Online Spectacle Subsidy Update 3

January 2015
Happy New Year and welcome to 2015.
Now that the Ministry of Health’s review of Children’s Spectacle Subsidy has been
completed, Enable New Zealand is ready to roll out the new “Enable Online with RTL”
Spectacle Subsidy platform.
To ensure a successful transition, Enable New Zealand will hold applications from 06th
January 2015. This will allow Enable New Zealand time to ensure all required information,
such as Assessor and Client details, are correct and ready for Enable Online with RTL. This
will mean access to the current portal is removed and applications will not be able to be
processed during this transition time.
To assist you in understanding the process using “Enable Online with RTL” a training video
has been developed. User notes have also been created, to assist and cover any changes
to the system since the video was completed. These can be found at the following links:
Training video
User notes
Enable Online with RTL - Spectacle Subsidy video
Enable Online with RTL - Spectacle Subsidy User Notes
Please review the training video and user notes to prepare for logging on to Enable Online
with RTL.
As advised by the Ministry, once Enable Online with RTL is in place, paper applications will
no longer be accepted for spectacle subsidy applications. This will ensure that claims can
be managed more efficiently thereby facilitating prompt payment.
Two key benefits of the online system allow optometrists and ophthalmologist to view the
child’s current annual subsidy balance, and provide the ability to save and print the claim for
filing and retain for auditing purposes.
Key changes to claiming are:
moving fully to the Enable Online electronic claiming service
single application regardless of Subsidy level - select the option if you are claiming
for either the Children’s Spectacle Subsidy or the Higher Level Subsidy (not both).
Key data collection changes require the capture of:
reason for referral - where the referral originated from
reason for the assessment – the primary presenting concern
actual spectacle prescription
clinical reason for prescribing an adult size frame for a child/young person
clinical reason for seeking access to the subsidy outside the Clinical Guidelines (if
costs to families over and above the subsidy payments.
If you haven’t already registered, please go to the EMS Assessors tab on the Disability
Funding Information website to register. If you work for more than one branch in your
organisation, ensure all branches are included in your registration.
If you have registered with Assessor Online, Enable New Zealand will distribute emails with
organisation, user name and password details to the email address we hold for you in the
registration database prior to the go live.
Enable New Zealand has a Contact Centre to assist with any queries you may have. Details
Phone: 0800 466 654
Email: [email protected]
In summary, our roll out plan is:
06 January 2015
Current Spectacle Subsidy system taken off line
Paper applications placed on hold
From 07 January
Data cleansing
Prepare user accounts for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists who
have registered with Assessor Online
20 January 2015
Enable New Zealand load January paper based applications
Access permission emails distributed for user accounts
22nd January 2015
Enable Online with RTL live
Note: The current process of invoices submitted to Enable New Zealand, quoting the
purchase order number provided by email remains. Please forward invoices to
[email protected] quoting Spectacle Subsidy in the subject Line.