Acadia Region Corvette Club (ARCC)

Acadia Region Corvette Club (ARCC)
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Family ($35 / Yr)
Individual ($17.50 / yr)
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Corvette Information (It is not necessary to own a Corvette to join ARCC, but if you do, please complete)
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Additional cars may be listed on the reverse of this form.
Please complete this form and enclose the first year membership fee plus a one time $5.00 administrative fee.
The completed form can be brought to a club meeting or mailed to: Dan Bossert, Treasurer ARCC
36 Salt Pond Road
Hancock, ME 04640
Welcome to the Acadia Region Corvette Club. We look forward to getting to know you better and we hope you will
enjoy participating in as many activities as possible.
You will receive a Club Information Package, including by-laws and a club membership list with contact information for
all members.
Club meetings are smoke free and smoking is strongly discouraged at all club events.