Notes From Pastor K. Ray… - The Church at Liberty Square

God Bless Your
New Year
January 11
January 14
January 14-18
January 18
February 4
February 5-6
Choir Board Meeting
No Choir Rehearsal
Choir Cruise
No Choir Sunday
No Choir Practice
Choir Sings
Thursday & Friday night
January 7, 2015
Notes from Pastor K. Ray….
Happy New Year. Glad to kinda have things back to normal. Of course, what is normal? Thanks
everyone for your support through the holidays. I have heard nothing but good things concerning last
years’ activities. The choir board is meeting Sunday to kick start 2015.
Thanks for your dedication and support to our Music and Fine Arts Ministry. Glad to introduce new
music tonight.
Tonight’s Schedule
A Joyful Noise
The Name of Jesus
Song of Moses
I Surrender
He Turned It
Praise the Name of the Lord
Apostle’s Creed
Oh How We Love You
Let Everything That Has Breath
Order of Worship
Sunday, January 11, 2015
Christy Granger
Ronnie Long
Praise Team
Jan. 15
Jan. 16
Susan Morris, Terri Brooks, Shelia Looney,
Jessica Childers, Marshall Woods,
Tanner Davis
Richard & Sandy Wallace Jan. 1
Phil & Christy Granger
Jan. 7
Order of Worship—Sunday, January 18
No Choir
Praise Team
Dustin Chupp, Ellen Heath, Andra Heath, Tanner
Davis, Marshall Woods, Traci Cline, Terri Brooks
This Is Amazing Grace,
Nothing Is Impossible
10,000 Reasons,
Under the Shadow...with TRAX
Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)
Prayer Requests
Jack Howell’s Dad, Billy Howell, passed away
Ronnie Long’s wife, Dorie, surgery
Wendy Carringer, hurting sciatic nerve
Anne & Christy Boulier—sick
Your Grace Is Enough
Heaven on Earth
The Name of Jesus
It’s Cruise Time
January 14-18, 2015
Most important cruise info:
Each person must have proper identification. Here is a reminder of
the options. You will not be allowed on the ship if you don’t have
these documents with you. You need either a:
valid US Passport (preferred)
valid a)Driver’s license and b)an original birth Certificate for
all 16 and up.
For children 16 and under, you must bring an original birth certificate.
Feel free to check on your own or for more information
Departure for Valdosta Fairfield Inn:
Wednesday, January 14 – arrival time at Liberty Square 4:15- 4:30 PM.
Motor Coach leaves promptly at 5 PM. Please let me know if you
can’t be here by 4:30 pm to depart.
I am looking forward to a great time. These items are required by our
government. Please don’t hesitate to call, text or email me, if you have
any questions K. Ray (770-862-9489) or Angie (770-548-4434) or the
church office 770-382-9489.