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Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Downtown Campus
825 Euclid Avenue
Kansas City, MO 64124
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
J.A. Rogers Family Dental
6400 E. 23rd Street
Kansas City, MO 64129
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Therapeutic Intervention Center
2701 E. 31st Street
Kansas City, MO 64128
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Clay County Family Medicine & Dental Services
800 Haines Drive
Liberty, MO 64068
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Independence Family Dental
620 West 23rd Street
Independence, MO 64055
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Lafayette Family Medicine,
Dental & WIC Services
811-A South 13 Highway
Lexington, MO 64067
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Sheffield Place
6604 E. 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64126
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center
Northland Family Medicine & WIC Services
4820-A North Oak Traffic Way
Kansas City, MO 64118
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Dear Friend,
It is with great pleasure that we share with you some
highlights from the year 2012. It was a busy one for Samuel U.
Rodgers Health Center — we were able to provide care to
over 21,000 individual patients in the Kansas City area
community, thanks in part to our new and enlarged building.
We served patients of every age in need of medical, dental and
behavioral health services.
It was also a year of growth for our dental services department.
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center opened a new location adjacent
to our medical practice within the Clay County Public Health
Center in Liberty, Missouri. Demand for these services has been great; previously, the practice served
children exclusively, but it has now expanded to include adults, as well.
As you’ll see in the pages ahead, our Chronic Disease Health Care Team has grown, adding new services
that they provide to this large group of patients, most of whom have multiple health issues they are coping with.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I
— I took the one less traveled by, and
that has made all the difference.
Robert Frost
Significantly, the Health Center continued on its path to become recognized as a Patient Centered Medical
Home by the National Committee on Quality Assurance. SURHC is also on track to become a “Patient
Centered Health Home” in the state of Missouri, which requires the same organizational infrastructure.
The ultimate winner in this journey are our patients, as we focus to provide “patient centered” medical care
practiced by an experienced team of health care providers.
We also moved ahead with some internal organizational work such as surveying patients and employees
for their feedback on our environment of care. It is SURHC’s goal to be the provider and employer of choice,
and we are continuously working to create the best health care home anywhere for our patients, in addition to retaining the many quality “team members” we have on staff.
I thank you for your interest and support of Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center. We have a long and proud
history going back 45 years when our founder, Samuel U. Rodgers, MD, first opened a small health clinic
in Kansas City’s Northeast community. We’ve stayed true to our location and his mission — to provide
quality, compassionate health care to all.
Last year was full of new challenges and opportunities. Thank you for continuing to grow with us, as our
future journey unfolds. We can’t do it without you and I am humbled by your support and generosity.
Hilda Fuentes
Chief Executive Officer
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Left to Right: Mamie Hughes, Board Member Emeritus / Hilda Fuentes, SURHC CEO / Ralph Johnson, SURHC Board Chair / Harry Jonas, M.D., former SURHC Board Member / Sue Nerman, Gala Event Chair
The Beginning
of Possibilities at
Samuel U.Rodgers
Health Center
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center is more than just a place to provide quality health
care. It’s the heart of the community. The Health Center first opened its doors in
1967 as Wayne Miner Health Center; the name was changed in 1988 to honor
Samuel U. Rodgers, MD.
The Health Center now has eight locations in Kansas City, Independence, Liberty
and Lexington. It offers a full-range of medical, dental and behavioral health
services for your family — from newborns to seniors. Pharmacy, lab and digital
imaging services are also available at the Downtown Campus location.
Why We Serve is Because of Whom We Serve
It’s people who matter — our patients, men, women, children, who come to us for help. The Health Center is devoted to the
principle of providing quality medical care to all people regardless of age, race, gender, income, type of insurance or place of birth.
Our patients come from all over the world; some are newly arrived in the United States. Some do not speak English; that is why the
Health Center provides interpretation services for 33 languages at our locations. At our Downtown Campus, we have on-site
interpreters dedicated to helping facilitate the communication between patient and provider.
Providing Care in the Width and Breadth of Life
We believe that while being sick is not a pleasant experience, going to the doctor should not make one feel worse. We are dedicated
to improving our patients’ experiences at the Health Center, and focusing our efforts on becoming recognized as being “patient centered”.
We want to be a medical home for each of our patients, a place where they know they will be treated with respect and dignity.
One of our goals is to earn official recognition as a Patient Centered Medical Home, as defined by the National Committee for
Quality Assurance (NCQA). This model of care has been called “a leading model for efficient management and delivery of quality
health care services” by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation.
During the past four years, the Health Center has implemented many programs to support the endeavor such as the electronic
health records management system and online scheduling system, in addition to revising internal policies and procedures to improve the
experience of our patients. In 2012, the Health Center moved closer to achieving recognition by developing a stronger organizational
infrastructure, utilizing key staff members to help ensure a successful application to NCQA for PCMH recognition in 2013.
In our commitment to promote better health for all people, the Health Center provides services in: Adult & Senior Health,
Women’s Health, Children’s & Adolescents’ Health, Dental Health, Behavioral Health, Imaging, Pharmacy, WIC Services,
and Laboratory Services.
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Better Health • Promoting Better Health • Promoting Better Health • Promoting Better Health • Promot
Our commitment to help people live healthier lives does not stop at our door. Members of our Community
Outreach team go beyond the Health Center, into local neighborhoods, to work with community partners and
other organizations to identify underserved populations located throughout our service area. Through these
programs, we strive to educate adults and children about better practices in dental health, women’s health,
preventative health and chronic disease management. We believe that patients are more than a list of
symptoms — they are people who look to us for help
to make their lives healthier.
The Team Approach to Better Care
The patient-centered medical home model is becoming
more prevalent in the treatment of chronic conditions.
The State of Missouri enlisted select health care providers
throughout the state, as Patient Centered Health Homes for
Medicaid participants with chronic illnesses. As part of the
Missouri Home Health Initiative, the Health Center formed a
multi-disciplinary team to oversee and develop plans of care
for a specific patient population identified by Medicaid;
those include patients with at least two chronic conditions
such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and
need for weight loss, among others. An average of 315
patients are participants in this program. Providers within
the Chronic Disease Team use a unique approach which
integrates medical treatment and behavioral lifestyle
changes, to promote an improved quality of life.
Rather than a passive member, each patient is active
in his or her health care team, taking part in determining
their health goals and treatment plans. Members of the
Myron Frye, Certified Fitness Trainer, leads a group of SURHC exercise class
participants in a weekly “Get Fit & Heart Smart” fitness class at SURHC
Left to Right: Robyn McCright, Nurse Care Manager, Ellen Gary, Director
of Health Education & Prevention, Sinora Shaw, Behavioral Health
Consultant, Tammy Beeghley, Patient Care Coordinator.
provider team include Nurse Care Manager Robyn
McCright, RN, BSN; Behavioral Health Consultant Sinora
Shaw, LCSW; Care Coordinator Tammy Beeghley, and
Healthcare Home Director Ellen Gary, RN, BSN. The team
approach helps to provide the patient with a comprehensive
health plan that includes treatment, education, medication
management, meal planning, and ways to cope with
behavioral health concerns associated with chronic
disease, such as depression, stress, anxiety and
substance abuse.
Healthcare Home Director Ellen Gary, RN, BSN,
believes that much of the success of the program can
be attributed to the integration of behavioral health
into the medical setting. When a participant seems
to be struggling with his or her treatment plan, the
Behavioral Health Consultant talks with the patient
and often identifies underlying issues which
may be impeding improvement in their
quality of life.
Early Detection for Better Breast Health
Women are the heart of the family. We want to make sure that women pay
as much attention to their own health needs as they do to their family’s health.
SURHC offers a full complement of women’s health services in its Women’s
Health department — from PAP tests to prenatal care to breast health screenings.
SURHC has had remarkable success in reaching women in need of
mammograms, thanks in large part to funding which comes from Missouri’s
“Show Me Healthy Women” program and the “Susan G. Komen for the
Cure, Greater Kansas City”.
There were a total of 1,138 mammograms performed at the Health Center
in 2012 — more than any other grant-supported program in the state. Much
of the credit for success of the program goes to its Breast Health Care
Coordinator, Angie McGee. Part of McGee’s role is to see if the
Left to Right: Angie McGee, Breast Health Care Coordinator,
patient is eligible for breast screenings through one of these
Claudia Rodriguez, Dawn Allan and Telester Powell,
programs, and to follow up with the women to schedule
all former SURHC patients and breast cancer survivors.
the screening and any necessary treatment appointments.
McGee’s commitment to the patients can extend further.
In some cases, she has hand-carried a patient’s test
To The Rescue in Clay County
results to the provider where a patient was
When an existing pediatric dental practice office operated by Clay
referred; she has even been known to
County lost its dentist, the Health Center stepped in to close the gap.
Concerned that children in Liberty, Missouri would lose their low-income
accompany a patient to her treatment
clinic, the Health Center agreed to partner with the Clay County Public
appointment to provide
Health Center to keep the office open. On April 2nd, the renamed Samuel U.
additional support.
Rodgers Health Center, Clay County Family Medicine and Dental Services practice
office began operations. And, for the first time since the Clay County
Public Health Center began offering dental services in 1955,
the practice served both children and adults.
The Clay County Dental program,
and dentist Kyong-A (Kay) Kong, D.D.S.,
were welcomed by local residents. The
clinic treated 1,135 patients during the
9 months that the practice was open in
2012 — 661 children and 418 uninsured
adults. This amount almost tripled the
number of patients previously seen at the
practice in 2011.
Left to Right: Shonda Close (Dental Assistant), Dr. Kay Kong, DDS (Dentist) with a patient.
Darlene Melton (Patient Representative),
Dr. Kay Kong, DDS (Dentist), Natalie Reyburn
(Dental Assistant)
Dental Director Mike Jurkovich, DDS, said,
“The Clay County Health Department has
been a very valuable partner to Samuel U.
Rodgers in helping bring expanded dental
services to the children and uninsured, who
in the past had limited access to dental
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Better Health
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Promoting Better Hea
Health Center Highlights
Workers Receive
Needed Health Care
Every year, the population of Lafayette
County increases as migrant farm workers
arrive to help in the nearby fields and
orchards. These 300 to 500 men, women
and their children often do not have consistent
access to health care, let alone health
insurance or ongoing treatment options.
At the Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center,
Lafayette Family Medicine, Dental and WIC
Services practice office, the Migrant Farm
Workers Project helps these migrant farm
workers and their families. The Health Center
The health of every patient is assessed in order to deliver the best quality health care
works in partnership with Legal Aid of
that is specific to their individual needs.
Western Missouri, to identify the health care
needs of the workers, making arrangements for their medical and dental care. The program provides interpretation
services, transportation, and education, as well as reduced fee medical and dental services and medicines.
Grand Opening Gala
April 13, 2012 was a night to remember as Health Center supporters and community members celebrated in style.
Hosts Dianne and Emanuel Cleaver, Mamie Hughes and Event Chair Sue Nerman welcomed 350 guests to the new
facility, which opened its doors in January. The gala event, named “New Beginnings, New Dreams”, showcased
the new Downtown Campus, along with a variety of food and music from around the world. The evening was
capped off by the skillful performances of aerial acrobats.
The Migrant Farm Workers Project runs annually from August 1 through October 31, the time when the migrant
workers are in Lafayette County. A well received program with the workers, the Health Center had 120 medical
and 75 dental encounters through the Migrant Farm Workers Project in 2012.
The program changes lives. For this group of displaced people who must travel away from home and family for their
livelihood, the Health Center offers a means to have access to health care that they would otherwise do without.
Angie Coffman, Practice Manager
in Lafayette, sees many of the
migrant workers who come to the
Health Center. Coffman described
one participant, a double amputee
who could not work because of his
affliction, who received a set of
artificial legs, thanks to the help of
SURHC. This change enabled him
to become a more productive
member of his family.
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center, Lafayette Family Medicine, Dental & WIC Services facility
located in Lexington, Missouri.
Back to School Event
Back to school took on a fun meaning for children in the nearby neighborhoods when the Health Center hosted a
day-long event filled with dancers, clowns, games, health screenings and the provision of back to school supplies.
The Health Center’s Downtown Campus, in partnership with Missouri Care, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Jackson
County, Missouri, Home State Health Plan, Pinnacle Career Institute, Mattie Rhodes Center and HealthCare USA,
hosted a back to school event. Throughout the day, Health Center staff were on hand to provide health screenings
to 475 children and 638 adults; dental screenings were provided to 300 children.
A fun day for the entire family, the event featured entertainment such as Asian dancers, Casa de Fitness Kids Zumba,
the Get Up and Move Clown and vendor booths that offered information on health services available throughout
the area. As a bonus, each child who attended received a back pack with school supplies.
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Health Center Highlights
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Dr. Rodgers Legacy Park
Efforts Awarded
When SURHC moved to its new building, our previous structure was
demolished. In its place is the new Dr. Samuel U. Rodgers Legacy Park,
developed in memory of Dr. Rodgers to honor his vision of quality,
compassionate and affordable health care for all. The park, which is
open to the surrounding community, features sustainable vegetation,
native grasses and a walking path 1/8 of a mile in length.
Each year, foundations award funds in the form of grants to help notfor-profit organizations meet the growing need for quality health care.
In recent years, the competition for grants has increased. In 2012,
the Health Center was the recipient of multiple grants from local
foundations; we believe that these grants were earned in part through
our reputation to deliver quality, compassionate care to those who
need it the most.
Three of the grants that we received were:
New Relations Strengthen Ties to Local Community
As we look to how we can better care for our patients, we know that
care extends beyond our doors. We work with community partners
to help those who need help. Refugees from war-torn Somalia and
Myanmar make up a significant portion of those who turn to the Health
Center for care. Members of SURHC’s Community Outreach Department
assess health care needs in the community. Nina Howard and Amina
Mohamed met with representatives from the University of Missouri at
Kansas City (UMKC) to conduct a needs assessment in the Somali
community of Kansas City, to address barriers to health care. Other
community partners that the Health Center worked with in 2012 were:
Mattie Rhodes Center, Black Health Care Coalition, Housing Authority of Kansas City, and Charlie Parker Square.
Breastfeeding Friendly
The WIC Clinic at the Health Center was designated as “Breastfeeding
Friendly” by the Bureau of WIC and Nutrition Services at the Missouri
Department of Health & Senior Services, for the second year in a row.
The designation is in recognition of local WIC providers who offer an
optimal level of breastfeeding support. With the recognition, the Health
Center received additional funding from the Missouri Department of
Health and Human Services to support breastfeeding mothers.
• $185,000 from the Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City to help support the 9,195 pediatric
patients who received care at the Health Center in 2012. SURHC sees many children living in impoverished
areas of Kansas City. A few of the services provided included: more than 4,000 Well Child exams, and
nearly 7,000 visits for treatments of illnesses, injuries, and vaccinations. The children who received care
come from racially, culturally and ethnically diverse backgrounds, with a common thread of living in poverty.
• $100,000 from the REACH Foundation, that was used to help 827 poor and uninsured patients enroll in
pharmaceutical company programs, allowing them to obtain much needed prescription medications.
• A portion of a 3-year, $1.5 million dollar grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration,
an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The grant was awarded to create a collaborative practice to train nurse practitioners in caring for underserved populations in Kansas City, Missouri.
Funding is shared by the Health Center, the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) Schools of Nursing,
Dentistry and Pharmacy, and the Hope Family Care Center to support the expansion of existing integrated care
services at the Health Center.
The need is great.
We believe that quality health care should be available to all.
We serve low income, uninsured and underinsured individuals — those who are
not able to afford the care they must have to survive. By our side, we have
those who also believe in the vision of a healthier community for all.
Our future presents endless possibilities to help fulfill this
vision and we thank you for being a part of it!
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Balance Sheet
Statement Of Operations
As of September 30, 2012
Year Ended September 30, 2012
Operating Expenses FY2012
Revenues FY2012
Health care services
Net patient services
less provisions for
uncollectible accounts
General and administrative
Grant revenue
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Provided Services
Donors — Supporters
Foundation, Corporate & Government Contributions
Answer Kansas City
Bank of America Speas Foundation
Black Community Fund
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation
Centene Management Co.
Central Bank of Kansas City
City of Kansas City, Missouri
Commerce Bank
Community Blood Center
of Greater Kansas City
CVS Pharmacy
Drs. Accardo, Johnson & Yasso
Dunn Family Foundation
EPH Infinity Management, LLC
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Faultless Linen
Fleishman-Hillard Inc.
Greater Gilgal Prayer Fellowship
Greater Kansas City Chamber
of Commerce
Greater Kansas City Community
Greater Kansas City Foreign
Trade Zone, Inc.
H&R Block Foundation
Hallmark Corporate Foundation
Health Care Foundation of
Greater Kansas City
Health Resources &
Services Administration
Hispanic Development Fund
HJM Architects
Home State Health Plan
Isle of Capri Casino, Kansas City
It's Only Natural
Jackson County, Missouri
Jewish Heritage Foundation
KH Engineering Group PA
KK Charles Communications
Komen for the Cure of
Greater Kansas City
Linscomb Foundation
Lockton Companies, Inc.
Mattie Rhodes Center
Molina Healthcare of Missouri
Northland Health Care Access
Pawling Corporation
Pinnacle Career Institute
QC Holdings Companies
REACH Healthcare Foundation
Richard B. and Lynn M. Klein
Foundation Fund
Service Printing
State of Missouri
Swope Community Enterprises
Swope Health Services
Tension Envelope Foundation
Ten-Ten Foundation
The Cordish Group
Truman Medical Center
UMB Bank
United Way of Greater Kansas City
University of Kansas Hospital
University Physician Associates
Van Osdol & Magruder, P.C.
Wally Foundation
WB Family Offices
YMCA of Greater Kansas City
Zimmer Real Estate Services
Adult & Senior Health
Dental Health
Women’s Health
Behavioral Health
WIC Services
Children’s & Adolescents’ Health
Laboratory Services
A.J. Loscalzo
Adele Hall
Ajia Johnson
Albert Walters
Alexander Wilson
Alfred Luke
Alice Walker
Amber Weekly
Amy Mocker
Ana Venegas
Angela Coonce
Angela Hobson
Annie T. Primer
Aracely Van Kirk
Arlene Alvarez Quick
Ashton Stovall
Bertram Caruthers
Bonnie Limbird
Brenda Pelofsky
Carole Kimsay
Carole Whitaker
Carolyn Spears
Catherine Doyal
Celeste Diaz
Celestine Williams
Charles Meredith
Cheryl Kelly
Cynthia Booth
D.R. Sloan
Daniel Purdom
Daniel F. Musser
David Pruitt
Dawana Wade
Debera Howell
Debra McKenzie
Deoma Dooley
Derek Bauer
Diana Ceja
Diedre Dibal
Donald Lee
Dwayne Crompton
Edna Williams
Ellen Gary
Emanuel Cleaver
Eugene Strauss
Euna Handy
Frances Grigsby
Frank Edgar
Frank Schloegel
Gary Starr
George Barretto
George Gallegos
Georgina Gina Lile
Ginger Williams
Gresia Cabrera
Hamilton Terrell
Harry Jonas
Helen Darby
Herbert Hardwick
Herbert Harrington
Hilda Fuentes
Horace Rodgers
Ivy Simmons
James Jerrells
James Westbrook
James M. & Mary K. Hogan
Janet Stallmeyer
Janice Day
Jenel Brock
Joe Valenciano
John Dilliard
John Wilson
Jose Quiroz
Justin Leopold
Karen Meyer
Karen Prewitt
Katherine Moats
Kathy M. Perryman
Katrina Vaca
Kelvin Simmons
Kristen King-Spero
Lam Minh Phan
Larry Kleffner
Laura Hockaday
Lawrence Callaway
Lee Stanford
Leo Davis
Linda Cabrera-Lee
Linda Kneib
Linda M. Jackson
Lisa Atkins-Potts
Lisa Pelofsky
Lora Haun
Lydia Owens
Lynn Kaufman
Madelyn Randle
Mai T. England
Manuel Solano
Marcia Calvert
Maria S. Ortiz
Marilyn Gruitt
Mark Box
Marvin Lyman
Marwa Kassem
Mary Allen
Mary King
Mary Shaw Branton
Mekeia Johnson
Michael Miller
Michelle Gines
Michelle McCarty
Mila Banks
Minh Manuel
Mona Perry
Morris Hervey
Nhuong Tran
Norman Kahn
Ossie Burris
Pat Bartholome
Patricia Sanchez
Paula K. Hoffman
Phillip Burress
Phyllis A. Nelson
Rachel Covington
Ralph Caro
Ralph Johnson
Randall Ferguson
Rhonda Holman
Richard Hu
Richard Morado
Rita Blitt
Robert Eisler
Robert Skeffington
Robert Slater
Robert Theis
Robert M. Farnsworth
Roberta Dean
Rose Bryant
Ruth Ramsey
Sam Mann
Samuel Lombardo
Sarah E. Cunningham
Scott Wagner
Shannon Johnston
Sharon Bennett
Shawana West
Simon Kalish
Simon J. Kalish
Sue Crumpton
Susan Gallagher
Suzanne Allen
Sylvia West
Talva Hayes
Tanya K. Shobe
Tara Mcneills
Teresa Gomez
Thaddaus Lawrence
Theodore Williams
Thomas Mitchell
Timothy Loethen
Tom Wright
Tracy A. White
Trejo Hugo
Ursula Copeland
Vanessa Finley
Vernon Estes
Virginia & Donald Sewing
W. Filmore Haith
Walter Hiersteiner
Wanda Jones
Wendy Elliott
Wilhelmina Howard
Will McCarther
William Miller
Zachary Shubkagel
"Do not go where the
path may lead, go instead
where there is no path
and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
2012 Board of Directors
Ralph C. Johnson, MS, CPA, Chair
Steven Israelite, Vice Chair
Joseph L. Hiersteiner, Treasurer
Joe Valenciano, Assistant Treasurer
Ursula Copeland, MSW, Secretary
Farah Abdi
Robert L. Brooks
Bradley Sanchez Houseton
Charles Houseworth
Mona Lea Perry
Manuel Solano, M.D.
Jerry F. Stolov
Nhuong Tran