You can learn March / April 2013

March / April 2013
You can learn
many things
from children.
How much
patience you
have, for
Franklin P Jones
A big thank you to
Maya’s family from
Preschool for the
donation of the tv
and to Maya’s
Grandma for
making our
beautiful new
Office News
Hello everyone,
The cold season is
well and truly upon
us and we have
children with runny
noses and coughs.
Please be mindfull
that if your child is
not well enough to
It is coming up to that
time of the year again,
cold season and the
end of the financial
year. If you have outstanding fees it would
be appreciated if you
could get these up to
date before the end of
June. Also if you need
to make changes to
your ccb or ccr
payments now would
be a good idea to ring Cheeky Preschoolers
centrelink. If you are
notified that your ccb
cope with the day to
has changed can you
day happenings of
bring tour letter to the
Child Care we will
office and I can check
ring you to send
in our system that it
them home. In doing
has been changed.
this we ware thinkPlease remember
to sign your child
in and out each
day of attendance.
This is a legal
Outside in the sandpit trying to fill up the tubes but
the strangest thing keeps
happening the sand keeps
coming out the bottom.
ing of both your
child and those
others in the centre.
Remember that if
you have anything
at all you need to
talk to me about my
door is always
Sonia xx
Please remember
to let a staff
member know
when you are
dropping your
children off in the
morning. We need
to know for safety
reasons when
each child arrives.
Banging on our pots and pans.
Words from the Toddler Room
Can you believe the time,
where has the year gone.
Everyone in the toddler
room is changing everyday. Children are learning
through fun play and as
teachers it is rewarding to
Over the last few months
we have been focusing on
routine and self help. Children are more independent and able to follow one
or more directions. Sometimesthey tell us what is
coming next, ―Bee Bee‖,
―Tea‖ (morning tea).
The children rae starting to
form friendships and using
peers names in play. We
sing Bee Bee every day,
this also helps children acknowledge self and others
by name. It is amazing to
watch their imagination and
role play unfold in home
corner. Babies and cooking
have been a big part of
play. I have been extending
on interests by programming activities like; birthday
set up in home corner with
wooden cake, doctors with
babies, nursery set up,
kitchen outside and cooking
in the sandpit.
Through art we learn about
colour, textures, we extend
on our language as we
discuss what we are painting and we use our imagination, creating something
If you have any questions
or requests please come
and see us.
We are all in homecorner cooking up a storm.
Mel, Ann and Kate.
We have been exploring
different styles of paintings.
The children have been
enjoying th emore sensory
side, tasting and feeling!
Junior room news
Hello again to all our
junior families. What a
wonderful time we have
been having over the
past few months in the
junior room. The children are all becoming
familiar with their new
routines and are
enjoying new activities
each and every day.
Home corner has been
a definite favourite
amongst the juniors,
with many of the
children participating in
some wonderful
imaginative play using
the food and cooking
appliances, the babies
and the dress ups. This
is a great opportunity for
the children to form new
friendships by engaging
in social interactions and
to learn the importance
of sharing. We have also
been spending a bit of
time working on our
colour recognition skills,
with the help of flash
cards and colour
matching games, along
with transitions focusing
on colour, the children
are becoming a lot more
confident in being able to
recognise and name different colours.
The junior children have
been enjoying lots of different sensory experi-
They have had the opportunity to play with
goop, spaghetti, jelly,
shaving cream and
moon sand. The children
are really enjoying exploring all the different
textures and they have
been giving us some
wonderful descriptions of
what the different materials feel like; gooey, slippery, icky, wobbly and
sticky are just a few.
It’s been a great start to
our year and I’m sure the
rest of the year will bring
lots more fun and laughter to all of us in the junior room.
Until next time.....
Julie and Chif
Dressing up and dancing
Getting close and personal with a sea star.
Sleep and your Preschool child
Sleep seems to be an issue at the
moment with a few children
creating havoc of a night time. I
understand this chaos and
frustration as my five year old was
often bouncing off the walls this
time last year. I tried lots of
different things, including yelling
and screaming at her child care
teachers not to allow her to sleep
through the day. We set up a
routine which seemed to work
most of the time. I started by
winding her down and started
talking about going to bed about
1/2 hour before bedtime. When it
was time, we brushed our teeth,
went to the toilet and read 3
stories. Josie has also convinced
us that playing 2 hiding games will
help her go to sleep ( I hated the
hiding game BUT….). I then told her
that I would be coming back to soon
to check on her but she needed to
lay nice and quietly. I returned quite
quickly the first time and then began
to span it out longer until she fell
asleep. We tried to have Josie in
bed by 7.30pm with the hope that
she would be asleep by 8pm
(usually 8.30pm). She also took a
night light to bed and still does as
she used to talk about crocodiles
and monsters and scary bears in
her room when she would wake
through the night, at least now she
could see.
Soooooo……. I have spent time
researching a few things about this
and found the same things being
They are……...
36 year olds need approximately 1113 hours per day.
Children at this age generally go to
bed between 7pm and 9pm and wake
up around 6am and 8am. At 3 most
children are still napping, while at 5
most are not. Naps gradually become
shorter as well. Many preschoolers
nap during the day with naps ranging
between one and two hours. Children
often stop napping after five years of
Experts say every preschooler is
different — some kids will stick with
their nap routines from their infant
days and other kids will start to refuse
napping when they reach the preschool years. The trick is to be
consistant, stay calm and make sure
your preschooler gets at least 11
hours sleep in each 24 hour period.
Getting to Bed
Generally, a preschooler who refuses
to go to bed is a preschooler who is
overtired. Setting an
earlier bedtime or
starting quiet time
earlier on to help preschoolers transition to
bedtime might help.
Keeping them up later
does not. Remember,
you have
control over when your
child goes to bed, not
when he or she falls
asleep. If they are
unable to fall asleep
quickly the rule should
be that they are to remain lying quietly in
Establishing a Bed Time Routine
The most important thing here is to help kids develop good habits for getting
to sleep. A bedtime routine is a great way to ensure that your preschooler
gets enough sleep. Here are a few things to keep in mind when establishing
 Include a winding down period during the half hour before bedtime.
 Stick to a bedtime, alerting your child both half an hour and 10 mins
 Set fixed items for going to bed, waking up and taking naps.
 Keep consistent play times and meal times.
 Make the bedroom cozy, quiet and conducive to sleep.
 Use the bed only for sleeping—not for playing or watching TV.
 Limit food and drink before bedtime.
 Allow your child to choose which pyjama’s to wear, which stuffed animal
to take to bed etc.
 Consider playing soft, soothing music.
 Tuck your child into bed snugly for a feeling of security.
A note on Naps
Most preschoolers DO still
need naps during the day.
They tend to be very active—running around, playing and exploring their surroundings—so it’s a good
idea to give them a special
opportunity to slow down.
Even if your child can’t fall
asleep, try to set aside some
quiet time during th eday
for relaxing. The best wat to
encourage napping is to set
up a routine for your child,
just as you do for bedtime.
Your preschooler, not wanting to miss out on any of
the action, may resist a nap
but it is important to keep
the routine firm and consistant.Explain that this is
quiet time and that you
want your child to start out
in bed but that it’s ok to
play in the bedroom quietly
if he or she can’t sleep.
How long should naps lat?
For however long you feel
that your child needs to get
some rest. Usually about an
hour is sufficient. If your
child refuses nap time, don’t
worry. Kids in this age
group don’t necessarily
need a nap time every day,
but they should have a predictable down time, which
means time scheduled at the
same point in the day every
day for simple resting. Experts agree what’s most
important is to establish
sleeping routines and be
consistent. Preschoolers
thrive on schedules.
There are no real magis
cures to make your child
jump into bed every night
and go off to sleep. I think
with everything I have read,
the magic cure seems to be
consistency and the understanding that these guys are
still very little and are still
learning so much, including
how to go to sleep and
often how to stay asleep.
For me, I’m torn between th
eemotions of knowing how
hard bed time can be for
some of you and following
the rules and regulations set
out that I must legally abide
by. I need to follow the Early
Years Learning Framework
which states that I need to
offer an opportunity for all
children to rest throughout
the day.
I also need to follow regulatuions set out by the Office for Early Childhood
where it states that I am
required to have supervised
rest or sleep periods within
the program. Our centre
policy states that, with this
regulation in mind and the
ages of the children, we
encourage children to rest/
sleep. We do not force any
child to sleep and children
are not forced to stay
We will continue working
together to make bed time a
much nicer experience for
Kindy News
We have all been very busy learning to recognise shapes, colours
and opposites. We are doing this
through reading stories, art, transitioning activities and in role play.
We will continue with this throughout the year, revising and expanding our knowledge and cognitive
Our interests are very diverse and
we encourage each child to share
in activities. Cooking seems to be
the most popular or should I say
anything to do with food is popular.
We have had fun making ANZAC
biscuits (though slightly overdone
and my fault, something that my
family would attest to) we have
cooked different types of pasta
News From Preschool
Over the next few weeks...
knowledge we have of shapes,
numbers and colours and then
go from there. The children will
discover and reinforce their
understanding of who they are,
what they enjoy doing and
where they belong in their
family and within the community.
We are being introduced to a
Letterland and learning lots of
different skills through the
computers - I have made a
roster for the computers so ALL
children will have a day/week to
explore and learn. There has
been a bit of excitement in the
house with a visit from Connie
Confidence. Connie will teach
us to be brave and to try new
things – we're not afraid to
make mistakes you know!
Over the course of the year, we
will meet 5 puppet friends who
will teach us important life skills
dishes and eaten them enthusiastically, made very healthy salad
sandwiches and Lydia and the
Monday children have cooked
some traditional Serbian desserts.
What are we up to at the moment? We are concentrating on
―manners‖, saying please and
thank you when we want something done. Practicing sitting at
the meals table with our feet on
the floor something we forget to
do. keeping our is hands to ourselves and sharing with our classmates.
We have seen some very interesting shows; the Aussie Dance
along show was fantastic with Lily
and Lachlan G taking part.We
loved the Go Wild show where
almost every kindy child patted
the snake.
Florence was particularly brave
as she is really scared of snakes.
A visit from Mr David to tell us
about how to stay safe in and
around trains was fantastic and
we learnt to stay behind the yellow line.
We have lots of things planned for
the months ahead, but if you
would like to add to our program
we would love to hear from you.
You may have noticed that we
have a new red lounge in the
kindy room that you are most welcome to use. We hope you will
take the time to sit with your child,
read a story or go through their
journal with them.
Looking forward to the months
ahead. Marg and Kasey
such as confidence, resilience,
getting-along, persistence and
There will also be lots of fun
singing and dancing and playing
games incorporating phonics
where we will begin to learn our
sounds and also begin to
recognise and write our names.
There will be opportunities to
work on our confidence through
the wonderful world of drama, the
motivation and support of staff
and of course just a little bit of
craziness from time to time.
Are you excited yet?
should be, we are!
Show and Tell…
I have sent home a roster and
note explaining how this will work.
I ask that you try to keep to your
day and week as our attention
spans are quite short and added
time on the mat can be quite
distressing or as the children say
―boring.‖ Any concerns, please
see me.
On a sensitive note...
I ask if your child comes home
with something in their bag or
pocket that was NOT in there that
morning, could you please return
those items. We have some
pretty cool stuff up here in
Preschool, I know if I was a kid I'd
want it too!!
HI Ho Hi Ho it’s off to the
Post Office we go!