What does Avacta do?

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What does Avacta do?
Business Model
Proprietary reagents,
test methods,
hardware, software and
technologies with
recurring revenues
from reagents and
Life sciences research,
drug and diagnostics
development, and
Our Purpose
Help to reduce the
costs of global
healthcare by putting
powerful tools in the
hands of life scientists
and healthcare
Which are Avacta’s Main
Life sciences
R&D –
academia and
developersbiotech and
Very large global market opportunities
What are Avacta’s
Affimers : a faster, better and cheaper alternative to
• Small, robust, patent protected proteins.
• Modified to improve stability and remove any
cross reactivity.
• Two loops and one end of the protein
structure form a binding surface like an
• Affimers to new targets are generated by
screening a huge library in vitro which is
quick with a high success rate.
• A direct replacement for antibodies in all
Loop 1
Loop 2
N terminus
What are Avacta’s
Optim2 – the only high throughput, ultra low
sample volume system for characterising the
stability and formulation of protein products.
Key Facts : Launched 2010 – >60 units shipped £100k unit price – Consumable usage ~£5k per unit per
Veterinary diagnostics – reference laboratory
and diagnostic kits business.
Greatly reduces the time and cost of
drug formulation trials.
Reduces development risk.
Optimises formulation and
processing conditions for protein
therapeutics and other protein
Good gross margin on units and on
Established diagnostics laboratory
and kits business.
New tests and kits planned for
Key Facts : Circa £1.5m turnover FY2014
Sensipod – putting reference laboratory
diagnostic testing in the hands of veterinarians.
Carries out an ELISA immunoassay
in the veterinary clinic with minimal
user intervention.
A large menu of diagnostics tests in
Key Facts : Completing development
Good gross margin on test
Who are the Key People?
A management team with a strong mix of commercial, technical and financial
skills and experience whose incentivisation is aligned entirely with
shareholders and the success of Avacta.
Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Alastair
Smith : A highly commercial scientist, excellent
communicator and driving force of innovation and
strategy in the business.
Chief Operating Officer, Craig Slater :
Over 25 years experience as a senior
executive in private and listed
businesses in a range of sectors.
Finance Director, Tim Sykes : Extensive
commercial and corporate transactions track
record in high growth SMEs.
What is the Institutional
High quality institutional shareholders :
– IP Group plc (29%) have supported Avacta since inception
– Henderson (14%) have supported Avacta since inception
– Ruffer LLP (7.0%) became a shareholder in 2013
– Bailie Gifford (5.6%) became a shareholder in 2014
– Octopus Investments (3.5%) became a shareholder in 2014
– NFU Mutual (3.5%) became an investor in 2013
– Capital for Enterprise (2%) became an investor in 2009
Information correct at time of release : January 2015
What is the Primary
Business Strategy?
Product Strategy
Market Strategy
• Near term focus on
markets that have no
regulatory hurdles for
new products : Affimer
R&D reagents and
veterinary diagnostics.
• Address opportunities in
human diagnostics and
therapeutics in the
longer term.
• Focus R&D resources
on Affimer development
to address high value
gaps in the antibody
reagents market.
• Develop data pack over
the longer term to
support therapeutic
licensing of Affimers.
Sales Strategy
• High quality global
commercial partners
whilst maintaining direct
sales and support in
• Build e-commerce for
Affimers in parallel with
distribution partners.
What are the key points to
remember about Avacta?
Affimers are Avacta’s proprietary, engineered alternative to antibodies
developed to overcome many of the performance limitations of antibodies
which command a $50bn market despite their issues.
Affimers provide the Group with very high growth potential through
commercialisation as research reagents, diagnostics and therapeutics.
There are no technical hurdles to overcome for Affimer commercialisation
which began in the autumn of 2014.
The Group has established revenue generating businesses providing
equipment, kits and testing to the pharma and healthcare sectors.
The management team has personal outcomes entirely aligned with
High quality institutional investor base.
Other FAQs
Who do I contact if I have lost my share certificate or have a query about dividends?
Contact Capita Registrars at :
Telephone: 0871 664 0300 (calls cost 10 pence per minute plus network extras)
(from outside the UK: +44 (0) 208 639 3399)
E-mail: [email protected]
Who do I notify if I have changed my address?
Contact Capita Registrars as above.
Can I transfer all or some of my shares to other members of my family?
Yes, please contact Capita Registrars.
I receive multiple copies of shareholder circulars. What should I do?
Your name probably appears on the share register more than once. Please contact Capita Registrars for
advice on how to amalgamate your shareholdings.
How do I get an annual report?
Reports can be downloaded from the Documents page within Investor Relations section of the Avacta
Group web site when available. If you wish to obtain a paper version, please email
[email protected]
I owned shares in Readybuy Plc – do I need to ask for a new share certificate?
No, the existing share certificate is still valid.