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Home Safety
Drop-Side Crib Ban, Safety Baby Showers:
New Location and Information Sessions
SIPP Staff Offers Prevention
Motor Vehicle Safety
Drive Smart Challenge Kicks Off New
Semester, Teens and Parents Learn About
Safe Driving at Hands-On Event
Mark Your Calendar
CPS Certification Class
Searcy, AR
(501) 364-2478
CPS Certification Class
Newport, AR
(501) 364-2478
CPS Certification Class
Hope, AR
(501) 364-2478
Safety Baby Shower Information
Getting Ready for Baby:
Safety Baby Shower
Spring 2011 Special Delivery: Training
of Trainers for Safety Baby
For more information, contact
Alison Rose at [email protected] or
(501) 364-3414.
This year’s National Burn Awareness
Week, taking place Feb. 6-12, focuses
on scald prevention. A scald is a
burn from hot liquid or steam. Sixty
percent of all scald injuries happen
to children ages 0-4. Help prevent
scalds in your home by following the
tips below.
In the Kitchen:
• Keep children at least three feet
from hot appliances, pots, pans,
or food.
• Avoid using tablecloths, runners,
or anything a child can pull on
and cause hot food to spill.
• When cooking, use back burners
and keep pot handles turned toward the back of the stove.
• Never hold a child when cooking or carrying something hot.
• Test and stir all food before serving children to make sure it is cool enough to eat.
• Watch children closely when they are in or near the kitchen.
In the Bathroom:
• Set your hot water heater thermostat to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
• Test the bath water with your elbow or a bath water thermometer before bathing children.
• Watch kids closely when they are in or near the bath. Keep a hand on infants at all times.
Visit to learn more about scald
prevention and National Burn Awareness Week.
Source: Safe Kids
Spring 2011
Child passenger safety seat checks
Arkansas Children’s Hospital. For
more information or to schedule an
appointment call (501) 364-3370.
Partners in Prevention
The Injury Prevention Center would like to recognize the adolescent medicine faculty and staff at
Arkansas Children’s Hospital as a Partner in Prevention for their work with sports-related traumatic
brain injuries. They recently were rewarded a Blue and You Foundation grant to increase awareness,
recognition, and appropriate treatment for these injuries within the formation of the Concussion
Clinic at ACH. Their focus on traumatic brain injuries treatment and prevention comes at a time
when sports-related concussions are gaining national attention for their severity. Thank you to Dr.
Darrell Nesmith, Dr. Brian Hardin, and the rest of the adolescent medicine group for their work in
treating and preventing adolescent traumatic brain injuries. For more information on these types of
injuries, visit or contact the Concussion Clinic at (501) 364-1601.
Thank you for supporting the Injury Prevention Center at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Contact us for more information or to subscribe to The Moment:
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Home Safety
New Resources
AT&T Texting and Driving
Documentary and NOYS Tool Kit
AT&T has released a 10-minute documentary, “The
Last Text,” highlighting the dangers of texting and
driving as part of its “It Can Wait” campaign. The
video is available at
pid=2964 and is intended for use by schools, safety
organizations, and government agencies. The
National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS)
has developed the NOYS Community Viewing
Tool Kit as a complement to the documentary. The
tool kit features the video, resources for school and
community leaders, surveys for teens and adults,
and template materials. The tool kit is available at
Starting in June of this year, the manufacturing and sale of drop-side cribs will be
illegal in the United States. This includes the sale of second-hand drop-side cribs
online or by consignment shops. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
decided on the ban after releasing over 18 recalls involving more than 9 million cribs
within the last five years. Drop-side cribs have a tendency to be less structurally sound
than fixed-sided cribs, and their hardware is more likely to break or warp under
normal use. When the hardware breaks or warps, the drop side can come loose in one
or more corners from the crib. A child can become trapped between the loose side and
the mattress and suffocate. They can also be strangled in the “V” shape formed by a
drop side that comes loose in an upper corner. Day care centers and hotels have two
years to replace their drop-side cribs.
For more information on the ban, visit the CPSC’s web site devoted to the drop-side
crib ban and other crib safety issues – The site also has an
extensive list of crib recalls and offers information on immobilizer kits.
Safe Kids has launched a new driving program
directed at 11-14 year olds and their parents.
Countdown2Drive encourages parents and
their young teens to start talking about safe,
responsible driving before teens get behind
the wheel. The program offers talking points
for parents and teens, links to local licensing
laws, and a driving contract for both parents and
teens. Countdown2Drive can be accessed at
Safe Kids and You Online
Safe Kids has created an online community for
parents, caregivers, and educators. Members
are encouraged to share advice on creating safe
environments for kids and to bring attention to
current events surrounding unintentional injuries.
Visit to sign up.
The National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies
Coalition (HMHB) offers a free mobile information
service for expectant and new mothers. Pregnant
women who sign up for the service receive a weekly
message with health information timed with their
due date. Once their children are born, the messages
continue with advice and tips for raising healthy
children. Women may sign up by texting BABY
(or BEBE for Spanish) to 511411. Learn more by
Arkansas Children’s Hospital is partnering with the UAMS Delta Area Health
Education Center/Chicot Memorial Hospital and the Chicot County Health Unit of
the Arkansas Department of Health to host Safety Baby Showers in Chicot County
beginning in late spring. Shower participants will learn how to keep their babies safe
at home and on the go, covering such topics as home safety, safe sleep for infants,
Shaken Baby Syndrome, and child passenger safety.
Interested in learning more about
Safety Baby Showers and how to
host them in your community?
The Injury Prevention Center is
holding a series of information
sessions for those organizations
wishing to learn more about
hosting Safety Baby Showers.
Sessions will cover these and
other topics:
Acquiring necessary financial and human resources
Engaging referral sources
Delivering shower content
Evaluating efforts
An information session held in December 2010 is available for viewing online at To be added to the invitation list for future sessions to be held in 2011,
please contact Alison Rose at [email protected] or (501) 364-3414.
The Moment
Motor Vehicle Safety
The IPC has a new in-house partner in injury prevention.
Developed with a grant from the Arkansas Department of
Health, the Arkansas Statewide Injury Prevention Program
(SIPP) will serve as a resource center for trauma centers and
emergency medical services around the state. These entities are
encouraged to use the SIPP staff for support as they provide
prevention services in their communities as part of the state’s
trauma system. Professional opportunities for clinical and nonclinical staff connected to injury prevention are also available.
The SIPP staff includes:
Gary Ragen – SIPP Coordinator
Ravina Daphtary – Professional Education Coordinator
Megan Frederick-Usoh – Home Safety Analyst
Nichetra Magee – Intentional Injury Analyst
Lacye Vance – Recreational Safety Analyst
Amy Witherow – Motor Vehicle Safety Analyst
Six Pulaski County high
schools are participating in
the Arkansas Drive Smart
Challenge this semester.
The Challenge is a student
designed and led program
aimed at increasing seat belt
use and decreasing driver
cell phone use among high
school students. Teams from Teen Driving Coordinator Olivia Wilson works
each school will hold a series with teams at a training session held in January.
of activities to raise awareness about safe driving with the goal that
these behaviors improve by the end of the semester. The schools
competing this semester include Little Rock Christian Academy,
McClellan High School, Mills High School, Mount St. Mary
Academy, Parkview High School, and Pulaski Academy. Funding
for the Challenge comes from The Allstate Foundation.
To learn more about SIPP and its resources, contact Gary
Ragen at [email protected] or (501) 364-3434.
To learn more about the Challenge, contact Olivia Wilson at
[email protected] or (501) 364-4387.
Motor Vehicle Safety
The Injury Prevention Center partnered with Russell Chevrolet this
January to educate teenagers and their parents on the importance of
safer teen driving. The event, held at Russell Chevrolet, focused on using
seat belts, limiting nighttime driving, and eliminating distractions while
driving, including cell phones and other teen passengers.
IPC staff members were on hand to speak to parents and
teens about their specific driving concerns. Parents were
encouraged to become familiar with the risks and laws
associated with teen drivers and were given tips on how
to set driving rules within their households. Teens were
able to practice their safe driving skills on a closed course and had
the chance to win a $50 gas gift card. Parents and teens interested
in learning more about teen driving can find the “Drive By the Rules.
Keep the Privilege.” program on Facebook or may visit the IPC’s teen
driving page at
For more information about the event, contact Holly Jones Choate at
[email protected] or (501) 364-4940.
Top: Jonathan Cupples from RADIOS (Racers Against Drag Racing Illegally
On the Streets) fits Jonathan Crook from Jacksonville with a neck brace.
Right: Miss Teen Metro Raygan Sylvester promotes safe teen driving.
1 Children’s Way, Slot 512-26
Little Rock, AR 72202
(501) 364-3400