Jan. 2015 Newsletter - Grumman Retiree Club

January 2015
Bethpage, New York
President, Betty Bohlander, (516-575-3777)
California - Golden West / Pt. Mugu
President, Fred Syrett (805-647-4934)
California - San Diego / San Diego
President, Pete Belay, (858-484-7307)
Volume 48, Issue 1
Circulation: 3087
Installation of Officers
installation foto
installation foto
Florida - First Coast / St. Augustine
President, Fred Bauer (904-819-9817)
Florida - Manasota West / Bradenton
President, Ted Martines (941-926-8891)
Florida - Mid-West / Spring Hill
President, John Cornacchia (813-995-2902)
Florida - Southwest / Locations Vary
President, Carolyn Moors (239-283-8294)
Florida - Spacecoast / Melbourne
President, Bob Prais (321-242-5782)
Florida - Suncoast / Pinellas Park
President, Benjamin Hurley (727-527-7281)
installation foto
Florida - Treasure Coast / Port St. Lucie
President, Bob Watkins (772-283-8638)
installation foto
Georgia - Peach Pit / Milledgeville
President, Ted Zarkowsky (478-452-6442)
installation foto
Maryland - Glen Arm / Belair
President, Rick Swinder (410-977-7829).
New England - New England North / Dorset, VT
President, Bill Egner (802-446-2062)
New Jersey - Garden State / Lakehurst
President, Bill Staples (732-350-9454)
New York - Bethpage Chapter & Club HQ
President, Betty Bohlander, (516-575-3777)
New York - Eastern Long Island / Riverhead
President, Bert Moller (631-864-4377)
North Carolina - Eastern Carolina / Locations Vary
President, Peter McNamee (252-288-4569)
L to R: Bob Ripp, Pat Sullivan, NGC VP Pat McMahon,
Betty Bohlander, Lou Kubat
The Club officers for the coming year were installed at the Retiree
Club Holiday Luncheon in December. Details of the luncheon and the
installation are in the Parent Chapter report, beginning on page 3.
Pennsylvania - Northeast PA / So. Sterling
President, Charles Dowd (570-491-2125)
South Carolina
Coastal Carolinas / Myrtle Beach
President, Ronald Girardin (843-903-7116)
Texas - Houston / Houston
President, Angelo LaCognata, (281-326-1665)
Virginia - Central Virginia / Monticello
President, MaryAnne Muller (434-589-5565)
Membershp Renewal Time
The time has come to renew your Retiree Club Membership.
Application / Renewal Form is on page 23 of this Newsletter.
Renewal details are in the form.
Renew Now . . . Don’t Let Your Membership Lapse.
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Scholarship Program Contributors
The Scholarship Fund Directors and the
Retiree Club thank the following for their
North, Lee
Santos, Anna
Weihs, Sydney
Roland Winter
Wirth, Alfred
Eastern Carolina Chapter
Grumman Retiree Club
2015 All Chapter Scholarship Awards Program
Application forms for the Scholarship Awards
program for 2015 are now available. It is the
members’ responsibility to provide the application
forms and to encourage our Grandkids to participate!
Remember: the only awareness our Grandkids
have of our Retiree Club Scholarships is through
you, the members.
Applications may be obtained at your local meetings,
or at grummanretireeclub.org, or by mail (selfaddressed stamped envelope to Scholarship Fund,
PO Box 0748, Bethpage, NY, 11714-0748).
Thank you for continuing the Grumman tradition
of supporting education. Your contributions are
the Engine that enables our Scholarship Award
Program to be a continuing Program for all Retiree
Club Members.
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Please Keep Your (Tax Deductible) Donations
Coming . . .
Send your checks (payable to Retiree Scholarship
Fund) to: Scholarship Fund, PO Box 0748,
Bethpage, NY, 11714-0748
2015 Scholarship Program
50/50 RAFFLE
Members of All Chapters May Participate!
Enter often. Multiple winners possible.
Max prize: $500 for any one person, in any
one drawing.
Winners announced in the Newsletter, after
each quarterly drawing.
Send a filled-in raffle ticket (below) and a check
(payable to Grumman Retiree Club Scholarship
Fund), to PO Box 0748, Bethpage, NY, 117140748. Each raffle entry is $5. (Please indicate
how many raffles you are purchasing.)
Everyone has a chance to win.
This Raffle benefits the
Scholarship Fund only.
Scholarship Program
Town _______________State ____ Zip _______
Phone (optional) _____________________
Number of Raffles Purchased _____
Bethpage Chapter Calendar
Bethpage Chapter
Membership luncheon-meetings are
generally held on the fourth Wednesday of
the month.
The Retiree Club’s December 10, 2014, Holiday
Luncheon was held at the Crest Hollow Country
Club, with over 200 merry revelers in attendance.
The festivities began with a cocktail hour. As
usual, our Holiday Gifts from the Crest Hollow
Country Club were tables of Crudités, Bruschetta,
and a Cheeseboard, all of which were very well
January 28: Luncheon Meeting, Crest
Hollow CC.
Reservation form: page 22 of this Newsletter
February 25: Luncheon Meeting, Milleridge Inn
Reservation form: page 22 of this Newsletter
2015 Defensive Driving Course
Attention Chapter Members - As was
previously announced, Liz McGowan, who for
years has handled Defensive Driver courses
four times a year, will be stepping down. The
Club needs another volunteer to take over
her activities or we will be forced to end our
defensive Driving courses.
A little bit of time; a small amount of effort; a
very big help to many Club Members.
Please volunteer now . . . .
Call the Club office: 516-575-3777
Senior Blood Drive
Next Golden Donor Blood Drive:
at the Long Island Blood Center
1200 Prospect Avenue, Westbury, NY.
If you need directions or information,
please call Marion Haberman at the
Blood Center, at 516-478-5018.
At 1PM, President Betty Bohlander called the
group to order and introduced 2nd Vice President
Pat Sullivan, who led the Pledge of Allegiance.
The President asked for a moment of silence for
all our departed members, for their loved ones,
and a prayer for our men and women in the
Pat Sullivan then gave the following moving
“Loving and gracious God, we thank you for this day
and all its blessings. As we approach the longest
night of the year, we celebrate the holy days and
holidays with festive displays of lights and family
and friends. Let the light bring joy to our hearts.
May our gatherings strengthen our relationships.
Help us to be generous in our response to those in
need and grateful for those who protect us. Bless
us as we share this luncheon and bring us to a
happy and healthy new year.”
Betty then introduced our invited guests:
·Pat McMahon, Northrop Grumman VP,
Manned Aircraft Division.
·Wayne Grosse, BFCU President and CEO.
·Tom Tack, NGC Director of the Next
Generation Electronic Attack Program.
·Andy Parton, Executive Director of the
Cradle of Aviation Museum and a
member of the Club’s Board of Directors
·Larry Seiden, Director of BFCU Financial
Services and member of our BOD.
·Kevin McKenna, BFCU Business
Development and member of our BOD.
·Chris Labita, BFCU Business Development
·Nicole Mahecha, BFCU Melville Branch
We were pleased to have them enjoy the holiday
party with us. All were thanked for their continued
partnering with the Grumman Retiree Club.
Betty also introduced Bob Foster, who is
a member of our Board of Directors. Betty
welcomed Bob back after his long struggle with
back problems. Last, but certainly not least,
Betty introduced Marion Abbott, Past President
and current member of our Board of Directors.
Betty thanked Marion and 2nd VP Pat Sullivan
for arranging the luncheon and asked for a well
deserved a round of applause for both.
As is tradition, Betty called a VIP to the podium
to install the slate of elected officers. This year,
it was our pleasure to have Pat McMahon install
the Club’s Officers who will have the positions for
2015 and 2016:
Betty Bohlander President
Bob Ripp 1st VP
Pat Sullivan 2nd VP
Lou Kubat Secretary
Frank Rizzo Treasurer
VacantSergeant-at Arms
Attention Chapter Members - As was
announced last year, our Sergeant-at-Arms
position is vacant. Please consider volunteering
some of your time for the benefit of the
membership. The small effort will provide lots
of self-satisfaction, knowing you are helping to
keep our worthwhile organization functioning
On to the festivities! A delicious lunch was served
to the hungry crowd and then the rest of the
afternoon was spent enjoying coffee and dessert
as well as wonderful wines and soft drinks. DJ
Debbie provided dance and background music,
which kept lots of people on the dance floor.
People reminisced about the past year and the
golden years at Grumman. A great time was had
by all.
Special Congratulations to:
December Birthdays: John Proscia (81); Jack
Geiger (91); Dorothy Leogrande; Lou Kubat
(78); Christie Dillard; Signora Andrews (56);
Mary Freeman (84); Gene Lynch (88); Past
President John Vosilla (66); Frank DiPaola (79);
and Edward Markowski (89). Happy Birthday all
Anniversaries: John & Arlene Vosilla (43 yrs);
Sal & Angela Sakellarides (62 yrs); and Milt & Ola
Farkas (50 yrs). Congratulations to all!
We welcomed our Out-of-Town Visitors and
Guests: Robert Sikorski, Captain USAF-Retired;
and Fran Freeman.
Door Prize Winners: Four $25 Visa gift
cards were donated by the BFCU and five petit
bouquets of flowers were provided by the Club.
The lucky winners were: Delores Aulotta, Ray
Mason, Rose Romani, Catherine Markiewicz,
Dave Conroe, Pete Lazaro, Lou Kubat, Helen
Pasciutti, and Carole MacKnight
50-50 Winners:
Mary Freeman, Fred Treubig and Charles
About half way through the luncheon we noticed
that Mother Nature was giving us her first gentle
snow of the season. It conjured up reminiscences
of past warm and classic Christmases. After
warm handshakes, holiday wishes, and kisses
goodbye, everyone went home with a smile. Ho!
Ho! Ho!!
By: Lou Kubat, Secy.
CALIFORNIA / Golden West
Meeting dates:
1/13; 2/10; 3/10 (2nd Tues.)
On Friday, December 11, our Chapter gathered
for our annual Christmas luncheon at the 94th
Aero Squadron restaurant. This military-themed
eatery is located inside a replica of a World War
I farmhouse, complete with aircraft replicas and
wartime artifacts. Twenty-seven retirees and
guests enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch.
President Fred Syrett opened our December 9th
meeting at the Eagles, in Oxnard. The Pledge of
Allegiance was led by Sergeant-at-Arms John
Urgo. President Fred Syrett gave the prayer in
place of Vice-President John Torkelsen who was
not feeling well enough to attend the meeting.
After the program, Tom Maloney gave the
treasury report of our Christmas donations fund:
The Eagles Lodge
Toys for Tots
Rain Communities
Habitat for Humanity
Ventura Rescue Mission
Ventura Salvation Army
Ventura Food Share
We thank all of our members for their generosity
in making these contributions possible.
Treasurer Tom Maloney reported if you have
not yet paid your dues please send a check in
the amount of $17, payable to “Golden West
Retiree Club” and send it to Tom Maloney at 1690
Loma Drive, Camarillo, CA 93010. Please make
arrangements with him at 805-443-9219.
We had a white elephant raffle with members
bringing in interesting items from their homes.
Members were very generous in their giving and
the Christmas Spirit was quite evident. Thanks to
Tom Maloney for organizing and carrying out the
raffle. Also, Thanks to Don Coler for providing
the Poinsettia Plants for the tables.
By: Paul Aanerud, Sec’y, and Fred Syrett,
Our new President, Pete Belay, called the meeting
to order and led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Nancy Roeckl gave the invocation.
Pete brought everyone’s attention to the new
Grumman - Northrop Grumman Retiree Club /
San Diego Chapter banner provided by Retiree
Club HQ, in Bethpage. Each local chapter
received a banner and a display stand. Thank
You, Grumman Headquarters.
Treasurer Howard Lindquist presented a positive
financial report.
50/50 winners were Gordon Cargill and Chuck
There was lots of fun and useful door prizes.
Winners included Gordon & Marge Cargill, John
& Mitzie Reika, Bill & Nancy Roeckl, Chuck &
Elizabeth Walters, Tom Whitehead and Lou
The holidays were not without sadness as we
lost Grumman Retirees Wayne Getchel and Ted
Lohse. Our sincere condolences and heartfelt
prayers go out to their families.
If you haven’t paid your dues for 2015, you can
send a $20 check (made out to: Grumman
Retiree Club) to Howard Lindquist, 13572
Samantha Ave, San Diego, CA 92129.
From October through December, the following
folks celebrated birthdays: Amy Askins, Betz
Bartels, Mary Belay, Noel Callahan, Gordon
Cargill, Mary Garrity, Kay Huttle, Mike Lossick,
Nancy Roeckl, Armand Salvi, Ann Sarraffe, Jean
Vasely, and Christine von der Heyden.
Frey, Bernie Sovoie, Paul Coronato, and Mark
And celebrating wedding anniversaries from
October through December were: Charlie & Amy
Askins, Noel & Sue Callahan, Dennis & Annette
Klapwyk, Cliff & Barbara Robinson, Armand &
Santi Salvi, Bob & Roxie Stalter, and Ernie &
Christine von der Heyden.
Congrats to all!!
Treasurer Bob Rathje started collecting 2015
dues and reminds anyone who wishes to pay
the $15 dues by mail can send a check to Bob
at: 11046 Castlemain Circle East, Jacksonville,
FL. 32256
Meeting dates for 2015 will be announced at a
later time.
By: Bill Roeckl, Sec’y. [email protected]
FLORIDA/ First Coast
We had thirty-five members and guests for
our December 9 luncheon meeting. Also, two
representatives from the St. Augustine facility
were with us for an update presentation.
President Fred Bauer opened the meeting by
leading in the Pledge of Allegiance, which was
followed by Chaplain Janet Cassford’s invocation.
While we were dining, Fred asked us to remember
Janet’s husband Ted who is dealing with kidney
stones. We all wish Ted a speedy recovery.
Fred announced birthdays and anniversaries for
Langhauser, Duke Digilio, Paul Heagy, Thomas
Mutschler, Tom Foley, Paul Rosone, Paulette
Bateman, Terry Jennings, Barbara Dolce, Jim
Anniversaries: Janice & Rich Porter, Bonnie &
Art Maguire, Anne & Emil Gagliardi, and John &
Kathleen Hirschlein.
Anyone wishing to add to our yearly Christmas
donation to the Empty Stocking Fund of St.
Augustine can include a separate check for this
donation along with the dues check.
Guest speaker Christine McGlade gave us an
update of ongoing business and construction
progress at the St Augustine facility. She took
several questions from Chapter members as well
as visiting each table for conversation. The ladies
also distributed a number of brochures and pens
to us. Our Thanks to Christine for a pleasant and
informative experience.
We had five turkey checks and seven 50/50
prizes awarded,
Next Meeting: Jan 20, at the Royal St. Augustine
Golf & Country Club, off Route 16.
By: Steve Cacace
[email protected]
FLORIDA / Manasota West
President Ted Martines called the meeting to
order at Noon, on December 10, 2014 and led
the members in the Pledge of Allegiance. There
were twelve members present at Pier 22, in
Bradenton, for our final meeting of 2014.
With the absence of John Zinna, who was ill,
there was no Secretary’s report; however his
wife, Fran, attended and captured the meeting
Treasurer Jim Murray gave the financial report
and reminded the members of the increase in
yearly dues to $15.
Dues are to paid ASAP so there will be in
interruption in Newsletters and to keep the
Chapter financially solvent.
Election of officers for 2015:
Ted Martines -
Bob Nyberg - Vice President;
John Zinna - Secretary/Treasurer.
Our Chapter members decided to have Retiree
Club HQ donate the $300 [Club stipend for our
Chapter] to charities, in the name of the Manatee
West Chapter. $150 will go to All Faiths Food
Bank and $150 to Mayors Feed the Hungry.
President Ted will continue to look for monthly
speakers. He is inquiring of Ca’d Zahn and the
State Attorney’s office to advise the club on
senior scammers.
VP Bob reported that the Navy is placing a
large order for E-2Ds, with engineering to be
done in Melbourne, FL and manufacturing at St.
Augustine, FL.
50/50 drawing winners were Bob Nyberg, Fran
Zinna, Diane Martines and Jim Murray. All of our
winners donated back to the club. Thank You!!
We encourage our members to bring guests.
If there are any Grumman retirees in the area,
please join us at Pier 22 Restaurant in Bradenton,
FL, at Noon on the second Tuesday of each
month. We look forward to hearing all your
Holiday stories. Good company, beautiful views,
and good food in sunny Florida.
Next Meetings: Jan 14; Feb 11; March 11.
All meetings at Noon, at Pier 22 Restaurant,
Bradenton, FL.
By: John Zinna, Sec’y. (941-705-2690)
[email protected]
Our December 18, 2014 meeting was opened
by President John Cornacchia at 11:30AM.
Greetings: Welcome to the Grumman Retiree
Club, Mid-West Florida Chapter
Chaplin Gus Krayer opened our meeting with
the invocation and the Pledge of Allegiance.
There were twelve members present.
December Birthday: Judy Folde. We wish you
health and happiness and many more.
December Anniversaries: None
Madeline Arso read “ ’Twas the Night Before
Christmas”. It was amended to honor our
Military. Thank You, Madeline.
The minutes for November 2014 were amended
to include our slate of officers for 2015 as follows:
President - John Cornacchia
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary – Kathy Cornacchia
Treasurer – Gus Krayer
Sergeant at Arms – Bill Shay
Trustees – Madeline Arso, Rich Arso, and Hank Mehl
Also, it was noted that we will be donating $300
each to the Salvation Army and the Pasco,
Hernando Hospice.
A motion to accept the minutes as amended was
made by Gus Krayer and seconded by Judy
Folde. The amended minutes were accepted
The Treasurer’s report was given by Gus Krayer.
The motion to accept the Treasurer’s report was
made by Elaine Johnson and seconded by Bill
Shay. The report was accepted unanimously.
Sunshine Committee:
Citrus County: No report
Hernando County: Hank Mehl had a gall
bladder operation and was coming home today.
Also, we understand that Edie Bermister had a
heart attack. We have no news of how she is
New Business: Installation of Officers for 2015.
We broke for lunch, and - upon returning from
lunch - we were serenaded by “The Pine Cords”.
We had four 50/50 winners. Congratulations to
The meeting adjourned at 1:15PM.
A fun time was had by all.
Future Meetings: Jan 15, Feb 19, March 19
All meetings will be held at the Buffet City
restaurant on Route # 50 in Brooksville, at
John and I wish everyone a “Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year” and look forward to seeing
you next year.
By: Kathy Cornacchia, Sec’y.
FLORIDA / SouthWest Chapter did not meet in December.
Florida / Space Coast
A festively arrayed Suntree Country Club,
augmented by Pat Postupack’s holiday table
decorations, greeted 71 of our Chapter’s members
on December 17th, as we gathered for the year’s
last meeting. While the buffet luncheon was up
to its usual standard, it was the beer-cheese
soup that drew us back for a second round after
the Pledge of Allegiance and Ed Romano’s
especially meaningful year end blessing.
Following our usual custom for the December
meeting, we opted to have no guest speaker
so our members would have more opportunity
to socialize. As a unique feature, VP John Lau
distributed a quiz designed to test both our basic
knowledge and creative capabilities. Fortunately,
no score was kept.
Veterans Honor Flight Contributions
President Bob Prais brought us up to date on
the status of the Retiree Club’s $300 contribution
to all 19 chapters. Since we had indicated our
wish that the funds allocated for our chapter
be used to support the Veteran’s Honor Flight,
transporting WWII veterans to Washington, DC,
to visit several of the memorials, Club HQ (in
Bethpage) sent a check directly to our local
At last month’s meeting, our members voted
to collect contributions for the Veterans Honor
Flight as a charitable Christmas project, in lieu
of presents to a senior home as had been our
custom in prior years. Bill reported that, at the
end of the day, individual donations amounted to
$825. With a $75 contribution from our Chapter
treasury, we will have donated $900 toward this
cause, plus the $300 contributed by Retiree Club
HQ, for a total of $1200.
Donations to the Honor Flight should be given to
Bill Waldron, our Treasurer.
Veterans Transitional Facility Thanksgiving
Dinner: Ron Stinton reported that the full
Thanksgiving dinner our Chapter volunteered
to contribute had gone off very well, feeding 20
adults and 13 children, with all the costs being
covered by two anonymous Club members.
Funds previously voted by our club for this
purpose were therefore used to provide gift
certificates for the 13 children’s Christmas.
Member Health Reports
Ron reported that Joe Mullings had been
hospitalized and is home recuperating. We wish
Joe a speedy recovery.
Treasurer Bill Waldron reported:
- The last of our six prior years scholarship
student awards had gone out.
- There are satisfactory balances in both
our scholarship and general accounts.
- Bill has received an annual dues check
from a new member, Sam Roose, who
resides in The Villages, a bit of a haul from
here. We hope you can make it to some
of our meetings, Sam.
Communications: Don Powell’s report consisted
of identifying and thanking his band of callers
who contact our members to remind them of our
meetings and brief them about our speakers.
Don’s letters to his callers are looked forward to
every month - - - [my grandchildren take his jokes
to school (after editing!)]
All other committee reports were waived due to
50/50 drawing resulted in five regular awards plus
five poinsettias. The grand prize was a fabulous
basket of suitable holiday items assembled by
Ann Cioffi, who also assisted Pat Postupack with
the attractive holiday decorations. The festive
camaraderie and holiday decorations reminded
some of us of the old Christmas spirit we shared
in our Grumman workplaces - -all we needed
was a big turkey and a bonus check to make it
just like old times.
Employee Birthdays December: George
Graefe, John Adrion, David Muh, John Casko,
and Henry Dubocq
Spouse Birthdays December: Carol Lawler,
Diane Glover, Elaine Dubocq, Yvonne McDonnell,
Brenda Muh, Mary Ann Lau, Marie Passarella,
Tessie Rago, Earlene Roosevelt, Barbara
Hudson, and Marilyn Filipo
Anniversaries December: George & Peggy
Graefe, Henry & Elaine Dubocq, Gus & Audrey
Lanzo, Howard & Evelyn Dunn, and Oscar &
Emma B. Basilio.
Next Meeting: Jan 21, 2015. Guest speaker is
Betsy Farmer, from Pathway to Promise.
By: Bill Steenson, Secy.
FLORIDA / Suncoast
The 12/17/14 Meeting of the Suncoast Chapter
of the Grumman Retiree Club was held at the
Greek Village Restaurant, starting at Noon. The
meeting was opened by President Ben Hurley
with ten members and guests in attendance.
Sergeant-at-Arms John Kucin led the Pledge
of Allegiance. Secretary Patricia Newark gave
the Invocation and a special prayer for our
service people in harms way, and a Blessing for
Christmas and Hanukkah.
Following the Grumman tradition of giving out
Turkeys, our President Ben passed out Gift
Cards to all the Members present. Next, we had
a Grab Bag exchange of presents.
Happy Birthday and many more to
Helen Barth (Dec. 2.)
Anniversary Congratulations to
Patricia & John Newark - 39 years on Dec. 20
50/50: Four Happy Winners - Patricia Newark,
Caesar Colasuonno (who gave back to the
treasury), Lyn Mohr, and Tony Giouvalakas (who
also gave back to the treasury).
Next Meetings: 1/21, 2/18, 3/18, 4/15.
All to be held at The Hibachi Buffet, on Park Blvd.
& 49th Street, in Pinellas Park, FL. .
By: Patricia E. Newark, Sec’y. (727-360-7339)
[email protected]
FLORIDA / Treasure Coast
Our December 18th Christmas luncheon was
held at Manero’s Restaurant, in Palm City, with
53 members and two guests attending. In
the absence of President Bob Watkins, Vice
President Werner Bols opened the meeting with
the Pledge of Allegiance
Chaplain Larry Regier gave the invocation and
announced the deaths of Sal Mancuso, Ed
Burkhead, and Art Hill. Art was a long time
member of the club and a past president of the
Treasure Coast Chapter. Our condolences to the
Larry also announced that Don Graves had a hip
We had a surprise visit from Mr. & Mrs. Claus
(Dick and Nancy Schaefer) who encouraged all
to join in singing some Christmas songs, ending
in Silent Night.
At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Claus handed
out packages of cookies to everyone. We Thank
You both for your effort.
Deb Bartfield baked an Applesauce Cake and
the proceeds of the raffle went to our Scholarship
Fund. Thank You, Deb.
There were fifteen Publix gift cards raffled off and
five 50/50 winners.
A good time was had by all.
Anniversaries: Mike & Deb Bartfield,
Bob & Lynn Beckman. Rob & Marilyn Fink, Gene
& Marylou Rathgeber (57 years), and Tom &
Janet Cuce (58 years)
Anne and Paul Kaloski, Cutchogue, NY
Next Meetings: Jan 15, Feb 19, and Mar 19,
By: Joan Savio, Sec’y.
[email protected]
GEORGIA / Peach Pit
The Tuesday, December 16, 2014 meeting at
Crockett’s Cafeteria on N. Columbia Street in
Milledgeville, GA. started at 12:30PM. There
were 14 present when Vice President Janet Sills
called the meeting to order.
Joe Sansotta led the attendees in the Pledge
of Allegiance. Next, Chaplain Designee Mary
Archer gave the Blessing, which was followed by
the meal and fellowship.
Old Business:
Being a non- business Social Meeting, any Old
Business will be addressed at the January 2015
New Business:
1. Vice President Janet, on behalf of President
Ted Zarkowsky, thanked members for their
support during their terms as officers for years
2013 and 2014. She also extended wishes for a:
to all the
Grumman-Northrop Grumman Family.
2. Secretary Lew Iuliucci extended December
Happy Birthday wishes to: John Maier [4th],
Guil Mauldin [24th], Howard Sills [4th], and Stan
Winnicki [22nd].
3. Anniversary congratulations were extended
to: Gary & Linda Hagland [27th], Guil & Barbara
Mauldin [27th], and Janet & Howard Sills [4th].
4. Treasurer Joe Sansotta reported that John
Noack and Frank Vargas will come on board in
Ernie Godbee won the 75/25 Fundraiser raffle
and donated his winnings to the Community
Service Fund. Thank you Ernie.
the Chard Wray Memorial Community Food
Pantry in Baldwin County, Georgia.
Community Service:
a.] Volunteerism continues as members, and
spouses, aid various causes including Pints of
b.] Per our 2014 Donation Plan, a gift check
will be presented to the Chard Wray Memorial
Community Food Pantry, on Christmas Day
[December 25, 2014] Our check will have a
cover letter from the Chapter and, this year, an
additional/separate check from the Retiree Club.
Today’s topic was: Attendee Fellowship.
A motion to end the meeting was made by Paul
Bernichon and seconded by Janet Sills The
motion carried and adjournment was at 1:30PM.
Next Meeting: January 20, 2015, 12:30PM, at
Crockett’s Cafeteria, on North Columbia Street,
in Milledgeville.
By: Lew M. Iuliucci, Sec’y.
(478-452-1357) [email protected]
Betty Bertoli was recently ill. She is now home
rehabilitating. Betty is in our thoughts for a
speedy recovery.
The Program for our January Meeting is
installation of Chapter Officers:
· Janet Sills - President
· Ted Zarkowsky -
Vice President
· Joe Sansotta - Treasurer
· Lew Iuliucci - Secretary
· Wendell Barr - Sgt-at-Arms
· Willie Collins - Chaplain.
Also at the January meeting, we will have a review
of Chapter Expenses and Income, to include the
Club stipend/income being used for Chapter
expenses and a charitable gift in December to
The Glen Arm Club meeting for December was
an evening meeting with a fair showing.
Maryland / Glen Arm
Topics covered were the Treasury Report, the
Chapter’s Dues, and Charity Donations.
Members present at the meeting reviewed the
notice from Retiree Club HQ that chapter dues
(per member) to be sent to HQ will increase from
$11 to $13 in 2015. Those present at the meeting
decided to leave dues for the Glen Arm chapter
at $15 for 2015. We will consider an increase for
2016. Notices will be going out soon.
We are considering making a donation to a
charitable organization for 2015. Rick Swinder
is researching and will inform the chapter of
his finding at our next meeting. Our previous
donation was to the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
We wish all a Merry Christmas and Happy
We send to everyone our Best Wishes for the
New Year!
Reminder: Chapter Dues per person that we
are required to forward to Retiree Club HQ are to
increase in 2015. Our 2015 chapter dues will be
coming due soon; notices will be sent out shortly.
Happy Birthday to:
John Higgs (12/3); Rick Oden (12/9); Joan
Gebhardt (12/11); Dave Rutherford (12/31)
Linda LaOrange (01/23); and Vince Trabona
Meetings: Unless Notified Otherwise:
· Our meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of
the month.
· Daytime meetings at 1PM
· Evening meetings at 6:30PM
· All meetings are at the Golden Corral,
Aberdeen Md.
Meeting Schedule:
Tuesday January 20th - 1PM
Tuesday February 17th -1PM
Remember: the club is still recruiting members.
We are trying to contact Glen Arm Grummanites
who might not be Club members. If you have
contact information, please forward it to one of
the officers listed below.
Questions? Suggestions?
Please contact:
President: Rick Swinder
(410-977-7829) [email protected]
Sergeant-at-Arms: Rolfe Feser
(410-661-2580) [email protected]
Treasurer: Joe Svach
(443-567-6433) [email protected]
By: Joe Svach
New England North
Chapter is on Winter break.
New Jersey
Garden State Chapter
Our December 16, 2014 meeting was held at the
Best of Italy Restaurant, with eleven members
and two guests present. President Bill Staples
called the meeting to order at 1:30PM.
The minutes of the previous meeting were
The Treasurer gave a report. Treasurer Larsen
also notified the members that – after March we will have to select a new Treasurer since he
felt that he could not do it anymore because of
ill health.
Sunshine Report – Don Smith’s daughter sent a
letter saying that her parents are doing well after
a year of some serious medical problems. She
also supplied us with contact information.
Old Business – Dues were collected for 2015.
Those who have not paid were asked to mail a
check for the dues to the Treasurer Larsen as
soon as possible.
New Business – None
Ways & Means – Sunshine lady Gloria Larsen
presented a small gift to everyone present.
The meeting was adjourned at 3:15P.M.
Next Meeting: March 17, 2015 at 1PM, at the
Crestwood Family Restaurant.
By: Carolyn Kerr, Sec’y. (732-244-4483)
Eastern Long Island Chapter
Our annual Christmas gathering was held at
Pauline Sandmann’s Clubhouse at Riverwoods.
Twenty-two Chapter members were joined
by three honored guests from the Bethpage
Chapter: Pres. Betty Bohlander, 1st VP Bob
Ripp, and Past Pres. Marion Abbott.
East LI foto
East LI foto
East LI foto
cost of Newsletter printing and postage. Also,
[as a cost containment effort] beginning in 2015
we will not have an August or a September
Betty also explained that membership
requirements have changed: All former Grumman
and/or Northrop-Grumman employees and all
current employees with one year of service are
eligible for Club membership.
President Bert asked for volunteers for Treasurer,
as Lynne Miller has been ailing. Please Volunteer!
Bert reminded the members that there is No
January Meeting and he said he’s joining “Club
Snowbirds”, heading South. Safe trip to all.
Bert asked for 2015 Dues ($15) ASAP!
No Dues – No Newsletter
2015 Dues ($15): Make your check payable
to ELI Grumman Retiree Club. Send check to
Bert Moller, 33 Ramsey Road, Commack, NY
11725. Please print Name, Address, and Phone
Number on your check or use the Membership
Application Form in the Newsletter.
East LI foto
January Birthdays: Richie Myers (1/12), John E.
Wills (1/25), Eugene V. Bagnall Jr. (1/28), Robert
Haynol (1/1), William J. Lent (1/10).
L to R: Bob Albert, Pauline Sandmann, Bert
Moller, Betty Bohlander, Bob Ripp, Marion
Our group voted to donate $150 to “Millneck
Home For The Deaf “ and $150 to “Wounded
Warriors”. Good Show!
Our President, Bert Moller, welcomed all, then
Sergeant-at-Arms Richie Myers led the Pledge
of Allegiance.
Reading of the minutes was waived and the
group enjoyed lunch.
After our 50/50 Drawing, the meeting was
East LI foto
After lunch, Pres. Bohlander explained that
the dues increase is necessary because of
decreasing membership and increases in the
Mytko Report:
- Jerry Di-Pierro contacted Bill about the
passing of John Lamb, in North Carolina.
- To report any deaths, illnesses, etc.
contact Bill Mytko (1-864-225-4927 or
[email protected])
Next Meeting: Feb 18, at the Coram Diner
[corner of Route 112 and Jericho Turnpike (Route
25)]. Lunch at Noon; Meeting After Lunch. Cost:
TBD. Contact Bob Albert (631-585-7987) by 2/16
for head count.
North Carolina Foto
Hope All have a Happy and Healthy Holiday
North Carolina Foto
By: Bob Albert, VP (631-585-7987)
Eastern Carolina Chapter
On December 10th, 48 members and guests met
at the beautifully decorated River Bend Country
Club. Our thanks to Kathy & Bernie Kuntz,
our Program Directors for December. Bernie
welcomed everyone and asked Ken Gruebel
to lead the Pledge of Allegiance and give the
invocation. Ken always has a poignant message
each month and this one was no exception; we
are so fortunate to have him. Bernie then passed
around our yearly Christmas trivia contest sent in
by Artie Miller. We sure do miss Artie & Fran! This
was one of his most difficult quizzes, with most
of us only getting a few right answers.
We were fortunate to have three handsome
Marines to collect the “Toys for Tots” at our
luncheon, thanks to Rudi Wiehl and Joe Mele.
The Marine contingent consisted of two active
Marines and one retiree: Staff Sgt. Matthew
Hendges; from Michigan; Cpl. Keith Kane, from
Florida; and Gunny Sgt. Russell Spalti (Ret.),
from Springville, NY. Sergeant Spalti served over
24 years. The Marines joined us for the delicious
buffet that was served. S/Sgt. Hendges thanked
us for all the toys collected and gave a history of
the “Toys for Tots” program. Our toys will go to
the children in Craven County, with the Salvation
Army delivering the toys.
North Carolina Foto
North Carolina Foto
North Carolina Foto
L to R: Cpl. Keith Kane, Gunny Sgt. Russ Spalti
(Ret.), SSgt. Matthew Hendges, Bernie Kuntz,
Kathy Kuntz.
Our comedian, Tom Schroder, had no jokes
prepared due to coming off a vacation a few days
before the meeting. Joe Mele stepped in and told
a couple.
Treasurer Bob Lamberson gave his report and
noted that donations were made to the Alzheimer
Foundation in Wes Johnson’s name, and to the 7
Lakes EMS, for Dave Shannon. Bob suggested
raising our donations for deceased members
from $25 to $50 since the $25 amount was
voted on at the inception of our Chapter many
years ago. A motion was made and passed by
all present.
Bob also called the 50/50 winners: Cpl. Kane,
Karl Herrnkind, Al Northrop, and Ken Gruebel.
President Pete McNamee read a letter from
Retiree Club President Betty Bohlander. The
letter told members that each chapter would
receive a $300 stipend to use as each chapter
decides. A discussion followed of what to do with
this money, since we had already voted last month
to send $100 to three different charities. Pete
was to check with Bethpage, so this discussion
was tabled until our February meeting. Dues that
our Chapter sends to Bethpage for each Chapter
member will increase by $2, due to rising costs of
operation. The letter also said that no newsletters
would be mailed out in August and September
since most clubs don’t meet in the Summer. It
also mentioned the new banner and stand that
we received from Retiree Club HQ.
Pete reminded members that we do not meet in
January and asked for volunteers for the February
and March meetings. He also announced the
December birthdays and anniversaries, and he
mentioned that our chapter dues would remain
at $15 for 2015 as our treasury is in good shape.
There were questions regarding the health and
prescription insurance. Rudi Wiehl suggested
that we have an insurance seminar at our June
meeting since nothing can be done as the time
has passed to make a change.
We were happy to see John Sullivan who
travelled from Raleigh, Joyce & Bob Leun from
Rural Hill, and Joe Ram and his daughter, Gina,
who came from Apex and attended for the first
time. It’s a trip for all of them to get to a meeting
and it was great to see them.
Birthdays: 12/1 - Bill Willemsen; 12/10 - Artie &
Fran Miller; 12/23 - Diane Spallanzani; 12/27 Walter Hermann; 12/31 - Ray Rice.
Anniversaries: 12/1 - Fred & Ginger Reynolds.
Pete thanked Bernie & Cathy and Joe & Rudi
for arranging the Marines presence, Artie Miller
for the trivia, and wished everyone a Merry
Christmas and a blessed and Happy New Year.
No January meeting.
By: Dottie Karika, Secretary ([email protected])
Northeastern Pennsylvania Chapter
The day of our meeting, December 18, was
cold and overcast. However, the Dowds, the
Rademachers, the Herlings, the St. Denises, the
Sparkowskis, and Joel Schachter attended the
meeting. President Dowd offered a toast to close
out the year, and Chaplain Sparkowski offered
grace. This was our last meeting until April.
The first half hour was filled with good will and
light conversation, as we had our Happy HalfHour and Holiday drink. At Noon, we ordered our
main meal, and some of us talked shop, while
Richard & Barbara St. Denis and Joel Schechter
brought the rest of us up to date on what they
have been doing, since they have not attended
a meeting in a long time.
Treasurer Fred received an e-mail from the
Home Office, acknowledging that our $300
from Bethpage had been sent to the Gino Merli
Veterans’ Center and the St. Francis Commons
Veterans Program. Club HQ also thanked us for
making such a quick determination on where the
money was to go.
Treasurer Fred wanted everyone to remember
that dues are due by December 31st, but there
is a grace period till January 31 before you are
dropped from the Club. Send your $15 to Fred
at PO Box 1012, Milford, PA 18337-1012. Make
your checks out to “NEPA Grumman Retiree
Club”, NOT TO FRED. Even though some of you
will receive this after Dec 31, my e-mailers get
this Newsletter way before then.
Secretary Sparkowski showed everyone the
new Club Banner. It was interesting to note that
the Banner now contains the name of the local
chapter. A nice touch. We will start to use our
banner at our first meeting in April.
Sickness Update;
- President Chuck Dowd has recovered
nicely from his mini-stroke. He said he
feels good and has no problems.
- Marie Dowd has fully recovered from her
knee operation and does not use a cane.
- Edward Sparkowski is recovering nicely
from his end-of-October Parotid Gland
operation. Got a clean bill of health
from the doctor, but is still experiencing
some numbness on that side, which will
eventually subside to some extent.
- Marianne Sparkowski may be having her
right knee replaced sometime in the near
- Judy Zupp was not at the meeting, as she
had a fever and was not feeling well.
As of January, the Lunch Bunch will be meeting.
This is the wives, who pick a place for lunch on
our normal meeting day and meet. It is run by
Alberta Rademacher, Marie Dowd, and Judy
Zupp. If you wish to be contacted as to when they
will be meeting, contact one of them. Husbands
are welcome to attend.
50X50 was won by Marie Dowd.
Turkey was won by Marie Dowd.
She put stick-um on her tickets!
Joel Schachter inquired about having a meeting
on a Saturday afternoon for those who are busy
during the week. We have suggested this once
before and it did not get off the ground. To all
the members: What do you guys think about a
Saturday afternoon meeting? You all have my
e-mail address, so send me a message and
let me know. To you snail mailers, drop me a
postcard, or a note and let me know what you
December Birthdays: Ron Alongi, Carol
Bradford (Damis), and John Rinde.
December Anniversaries: None
President Dowd, Secretary Sparkowski, and
Treasurer Rademacher discussed our April
meeting. As of right now, we will assemble on
April 16, 2015, at Noon, at Kays Restaurant,
in Lake Ariel, PA. At that time, we will make a
decision as to where we want to go for 2015. We
have been to Kays for three years, which is the
longest we have been at one place, since the
Raintree. If anyone has any places they want
us to check out, contact President Dowd (570491-2125 or [email protected]) or Fred
Rademacher (570-296-7196 or [email protected]
com). They will make contact your suggested
place and report back to us.
As I said, some of you will receive this Newsletter
after the Holidays. However, on behalf of
Marianne and myself, we hope you all had a
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a very
Happy and Healthy New Year. See you in April.
Next Meeting: April 16, 2015, at Noon, at Kays
Restaurant, in Lake Ariel, PA.
By: Edward J. Sparkowski, Sec’y/Chaplain
(570-698-7182) [email protected]
Coastal Carolinas Chapter
The Sea Captain’s House Restaurant, in Myrtle
Beach, was the location for our December
3 Christmas Luncheon, at which seventeen
members were in attendance. We welcomed
Barbara & Ed Raulsome, who chose the day to
become new members of the Club.
Our Chapter meets on the first Wednesday of
every month, at Noon. However, there are no
meetings during the months of June, July, and
August. Our members include those who reside
in both North Carolina and South Carolina. A
list of meeting dates, times, and locations is
available to all who are interested in attending
our meetings. Helen Timoney, who now resides
in New York, founded our Chapter prior to 1996,
when we received the charter.
After a leisurely lunch, President Ronald Girardin
called the meeting to order. Bob Joyce led
everyone in the Pledge of Allegiance, which was
followed by a moment of silence.
“Happy Birthday” to Bernard Mascara, and a
very “Happy Anniversary” to Marilyn & Dick
Seidler, who will celebrate 60 years together on
December 4th.
The November 2014 meeting minutes were read
by Kathy Fleischer, and they were seconded and
Don Webber read the Treasurer’s Report. There
were no additions or disbursements. The report
was seconded and approved.
In lieu of our 50/50 drawing, there was a
Christmas Grab Bag, which was optional. Those
who bought gifts received gifts.
We were all sorry to learn of the passing of Club
member Richard Podlaski. He lived in Taylors,
SC, and did not attend any of our meetings.
Condolences, on behalf of the Club, go out to
his family.
Another member of the Club, Lee Mascara,
would appreciate your prayers, as well as our
perpetual guest, Teresa McMahon.
‘Tis the season for colds, and other ailments,
and if you or other Club members have health
problems, please inform Dot Hoffmann, who is
in charge of the Sunshine Committee.
Your 2015 dues should be sent to Don Webber,
4713 National Drive, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579,
in order to continue your membership and
receive the newsletter. The dues amount is $15
per member, and $5 per spouse. You will also
receive a [list of Chapter member] addresses,
telephone numbers, and email addresses, in
addition to the list of dates and places of our 2015
Grumman - Northrop Grumman Retiree Club HQ
has generously allocated $300 to our Chapter.
We voted to distribute the $300 as follows: $100
to Street Reach, Myrtle Beach, SC; $100 to
Street Reach, Supply, NC; and $100 for Chapter
administrative expenses. In addition, our Chapter
also received a lovely banner from HQ. A special
thanks to Betty Bohlander, Club President, for
this gift!
Merry Christmas,
Happy New Year, And
Happy Holidays To All!
All Grumman, Northrop Grumman, and Northrop
retirees in the area are welcome to join us.
Guests are also welcome.
By: Nancy Webber, Secy.
(843 - 347 - 2113) [email protected]
TEXAS / Houston
Chapter did not meet in December.
VIRGINIA / Central Virginia
Our annual Christmas Luncheon Meeting was
held on December 10, at the Waynesboro
Country Club in Waynesboro, VA. It was a bright
sunny day; those of us from East of the Blue
Ridge Mtn. range noticed the residual snow
in the Waynesboro area, snow that we didn’t
receive on Thanksgiving Eve.
We had hoped to see some of our members
from the Valley and wish that those in WV had
joined us. We have been trying to include more
meetings further East and West in the state. We
NEED your inputs and attendance!
Nine members and one guest attended: Maryanne
Muller, Frank & Beverly Purstell, Ed Samson,
Anna Dannenhoffer, Lucille Kochersberger, Fred
& Marjorie Meiners, Rich Benske and his friend
We were saddened to hear that Ray Muller (our
chapter’s founder) has been admitted to a rest
home. A disease has robbed him of his ability to
remember all he has done in his lifetime, but his
friendships will live in our memories. His intent in
starting the chapter was to bring Grummanites
together to swap stories of their time with
the company and to renew acquaintances. He
worked, in Calverton and in Bethpage, on many
projects including E-2, Gulfstream, and finally
the F-14. He had such a passion for flying
that he built and flew radio control planes. He
also started a local flying club for these planes.
We are delighted that Maryanne attends our
meetings and gives us updates on Ray, who is
sorely missed.
Members Frank & Barbara Edwards (formerly
from NGC in Charlottesville) have moved to
Our Lady of Peace as Barbara’s health has
deteriorated. Their new address: 751 Hillsdale
Dr, Apt 308, Charlottesville VA-22901. Telephone
number: 434-979-8127,
They would love to hear from you all.
New Slate Of Officers:
President: Vice President: Treasurer: Recording Secretary: 18
Fred Meiners
Ed Samson
Frank Purstell
Marjorie Meiners
Those in attendance voted to use/send part of
the stipend allocated by Retiree Club HQ to a
local charity (Salvation Army) meeting the needs
of the homeless.
Treasurer Frank Purstell gave our checking
account balance and all is well.
2015 DUES remain at $15 per member.
Please send in (ASAP) your 2015 DUES: Make
checks out to “Grumman - Northrop Grumman
Retiree Club, Central VA Chapter” or “Frank
Purstell”. Send checks to: Frank Purstell, 317
Meadow Beauty Court, Waynesboro, VA 22980.
We wish all our friends
A Merry Christmas
A Healthy Happy New Year.
Next Meeting: Jan 14, 2015 at 12:30PM, at
Shadwell’s Restaurant, in Charlottesville. Take
I-64 Exit 124 (250W) . . . approx 1 mile on Left ...
in front of Hilton Inn.
Please email or call Frank Purstell (434-2821303) or Fred Meiners (434-589-2882) if you
plan on attending so we can make arrangements.
Future Meetings:
- Feb 11: Fork Union Family Restaurant, Rte 15
South, Fork Union
- Mar 11: Blue Mountain Brewery, 9585 Critzer
Shop Road, Afton, VA.
[1 1/2 miles up Rt.151, on left side from
the intersection of Rt, 250 & 151, towards
Wintergreen. Phone 545-456-8020.]
- April 8: Francesco’s Italian Restaurant,
Williamsburg, VA
By: Marjorie Meiners, Recording Sec’y.
In Memoriam
We extend heartfelt sympathy to the families and friends of those who have passed away.
Bereis, Richard
Smithtown, NY
Culleton, John
Florence, SC
Hanak, Rudy
Holbrook, NY
Harper, James
Middle River, MD
Hill, ArthurStuart, FL11/25/2014
Ivory, ThomasStuart, FL12/04/2014
Lohse, Clarence (Ted)
Escondido, CA
Meehan, William
Commack, NY
Pletka, William
Islip, NY
Shannon, DavidWest End, NC10/26/2014
Street, Ray
Glen Arm, MD
Tornatore, Josephine
Commack, NY
Wallace, John
Farmingdale, NY
Zale, John
Wantagh, NY
When reporting a death, provide the person’s Name, Date of death, and the City & State of residence prior to death.
Notices of member deaths should be e-mailed to the Club ([email protected]), with “Death Notice” as the subject.
Grumman History
Chapter 27
Grumman activities were humming. As spring approached, VAW-23, the first E-2C Hawkeye squadron to sea,
returned from its deployment on the USS Saratoga. Both the crews and officers were ecstatic, noting that its
performance exceeded expectations.
Jack Bierwirth, Grumman’s CEO, expressed high expectations for the coming year. Sales were up. And all were
looking forward to May’s delivery of the first Lot VI F-14, the first built at a profit. Bierwirth also announced a new
Grumman Allied product, the Dormavac. This was a shipping container, packed with high technology, offering
the potential to greatly extend the time for shipping and storing perishable goods. He praised the company for
its remarkable recovery.
In response to significant government pressure to reduce costs, on April 1, 1975 Joe Gavin unveiled an innovative
plan to reduce overhead costs. In an open letter to the public, Grumman proposed to open its airfield for limited
general aviation use. This decision was based on a two-year study that considered noise, air pollution, and safety.
It was also noted that only Grumman, among the major aerospace companies, had a private airport. All others
were located nearby municipal airports at substantially reduced costs. With this plan, a cost of $600K/year would
become a $400K profit, partially offsetting Long Island’s high costs.
Unfortunately, the local community was immediately hostile to this idea and a grass roots campaign to stop this
initiative came into being. By the end of April, despite the stated benefits that would accrue to the neighborhood
and despite Grumman’s live operational demonstrations to 60 community leaders, 680 residents were protesting
at the Grumman gates. The political leadership at the Town of Oyster Bay (TOB) was beginning action to challenge
this proposal.
In April Grumman shipped the first Space Shuttle wings, ahead of the May 1 deadline.
The maiden deployment of F-14’s to the Pacific saw some major events that while not directly affecting them
certainly must have had them on alert. In April the North Vietnamese swept south rapidly advancing toward the
south’s capital Saigon. Navy assets were employed to support the mass evacuations; the actual fall of Saigon
took place on April 30, ending the Vietnam War.
Then, few weeks later, the container ship Mayaguez was boarded by Cambodian forces claiming the ship entered
their waters. To show the world that withdrawal from Vietnam did not mean the United States was impotent, the
U.S. Navy and Marine forces quickly mounted an attack to recover both the ship and crew. (Note; Troops killed
during this action are included on the Vietnam Memorial). Although not involved, the F-14’s were ready if needed.
After eight months in the Southeast Asian seas, two months longer than planned, the first F-14A squadrons
triumphantly returned to base. However, the long anticipated issues with the F-14’s TF-30-P-412 engine had
manifested itself, as two aircraft were lost due to engine problems. The “P-412” engine originally developed
for a non-maneuvering aircraft had known poor compressor stall margins and insufficient thrust for the highly
maneuverable F-14. During these maneuvers, the air flowing inside the engine compressor would easily break
down causing engine flameout. Sometimes the compressor disintegrated causing a catastrophic fire, explosion,
and loss of airplane. Therefore, the F-14As engine was to be temporary: after the seventh F-14, the “P-412”
would be replaced by a variant of the F-15 Eagle’s P&W TF-100 and designated the F-14B.
This plan changed during a fateful May 1971 meeting in Deputy Secretary of Defense David Packard’s office.
Enraged by the F-14 program overruns he had just been briefed on, he summarily cancelled the F-100 engine
program for the F-14 and cut production by 50%. The cost of this decision was formidable as $250M of bandaid solutions never satisfactorily solved the problem and over 40 aircraft, valued at $1B, were lost. Worst of
all, this engine fault caused the pilots to “fly-the-engine” and not take full advantage of the F-14’s aerodynamic
performance. It would be many years before the F-14 had an engine to match its wings.
A letter from an A-6 Bomber/Navigator (B/N), published on the front page of Grumman Plane News, extolled
Grumman’s “Iron Works” reputation. The B/N told how, after a mid-air collision, his A-6 had lost the outer six-feet
of its wing. Despite this, the pilot recovered control and flew 20 minutes back to base. The final quote of his
letter, “I... am firmly convinced nobody builds airplanes like Grumman!”
The summer of 1975 began with another first. When the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy set sail to the
Mediterranean, it carried squadrons of both F-14s and E-2Cs. The connectivity between these two aircraft
provided capabilities unique to naval warfare and all eyes were looking forward to seeing these capabilities
demonstrated in a true operational setting.
George Skurla, in his prescient President’s Report in July, discussed the difficulty in keeping a program sold. He
knew the Navy would soon select its Lightweight Fighter (LWF) design, culminating a multi-year battle between
the F-14 and the LWF. It had long been the position of Grumman and many in the Navy that reducing the F-14
buy to make room in the budget for the LWF would increase rather than decrease the overall cost of providing
the Navy’s needs for the most battle-effective force. On October 10, 1975, the Navy selected the McDonnell
Douglas/Northrop F-18 Hornet as their LWF. This event was to have major implications on the long-term survival
of Grumman.
On September 29, the first modified Gulfstream - Shuttle Training Aircraft made its first flight. This program was
on track to meet the scheduled delivery date to NASA in early 1976.
Fall 1975 saw major changes to Grumman’s management. Clint Towl, after 46 years -and as the last of Grumman’s
founders - announced his retirement as of the end of the year. Jack Bierwirth would become Chairman of the
Board and CEO of Grumman Corporation; Joe Gavin would be President and Chief Operating Officer of Grumman
Corporation, with George Skurla taking on those roles for Grumman Aerospace.
Ignoring the benefits that Grumman provided to Bethpage and to the Town of Oyster Bay, on October 22 the Town
passed zoning rules that overruled the positive recommendation by the Nassau County Planning Commission
and negated the Grumman airport proposal. Grumman would now carry on, in its increasingly cost competitive
world, without the financial benefits of using the Grumman airport for general aviation.
By year-end, over 200 Grummanites were in Isfahan, Iran. They were the vanguard of the 1000 people-strong
team tasked with making the Imperial Iranian Air Forces totally self-sufficient in making their F- 14s the MiG killer
they needed.
In mid-December, Clint Towl, concluded his retirement speech with, “Thanks for the memories.” The employees
who remained at Grumman to carry on a fantastic legacy could have said, “Thanks, Clint, for a great company.”
By: Ken Speiser and Larry Feliu
Copyright © 2014 by Kenneth Speiser and Larry Feliu, All rights reserved
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Call 516-572-4111
Leroy R. and Rose W. Grumman IMAX Dome Theater
Charles Lindbergh Blvd., Garden City, NY
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No. of Guests attending _____
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Member Name (print)
Guest Names (print)
No. of Members attending _____
No. of Guests attending _____
No. of Chicken _____
No. of Fish _____
Luncheon coupons should be mailed to
Grumman Retiree Club, Inc.
PO Box 476
Luncheon coupons should be mailed to
Grumman Retiree Club, Inc.
PO Box 476
$10 per member - $20 per guest
$10 per member - $20 per guest
Bethpage, NY 11714
Bethpage, NY 11714
The Grumman Retiree Club does not specifically endorse or represent advertisers.
DUES ARE $15.00
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Grumman Retiree Club
M/S Z49-25
600 Grumman Road West
Bethpage, NY 11714-5000
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Grumman Retiree Club, Inc.
600 Grumman Road West, M/S Z49-25
Bethpage, NY 11714-5000
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Grumman Retiree Club, Inc.
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