Brief for NYFD Creative Journals 2015 Fashion is an

 Brief for NYFD Creative Journals 2015 Fashion is an exciting means of expression and is an international
language, quick to react to world wide cultural and economic
For this competition you are required to design and make one contemporary men’s or women’s daywear outfit. You need to prepare an A3 Creative Journal to a high standard.
There is a prize for the most professionally and creatively presented journal.
Your journal must include the following: •
Two pages of research and inspirational material on a contemporary fashion
designer such as Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gautier, Alexander McQueen,
Gareth Pugh, Maison Martin Margiela or Rick Owens*. Please email
[email protected] if you have a designer you would like to use of a
similar caliber who is not listed here. Use this research to inspire your own
design Two pages of design ideas and experimentation, including at least four
developmental drawings to support your design process, showing the
development of your design ideas
If you are doing any fabric dyeing, screen printing or any other creative
techniques you must include examples or photos of your experimentation in
your journal
You must also provide detailed coloured drawings of your final design showing
both front and back views (one per page) with clear construction notes,
including zip or button placement, hemming and any topstitching •
Creative journals must be a minimum of six and maximum of eight A3 pages
and be submitted for preliminary judging by May 22 , 2015 at midday Each page must be labeled with your name, DOB, category, school &
teacher if applicable •
Entrants selected as a finalist will be notified on May 29 , 2015 and will be
asked to proceed to construct their garments. The entrant must make all
garments All entrants have their journals returned after judging Notified finalists MUST return their Creative Journal with their submitted
garment on July 24 , 2015 Please note – do not submit or construct your garment unless advised you are a
notified finalist on May 29 , 2015 If you have been selected to submit your garment please provide a photo and
extensive written description of how the garment and any
accessories are to be worn with your submission.
IMPORTANT DATES* Please note dates may vary Registrations close Creative Journals due May 22nd, 2015 midday Finalists notified May 29th, 2015 Finalists garment submission July 24th, 2015 midday People’s Choice voting Sept 7th – 20th Gala Show Wednesday October 7th Registrations open FEBRUARY 16TH 2015 MAY 8TH 2015