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Your Prayers, Presence, &
Volume XXXVIX, Issue 2, Jan. 11, 2015
From Jeremy’s Desk...
With an estimated 1.25 billion Christians in the world, it’s safe to say that
most of us are familiar with Jesus. I
would imagine that if you asked a random churchgoer, they could list facts
about Jesus, name family members,
and recount certain details about his
life. If given enough time, they might
be able to retell a famous parable or
two or even recite some of his more
well known sayings.
retrace Jesus’ story from the very beginning. We’ll seek to shed light on
who he is, what his life and purpose
were all about, and why it matters to
you and me.
Whether you’ve been in the church all
your life or the Christian faith is brand
new to you, this is a sermon series
you won’t want to miss. Not only that,
but I also want to encourage you to
invite someone to church with you
Some people in the church have an
sometime in the next six weeks, espealmost encyclopedic knowledge about cially if it’s someone who’s been skepJesus—they know all kinds of facts,
tical about the church or religion in
figures, and details about the life of
Jesus and if given a pop quiz, they
As one of my favorite authors, Leocould pass it flying colors. No doubt
nard Sweet, once said, “Evangelism
most of us know a lot about Jesus.
isn’t about persuading anyone about
The real question is: Do we really
anything. It’s about introducing them
know Jesus?
to Jesus and letting Him and His story
be the persuasion.”
I look forward to seeing you in worship
on Sunday!
Pastor Jeremy Lawson
Beginning Sunday, January 11, we’re
starting an all new sermon series
called “Rediscovering Jesus.” Together, we’re going to go beyond the
hearsay, the anecdotes, and the childhood Sunday School lessons. We’re
going to dig deep into Scripture and
January 11:
January 18:
January 25:
February 1:
February 8:
February 15:
In the Beginning…
The Wonder Years
The Baptism of Jesus
Jesus the Teacher
Jesus the Healer
Jesus the Redeemer
Baptism Sunday ~ Jan. 25
On Sunday, Jan. 25, we will offer the opportunity for you to be baptized in the
name of the Lord or to renew your baptismal vows at one of our services. If
you would like to talk about your decision or if you are ready to be baptized,
please contact Pastor Jeremy in the church office by Tuesday, Jan. 20.
Birthdays and Anniversaries 3
Weekly Church Calendar
Friendship Lunch
The Friendship Group will meet at
11:30 a.m. at Mama G’s on Thursday, Jan.15 for good food and fellowship. This group meets monthly
for lunch that frequently includes a
guest speaker or music program.
Please RSVP Suzanne Harper by
Tuesday, Jan. 13, by calling her at
706.839.8484or emailing
[email protected]
Sid Weber Benefit
Dance till you can’t dance no more!
Jan. 17 - 9 a.m.a.m.-12 p.m. - FLC
to Benefit the Sid Weber
Memorial Cancer Fund
$10 adults/$5 students
Get in shape while helping those
fighting cancer with transportation to
treatments and doctor visits or othernon-medical expenses.
UMM Meeting
The next Rabun Area United Methodist
Men meeting will be held on Monday, Jan.
12, at Dillard UMC. Fellowship begins at
6:30 p.m. followed by supper at 7 p.m.
Afterwards, there will be UMM business
discussion, a devotion, and a time of
prayer. All Methodist men are welcome.
Mid Week Fellowship
Cold temperatures call for...chili!
chili! And
baked potatoes and hotdogs for Wed.
Night Supper on Jan. 14. Remember to
make reservations by Tuesday. Dinner is
served at 5:45 p.m. in the FLC gym.
Operation Christmas Child Outcome
Dear Churches, Pastors, Members, Businesses, Schools, Groups, Individuals, and Volunteers,
May the Lord bless all of you for you prayers, time spent , and your
giving...all of your compassion goes to blessing the children all around
the world. You all make a wonderful team here in the North Georgia
Mountains for Operation Christmas Child, Thank You!
We had the best year yet…as a team we put 6,274 shoe boxes on the
first trailer and 1,122 shoeboxes on the second trailer. This is the
second year we have had to use the second trailer, Praise God for a
total of 7,396 shoeboxes (this was a increase of
1,320 shoes over last year) going to bless the
children and to plant a seed in them about JESUS! May the Lord Jesus bless your the giving of
yourselves, and resources.
From the Collection Center in Blairsville,
The Wednesday Prayer Group meet faithfully in the Senior Room at 5:15 p.m. All
are invited to join them.
FaithBuilders (pre-K through 5th grade)
will meet in the FLC afterschool till 5:30
p.m. Children are offered a healthy snack
upon arrival, enjoy playtime, make a
craft, sing praise songs, and more!
EGO, for Youth in Middle and High
School, are picked up afterschool on
Wednesdays. Check in with Jeremy for
the week’s destination and how to dress
or what to bring. (EGO stands for Experiencing God Outside!)
Library Corner
Bob Nerthling
p.s. Our church collected and delivered over 120 shoeboxes this year!
Adult Sunday School News
The Wesley-Seekers Sunday School Class invites all who are interested in Bible Study and Christian fellowship to join them on Sunday
mornings at 9:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall The Hall is located on
the main floor of the Education Building across from the Sanctuary
downtown. Cokesbury’s Uniform Bible Lessons are utilized and discussed. This faithful class has been studying together and sharing
concerns for over 20 years, and they would love to see you there!
The Adult Study Group will finish their study entitled Twisting the
Truth on Jan. 11. The following week Ellen Barfield will begin a new 6
week session about God’s covenants with his chosen people such as
Noah, David, Jonathan, and Abraham.
submitted by: Mildred Whittaker
The following book has
been purchased for the
Claudia Lee Henson Memorial Library: Outcasts United
by Warren St. John. Clarkston, Georgia,
was designated as a refugee settlement
center in the 1990s and became the first
American home for families in flight from
the world's war zones. Outcasts United is
the stunning real-life story of an inspiring
group of refugees and a woman who,
with tough love and fiery determination,
changes an entire community for the better. This book is in the Leadership Development category.
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Gospel of Luke Study
Rev. Jeremy Lawson continues leading a Wednesday morning Bible study this year centered on the
Gospel of Luke at 10:30 a.m. in the Upper Room.
The Bible study group will not meet on Jan. 14 but
will pick back up on Jan. 21.
Can you help usher at 11 a.m. Traditional?
Call Mike Jones at 706-782-9767
Can you assist with FaithBuilders on Wednesday?
Call Jeremy Noffsinger at 706-782-4426, ext. 228
Would you enjoy welcoming people to the Connections service?
Call Mia at the church office.
Could you teach or help with Kids Connect or Kids Worship ?
Call Jeremy Noffsinger at 706-782-4426, ext. 228
Your Prayers
*Allan White
*Jack & Marquez Martin
*Mark Walker
*Jackie Crisp
*Anita Deal
*Linda Craft
*Betty & Wayne Martin
*Joye Spates
*Ed Singleton
*Taylor Marchman
*Mary Frances Bailey
*Lewis Reeves
*Jennifer Mason
*Janice Wayne
*George & Vickie Trogdon
*Lynn Hickox
*Annette Findley
Barry Wood
Sherry Roach
Buck & Geneva Carlton
Rev/Mrs Charles Sineath
Janet Ann Lawler
Michael Thomason
Lauren Cunningham
Hugh & Marion Poplin
Dorothy Wall
Ava Wilson
Kathryn Gurtler
Frank Sr. & Gloria Lastra
Belinda Long
Sam Hagerman
Fred & Doris Hatterick
Richard Randel
LeeAnna Gonzalez & family Ronnie Rider
Jack Young
Timothy Davis
Maclain Rigdon and sons Angela Pavelka
Virginia Wates
Diane Hardy
George Sieferman
Fairy Mae Smith
Brigette Marchman
Cynthia Penland
Tom Brown
Russ Wilkerson
Debbie Chisholm&family Donald Hamilton
Jim Greene
*Bev & Ed Perry
*Ruth Mullinax
*Butch Thurman
*Lou Luke
*Mildred Whittaker
*Diane Benzee
*Marlee Price
*Barbara Treanor
Wilma Calvert
David Cantrell
Leisa Wall
O’Rourke Family
Carol Kramer
Sylvia Paul
Melvin Howard
Bethel Masters
Jill Wilson
Richard Burch
Phillip Lowery
DeDe Austin
Sara & John Curry
Don Calhoun
Bill Halker
Bob Griffin
Continue to pray for our President, nation, and armed forces – *Cpt. Will Lesley, Michael Keasler, Kevin Dobson, Matt Waterfield, Michael Abercrombie,
Edward Berg, Jason Hale, Steve Townshend, *John O’Brien, Joseph Porter,
Jason Britt, William Wedenfeller, Russell Hartley, Major Ryan Sanders, Cpt.
Drew Deal, Lt. Eric Deal, Kirk Kilby, CW2 James Johnson, *Tommy Adams,
Andrew Kovacs, PV2 Coryn Ramey, PV2 Sarah Jane Guest, Cpl. Nathan Ramey,
Sgt. Brian Fink (USMC), Justin Farmer (USMC), 1Lt. Scott Curtin, Levi Brown,
Michael Henderson, Tommy Dotson, Will Littrell. Ebola virus victims and
their families. Persecuted Christians. Peace on Earth.
Missionaries: Dr. Chris Hena; Jonathan, Maggie & Patrick Hunter, Jay Waldrep
in Costa Rica
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Happy Birthday!
Jan. 12-Gary Linda Logan
Jan. 13-Ellen Barber
Jan. 14-Bree Ann Bragg
Jan. 14-Marie Embry
Jan. 14-Sally Hibner
Jan. 14-Kevin McDonald
Jan. 15-Allan White
Jan. 16-Ashley Martin
Jan. 16-Jason Michelson
Jan. 17-Steven Black
Jan. 17-Kayla Sawyer
Jan. 17-Marie Gillespie
Jan. 17-Dot Green
Jan. 17-Jennifer Mitcham
Happy Anniversary!
No anniversaries this week.
Will you uphold Clayton First
United Methodist Church with
your prayers, your presence, your
gifts, your service, and your witness?
Your Presence
Attendance on Jan. 4, 2015:
Connections Service
Traditional Service
Kids Programs:
9:30 Kids Connect
11 Kids Worship
Total in Worship
Adult/Youth Sunday School
Pajama Trees
Elizabeth Bethel wanted to
help give the less fortunate children of Rabun
County a warmer and happier Christmas. So for the
past couple of years, she’s
placed “Pajama Trees” out in our
worship spaces with boy or girl sizes
on ornaments. This year our church,
the CLC, and participating visitors
fulfilled over 300 ornaments! Elizabeth and friends delivered more PJs
than ever before thanks to your generosity. Thank you!
Address Change
Scott & Guin Provance
Jackson, Evans, and Sophie
222 Deerfield Drive
Clayton, GA 30525
C.A. Henson and Mrs. Allan White are
currently residing at alternate residences for several weeks. Mia has
their addresses at the office.
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Clayton First UMC
P.O. Box 703
Clayton, GA, 30525
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 703, Clayton, GA 30525
71 South Main Street
Education Building/Fellowship Hall:
91 South Main Street
Family Life Center/CLC:
205 Ministry Mountain Drive
Clayton, GA 30525
Office: 706.782.4426
Rev. Lawson’s cell: 404.304.3574
E-mail: [email protected]
Website claytonmethodist.com
The Spirit
Assistant Pastor and
Dir. of Youth & Children’s Ministries
Dir. of Music
Dir. of Creative Learning Center
Financial Secretary
Church Secretary
Building Superintendent
Church Calendar
Sunday, Jan. 11
9:30 a.m.-Connections Praise & Worship Service and Kids
9:30 a.m.-Adult Study Group-Education Bldg. (downstairs)
9:45 a.m.-Wesley Seekers Adult Class-Fellowship Hall
Upper Room Adult Class-Upper Room of FLC
10:45 a.m.-Life Group I (Adults)-Senior Room of FLC
Children’s Sunday School/Nursery-FLC
11 a.m.-Traditional Worship Service-Sanctuary
and Kids Worship-Fellowship Hall
12 p.m.-Children’s Curriculum Meeting-Fellowship Hall
5 p.m.-Youth Group-FLC
Monday, Jan. 12
8 a.m.-Men’s Emmaus Reunion Group-Senior Room
4 p.m.-CLC Board Meeting-Upper Room
5 p.m.-Handbell Choir Practice-Education Building
6:15 p.m.-G/S Troop Meeting-Fellowship Hall
6:30 p.m.-Choir Practice-Education Bldg
6:30 p.m.-Rabun UMM Meeting-Dillard UMC
7 p.m.-Emotions Anonymous-Education Bldg.
Tuesday, Jan. 13
10 a.m.-Worship Meeting-Upper Room
11 a.m.-Staff Meeting-Upper Room
5:30 p.m.-NGCP Meeting-Fellowship Hall
6:30 p.m.-Connections Band Practice-FLC
Wednesday, Jan. 14
3:15 p.m.-EGO for Youth-Offsite
3:30 p.m.-FaithBuilders-FLC
5:15 p.m.-Wed. Prayer Group-Senior Room
5:45 p.m.-Wed. Night Supper-FLC
6:45 p.m.-Finance Committee Meeting-Senior Room
Thursday, Jan. 15
11:30 a.m. Friendship Group Lunch-Mama G’s
6 p.m.-U.M. Connectional Group Mtg.-FLC
Saturday, Jan. 17
9 a.m.-Boogie-thon Sid Weber Cancer Fund Benefit-FLC
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