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Abington Family Newsletter
January 2015
Happy New Year Gerstadt Families,
Thank you so very much for all the gifts, cards and warm
wishes shared with all of us. We appreciate your generosity,
thoughtfulness and love. Thank you also for the treats
brought in for our parties. You make each event so special
for our children!
Last month the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes
travelled to Storybook Theatre. The children enjoyed the
show. Thank you to our fantastic chaperones for helping us.
Nature Jack came to visit the center for an in-house trip.
Everyone loved his demonstrations and how he makes
science so fun!
This month at the center our theme is Big Machines! This
unit will explore jobs in our community. Also vehicles and
tools that we use every day. This month we will celebrate
Preschool Fitness Day, Kid Inventions Day and celebrate the
life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please look
around the center to see our awesome work.
For those of you who do not know, this month will be my
last as Center Director for the Gerstadt Center. My official
last day will be January 30, 2015. For eight years I have
enjoyed the opportunity to watch your children learn and
grow academically and socially. It has brought me immense
joy to be a positive part of all of your lives and the Gerstadt
staff members as well. I want to thank you sincerely for
your support and encouragement. Although I will sincerely
miss everyone, I am grateful for all you have taught me
about teamwork, communication and working towards
common goals. I will remember these Gerstadt years with
fondness and endearment.
Hope to see you soon,
Thank You for Your Generosity
Thank you to all our families who donated
gifts to Bethany Children’s services. The
agency and the children were so grateful for
your kindness.
Staff Appreciation: Thank You!
Thank you to all of our wonderful families for
your warm show of appreciation to our staff
through monetary and personal gifts. We love
working with your children and wish all of you
a happy and healthy new year!
Kindergarten Open House
Kindergarten Open House will be held during
the week of February 2, 2015 from 9:30AM to
11:30AM. Parents are invited to visit
classrooms, meet teachers and learn about
the PA certified Kindergarten program. Call
the Enrollment Office to schedule an
appointment: 215-643-4142
Snow Numbers
Supportive Shopper
In case of inclement weather, watch ABC TV
Channel 6 or listen to KYW for Gerstadt / Abington
Center’s Snow Number: 3000
Keep in mind throughout the year when you
shop at Giant, Target and Amazon, a % of your
sales will be given to Play & Learn to support the
Granny Fund! Click here to learn how you can
start lending a helping hand.
Important Dates to Remember
Giant A+ School Rewards
1/1—New Year’s Day Centers Closed
1/7—Wear BLUE to school
1/19 – Centers Closed: In- Service Day (Open to AMH
& Affiliates ONLY)
1/23 - National Preschool Fitness Day
1/27 - Hat Day
1/29 - National Puzzle Day
Thank you for signing up
for Giant A+ School
Rewards program, last
month we raised $78.67
and this month we hoping to do even better! If
you haven’t signed up yet, there is still time.
Click here to register your Giant Bonuscard and
designate the Abington Play & Learn Center
#06696 to earn points. Each time you shop at
Giant using your Bonuscard, you will earn cash
for our school’s educational needs. So don't
forget to encourage family, friends and
neighbors to sign up too.
Centers Closed: In – Service
We are closed Jan. 19th for Teacher In-Service.
Teachers will be receiving required training in
areas of Health and Safety, Program Planning,
and/or Child Assessment.
Abington open to AMH employees and affiliates
January 2015
Music Class on
Head Start Sport
Mr. Ken visits
1/6 & 1/30
Dance Class
Computer Tots
begins 1/16
Library with Ms.
Andi 1/16
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR FRIENDS...Alexander A turns 1 on 5th;
Brielle turns 2 on 5th; Colin turns 1 on 7th; Madilyn turns 3 on 8th;
Benjamin B turns 1 on 10th; Ryan L turns 5 on 11th; Ameenah turns 1 on
15th; Sal turns 5 on 15th; Carmelo turns 5 on 21st; Devin turns 5 on 24th;
Morgan turns 4 on 27th; Keeran turns 3 on 30th; HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR
TEACHERS... Ms. Jessie B celebrates on 14th; Ms. Florence celebrates on
5 Emergency
6 Trucks help
vehicle helps us fix things
12 Rubber
parts that make
things move
Rev. Dr. Martin L. King Day Project. I have a
dream ...Day! Who has a dream? I do!
13 Big
New Year’s
8 Community 9 Trucks help
today to school! truck art activity keep our world
20 They have 21
7 Wear BLUE
Duckie Day!
machines dig
Bring a Rubber
Duckie to
can we create??
Open to AMH &
Affiliates ONLY
26 Trucks
deliver big and
small things to
our homes
27 HAT DAY! 28 Trucks
deliver to
29 National Puzzle Day!
Center Events
Centers Closed
Family Events
* Dates and Times Are Subject to Change *
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