Celebrities Living with Chronic Pelvic Pain

Living with Chronic Pelvic Pain
Victoria Beckham
The famous fashionista and wife of soccer legend , David Beckham,
blamed PCOS for problems conceiving before she had Brooklyn,
now 13. But her condition doesn’t seem to have affected her
getting pregnant, as she went on to have three more children.
Victoria reportedly took advice on changing her diet and taking
supplements to deal with the condition, which had left her with
unwanted hair growth.In her book Learning To Fly, Victoria
revealed how she was told she had little chance of getting
pregnant because of her polycystic ovaries.
Padma Lakshmi
42, is an Indian American author, actress, model and television presenter. She also cofounded the Endometriosis Foundation of America. Padma suffered with pain for
more than 20 years and was told it was 'all in her head' before she was diagnosed
with endometriosis. She had surgery when it was revealed she had 2 cysts on each of
her ovaries and was also put on to birth control. She gave birth to her daughter,
Krishna, in 2010.
Dolly Parton
67, is an American singer-songwriter, actress and author. It was
during a 35 date tour of the US and Canada in 1982 that she was
taken in to hospital (aged 36) to have a partial hysterectomy due to
endometriosis. She later faced a period of depression and suicidal
thoughts from not being able to have children.
Hillary Clinton
65, is the 67th United States Secretary of State. She
had trouble conceiving her only child, Chelsea, born in
1980, due to endometriosis.
Emma Bunton
37, is a British pop singer-songwriter from the Spice Girls, actress,
model, television and radio presenter. She was diagnosed with
endometriosis at 25. "I remember the doctor saying at the time: 'Fifty
per cent of women with endometriosis go on to have children'. I
thought, only 50 per cent!? It scared the life out of me". She has two
sons, Beau, born in 2007 and Tate, born in 2011.
Jillian Michaels
39, is an American personal
trainer and media personality.
Jillian struggles with infertility due
to endometriosis having blocked
her fallopian tubes, but she has
two children, Lukensia and
Pheonix, one of whom she has
adopted and another that her
partner gave birth to. She says she
learned very early on that she had
endometriosis and polycystic
Susan Sarandon
66, is an American actress. She
was diagnosed with
endometriosis in 1983 after
suffering from pain, irregular
bleeding and fainting. She was
told that if she ever wanted
children she would have to have
surgery and was put on to birth
control pills and painkillers. She
has three children; a daughter,
Eva, born in 1985 and two sons,
Jack, born in 1989, and Miles,
born in 1992.
Marilyn Monroe
was an American actress, model and singer who
was 36 when she died. She never had children
though fell pregnant numerous times. All of her
pregnancies ended in miscarriage and,
reportedly, at least one ectopic pregnancy due to
her severe endometriosis. There is a rumour that
she went in to one surgery with a note taped to
her stomach, pleading with the doctors to not
remove her reproductive organs. Although there
is much mystery surrounding her death, many
think it is indirectly linked to her endometriosis.
The disease caused her to become addicted to
painkillers which in turn aggravated
her psychological problems. Her x-rays from one
of her surgeries for the disease fetched $54,000
at auction in 1954.
Whoopi Goldberg
57, is an American
comedian, actress, singersongwriter, political
activist, author and talk
show host. She found out
she had endometriosis in
the 70's and was given
medication for the disease
which worked. She has one
daughter, Alexandria, born
in 1973.
Deidre Hall
55, is an American actress. Originally thinking she would easily
conceive, Deidre underwent six rounds of artificial insemination
before being diagnosed with endometriosis. When this tissue
was removed surgically, she thought she had found a cure for
her inability to conceive. She had six courses of IVF over a nine
month period, but, unfortunately, none of them took and one
even put her into a brief coma. In 1989, Deidre tried IVFgestational, a procedure where a woman's egg and her spouse's
sperm are united in the lab and the embryo is then injected in to
the uterus of a surrogate. The result, again, was failure. She was
unable to try IVF again as her body couldn't take it. In 1991,
Deidre found a surrogate and after two attempts at artificial
insemination, the surrogate announced she was pregnant.
Robin, the surrogate mother, gave birth to Deidre's son, David,
in 1992. Robin later went on to give birth to Deidre's second
son, Tully, in 1995.
Jools Oliver
After Jools married celebrity chef Jamie Oliver in 2000, the couple started
trying for a baby without success. She explains: ‘I was quite quickly
diagnosed with PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, I wasn’t ovulating each
month like normal.’
She adds: ‘You hear horror stories and you think it’s going to be hard, but I
didn’t care. I just wanted a baby.’
Jools took fertility pills to stimulate ovulation: ‘I had all the side effects –
dizziness, panic attacks, blurred vision. It was awful, but I just thought,
keep going.’ The couple now have four kids.