22nd June 2014 Larkfield and East Malling Methodist Church

Larkfield and East Malling Methodist Church
We ask God’s blessing on:
Tony, our Minister, and his family, Christine, Rachel and Kathryn
Liz Brown’s father, Julian, following his operation;
Hazel, aged 20, a relative of Frank Gore who has a tumour pressing
on her brain which has required two operations;
For the family of Pauline Billington, especially Terry, Danielle and
Michael, as they grieve for Pauline;
Val, her mother, brother and Daisy as they grieve for Jim Burnage;
For Derek’s family and friends as they continue to grieve;
Betty Freeman who has broken her wrist and is unable to get about;
all our members, friends and family who are struggling at this time;
the elderly folk of our church who have become too frail to worship with us;
Worship at St. Martins led by
Rev. Tony Graff
the GB and BB, Junior Church and all the young people of our Church;
our friends at St Martin’s and those who regularly attend and lead
services there;
all those in our Church who are unwell, in hospital, receiving medical treatment, recovering from an operation or suffering ill-health, sorrow or loss;
our Church finances, that we can consider prayerfully our giving to support the
work of our Church and Circuit;
We ask God’s blessing on us all so that each of us can fulfil our calling to be
the people of God working for Him in this place.
22nd June 2014
All Age Worship
Steward: Tony Buddin
Door Steward: Ann Rudnicki
Bible Reader: GB
29th June 2014
Doreen Koffie-Williams
Steward: Brian Trice
Door Steward: Alan Connor
Bible Reader: Ali Lineham
Intercessions: Jean Cialis read by
Christine Malins
Flowers: Ann Rudnicki
e welcome you all to our
worship this morning. If
you are a visitor, we hope to see
you again.
Please sign in the
Visitor’s Book and take a copy of
aLive our church magazine.
Tea, coffee and squash will be
served after the service, in the
Sycamore Tree.
Children and young people will
remain in church this morning.
Rev. Tony Graff’s telephone number: 01732 871436
Church Office tel: 01732 220820
Notices to Christine on 01732 842647 or
email them to: [email protected] by Thursday morning.
You can contact the Church Office anytime by phone, details as above.
Church Website—www.larkfieldchurch.co.uk
Lord, as you crossed the boundaries of age and culture, speaking to young and old, female and male, so we seek your presence here today. Touch all the boys and girls in this sharing
and joining together, as we offer you our worship, in the name of
Jesus. Amen.
Flower Festival— As a result of last
week’s Flower Festival £178.04 was
raised, of which, as agreed with the
Muffins catering team, £108,04 went
into the Flower Fund and £70 was
split between The Heart of Kent Hospice in memory of Pauline and the
new Welcome Area fund.
We felt the Flower Festival and the
opening of the Welcome Area was
very successful and enjoyed by all
those present. 50 people from outside our church came on to our
premises, 37 on Saturday and 13 on
Weekly prayers on-line— Christine
will be preparing the prayers
next week. If you have a request for
prayers, please let her know. If you
do not wish a name to be online, you
can send a request to Christine for
t he Pr ayer W heel . em ail :
[email protected]
Monday 23rd June—Expressions
Dance from 1.30 to 3.30pm
Tuesday 24th June— Muffins &
More from 10.00am to 2.00pm in the
Sycamore Tree. All are welcome to
come along.
Wednesday 25th June—Little
Larks from 1.30 to 3.30pm.
Thursday 26th June—Afternoon
Tea and Games in the Sycamore
Tree from 2.00 to 3.30pm. Do come
and join us!
Sunday 29th June:
worship, Sycamore Tree at 7.00pm
The first of a series of monthly evening services, in different styles. This
one will be led by Monica and the
Worship Leaders.
Thursday 3rd July the Bible Fellowship Group will meet earlier than
usual at 5pm in The Upper Room for
a Bring and Share Tea, followed by a
reading and discussion of 1 Peter
chapter 5. The meeting will end by
7pm. All are welcome.
Diane will be collecting the Action
for Children boxes all through June.
Please bring your box any Sunday
during this month.
“Collection Update
At end of May we are three quarters
the way through this financial year.
The adjusted (two advance payments
for the whole year have distorted the
figures) income from collections
amounts to some £18,174 which is
just short of our target for covering
our Circuit Assessment contribution
from our collection income.
Don’t forget though that, at the
Church AGM, members committed to
increasing our contribution to Circuit
assessment by £600 (about 2.5%) in
the next financial year. So if you can,
please look again at your giving and
see if you can give just a little bit
Summer Fair
Saturday 12th July
Cakes... Plants... fruit
and veg... jams and
Message from Tracey Burch at
Sutton-at-Hone Church...
I have an application form for the
Songs of Praise Big Sing at the Royal
Albert Hall. I will be going but I
wondered if anyone else would like to
join me. It's a really good, if tiring day
out with the opportunity to sing at the
top of your voice. If you would like to
attend, you will need to be available
on 7th September for the rehearsal in
Knightsbridge and 14th September
for the recording at the Royal Albert
Hall. Please let me know how many
people would like to attend from your
church and whether they are Soprano, Alto, Tenor or Bass. I am
happy to apply for tickets on our behalf. Please let me know by 15th June
by Email [email protected]
brac...books, etc.
All proceeds to church
Sunday 13th July at 10.00am
Deacon Vic Downs will be leading
our service and:
Saturday 28th June at 3pm,
Gillingham Methodist Church will be
having a Strawberry Tea—£3.50
adults, £2.50 children or £10 per
Sunday 20th July at 10.00am there
will be a service of Holy Communion
led by Rev. David Dickins