Virgo had 25 carp up to 20lb and
Matt Virgo had 15 carp up to 14lb. Adam Holmes caught mirrors of 11lb and 25lb and a 9lb
common. Craig Spence caught 7 mirrors and 1 ghostie up to 18lb. Steve Richards had 23 carp
SANDWICH LAKE - has produced some good catches this month. With lots of roach to 1lb 14oz
Plenty of crucians coming from the margins, Sid Tucker using maggots had 4 x Perch up to 2lb
and 1 of 4lb 2oz.
KETTLES LAKE - is still producing some good carp. Michael Saint using virus boilies had 2 x
commons of 20lb and 12lb and 2 x mirrors of 21lb each. Phil Hookway using boilies and pellets
had a common of 10lb 10oz, 2 x mirrors of 16lb 4oz and 12lb 10oz and a grass carp of 10lb 2oz.
Aiden Hedger using crackerjack and pellet had 7 x carp between 12lb and 18lb. Harrison
Davenport caught a mirror At 23lb and Richard Cutts had mirrors of 17lb 16lb 14lb 12lb and an
8lb common.
PULLENS LAKE - is also still producing some good carp, Bradley Farmer using corn and boilies
had 2 x mirrors of 24lb and 28lb, Paul Holland using nutcracker boilies had a mirror of 26lb 8oz.
Paul Bolton using hybrid boilies had a lovely common of 37lb. Alex Shipley caught 3 mirrors at
21lb 26lb and 34lb. Keith Shaw had 2 mirrors at 31lb and 35lb .
WEST END LAKE - producing some nice carp. Ken Davis using cell had a mirror of 41lb. Terry
Diveney also using cell had a mirror of 44lb. Gary Cussack had 3 x mirrors of 43lb 3oz, 38lb and
28lb. Terry Page had a mirror of 31lb 8oz. Sean had 4 x mirrors of 25lb 9oz, 35lb 3oz, 31lb 2oz
and 32lb 4oz. Steve Smith had a 30lb mirror.
Mirrors to 48lbs • Commons to 50lbs • Kois to 33lbs • Catfish to 95lbs • Tench to 12lb+
2015/2016 MEMBERSHIP
- saving £20!
RENEW / APPLY BEFORE 28/02/15 for only
follow us on
The home of your next PB!
Tel: 01444 236493 E-mail: [email protected]
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Hawkhurst Fish Farm
Fishery Reports
Wylands International AC
Dan Barden 20lb - New Speci
Battle, East Sussex
Graham Kent - Warty caught on his 70's gear
November continued with the mild weather and the fish captures reflected this. Kell has seen
some cracking fish landed and New Speci has been some producing some large specimens. We
have started fishing our Tuesday Open matches on Field lake and these are going from strength
to strength. We have also re-introduced our winter staycation offer in our chalets. Book a weeks
holiday for only £200 or a 3 nights stay for £95! Please ring the office on 01424 893394 for more
Nash Tangerine Dream and Mainline Hybrid is doing the trick on HOUSE LAKE. The fish are
congregating down on the dam wall end of the lake at the moment, but if the weather is warm
and bright it is worth trying the top end of the lake as the fish warm up in the shallows. There have
been plenty of carp coming out of the lake up to 20lb, along with some great silvers, including a
3lb roach/bream hybrid. If bites slow down, try switching to natural baits such as maggot and
sweetcorn which can sometime switch the fish on.
MIDDLE LAKE continues to be
one of the most productive lakes
on the complex. David Harland
had 2 great sessions, netting
over 10 fish in each trip to 16lb
8oz and 24lb 8oz. Using Hybrid
and Dynamite Baits Peach and
Mango, David tempted the fish
from the middle section of the
lake. At this time of year the fish
tend to be on the back of the
wind, so choose your swim
carefully looking for signs of
feeding activity. We have been
busy on Middle lake laying wood
chip and creating swims in an
attempt to reduce the mud so
hopefully your next visit should
be a little cleaner.
Steve Wood with Graham from Kell 25lb 6oz
Graham Kent continues his onslaught of KELL. Using his 1970’s equipment including his
temperamental Heron bite alarms which can only be used in the dry, he has seen some beautiful
fish falling to his bait. Warty also graced his net, a capture he wont forget in a long time having
put such a bend in his old rods. On another session he managed to tempt 2 fish in 2 hours up to
21lb. Well done Graham. Both of us bailiff’s been fishing the lake. Paul caught a stunning near
linear at 20lb which hasn't been seen in a long while, and I managed to catch Graham at 25lb
OLD SPECI has slowed down a little but some good catches can still be made if you actively hunt
for the fish. The most productive swims are the first one by the entrance (fishing up the channel),
the island swim (fishing to the tree on the right) and the furthest swim. Try maggots on a clip with
some in a PVA bag.
NEW SPECI has been fishing well, with the average weight up on last year. We had a 28lb
Common caught by day ticket angler Dale who tempted the beast with Robin Red pellets and
boilies fished near the outlet. Both Dale and his mate had over 15 fish in their session and are
looking forward to their next visit. Dan Barden moved from House lake on a day session to fish
New Speci. The move paid off as he banked a pristine 20lber. The ground is a little boggy around
the right hand side of the lake, so if you are fishing this side it might be worth pushing your barrow
around the top of the lake to your swim.
FIELD LAKE has been fishing ok, although it has slowed down a little from summer catch rates.
Don't expect to be catching too many off the top in the colder conditions! Good fun can be had on
the method feeder fishing with corn or maggot.
There have been some beautiful little fish coming
out of the lake, including some stunning little
black mirrors—its well worth a trip.
MAISIES can now be fished on a normal day
ticket rate until 28th February. You still need to
book and use catfish gear, but with some
amazing carp in the lake its worth a go.
Our Open Matches are doing well despite the
cooler conditions. The field by the Snake lake
and Rosies is now too wet to drive on so you will
have to park by the mobile homes and walk down
to avoid getting stuck.
Paul Cook 20lb - Kell
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Hawkhurst, Kent
David Burton - 31lb Mirror - Specimen Lake
We have once again hit the winter period and the lakes are no longer surrounded by anglers, but
instead are dressed in the usual foliage that surrounds our lakes in a more than bleak looking
form! Our bailiffs have been working hard cutting back the weeds that have died back and clearing
the overgrowth from the islands in anticipation for when the lakes reopen. Main Lake and Dove
Lake are now closed until spring and hopefully when some warmer weather approaches us. The
official opening dates are as follows:
Main Lake and Dove Lake – Open from 2nd February 2015
Match Lake – Remains open for matches booked only.
Junior Lakes – Open from 14th February 2015
SPECIMEN LAKE - remains OPEN for members only. If you are interested in becoming a member
you can download an application form via our website. Please be aware that there is a waiting
list. As usual Specimen Lake has continued to produce throughout these cold, wintery months.
We’ve seen some stunning fish banked in the past, even in snowy/icy conditions! which goes to
show how consistent the Specimen Lake can be. Remember the fish are vulnerable to capture
this time of year so it may be worth braving the ‘probable ‘miserable conditions to hook your new
PB. Rob Trown had a lovely silver, scale-perfect common weighing in at 23lb along with mirrors
of 22lb and 27lb – his new PB! Dave Burton caught a stunning 31lb mirror.
All the staff at Hawkhurst Fish Farm would like to thank you all for your support throughout 2014.
Thank you to everyone who participated in the Fish of the month competitions and congratulations
once again to all of the winners!! Our monthly competition will recommence in March. Keep an
eye on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/hawkhurstfishfarm and website
www.hawkhurstfishfarm.co.uk for updates. Happy New Year and tight lines for the months ahead!
• Due to extended warm weather, harvesting from our 9 off-site growing lakes will not start until
mid-January 2015. I apologise to all clients waiting for fish.
Waterside Café is open from Saturday the 3rd of January 9am until 4pm
Rob Trown - 23lb Common - Specimen Lake
Wintons Fishery
Burgess Hill, West Sussex
December is always a slow month on the bank for those that are keen and brave enough to tackle
the elements. However the targeted fish can be in pristine condition and at their highest weights.
Combine these two scenarios with a venue that is knocking on the doors for producing its first
50lb carp and the peaceful and tranquillity of enjoying a lake at times to yourself then you
potentially have the recipe for an amazing record breaking session.
Any angler that catches a fish during this time of year at a venue that can’t be considered as easy
needs recognition, therefore I have listed the entire catch report for the month. However this not
the complete picture as some Members are leaving the car park without filling out the log book. I
would like to reiterate that it is a condition of your membership that before leaving the fishery you
complete the Record Book which is kept in the Wendy House alongside the chicken run. We have
kept these Record Books since day one of the Fishery opening and they can be seen and read
by any Member. They show how the Fishery has changed over the years and make interesting
reading for many, therefore I request again that Members complete the Record Book before leaving
the Fishery.
Whilst fishing Kingfisher Lake Adam Cheal landed the “Upfront Common” from the fat finger,
Adam was using mainline hybrid boilies and the common weighed 47lb.
Adam Cheal - common 47lb
Luke Hendley was next to be in the action from peg 1 on Mallard Lake, he managed a lovely
conditioned common weighing 28lb 4oz using mainline cell boilies.
Martin Barrett fishing the gate post swim peg 31 on Kingfisher caught himself the “big mirror”
and a new pb weighing 45lb 8oz using a cell boilie presented as a snowman. It is always good to
hear as much information as possible from those that are catching and the following notes from
Martin were more than welcome - “Sitting in peg 31, only angler on the lake watching the water
for hours looking for a sign, looking at the typography of the lake, noticing the pressure and the
wind direction had a thought they (carp) might be between the bar and the plateaux in open water,
after a few casts with a bear lead a nice soft deep drop off was found and a 2 cell stringer attached
and put on the spot, 3 hours later my bobbin pulled tight and a slow fight with a big fish ensued,
using his weight to pull around the deep margins “don’t drop off I am whispering” as the fish is
netted. Let’s hope for one more or maybe 2 this winter. Thanks for a great fishery and great team”.
Finally we have Dave Harris who caught four pike from peg 23 on Kingfisher, they weren’t massive
and the biggest went 10lb 8oz. All were caught using sardines and taken in a four hour session.
Regardless of size a lovely session was had a welcome bend in the rod at this difficult time of
It goes without saying that with Christmas now behind us and 2015 now upon us Wintons Fishery
would like to thank all Members and customers to the shop a big thank you for the support shown
in 2014. We would like to wish you all a very happy & prosperous New Year.
Martin Barret - mirror 45lb 8oz
Orchard Place Farm Fishing Lakes
All set in a beautiful, rural and very peaceful location
7 Carp / Catfish Lakes
stocked with carp to 48lb and catfish to 74lb
2 Match / Pleasure Lakes
24HR - £25 / 48HR - £50
(additional charge for 3rd rod)
teeming with F1s, Bream, Barbel, Chub, Perch,
Pleasure Lake
Golden and Green Tench, Mirror and Common Carp prices from £6.00
Food unit on site
7 Days a week
with covered seating area...
‘Tasty Tashas’
...lovely food, clean and
friendly service and
a varied menu
Pearsons Green Road
Paddock Wood
Kent TN12 6NY
Fully refurbished tackle/bait/shop situated in the main car park,
stocking lots more tackle and BUZZER BAITS,
everything you need at VERY competitive prices.
Shower, 3 toilet blocks, 2 fishermens mess rooms with
kettle, microwave, toaster and fridge. Plenty of parking
and disabled swims available upon request.
01892 838576
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Fishery Reports
Beaver Fishery
Lingfield, Surrey
Bill Gladwin - 30lb 4oz - Snipe
Manor Fisheries
Dan Stokoe - Majors
Headcorn, Kent
Happy New Year
We extend a BIG thank you to all our regular and new guests who have visited throughout 2014
when many PB’s were again achieved. We hope your visit has been enjoyable when it has been
a pleasure meeting you all. We look forward to you visiting again.
Bill and Steve Gladwin - double take - 24lb 4oz and mid double
We hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you on the
banks soon. The fishing on some lakes has been a little harder than expected but a few of the
lakes and ponds have been fishing well considering we have had frosts and icy cold conditions.
SNIPE LAKE - has been fishing hard this month but there have been some nice fish banked to
those anglers who braved the cold conditions, a very well done goes to the Gladwin brothers
who came down for a day session and showed us how its done. They had a double take consisting
of a mid-double mirror for Bill and a 24lb 4oz mirror for Steve and later on in the day Bill landed
a 30lb 4oz mirror. Well done fellas.
TUSCANY LAKE - as with Snipe Lake the fishing has been a tad hard on Tuscany Lake but carp
ranging from low doubles to low twenties have been banked. There has been a lot of work carried
out on Tuscany Lake this month with the islands being cut back and lots of overhanging trees and
snags removed which we are sure will improve anglers catch rates as you will now be able to
cast onto spots that were previously unreachable.
JEFFS LAKE - again is proving to be the place to fish if you are happy catching smaller carp,
large bream and even tench all day. It truly is becoming one of the best winter lakes around where
you are guaranteed to get a bend in your rod no matter what the weather throws at you.
MAJORS LAKE - has been producing lots of pike to 22lb, with Dan Stokoe, Simon Bunn,
Graham Taylor and Paul Evans all amongst the bigger ones. Well done to young Kenny Reeves
who was amongst the pike again, no monster sizes but doing well. As for the carp, plenty have
been banked to 17lb both commons and mirrors. The bream have also been on the feed with the
biggest being 6lb 8oz this month.
DAUGHTERS LAKE - one of the lakes that is proving to be a tough nut to crack this month but
there have been a few carp banked to mid doubles and the few bream that are in there are feeding
well. Daughters Lake is a very visual lake and the carp are still showing themselves around the
far margins so they are still moving around quite a bit which is a good sign for a bite.
MAZE LAKE - is fishing well, there have been numerous reports of anglers bagging up on F1’s
aplenty, bream and the perch have been coming out on a floated worm and even luncheon meat.
MOAT POND - also had some work done on it this month with the central island being cut back
and the swims refurbished which not only improves the look of the lake it enables anglers to cast
tight to the island which is where most of the fish have been caught from. The roach and rudd
fishing has been excellent on Moat Pond too.
EDEN POND - has been fishing superbly again with a good mix of fish being caught, a typical
example of this is Clive Whittington landing 5 bream, 1 tench and 3 common carp and Colin Jones
landing 5 tench and a chubb of 2lb 8oz. It really is producing a mixed bag of species for many
anglers this month. The preferred bait being sweetcorn on the float.
JUNIORS LAKE - as like last month there have been some good numbers of carp being banked
to low doubles with Aaron Wareing back amongst them again, some good bream out too.
Strawberry boilies seem to be the favoured bait for the carp at the moment on this lake.
HORSESHOE POND - the few anglers that have fished this pond have been catching bream,
roach and rudd, small baits like maggot or pellet on the hook.
Aaron Wareing - Juniors
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Aaron Wareing - 12lb - Juniors
Winter Fishing
Many, many thanks to all our Night Members and guests who have already this winter made a
number of very significant contributions in support of the fund raising effort for the Rays of Sunshine
Children’s Charity.
We welcome confirming that any one current Night Member can continue to make bookings for
fishing at half price throughout our winter “Closed” period with exclusive access to the whole
Fishery where (a) the Night Member may use up to 3 rods or (b) be accompanied by one angling
guest at no additional charge with both anglers using up to 2 rods each.
The discounted day fishing (7.00 am to 7.00 pm) charge of £15.00 will be donated to the Rays of
Sunshine Children’s Charity.
Manor Fisheries Specimens
The Manor Fisheries Specimen Club now includes 138 anglers and we welcome the addition of
21 new members who qualified for PINS during 2014 noting Simon Cope caught 2 qualifying
species to win 2 x PINS. Many congratulations to all our Specimen Club Members.
2014 New Members
Date Caught
Ian Henderson
7 April
45 lbs
Tim McNaught
19 April
42 lbs
Stephen Hume
29 Apr
44 lbs
Stuart Brine
7 May
41 lbs
Tim Noble
17 May
40 lbs 8ozs
Simon Cope
20 May
42 lbs 12ozs
Shane Bullen
21 May
42 lbs 8ozs
Dave Bristow
22 May
44 lbs
Edward Vandome
24 May
42 lbs
Mick Rogers
1 June
41 lbs
Marc Lyphout
3 June
45 lbs 6ozs
Adrian Hodges
5 June
45 lbs 7ozs
John Simmons
16 June
26 lbs
Mirror Carp
Paul Kitchenham
20 June
43 lbs
David Rawlings
29 June
41 lbs
Paul Coombes
1 July
42 lbs
Simon Cope
9 July
26 lbs
Common Carp
Phil Bishop
18 Jul
7 lbs
Vince Scarth
19 Jul
41 lbs
Sid Webb
28 Jul
42 lbs
Tom Holton
6 Sept
40 lbs 7ozs
Danny Fillery
1 Nov
40 lbs 6ozs
Report for mid-November to mid-December 2014
Although now closed to the Public until 28th February 2015 Night Members and guests have
continued to have successes whilst ignoring the wintery conditions.
• Fishing Lake 1 (Carp) on the 16th November, Joe Wakefield landed a 13lbs 12ozs Mirror Carp.
• On the 18th November Paul Harvey had a 5lbs Bream from Lake 1 (Carp) and on the 19th
November 4 x Carp to 7lbs plus a Bream from Lake 3 (Mixed).
• Fishing Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) on the 20th November, Jason Golden used a spicy tuna and
spicy tandoori boilie cocktail to land a 25lbs PB Moggie.
• Steve Bray and Paul Martin fished Lake 2 (Carp/Catfish) on the 21st November and landed
Mirrors of 18lbs 8ozs and 10lbs plus Commons of 16lbs and 15lbs 10ozs using krill boilies and
halibut pellet.
• A visit by Clifford Hills and colleague Clive on the 29th November resulted in a catch including
4 x Common Carp and a Mirror Carp which were all low to mid doubles.
Fishery Reports
Furnace Brook Fishery
Hailsham, East Sussex
Winter has fully engulfed the fishery in the last few weeks, we have had gales, cold rain, frozenhard- mornings, thunder & lightning you name it. In response to this the fishing, as could be
expected, has slowed a little. Particularly so carp sport, the carp are not moving around as much
in the cold water, consequently they expend little energy and thus have little need to replenish
spent reserves by feeding for sustained periods of the day. What is common in this scenario
however is that there will be an opportunity during the day when they are willing to feed. This can
be at the warmest part of the day between 12 and 1 o’clock or even more likely, an hour before
dusk. Having this information in mind, it is always useful to plan your visit to capitalize upon this
period and increase the chances for reward for your endeavour. Having said that on mild winter
days when conditions favour they will happily oblige for longer periods, we just never know and
there it is! Some of the magic and mystic that keeps us all ‘hooked on fishing’.
The roach sport however is far more reliable. Furnace Brook continues to deliver fantastic roach
fishing and is perhaps, if not the best silverfish venue in the Southeast at the moment for this
reason, certainly one of them.
One thing for all visiting anglers to keep in mind
through the winter is the prevalent condition!
Sounds obvious I know but please do wrap up
warm with suitable footwear and take a hot flask
with you. Let a member of the family know where
you are fishing and keep yours keys and have a
mobile phone safe and dry. This is a natural
venue and although we are improving the quality
of the pegs around the lake as quickly as can be
achieved, there is still plenty of surface water
about and underfoot conditions can be tricky so
please take care as you enjoy the wonderful
sport to be had .
Forthcoming open match contests in
the New Year are as follows:
Sunday January 25th.
Sunday February 22nd.
Sunday March 29th.
On match weekends the venue is closed to day
ticket anglers from dusk on the preceding
a typical winter mixed bag
Saturday to dusk on the Sunday of the contest.
Please see our website for all contact details and further information
www.furnacebrookfishery.co.uk. We have lots of exciting plans for 2015 and everybody at Furnace
Brook Fishery would like to wish the readers of the Freshwater Informer a very ‘Merry Christmas’
and a rod ‘bendingly’ fabulous ‘Happy New Year’!
Providing all your everyday coarse fishing needs.
Free Parking
Find us at:
Three Ponds Holiday Park
South Heighton, East Sussex BN9 0TP
Tel: 01273 513530
We believe there is 20lb of quality roach to be caught in most of the pegs around the venue and
this is born out by the results from our increasingly popular, monthly open matches held throughout
the winter months. In two different matches so far there have been 2lb.3oz and 2lb 4oz fish in
nets to 40lb. There’s numerous fish between 12oz-1lb and surely, fish over the magical 3lb mark
await capture. The short pole, waggler and open end feeder all produce great results, it’s just
down to the angler to choose their preferred method to help them achieve a wonderful bag of
glistening silverfish.
On the bait front – caster along with maggots, hemp and corn and perhaps a little sweet biscuit
groundbait will all serve you well and should ensure you are kept busy throughout the day. Then
we have fantastic big hybrid and skimmer sport all on similar tactics and methods and these fish
are highly likely to turn up whilst you target the roach and along with a few surprises, there is
plenty for the hardy angler to focus on and achieve on these short challenging winter days.
Matchmen, Paul Lawton & Jonny Watt with typically sized FBF skimmers.
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Medway Man
Bob Morris
I have just checked the garden thermometer and found that we
have recently had a night time temperature of minus five.
Although I am tempted to blame this, for my lack of bites during
my last three evening tench sessions, I have learned over the years
that things are, often, not quite that simple.
I was getting action, albeit only the odd one or two takes, up until about a
week ago and then it just stopped completely. It was not the fact that I did
not get any actual takes, as there is actually not much difference between one
bite and no bites during a three hour session, but more noticeably, that the
movement on the lines, which normally show me that fish are in the vicinity
also ceased. This could mean one of several things. Tench have stopped
feeding and moving. They have transferred their activity to a different area, or
changed the times that they are active. My task now is to try to investigate
these possibilities and try to rule them out, before concluding that this cold
snap has inevitably stopped play. The last session, the other night was the
first one in a new swim, but alas, this also proved negative and for this reason
I must go back to the drawing board and rethink my approach.
I have heard it said that during the winter, and in particular bitterly cold
spells, due to the fish’s low metabolism, they are more inclined to pick up
smaller baits such as maggots, corn etc. Although I was once convinced by
this idea, I have now seen more evidence to suggest that if they are interested
in feeding at all, then they are likely to take whatever they normally feed on.
I had a spell many years back when I did well with maggots for winter tench.
This had me fooled until I repeated the experiment on the same water a
couple of years later and did even better by using boilies and balls of paste!
Talking of maggots however, I do use them at this time of the year when the
weather is cold and I want to fish for Roach, Perch, and Grayling etc. It is
great to be able to feed an area with them and then use small red worms or
lobs in the vicinity. When fishing this way, you never know what you might
bump into, as just about everything will pick up a wriggler at some stage. The
other evening, I was having a go for the perch on one of the local lakes and
had already missed a couple of good bites on my legered lobs, when a twitchy
take saw me connected to something much heavier. This could have been a
Carp or a tench, but by the sluggish way that it moved off I suspected that it
might be a pike. This was indeed the case and I landed it a few minutes later,
after it had eventually woken up and even hurled itself clear of the water a
A Two Pounder is
still a good one
says Bob
couple of times. The size ten hook had caught it
right in the corner of the mouth – which
prevented the pike from biting through the line.
I had several more evenings fishing in the same
area, but did not hook any more pike, in fact I
tried with a small dead bait out for a couple of
hours on two occasions without a sniff –
although this seems to be my lot on the pike
front lately! These late afternoon/evening sessions are often quite good for the
perch at this time of year, with dusk often producing the bigger specimens.
I suspect that they use their superior eyesight to hunt their prey, as the light
fades and the small fish often rise nearer to the surface or come to the
margins. Most of the perch that I caught were of up to about a pound, with a
couple of them being twice as big. As I said before, I am not obsessed with
size these days, but I still consider a two pound perch to be a good fish
locally. I guess that the best opportunities to catch really large perch these
days will probably come from the small commercial fisheries and this is, no
doubt, due to the high density of fodder fish.
The old favourites
A recent perch on worm
Cold water perch
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Perch swim ‘invader’
Pike on worm
'&'%$'#$"/! MANKLOW’S
Fishing Tackle for Coarse,
Sea & Game Baits, Clothing,
Videos, Accessories
Mon - Thurs 9-6,
Fri 9-7, Sat 8-5
Finally, if you were confused by my reference (last month) to the pike that
invaded my tench swim, which I said that I had mentioned the previous
month, it was a mistake. The incident that I was referring to did not appear in
FI, but in a recent issue of Pike & Predator magazine – where I am doing a
series entitled ‘University of Esox.’ It must be the old brain going...
Perch fishing,
often good at dusk
218 Main Road, Biggin Hill, Kent TN16 3BD
Tel: 01732 454952
Fax: 01732 743223
a wide range of coarse fish
Have a Carp-free Day
Telephone: 01959 570265
Best Fishes & Recollections
Bob Morris
Hailsham Road, Stone Cross
EASTBOURNE 01323 768490
'&%%$0)%#"!02 !08& !0&0$!03 "0*#""!
0!0"%$!0 $!"0#0 &0%00#"0!0%00&% 0 0!&0%00"$!&"
&#0&# "0&! 0& ""0 0%"0 &
1 0$!"00+6/#%&"003!0$!"0&%00%0#"$00+6/#%&"000
Stilebridge & Hawkenbury
07831 888268
Two stretches of the
River Beult
900m and 450m
Both have secure car parks.
Contact Chris
for more details on
67 Ninfield Road
Sidley, Bexhill-On-Sea
East Sussex TN39 5BA
07712 622858
ME7 4DF (opposite Aldi)
Tel: 01634 852180
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Fishery Reports
Buckland Lake Fishery
Cliffe, Rochester, Kent
Adults £9.00 - Under 16’s £7.00
93 Peg and 30 Peg Match Lakes
£5 Per Peg for 20+ Anglers
Price for smaller matches on Request
2 SPECIMEN CARP LAKES - Please Ring for Details and Prices
Night fishing available - Prices and Details on Request.
Fishery Telephone: 01304 380691
Superb facilities:
COARSE LAKE - has been fishing well for the time of year and the drop in temperature.Pop ups
are the go to bait for carp. Solar's Candy Floss,The Secret and Jacko's specials are tripping up
the biggest carp. Best performing rigs have been the good old chod rig and the stiffed hinge rig.
As always the Rudd are still being caught. maggots seem to be doing the business. Bread, corn
and small 8 -10 mm boilies are good back ups. Our own Buckland Barrels (strawberry/ scopex)
are still proving to be the most consistent bottom bait!!! Our big head of F1's and barbel are
feeding well making a good days winter fishing. Come in to the jam packed tackle shop onsite to
see our great priced festive special fishing sets. float, feeder and fly kits available at well below
retail prices. The lakes will only be closed on christmas day, boxing day and new years day. We
are open 8am till 4 pm as usual every other day. Myself, the bailiffs and all the staff would like to
wish all our anglers and visitors a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.
SPECIMEN LAKE - with the colder temps the best times for catching have been during day light
hours. Dawn and dusk have been the real 'hot' times again using SOLAR pop ups and baiting
only small amounts to keep em competing for that all important winter food. The pike fishing is
going well, although we're still waiting for the first real big one. Lure fishing/spinning is proving
most popular but dead baiting shouldn't be ignored as this tends to produce bigger specimens.
With drop shotting taking off right now our lake with clear water and many underwater features is
the perfect venue. Perch to 3lb 9 oz have been caught so far but much bigger are waiting to be
Ken JR 2lb 10oz rudd
5 Secluded lakes set in 60 acres of woodland,
containing Carp to 30lbs, Tench to 5lbs,
Perch to 4lbs, Roach to 2lbs, Bream to 5lbs
plus Rudd and Gudgeon
Andy Ashdown, Spring Lodge, Iden Wood Fishery
Cold Harbour Lane, Iden, Rye, East Sussex TN31 7UT
Tel/Fax: 01797 280180
Mobile: 07906 232225
Tackle and Bait Shop • Café • Licensed Bar • Camping • Caravan Pitches
with Electric Hook-Ups • Modern and Clean Toilet and Shower Facilities
Cafe & Caravan Enquiries: 01304 371898
e-mail: [email protected]
Cottington Lakes, Sandwich Road, Sholden, Deal, Kent CT14 0AR
Just outside Deal off the A258
Fishery opens 7.00am
No Access to the fishery before this time without prior arrangement
Separate nets required for Carp and Silver Fish
Tanyard Fisheries
Nr Uckfield, East Sussex
Hello and firstly we hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and new year and received lots of new
fishing gear to try out, as you are all aware we were close for 3 weeks over the Christmas and
new year period and as such the catch report for this month is slightly lighter than normal but here
are some of the catches we did get from pike lake (Specimen 1) they were well and truly on the
feed before the break Tony Cupton had 3 pike out to 15lb on live baits,plus another 2 out on a
separate session, an 8lb and a 13lb using livebaits again. Lee Kennedy banked 3 pike up to 12lb
on his day session also using livebaits. Jacob Hennessy all the way from San Diego - California
managed to catch 2 pike a 4lb and a 5lber on his first ever session pike fishing, not bad for only
a couple of hours on the bank. Terry Holt also landed 2 pike up to 6lb on joey mackerel, Bianca
Jewell landed her first ever pike at 8lb also using mackerel. John Tavener caught a 10lb pike
and Jeff Sanderson had 2 pike a 5lb and a 7lb. Course Pool 2 has been fishing very well for the
carp given the conditions although it has been fairly mild for the time of year the water has been
showing good signs of fish movement, Jeff Wilks had a cracking day with 3 common carp the
biggest weighed in at 16lb all caught using halibut boilies. Nigel Berrisffords first visit to Tanyards
was very productive landing 5 carp from course pool to all up to 6lb 3 common carp 2 mirror carp
and a ghost carp. Arron Booth used the feeder on course pool 2 banked 3 tench up to 7lb. Barry
Burtonshaw landed mirror carp and bream using sweet corn and crafty carper pellets. Dave and
Matt Blunden had a day on the carp free pool and banked koi to 4lb 5 bream between 2-3lb and
a half lb perch, regular Adrian who also fished the carp free pool targeting the perch using prawn
and was very successful banking 5 to 1 and a half lb. Specimen lakes 2 and 3 did see a handful
of anglers grace the banks but showed to be hard fishing given the conditions reports coming
back were that there were fish showing but didn't seem interested.
Sharon's cafe is reopened for business on the 1st February
We now have Automatic gates and opening times will remain the same 7am - 7.15pm
there is no admission after these hours.
There will be a price increase on the use of 2nd and 3rd rods as from the 1st march 2015
by £1 on each here is the new pricing 1 rod £10 2 rods £14 3 rods £18.
We have lakes and rivers in:
Memberships Available
Forest Row, Edenbridge,
Penshurst, Ball Green
and Leigh.
£100 per year
or £65 per year
(under 16/Over 65)
07501 178892
Please text your name and address to
for an application form or phone us for more information.
star bership
1st from
to M March
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
A common theme seems to be prevalent during conversations with the tackle shops and fishery owners in our
region, where have our young anglers gone? Due to the wonderful summer we have enjoyed this year, businesses
have enjoyed a good trading period, which was most welcome after the prolonged wet winter we suffered.
However, there appears to be a noted absence of young fishermen in the tackle shops and out on the banks.
Maybe this is not a new phenomenon, but, it is certainly a common topic within the trade, how do we encourage
children to go fishing? I am sure that we could come up with many suggestions, but, we really need to find a cure
to preserve and protect the future of our beloved sport.
I, like many others, grew up during the sixties and seventies, when life seemed to be very much different for
children than it is today. During the long Easter and summer breaks, when the sun always seemed to shine, I
would be outside from breakfast time to
teatime and could normally be found on
the banks of the Stour trying to catch
gudgeon on a piece of breadpaste. However,
from the age of about twelve, my mates
and I would get on the train at Ashford and
go to Dover to fish from the Admiralty pier.
We had a standing order for lug at Bills Bait
and Tackle in Snargate Street and we never
failed to go and collect our worms! Only
the very worst of weather would postpone a trip!
I do appreciate that we live in very different times to life forty years ago. Life back then appeared to
be less complicated and stressful, and as teenagers, we did not seem to have the 'pressure' on us that
there appears to be on today's young people. Competition for young peoples' attention and money
What is the future for
Young People and Fishing?
seems to be acute these days. The Playstations and associated computer activities tend to grab the headlines as young
peoples' prime interests. You only have to walk along the street to see the impact of technology on, not just young people,
but society in general, as everyone is glued to an iphone. Every part of life seems to be linked to these instruments.! As
kids and long before this leap in technology, we did not have any computerised distraction. If I wanted to talk to my
mates I would either have to walk round to their house or ask mum very nicely if I could use the house phone! Myself or
my friends did not have wealthy parents as most of our dads were railwaymen, but, our mums and dads always made
sure we had money every Saturday for our train fare and three score of lugworm, we asked for nothing more.
As regulars on Dover's famous pier every weekend we would meet up with the same bunch of adult anglers and these
anglers would later become role models and mentors to us. They taught us how to tie different rigs, make weights that
would hold in the fierce tide run, how to cast better and we would watch in awe as one of our mentors would drop a net
down the wall to land a large cod in the fierce tide that zips along the pier. As time went on, we would be asked to net a
fish for our 'tutors'. You cannot imagine how proud we would feel after successfully netting a good fish and being
congratulated on a job well done by it's captor. One would walk away feeling ten feet tall!! Although these are very fond
memories of mine, I still believe there is a desire within today's young people to go fishing, just as we did and that there are still mentors on the beaches and lakesides
keen to impart their knowledge and wisdom. However, due to media reports, would today's parents be happy to let their children fish with adults they do not know? It
always helps if boys and girls have mums and dads who fish themselves, but, we must accept that there are an awful lot of adults who do not fish or want to fish.
Perhaps, education can play a part here?
I certainly believe that being an angler from a very early age, assisted by my dad who was a keen fisherman, helped to make me the person I am today. It helped me
understand the many complex parts of nature that can only be learnt from being 'out there' and at one with the natural world. It taught me to understand tides, the
weather, the stages of the moon, the time of year, but, most of all it taught me about the environment and the very fish that I wanted to catch. Even now, I like to wander
along an unknown beach and identify areas that fish could be attracted to once the water returns and covers the sand. I am sure this passion only comes once a holistic
approach is made, understood and accepted.
During a recent conversation with a good friend of mine, who is a prominent match angler, we spoke about the very subject of young people going fishing. He too had
noted that there is a marked change in the age of anglers competing in matches, they are getting older. Younger anglers do not seem to be entering angling competitions.
About twenty years ago, I was the match secretary for a small club in Ashford and we enjoyed fortnightly matches on our water throughout the year. They were well
attended, even during the winter months, by members. I do remember that as time went on, our younger members who were either already teenagers or approaching that
age, asked to be able to fish with the adults in the adult matches, instead of just fishing in the junior league. The reason was that they wanted to fish with the men, as
they felt they learnt far more and appreciated the encouragement and knowledge that they received. This was much the same experience for me and my mates many
years earlier fishing at Dover. Young males certainly enjoy the company of being with adult males, perhaps it encourages confidence, self worth and self esteem. I know
that many of our young club anglers went on to become very successful match anglers themselves, which I believe stemmed from their early days fishing with the men.
As mentioned earlier, this topic has received acres of press coverage already, so I am not trying to reinvent the wheel, just merely trying to dig a little deeper hoping to
have a 'eureka' moment! There are many initiatives already taking place throughout the country and the Countryside Alliance are playing an active part in this area. If you
find time, please take a look at their website, which is a most interesting read. It was hoped that following the successful Olympics held here a couple of years ago, more
young people would get involved with sport generally. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, which potentially makes our task of getting children to go fishing
even tougher. I would certainly like to see angling being a part of the educational curriculum, however, being a realist, I understand the pressures on school budgets and
the implications of taking a group of children fishing. Perhaps angling clubs and schools could work in partnership to achieve the aims? But, as I mentioned before, fishing
is far more than just catching a fish, it is a life shaping means of understanding yourself and the very world we all live
in, so is potentially a very viable part of any educational system.
I would very much like to hear from anglers and those within the angling industry, for your views on this subject
and how we can protect the future of our sport. Maybe your club or venue has a busy junior section and you have
developed ways and initiatives of involving young people. Perhaps you are a young person who fishes and
can give your views on why your peers are not going fishing? If so, I would really like to hear from you.
The contact details, as always, for the Freshwater Informer, are on the inside front cover of the
magazine. I look forward to hearing from you.
Barry Reed
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Sea Reports
under the
To start our 2015 Under The Spotlight feature, we have travelled to the coast and met up with a man who
has an unrivalled knowledge of fishing at the legendary Dungeness. If there is anything you wish to know
about fishing at Dungeness, either afloat or from the beach, then a visit to this dealer is a must!
The Dealer under the spotlight this month is:
We stock tackle and bait
especially suited to fishing at
Dungeness and, if required,
offer advice and guidance to
those who have never fished
here before. Everyone is more
than welcome, whether it is
the seasoned expert or an
angler who has just taken up
the sport. We appreciate that
a newcomer to sea angling
could be daunted by the
bewildering array of
equipment on offer, however, we are able to offer a personal approach to ensure
that the angler selects the right equipment at a budget of their choice. We want
our customers to enjoy their fishing, so we always strive to go that 'extra mile' to
ensure that each and every visitor to Seagull Fishing Tackle is completely satisfied.
We asked business owner and Dungeness Guru Tony Hills ….
How long have you run
Seagull Fishing Tackle?
'' A very long time, Seagull Fishing Tackle
must be one of the longest established
tackle shops in the area!''
What can the angler expect at
Seagull Fishing Tackle?
''Dungeness is a magical place, a fishing
location second to none! So if you fancy
fishing at Dungeness and District, a very
warm welcome to Seagull Fishing Tackle.
The shop is located at Greatstone-onSea, just five minutes along the bay
from Dungeness. We are a small,
friendly, traditional shop committed to
anglers fishing along this renowned
piece of coastline. The shop is open six
days a week and closed on Mondays. It
always pays to give us a ring before
visiting as I might be on the Point
At Seagull Fishing Tackle we pride
ourselves on selling the best bait available.
This includes fresh locally dug black
lugworm and fresh live ragworm. We also
stock the complete range of frozen baits
from Ammo, which I consider to be the
best frozen products available. Don't
forget, if you need advice on what bait to
use around Dungeness, simply ask us!
Dungeness IS one of the best sea fishing
venues in the UK and our shop is ideally
located just a five minutes drive away …
Welcome to our world!''
Where can we find Seagull Fishing
Address: 4, The Parade, Greatstone-OnSea, New Romney, Kent. TN28 8RE
Telephone: 01797 366837
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.seagullfishingtackle.com
What are your opening hours?
Tues and Thurs: 9.00 – 5.30
Weds and Sun: 9.00 – 3.30
Fri and Sat:
9.00 – 6.30
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
North Kent
All the favourite marks along the Medway and the Thames are fishing well.
Bass are being taken as far back as Erith from the jetty near Morrisons.
Gravesend stretch is yielding lots of whiting, flatties and small numbers of
codling up to 2lbs. Lugworm is the preferred bait, tipped with squid, for the
codling, but, the whiting are proving difficult as they are on the bait straight
away. Along the Medway, by the City Estate, anglers are reporting lots of
whiting, although many need to be returned as they are undersized, some
decent flatties and the odd codling. Hopefully some colder weather through
December and January may bring some decent codling closer in, along with
some big, plump flounders!
Local tackle and bait shops are Dolphin Angling Centre (Gravesend), Anglers
Den and Monster Baits (both in Gillingham) and Shop 4 Tackle at Strood.
Colin Carey 3rd
Dave Checksfield
Glynis Jones - Lady Winner
Ian Reynolds
Dover and Folkestone Piers
Potentially some good news on the horizon about these two prolific marks!
The Dover SAA are holding their Christmas competition in December on the
Admiralty pier in a step towards it's reopening in the near future. Along at
Folkestone, the pier is available to Folkestone SAA members for their matches
in January 2015. Let's hope both the piers are opened up to the public sooner
rather than later. It is certainly worth considering joining either Dover or
Folkestone SAA to enjoy the privilege of fishing the piers. If anywhere is going
to produce a large cod then it has to be one of these!
Whiting and plenty of them! Anglers are being plagued by whiting as soon as
baits, irrelevant of what they are, hit bottom. Rob from Ashford, a Hythe regular,
recently visited the beach and had over 100 whiting, dogfish, a large dab and
a surprise Gurnard! Rob told me he kept a handful of the larger whiting and
returned the rest. All the fish were taken on either mackerel or squid bait. He
went on to say that it made no difference casting 120 yards or 30 yards, those
pesky whiting were on the baits immediately not giving any codling a chance
of getting to the bait. Other reports have included bass to 9lbs caught on a
lure and a small number of codling up to 2lbs. What was deemed as being
potentially one of the best cod seasons for a long time does not seem to be
happening. The cod are possibly there but the plague proportions of whiting
are not giving anything else a look in. We are never happy are we! January
should hopefully see some nice dabs and flounders move in and the whiting
shoals gradually breaking up and moving back out in to deeper water. Perhaps
then the cod may make an, albeit brief, appearance. It might be worth noting
there are some big tides happening in the 3rd week of January.
Local tackle and bait shops are Dens Tackle and Best Buddies (opposite Hythe
If you have had a good session anywhere along the Kent or Sussex coast then
let us know here at the Informer. All our contact details are in the front of the
Hordes of whiting everywhere, mostly
little pests. A number of small codling to
two pounds are also showing though.
Very few flatties about at the moment
though. Very rough days give the best
chance of the codling as most of the
little whitings seem to move offshore
out of the turbulence and give the
Nick May Winner
Alex Martin - Jnr Winner
better fish a chance to see the bait.
The South Coast Beach
Championship saw some very good
catches with Nick May winning the
£500 first prize. See the following
report. Little has been happening in
the boats with few opportunities to get
afloat in the last month. Modest bags
of codling, bass and pollack all to
report. The sea is now cooling steadily
with the appearance of winter and a
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
few cold days. Hopefully the weather will be kind over the festive period and
allow the boats to get out and see if any big cod and pollack are on the
wrecks yet.
South Coast Beach Championship held
Sunday 7th December
This year’s competition was down in numbers somewhat due to unfortunately
clashing matches but some 76 anglers took part many travelling some distance
with Penn League points available. Conditions were very good for once with
a nice sea being blown up by a mild south westerly of force 4-5 with some
welcome sunshine at times. The sea was reasonably coloured given the short
time the wind had backed westerly. Whitings were about in large numbers with
a few codling and other small species making up the numbers. It was a matter
of who could speed fish for the whiting and be lucky enough to pick out the
slightly bigger sizeable ones.
Nick May proved the best at it being overall winner fishing in section B at the
Newchurch with a fine bag of 45 fish for weight of 16lb 15oz beating his pairs
teammate Paul Stevens also fishing section B who had 39 fish for 16lb 0oz,
third was Colin Carey on 30 fish for 11lb 4oz from section C at Stamco. The
best fish was Steve Hanks’s codling of 2lb 1oz. The top junior was Alex Martin
with an excellent 2lb 8oz. Glynis Jones took the ladies prize with 1lb 15oz and
Richard Cleal the veteran’s prize with 10lb 6oz.
The main prize of £500 was presented to the winner by the Main Sponsor
Barry Coleman of Coleman Construction and Utilities Ltd and whose continuing
support was very much appreciated.
Winner Nick May 16lb 15oz
2nd Paul Stevens 16lb 0oz
3rd Colin Carey 11lb 4oz
Best Lady: Glynis Jones 1lb 15oz Best Junior: Alex Martin 2lb 8oz
Best Veteran: Richard Cleal 10lb 6oz
Team of Two: 1st Nick May & Paul Stevens 32lb 15oz
2nd Eddie Painter & Richard Cleal 19lb 1oz
Heaviest fish: Steve Hanks Codling 2lb 1oz
A 1st Rex Palmer 7lb 12oz
2nd Ben Bradstock 7lb 1oz
3rd Hugh Rathbone 6lb 10oz
B 1st Nick May 16lb 15oz
on the inside; Trevor Elvey (Hemmings Tackle) 1676-3-0; Dennis Cooper (Rudgwick) 145-6-0; C. Slater
(Framfield) 144-10-0; Keith Harper (Rudgwick) 112-8-0; Mick Hart (Framfield) 76-13-0.
2nd Paul Stevens 16lb 0oz
3rd Colin Pickard 10lb 4oz
C 1st Colin Carey 11lb 4oz
2nd Damian Evans 7lb 11oz
3rd Ant Buik 7lb 8oz
D 1st Richard Cleal 10lb 6oz
2nd Colin Crosby 9lb 9oz 1dr
3rd Steve Hanks 6lb 10oz
The excellent prize table went down to
35th place. Many thanks to the prize
donors, Hastings Angling Centre,Paul Stevens - 2nd
Paul’s Tackle, Anyfish Anywhere and Daiwa. Many thanks also to the principle
organisers Mark Hinxman and Colin Crosby for a very well run event hosted
by Hastings & St Leonards AA.
Rex Palmer
Richard Cleal veteran
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Old Snake Lake, 14. Lew Nightingale (Wylands) 63-0-0, all carp, corn on
the feeder and the pole, peg 17; Andy Webb (Andy's Mob) 21-14-0; Derek Seymour (Polegate Angling
Center) 19-4-0; Neil Churchill (wylands) 18-0-0; Mick Wells (Sensas South East) 14-8-0; John Oliver
(Wylands) 14-6-0.
Maver Kent League, round six, Hartleylands Farm Fishery, Cranbrook, Kent, 36. Robbie Taylor (Preston
Innovations) 143-10-0, carp and silvers, corn and pellet on the method and pole; Tony Leyton (Maver
Cardinals Black) 110-8-0; Richard Taylor 105-4-0; Paul Lamb 100-0-0 (both Sensas South East Marine);
John Gore 97-12-0; Nick Hyde 95-8-0 (both Maver Cardinals Red). Teams: Sensas South East Marine 7;
Preston Innovations 10; Maver Cardinals Black 18; Advanced Pole Repairs 21; Sensas South East Gold 22;
Maver Cardinals Red 23. league: Preston Innovations 82.5; Sensas South East Marine 93.5; Maver Cardinals
Black 106; Sensas South East Gold 108.5; Maver Cardinals Red 124. Maver Cardinals Green 128.
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Field Lake, 8. Lewis Nightingale (Wylands) 63-12-0, all carp, feeder and
corn, peg 13; Rob Ware 51-14-0; Trevor Hoad 29-0-0 (both Wylands).
Back Arun Fishery, Arundel, West Sussex, Carp Lake, 14. Steve Speller (Back Arun) 40-0-0, all carp, pole
with maggot and corn, peg 28; Kevin Parker 31-0-0; Paul Romaniuk 22-8-0; Ian White (Eastleigh) 22-40; Andy Potter (Greenridge Farm) 13-8-0; John Money (J.F.A.) 12-8-0.
Iden Wood Fishery, nr Rye East Sussex, Match Lake, 14. Andy Buss (Iden Wood Fishery) 40-0-0, four
large carp, pole and maggot, peg 11; Andy Ashdown (Iden Wood Fishery) and Andy Milton (Tackle and Gun
Tenterden) 29-0-0; Paul Edwards 27-0-0; Vic Fisher 10-8-0; Chris Pope 8-0-0 (all Iden Wood Fishery).
NG Floats Silverfish League, Elphicks Fishery, Goudhurst, Kent, Sandwich Lake, 16. Terry Golding (Sport
One) 12-6-0, skimmers and roach, pole and maggot; Martin Charnock (Hemmings Tackle) 9-2-0; Nick
Allen (A & I Tackle) 7-7-0; Dennis Price 6-9-0; Derek Willis 5-13-0 (both Iden Wood Fishery); John
Roobinson (Sensas South East) 4-13-0.
*Kent Winter League Practice, Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent, Lakes One, Two and Three, 46. Les Hills
(Maver Colemans Matchpack) 129-0-0, all carp, pole with pellet and maggot, peg 112; Barry Chapman
(Maver Cardinals) 83-0-0; Jeff Vallance (Preston Innovations Delcac) 81-4-0; Tony Laton (Maver Cardinals)
63-12-0; Tony Lee (Maver Colemans Matchpack) 63-10-0; Richard Hall (Sensas South East) 58-12-0.
Angling Trust Sussex Winter League, final round, Hartleylands Farm Fishery, Peartree, Nick's and
Bramley, 56. Terry Edwards (Browning Wickford) 84-8-0, maggot and pellet long pole and in the margins,
peg 19 on Peartree: Miles Levey (Preston Innovations Delcac) 82-14-0; Tony Parnall (Meatbashers) 76-20; Jason Collins 73-10-0; Jak Brown 72-0-0 (both Preston Innovations Delcac); Tommy Hillier and Des
Shipp (both Daiwa Dorking) 71-4-0. Teams: Browning Wickford 45; Daiwa Dorking 39; Preston Innovations
Delcac 36; Sonubaits Apollo 35; Guildford 27; Meatbashers 25; Roaches 14. League: Preston Innovatioins
Delcac 10 (ist on more accumulated points); Daiwa Dorking 10; Browning Wickford 18; Meatbashers 29;
Sonubaits Apollo 30; Guildford 31; Roaches 40.
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Snake Lake, 15. Paul Lawton (Marukyu) 37-6-0, carp fished at 16 metres
either side, double red maggot; Lewis Nightingale (Wylands) 34-0-0; Chris Slater (DT Floats) 17-0-0; Dave
Calway 15-14-0; Ernie Rogers 11-2-0; Neil Chandler 7-0-0 (all Wylands).
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Rosies Lake, 8. Lewis Nightingale (Wylands) 42-12-0, all carp, tip and corn,
peg 15; Trevor Hoad (Wylands) 26-14-0; Danny Wynne (Sensas South East) 21-12-0.
Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent, Lake One, 15. Stuart Atkinson (Anglers Kabin) 38-0-0, carp on the bomb
with bread, and roach with pole and maggot, peg 30; Len Goodwin (Monk Lakes) 26-4-0; Fred Brown
(Sensas South East) 26-0-0; Maurice Leaske (Vinal Signs) 19-6-0; Kevin Betts (Hastings Angling Centre)
17-8-0; Jim McDowell (Monk Lakes) 8-0-0.
Team winners
Steve Hanks codling
Competition Results
Framfield Fishery, Brookhouse Lake, 22. Lee Perry (Framfield) 49 -12-0; Dennis Cooper (Rudgwick) 350-0; Dave Walker 34-2-0; Danny Wynne 32-7-0 (both Framfield); Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle) 270-0; Nigel Greenwood (Isfield) 23-13-0.
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Snake Lake, 17. Derek Seymour (Polegate Angling Centre) 64-12-0, carp,
pole with pellet and corn; John Oliver 47-0-0; Lew Nightingale 44-0-0; Henry Ecclestone 36-6-0; Ian
Oliver 34-6-0 (all wylands); Chris Pope (Iden Wood Fishery) 29-4-0.
*Angling Trust Kent Winter League, round five, Hartleylands Farm Fishery, Cranbrook, Kent, Peartree,
Bramley and Nick's, 40; Martin Trice (Sensas South East) 96-2-0, all carp, pellet on the method and pole,
drawn on Peartree; Ian Carley (Sensas South East) 94-4-0; Jim Trew (Maver Coleman's Matchpack) 92-40; Paul Lamb 78-2-0; Nigel Greenwood 74-12-0; Richard Taylor 70-4-0 (all Sensas South East). Teams:
Sensas South East 36; Maver Coleman's Matchpack 25; Advanced Pole Repairs 24; Maver Cardinals Black
21; Maver Cardinals Red 14. League: Sensas South East 6; Maver Cardinals Black 13; Maver Coleman's
Matchpack 16; Advanced Pole Repairs 19; Maver Cardinals Red 21.
*Angling Trust Sussex Winter League, round five, Monk Lakes, Lakes One and Two, 56. Jason Collins
(Preston Innovatioins Delcac) 164-0-0, carp, pellet on the long pole and method, peg 56; Pete Steward
(Browning Wickford) 113-0-0; Lee Kendrick (Meatbashers) 105-12-0; Dean Lock (Preston Innovations
Delcac) 907-10-0; Darren Davies (Daiwa Dorking) 82-10-0; Mark Tullet (Meatbashers) 82-4-0. Teams:
Preston Innovations Delcac 45; Daiwa Dorking) 38; Meatbashers 37; Sonubaits Apollo 32; Browning
Wickford 28; Guildford 26. League: Preston Innovations Delcac 7; Daiwa Dorking 8; Browning Wickford 17;
Meatbashers 23; Banstead 26; Guildford 27.
Sensas South East fished a perfect team performance by winning all five sections in the Kent Winter
League. They now are virtually assured of a place in the semifinals, ahead of Maver Cardinals Black and
Maver Coleman's Matchpack. In the Sussex Winter League Preston Innovations Delcac and Daiwa Dorking
are separated by one point, but are well ahead of Browning Wickford
Tuesday 25th November
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Field Lake, 9. Lew Nightingale (Wylands) 53-14-0, carp, feeder and corn;
Derek Seymour (Polegate Angling Center) 33-4-0; Rob Ware (Wylands) 22-12-0.
Framfield Park Fishery, Spring Lake, 16. Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle) 178-6-0, mostly carp, maggot
NG Floats Silverfish League, Tricklebrook Fishery, Main Lake, 15. Nick Plum (Antique Tackle) 21-4-0,
roach pole and waggler with maggot; Derek Willis 19-10-0; Dennis Price 16-14-0 (both Iden Wood
Fishery); Kevin Jackson 12-4-0; Andy Silver 11-9-0 (both Sport One); Mick Pearson (NG Floats) 10-1-0.
Wylands, Battle, East Sussex, Old Snake Lake, 19. Henry Eccleston (Wylands) 40-4-0, all carp, maggot
down the middle, peg 16; Keith Axell 29-8-0; Lewis Nightingale 27-12-0; John Oliver 25-0-0; Ian Oliver
16-6-0 (all Wylands); Carlton Easter (Iden Wood Fishery) 15-2-0.
*Angling Trust Kent Winter League, final round, Monk Lakes, Staplehurst, Kent, 40. Laurie Webster
(Advanced Pole Repairs) 165-8-0, all carp, pole with pellet and maggot, peg 112; Craig Palmer 146-0-0;
Tony Laton 105-0-0 (both Maver Cardinals Black); Paul Lamb 54-6-0; Danny Wynne 53-4-0 (both Sensas
South East); Rob Durrant (Maver Colemans Matchpack) 47-6-0. Teams: Sensas South East 29; Advanced
Pole Repairs 26; Maver Cardinals Black 25; Maver Colemans Matchpack 20; Maver Cardinals Red 20 (fifth
on weight). League: Sensas South East 7; Maver Cardinals Black 15; Maver Colemans Matchpack 20;
Advanced Pole Repairs 21; Maver Cardinals Red 26.
Sunday Open 02/11/14 - Old Snake Lake
1 Paul Lawton
95lb 10oz
2 Andy Milton (Tenterden Tackle & Gun)75lb 4oz
3 John Oliver
73lb 8oz
Sunday Open 09/11/14 - Old Snake Lake
1 Steve Turner (Carp Shop)
2 Ian Oliver
102lb 6oz
3 Paul Lawton
89lb 14oz
Sunday Open 16/11/14 – Old Snake Lake
1 Chris Pope (Iden Wood)
94lb 8oz
John Oliver
56lb 8oz
3 Keith Axell
40lb 10oz
Sunday Open 23/11/14 – Old Snake Lake
1 Derek Seymour (Polegate)
64lb 12oz
2n John Oliver
3 Lew Nightingale
Sunday Open 30/11/14 - Old Snake Lake
1 Lew Nightingale
2 Andy Webb (Andy’s Mob)
21lb 14oz
3 Derek Seymour (Polegate)
19lb 4oz
Tuesday Open 04/11/14 - Field Lake
1 Mick Hart
36lb 2oz
2n Derek Seymour (Polegate)
25lb 2oz
3 Paul Lawton
Tuesday Open 11/11/14 - Field Lake
1 Paul Lawton
2n Derek Seymour (Polegate)
26lb 4oz
3 Lew Nightingale
25lb 2oz
Tuesday Open 25/11/14 - Field Lake
1 Lew Nightingale
53lb 14oz
2n Derek Seymour (Polegate)
33lb 4oz
3 Rob Ware
22lb 12oz
Wednesday Match Results:
Lee Perry (Faulkners)
Dennis Cooper (Rudgwick) 3
Dave Walker (Faulkners)
D.Wynn (Framfield)
Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle)
Keith Harper (Rudgwick)
Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle)
Keith Harper (Rudgwick)
Chris Dimmock (Hemmings Tackle)
Trevor Elsey (Framfield)
Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle)
Bob Bradford (Dench MG)
Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle)
Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle)
Lee Perry (Faulkners)
Mike Head (Faulkners)
Chris Dimmock (Hemmings Tackle)
Dennis Cooper (Rudgwick)
Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle)
Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle)
C.Slater (Framfield)
Antonio Poynter (Faulkners)
Trevor Elsey (Framfield)
Keith Harper (Rudgwick)
Mike Head (Faulkners)
Nobby Whiteing (Hemmings Tackle)
Antonio Poynter (Faulkners)
Chris Dimmock (Hemmings Tackle)
Martin Woodington (Framfield)
Bruce Scott (Hemmings Tackle)
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Trout Reports
Brick Farm Lakes Herstmonceux, East Sussex
What a great month, not too cold and most anglers catching their full bag. Recent rainbow catches
include a 4lb 2oz by BOB ALCOTT from Ninfield, a 4lb by IAIN SINCLAIR from Saltdean on a
Montana, a 3lb 13oz by TOM HEFFERNAN from Heathfield on a Green Zonker using a floating
line, a 3lb 6oz by MICK PUGH from Bexhill-on-Sea on a Damsel, a 3lb 4oz by “BUSTER” JENNER
from Heathfield on a Blood Worm, a 3lb 4oz by BRENDA NEWINGTON from Groombridge on an
Orange Rhubarb & Custard and a 3lb 4oz by MARK SMITH from Eastbourne on a Tadpole.
Tenterden Trout Waters Tenterden, Kent
The colder conditions are excellent for Anglers. The fish are taking coloured patterns and many good
browns have been caught. 2015 promises to be an exciting year with Gaynor & Richard implementing
many new additions. We will aim to stock quality fish to ensure that our visitors enjoy our lovely
Bob Alcott from Ninfield with his 4lb 2oz rainbow
Mick Pugh from Bexhill-on-Sea with his 3lb 6oz
rainbow caught on a Damsel
Hazel Copse Trout Fishery Horsham, West Sussex
December was good at Hazel Copse with many
fine fish being landed, Pete Lawrenort landed
11 Rainbows to 3lb and 3 Browns to 4lb, David
had 6 Rainbows to 4lb and 2 Browns to 3lb,
Duncan had Rainbows to just a touch under 5lb,
Colin Delahaye on his first visit landed 23
rainbows to just under 6lb, and on his second
visit he landed 12 Rainbows to 7lb 15ozs. So for
the start of of the New Year fishing is really good.
Tom Heffernan from Heathfield with his 3lb 13oz
rainbow caught on a Green Zonker using a floating line
Iain Sinclair from Saltdean with his 4lb rainbow
caught on a Montana
Buckland Lake Fishery Cliffe, Rochester, Kent
TROUT LAKE - With its gin clear water and deeper spots our trout lake is providing great sport for
fly fishing. Montanas, Buzzers and Nymphs doing great. Most anglers catching their limit of cracking
Bucklands Trout. Biggest of the month has been just over 7lb with several brownies to 3lb making
regular appearances. So come down have a cuppa and enjoy a good days sport at a friendly fishery
known as BUCKLANDS!!!!
Rainbows to 11lb
Browns to 6lb
Open from the 3 January to 19 July 2015
Coombe Farm, Tenterden, Kent
Our unique basket system allows continuous
fishing. We aim to provide an excellent day’s
sport in beautiful Wealden countryside
Baynards, Rudgwick, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 3AF
Day permit £30 - 4 best fish
Half day permit £20 - 2 best fish
Sporting and junior permits on request
Regular stocking of top quality
rainbows and browns to 12lb
Tel: 01403 822878
Full Catch & Release
1 fish...£20 – 2 fish...£25
3 fish...£30 – 4 fish...£35
2.5 acre Trout Lake • Mixed Coarse Lake • Specimen Lake & Pike fishing
Day Tickets • Night Fishing • Fishing Tuition • Rod/Tackle Hire & Sales.
Group Bookings • Corporate Days • Boat Hire ‘on trout lake’ • Open 7 days a week
Contact the fishery manager Scott on 07827 337424/01634 220005 for more details
Tel: 01634 220005
Find us off the M2, Junction 1, A289 to Wainscot, Grain & Medway City Estate, 2nd left
on the B2000 to Cliffe, 3⁄4 of a mile after Cliffe Woods turn left into ‘Rectory Rd’ at the
end turn right into Buckland Rd. Buckland Lake Reserve and Fishery is on the left.
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Brenda Newington from Groombridge with her 3lb 4oz
rainbow caught on an Orange Rhubarb & Custard
We are leaving Brick Farm in the New Year with Annie and Steve taking over. We hope you give
them a warm welcome and give them as much support as you have given us over the years.
Tight lines! From Sophie, Keith and Woffles
Telephone (01580) 763201
email: [email protected]
The indomitable “Buster” Jenner from Heathfield with
his 3lb 4oz rainbow caught on a Blood Worm
Chalk Springs Arundel, West Sussex
It`s been another pretty good month with most people catching, even during the cold or wet and
windy weather.The fish are very lively, but catching them still requires a bit of subtlety rather than
splashing and crashing about with a big horrible lure! Small, weighted flies - goldhead damsels,
daddy longlegs and buzzers have been the most popular and most effective. Some fish have even
been taking dries - usually on the drier, sunnier
days. Generally speaking the fish have been quite
deep, but they have been moving higher in the
water in the afternoons, especially if the weather
is not too rough.
Rainbows to just under 12lb and browns to 6lb
were among the best caught this month.
The annual Brass Monkeys competition was held Harry Boreham
this month. Now in it’s 20th year, it was a fun day
as always. As usual, the anglers are drawn `out of
the hat` in pairs, the object being to catch the
largest 4-fish bag of the day. Fish were caught from
the first whistle all through the morning, with some
nice 3 and 4 - pounders coming out very quickly.
After the fish and chips for lunch, fishing continued
in the afternoon until 3 o`clock, and following the
final whistle and weigh-in, Martin Stone and Brian
Smart (pictured with Darren and the trophy) were
crowned this year’s champs. Their winning 4-fish
weight was 17lb 4oz. Second place went to Paddy Martin Stone and Brian Smart with Darren and the
Hill and Steve Burton, with Tony Harrison and John trophy
Medlow in third.
A few people have asked recently why we always seem to be weed cutting on the lakes. There is a
very simple explanation for this. Since Britain joined the EU, we are no longer allowed to use the
weed controlling `chemical` treatments that we used to. These treatments were harmless to
everything except the weed. Subsequently, all the weed has to be cut by hand, which is both
incredibly time consuming and labour intensive and also not as effective as the treatments. Also, it
Angling Societies
Fishing on Lakes, Rivers and Drains. Catering for all aspects of angling
Our Waters hold: Carp over 30lb, Pike over 30lb, Tench,
Roach, Rudd, Bream, Chub, Dace and Perch
For more information please telephone:
Grahame Jenkins 01424 754042 / Chris Pagan 07429 655237
Postal enquiries:
G Jenkins, 182 Harrow Lane, St Leonards, East Sussex TN37 7JZ
Tonbridge & District Angling
& Fish Preservation Society
14 miles of River and
7 Lakes containing:
Jim Marsh
Callum with the weed pile
is like painting the Forth Bridge - by the time we have cut the weed in all of the lakes, it is time to
start again from the beginning, as we only do small sections at a time to keep the disruption to the
fishing to a minimum.
Callum, (pictured), with about 15 truck loads of cut weed. This represents about 3/4 of a day`s work
and about 40 yards of lake!
The fishing should remain consistent through the Winter and as always, keep up to date with the
website and pre-booking is advisable.
Happy New Year
Carp to 45lb, Tench to 11lb
Bream to 12lb, Roach to 3lb
Large Barbel, Rudd, Chub, Pike and Perch
Try the day ticket waters at
River £4 - Lakes £5 per day
Membership £50 per annum + £10 joining fee
Ladies & Senior Citizens - £20 Under 16’s - £10
View the waters on the web www.tonbridge-angling.co.uk
PO Box 131, Tonbridge TN11 8WB Contact Ken on 07503 111551
The Maidstone Victory
Angling Society
Ten Lakes, including a Specimen Carp
plus 4 miles River Medway + River Beult.
Carp to 44lb, Roach 3lb, Tench 10lb, Bream 15lb
Fishing available 52 weeks per year.
Active Match Group and Junior Section
Realistic Rates, including Night Permits
or write to:
PO Box 1306, Maidstone, Kent ME14 9QD
The Linton Angling Society
Membership Vacancies
We are a small but friendly club with beautiful lake,
2 ponds, 5 reservoirs and over 8 miles of fishing on the
River Medway, Beult and Tiese.
Our waters contain Carp to 32lb, Pike 30lb+,
Tench 8lb+, Chub 7lb, Perch 4lb and Roach to 3lb,
including some good Bream and Eels.
All year fishing, member’s guest permits, night fishing
allowed. We run over 30 matches a year and have a
large junior section. Concessionary rates available
for OAPs, Disabled and Juniors.
For further details contact:
Hon. Secretary:
Chris Knowler on 01622 726417
e-mail: [email protected]
Over 10 quality waters
in Kent and Sussex
Tel: Mark on
07973 383952
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
Chequertree Fishery with HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION
Bethersden, Ashford, Kent TN26 3JR Tel: 01233 820078
Beaver Farm Fishery Tel: 01342 324006/07710 656041
Eastbourne Road, Newchapel, Lingfield RH7 6HL
Buckland Lake Reserve & Fishery
Tel: 01634 220005
Buckland Road, Cliffe, Nr. Rochester or 07827 337424
Cackle Hill Lakes
Tel: 01580 292292/291954
Headcorn Road, Biddenden TN27 8JW or 07885 284500
Cottington Lakes
Tel: 01304 380691
Sandwich Road, Sholden, Deal CT14 0AR
Elphicks Fisheries
Tel: 01580 212512
Spelmonden Road, Horsmonden TN12 8EL
Gabriels Fishery
Tel: 07730 066088
Marsh Green Road, Edenbridge TN8 5PP
Anglers Den (opposite Aldi)
10 Franklin Road, Gillingham ME7 4DF T: 01634 852180
Cackle Hill Lakes
Tel: 01580 292292/291954
Headcorn Road, Biddenden TN27 8JW or 07885 284500
Crafty Fish Bait
Call for prices and products
Tel: 07586 914467
Burgess Hill, West Sussex
D & A Angling
Tel: 01634 365533
185 Station Road, Rainham ME8 7SQ
Kent Tackle
Tel: 01580 754422
Hawkhurst Fish Farm, Hastings Road, Hawkhurst TN18 4RT
Tel: 01580 720319
KRD Discount Tackle & Bait
31 The Forum, Sittingbourne ME10 3DL Tel: 07999 531959
Knightingales Fishery
Tel: 07941 176205
Stone-in-Oxney, Tenterden TN30 7HA
Mat’s Angling
Tel: 020 8852 4451
286 Lee High Road, Lewisham SE13 5PJ
Love Lane, Headcorn TN27 9HJ
Tel: 01622 890990
Nick’s Tackle Shop
10 Knightrider Street, Maidstone ME15 6LP T: 01622 673899
Orchard Place Farm Fishing Lakes
Tel: 01892 838576
Pearsons Green Road, Paddock Wood TN12 6NY or 07860 608218
Shop 4 Tackle
Tel: 0203 598 2057
Unit 1, Space Business Centre, Knight Road, Strood ME2 2BF
Stonnes Fishery
Tel: 01795 666555
Halfway Road, Sheerness, Kent ME12 3AA
Sittingbourne Angling Centre
01795 420210
Unit 12, Sittingbourne ME10 3RP www.sittingbourneanglingcentre.co.uk
Tanyard Fisheries
Tel: 07833 532842
Tanyard Lane, Furners Green, Uckfield TN22 3RL
Tenterden Gun and Tackle
Tel: 01580 764851
3 Eastwell Parade, High Street, Tenterden TN30 6AH
Three Ponds Holiday Park & Fishery Tel: 01273 513530
South Heighton, East Sussex BN9 0TP or 07753 938693
Trade-In Tackle
Tel: 01622 814296
Maidstone Road, Wateringbury, Nr Maidstone ME18 5EH
Wintons Fishery
Tel: 01444 236493
Wintons Farm, Folders Lane, Burgess Hill RH15 0DR
West Malling Angling
Tel: 01732 875515
58 High Street, West Malling Angling ME19 6LU
Hartleylands Farm Fishery
Swattenden Lane, Cranbrook
We will send you two copies of the magazine each month, which will guarantee you an excellent
angling read, keeping you up-to-date with fishery reports and technical tips from the experts.
Call Grant on 01580 753322 with your credit/debit card details or fill in this form and
post it to:- FRESHWATER INFORMER, c/o The Wealden Group
Cowden Close, Horns Road, Hawkhurst TN18 4QT
Please find enclosed a cheque payable to: Freshwater Informer* / phone me for my credit card details*
*(please delete as applicable)
Freshwater Informer - January 2015
In the December issue of Freshwater Informer's Fishy Tale series, we featured James Coddington's letter which he sent to us.
James also sent us some lovely photographs of some of his captures. I hope you enjoyed this lovely article as much as I did. It was really
heartwarming to see a young man obviously enjoying his fishing so passionately. An angler to look out for in the future!
This month, I received a letter from an older lady named Joan from Ashford, who along with her husband, accompanied their
grandson on a beach session at Hythe. That sea air certainly seemed to stir the memories for her! I hope you enjoy reading Joan's tale
about her fishing trip and the joys of getting older! I will be a perfect gentleman and withhold this lady's age!
Here is Joan’s story …
Recently my husband Tony and I, aged X years and 84 years (that's Tony's age!), were invited to
go fishing to Hythe beach with our grandson Robert. We haven't been fishing for many years, so
was quite excited about the prospect of 'a night on the tiles' or should I say pebbles.
Out came the old rods, reels and associated tackle, which are long past their sell by date. Many
spiders were disturbed from their slumbers by the unearthing of the tackle! Warm clothing was
carefully chosen from the wardrobe and the bait was put into a cool box. Sandwiches were made
but I thought it prudent not to make a flask of tea as I thought, that at our age, we might soon
The subject of much debate!
be in trouble!
We arrived at our destination at a time when most sensible OAPs are tucked up in bed with
nothing more exciting than a book and a mug of cocoa. Robert unloaded the gear from the car and carried it down onto the beach. Thankfully at Hythe, you are
able to park relatively close to the beach. We made a slow, steady descent down the shingle holding each other for support to where Robert had put down the
gear. By the time we got there, our grandson had set up a seat for two under a big umbrella and was busy tackling up the rods.
We gratefully sank into our seat and snuggled up together. Robert then covered us up with his
Love and sunset
big, warm fishing coat, tending to us as if we were his children. For the next few hours we sat in
quiet anticipation awaiting the first bite from a hungry fish. Then, great excitement, as one of the
rod tips nodded violently with a bite. Rob jumped up and reeled in. As the fish arrived on the
beach it managed to jump off the hook onto the pebbles. It was carefully picked up and returned
to the sea to grow into a monster for our next trip! At a mere five inches long it was barely a
fish finger!
Rob laid down on the stones next to us, swapping fishing stories with his grandad. Gradually,
most of the lights along the seafront began to go off, along with some boats moored offshore,
leaving us in a dark, rather eerie world. It was a very dark, clear night with little moonlight
illuminating our surroundings. I soon became aware of the strength of the sea as it came to an
abrupt halt on contact with the shingle. Through the frame of the chair, I could feel the vibration
of the shingle being shifted by the tide along the beach. As I looked out to sea, I could see flashes of lightening many miles away, as a storm began to develop,
probably over in France. After being mesmerised by the electrical storm for some time, I was suddenly alerted to a strange 'slapping' noise coming from the
promenade behind us. I turned round to see a solitary figure pushing a trolley along the tarmac. Who was he, where was he going with the trolley at this time of
night? All questions that I will never find the answer to!
Hythe Beach
By this time the fishing stories had come to an end and the next topic for debate was the
Universe which had opened up before us. I looked up in the night sky at the myriad of stars
twinkling away. It was really a sight that took my breath away and reminded me of the blackout
imposed at night during the last war. I grew up as a child in Dover and experienced the Home
Front first hand. To show a light at night during those days would have meant an appointment
with the local magistrate next morning! We discussed the universe and the foolishness of war
for many hours and I was taken aback by our grandson's depth of knowledge on the subjects
which he had scoured out from the internet. What wonderful machines computers can be when
used to research information and educate the user! So different to my younger days when we
considered ourselves lucky to have a pencil and a notebook!
Princes Parade by day It wasn't long before the fingers of dawn began to fill the sky and it was time to pack up the
gear. As I looked across the deserted beach memories came flooding back to sixty five years ago
when we were first wed. We would spend hours fishing on the Admiralty pier at Dover, but then,
the stars were in our eyes and not in the sky! At that time the man now tucked up beside me
could have walked the length of the pier carrying me and the fishing tackle!
As we staggered off the shingle beach to the car, any onlooker must have thought we had been
to an all night rave! However, it was only our joints that felt as if they had been to a party.
Joan, Ashford, Kent
Sounds as if Joan and Tony might have been reaching for the Ibuleve gel when they got home to ease those aching knees!
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