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P r e p Po s t
Summer term
House Headlines
End of Term
Green and proud!
Thrilled to be
Celebrating our
amazing victory in
the Inter-House Quiz
After months of buildup and planning the day finally came. 29
year 8s, 4 teachers and 2 World Challenge leaders headed to
Colombo in Sri Lanka for 10 days of adventure, exploration and
We were picked up from the airport by our bus driver Chandra
Looking ahead
with positivity
and expectation
and his fellow co-driver Santer who looked after us throughout
the trip and put up with Mr Kenworthy's terrible taste in music
for the whole trip!
Day 2 was a very long day. We travelled to Dambulla. It took 2-3 hours to get there. We
soon entered Sri Lanka's cultural triangle: a series of religious and cultural sites. We hiked
up a very steep hill to see 5 remarkable caves set into the hillside. That evening we stayed in
our first guest house which was not quite what most of us were used to. We had to share
our rooms with some creepy crawlies and faced our first night without A/C. The guest
House was owned by a very nice family who looked after us all very well. The food was
delicious but definitely put us out of our comfort zone; breakfast was very simple. eggs
and toast (which nobody really liked) and the classic curry for dinner along with some
spicy coconut and other sides. We had that repeatedly but the flavors were very succulent.
Trekking in Sigirya the next day was very challenging. We had to climb 1200 steps up and
1200 steps down, along with long walks in between. After approximately 1 hour, we
reached the top which led us to seeing the most amazing view of lush green valleys and
mountains. I thought it was worth every drop of sweat and the sense of achievement was
immense, especially as people had to overcome their fear of heights to get there.
We finally left the bugs but we were not done yet. When we reached our next
accommodation, Rafters Retreat, we settled into our tree houses. They were very pretty
but there were lots of ants, spider webs, cockroaches, millipedes, flies and most of all……
mosquitos. I know that everybody on the trip must have at least 1 mosquito bite. We
enjoyed the raft wars and the rapids. The last one was very challenging. On the final day we
had a massive barbeque for everyone to enjoy which included a selection of modern food.
We all left Rafters Retreat a lot braver, we had spent 2 nights in the forest and survived!
I thought that the last 2 days were the
most important days of the trip. The
focal point of going to Sri Lanka was
for the project phase. We went to a
school called the Glenanore Tamil
school. It was located in a rural place
high up in the mountains. Before we
left for Sri Lanka, we gathered some
supplies and charity bags containing
stationary, toys, books and clothes to
give away. It was also the most
memorable part of the trip. Some
people helped with the painting and
some interacted with the children. We
even organized a cricket match (they let us win). They were quite shy on the first day, However
on the second day; they were so happy and cheerful. They made us smile back. I personally felt
so grateful that I live in Abu Dhabi. They performed a huge ceremony and presented us with
frames to thank us, there were tears all round when we left.
Along with these activities we stopped at a tea factory, a monastery, a batik factory and other
famous landmarks.
To wrap up the whole trip we decided to go to the Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage. Here we were
able to see the baby elephants being bottle fed and led down to the river to be washed and it also
gave us the opportunity to meet up with the other group and share our takes of creepy crawlies!
Overall, I felt that it was a very successful trip. We covered all our tasks and we managed to cope
with a different lifestyle. We made new friends and learnt a lot about ourselves and how to work
as a team and support each other.
After all it's called World Challenge
NOT World Holiday
A huge thanks to Mr Kenworthy, Miss
Robinson, Mr Hill and Mrs Wildash
for taking us to Sri Lanka and giving
us this amazing opportunity, I highly
recommend it to all the new year 8s
next year!
- Zaina Doshan 8HRH-
Scholar’s Cup in Singapore
Scholar’s Cup Participants
Liam Patell
Nadia Balzani-Zamir Hanna Wu
Taysir Barakat
Tanishq Kumar
James Chisnall
Oliver Rowland Alicia Reeves-Toy
Eleanor Bridge
Damla Ozdemir Ralph Amos
Leo Jones
Charlie Cooper
Jaxson Dealy
Caleb Patell
On Monday 23rd June a group of 15 intrepid pupils from Brighton College Prep
School set off to Singapore to take part in the World Scholar's Cup, along with
Mrs Bradley, Miss Winston and their parents. They were competing against
2,400 other pupils from over 40 different countries. The group hit the ground
running. On day one in Singapore our Brighton College scholars took part in
the Scavenger Hunt which involved orienteering themselves around Sentosa
Island. academic map.
Day two saw the debating competitions take
place. Our Brightonians put their oration
skills to the test in three rounds of debating
for which we won 11 out of 15 debates. The
teams also completed their collaborative
writing essays and tackled the Scholar's
Challenge before heading to the
Singaporean Night Zoo.
As day three came around our teams were
eager to partake in the Scholar's Bowl (a
multiple choice competition) in the Star
Theatre. The highlight of this day was when our very talented Hanna Wu took to the
stage in the Scholar's Showcase and performed a piano piece by Chopin in front of an
impressed crowd of 2,700 people.
We were absolutely delighted on day four when we attended the Scholar's Award
Ceremony and saw just how well we had done in the competition.
Writing – 7th place Liam Patell
Debate – 9th place Tanishq Kumar
Debate Team 19th place – Liam Patell, Tanishq Kumar, Taysir Barakat
Debate Team – Honor Roll: Charles Cooper, Leo Jones, James Chisnall
Individual points score Honor Roll: Tanishq Kumar, Taysir Barakat
Top scorer from each school Honour Roll: Tanishq Kumar
Academic challenge Honor Roll: Liam Patell and Tanishq Kumar
In an event with a total of 2,400 competitors we did exceptionally well as a Prep School to
make the Honour Roll (top 25 scholars). On Friday night we flew back to Abu Dhabi very
Year 5 and 6 Production - Showtime!
Our Year 5 and 6 show this summer term ended with a resounding chorus of
“Revolting Children” from Matilda – but the children were anything but revolting.
Everyone participated, acted, sang and danced with gusto, enthusiasm - and not a little
talent. The show was a medley of well loved West End shows: Calamity Jane, The Wiz,
Bugsy Malone and Matilda. Each and every one of the students worked very hard over
the past couple of months to put together a performance that scintillated and sparkled
from start to finish.
Here are some quotes from our amazing children about what they liked best:
“All of us getting a part.”
“Everything – I love acting!”
“Pointing our guns at people and running on stage and screaming Freeze!”
“The costumes.”
“The dancing and singing.”
“Performing in front of everybody and knowing that all our hard work paid off.”
The Music and Drama team are so, so proud of what our pupils achieved: it was an
evening of tremendous entertainment and fun for all concerned. However, this could
not have been achieved without the huge support and help of all the parents who
provided wonderful costumes. Special mention needs to go to Sharon Plant, Isabelle
Avenarius, Georgie Essen and Liz Rameshni for their enthusiasm and energy behind
the scenes with makeup, costumes, hair and filming. What a team!
Fun and Games with Equestrian Club!
Over the last two weeks over 40 members took part in their annual assessment, involving
riding and pony care. Various groups showed off the riding skills they have learnt during
the year and practised grooming and tacking up their ponies; they also learnt how to look
for signs of good health in a horse, recognise colours, marking and different points of the
This week the children enjoyed Mounted Games and a Handy Pony Competition against
the clock.
Memories from the Teachers
and Pupils in Year 3
One of my most memorable times in Year 3 was Kayaking in the Mangroves. This was
because ALL the pupils showed such determination in doing something that was quite
difficult & most of them had never done before. Getting stuck in the mud that day was
also a lot of fun.
Watching the pupils out
in the open, learning all
about the beautiful
nature that surrounds
us here will remain one
of my fabulous
memories in Year 3.
Good times!
A message from Vanessa,
Head of the Prep School.
I can hardly believe that today has arrived. The building is full of excited
children, all looking ahead to a range of adventures. They have all achieved
so much this year, whether it is in the classroom, on the sports field, in the
dance studio, on a golf course, with a horse or in the greenhouse. Your
children embody all that it means to a true Brightonian, I am so proud of
them all. Looking back, it is incredible what your children have fitted in; their
lives are busy and yet they still participate in more and they always do this
with unbridled enthusiasm. Next year will be just as exciting, with even more
to look forward to. It has been an honour and a privilege to lead the Prep
School this year, to have your children entrusted to our care is truly
humbling and the joy they bring to every work day is a gift. At the end of
every year there are goodbyes and these are never easy. I would like to thank
all our leaving staff for everything that they have given the school, each and
every one of them is leaving a part of themselves behind; they have helped
build and create a very special school and I cannot thank them all enough. To
all the pupils who are moving on: travel safely and remember work hard and
play hard – find your passion and go for it! You will all be missed.
We can't wait to see you all again on the 31st August, when you will meet up
again with old friends and make new ones. You will be met by a fabulous
team of new teachers who are already getting excited about joining our
special family, and of course our incredible returning staff. There is lots
planned and yet another busy and incredibly vibrant year that awaits.
Have an incredible summer,
Vanessa Robitaille
Stars of the Week
Prep Library Users of the
Year 2013-2014
Awarded to
Marie Kirby
Nadia Balzani Zamir
Francis Ritz
Congratulations for your outstanding
library behaviour and performance!