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January 2015
The holidays are slowing coming to an end with the New Year approaching us. We have some
exciting new programs we are looking to add this year to promote quality care and life t our
residents that we are looking forward to. We also would like to welcome Tami Thompson and
Jordan Laufenberg as our new restorative aides. They have been with the facility for over a
year now and have continued to excel in their positions. They are positive, motivated, and
very encouraging to residents to participate in restorative programs in order to promote
I want to thank everyone that was able to attend and donate to our Love Light Ceremony that
we host every year. We also want to thank all the families for joining us for our Holiday
Dinner, it was a success and we had many positive comments. Our residents enjoy visiting
with family and having get togethers like this so your attendance is much appreciated.
We have some exciting news in regards to the ownership of our facility. Dunamis Therapy and
Fitness will be partnering with Covenant Care, LLC (Fall Creek & Strum). They currently own
Dunamis Therapy & Fitness Centers and presently have a therapy contract set up with each
facility. They have continued to provide exceptional therapy and services to our residents.
With this comes exciting things such as a new therapy focus and resources and services that
our staff and resident’s will benefit from. There are post card size handouts at the front desk to
provide more information in regards to Dunamis and their services.
It continues to get colder and colder, with that said, more ice may be forming. Our
Maintenance department oversees the snow removal and salting for parking lots and side
walks. If you have any concerns please report to us so we can accommodate. We also want to
ensure that there are enough parking spots for staff and visitors. Parking is available on the
side of the building at all times and on the side streets except from 11pm-7am which allows for
plowing. Our staff does their best to ensure sidewalks are cleared and salted, when the snow is
falling quickly, please be careful upon entering to minimize any accidents.
I wish you all a Happy New Year and welcome you to join us in 2015 for all of our fun
activities and events that we will have coming up!
Please continue to keep in touch and as always my door is always open, stop in any time.
Best Regards,
January Birthdays
Jamie Smith, NHA
8 Richard Christenson
18th Connie Todahl
19th Lauretta Miland
30th Richard Olson
A Recipe From Carol
Ohnesorge, SAHR Dietary Staff
Grasshopper Dessert
(Featured at our Christmas Resident/Family Dinner)
*Makes 60 Servings
Pan Size: 2 – 12x20x20
3 LB – Chocolate (Oreo) Cookie Crumbs
1 ¾ C – Margarine
2 Lb + 4 OZ – Vanilla Pudding (Instant)
1 Gallon + ½ Quart – 2% Milk
50 – Crushed Andes Mints
1 Tsp – Green Food Coloring
2 Qt – Prepared Whipped Topping
1.) Crush Oreo cookies into crumbs, set aside 1/3 of
them to use as topping
2.) Combine remaining crumbs and melted margarine
and press to bottom of pan to form crust
January Shining Stars
Our shining star boards are located in the
main dining room. Please stop in and check
the board each month!
3.) Combine instant vanilla pudding and milk with wire
whip to make pudding
4.) Add green food coloring to pudding, mix well
5.) Crush Andes Mints, set aside 1/3 of them to use as
Resident: Florence Gullicksrud
6.) Divide pudding equally among pans and spread over
cookie crumbs
Staff: Virginia Winscher - Housekeeping
7.) Prepare whipped topping and spread over pudding
8.) Combine remaining cookie and Andes Mint crumbs
and sprinkle over top of dessert
Refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving at 40 degrees
F or lower
An update from Social Services
I wanted to remind all residents
and families of our Resident Concern
procedure. If you have a concern,
please bring it to my attention. There
are concern forms that will be
completed following each concern to
ensure that thorough investigation is
completed and a conclusion is clearly
communicated. If I am not present,
you may also bring your concerns to
the floor nurse or any member of
Beginning in January 2015, we
will be implementing that Quarterly
Care Conferences be held for each
resident. This will give families and
residents a chance to be more
involved in the Care Planning
process. Sitting down with the
Interdisciplinary Care Team will give
each individual the chance to receive
updates on the resident’s health status
and have any question that they have
Please contact Logan West (715)
695-2611 Ext. 18 with any questions
that you have regarding this
Have a safe and healthy New Year!
Logan M. West
Director of Resident Services
January Happenings
Saturday Jan. 3rd @ 3:15 Pastor Nimeskern
Bible Study
Wednesday Jan. 7th @ 10:30 Food Council
Thursday Jan. 8th @ 10:30 AM: Resident
Council Meeting
Friday Jan. 9th @ 1:45 Pastor’s Quartet
Wednesday Jan. 14th @1:45 Church with Lay
Minister Schaefer
Thursday Jan. 15th @12:30 Leave for Joy Day @
Saturday Jan. 17th @ 3:15 Bible Study with
Pastor Nimeskern
Tuesday Jan. 20th @ 10:30 Visit from Bob’s
House for Dogs
Tuesday Jan. 20th @ 1:45 Monthly B- Day Party
with Jim Gruen
Wednesday Jan. 21st @ 1:45 Church with Pastor
Monday Jan. 26th @ 1:45 Ladies Tea
Tuesday Jan. 27th @ 5:00 Men’s Supper
Wednesday Jan. 28th @ 1:45 Church with Pastor
New Year Folklore from
around the USA
In Tennessee, If you wash your clothes
on New Year’s Day, you will wash
someone out of your life.
In Hawaii, Men do most of the work on
New Years Eve. Girls must not go out
early in the morning of New Years Day.
Luck will go away if you open the front
In the Ozarks, Always make sure the
salt shaker is full on New Years Day
and you will prosper throughout the
In Illinois, If you cry on New Years Day
you will be sorry throughout the year.
The Alleghenies, To find out whether a
girl’s future husband will be a stranger
or from the vicinity, she can go out
alone at night on New Years Eve, stand
silently by a peach tree, and shake its
branch. If a dog barks, her suitor
comes from a distance, but if a cock
crows, his home is nearby.
Please Welcome our
new staff
James Bunderson CNA
SueAnn Zebell CNA
Teri Madland CNA
Emily Renolds CNA
Grant Wewerka CNA
Nathan Stellflug CNA
Carey Smith CNA
We’d like to take a moment to
welcome & recognize the new
staff that has joined our team in
December! Please help us make
them feel at “home”.
Top 10 New Years Resolutions
for 2014
1. Lose weight
2. Getting Organized
3. Spend Les, Save More
4. Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5. Stay Fit and Healthy
6. Learn Something Exciting
7. Quit Smoking
8. Help Others in Their Dreams
9. Fall in Love
10. Spend More Time With Family