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Cheadle Parish Church
Those who are blessed,
are called to be a blessing!
In Touch
11th January 2015
The Baptism of Christ
Time for God...?
On this Tuesday 13th January at 8pm in Café One!
No pressure!
No praying!
Honest, open
relaxed and
Led by Mel & Simon
First time?
Welcome! Make yourself at home.
Need anything? Ask one of our welcome
team who’d love to help.
Stay for a chat! There are refreshments
after the main services, served at the back
Giving? There’s no collection during
services. Please place any gifts in the box
near the main door. Standing order and giftaid forms are available.
Christianity Explored (for adults) and “CY” (for teenagers) give you opportunity to ask the
questions you have about life, and explore the answers that Jesus gives to them.
It is also a pre-requisite for any who are considering CONFIRMATION
later this year. Speak to Rob or Eddie if you are interested in exploring this.
Young children? Use our sound-proofed
Tower Room if they get restless, or join in
Sunday clubs at Upper Room
10.30 Café One
Mobiles? Please turn OFF, unless on call
Persecuted Church
prayer meeting today
Everyone is invited to
join in fellowship
together in Café One
from 10.30am TODAY. A chance to
catch up after communion without
having to rush. Do join in.
Deaf? An induction loop is available.
Prayer? There is prayer support after 9.30
& 6.30 services, and during communion, at
We meet at 4pm for prayer, followed by
bring and share tea before the evening service. the front of the church by the Cheadle Cross.
For this meeting ONLY we will be meeting at the home of
Margaret McCausland, 37 Vicarage Ave, Cheadle Hulme.
Our normal pattern is to meet Supporting the work of
Check it out!
the 2nd Sunday of a month.
(Inside this issue)
Changes to this (for holidays
⇒ Events this week p2
etc) will be announced on a
monthly basis. We welcome newcomers to join us.
⇒ Advance Notices p2
Homegroups are due to start up again this week.
This term’s we’re studying "The Blueprint", which explores some of
the great themes and truths of the Christian faith. The study material
is now available from the bookstall. If you are not in a homegroup
and would like to be, have a word with Chris Rees or the clergy about
finding a suitable homegroup for you to join.
⇒ Join in with … p3
⇒ Events Further Afield p3
⇒ Events and Calendar p4
⇒ Prayer Section p4
The joy of new challenges
The internet is full of videos being shared
across social media of thrill seeking
adrenaline junkies jumping off buildings
or skiing off cliffs, seeking the “buzz” of
facing a new challenge. Of course there is
also a similar number of videos shared of
the “epic fails” of those attempting such
exploits unsuccessfully!
Rob Munro
What we are less good at sharing or
showing each other is the similarly
challenging and thrilling spiritual
equivalent—the adventures that God leads
many people to in “stepping out in faith”.
For some that can be as simple as making
that first move to deepen a nominal faith—
don’t underestimate the challenge that
something as fun as joining in with
Christianity Explored can be to some.
However as faith grows, and after you
have been a Christian a few years, it is easy
to fall back into a familiar habit and forget
that God is calling us to be a people who
go beyond our comfort zone to take his
good news to others.
The apostle Paul in 2 Cor.5 calls Christians
“ambassadors of Christ”, which in his day
did not mean eating posh chocolates in
dinner parties, but meant being the person
that went ahead of a king and his army, to
rebel cities, to tell them to be reconciled to
their true ruler. Not all ambassadors came
back alive—but others saved whole cities!
This year our church is going to face some
thrilling but uncomfortable challenges, if
we are going to
bring the blessing
of Jesus Christ to
those of our
community who
don’t yet know him.
But that calls not
only for our prayer,
but our willingness
to “step out”, to risk
our reputations, or
comfort for the
sake of bringing to
others a saving
message. Will you
join us in the thrill
of that challenge?
Yours in Christ, Rob
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In Touch
Prayer for Israel
Guest Preacher
The first meeting of the new year is on Monday 12th January at
2pm at Yolanda's home.
Sunday 18th January
Next Sunday we welcome Rev
Canon Andy Lines as our guest
speaker at 9.30am, 11.15am and
6.30pm services. Andy is the Mission Director at Crosslinks and in
addition to this is also General
Secretary and Director/Trustee of Amie (Anglican Mission in
No Limits Friendship Group
Meets Friday 16th January at 1pm in the Upper Room.
Service for Christian Unity
Sunday 18th January in St Mary’s at 4.30pm
Everyone is invited to this service as we join with Christians
from other local churches to worship our Lord and Saviour
St Mary's Knitters
A meeting, ladies, in Cafe One on Friday 16 January at 10.30am.
Please bring your current projects and ideas for the future.
All welcome. Inquiries to Merilyn on 439 3628
Planning for our 2020 vision!
In Spring 2014, the PCC agreed to commission an independent
and external review of the operational and administrative resourcing and structure needed to enable our parish churches, St.
Mary's and St. Cuthbert's, to work effectively under God towards
our 2020 vision. A highly recommended church consultant and
trainer, John Truscott, was appointed to perform the review and
report back his findings. He did so at our November PCC meeting and his report was well received and accepted as a basis for
John's observations are balanced and very insightful and as a
PCC we are hugely excited about the possibilities presenting
themselves as we move forward. Nonetheless, there are also
cultural and structural challenges that we will need to prayerfully consider so please pray for the PCC as we seek to honour God
and move, in faith, into an exciting new chapter in the life of our
We are planning to update you further
next month but if you are interested in
reading the report to offer feedback, loan
copies are available from Anthony Holmes
on a first come, first served basis.
Sermon Recordings
Recordings of the 11.15am and 6.30pm services are currently
available to buy on CD for £2.00 via Lesley Gribbin and at least
one sermon per week is uploaded to the Church website - usually
by 10pm Sunday night.
As CD sales have dwindled considerably recently it has been
agreed that recordings will still be available (by filling in the
order form situated near the book stall) but NO CHARGE will
be made. Sermons will continue to be uploaded on to the website.
Safari Supper
Saturday 31st January 7pm
Our Safari Supper this year is part of our special Thanksgiving
Weekend - do read the special Safari Supper sheet and then
decide if you'd like to take part as a guest or a host (most people
host just one course, but you can do more if it's easier that way).
If you'd like to take part, please either speak to Gilly Hall, email
her ([email protected]) or call her on 0161 428 9645. It won't
be the same if you're not part of it!
Inspiring Women
Invitation Breakfast
Saturday 7th February 8.30am at The Vinery, Bruntwood Park
"In an uncertain world, where do we find security?" - talk by
Sarah Bradley, Youth and Children's minister from Holy Trinity
Invitations are available on the way out of church and tickets
priced at £5 each are available from Trish Wells and Sarah
Holmes. Tickets must be bought in advance and no later than
Sunday 1st February. For more information please contact Trish
Wells on 0161 485 6798 or [email protected]
Confirmation Service 2015
Sunday May 24th 6.30pm
If any adults are considering Confirmation then can we encourage you to attend the Christianity Explored Course (Tuesday
evenings in Café One) as part of your preparation.
Any NET aged folk will have their own youth sessions running
on Sundays 1st, 8th, 22nd and 29th March in the Upper Room
from 5-6.15pm. Talk to Eddie for more details.
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Happy New Year
Men of St Mary’s!!
Booking is now open for this year’s Northern Men’s Convention.
This year it is on Saturday, May 9th and as usual it will take place
at the Armitage Centre, Manchester. The theme for the event is
“Living in a world where anything goes” and they will explore
how we stand firm in such a world, especially relating to the
issue of sexuality. There will be two speakers Charlie Skrine (St
Helens, Bishopsgate) & Jonathan Berry (True Freedom Trust).
The cost of the event will be £20 per person, but just £15 if you
book before the end of January. I will be doing a group booking
for any “early birds” so please let me know if you are interested
or would like more info. Deadline for payment is Sunday 25th
January. (07901867213 or [email protected])
Church Choir
Do you enjoy singing and are looking for
something different to do in the new
year? Why not become a member of the
11.15 choir? There are vacancies in most
parts - and absolutely no auditions! We
rehearse regularly and on occasions sing
at weddings as well as each Sunday.
Ability to read music desirable but not
essential. For more details phone Vera 0161 439 3740.
Annual Conference 2015
Friday 30th & Saturday 31st Jan
We’ll be unpacking the topic of the Trinity at our Conference in January 2015.
Mike Reeves and Sam Allberry will be helping us think about
how the Trinity impacts our ministry, and when serving in our
local churches. Kanishka Raffel will be helping us to start each
day with an exposition that should warm our hearts to the gospel. Come and partner with us as we help each other use the
truth of the Trinity in reaching the North West with the gospel.
For more information on how to book, click on the link http://
title/Annual-Conference-2015 or visit the website, where we are
accepting online payments.
Holiday Bible Club needs YOU!
Our annual church Holiday Bible Club for primary aged children
is coming up from 8th-10th April and in order for it to run, we
need a great team of volunteers to help us. We're looking for
folk to help with registration, craft, children's groups, refreshments, set/scenery building, sports and plenty of other roles... If
you'd like to volunteer, please speak to Sarah Holmes or email
[email protected] Thank you!
Prisoner of the Month
During January please pray for:
Benham Irani
whose 6 year sentence has been extended by a further 6 years. He
is to be transferred to a prison on the Afghan border where many
dangerous criminals are imprisoned. Please pray for protection
and his release.
Open To Question
“Has Science Buried God?”
“Science and religion cannot be reconciled.” Prof. Peter Atkins,
Professor of Chemistry, University of Oxford.
“All my studies in science… have confirmed my faith.”
Sir Ghillean Prance FRC, Former Director Of The Royal
Botanic Gardens, Kew.
Many contemporary commentators would argue science has
squeezed God into a corner, killed and then buried him with its
all-embracing explanations. Atheism, we are told, is the only
intellectually tenable position, and any attempt to reintroduce
God is likely to impede the progress of science.
In this Open To Question talk Prof. John Lennox invites us to
consider such claims carefully. Could theism sit more
comfortably with science than atheism? Has Science buried God
or not?
What To Expect On The Evening:
A three course meal, interspersed with an interview, John’s talk
and questions from you, our guests. The Q & A sessions are
John’s favourite part because he loves engaging with people,
especially sceptics! Questions can be submitted anonymously
but there’s no pressure to take part.
When: Tuesday 10th March, 7pm Bar open. 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Where: Radisson Blu Edwardian, Free Trade Hall, Peter Street,
Manchester M2 5GP
Cost: £40 per person. Tables of 10. Individual tickets can be
To Purchase Tickets:
1. Download the form: OTQ Lennox BOOKING FORM
2. Fill in and return the booking form with your payment
3. Deposits will be received. Final payment by 3/2/15
John Lennox is Professor of Maths at the University of Oxford.
Not only has he authored a series of books exploring the
relationship between Science and Christianity, he has debated
Richard Dawkins, Lawrence Kraus, Peter Singer and the late
Christopher Hitchens. As an internationally renowned speaker
on the interface of science, philosophy and religion, John has a
popular style and unique ability to communicate with any
person regardless of their religious viewpoint.
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In Touch
For our
partners in
Andy Lines from
Crosslinks as he
prepares to visit us
next week.
For Church
Graham and Sally
as they leave for
Brazil this month
meeting up with the
De Souza and
Meldrum families.
For the
Ray & Linda Collier Please pray for
ongoing treatment
Linda and Ray
Cyril Faulkner
Collier and their
cancer treatment
wider family after
Daphne Graham
at home post surgery
the death of Linda’s
Alan Harper
father last week.
ongoing Care
Lilian Lund
at home
Hazel Muckells
Katherine Dooley
who has just
returned back to
Asia to continue her
teaching and literacy
For prayer
in long-term care
555 Prayer—every
Sunday 5.55pm in
Tower room
Mary Robertson
in interim care
Saturday Prayer—
Andrew Smith
weekly 9am in Church
ongoing care
Christine Thompson Main Church
ongoing care
Prayer—1st Wed 8pm
Mike Vine
Israel Prayer— 2nd
In hospital
Monday’s 2pm
Muriel Webb
post surgery
Prison Prayer— 1st
Barbara Wilkinson Monday’s 8pm
Interim Care
For the
church—2nd Sunday
housebound 4pm
Stephen Davies
Missionary — 2nd
at home
Sean McCausland Tuesday 8pm
in nursing care
CHHS Prayer — as
Edna Needham
Kathleen Pearson
home after hospital
Student of the
Week: Nicky
Ashworth studying
Primary Education
at Manchester
at home
Holy Communion (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Holy Communion (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Café One coffee served in Upper Room
Morning Prayer (Eddie Scrase-Field)
Prayer for Persecuted Church
Prayer meeting in church
Evening Service (Rob Munro)
12th Jan
Staff prayers/meeting in UR
Primary Saints in Upper Room
Juice Puppets in Upper Room
Finance and Standing Committee meet
13th Jan
Tuesday at Two meet in UR
Dynamos KS1 after-school club in UR
Bell Ringing practice in church
Missionary Prayer Meeting
Christianity Explored in Cafe One
11th Jan
The Baptism of
14th Jan
Homegroups meet (also Tues/Thurs)
10.00am Mustard Seed meet in UR
15th Jan
9.30am Bible Study & Bright Start crèche in UR
2.00pm Bereavement Support Team meeting
16th Jan
10.30am Third Age Keep Fit in UR
1.00pm No Limits Friendship Group meets in UR
7.45pm The Forge meets in the UR
17th Jan
9.00am Prayer Meeting in Tower Room
9.30am Coderdojo Computer Class in UR
18th Jan
Second Sunday of
Holy Communion (Mike Newman)
Nine-thirty Service (Andy Lines)
Communion Service (Andy Lines)
Service for Christian Unity
Prayer meeting in church
Evening Service (Andy Lines)
What’s Coming Up!
at home
Aileen Tompkins
What’s Happening!
Send urgent requests to [email protected]
or ring the Church Office on 428 8050 to be
forwarded in confidence.
Collect for The Baptism of Christ
Eternal Father, who at the baptism of Jesus revealed him to be
your Son, anointing him with the Holy Spirit: grant to us, who
are born again by water and the Spirit, that we may be faithful to
our calling as your adopted children; through Jesus Christ your
Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of
the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Safari Supper
Saturday 31st January
NW Partnership Annual
Inspiring Women Breakfast
Saturday 7th February
Northern Men’s Convention
Saturday 9th May
Evening Confirmation Service
Sunday 24th May
Rob Munro
428-3440 [email protected]
Associate Minister Eddie Scrase-Field 915 9849 [email protected]
Assistant Minister(3rd age) Mike Lowe 01625 525718 [email protected]
Associate Minister (St.Cuths) Mike
Today’s Bible Readings
Malachi 3:6-18
2 Cor 9:6-15
Mark 1:4-11
9.30am Service
Malachi 3:6-18
(p1068) 2 Cor 9:6-15
(p1163) Malachi 3:6-18
Newman 428-5212 [email protected]
Curate: (Due to start July 2015) Simon Donohoe
(p1068) 2 Cor 8:1-9
Church Office (Penny or Sheila) ,
The Upper Room, 11 Wilmslow Road, Cheadle, SK8 1DW
Phone: 0161 428 8050 Fax: 0203 479 5591