2015 January Kronicles webversion

2015 Issue #1 January/February
The end of one year and the beginning of the next gives us an opportunity
to see where we’ve come from and to consider where we’re headed. If
you’re anything like me and my family, you may have felt like you stumbled
across the finish line of 2014 into the promised land of a few days of rest
and replenishment. Well, now it’s January and we’re back in the race. Hello
Blended and Contemporary
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JOY (over 55 group)
Potluck Lunch
Tuesday, Jan.13 12pm
Alex MacLeod
The Gathering Place
(women’s ministry)
Thursday, Jan. 15 9:30am
Lead Pastor
Men’s Ministry
Saturday, Jan. 31 at 8am
Single Service and KPC
Sunday, Feb 8 10am
Dr. John Bowen
Thursday, Feb.12 7pm
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In this issue:
Pastor Alex
But God always gives us a bigger picture to look forward to. He invites to
trust in his overarching plan rather than to be preoccupied by the twists
and bends in the road which may perturb us and the rare stretches that
give us a breather, like Christmas holidays.
Paul writes in Ephesians: “In Christ, we were chosen, having been predestined according to
the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will…”
He’s saying that we’ve been chosen for a purpose that God promises will be fulfilled. Over
and over again, Paul repeats his message, using two words: “In Christ”. We’re not on our
own; we’re not lost; it’s not random. God is working out his will through his people and
he’s brought us together as his church.
When I look back at how God’s word showed up in the preaching last year, two themes
predominate. In the first part of 2014, we soaked up the Apostle’s Creed: the truth of
sound doctrine rooted in a biblical understanding of the basics of Christian faith. Who is
God and what has he done? The Apostle’s Creed is the most historic answer to those
questions. Then in the second half of the year, we considered how that truth plays out in
relationships: first, in Christian friendship and then through Metanoia: the life-changing
power of the Gospel of grace which we receive through Jesus Christ. In Philippi and in
Athens, the apostle Paul invited others to repent and believe in Jesus and to come together in Christ as the church.
It seems only right, then, that we should start the New Year with a collective identity
check that brings together those two themes – God’s truth and his call to enter into lifechanging relationships by his grace. On Jan.11th, we begin a new sermon series entitled
“Our True Identity: In Christ, Together, as His Church.” We’ll be working our way
through the book of Ephesians; really, we’ll be picking up where we left off at the end of
November right before Advent & Christmas.
On that Sunday, Nov.30th, many of us gathered in each other’s homes to enjoy fellowship
over a meal. The letter Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus was intended to guide Christians meeting in each other’s homes, like Lydia’s house in Philippi, – to root them IN
CHRIST and then to send them out in the power of the Holy Spirit to share God’s love
with the world. May the Lord show us his plan for us at Kortright in 2015 as, together, we
take our cue from his word and trust in his good purposes.
From Kenn Oke with Avant Ministries in Spain:
Finance Committee
2014 end of year
Total Expenses 468,000
Total Receipts 469,000
I've been asked to take on a Vice-president position within Avant. So,
starting Jan. 1, 2015 my official title will be Vice-president of Field Ministries. Basically, that means that I will be overseeing Avant's missionaries in Western Europe and the Americas, (there is another VP who
oversees Avant's work in the E. Europe, Africa, and Asia). I'll also be a part of Avant's executive team that provides direction for the mission.
on page 3)
Men’s Ministry
This is great news and we
praise God for His faithfulness and thank you the
people of KPC for your
response to the appeal
made in December and
your support in the financial needs of the
church. December was a
much better month and
allowed us to close a fairly
significant gap. More review and details will come
as part of the Annual Financial Report and meeting that will take place on
Sunday, February 8.
The 2015 Budget will be
presented at that time and
so we encourage
your attendance and participation in that meeting. Session and Finance
will present some exciting
developments around capital expenditures (including
parking lot improvements)
and a special givings campaign in support of those
Praise God From Whom
All Blessings Flow!
Dennis G., on behalf of
the Finance Committee
Leadership Team Profile
For the next several issues of the Kronicles, members of the Men’s Ministry leadership team will be
sharing a brief profile of themselves and their thoughts on working in men’s ministry.
It’s been an honour and privilege to become part of the leadership team within the KPC
Men’s Ministry over the past year, and it fits well with my philosophy of
always being the student and the teacher as a man of integrity, loving
Husband, Father and Son.
The opportunity resonated with me particularly with my wish to develop a stronger relationship with God, and also empower other Men to
the same on their journey through the challenges and opportunities we
I have a vision to become a Christian Voice for the importance of building God’s kingdom,
and my greatest desire within our Ministry is to see Men walk with Jesus, and help KPC be
everything Jesus dreamed it to be.
And, it’s always enlightening to spend time around other Christian men on the same path,
having fun, laughs and getting projects done together; always around some great food and
beverages of course.
The greatest joy in my life is my family. I’m married to my awesome wife Cassandra and have
an amazing daughter and son-in-law Natasha and Chris, and a wonderful and loving Mother-in
-law Lynda too.
As I continue my journey to have a greater Godly impact, and live with integrity, I hope to
foster the discipleship of other Men at KPC and within our community.
Looking forward to a great year ahead.
Phil McA.
Upcoming Events
Jan 31 @ 8am - Saturday Morning Breakfast - Start your Saturday off right with delicious food
followed by a guest speaker. Steve Taylor will be sharing a personal testimony and about his
interest in mission trips.
Feb 17 @ 9pm - Men at the Outpost - A live video stream of the next Ransomed Heart event
hosted by John Eldredge. John Eldredge is an author, a counselor, and a teacher.
Mar (TBA) - Movie Night - Come out for an interesting movie and some meaningful discussion afterwards. We’ll have popcorn too.
JOlder Youth
Join KPC’s Over 55 group Christmas Potluck lunch is Tuesday, Jan.
13 at 12pm. Dr. Lisa Lazarus OD, will be speaking on Eye Care and
health. Along with Dr. Lazarus we will have Jim Sanders share the work of the Lion's
Club in supporting the Seeing Eye van in Northern Ontario.
New faces always welcome.
(Continued from page 2)
This will add more to my
workload, but I have an
excellent group of leaders
in Europe that I'll be delegating some of my current
responsibilities to. I also
have a stellar couple who
have been Regional Directors for the Americas and
will continue in
this role. The new position is actually quite similar
to the kinds of things that
we've been involved in as
European Directors but
with a broader scope
(adding a few more continents). The plan is to continue on in Spain, which
allows us to be closer to
many of the missionaries
that we're leading.
As always, we appreciate
your prays as we take on
more responsibility and
continue to learn how best
to glorify God in the ministry that he's given us,
Please pray for Kenn with the
new responsibilities as he
RSVP: Greta A.
‘The Gathering Place’
for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20
Email Kareena & Carolyn at
[email protected]
Happy New Year lovely ladies! Looking forward to welcoming you back on Thursday
mornings for Food, Friendship and Faith at the Gathering Place beginning January 15 at
9:30am. We are so fortunate to be welcoming Rosetta DelMonte as our guest speaker
that morning who will be speaking on nourishment and transformation in our faith. It will
be a great kick off to the New Year together. Please join us and bring a friend!
Also, if you are interested in an upcoming women’s event, please consider this amazing opportunity. The Greater Toronto Spiritual Life Convention is welcoming guest speaker Jill
Briscoe - Minister at Large for Elmbrook Church, Wisconsin - to the Peoples Church in
Toronto. Jill was born in England and found Christ when she was 18 years old. She has
authored over 40 books including devotionals, study guides, poetry and children's
books. She is a passionate speaker and leader and will nurture and challenge your faith on
this morning designed for women, Sat. Jan.17 at 9:30am. This is a FREE event with child
care provided upon registration. For more information visit:
www.GreaterTorontoSpiritualLife.com Perhaps carpooling from KPC is an option if a number
of us interested in attending. Do let us know...
expands the scope of gifts of
See you January 15th!
leadership God has given to
Carolyn - for the GP team
Alex M., on behalf of the
Missions Committee
Acts 16:22-34
"The Jailer's Daughter"
By Terry St.Denis-Clark
i sit in shock as i watch my father
wash the bleeding backs
of two dirty jews
in our house.
they have tricked him into thinking
he is a kind man.
he beats prisoners
he beats everything
this father i know.
i have heard that the god of the jews
does this to people
changes their thinking
tricks people.
i am confused
my father is a man of action
not of mind and emotion
yet he speaks tonight of
fear and trembling
Freedom from chains
and unseen.
my whole family has betrayed me.
i will listen no more.
we sit to eat.
my father prays
with tears running down
his scarred face
he prays, not to our roman gods
but to this god he calls
i am shocked.
what god would allow
so personal a name?
a name of flesh not of spirit
vulnerable not strong
a god able to be spurned
and hurt
a god who has let its' guard down
made itself
they speak of this "father" god
i start to cry.
i get up quickly
help my mother prepare
this great meal my father has requested
for his new
my dream is exposed.
i can take no more
crying i run from the table.
i am scared.
my father opens my door
i can't let him see.
my hope
my pain
the longing for my father to be
all i see tonight.
even after he would beat me
i would dream of him to return
bandage my wounds
hold me tightly as he cried.
"who could have done this?"
i am changing.
the words of these jews
floating around our house tonight
are tricking me.
they seep too easily
like wine into your heart
heating it
moving it.
i am angry.
they are all weak
believing the lies of these
dirty hebrews
and their god of love.
i wait for the back of his hand
conditioned to wait.
he wipes the tears
from my burning face
i hesitate to trust.
"forgive me?" he whispers
my dream could never allow
this acknowledgment of wrong.
i look into his eyes
he has changed.
i feel.
the presence of this hebrew god,
fills my room
my father
my heart
"Father God”
i approach.