Hunter shot on last day of season

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shot on
last day
of season
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
Local Nine Year Old Giving Love to the Unloved
Primary Investigating
Officer: CPO Hall
A hunting incident occurred on
615 Old Foot Pass Rd, in King
William County last Saturday.
The victim, Kenneth Corbin
Green age 41, of Hanover County,
was walking through a cutover at
the conclusion of the last hunt of
the last day of the general firearms
season when he was shot.
A guest, Sylvester Troy Brown
age 52, of Richmond was walking
along the cutover on a timber road
with two hunt club members and
heard the sound of breaking limbs
adjacent to his location. He then
positioned himself in front of the
sound, raised his shotgun saw
movement and fired once striking
the victim in both of his legs at a
distance of about 49 feet.
Green was transported by Med
Flight to VCU/MCV Medical
Center and is in critical but stable
with life threatening injuries.
The hunting incident is currently
under investigation
Birthday Donations to the Essex County Animal Shelter
By Melissa Cleaton Shearwood
For the third year in a row nine year old Lydia Shearwood has
made a large donation to the Essex County Animal Shelter. Each
year, as an alternative to birthday gifts for her December birthday,
she has requested that friends and partygoers bring donations for
the homeless cats and dogs instead of toys and clothes for herself.
Over the years she has delivered countless dog and cat toys, litter,
beds, blankets, towels, all types of cat and dog food and treats
galore. A special donation this year came from Bennett Mineral
Company in King William. After hearing about Lydia’s request
from Facebook and with the help of employee Walter Helms and
his wife, Carol, Paul Bennett, owner of Bennett Mineral, donated
an entire pallet of cat litter from his company. Not only did he
donate it on behalf of Lydia’s birthday, he has committed to
donating cat litter whenever the shelter is in need. Needless to say,
Lydia was very excited and grateful for this donation from Mr.
Bennett and she wants everyone to know that each donation is
special to her knowing it will benefit the pets at the shelter.
Please see page 7.
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Brightwell retires from EVB
By Florence Cooke
After sixteen years with EVB, Evelyn
(Kay) Brightwell retired on December 31,
2014. A reception was held in her honor
on Tuesday, December 30th with friends,
family, customers and EVB retirees coming to say good bye. She began her career
as a teller at the now closed Aylett branch
and moved to the Central Garage location.
“I don’t have any definite plans right
now. I am looking forward to taking one
day at a time. I have family in other states
and now I can visit more often. I will
miss all my friends, customers and bank
Greg Noel, Branch Manager stated, “Kay
has been an integral part of the Central
Garage EVB family and she will be dearly
missed. We wish her a happy and enjoyable retirement.”
W e d n e s d a y ,
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Publisher’s Message
A new year is here, this is the time to have a new goal to move toward.
It can be something simple or something more ambitious. When you
have a reason to get going in the morning, even if it’s to your place of
employment or to volunteer your time or to help a family member or
friend, it gives you a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. We are at
our best when we can be of service to those who need help from time to
time, without expecting any thing in return. Don’t look to others to
make you happy, you have the ability to do this yourself. Think of all
the things you love and what is good in your life this will move you
toward feeling more happiness. Make this year a great year, there is no
reason why it can’t be.
Friends, family, & customers came by to say goodbye.
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A 117 Year
Tradition of Caring
8014 Lee Davis Road, Mechanicsville ●746-8665
Bennett Funeral Home was established in 1897 to serve the needs of
Richmond families. Since then, this locally owned and operated business has continued to serve the community with its unique combination of caring and convenience.
This tradition of excellence can be seen in the four beautiful chapels located throughout the Richmond area: centrally located on Cutshaw Avenue in the
city, on Broad Street Road past Innsbrook, serving the Hanover-Mechanicsville
area on Lee-Davis Road and Chesterfield Chapel on Ashbrook Pkwy. in Chesterfield. All four facilities are under the personal direction of Charles D. Morehead,
In a time of need, you can turn to Bennett Funeral Home with trust and
confidence. It serves families of all faiths with personal service, before, during,
and after. There is a long tradition of professionalism and caring.
One way in which Bennett cares for families, is by offering a convenient
and personalized pre-need program. Through this program pre-need planning, you
can spare your loved ones the burden of making decisions at an emotional time.
Call Bennett Funeral Home at 746-8665 to schedule a pre-planning consultation.
funeral home
Caring Since 1897
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Letters to the Editor
like to share a few reminders with the
citizens of King William and King &
Queen counties. The Shelter houses
stray and surrendered animals from
both counties, whether Animal Control
picks them up or citizens bring them
in. If you are missing a pet (dog, cat,
rabbit, goat, horse, bird, etc.) your first
step should calling both your local animal shelter and animal control offices,
as animal control operates under the
Sheriff’s Department and has different
reports than the animal shelter. While
many people are on social media, not
everyone thinks to look for their pets
or post lost or found pets there, especially if they don’t actively use social
media accounts. As soon as your pet
goes missing or you’ve found a pet,
start making phone calls! The longer
you wait to file a lost report, the less
likely your chance of finding your pet.
It’s better to have to call the shelter to
cancel your lost report after a few days
if you find the pet than it is to have to
Dear Editor,
keep your report active for days or
New Year, Same Reminders About weeks to call the shelter only to find
that your pet was there but without a
As the New Year is just beginning, lost pet alert, had already been
the Regional Animal Shelter would adopted. Please also consider what a
Dear Editor,
On behalf of our local King William
Girl Scout Troop, we want to give a
special Thank You to The King William Ruritans. They went above and
beyond to help us with a benefit dinner
for a family within our troop. They
not only donated all the food to our
cause, they also donated quite a bit of
time, effort, and use of their building.
We couldn’t have done it without Mr.
Steve Sykes and his many assistants.
All their hard work is greatly appreciated. We are blessed to have an organization like the Ruritans who give
so much back to our community.
We would like to thank the community for coming out to support a wonderful cause and to Italian Kitchen in
Mechanicsville for their donation of
fresh baked bread.
We cannot thank everyone enough.
Troop 53
dog could have gone through while
lost. Keep in mind that while they are
missing, they are not getting adequate
food, water, shelter, parasite treatment,
etc, rather than assuming the pet isn’t
well taken care of. Or that their collar
may have fallen off, rather than thinking the owners didn’t care enough to
put a collar on the pet.
Recently there has been a lot of speculation about someone possibly stealing
dogs within the counties. If you believe your pet was stolen or see suspicious activity, you need to first call
your local Sheriff’s Department and
then your local animal shelter. Although it is very important for pets to
wear some form of identification, you
should not solely rely on a collar with
a tag to bring your pet home. Collars
have been known to fall off or pull off
of animals, or someone may remove
your pet’s collar. Microchips are a
great idea, as long as your pet is picked
up by animal control who have the
scanners. However, if your pet is found
by a citizen that decides to keep your
pet until they find an owner, they may
not know anything about microchips.
You should also check with surround-
ing counties, as dogs and cats like to
wander. There have been instances
where the pet has gotten picked up by
someone passing through that took it to
an animal shelter in another county.
Everything gets a little hectic and you
get worried when you lose a pet, so
please keep in mind that it happens to
other people too, hence the reason to
report a found pet.The Regional Animal Shelter also has many other tips
that may help you find your lost pet.
Regional Animal Shelter 804-7694983
King William Animal Control/
Sheriff’s Dept 804-769-0492
King & Queen Animal Control/
Sheriff’s Dept 804-785-7400
Letters to the Editor
We welcome signed letters to the editor.
Each letter must carry the writers signature,
full valid address, and daytime phone number.
We reserve the right to edit for accuracy,
brevity, clarity, legality, and taste. We do not
guarantee that every letter received will be
published. Letters reflect the opinions and
positions of the writers and not The Country
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C o u n t r y
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Equine Talk Sponsored by:
360 Hardware and T-Town Tack
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Bennett Mineral Company Annual Christmas
Dinner and Award Ceremony
The Hearing
By Allen Brintley and “Pip”
We hope everyone had a wonderful
Christmas and Santa Claus filled your
stockings with lots of goodies. Pip’s
stocking was filled with apples. She
must have been a very good girl this
past year because she loves apples. The
weather has been up and down lately.
I’m not complaining because I know it
is winter. I think of Pip with her thick
winter coat and the crazy temperatures.
I’ll spend a little extra time and brush
her down real good all over. I know Pip
enjoys that because she will stand there
relaxed on three legs with one back leg
tipped up and lick on the hitching rail
for as long as I want to brush her.
I enjoy the holidays because all my
family can get together and tell some
old stories and tales and everyone can
have a good laugh. Some of them I can’t
repeat. There is one about Mom and
Dad that I can share.
Awhile back, Dad and I were talking
and he said “I think Mom’s hearing is
going bad.” I told him that I hadn’t
noticed but maybe he should take her to
have it tested. The next afternoon Dad
had the bright idea of performing his
own hearing test on Mom. She was at
the kitchen sink with her back to him
and he was all the way on the other side
of the living room watching her. He
spoke up and asked “Mom, what’s for
supper?” He didn’t get any response
from her so he moved a little closer and
repeated it. “Mom, what’s for supper?”
She kept right on working and never
flinched. He moved just inside the
kitchen and asked again “Mom, what’s
for supper?” Still, no response. He got a
little closer and said “Mom, what’s for
supper?” He still got no response from
her so he walked right up behind her and
asked “Mom, what’s for supper?” She
turned around and glared at him and
said “Charlie, for the fifth time,
Dad still won’t admit that he’s the one
losing his hearing. You can call me at
690-7870 or email me at
[email protected] I’ll see
you on the trails.
Bennett Mineral Company, located on
1560 Rosemount Road near Walkerton,
celebrated their employees’ years of service and perfect attendance on December
12, 2014 at their annual Christmas dinner
at Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant in Tappahannock. A cocktail hour and delicious
holiday dinner preceded the award ceremony in Lowery’s banquet hall. Employees and their guests, as well as special
guests of the company, were in attendance. Fellowship and friendship was enjoyed by over 80 guests.
Honored for their years of service with
Bennett Mineral Company were Curtis
Baker (5 years of service), Vernell Cosby
and John Johnson (each with 10 years of
service), and Gloria Holmes and Teresa
Perkins (each with 20 years of service).
Each employee received a plaque and a
monetary award for their dedication. In
addition, Lawrence Dean, Lorenzo Lopez
and Claudia Martinez were recognized for
their achievement of perfect attendance in
2014. They each received a day off with
pay to use in 2015.
At the conclusion of the dinner and
award ceremony, drawings were held for
an assortment of gifts and gift cards for 8
lucky employees.
Bennett Mineral Company would like to
wish you and yours a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year!
J a n u a r y
7 ,2 0 1 5
T h e
C o u n t r y
Jones Resigns as Superintendent
of King and Queen Schools
A c c e p t s
Effective June 30
The King and
Count y
resignation of Dr.
Stanley B. Jones
Stanley B. Jones
effective June 30,
2015. Dr. Jones has served as superintendent
of schools since August 1, 2013. Chairman,
Joseph R. Williams solicited a motion to accept
the resignation of Dr. Stanley B. Jones as
superintendent of schools effective June 30,
2015. The motion was seconded and the board
voted unanimously to accept the resignation.
Jones’ resignation was unexpected but is not a
reflection of any problems with his leadership
or his relationship with the School Board or
school community. During his tenure, Jones
has been highly visible in the schools,
community events, and churches. Several
notable accomplishments can be cited during
his tenure including: the expansion of dual
enrollment courses at Central High School, the
addition of a thriving carpentry program, the
improvement of reading scores as measured by
student Lexile performance at all schools, a
significant reduction in discipline suspensions,
greater parental involvement, the expansion of
afterschool programs, improved graduation
rates, and improved oversight of fiscal
protocols (including grant reimbursements),
the reduction of school division
expenditures by $750,000 or 7.5%.
At the close of the meeting. Jones thanked the
Board and the public for their support during
his tenure as superintendent of schools. He
explained that the decision is not the result of
any dissatisfaction with his performance as the
chief executive officer for schools.
commented that the Board has led with both
their “heart and head” and that he was thankful
for the opportunity to serve the community as
superintendent. Jones did not indicate that he
has had accepted employment with another
school division.
Jones commented that the FY16 budget will
be developed with an emphasis on what is best
for students regarding instructional and
programmatic needs. He expressed some
disappointment about deliberate efforts by at
least a handful of citizens to discredit the
school divisions’ leadership by focusing on
rhetoric that is misleading and accusatory.
Jones stated that the school division record of
success over the last 18 months is clear. “We
have gotten better and our record of
improvement speaks for itself”, stated Jones.
Fourth Grade Goes to Jamestown
C o u r i e r
p a g e
KW Supervisors Board Meeting
By Gene Campbell
Monday, December 15th, King William
Social Services Director Ann Mitchell (far
right) presented retiring staff member
Brenda Shew (far left) with a resolution of
appreciation for her 30 years of service in
the Social Services field (14 of those years
spent in King William) as King William
Social Services Board Chairman Brenda
Clements (center) looks on.
Notice is hereby given that the King William County
Administrator will hold a public meeting to receive citizen input
on the proposed FY 15-16 Budget on January 20, 2015, at 7:00
p.m. in the Board Meeting Room at the King William County
Administration Building, located at 180 Horse Landing Road,
King William, VA.
Fourth grade students tried to dig a garden with a wooden post experiencing how hard this was
to accomplish without the technology we have today.
By Lisa Herring, 4th Grade Teacher Acquinton Elementary School's fourth grade students took a
field trip to the Jamestown settlement in Williamsburg. They were able to bring to life all of the
information they have been studying so hard in class. They were able to walk around a re-creation
of the Jamestown fort and enjoy the island where the first English settlers landed. Students loved
getting to board ships like the Susan Constant, Godspeed, and the Discovery. It was an amazing
day for our fourth graders as they were able to bring history to life!
All interested persons are invited to attend.
Daniel M. Stuck
Interim County Administrator
P a g e
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
J a n u a ry
7 ,
2 0 1 5
(left to right) Coach Howard Hill, Austin Simons, Jacob Jones, Camajae Peatross,
Head Coach Dylan DeHart, and knelling is Athletic Director Dan Jones
By Gene Campbell
It was a thriller and a game of spectacular catches... but it came down to a
goal line stand as the North All Stars
stopped the South All Stars two point
conversion attempt after they scored a
touchdown with 28 seconds left to win
the Second Annual Big River Rivalry
Football Game 28 - 27 at Randolph
Macon College in Ashland on Dec
20. The game sponsored by the Richmond Touchdown Club pitted the best
players from high schools North of the
James River and South of the River.
Three seniors from King William
High School were selected to play for
the North All Stars and they made a
lasting impression on the fans in attendance.
Quarterback Jacob Jones,
Tight End Austin Simons, and Cornerback Camajae Peatross all saw action
in the game with Peatross making a
key interception in the second half for
the North. Athletic Director Dan
Jones, Head Coach Dylan DeHart, and
Assistant Coach Howard Hill were in
attendance along with a loyal base of
fans as they all beamed with pride
with the play of the King William
Quarterback Jacob Jones #4 rolls out of the pocket
Cornerback Camajae Peatross #5 makes key interception
J a n u a r y
7 ,2 0 1 5
T h e
C o u n t r y
Nine Year Old Giving Love to the Unloved,
Continued from front page
Lydia and her mother have put in countless
hours at the shelter this year cleaning, feeding
and socializing both cats and dogs, among
other jobs. Lydia’s specialty is taming feral,
hurt or scared kittens and cats, socializing puppies and exercising the dogs. She has grown up
with dozens of pets and is very familiar and in
tune to their behaviors for her age. She has
numerous cats and dogs, a bearded dragon, a
sugar glider and a pair of crested geckos to
keep her company at home.
Lydia, a third grader at Tappahannock Junior
Academy in Tappahannock, would prefer to
skip school and spend time at the shelter any
day of the week. She spent the majority of her
summer vacation and Thanksgiving break volunteering there and during Christmas break
too. Lydia is the daughter of Todd and Melissa
Cleaton Shearwood and the granddaughter of
Dick and Gloria Shearwood and the late Willie
and Cathy Cleaton, all of Tappahannock.
The Essex County Animal Shelter staff consisting of Animal Control Officer John Lee,
Acting Manager Mark Counts and Luanne
Turner make up a strong team. The trio has
done an amazing job with the shelter in 2014
after having to overcome some pretty huge
obstacles earlier this year. They are always
looking for volunteers to wash towels, bedding
and food bowls, do general cleaning, sweeping
and mopping, keeping food, toys and snacks
stocked. Most importantly socializing all of the
pets to ready them for adoptions or transfers to
rescue groups that will place them in loving
homes. They especially need volunteers for
teaching dogs basic commands and training
them to walk on a leash and to feel safe around
people. Transport drivers and volunteers are
always needed to take the dogs and cats to pet
adoption stands in the Richmond area and to
transport them to rescue groups, foster homes
or medical care.
Adoption volunteers Ellen Shifflett and Sarah
Wynne do an amazing, selfless job at finding
rescue groups to take pets from the Essex
County Shelter and to also find loving homes
for them as well. As volunteers, Shifflett and
Wynne have worked with 21 new rescue
groups and countless families this year that
have rescued pets from the Essex Animal Shelter. They have also done fundraising to raise
money for pets that are in need of medical
attention, such as raising money for heartworm
treatment, tumor removal and other illnesses
and ailments. This way the pets leave with a
clean bill of health. All of the shelter employees have gone above and beyond their duties as
well and have invested countless volunteer
hours into caring for and assisting in moving
homeless pets from the shelter. Networking
and internet posts play a huge part in this too
and assistance is always needed. All of these
people, as well as the many volunteers, have
joined together and now work like a well oiled
machine, committed to move the animals from
the shelter so that few as possible are euthanized. They each deserve great praise for their
hard work and countless hours of volunteer
work they put in to saving all the lives of these
wonderful pets. Because of these joint efforts,
the Essex County Animal Shelter has gained a
wonderful reputation around the state, not only
with fellow shelters but dozens of rescue
groups statewide for their commitment to placing animals whenever possible instead of unnecessarily euthanizing them.
Lydia asks that you please consider donating
to your local animal shelter, volunteering, becoming a foster parent or better yet adopting an
unwanted pet. There is no better gift than saving a life and being rewarded with unconditional love. Most of the pets that come through
Essex County Animal Shelter are fabulous and
highly adoptable; they just need to know someone loves them, cares for them and will give
them a chance at a new life.
The Essex County Animal Shelter is located
at 540 Airport Road, Tappahannock, across
from Tappahannock Veterinary Clinic and can
be reached at 804-443-0726. They are open
Monday – Sunday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for adoptions. For inquiries about adoptions please
[email protected]
or [email protected] for
more information or visit the shelter.
C o u r i e r
p a g e
4-H Youth Programs for 2015
4-H, a youth development organization
in King William and King and Queen
Counties, is holding a retreat on
March28th and 29th at Jamestown 4-H
Educational Center for all interested youth
and adults. At this retreat adults and
youth will enjoy learning about 4-H
through hands on classes like archery, low
ropes, and woodworking. Participants
will have a better understanding of our
organization’s mission and what we can
offer youth now to succeed in the future.
Youth must be between the ages of 9-18
by September 30th2015 to attend. This
means an 8 year old can come to the
retreat if he/she is 9 by September
30th2015. This is such a wonderful chance
to learn about our diverse projects, camp
and club opportunities and how 4-H has
serviced Virginia’s families for one
hundred years.
Chris Mernin the 4-H Extension Agent
for King William and King & Queen
Counties would like to announce that
registration is open for 4-H Junior
Summer Camp, July 13th – 17th . This will
be held at Jamestown 4-H Education
Over 17,000 youth across
Virginia participate in 4-H junior camp
where youth learn life skills and an
appreciation of the natural word. Youth
must be between the ages of 9-13 by
September 30th 2015. There are also
limited spaces available for teen volunteer.
For questions, comments or to receive
more information about both of the listed
events please call 804-769-4955 or email
[email protected]
P a g e
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
J a n u a ry
7 ,
2 0 1 5
Happy 72 Birthday “Will”
January 4 - 1943 - January 4 - 2015
He was a husband so very rare content in his
home and always there.
On earth he toiled and in Heaven he rests.
God bless you honey, you were the best.
I think of you in silence I often speak your name
What would I give to hear your voice and see
your face again.
Close in my heart you will always stay.
Loved and remembered every day.
Happy Birthday
Love you always,
Thank You
Local Girl Scout Troop 53 helped the King
William Ruritan Club sponsor a Spaghetti Dinner on Friday Dec 19 to benefit Acquinton Elementary School fourth grade teacher Alan Jordon. The dinner held at the Ruritan Facility on
Rt 30 raised $3,800 which will help offset some
of Alan's medical expenses and other financial
needs. These young girls and their leaders along
with the Ruritan Club who prepared the dinner
worked together to help Alan in his time of
need. Many thanks to the fine citizens of our
community who came out and supported this
worthwhile event!
Mr. Jim Rice, Head of School at Aylett
Country Day School, is pleased to announce the
names of students in grades four through eight
who have shown outstanding academic
achievement for the 1st quarter of the 2014-2015
school year.
Students earning Honor Roll status, all A’s, for
the 1st quarter are:
Grade 4: Lizzie Owens and Nicholas Reynolds
Grade 5: Krista Carlton and Lewis Ginn
Grace 6: Laila Gwathmey, Art Neal, Anna
Pierce, and Grace Pierce
Grade 7: Jaden Ellis, Carter Krusz, and
Channing Pitts
Grade 8: Katie Villanueva
Merit Roll (A’s and B’s) students for the 1st
quarter are:
Grade 4: William Ambrose, Davis Ball, John
Ball, Katie Carlton, Jadyn Courtney, Silas
Gwathmey, Samantha Pitts, and Ella Trible
Grade 5: Tyler Clark, Autumn Courtney,
Gianna Fischetti, Saylor Gray, Brayden Lewis,
Robert Jesse Loe, Conner Morris, Reid Stanley,
and Evan Williams
Grade 6: Fielding Ball, Madisyn Carson, Nan
Garrett, Rebecca Pope, Willa Rennolds, and
Timmy White
Grade 7: Regan Allen, Lily Fischetti, Delaney
Loving, Chatham Murray, Charlotte Quinlan,
Matthew Shackelford, Victoria Tignor, and Sam
Grade 8: Tyler Garrett, Tyler Hamilton,
Tommy Owens, Sammie Pierce, Catesby Ware,
and Abby Wilson
The family of Thomas R. Muire Sr., would
like to thank all our neighbors and friends for
the flowers, food, phone calls and expressions
of sympathy bestowed on our family. Your
kindness made a difficult time easier.
The Thomas R. Muire family
Regional Animal Shelter Thanks
Community for Support
We are beyond grateful for the magnificent
donations received to support our animal care
program for lost and homeless pets in our
community. Collars, toys, leashes, treats, food,
litter, laundry detergent, paper towels, dryer
sheets, crates, sweaters, blankets, bleach,
storage totes, as well as monetary donations to
help with medical expenses for the sick or
injured, will keep us going well into the New
Year! These donations enable us to work
toward our objective of providing the very best
care for the many displaced animals in our
We are grateful that there are kind people in
the Counties we serve, who not only care about
animals, but who also believe in and support
our efforts on their behalf. Through our
programs of animal sheltering, care of stray
and unwanted animals, pet adoption, spay/
neuter assistance, and humane education, we
are able to work toward the goal of preventing
animal cruelty and suffering in our
communities. We thank our supporters for their
continued assistance and encouragement
throughout the year.
Heartfelt Thanks from
The Staff of the Regional
Animal Shelter
King William
King William County Historical Society Meeting Notice
From the Ashes:
The Story of King William County’s Burned
A fire discovered Sunday morning, January
18, 1885 in the Clerk’s Office at King William
Courthouse destroyed the bulk of the County’s
legal records, many dating back to colonial
days. The story of what happened to the
surviving documents that were pulled from the
smoldering ruins has never been told, until
now. On the 140th anniversary of the fire, Bibb
Edwards will present the cautionary, but also
inspirational, tale of what happened to those
Mr. Edwards’ extended family has lived in
King William County since before it was
formed in 1702. Now retired, during the 1970’s
he was Assistant Principal at King William
High School. He (along with others) has been
working the past few years on resurrecting
many of the damaged records. Mr. Edwards is
also the creator of the blog Caroline’s Journal
( which is a
daily account of history in King William
County 150 years ago through the writing of
the original diary of Caroline Littlepage.
Join us at the King William County
Administration Building at 2:30 PM on
January 18, 2015, for this fascinating
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J a n u a r y
7 ,2 0 1 5
T h e
C o u n t r y
Animal Seizure and Rescue
By Florence Cooke
In December 2014 the Regional Animal Shelter received 23 border collies seized in King and
Queen County and 16 hounds in King William
County plus the other animals brought in. The
collies were seized but the owner surrendered
the dogs before they left the property. When
the dogs are surrendered by the owners, a networking can begin with other rescue groups to
take some of the animals. The hounds were
seized by Animal Control and have to be held
for 5 to 10 days. After that time the animals can
be networked to other rescue organizations.
Contrary to what people believe about the
shelter works with 30 dog rescue groups, in-
cluding breed specific groups. The collies were
placed within 3 days to one border collie rescue
and two other rescue groups. The hounds were
placed with other rescue groups in a short period of time. There are also two cat rescue
groups that will help with cat rescues.
Laurie Betts, Manager of the shelter states, “If
there was not help from rescue groups with the
animals taken in by the shelter, the euthanasia
rate would be much higher. We are thankful for
these groups.” So far this year, not including
the dogs taken in December mentioned above,
the shelter has received 566 dogs and 168 were
euthanized. A total of 391 cats were received
and 251 were euthanized, including 151 feral
Southern States / John Deere Scholarship Applicants Sought
In 2013, Southern States Cooperative and John
Deere Financial established a scholarship fund
available to rising college sophomores pursuing
an associate’s degree with a focus on agriculture.
Applications for the 2015 academic year are now
being accepted through February 13, 2015.
Up to five scholarships, in the amount of two
thousand dollars each, are awarded annually to
students who demonstrate academic excellence,
strong individual character and significant
personal involvement in agriculture. Following
the completion of the academic year, scholarship
recipients will also receive a paid summer
internship at a Southern States Retail or
Agronomy location.
Students receiving scholarships for the 2014
academic year were enthusiastic about the award.
Lee Moore, a student at NC State said “The
scholarship has been a great financial help to me
while attending college. I also look forward to the
Another benefit of the scholarship is an
invitation to attend the annual Southern States
Management Meeting and Product Show held in
September. “The Southern States meeting and
Product show was eye opening to me and it
showed what a great company Southern States
really was,” said Virginia Tech student Holland
Edwards. He added “The best part about it, I
think, was meeting people from both the
agronomy side along with the retail side of the
For more information about the Southern
States / John Deere Financial Scholarship
Program including requirements and application
forms, visit or
[email protected]
C o u r i e r
p a g e
P a g e
1 0
T h e
C o u n t r y
Once upon a time when I was just a little
boy I well remember hearing the news of
World War II. It was seventy-three years
ago, December 7, 1941. I was six years
old, a first grader, at King William High
School. The message was so strong, it
stunned everyone. We all buckled down as
the country went on full alert.
Most war materials and certain foodstuffs
were rationed. Each family received a very
limited supply of gasoline, sugar, and
butter. All citizens were encouraged to
plant a victory garden. There were no
supermarkets and the local stores had very
little stock. As countrymen we slaughtered
a steer or hog for meat. I think that’s where
the saying “We ate everything but the
squeal” came from.
There were very few cars on Route 360.
In those days only Rts. 360 and 30 were
paved. Our local air warden came by at
nightfall checking to be sure all house
shades were drawn with no lights showing.
We were told this was to prevent the
enemy bombers from destroying our hones
- really! Those too old to go into service,
like Daddy were inducted into the Virginia
Reserve Militia. These men would bring
their shotguns or rifles and gather on Rt.
360, in our drive way. Colonel Robinson, a
retired Army officer was their leader. It
was exciting. My sister and I would watch
as he drilled the men in military fashion,
and then marched to the Pamunkey River
bridge and back, I recall a rather shabby
looking group, but they were the home
guard and our community took it very
At our school, there was active
participation for the war effort. On the
auditorium wall was a large chart that
allowed a male student to sponsor his
favorite girl. Savings stamps were ten
cents each, pasted on the chart and counted
as one vote. As a second grader I
sponsored a beautiful senior named Linda.
It was a hot and furious race to the end but
in the end Linda was crowned queen. On
Saturday there was a big auction at school
selling things like salt water taffy and
homemade items. We sang patriotic songs
and had a good sale for the war effort.
Everyone collected and saved scrap
metal, paper, cardboard and even kitchen
grease! Automobile and machinery
factories switched to building military
planes, tanks and war trucks around the
clock. Many women joined the work force,
and within a year or two our country
emerged from a very meager military to
the largest fighting force in the world. In
reading No Ordinary Time, by Doris
Kearns Goodwin, a biography of President
Franklin Roosevelt during the war years,
the figures are stunning. It was absolutely
amazing what our citizens accomplished.
When the war ended in 1945, there was a
great excitement when “The Boys Came
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
J a n u a ry
7 ,
2 0 1 5
Celebrating 50th Wedding Anniversary
January 24th
Happy 50th
Melvin & Elva
The couple lives in Mechanicsville,
have four children, eight
grandchildren & four great
Last seen
December 16th on
Commins Rd.
4 years old.
Please Call
Pet pic of the week
Hi, I'm "Pixie"! I'm a sweet female Torti colored cat that is
about 1 1/2 years old. I was surrendered to the shelter because
my owner could no longer afford to care for me or my friend
"Charity". I am very sweet and get along great with other cats!
Mew! Regional Animal Shelter
Phone (804)-769-4983
Fax (804)-769-4993
[email protected]
J a n u a r y
7 ,2 0 1 5
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 1
Mechanicsville, passed away December
15, 2014. He was predeceased by his
parents, George H. and Lillian J.
Robinson; brother Deward A. Robinson;
and sister Mary Jane Olinger. He is
survived by his loving wife of 51 years
Jerrie C. Robinson; sons Arnold (Karen),
Calvin, and Aaron (Tracy); grandchildren
Luke, Grace, Glenn, Tabitha, and Andrew;
sisters Louise Ludwick, Jean Rae Olinger,
and Bernadine Blackmarr. The family
received friends from 4 to 8 pm
Wednesday at the Monaghan Funeral
Ho me, 7 3 00 Cr eighto n P kwy,
Mechanicsville, where services were held
12 noon Thursday. Interment Washington
Memorial Park with military honors.
Hayward was an active member of New
Bethesda Baptist Church and an air traffic
controller for more than 30 years.
Shirley Baughan Courtney, 79, of
Tappahannock, VA went to be with the
Lord on December 15, 2014. Shirley was
born on December 2nd, 1935 to Samuel
and Catherine Baughan and has two
brothers, Jerry Baughan and Dennis
(Butch) Baughan. She married Edwin P.
Courtney in 1954 and became a devoted
wife and mother of six children: Vicky
Malay, Connie Courtney, Edwin
Courtney, Jr., Susan Frazier, Amanda
Courtney and Lisa Courtney. She is
blessed with four grandchildren and four
great-grandchildren. Shirley’s life was one
filled with unconditional love and
understanding. Her home was welcoming
to everyone and she was a motherly figure
to many. She will be best remembered
for laughter, friendly conversation and
kind-hearted ways. A graveside service
was held, 4:00pm, Sunday, December 28 th
at Mount Zion Baptist Church.
In lieu of flowers, please make a donation
to a charity of your choice in Shirley’s
Clarence E. (Tater Bug) Garnett, 89, of
King and Queen, went to be with the Lord
Friday, December 19, 2014. He was
preceded in death by his wife, Ruby; and
his son, Charles. He is survived by his
daughter, Jane Wyatt, granddaughter,
Brenda Schools (Kevin Shipes), the love
of his life-his great-grandson, Adam
Schools, one sister Mildred Seal, a
devoted niece, Mary Tucker, two other
devoted caregivers, Todd Schools and
Joy Schools; and a large host of nieces
and nephews, and many friends. Mr.
Garnett was retired from the Division of
Motor Vehicles in Richmond and a
Marine and Navy Veteran. Visitation was
at B.W. White Funeral Home, Aylett,
Virginia on Monday, December 22, 2014
from 2 to 8 p.m. with a memorial service
being held at 7 p.m. Interment will be at a
later date. Memorial contributions may be
made to either Bruington Baptist Church,
c/o Ann Porter, 4784 The Trail,
Bruington, VA 23023 or King William
High School Baseball Team, c/o Jay
Blanton, KWHS, 80 Cavalier Drive, King
William, VA 23086.
Humphries, Bernice Arline Allen, 75 of
Aylett went to be with the Lord Friday
December 26, 2014. She is survived by
her husband of 55 years Dan W.
Humphries, two sons Bernard W.
Humphries and Nathan W. Humphries
(Cathy) two grandchildren Matthew and
Aaron. Bernice retired after 28 years of
service with C&P Telephone Co. services
will be private.
SUTTON, Jr., John Trible, born on
October 25, 1925 in Stevensville,
Virginia, died on December 24, 2014
in Williamsburg, Virginia. He was the
son of Thelma Ellis Sutton and John
Trible Sutton, Sr. He was preceded in
death by his sister, Thelma Sutton
Paulin, and his brother, David Ellis
Sutton. He is survived by his devoted
wife of 43 years, Carol Hayden
Sutton; sons John Trible Sutton, III
(Elaine), and Scott Carter Sutton;
stepsons, Russell Hart Dixon
(Wendy), and Richard Hayden Dixon
(Dory); and seven grandchildren, John
Sutton, IV, Rahily Sutton, and
Connor, Kyle, Alexandria, Abigail,
and Isabel Dixon. John graduated
from St. Stephen’s High School in
1942. At age16, he entered Virginia
Tech. His education was interrupted
by WWII when he served in The
United States Army Air Corps from
1943 through war’s end. He then reentered Virginia Tech, was President
of his Senior Class, and graduated in
1947. He attended Washington & Lee
University Law School for one year
before returning home at the bequest
of his father to help run John T. Sutton
Chrysler Plymouth. He later began a
long career in real estate and owned
John Sutton and Company Realtors for
over 35 years. John was an avid Hokie
football fan and supporter, becoming a
member of the Golden Hokie Club, a
founding member of the Old Miles
Football Stadium, recipient of a
Varsity VT from the Athletic
Association and the Distinguished
Service Award from the University,
and was Chairman of the Old Guard
Advisory Committee. He became a
Freemason joining Arlington Lodge
No. 102 at Miller’s Tavern in 1951
and continued to the 32 Degree
Member, Richmond Scottish Rite
Bodies. He was an active member of
the American Legion and received the
Honored Veterans Achievement
Award. A funeral service was held on
Monday, December 29, 2014 at 11
a.m. at Smyrna Christian Church,
3655 Powcan Road, Bruington,
Virginia 23023, with internment in the
church cemetery. A reception
followed at the church. Friends were
welcome to visit the family at the
home of John’s son, Trib Sutton, in
Richmond, Virginia from 5-7 p.m.
Monday evening. In lieu of flowers,
memorials may be sent to the Smyrna
Christian Church at the above address
for the Sutton Tennis Court’s upkeep
and maintenance, or to the college
football program of your choice.
Ellis Contracting Inc.
Providence Forge, VA
P a g e
1 2
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
W e d n e s d a y ,
J a n u a ry
7 ,
2 0 1 5
Church Calendar
Calendar entries are free up to 50 Mattaponi Baptist Church
words. Over 50, will be charged 40 Pastor: David Anthony, (804)7252863 13468 The Trail, King &
cent a word.
Queen C.H., Sunday School (10am)
Worship Service (11am) Prayer
Meeting Second Thursday,
Corinth Christian Church
9153 Dabneys Mill Rd, Manquin 7pm Bible Study Third and Fourth
invites you to worship and Wednesdays, 7pm
fellowship with us at one of our Rock Spring Baptist Church
services. Sunday School-10am, January Birthday Rally would like
Worship Service-11am. Wed. Bible to invite you out on January 18,2015
at 3:00p.m to celebrate all January
New Mount Olive Christian Birthdays. If your Birthday is in
January or you have a love one
Church Building Kingdom Ministry Birthday that is in January come out
on a Solid Foundation, where the and let's celebrate our birthday's
Founder/Pastor is Rev. Ulric L. with a day of fellowship, worship
Eley, Jr. Sunday morning service and Thanking God for his Grace and
11:15am. Wednesday at 7:00pm is Mercy.
Spiritual Growth Institute. For St. Stephens Baptist Church
information please call (804) 769- All are invited to visit our historic
3332. Friday, 107 Commons Park church, serving God and community
Circle, Ste. F, Manquin, 23106. next since 1842. Sunday school at 10 and
to Jo Jo’s.
worship service at 11. Bible Study
on Wednesdays at 7:30 PM. We’re
Bethlehem Baptist Church On easy to find, right off Route 360 at
Saturday January 10, at 3:00 PM the the St. Stephens Church stoplight.
community is invited to come and Go ¼ mile south on Route 14 (The
celebrate the New Year with great Trail) and you can’t miss us!
music. The Walker Family, The Telephone 804-769-8833
Gospel Five, The Wings of Praise, Sharon Baptist Church
Total Commitment and Cora Join us for worship. located 901
Harvey Armstrong and Family will Sharon Road across from KWHS.
all be concert. Bethlehem is located Sunday mornings start with coffee &
438 9 Th e Trail ( Ro te 14) doughnuts at 8:45am in Fellowship
Burlington. 23023. Call 804-363- Hall, followed by Sunday School all
1167 for additional information.
ages 9:15 am. Morning Worship
F A M I Y L I F E B A P T I S T Service 10:30am. Nursery provided.
CHURCH has moved to, 7753 Sunday Evening Bible Study &
Richmond-Tappahannock Hwy, Children’s Choir 6pm. Additional
Aylett, on Sundays @10:00 a.m. We Bible Studies 10am on Tuesdays &
want to invite you to our exciting 7pm on Wednesdays. Youth (7th–
worship experience. COME JOIN 12 t h graders) meet at 7pm
US! For more information, contact: Wednesdays. office hours 9am to
Pastor Gus Agostino (804) 769-2534 2pm Monday–Thursday. 769-2320
for more information.
January 10, (10:00am) at the First
Mount Olive Baptist Church in
Newton, VA (King & Queen County
- at 7820 Newtown Road where
Rev. Drucilla Tate is pastor).The
Women’s Ministry (Mrs. Gladys
Barkley – President) will gather at
8:30am prior to the parent body
meetin g and th e Sou th s id e
Ministerial Alliance (Rev. Fred
Holmes – President) will meet
following the parent body during the
lunch period provided by First
Mount Olive. This will be our first
meeting in the new year, so please
join us even if you are not an official
Board Member . attendance and
sharing of ideas are always
Epworth United Methodist
Church invites you to join with us
for our church service on Sunday at
9:00 am followed by a time of
fellowship and refreshment. Sunday
school classes for all ages begins at
For further information
please contact the church office at
McKendree United Methodist
Come join in the
fellowship every week 4347
Manfield Road, Manquin; Pastor
Chad Beck 804-769-2798or434-907
7202, [email protected] Sunda
y Worship @ 9:30am, Sunday
School @10:45am located at 4347
Manfield Road (Rt 605) in Manquin,
Va. Please join us.
Shepherd's UMC Please join us
on Sundays for worship service at
9:30 am and Sunday school at 11:00
am. Shepherd's UMC, A Church For
All People!
New Mount Olive Christian
Center Men & Women's Ministry
Workshop Session For Youth
Please Come Join Us Every Sunday
Morning @ 9:30AM for Spiritual
Growth Institute and Worship
Service @ 11:30AM. Our Address is
109 Commons Park Circle, Suite F
Manquin (Located in the King
William Commerce Park Commons
Saint James Presbyterian Church
(the little church next to King
William Courthouse) 411
Courthouse Lane. Our regular
service is held on Sundays at
10:30 AM. Communion held on the
first Sunday of every month.
First Assembly of God
“Focusing on your family” is this
year’s theme. Ea. Sun @ 11am we
will be teaching vital principles from
the Bible. Biblical counseling is
available by appt. call 785-5683 or
email [email protected] 4 mi.
east of W.P. 3976 Lewis B. Puller
Mem. Hgwy. (Rt. 33)
Saint David’s Episcopal Church
“To Know Christ Jesus and to make
Christ Known” All are welcome to
our 11 am Worship Service and
Children’s Sunday School. 1st
Sundays of the month are Youth
Service and Morning Prayer, 2nd,
3rd and 4th Sundays are Holy
Communion. 11291 West River Rd.
Aylett (next to public boat landing)
CHURCH Sunday mornings at
10:30 AM. You will experience a
message that you can understand
and people that you can relate to.
Come casual, dressed up, barefoot.
TRCC is located at 694 Sharon
Road, King William, 23086 (right
next to the King William Library).
Donations needed for our
Community Closet! Please donate
canned goods to be given to
neighbors in need. Call 221-5641 for
J a n u a r y
7 ,2 0 1 5
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
p a g e
1 3
Community Calendar
Calendar entries are free up to 50 more information
words. Over 50, will be charged 40 Upper King William Branch Library
cent a word.
Super Bowl Party Snack Recipe Swap
Saturday, January 17, 11:00 a.m. - noon
Relay For Life of King William! The Looking for new snack ideas for your
n e x t m e e t i n g w i l l b e h e l d Super Bowl party? Bring in a sample of
Thursday, January 22nd at 6:30 PM at your favorite treat (and the recipe) and
the Twin Rivers Building, 5833 enjoy what others are sharing. Adult
Richmond Tappahannock Hwy. (The Book Club Monday, January 26, 7:00 blue building at the corner of Rt. 360 8:00 p.m. Storytimes Wednesday,
and Venter Road). Raise money and January 7, 14, 21, and 28 Family, 10:30
awareness for the American Cancer a.m., all ages Call 804-769-3731 or visit
Society to help finish the fight. Check the library at 694-J Sharon Road for
more information
American Legion Post 314 Members West Point Branch Library
Family Movie Matinee Saturday,
2nd Wednesday of each month at 6:30. January 10, 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. All ages.
Grand opening will be announced at a Bring the whole family for a great
later date. 6250 Rich/Tapp Tpk. Info family movie on the big screen at the
contact Ronnie Corrick @ 229-9529.
library. How to Borrow eBooks
Join the Relay For Life of King Saturday, January 17, 10:00 a.m.- noon
William!Get Involved, Make a Do you have an eReader, smartphone,
Difference, Join a team. The 2015 King tablet, or laptop and want to get eBooks
William Relay will be held May 9th a n d a u d i o b o o k s f r o m t h e
from 3-10 pm.
Come and Help library? Movie Night
Celebrate More Birthdays!
January 22, 6:00 - 8:00 p.m. Ages 13 &
Thur sday, Jan u ar y 15: The up. T-Shirt Turnovers
NAMI Mid-Tidewater Family January 27, 6:00 - 7:30 p.m. Ages 16 &
Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. at up. Bring in those old T-Shirts and
the K in g Wi lli a m Cou nse lin g Turn them Over into something new!
Call 804-241-7330 for Storytimes Friday, January 9, 16, 23,
and 30 Family, 10:30 a.m., all ages Call
Area 14 is pleased to announce that an 804-843-3244 or visit the library at 721
Election of Officers will be held on Main Street for more information.
January 24th at 12:00 P.M. This is the Free Afternoon Off for Caregivers!
final leg of the revitalization process for Bring your senior loved ones to a
the King and Queen County Branch of special event on the third Thursday of
the NAACP. Mr. Mark Lomax, Area 14 every month! Caregivers get an
Chairperson for the Virginia State afternoon off (1:00-5:00 p.m.) while
Conference NAACP and a member of their seniors enjoy fellowship in a safe
t h e s t a t e c o n fe r e n c e s B r a n c h environment with fun-filled activities
Revitalization Committee, will oversee planned especially for them. For
the election process.
information and registration, call 804The unit election will be held at the 296-0315. Sponsored by United
New Mount Zion Baptist Church, 3110 Methodist Women, McKendree UMC,
Rosemount Road in Walkerton, 23177. 4347 Manfield Road, Manquin.
All NAACP members who either live or Compassion Closet, located on Sharon
work in King and Queen are urged to Road next to King William Library,
participate. If you are not a member and offers clothes, furniture and food when
want to join, memberships will be taken available. Donations of these items and
at this event. Individuals that join the money are always welcome and needed.
day of the election will have the Hours are Monday from 12 – 3 p.m. and
opportunity to participate in the election Thursday from 10 – 12. Other times by
appointment. For information call 221
King & Queen Branch Library One- – 4341.
of-a-Kind Snowflakes Thursday,
January 15, 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Ages 3-10. M P N N C S B O N - G O I N G
Create and decorate your very own
snowflake Weight Control and Your PROGRAM Every Monday 6:30 pm Health Monday, January 26, 11:00 a.m. 8:30 pm MPNN CSB King William
- noon Ages 50+. Jacqueline R.
Counseling Center, 1041 Sharon Road,
Ambrose, RD, CDE, registered dietitian King William, 23086 Cost: $20 Per/
with Riverside Tappahannock Hospital, Session + $20 Handbook The 15-week
will discuss with seniors how weight
On-Going Nurturing Parenting Program
control can affect health and wellness in takes place year round and parents can
the New Year Storytimes Thursday,
enroll in the classes at any time. PreJanuary 8, 15, 22, and 29 Family, 10:30 registration is required. To register
a.m., all ages Call 804-769-1623 or visit please call us at:
the library at 396 Newtown Road for
1-888-PREV-550 or 804-642-5402
o r
e m a i l
u s
at [email protected]
Arts Alive, Inc. announces
Photography Exhibit
Are you a shutter bug? Would you like
to show everyone your photographs?
Now is your chance! The Visual Arts
Committee of Arts Alive, Inc. is
inviting members of the community to
display their work in the exhibit area of
the Robinson/Olsson auditorium. This
exhibit will be on display January 6 March 3. Opening on February 7 at 6:30
PM at the performance of Alex DePue
with Miguel De Hoyos. Participants
deliver work by 9:00 AM on January 6.
All work must be framed and ready to
be hung. Questions: Gail Nichols at 804
-843-4418 or [email protected]
or Jeanette Wagner at 804-994-9668 or
[email protected]
Good Homes Needed For Good Pets
Regional Animal Shelter, 20201 King
William Road, King William 804-7694983. Kennel visiting hours Mon.–Fri.
11a.m.-4p.m., Wed. eve. until 6pm.,
S a t .
1 1 a m . - 2 p m . email:
[email protected]
SOCIETY New meeting day and
location! IRHS will meet the third
TUESDAY of every month at 6:30pm
at the KW Ruritan Bldg on Route
30. Please join us and see how you can
help save the homeless animals in our
area. All are welcome.
Help Wanted!
If you love animals please consider
becoming a foster parent. You provide a
safe and loving home, Indian Rivers
Humane Society will provide food and
medical. Please call 804-885-3109 x2
for further information. Someone will
call you back. You can help save lives!
Three Rivers SWCD Board of
Monthly Board of Directors meetings
on third Monday ea. month. Public
invited. If you would like to attend,
please contact us at (804)443-2327 ext.
Support Group for Family Members
of People with Mental Illness
National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI), Mid-Tidewater affiliate, is
offering free family/caregiver support
group at King William Counseling
Center 1041 Sharon Road. Meetings
held 3rd Thursday ea month from 7–
8:30p.m. For more information, contact
Diane at [email protected]
King William County On-Going
Nurturing Parenting Program
Every Monday 6:30pm - 8:30pm King
William Counseling Center, 1041
Sharon Road, KW. $20 Per/Session +
$20 Handbook. 15-week On-Going
Nurturing Parenting Program takes
place year round parents can enroll any
time. Pre-registration is required. To
register please call us at:1-888-PREV550 or 804-642-5402 or email
usat [email protected]
King William T.E.A. Party, 7 to 8 PM
Thursday, January 8th and 22nd at
Upper King William Library
Topics will include important local,
state and national issues. America is in
deep trouble and citizen engagement is
critical. Resolve to join the fight in
2015. Meetings of KWTP are open to
all citizens of good will. Usually held
on the second and fourth Thursdays
each month. Location is the Upper King
William Library, 694-J Sharon Road Central Garage, in the Sharon Office
Park, ¼ mile past King William High
School. For more information visit
The Electoral Board of King and Queen
County will hold a meeting on January
13, 2015 at 9:00 AM. Meeting will be
held in the Registrar’s Office, 232
Allens Circle, King and Queen
Courthouse, VA.
[email protected]
Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers
Association will hold its Annual
Meeting and Pot Luck Dinner on Jan.
23, beginning at 6 PM at the King
William Fire and Rescue Squad
Building in A ylett. MPRA is
celebrating 25 years of conservation,
education and recreation on the
Mattaponi and Pamunkey Rivers.
Members and anyone interested in our
local rivers is invited. Bring a dish to
share. Beverages, All Stewed Up
Brunswick stew and chicken will be
provided. For more information, contact
MPRA at [email protected] or
The Ladies Auxiliary VFW Post 9501 Central Garage located on 7712 King
William Road, Aylett prepared
Holidays Bags for veterans at the
Ashland Convalesce Center.
veterans showed deep appreciation and
offered thanks for being remembered.
Holiday bags were also distributed to
our homebound sisters of the Ladies
Auxiliary and VFW Post.
gratitude and thanks to our veterans, we
will continue to reach-out to them and
their families. We will take personal
items/goodie bags to VA McGuire
Hospital in Richmond, VA later this
year. A donation was sent to St. Jude
Children's Research Hospital in
Memphis, TN
P a g e
1 4
T h e
C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
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High Speed Internet
Order the High Speed Satellite
Internet that is now available in
King William and King &
Queen! Speeds up to 12-Mbps
down and 3-Mbps up.
Starting at $50/month.
Order now by Calling 8743294
Computer Services & Repair
Home or Business
Call Armistead @ 874-3294
Norman’s Tree Service: Tree
removal, topping, trimming,
stump grinding, brush chipping,
storm damage and tractor work.
No job too big or small, 75 ft.
bucket truck. Free Estimates,
reasonable prices. Licensed &
Insured. Locally owned &
operated. Call 769-7197
Steven’s Handy man J r:
Reasonable, quality work, well
experienced, any type yard
work, painting, mulching, tree
work, grass cutting, power
washing, etc. Free Estimates &
Insured. Call 852-8403 (c)
Pollard’s Landscaping, Trees
trimmed and removed. 60ft.
Bucket Truck, Asphalt Repair &
Sealing, Mulching, Grass Cutting,
Fertilizing, Seeding, Power
raking, Tree Pruning, Driveway
Repair , Fine & Rough Grading,
Lot Clearing, Trash Removal,
Demolition, Drainage Problems,
Install and Repair Septic Systems,
Top Soil, Fill Dirt, Pressure
Washing, Painting, Staining. We
transport auto’s, boats, farm
machinery, mobile homes &
misc. freight. Call 445-1063
Licensed & Insured.
S. A Dunbar Construction 804402-5019. ALL your Home
Improvements and Repairs!
Decks and Handrails Custom Tile
Work Replacement Interior and
Exterior Doors Custom trim
Custalow’s Piano Service:
Tuning and Repairs! Call 7699234
TREE SERVICE: Over 30 years
deadwooding, trimming, storm
cleanup. Firewood also available.
Fully Insured. Free Estimates.
Please call 804-763-9173
Auto Glass Installed: Bullzeye
Glass, Windshield replacement,
rock chip repair, same day
mobile service. Direct billing for
Insurance. Locally owned. Call
P.C. Lurry Home Painting &
Repairs: Interior & Exterior.
Gutters, Roofing, Siding, Decks
and other ho me repairs.
Affordable Rates, Licensed &
Insured. Call 804-769-2253 or
cell 804-994-3128
Residential and Commercial
electrical service and installations
Also generator installations.
Licensed and insured. BBB. Call
746-4350 for a free estimate or
"Affordable and Reliable
Cleaning Services for your Home,
Business, or Rental Property.
Bonded and Insured. Call Angel
at 804-512-9863"
Seasoned firewood for sale, all
Oak and Hickory with delivery.
Call 769-7197
Dry firewood, all Oak, split and
ready for delivery. Please call
Busy Private Practice has an
opening for a Full-Time LPN or
RN with a minimum of two years
in an office setting. We are
looking for someone with
exceptional computer knowledge
and skills. Experience with EMR
a plus. Please fax Resume to 804
-769-0508 or email to
[email protected]
APARTMENT FOR RENT Aylett - Brick 2 Bedroom, large
eat-in kitchen, washer-dryer,
excellent location, From $735.
per month. “Rent Special” 769- batteries, etc. Let me save you a
0867,www.colonialsquareapart trip to the dump. Call 804-8400682
W i l l i a m ~
Bedroom, 1
1/2 Baths-$ 1 , 0 5 0 / m o n t h .
Available January 1st. First
months Rent & Security
Deposit due up front. $35/
adult application fee for
credit and background
check. No Pets, No Smoking.
Call Ellen Otey, Twin Rivers
Realty, Inc. 804-241-4314.
J U S T L I S T E D - 2 9 . 25 + Acres for sale-$99,950 ~~ 219
Mill Stream Ave. Walkerton$149,950 3 Bedrooms, 2 baths
~~ 161 Fieldview Lane-3
Bedrooms, 2 baths, very private
-Only $95,000 ~~
Mahixon Road, 4 bedrooms, 1
bath, .94 Acres ONLY
$50,000! ~ Call ELLEN OTEY
with Twin Rivers Realty, Inc. to
House, 3 bed/2 bath, on 5 acres. SELL YOUR HOME OR
Tractor provided for lawn care. LAND. 804-241-4314
$1050 a month. Credit check and
$500 deposit required. Call 2665045
3 bedroom, 2 bath spacious ranch
for rent, all kitchens appliances Critter Care Pet Sitting: We
convey. Quiet neighborhood, 2 offer affordable and professional
minutes from shopping center. care for your pet in the comfort of
$1,000 per month plus 1 month their home. We also offer walking
security deposit Call 804-432- programs. Call 804-339-7265
5812 Available Feb 1, 2015
Boarding, Twin Ponds Kennels,
3 bed 2 bath secluded Home For Indoor/Outdoor runs, heated & air
Rent 10 min. from West Point conditioned. Obedience Training
Central Air/Heat large kitchen & Gun Dog Training. Call Patty
living Room and Rear deck $800/ or Danny Waltman 769-3095 or
month + utilities 804-525-0847
3 7 0 - 8 7 9 3
2 yr Old Duplex 2 B.R. 2 Bath
Full Kitchen Heat pump All DOG BOARDING: Indoor,
Electric Near Millers Tavern outdoor, private runs, individual
(Watts Store) Lawn Maintenance attention. Conveniently located
provided $750 per Month 1/4 mile off 360 near Rt. 30.
Security Deposit $500.00 Call Reservation suggested. Edgewood
804-443-9657 & 804-450-3646
Farm 769-4838
buying antiques, old tools, old
guns, swords, guitars, old trains,
military items, old toys,
glassware, clocks, nautical things,
other old items. If you're cleaning
out a house, shed, attic, garage,
basement, etc., Call 804-3375329 Friendly Service and Fair
Prices Paid!
FREE PICK UP: Looking to
haul away your unwanted junk.
Will pick up broken refrigerators,
appliances, scrap metal,
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C o u n t r y
C o u r i e r
Dr. Joanne Schmit, D.C.
Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist
712 Main Street,
West Point, VA
Neck, Arm & Shoulder Pain
Low Back & Leg Pain
Place your ad in the
Country Courier for
Your ad will reach over
8,000 households in
King William & King &
Queen Counties
Call 769-0259
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