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Vol. 12 Issue 11
January 2015
Doctor and her affluent landlord
prosecuted for benefit fraud while
living in Virginia Water property
Jane Gates awarded OBE
in New Year’s honours list
Jane Gates in No.10 Downing Street with husband Mike and daughter Rebecca.
Jane Gates, Chief Executive Officer for
local children’s charity Sebastian’s Action
Trust, has received an OBE for services to
seriously-ill children and their families in
the Queen’s New Year’s honours list for
Chair of Trustees Peter Boon said: “It is
a fitting acknowledgement of the tireless
work Jane has undertaken during the ten
years since Sebastian’s Action Trust was
formed. I’m sure all of you will want to
join me in saying a massive ‘Well Done’ to
Jane for what has been a fantastic personal
Jane added: “To say I am thrilled is
an understatement; it is an honour that
is accepted in the name of my beloved
Sebastian who set us on this course and
as a reflection of what ‘we’ who are the
team that is Sebastian’s Action Trust have
Overall, 1,164 people have been
recommended to The Queen for an award
in the New Year list.
In July Sebastian’s Action Trust was
awarded with the Queen’s Award for
Voluntary Service.
In October, over 100 supporters, serviceusers and volunteers of Sebastian’s Action
Trust were welcomed to a reception
hosted by the wife of the Prime Minister,
Mrs Samantha Cameron, at 10 Downing
The reception was a chance for the
charity to celebrate the successes of their
first 10 years working with seriously-ill
and life-limited children and their families,
whilst also sharing ambitious plans for the
next 10 years. It was also an opportunity
for the Trust to unveil its launch of the third
stage of its campaign for a much needed
counselling and therapies suite at its award
winning family respite holiday home, ‘The
Louise Keenan, aged 29, formerly of
Fernbank Farm, Bridge Lane, Virginia
Water has been prosecuted for benefit
Miss Keenan was found guilty of
two offences under the Social Security
Administration Act 1992 Section 111(1)
(a) and two offences under the Fraud
Act 2006 at Guildford Crown Court. Her
landlord, Philip Gray (43) was also found
guilty of an offence under the Fraud Act
Miss Keenan is now a qualified Doctor
and is currently living in Pirbright.
She was awarded Housing and Council
Tax benefit from Runnymede Borough
in November 2009 based on her claim as
a single parent. In December 2010 she
notified Runnymede Borough Council of
the birth of her third child and dishonestly
declared her rent had increased from £875
to £1000 a month.
A letter purporting to indicate a rental
increase was signed by her landlord and
produced to the Benefits Department in
January 2011.
Following an investigation into her claim
benefit payments were suspended. Miss
Keenan later dishonestly claimed to have
been evicted on 31 July 2011 for nonpayment of rent and made an application
for housing assistance with Runnymede
Borough Council.
Mr Gray, who describes himself as a
property developer owns a number of
properties including Fernbank Farm,
Bridge Lane and recently sold a site in
Chobham for £4million.
The court heard Miss Keenan and Mr
Gray had conspired to create fraudulent
documents which were described as
calculated and deliberate. They were both
considered affluent people who had set out
to fiddle the public purse.
Miss Keenan and Mr Gray have been
bailed to attend for sentence at Guildford
Crown Court on 16 January 2015
Runnymede Borough Council's Chief
Executive Officer, Paul Turrell said: "This
was a very serious and calculated case
of benefit fraud. The Investigation team
worked hard to bring the offenders to
justice and this sends out a strong message
that we will not tolerate benefit fraud. If
we have reason to believe that someone
is claiming benefits fraudulently we will
investigate and prosecute if appropriate."
Great tree giveaway in
Royal Borough
The Royal Borough is giving away 5,000
trees to residents on a first come, first
served basis.
To pick up a tree, residents simply need
to turn up to collect one at a holding
station with evidence that they are Royal
Borough resident.
There is a small supply of trees available
from Sunningdale Parish Council at
Broomhall Lane, Sunningdale.
They can also be picked up from
Braywick Heath Nursery, on Braywick
Road in Maidenhead, until Saturday 17
Cllr Derek Wilson, cabinet member
for planning, said: "These trees will
hopefully increase the numbers growing
in the borough, particularly within
towns and villages where they are most
needed, and so improve the environment
for all."
The trees on offer are one year old,
about 20cm tall and very easy to plant.
They come in their own compost, termed
a 'plug'. Because the trees are small, the
council is also providing a shrub guard to
protect each tree for the first year or two.
The tree species available are native,
both to enhance the underlying character
of the area and to benefit wildlife.
Health & Fitness
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New Year Travel
Food & Drink
Kirk Rice Celebrates 25 Years
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LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Microsoft event a big hit with LVS girls
It is widely acknowledged that January sees a sudden
increase in the numbers of enquiries received by divorce
lawyers 0any SeoSle hold off having that difÀcult
conversation during the Christmas period in order to try
and preserve the festive cheer over this busy and stressful
With the dawning of a New Year, many feel that it is the
time to consider their longer term prospects and whether
Helen Habershon,
their marriage or relationship has come to an end. It is Associate,
a very emotional time for couples who are facing these Family department
tough decisions and with careful consideration and 01483 748530
planning, particularly where children are concerned, it
can be resolved with as little disruption as possible and in an amicable and cost
effective way.
It is important, for any couple in this situation, to consider taking advice from a
specialist family solicitor. Just because you have an initial meeting with a family
solicitor, does not mean a commitment to the Ànalisation of your relationship, for
many it is an information seeking exercise and with this knowledge, empowers
them to move forward in a positive way. It, essentially, gives them the opportunity
to outline, with their solicitor, what they hope to achieve and how they wish to see
their case resolved. There are many options open to couples and often cases can
be settled without court intervention.
For many, the main concern will be the effect of any breakdown on the children
of the family. Often, with good communication between the parties or perhaps
an alternative method of dispute resolution such as mediation, feelings can be
discussed and options considered that are not only in the best interests of the
children, which are always at the forefront, but for the separated parents too.
Seven girls from LVS Ascot enjoyed the privilege of
being able to visit the Microsoft offices in London
late last term to participate in one of a series of
international DigiGirlz events taking place around
the world.
DigiGirlz, a Microsoft YouthSpark initiative,
was created to help address the lack of women
pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering
and Maths) and computer science education.
The London event, held on 28th November, gave
students the opportunity to learn about careers in
technology, connect with Microsoft employees, and
participate in hands-on computer and technology
These events are an important way to encourage
girls to consider career choices in IT, as despite
computing now being taught from Primary School
right through to A-Levels, only around 6.5% of
A-Level Computing places nationwide are filled by
Sheila Featherstone-Clark, Head of Department
for IT and Computing at LVS Ascot, said: "I think
that part of the problem is that parents do not
understand the opportunities available so are unable
to encourage their daughters in this area. When the
girls get a chance to look inside the industry they
are very excited by what is on offer, so events like
Digigirlz are really valuable. At LVS Ascot we have a
long history of encouraging Computing and IT skills
and development, and want our female students to
take full advantage of the choices available to them."
Council offers new service for older
drivers in Virginia Water
A new safer driving service designed for older
residents has been introduced by Runnymede
Borough Council. Safer Driving with Age - or
SAGE as it is otherwise known - is a service
designed to support older drivers (55+) living in
the Runnymede borough to continue driving for as
long as it is safe to do so.
SAGE provides a one hour driving session, in the
user’s own car, with an approved driving instructor
who will provide advice and support along the way.
A feedback session will be offered at the
end where any areas for improvement will be
Councillor Gill Warner, who piloted the scheme,
said: "I would highly recommend this service. I
was pleased with the constructive comments the
instructor made, as I had not realised that I had got
into a few bad habits. It has made me think more
about my driving."
SAGE sessions are currently being offered for a
nominal fee of £10. If you would like to apply for
a session, contact Erica Boylett on 01932 425668.
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Bracknell puts Ascot Heath
School rebuild plan on hold
It was an early Christmas for residents living
close to Ascot Heath Infant and Junior Schools in
Rhododendron Walk, North Ascot.
Many were unhappy when they first learnt of plans
to rebuild both the Infant and the Junior schools.
The company behind the scheme was offering a land
swap whereby it would build the new schools on its
land, and construct a small housing development,
approximately 50 houses, on the existing schools’
But after a very public protest - which was
reported in LIVING WITHIN December 2014 - they
discovered that the plans had been put on hold.
Parents and local residents received a letter from
David Watkins, at Bracknell Forest Borough
Council, in which he said: "It is clear that plans
presented in their current form are not acceptable
as there are many issues that need to be addressed
before any formal proposals can be made.
"Further work is required if the developer wishes
to proceed to a more formal application in the future.
I will continue to keep the lines of communication
open on any approaches."
The news came days after an exhibition and
meetings took place to gain views on the potential
expansion of the Infant and Junior schools.
The redevelopment of the schools has been on
the agenda for some time as the current schools are
too small to accommodate the growing demand for
places, Bracknell Forest Council said.
Flood funding handed to residents
and busineses in Royal Borough
by flooding during what has been an extremely
difficult time for them.
"Flooding can have a devastating impact on
people's homes, businesses and lives and it is
important that financial support is available for
those affected when they need it most.
"We would urge all residents affected to take
advantage of the support available, especially the
repair and renew grants which can help to pay for
flood mitigation measures for homes at risk."
The government has announced that it will
backdate the flooding support schemes to
residents and businesses so those affected by
flooding from April 2013 onwards can still make
wet days. Poinsettias provide festive cheer in the
lead up to Christmas and hyacinths and scented
narcissi fill the Temperate House with perfume
through to January and February.
Mark added: "The winter beds, with their
concentration of bright colours and glorious
scent, challenge the conventional view of January
and February being a barren time in a garden.
Whether it is the striking willows reflecting on
the water's edge, the unashamed radiance of the
dogwood stems or the clove-scented pink flowers
of the Himalayan Daphne bholua 'Jacqueline
Postill', there certainly is a lot to enjoy at this time
of year."
Blow away those winter cobwebs and enjoy
fantastic walks with vivid pockets of colour and
scent around The Savill Garden, Windsor Great
Park, which is free to visit throughout January and
February (Normal car park charges apply).
Mark Flanagan, Keeper of The Gardens, Windsor
Great Park, said: "If your New Year's resolution is
to have more exercise, why not come to The Savill
Garden, enjoying as you go the national collection
of Mahonias, the sweet scent and varied colour of
witch hazel and the pockets of vibrant colours and
intense perfume on show in the winter beds."
The Queen Elizabeth Temperate House provides
seasonal interest and a relaxing spot for cold and
Savill Garden visitors offered free
entry until end of February
Hundreds of residents and businesses have been
helped by the council to access more than £1.2m
of funding in the wake of last year's flooding.
The Royal Borough has assisted 186 residents
to access around £884,000 of repair and renew
grants to help them protect their homes against
future flooding and 180 residents have received
around £133,000 in council tax rebates while
they were unable to live in their homes.
A total of 112 businesses benefited from
business rates relief worth £191,000 and 30
received hardship funding totalling £73,000.
Cllr Geoff Hill, lead member for flooding, said:
"I'm delighted the Royal Borough has been able
to help so many residents and businesses affected
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Telephone 01344 621333
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LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Money Matters
with Peter Sharratt
Q. We have three Buy To Let’s all worth more than
we originally paid for them. Each property has a
mortgage with a low interest rate which the rental
income comfortably pays for. We want to purchase
another BTL using equity in the existing properties.
The options however seem to be; remortgage which
means we lose the existing good interest rates, or sell
one or more of the properties but selling one property
to buy another seems ridiculous. Any other options I
am missing?
A. Your existing lender may be prepared to give
you a further advance which means they lend
you more money but probably on a different
interest rate to the main mortgages. If they will
not you could see if another lender is prepared to
let you borrow more against the properties as a
second charge.
In both of the above you retain the existing
Send your queries to Peter Sharratt, Kirk Rice LLP, The
Courtyard, High Street, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5 7HP
Email [email protected]
Please note: answers are given for general
guidance only and specific advice should be taken
before acting on any of the suggestions made.
Council eyes opportunities to open
Surrey countryside up for business
Photo Courtesy: Ruby Wilson
Drawdown Pension Death Benefits
mortgages and the low interest rates. If neither
is possible the next option to consider is a
remortgage to another lender.
As part of this you may be able to borrow an
additional amount giving you the funds to
help purchase the additional Buy To Let (BTL)
property. But, in this instance you will pay
off the existing mortgages and lose the good
interest rates.
All of the above will mean higher payments
especially the remortgage option as the interest
rate is likely to higher for all of the mortgages
rather than part. As a result you may find the
rental Income no longer comfortably covers
the mortgage payments. It may also mean you
cannot borrow as much as you would like as the
lender will want to see that the expected rental
income will be sufficient to cover the mortgage
Selling is an option, but pointless unless
you think the new property will be a better
investment than the one/s you sell.
Finally, there is a lender who will now lend
against an existing BTL property on a Second
Charge basis but you do not make monthly
loan payments. Instead they take a share of the
profit when you sell the property in future or
decide to pay off the loan. Because there are no
loan payments they also do not base the lending
on the rental income. This is quite a complex
product and clearly there is more to it than I
have briefly described here.
I would recommend that you speak with a
Mortgage Adviser who will be able to look at all
the options for you.
Business potential: Surrey countryside
Executives at Surrey County Council are working
with Surrey Wildlife Trust in a quest to use the
countryside as an income generator.
If current ideas are implemented, adventure
experience providers will be identified and
evaluated, a nature-based holiday offering will be
launched, pitches will be leased to mobile catering
businesses and Christmas trees will be sold from
countryside car parks around the county.
Mike Goodman, Surrey County Council’s
Cabinet Member for Environment and Planning,
calls the plan "excellent news for the county and its
The county council contributes around £1m a
year to the wildlife trust, which manages Surrey
County Council’s countryside estate on its behalf.
The council's contribution will reduce to £859,000
for 2014/15 and £759,000 for 2015/16. The longterm aim is to see the countryside sites generate
enough money to be self sufficient.
"Initiatives like this are essential for us to manage
the countryside we all value at a time when we
face huge financial challenges," Mr Goodman
Nigel Davenport, Surrey Wildlife Trust’s Chief
Executive, said the plans will deliver "improved
facilities" and "a better experience for everyone".
"Surrey Wildlife Trust is committed to the
management of the countryside estate for the
benefit of people and wildlife," he added.
In May 2002, Surrey County Council awarded a
50-year Partnership Contract to Surrey Wildlife
Trust for the management of its Estate in return
for annual payments.
The Countryside Estate comprises around
10,000 acres, a significant proportion of which is
covered by national and international designations
for wildlife conservation. Over 80 events are held
on the Estate each year, and over 4200 volunteer
days are spent helping to manage it.
Royal Holloway scientists discover
oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey
Researchers from Royal Holloway in Egham
have helped to discover the oldest recorded stone
tool ever to be found in Turkey, revealing that
humans passed through the gateway from Asia
to Europe much earlier than previously thought,
approximately 1.2 million years ago.
According to research published in the journal
Quaternary Science Reviews, the chance find
of a humanly-worked quartzite flake, in ancient
deposits of the river Gediz, in western Turkey,
provides a major new insight into when and how
early humans dispersed out of Africa and Asia.
Researchers from Royal Holloway, together with
an international team from the UK, Turkey and
the Netherlands, used high-precision equipment
to date the deposits of the ancient river meander,
giving the first accurate timeframe for when
humans occupied the area.
Professor Danielle Schreve, from the Department
of Geography at Royal Holloway, said: "This
discovery is critical for establishing the timing
and route of early human dispersal into Europe.
Our research suggests that the flake is the earliest
securely-dated artefact from Turkey ever recorded
and was dropped on the floodplain by an early
hominin well over a million years ago."
radioisotopic dating and palaeomagnetic
measurements from lava flows, which both predate and post-date the meander, to establish that
early humans were present in the area between
approximately 1.24 million and 1.17 million
years ago. Previously, the oldest hominin fossils
in western Turkey were recovered in 2007 at
Koçabas, but the dating of these and other stone
tool finds were uncertain.
"The flake was an incredibly exciting find”,
Professor Schreve said. “I had been studying the
sediments in the meander bend and my eye was
drawn to a pinkish stone on the surface. When
I turned it over for a better look, the features of
a humanly-struck artefact were immediately
"By working together with geologists and dating
specialists, we have been able to put a secure
chronology to this find and shed new light on the
behaviour of our most distant ancestors."
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Prudential RideLondon raises
£10 million for charity
The 2014 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100,
part of the Mayor of London’s award-winning
annual festival of cycling, has set a new UK
fundraising record after the 20,709 finishers
raised more than £10 million for charity.
The new record is £3 million more than the
sum raised at the inaugural event in 2013 when
16,000 riders raised more than £7 million to set
a new UK record for a one day cycling event.
Despite the wind and heavy rain during the
2014 event, which meant that the route was
shortened for safety reasons to 86 miles, the
average sum raised for charity by a fundraising
rider was again over £900.
The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said:
“Prudential RideLondon is more than just a
fantastic celebration of cycling; it is also an
event that raises millions for charity. I applaud
the effort of this year’s riders, who overcame
such difficult conditions, and their generous
Want to know the
sponsors, in raising the bar for next year’s ride
by generating a record-breaking sum of money
for worthy causes.”
Event Director Hugh Brasher said: “To raise
£10 million for charity in our second year is a
phenomenal achievement. We are extremely
proud of the commitment of our riders, who
cycled through some of the most challenging
conditions imaginable, and the generosity of
their supporters and we plan to help raise even
more for charity in future years.”
Cathy Lewis, Executive Director at Prudential
UK, said: “We are incredibly proud of everyone
who took on this challenge to raise money for
charity. So many people gave so generously to
provide a fantastic boost to good causes up and
down the country.”
Marist creativity wows Toni & Guy
Collaborating with national hair salon franchise
Toni & Guy, pupils at the Marist Senior School
in Sunninghill put on a wonderfully imaginative
Creative Arts event.
The in-house event tasked pupils from every
year group with producing hair and make-up
designs to reflect a series of categories, from fairy
tales, future and films to the seasons and tribal
influenced designs.
Toni & Guy, who are currently celebrating their
10th year at the salon based on Ascot High Street,
kindly provided an evening workshop for sixth
formers to learn professional techniques and take
advice from experts to help them create some of
their extreme designs.
Des Dhesi, Manager at Toni and Guy Ascot
said: "We are a local business to the school and
welcomed the opportunity to be involved with this
fascinating school event. We have really enjoyed
working with the Marist Pupils, we are amazed at
their creativity given such a short introduction to a
highly complex brief. I am exceptionally impressed
with the highly creative and remarkably skilled
end results."
Karl McCloskey, Head teacher responded: "Yet
again we are utterly amazed by the creativity of
our pupils. We set them increasingly unusual and
testing challenges in all aspects of their education,
from the academic to the sporting and the
creative. This inaugural inter-house event enabled
independent thinking skills and further extended
leadership opportunities for the girls. Our Creative
Arts competition has been great fun for our pupils
and, thanks to staff at Toni & Guy, the girls have
pulled off their final results with creativity, style
and skill."
The Marist are renowned for offering their pupils
a huge variety of opportunities to participate in
create activities, in their highly successful Art,
Photography, Drama and Music departments.
The 2015 Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100
takes place on Sunday 2 August.
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January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Fitness Forum
the car. When we are older it can be something
as important as getting up from the toilet
independently. Stretching can also minimize
joint degeneration as we age. The short term
benefits of stretching are that it relieves muscle
stiffness and reduces injury.
I have been asked so many questions about
stretching I have lost count so thought it
would be good to collate them all together
to avoid any confusion on this important
Do you think people pay enough attention to
stretching and including it in their workouts?
Or do people just focus on cardio and strength
Can it help you look longer and leaner too?
Yes definitely! It helps overall posture and in
doing so makes you look taller and leaner. Good
healthy muscle bulk will also hold the skin a
little more taught, and reduce body wrinkles.
All areas are important but with mobile
phones and computers increasingly in use, it is
particularly important to stretch shoulder and
back areas to prevent protracted shoulders and
a forward head posture. Your head becomes
heavier, the more you bend forwards due to
gravity – a 60 degree angle is putting around
60 lbs on average of pressure on your spine –
this weight dramatically increases as you lean
forwards and you lose your natural curve.
to massage
Does stretching make you more flexible?
Yes, but only when done properly.
Are there any particular areas that are more
important to focus on? Should you concentrate
on large muscle groups?
Due to confusion over the years on which
type of stretching is useful before or after a
workout, I think people are unsure on what
to do and when, and therefore often miss it
out completely! Everyone is different and
has different requirements when it comes
to stretching but most people don’t stretch
efficiently or sufficiently.
Why is it important to stretch everyday? What
are the short and long-term benefits?
From my background as an Olympic athlete
and now coach and personal trainer I know it
is important to stretch everyday to maintain
overall well being and range of movement in all
The long-term benefits of stretching are to keep
all areas of your body mobile. We can relate to
this whilst doing everyday tasks we take for
granted when younger, such as walking up
stairs or looking over your shoulder to park
. . . many bargains in store
If you are stretching daily, is there a better time
of day for you to do it? Is evening better when
your muscles are warmed up?
In my experience I would suggest a morning
stretch is more useful as it increases your range
of movement for that day so therefore reduces
injury and also mentally sets you up. If you
have any troublesome muscles I would also
advise massaging in Deep Heat rub, as this is
an effective adjunct to increase blood flow to
the area and thus warming it up.
Regular massage,
whether preventative
Good luck with the Stretching
- Toby
or remedial,
For any help, advice or to book a personal training
session please contact me [email protected]
stimulating or
relaxing, is a proven
Toby Garbett is an Olympian and
two-time World Champion rower. He
combines his own training regime with
way to help alleviate
providing leading edge fitness training
to private clients.
daily ailments and to
Get set for the 2015 improve health and
restore balance.
Kempton to Reading
bike ride challenge
The British Heart Foundation London to Reading
Bike Ride is back for an amazing fourth year in
The organisers describe the ride as a fantastic but
achievable challenge. This is one of the first big rides
of the year, so it’s the perfect excuse to rescue your
bike from the back of the shed and show it some TLC.
Setting off from Kempton Park Race course the 40
mile route will take you through the outer fringes of
London into the beautiful countryside and open roads
beyond. Until you reach Christchurch Meadows in
the heart of the bustling town of Reading. London to
Reading is ideal for those looking to get fit, training
for another event or just wanting to get a bit more
active in 2015.
The entry fee is £15 for adults and £7.50 for under
18 year olds. Your entry fee covers the cost of running
the event; it’s your sponsorship money that will help
save lives.
The event takes place Sunday 29 March. Riders can
set off any time between 8.00am and 10.30am. The
event finishes at 4.00pm
Email [email protected] Visit
Telephone 0845 130 8663
A professional massage is one of the most
basic forms of natural healthcare. Greatly
underestimated, it has both physical and
psychological benefits, and is one of the easiest
ways of attaining and maintaining good health by
helping to ward off illnesses and relieve the stress
and tension that can be the cause of many ailments.
Massage increases the circulation of the blood,
and the flow of lymph – part of the immune system
which carries the body’s impurities and toxins.
A series of linked strokes varying in pressure
increases the flow of blood and causes the blood
vessels to dilate, further helping the circulation
and increasing the amount of oxygen being carried
to the vital internal organs. Whereas blood is
circulated around the body by the heart, the flow
of lymph is assisted by muscle contractions, so
massage will benefit both the inactive, whose
lymph may have become sluggish, as well as the
active for whom the removal of impurities, such as
lactic acid, is equally important. This process also
benefits the tone and function of the muscles and
connective tissues of the body.
There are many different kinds of massage
for different areas of the body, all of which are
beneficial holistically, some of which do not involve
the removal of clothing.
If you’re fed up with aches and pains, fatigue,
stress, tension, difficulty sleeping, lack of
appreciation, to name but a few, in addition to the
benefits already outlined massage can aid digestion
and elimination, sooth nerves, lower blood
pressure, promote healing and enhance well-being
and feeling cared for.
Regular massage, whether preventative or
remedial, stimulating or relaxing, is a proven way
to help alleviate daily ailments and to improve
health and restore balance.
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Late start for McLaren Ascot
Badly Dressed Men storm to victory
in Sunninghill Wheelbarrow Race
Customers visiting Jardine Motors’ website have been advised that McLaren Ascot is ‘coming soon’.
McLaren has told Living Within that construction
work at the new McLaren car showroom adjacent
to Ascot Railway Station will not open before
the end of the month. The work was originally
scheduled for completion in October 2014.
Hayley Ward, Dealership Secretary for McLaren
London said: "The Ascot site is still currently being
built. We have been assured by the contractors that
this will be complete by the end of January however
this may be subject to change. Unfortunately we
cannot confirm a definitive opening date at this
The new, state of the art facility in Ascot will be
the largest McLaren showroom in the UK and will
offer the full McLaren range of models including
the new 650S Coupe and the 650S Spider.
The facility will include an eight car showroom,
a dedicated service centre and the largest selection
of McLaren Qualified pre-owned models in the
The site is owned by Jardine Motors Group
which runs McLaren’s flagship site at Hyde Park,
David Brimson, European Director for McLaren
Automotive, said: "The UK market is key to the
growth of the McLaren brand as we continue
to strengthen the network, and this is shown by
confirmation of McLaren Ascot. Jardine Motors
Group has proved a valuable retail partner in
establishing the brand over the past three years,
and McLaren Ascot will provide an important
second hub for the brand in the south of England."
Mark Herbert, CEO of Jardine Motors Group
added: "The addition of McLaren Ascot will be
another jewel in the company’s retail network,
complementing McLaren London at One Hyde
Park to fully service the needs of customers in the
south east of England."
For more local news as it happens visit
4 Badly Dressed Men (Fastest team and most sponsorship money raised)
The annual New Year's Day Wheelbarrow Race took place around the streets of Sunninghill,
on a day that was infinitely better than last year weather-wise, with cloud and cold, but without
the torrential rain which was such a challenge in 2014.
14 teams set out on the one mile course, pushing or riding in an amazing and imaginative
collection of wheeled devices loosely related to wheelbarrows. The competitors were cheered
along the way by a crowd of some 500 spectators.
All participants received a Certificate at the Carpenters Arms, where, as usual the Prize-giving
and Raffle Drawing took place. There was also, as usual, a Hog Roast for the many who enjoyed
a substantial snack.
Financially, the day was a great success with a hoped-for Donation to the Ascot District Day
Centre in the region of £7,000
Unstable (second best Fancy Dress)
Local law firm Taylor Fordyce has since its start in 2010 always aimed to provide a first class legal
service to its range of clients from private individuals and small businesses to large enterprises,
developers, government institutions, international corporations and investors.
Taylor Fordyce are now pleased to announce the appointment of Family Law and Mediator
Martin Chambers at the Sunningdale office. Directors Peter Taylor and Rory Fordyce see the
further development of the Family Law department as a natural addition to the firm’s existing
company commercial, commercial property, litigation, employment, residential conveyancing
and general private client work.
Living locally, Martin has in excess of 30 years’ post
qualification experience. Martin is a member of the Law
Society Family Law Panel and of Resolution, the organisation
of family lawyers and other professionals who are committed
to the constructive resolution of family disputes. Martin
trained with Resolution as a Family Mediator.
Martin’s legal specialisms include divorce, judicial separation,
nullity, civil partnership breakdown and dissolution; other
relationship breakdown; financial, property and pension
issues following relationship breakdown; Children Act
matters; Inheritance Act and Trusts of Land Act Claims
together with the drafting of pre/post nuptial, pre/post civil
partnership, cohabitation and separation agreements.
Prior to joining Taylor Fordyce Martin worked for a number
of firms in Surrey, Hampshire, the City and the West End of
London, establishing family law departments at two London
Martin describes himself as an extremely experienced and
client focused family lawyer, committed to operating in an
approachable and down to earth manner, always to the
highest standards of quality and professionalism. He utilises
up to date technology and methods in providing legal
services and fosters links with many other professionals to
ensure high quality and efficiency.
Martin is married with two teenage children. He is a member
of the RG Blue Sox Softball Club. He also enjoys running. He
is a supporter of and volunteer collector for Help for Heroes
and a member of the Help for Heroes Running Team. He will
be running the London 10k 2014 in order to raise funds for
Help for Heroes. He is also a supporter of Helen & Douglas
House and of the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.
Civil & Commercial
Wills and Probate
Family Law
Snow White (the Quince Players team) (second fastest team)
Prizes were awarded as follows
• Fastest Team: Badly Dressed Men in an amazing time of 8 minutes 28 seconds.
Members: Ben Roberts; Mike Flynn; Adam Smith; Neil Callander
• The second Fastest team was Snow White (Quince Players) in 10mins 25 secs. Members:
Colin Keating; David Barker; Chris Harris, Tori Lander
• Best Fancy Dress prize went to The Sunningdale Hope Trust, a new local Charity,
dressed as Kamikaze Chorus- Mockado . This is a send-up of the Gilbert & Sullivan
Operetta Mikado. Members: Andrew Garrett; James Garrett; Tony Maffre and Thomas
Dyson. Also running; Alan Everett and Peter Harris
• Runners up in the Fancy Dress were Un-Stable. Members: Tom Prowse; Neil Evans;
Daniel Saunders; Terry Chapman.
• The winners of the Most Sponsorship prize were Badly Dressed Men, with £201. • email: [email protected]
61 Chobham Road, Sunningdale, Berkshire SL5 0DT Tel: 01344 637960
1 & 2, City Business Centre, Hyde Street, Winchester SO23 7TA Tel: 01962 841041
24 Upton Lovell, Warminster, Wilts BA12 0JW Tel: 01985 851206
Mockado (The Sunningdale Hope Team) (Best Fancy Dress)
10 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
one person earns £5,000 and their partner earns
£20,000, the lower earner can transfer £1,050 of
their unused allowance to the higher earner. The
higher earner can take home an additional £1,050
tax-free, so thanks to this relief they will pay £210
less tax over the year.
This measure will come into effect from 6 April
with Graham Jennings
Q: I understand that new rules are coming in where
my wife can transfer her personal allowance to me.
Can you explain how this will work?
A: This new measure will allow a spouse or civil
partner who is not liable to income tax above the
basic rate to transfer up to £1,050 of their personal
allowance to their spouse/civil partner, provided
that the recipient of the transfer is not liable to
income tax above the basic rate. The transferred
personal allowance will act as a tax reducer for the
recipient with a reduction in income tax of £210
and an increase in disposable income of £1,050!
All individuals have a personal allowance for
tax purposes. This is the amount of money an
individual can earn in a year before they must
pay tax. It is currently £10,000 and will rise to
£10,500 from 6 April 2015. Married couples and
civil partners where one person earns less than
the personal allowance will be allowed to transfer
up to £1,050 of their unused allowance to their
partner, reducing their tax bill. For example, if
This will be available to couples provided that either
spouse or civil partner is not a higher or additional
rate taxpayer. Additionally, it will not be available
to non-UK domiciled individuals who elect to pay
tax on the remittance basis of taxation or non-UK
residents who would be higher or additional rate
taxpayers if their worldwide income was within
the scope of UK tax. Married couples or civil
partnerships who are eligible to claim the Married
Couples Allowance (MCA) i.e. at least one of the
spouses, or civil partners, was born before 6 April
1935, will not be able to make a transfer. Those
with spouses and partners should ensure they are
making the most of both allowances and the tax
reliefs available to them. If you are unsure whether
this relief would be available to you, please obtain
professional advice from a tax advisor.
Any reader interested in discussing this topic further
can telephone Graham Jennings on 01344 875000.
Send your taxation and accounting queries to
Graham Jennings, Kirk Rice LLP, The Courtyard,
High Street, Ascot SL5 7HP
Email [email protected]
Please note: answers are given
for general guidance only and
specific advice should be taken
before acting on any of the
suggestions made.
Chaos for London weekend train
passengers until mid February
Over six weekends in January and February, the
South West Trains, Network Rail Alliance have
warned passengers to expect frustrating journeys between Weybridge and Virginia Water.
A £7 million programme of track maintenance work in the Wimbledon area will be undertaken. Engineering teams will be replacing
12 sets of points - used to cross trains between
different lines - positioned to the West of Wimbledon Station.
In an online statement, South West Trains
said the infrastructure in the area dates back to
the 1970s and is now at the end of its working
life. Due to the sheer number of trains which
pass through the Wimbledon area, speed restrictions or other problems here can cause delays and cancellations right across the network.
"This work will improve reliability and punctuality of trains across this vital part of our
route," it advised.
This work will result in the closure of all lines
in the Wimbledon area, affecting most South
West Trains routes until Monday 2 February. A
normal service is expected to run on Saturday
7 and Sunday 8 February but engineering work
will then continue and disrupt services the following weekend.
On Saturdays buses will replace stopping
trains between Weybridge and Virginia Water.
No trains will run between Clapham Junction
and Surbiton.
Long distance routes to Exeter/Bristol, Weymouth and Portsmouth which pass through
Wimbledon will be diverted while the works
are taking place. There will be revised departure and arrival times and alterations to the
stopping points on most routes.
John Halsall, infrastructure director for the
Network Rail-South West Alliance, said: “This
vital project will significantly improve one of
the most important sections of railway on our
route, which will boost reliability and punctuality for passengers travelling through Wimbledon and from many other stations and locations.
“We have scheduled the work in order to minimise disruption to passengers as much as possible but if you, friends or family are travelling
during these times, I strongly suggest checking
travel details first.
“This work will have a significant impact on
our services and we apologise for the inconvenience caused but they are a vital part of improving our network and our service to passengers.”
Passengers have been advised that the easiest
way to plan a journey is via
this Valentine’s Day?
Advertisers - Email [email protected]
St Peter’s Hospital struggles with demand
Just as Surrey was heading to get back to work
after the festive break, executives at St Peter's in
Chertsey issued a statement saying the hospital was
under severe pressure and struggling to cope with
emergency patients.
In an online message, Ashford and St Peter's
Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: "Please don't
come to A&E unless you are a real emergency".
Non-emergency patients were warned they would
face "an extremely long wait" and "could be taking staff
away from caring for patients who need emergency or
life-saving care".
Because of the severe pressure, outpatient
appointments were being cancelled and a number of
operations were postponed.
A spokesperson for the Foundation Trust advised
residents to call NHS 111, visit an NHS Walk-in
Centre, their GP or local pharmacy.
St Peter's:Eexperiencing very high levels of demand on A&E
For more local news as it happens visit
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Good Gardening
with Alison Jones
January Gardening with Alison Jones
Happy New Year! If you’ve been cooped up indoors
over Christmas, why not get some fresh air in the
garden? Winter rain means the soil is easy to work,
so long as it’s not frozen, so dig over bare patches,
which will soon warm you up.
This month’s gardening advice is dedicated to
wildlife-friendly gardening, since birds and other
wildlife need a helping hand during the coldest
months. If the ground isn’t frozen, consider
planting some wildlife-friendly shrubs which
produce berries that birds love to feed on in midwinter. As well as being useful to birds, these
shrubs add interest through the less colourful
months when much of the garden is dormant.
The Cotoneaster gives colour and berries right
through the winter – blackbirds are especially fond
of them. It grows in full sun and partial shade and
should reward you with lots of red berries in winter
and flowers in summer. For an alternative to the
tall-growing Cotoneaster, the Horizontalis variety
provides ground cover and will grow to about 3 ft
4” /100cm high, with a spread of about 180cm.
Pyracantha is another shrub that’s loved by birds
for the yellow, red or orange berries. Because of
their thorny nature, they provide a good security
barrier round the edge of your garden.
Berberis Darwinii is a hardy and fast-growing
evergreen shrub that grows to around three foot
square. It makes a good hedge and produces
golden-orange flowers in spring followed by
berries in autumn. Again, birds love the berries
during the autumn and winter months.
As their natural food declines, many wild birds rely
on food from bird tables and in garden feeders.
Make sure it’s high energy food as smaller birds
in particular need large amounts to keep energy
levels high. Ideal choices are balls of fat, suet cakes
and treats, dried mealworms, peanuts and high
energy seed mixes. Once you start feeding, try and
keep going through the winter as they come to rely
on it.
Did you know different bird feeders suit different
types of birds? Garsons has a wide range of feeders
and feed. As well as basic feed mixes, there are
different types of seed to attract specific species.
The knowledgeable team will be happy to advise
you on how to attract a wide variety of birds to your
Keep an unfrozen water source available
throughout cold weather as birds will not only
drink but bathe to keep their feathers in good
condition. Other wildlife will drink from it too.
If nesting boxes are left up over winter, birds will
use them for night-time roosting. You can also get
little habitats for bees, ladybirds and other insects
– we’re late in the season for those as the insects
have already hibernated, but you might want to get
an insect habitat for later in the year.
Other jobs in the garden this month
• Prune apple and pear trees now before they start
to bud. Remove dead or weak looking branches
and aim for a strong shape with well-spaced
• Check stakes and supports that have taken a
battering from winter weather.
• Clear away dead branches and debris from your
borders, but leave it a little messy for wildlife.
– Happy gardening!
Alison Jones is
Plant Buyer for
Garsons Farm
in West End, Esher
Linda Regel’s
Winter Colour
The shortest day is past, the daylight is coming
back and the first late winter flowers will soon
be blooming in the garden. However, even at
this cold and gloomy time of the year, there
is still quite a lot of colour about. I walked
around my garden this morning, and, as well
as admiring the frost on the dead seed heads
– always a good excuse not to tidy up in the
autumn – there were plenty of bright berries
adding colour to the borders.
I planted a boundary hedge of mixed
pyracanthas a few years ago. I wanted
something thorny to keep out intruders – deer,
mostly – and I chose a mixture of varieties,
partly as an experiment to see how they
grew. The most colourful at the moment is
Pyracantha Saphyr Jaune, with lots of small
butter yellow berries. Despite the cold weather,
they have remained relatively untouched by the
birds, and they are adding a warm glow along
the length of the hedge. They also looked good
in the Christmas door wreath I made.
The same cannot be said of the red berried
varieties, most of which have been eaten.
There are still some small orange-red berries
on Pyracantha Saphyr Orange and some
densely packed clusters on Pyracantha Saphyr
Rouge, one of my favourites. They make a nice
contrast, along with the larger red berries left
on Pyracantha coccinea Red Column. The
individual plants are knitting together into
a thick hedge, with branches growing out at
every angle, so they need regular trimming to
keep them compact. Pyracantha is easy to grow
in sun or partial shade in any reasonable soil,
and, of course, it is covered in creamy white
flowers in May.
The red berries on the Cotoneaster, growing
against the cottage wall, have also stood up
well to the weather and the wildlife. There are
still plenty of large, blood red blobs covering
the bush, looking like miniature rosehips.
Cotoneaster are similar to Pyracantha, but
without the thorns and equally easy to grow.
They also come in various forms, for ground
cover, growing against walls and fences and as
freestanding shrubs the size of a small tree.
There are still a few of the unusual berries of
the Callicarpa bodinieri to be seen. They are
a bright metallic purple and you might have
trouble convincing people that they are real,
and you haven’t just stuck them on the bush for
show. The plant itself is not very interesting,
and best suited to the back of the border, hidden
by flowering perennials during the spring and
summer. When these have died down in the
winter, you will have the surprise of the berries.
Hollies are another good berry plant for the
garden, with the added attraction of shiny and
sometimes variegated foliage. I found one red
berry on my holly Handsworth New Silver,
which is a lovely form, with dark green leaves
with cream margins. As it is a female variety,
it is supposed to be a good berry maker, so I
assume the birds got there first, when I wasn’t
There is not much to do in the garden at the
moment, but it is good to have some time to
appreciate the plants, which have been chosen
just for this time of year.
Add a few to your borders
and make the most of the
Happy New Year!
- Linda Regel
I planted a
boundary hedge of
mixed pyracanthas
a few years ago. I
wanted something
thorny to keep out
– deer, mostly –
and I chose a
mixture of varieties.
12 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
The festivities are pretty much over and another
year has been celebrated and laid to rest. The
New Year may be full of resolution and optimism,
but there is no getting away from the fact that
January is the bleakest month the calendar has
to offer. Spring still has the significant buffer of
February before we have real prospect of green
shoots and renewal, the weather likely to be at
its coldest and gloomiest, the days are short,
and the sparkle and twinkle are done leaving
our homes and gardens stripped, stark and,
frankly, a bit bare.
To brighten up this slightly desolate picture and
attempt to gladden hearts I am writing this month
to remind you of some shots of colour and flavour
particular to January; some high spots in this
challenging month, and hope that I can leave you
in a better place than where I have started and
with a little something to look forward to on your
January tables.
January marks the start of the forced rhubarb
season, and it is pretty swiftly followed by the
finish so make the most of it while you can. This
delicate and refined rhubarb, brought forward
from its more natural season, thrives in the cold
and damp conditions provided by the Rhubarb
Triangle of Yorkshire and is not, unlike most plant
life, improved by any glint of daylight. Both grown
and harvested without natural light, and in special
sheds, artificially heated for the final push, it grows
fast and furious in glorious shades of pink and red;
no trace of green coarseness taints its beauty even
in its yellow leaves.
Rhubarb is an ancient plant, long ago used for
medicinal purposes in Northern Asia. We English
were amongst the first to cook with it and it became
one of our kitchen staples. Its popularity dimmed
at a time when sugar became both scarce and
rationed with a wartime population encouraged
to eat home-grown and plentiful rhubarb
lacking, however, easy access to the sweetness
needed to ameliorate its mouth-puckeringly sour
natural flavour. Rhubarb became the stuff of bad
memories for a generation and forced production
is significantly diminished from its pre war glory
years; its stock pretty low as a foodstuff that has
for many years lacked sponsorship, glamour,
or a clear identity (being technically a vegetable
but used more like a fruit) and with a name,
unfortunately, that lends little if any cachet. But,
as often happens as fashions come and go and
memories become consigned to history, it has had
a bit of a resurgence in recent years and come to the
notice of a new generation of British chefs looking
for home grown produce in preference to the more
exotic. We home cooks can also expand on it as an
ingredient for a traditional humble crumble or a
pie (good as both these are) and I can assure you
that a stick or two of pink rhubarb can rise above
the homely and the comforting and bring a touch
of elegance to the table.
Rhubarb requires gentle handling, low
Rhubarb has had a bit of a
resurgence in recent years
and come to the notice of
a new generation of British
chefs looking for home grown
produce in preference to the
more exotic.
temperatures, and careful watching if it is not
to turn into a mush and needs ingredients that
will complement and help reveal the natural, if
somewhat concealed, sweetness that underlies its
more obvious bitter overtones. It can be poached
in dessert wine or sweet orange juice, with sugar
or honey according to your own taste - don’t be
tempted to be heavy handed with the sweetness
however - one of rhubarb’s main charms is that
it should retain its bitter integrity. It sits well with
vanilla or ginger and looks beautiful when served
with the red stained segments of a blood orange,
also, happily, about to come into season.
Two or three sticks, sliced into shortish lengths,
put in a non-metallic oven-proof dish with enough
wine or juice added to give a comfortable pool to
bathe but not drown in and sprinkled with no more
than about 50g of sugar, covered with foil and
baked in an oven pre-heated to a moderate 150ºC160ºC for between 15 and 30 minutes (until a
sharp knife will just pierce easily to the centre of
the rhubarb) will poach rhubarb perfectly. Treat
with great care while lifting the rhubarb from its
juices from where it can be used to garnish some
whipped cream on a soft chewy meringue, the
cooking juices (with any less than perfect rhubarb
pieces pushed through a sieve to join them) used as
a syrupy sauce to drizzle over just before serving.
Rhubarb will give dramatic effect to a tart,
provided you are prepared to take a bit of time
cutting the stems evenly, standing them up in
regimented concentric circles or making pretty
mosaic patterns, and then take care not to
overcook them. It can also be used in more savoury
fare as an accompanying sharpener to cut through
rich fatty foods like pork, duck or an oily fish such
as mackerel in place of other fruit that do a similar
job, like apple, or orange.
The sweet blood oranges also coming into their
short season and the sour Seville ones that will
make a brief appearance in January, for those
interested in making their own marmalade, will
add other bursts of January zest and vitality.
I hope that I may have tempted some of you,
not already familiar, to seek them out and try
something with them.
I wish you all a very Happy New Year and, with
even January able to provide such sophisticated
prospects, the domestic amongst them, imagine
how much there is to look forward to once the days
start getting perceptibly longer.
Erica x
“In a few sheds near Wakefield,
you can hear the rhubarb grow”
~ Ian Jack, journalist
Beef Rendang with cucumber and mint Raita
Thanks to the a 50th celebration I was asked
to cater for one weekend I had to come out of
my comfort zone a prepare this curry, which
originated in Indonesia and is often served at
ceremonial occasions.
Place the beef with the ingredients from Group A
into a bowl and marinade for a couple of hours or
even overnight as I did.
Make a paste in a blender of everything in Group
So here goes.
Group A
1kg stewing beef cut into 1 inch (approx) chunks.
3 cloves garlic crushed
Heat the oil in a large enough pan and add the
beef. Sear until brown all over (4-5 mins). Now
add the spice paste that you have blended and
cook on high for another 4-5 mins.
Add the final Group C ingredients. Bring to the
boil and then reduce to a simmer for about 2 ½
hours, or until meat is tender. Stir every 20 mins
or so so that sauce doesn’t stick.
1tbsp chilli sauce (not sweet)
1 med onion
Curry usually improves with age so a great one
to cook the day before you require it. Remember
you don’t need to be precise with your ingredient
measurements, its all about taste so you may
wish to adjust the flavourings as the dish cooks.
It is important to taste, so often recipes are
disappointing if just produced as per the recipe
and without tasting. You may find that your
preference is to have more sauce with this curry,
so it is perfectly acceptable to add an extra can of
coconut milk.
2tsp cumin powder
Serve with basmati rice, chapatti and…
2tspcoriander powder
1 tsp turmeric powder
1 large pot of natural yoghurt
3tbsp chilli sauce (not a sweet one)
½ a cucumber (seeds stripped) finely chopped
Salt or soy sauce to taste
Large handful of mint leaves finely chopped
1 can coconut milk
Salt to taste
2 teaspoons tamarind paste
Simply mix all these ingredients together and
serve with your curry. Delicious!
When she’s not writing, Elizabeth runs her own
catering business. She has also set up an initiative
with volunteers who help feed patients at hospitals
at meal times.
1 tbsp soy sauce
1tbsp sunflower or peanut oil
Group B
2 inch piece fresh ginger skinned
Juice of 1 lemon
1 tbsp sugar
Sunflower oil for frying.
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Kirk Rice Celebrates 25 Years in Business
2014 proved to be an exciting year for Ascot
based accountancy and financial services
firm, Kirk Rice LLP as it celebrated 25 years in
It was a significant year for the growth and future
of the firm as it appointed two new partners;
Susan Beverly and Tim Neale.
On the fundraising front it was also a successful
year. Led by the firm’s charity committee, the Kirk
Rice team took up the challenge of organising
fundraising events and donations for each and
every year it has been in business.
Kirk Rice LLP began its life in 1989 and now
has over 40 staff offering expertise in General
Practice, Tax, Outsourcing and Financial
Services and the team became quite competitive
in their fundraising exploits.
The ‘Bake Off’ in November was particularly
entertaining; staff brought in their homemade
bakes to compete for the much coveted Kirk Rice
Bake Off Trophy! The theme of course was the
25th Anniversary and all bakers worked hard to
produce impressive bakes. This one must have
kept Delia busy for hours!
“After 25 years we
are fortunate to still be
working with a good
number of clients who
started out with us.”
- Maxine Guest, Partner
founder and CEO, Fiona Devine and members of
the Alexander Devine care team. Kirk Rice looks
forward to supporting the charity throughout
2015 when building of the new children’s hospice
Alexander Devine’s corporate fundraiser,
Jess Lamont said, “We are thrilled with the
support of Kirk Rice who, without hesitation,
gave a generous donation to Alexander Devine
Children’s Hospice Service. We are really looking
forward to working together to support our
children who are life limited and life threatened
and their families.”
opportunity to thank these and all ourr
clients for having confidence in us and
for their continued support; we reallyy
value their business.”
Co-founder and partner Kirk Rice said:
“I would especially like to thank anyone
who has joined us in our anniversary events
and celebrations. Here’s to the next 25!”
Events and the charities supported
Other bakes included tempting cupcakes, a
classic lemon drizzle, brownies and a ginger cake,
it certainly wasn’t a day to diet and there was no
shortage of volunteers to pay £3 to taste and vote
for their top three creations. At the end of the day
the winner was announced; Priya Bhavsar, our
newest member of staff, took the top prize with
her delicious lemon drizzle cake.
The Kirk Rice charity team had some festive
fun filling shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for
the Operation Christmas Child Appeal run by
Samaritan’s Purse. All Operation Christmas
Child boxes have now been sent to children
overseas in refugee camps, orphanages, homeless
shelters and impoverished neighborhoods in
more than 100 countries across 6 continents.
The team’s final donation was made in
December through our new partnership with
Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice. Mark
Norman, Trainee Accountant and member of
the Kirk Rice Charity Committee visited the
charity’s office on Wednesday, December 10th
where he had the privilege of meeting the co-
“The partnership would also like to thank our
team; we are extremely proud of our staff, not
only for their hard work in the office but also
for the efforts they put in to raise funds for our
chosen charities. Since 2007 they have raised
over £20,000,” said Maxine Guest, Partner.
“After 25 years we are fortunate to still be
working with a good number of clients who
started out with us and we would like to take this
Ascot Relay for Life
Cancer Research UK
Sponsorship of staff member Chloe Platts,
Monster Race
John Radcliffe Hospital,
Heart Centre
Wear spots to work day
Children in Need
Staff Bake Off
Children in Need
Armed Forces Day – staff quiz and cream tea
Care for Casualties
Sponsorship of a client in 3 Peaks Challenge
Bike 4 Cancer
Zakk’s First Steps
Lauren’s Wishes
Cardiomyopathy Association
10 Sponsorship of a golf hole at charity golf day
Children with Special Needs
11 Donation
Slough Food Bank
12 Donation
North Yorkshire Air Ambulance
13 Children’s Christmas Boxes
Operation Christmas Child
14 Staff Sport Sweepstake
Sport Relief
15 Relay for Life Celebration Ball
Cancer Research UK
16 Sponsorship of KCA’s Extreme Movember
Sponsorship of staff member Kara Inman,
Reading Rainbow Run
Helen & Douglas House Hospice
18 Sponsorship of a local London marathon runner
19 Donation
The Ascot District Day Centre
and Day Care Plus
20 Christmas jumper day
General fundraising
21 Staff tuck box
General fundraising
22 World Cup Fever dress up day
General fundraising
23 Staff Christmas party raffle
General fundraising
24 50:50 club
General fundraising
Donation to Children’s Christmas Party
and Hospice Building project
Alexander Devine
Children’s Hospice Service
14 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Local Care Home Celebrate
‘Care group of the Year’ Award
Local care home, Lakeview, is celebrating being
part of the ‘Care Group of the Year’. Hallmark
Care Homes, the care provider behind the popular
Lightwater care home, was awarded the prestigious accolade at the recent National Care Awards
– the care sector’s premier awards event.
Hallmark Care Homes, established in 1997, own
and operate 17 care homes throughout the UK and
are renowned for their innovative facilities and relationship-centred approach to elderly care.
The group were presented the award in front
of by television presenters Eamonn Holmes and
Ruth Langsford at a glitzy Gala Night held at the
Hilton London Metropole Hotel, attended by 800
Stuart King, General Manager at Lakeview said,
"Hallmark Care Homes is one big family and this
award is fantastic recognition for every single
team member. We are so proud to be part of the
best care group in UK."
Lakeview, along with other care homes in the
group, had to demonstrate "outstanding care for
residents" and "excellent staff training".
National Care Awards judges said: "Hallmark
Care Homes shows unswerving commitment
to great relationship centred dementia support.
They are incredibly innovative in a sector with significant challenges. Hallmark are passionate and
genuinely credible when it comes to valuing their
people and the great support they deliver."
Stunning showhome steals
the show at Fairacre Court
Upmarket housebuilder CALA Homes has
opened the doors to Elmwood House, the stunning show home at Fairacre Court, a new development of three luxury homes in Ascot.
Styled by an interior designer, the show home
allows potential purchasers to experience the
lifestyle on offer at Fairacre Court. The five
bedroom detached home features elegant architectural design and the highest specification interiors. Designed over three storeys, it
offers a large open plan kitchen/family/garden
room, separate living and dining rooms, an impressive master suite with dressing room and
en-suite, and four further bedrooms.
Offering luxury living in a most prestigious
location, Fairacre Court is a collection of five
bedroom homes, just a short walk from Ascot’s high street and the world-famous Ascot
Racecourse. Perfect for professionals, the development is close to many transport connections, including the M3, M4 and M25. Central
London can be reached by train in just under
an hour.
What’s more, interested buyers can make the
most of CALA’s Part Exchange service to secure their dream home at Fairacre Court and
move up the property ladder with ease.
Homes are currently available at £2,100,000.
To find out more, visit development’s show
home or call 01784 861670 Thursday to Monday. At all other times please contact agents, Aston Mead on 01932 950500 or visit
Halifax says first-time buyers
at highest level since 2007
The Halifax says the number of first-time buyers
rose to its highest level in seven years in 2014.
The number crunchers at the firm believe some
326,500 people bought their first residential property last year. Compared to 2013 that was a rise of
First time buyers were helped by lower mortgage
rates and government schemes including Help to
Buy, which require small deposits.
Analysts also believe improved job prospects
played a part in the increase.
The cost of an average deposit also fell by 7%
in 2014, the Halifax said. A down-payment of
£29,218 was required by first time buyers, which
was £2,364 lower than a year earlier.
Lower borrowing rates meant they spent a lower
Call today on:
Telephone: 01483 820226 Mobile: 07939 688597
email: [email protected]
proportion of their income on the mortgage than
in previous years.
According to the Halifax, first-time buyers spent
an average of 32% of their disposable incomes on
paying the mortgage from 1 July to 30 September
Seven years earlier they were spending 50% of
their income on a mortgage.
All good news, but house price actually increased
in 2014 by as much as 9% compared to a year
Four fifths of those taking advantage of the government's Help to Buy scheme purchased their
first property.
The scheme enabled them to put down a deposit
as little as 5% of the selling price.
For more property news as it happens visit
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Queen’s Road, Sunninghill
Prices from £550,000
Ivory Homes bring you an exclusive and beautiful development on
Queens Road consisting of a three bedroom house and two spacious
open plan three bed apartments, just moments away from the heart
of Sunninghill local shops and amenities.
Land & New Homes
with modern interior architecture that provides a contemporary feel.
Photography from Elmwood House, Fairacre Court
20: 1 5
£2,100,000 available with Part Exchange*
5 star customer service 5 years running
LW9JAN *CALA will obtain 2 independent valuations based on achieving a sale in 4-6 weeks, part exchange considered subject to CALA’s purchasing criteria, terms & conditions. 5 stars awarded for customers’ willingness to ‘Recommend to a Friend’ in findings of the 2009,
2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 surveys, undertaken by the Home Builders Federation (HBF)
16 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Situated in one of the most
popular roads in Claygate is this
beautiful detached family home
of approximately 2788 sq ft.
This fantastic home is ideally
situated for local schools, the
village centre, and Claygate train
station giving access to London
Energy rating C.
Guide Price: £1,350,000
Situated on a secluded plot in a
very popular area of Claygate is
this simply wonderful detached
family home. The property is
approximately 2425 sq ft and
generates a wonderful air of
calm and tranquility throughout.
Claygate village with its shops
and train station is within very
close proximity along with
outstanding local schools. The A3
trunk road gives easy access to
London and the south coast as
well as to both Heathrow and
Gatwick international airports.
Energy rating D.
Guide Price: £1,150,000
There is a lack of property currently available and we have applicants looking across all price ranges. Call us now for a confidential market appraisal to discuss this further.
Doug Parks
Branch Manager
ESHER 01372 462211 [email protected]
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Wentworth Estate £4,950,000
A brand new house set in private wooded
grounds at the end of a cul de sac, on the
main island of Wentworth. This modern home
amounts to approximately 8,374 sq ft and is
finished to a very high standard.
EPC rating B.
Wentworth Estate £4,250,000
A brand new family home recently completed
to a magnificent level of specification and
finish with a highly sophisticated level of
design and flair from Alexander James Interiors.
EPC Rating: C80
Wentworth Estate £2,650,000
A classical Wentworth family home built by
WG Tarrant in1936 situated in outstanding
gardens of approximately one acre with a
delightful outdoor swimming pool and a large
garage with a one bedroom apartment over.
EPC Rating: E45
The Estate Office - Wentworth - Virginia Water - Surrey - GU25 4DL. UK
T: +44(0)1344 843000 - W:
18 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
• Tauck Directors provide warm, caring, thoughtful service
throughout your trip
• Each guest is treated as an individual, with their own
needs understood
• Guests share the experience with like-minded travellers
Never Settle For Ordinary:
From the very first Tour which departed in 1925, Tauck has pioneered
the best way to discover landmark sights around the World.
• Tauck's 90 years of destination expertise provides
exceptional local access for travel experiences that are
beyond the ordinary
• Trips are seamlessly choreographed to maximise guests' time
• Stay at fine hotels in prime locations, selected for
comfort, ambiance, service and convenience; dining
includes authentic regional cuisine at local restaurants
• Quality means everything when you travel – innovative
sightseeing and cultural events inspire
Inclusive Value:
• One up-front price with virtually everything included
• No hidden costs, no surprises and no options sold on tour
• Over 100 cost components included on every land tour,
river cruise and small ship cruise
6 Products – 65 Countries – Tauck has
the world covered
As the world leader in luxury, escorted travel, Tauck
offers over 130 programmes now in 60+ countries
worldwide. Tauck showcase the “must-see” attractions
in each destination, enhancing the experience with indepth commentary and insights that add perspective and
understanding. Visits to must-see sites are complemented
with insider access to “off-the-beaten-path” gems that
deliver authentic cultural experiences, and are either
unavailable or unknown to most travellers. When you
travel with Tauck, “How You See The World Matters”…
How You See The World Matters
It's easy to see the world's sights. To stand in long lines,
push through the crowds, and generally have the same
standard-issue vacation as everyone else. But that's not
good enough for us, and it's not good enough for you.
We believe that travel should be easy. It should be fun.
It should be worth your time and the price you paid. It
should re-energise and transform. And above all else, it
should be beyond the ordinary. Because how you see the
world matters
Travel In Good Company:
• Every detail on your Tauck vacation is taken care of so
you completely connect with the destination
We believe that travel should be
easy. It should be fun.
It should be worth your
time and the price you paid.
It should re-energise and transform.
And above all else, it should be
beyond the ordinary. Because how
you see the world matters.
Tauck World Discovery: The world’s amazing places
up close on expertly choreographed land tours – the
cobbled streets of Tuscany, an exotic game reserve in
Africa, and everywhere in between.
Tauck River Cruising: Voted the “World’s Best” by
Travel + Leisure magazine, sailing through Europe
aboard elegant riverboats with uncommon experiences
ashore, like dinner in imperial palaces.
Tauck Bridges: Hassle-free, global travel for the
whole family, designed for doing, seeing, and learning
together as a family. Perfect for reunions and multigenerational celebrations!
Tauck Culturious: Small group, hands-on journeys
that put the emphasis on “sight-doing,” weaving guests
into the very fabric of a culture’s daily life. Perfect for
culturally curious, more active travellers.
Tauck Small Ship Cruising: Cruise to small islands,
hidden harbors, and exclusive ports of call, aboard
club-like yachts and expeditionary vessels, with
engaging cultural explorations ashore.
Tauck Events: One-of-a-kind experiences with
unparalleled insider access – Rio during Carnival, jazz
in New Orleans, NYC with filmmaker Ken Burns, and
a New Year’s Eve gala in a Viennese palace...
Greenstar Travel - Telephone 01372 462226
“Because How You See The World
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Winter Adventures with Taber holidays
Other trip highlights include a Sami reindeer encounter, a
visit to the world-famous Icehotel for lunch and a trip to the
unique Aurora Sky Station for an evening of gourmet food
and Northern Lights hunting.
Photo Courtesy: Gaute Bruvik - Innovation Norway
Icelandic Cuisine and Culture – From £1711pp
For a true taste of Iceland this winter, Taber Holidays have
a brand new ‘Icelandic Cuisine and Culture’ packed full of
local delicacies.
Available as a five or seven-night break, the escorted tour
combines the flavours of Iceland, with cultural treats, soft
activities and Northern Lights.
Food lovers will enjoy Icelandic cheese tasting, try hot
steam baked bread, sample some local beer and enjoy a
seafood feast at a Viking Museum, as well as sitting down
to gourmet dinners every evening.
Those feeling brave may even wish to try rotten shark
meat or Brennivin (Black Death Schnapps), both local
Visits to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, the Langjökull
Glacier (by Superjeep) where it is possible to walk upon
the ice, the spectacular Gulfoss Waterfall and Iceland’s
famous ash-cloud volcano, Eyjafjallajökull are all included
and by evening, guests are free to hunt for the Northern
Lights with guided searches.
Northern Lights Lodge
and Husky Safari – From £1795
Ever wanted to watch the Northern Lights dancing in
the night sky from the comfort of your own bed? How
about a relaxing pampering session at a Lapland Spa?
Perhaps a culinary tour of Iceland or a whale-watching
safari is more appealing? These are just some of the
exciting new experiences on offer with Taber Holidays.
The Lapland Indulgence – From £1685pp
For a real Arctic indulgence aimed at total rejuvenation,
Taber Holidays have introduced a fabulous new four-night
break to Sweden.
The Lapland Indulgence has a firm emphasis on relaxation.
Included is a holistic spa bucket experience in the
sensational Ripan Spa where you can indulge your senses
with a bucket full of wonderful treatments, in between
relaxing in the pool, unwinding in the sauna or enjoying a
glass or two of wine or a cool smoothie.
If you want to discover
the full range of
winter tours by Taber
Holidays you can find
more information from
Greenstar Travel
For a white winter teeming with exhilarating
activities this 4-night holiday to Arctic Norway
offers just that.
With an emphasis on husky sledding, your closest
neighbours live at the nearby Northern Lights Husky
kennel and are eagerly awaiting your arrival, tails
already wagging!
Before a full day’s husky safari, you will be taught how
to harness and care for the dogs by Trine Lyrek who is
somewhat of a dog-sledding celebrity in Norway having
competed in both Europe’s longest dog sledding race,
Finnmarksløpet (1000 kms) and Iditarod, the world’s
longest held in Alaska (1800 kms).
Part of the reward of landing in the Arctic is the
chance of encountering the Northern Lights, which
a local guide and Aurora hunter will be dedicated to
providing on your second night when you embark on
a Northern Lights hunt.
If this holiday wasn’t exciting enough, you will
have the opportunity to sleep inside the Igloo Hotel,
explore the wilderness on snowshoes before trying
a spot of ice-fishing and enjoy delicious, expertly
cooked dinners each evening whilst recounting the
day’s activities.
Greenstar Travel - Telephone 01372 462226
Special Advertising Feature
Treatments include an aromatic coffee scrub for the face and
hands, a footbath of juniper salt and lemon, an exfoliating
body scrub of newly sprouted birch leaves and soothing
pine-scented body oil. All products in the spa bucket
are made from natural ingredients, completely free of
preservatives, and are based on ancient Swedish, Sami and
Torne Valley medicinal knowledge.
20 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
Every Kirker holiday is carefully-crafted, using just the
right combination of flights from your local airport, rail and
transfers by private car, water taxi or helicopter, to ensure
a relaxing and hassle-free journey to and from airports and
Italy offers such a wonderful variety of culture, history,
scenery, food and wine – it can be hard to decide which city
or region to visit next.
We would be delighted to help you find the perfect
destination to satisfy your personal requirements, whether
it includes relaxing by the sea, exploring ancient ruins or
sampling regional wines.
We are also experts in creating hassle-free tailor-made
itineraries to enable you to enjoy two or more destinations
in the same holiday. Throughout Italy we highly recommend
using the excellent network of high speed trains which
enable you to glide effortlessly between city centres – for
example it is only 90 minutes between Rome and Florence.
If you are planning a holiday to mark a special birthday or
anniversary, life is far too short not to celebrate in style – in
particular, we highly recommend an unforgettable journey
on the elegant Venice Simplon-Orient-Express train which
glides majestically through the Alps before arriving in
Venice – the ultimate indulgence for those who wish to
celebrate in style.
Kirker Concierge Service
Kirker Holidays and Greenstar Travel have a passion
for Italy and delight in sharing our expert knowledge to
create memorable holiday experiences to cities, lakes,
coast and countryside destinations.
We launched our first Kirker Italy brochure in 1986 and
have been enthusiastic promoters of holidays to this
wonderful country ever since.
We offer our clients a range of carefully chosen hotels,
breath-taking culture including world class museums and
art galleries, tickets to world class opera and music – and of
course, superb food and wine.
Whether you are looking for a charming pension in the
heart of Rome, a stylish palazzo overlooking the lagoon
in Venice, or a grand villa in the heart of the Tuscan
countryside, Kirker now features over 200 carefully-selected
properties. Many are privately-owned and managed, and
all have been personally visited by our experienced team to
make sure that they meet our strict criteria for style, comfort
and location.
Whether you are looking
for a charming pension
in the heart of Rome,
a stylish palazzo
overlooking the lagoon in
Venice, or a grand villa
in the heart of the Tuscan
countryside, Kirker now
features over 200 carefully
selected properties.
All holidays include the unique Kirker Concierge
service to assist with bookings for a delicious
dinner at a recommended restaurant to enjoy
delicious Italian cuisine – from a local trattoria to
the finest Michelin-starred establishment. They
would also be delighted to arrange opera, ballet
or concert tickets at one of the country’s famous
theatres, or perhaps a private walking tour with
an expert local guide.
Kirker clients visiting Venice are now offered the
opportunity to join a Kirker walking tour every
Tuesday for only £10 per person during winter
and £20 during the summer – an invaluable
insight into the history of this fascinating city.
Many of our clients also enjoy visiting Italy’s
spectacular museums and art galleries and
Kirker clients receive complimentary timed
entrance tickets to museums such as the Uffizi,
Bargello or Accademia in Florence; the Doge’s
Palace, Accademia or Guggenheim in Venice and
either the Borghese Gallery or Vatican Museum
in Rome.
If you have a particular exhibition in mind,
please just ask the Kirker Concierge who would
be delighted to help and who will ensure that our
pre-booked tickets enable you to avoid the lengthy
Greenstar Travel - Telephone 01372 462226
Special Advertising Feature
New destinations for 2015 include Genoa in the west;
Faenza – the home of majolica ceramics – in the heart
of Emilia-Romagna, Italy’s gastronomic centre; and the
UNESCO World Heritage town of Modica which has been
added to our range of towns and cities in Sicily.
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
Discover St Ives
Winner of a showcase of national awards including
best family holiday destination by Coast magazine,
St Ives is a seemingly subtropical oasis where the
beaches are golden, the vegetation lush and the light
piercingly bright. It’s no wonder then that the town
has been attracting artists for decades who come to
Our apartment is a new two bedroom, contemporary styled flat situated just
capture the area’s undeniable natural beauty. It started
yards from the busy streets of the bustling fishing town of St Ives, within
with J.M.W. Turner and the marine artist Henry Moore
easy walking distance to all the beautiful beaches, restaurants, shops and
who first came to St Ives in the mid-1800s and since
art galleries and yet in a very quiet and convenient location. The apartment
then the town has become a magnet for some of the
sleeps 4 guests comfortably. It offers stylish and modern living spaces with
world’s greatest painters, sculptors and ceramists.
the addition of a small, enclosed, courtyard, ideal for alfresco style dining
St Ives’s arty connections are reflected in the
and drinking on a hot summers’ day. There are many unusual design features
numerous galleries and exhibitions dotted around the
throughout the apartment adding to the bright and modern feel of this unique
town and combine that with a great surfing beach,
holiday home and there are sea glimpses to be enjoyed too.
plenty of pavement cafes, ancient pubs, top notch
The apartment is fully furnished and is fully equipped catering for all your needs,
eateries and a fascinating working harbour, St Ives is
including TV & freeview, DVD player, washing machine/dryer iron/ironing board,
deservedly one of Cornwall’s top destinations.
microwave etc. There is also a little shed just off the courtyard to store all your beach
and surf gear. Rents are from Saturday to Saturday.
Arrive in breathtaking style by taking the
twenty-minute train ride on the popular branch
line from St Erth to St Ives and be the first to
spot the colourful fishing boats coming into
harbour as the branch line snakes around the
golden bays to the town.
Things to do in St Ives
Kick off your shoes and stroll along the white
sand at Portminster Beach where, out in the bay,
you’ll see the dreamy view of Godrevy Lighthouse
inspiration for Virginia Woolf’s famous novel To
the Lighthouse. Relax and grab a coffee at the
multi award winning Porthminster Café.
Main Image courtesy Adam Gibbard/Visit Cornwall
Visit the Barbara Hepworth Museum and
Sculpture Garden in St Ives where sensual
sculptures by one of the country’s leading
20th century artists are exhibited in tranquil
gardens. Wander along pathways through trees
and shrubs and discover some of her most
celebrated works in bronze and limestone.
Prices from £420 per week with 15% off
bookings for weeks out of school holidays
if you mention this advert.
Contact Gill or Bob
Telephone 01372 467564/ 07940447681
E-mail [email protected]
Behind the 14th century Sloop Inn on the Wharf
and the Harbour beach there is a maze of narrow
cobbled streets and fisherman’s cottages. This
is the heart of old St Ives, known to the locals
as ‘Downlong’. Spend an hour or so delving
into the life and times of bygone St Ives at
the local museum. The large space is packed
with memorabilia and artefacts that reflect St
Ives’s long and varied history including fishing,
boatbuilding, art and agriculture.
There are only four Tate galleries in the world and
one of them is Tate St Ives.
Since the 1930s visitors have been taking the
boat trip from the harbour out sea to watch
the local colony of seals frolicking in the sea
and sunbathe on the rocks. Located 3½ miles
(6km) to the West of St Ives, the aptly named
Seal Island is home to more than 40 seals who
inquisitively like to say ‘hello’
22 LIVING WITHIN January 2015
East, Hobbs,
Jigsaw, Monsoon,
Oasis, Reiss
Innovative business solutions – Offering a wide portfolio
of Accounting, financial & business outsourcing services
with a personal touch. Added value – The figures in the
accounts are just the starting point, our job is to help our
clients become more profitable as a business, for less effort.
Audit & Tax
and many more
Thu 29 Jan
touchstone for success
Kirk Rice
The Courtyard
High Street
T: +44 (0)1344
F: +44 (0)1344
Initial consultations
From the writer of
Calendar Girls, Tim Firth
are FREE of charge
and without obligation
Tue 3 - Sat 7 Feb
Thu 12 - Sat 14 Feb
By Jerome K Jerome
Visit (bkg fee) 020 8174 0090 (bkg fee)
January 2015 LIVING WITHIN
to advertise phone 01276 858750
We supply and fit both commercial &
domestic: vertical • roller • pleated •
wooden venetian aluminium venetian
• Roman blinds • shutters curtains •
fabric tub chairs
All our blinds are custom made
• • • Free measuring service • • •
191 High Street, Egham, Surrey TW20 9ED
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