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Historic Old St. John’s Church
240 Bleecker Street, Utica, NY 13501!!
Rev. John A. Buehler!
In Residence !
Rev. John Flanagan!
Rev. John (Tuoi) Nguyen!
Rev. Mr. William Dischiavo !
Parish Office 3157246159 !
Susan Sbiroli, Secretary!
St. John’s Parish Center !
3157322417 !
Sr. Mary Theresa Outreach Center!
3157326171 !
Pastoral Care 3157246159 !
Sr. Sharon Whellahan, CSJ !
Religious Education Director!
Annette Gape 3157321334!
Parish Outreach 1119 Elm Street!
Sr. Paula Mayer, DC 3157326171 !
Music Director and Organist !
Angela B. Nassar!
Randy Migliaccio, Assistant Organist !
Spanish Apostolate Director!
Rev. Luis Olguin 3157240389 !
Vietnamese Community !
Rev. John (Tuoi) Nguyen 3157345209!
Mr. Ly Trinh 3159416919!
Mass Schedule!
Vigil 4:00 PM !
Spanish Mass 7:00 PM !
9:00 AM and 11:00 AM!
1:30 Vietnamese Mass !
Monday Friday 12:10 PM !
Holy Days:!
Please consult the Bulletin !
Sacrament of Reconciliation !
Monday, Tuesday, Friday:!
11:40 AM to 12:00 PM!
3:15 to 3:45 PM !
Sacrament of Baptism!
Parents are required to attend Parish Baptismal preparation classes. Please call the Rectory to schedule an appointment.!
“Our Mission is to share
the Gospel and Love of
Jesus Christ with everyone and to serve others
as Jesus did.”!
January 11, 2015!
Feast of the Baptism of the Lord
Bap$zed 2014!
Toby (Phancico) Bui!
Anton (Michael) Ngo!
Amia Marie Humphrey!
Madelyn Jade Burdier!
Marino PolancoGil, Jr.!
Antonio Manuel Cruz!
Lillyana Faith RiversRegist!
Marian Santos!
Galber Polanco!
Cadianis Mota Polanco!
Paul Francis Christopher, III!
Gabriella Jeanne Christopher!
Abel Collado!
Gabriel Collado!
Ella Maria Sergo*!
Aria Jalissa Appler!
Aubree Alexis Appler!
Marielys Polanco!
Rosmelys Polanco!
Rosario Polanco, Jr.!
Brenda (Maria) Paris Hoang!
Nelson Alberto Segarra, Jr!
Kayla Marie Carter!
Delisane*e Marie Brito!
Sacrament of Matrimony!
All weddings must be booked at the Rectory,
at least six months in advance. Please call the
Sacrament of the Anointing/Communion
for the Sick!
Please call the rectory when a relative or parishioner is sick, in the hospital, homebound
and would like to receive the Sacrament of
Anointing of the Sick or Holy Communion.!
Abraham Louis San.ago!
Evan Ma*hew Parzych!
Charlo*e Ann Stanton!
Xander Dennis Fitzwater!
Valerie Catherine White!
Grace Lillian Davis!
Collin Stanley Wagstaff!
Nayaliz Unique Lilley!
Jahzier Michael Lilley!
Xzavier Robert Clark!
Chloe Noel Mizener!
Lydia Grace Shafer!
Miguel Antonio Rivera!
Profession of Faith
Michael Amond!
David Garcia!
Stephanie Lutz!
Sean Joseph Latus!
Avery Jane Boek!
Sherlyn Nayara Sanchez!
Ainsley Joann Mason!
Luciana Giavanna Knight!
Leonardo John Losada!
Milyza Nicole Stubbs!
Blake Michael Caoue*e!
Julian Gilberto Portala.n!
Aaliyah Madison Coco!
Amanda Maria Le!
Ta.yana Mae Dupre!
Caylyn Cassidy Urgan!
Keian Anthony DiSpirito!
Kiana Lyn Capirci!
Brielle Nona Edwards!
Emilio Familia!
Paloma Familia!
Angelina Rae Hajdasz!
Piper Lilly Rios!
Jacob Fernandez!
Jace Fernandez!
Raichel Lee Aldrich!
Lola Marielie Hernandez!
Page Two!
Historic Old Saint John’s Church!
! Today’s feast, The Bapsm of the Lord, officially ends the Christmas season for our Church. When I was growing up,
we always celebrated The Epiphany (Three Kings or “Li%le Christmas”) as the end of the Christmas season. However, as
we consider the fullness of the Incarnaon, we officially celebrate Christ coming to save all the naons, parcularly the
Genles. This Sunday’s feast considers the same theme with an emphasis given to the point that Christ came to save the
“Chosen People” ! the Jews. In fact, Jesus is now ready to begin His mission. His Father calls Jesus His Beloved Son and, by extension and our own Bapsm, we are being called “Beloved” also because we have accepted the Gospel as the way we will a%empt to
lead our lives.
Concluding the Christmas season at St. John’s comes with a long list of thank yous for all that was done by so many here who
put forth so much effort to make our liturgies inspiring, our Church beauful, and our environment user!friendly. I would like to use
names but one always runs the risk of “forge3ng one” and that is hur4ul, although not intenonal. Bearing that in mind, I simply
wish to thank everyone who had anything to do with making Christmas Holy and Joyful, not only for the Lord, but for all who
a%ended Mass here during our Holyday season. I also would like to thank everyone who was so though4ul to send Christmas
greengs, presents, and the “never ending” plate of cookies and baked goods. They were very much appreciated but now we are
wondering when the diet will begin (Ash Wednesday is a mere 37 days away! ( ☺ )!
In reflecng on Christmas happenings at St. John’s, I got to thinking about how many people would know that a Christmas
Pageant in three different languages was part of the liturgies. This year, we had our tradional rendion of the Christmas story by
our children at the 4 PM Christmas Eve liturgy, while the Spanish had theirs at the 7 PM Christmas Eve Mass, and the Vietnamese
had theirs at the 1:30 PM Mass on Christmas Day. All of them were well done but completely different in approach and costume
which reflected one’s respecve culture.!
As I ponder today’s Bapsm of the Lord, I got to thinking about Bapsm here at St. John’s. We do ask that the parents of the
child a%end a bapsmal seminar that lasts for an hour. This gives us the opportunity to meet the family and they get to meet us.
We are able to tell them how happy we are that they have chosen to have their child bapzed and are so willing to accept their
primary role as the first teacher of their child in the ways of praccing the faith. And, we are so happy to help them with this as
their child progresses in age and wisdom. With the advent of the weekly Vietnamese Mass at 1:30 PM on Sundays, we have
changed the Bapsm mes to either aCer the 4 PM Mass on Saturdays or aCer the 9 AM Mass on Sundays. Occasionally, other
mes can be accommodated if it is planned in advance knowing that people are coming from out of town for the Bapsm. It is a
tradion of the Church that the baby have a Godfather and a Godmother. Their role is strictly to assist the parents in raising their
child in the pracce of the faith in a Chrisan environment. One godparent must be a praccing Catholic who has received the Sacrament of Confirmaon. We explain all this to help parents, and soon!to!be parents, know what is expected. We hope to have
many bapsms as 2015 unfolds. We love them and the babies!! !
! ! ! ! God Bless You,!
! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Father Buehler!
Family Life !
The Gospel today points to Jesus’ human!
ity. Like us, He needed RECOGNITION
(“You are my Son”), AFFECTION (“My
Beloved Son”), and AFFIRMATION (“With
you I am well!pleased”). In our families, it
is easy to focus on irrita/ng behaviors
and take for granted all the posi/ves. This New
Year, take a lesson from God the Father: be an
! ! ! Bapsm Class!
Our next Bap4sm Class will be Monday, February 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Parish Center. Please
call the rectory to preregister.!
January 17/18!
Ministers !
4:00 PM S. Migliaccio0, K. Hyde, T. Lutz, D. Alamond,
C. Sacco!
9:00 AM P. Le, S. Bawarski, D. & K. Bishop, M. Kent!
11:00 AM R. & L. Giglio, E. Jackson, N. Manley!
4:00 PM P. Marashian !
9:00 AM G. Sco, !
11:00 AM A. Canfield!
!Altar Servers!
4:00 PM A. Greer, V. Tran !
9:00 AM G. & L. Ayala, T. & T. Nguyen, M. & M. Chau, !
A. McDonald!
11:00 AM I. Bosque, M, S., & H. Gape, P. Nguyen,!
J. Hernandez!
Collecon Counters!
! Varano, J. & K. Huckabone!
Page Three!
Historic Old Saint John’s Church!
A Taste of Heaven!
Prayer Mountain, Inc. is hos4ng an evening of
Praise and Worship at the Stanley Center for
the Arts on Thursday, January 15th, 2015 at
6:30 PM. All are welcome to a=end. A free
will offering will be accepted.!
January 3/4!
Regular Collec4on 2015:!
Vietnamese Collec4on 2015:!
Total Collec4on 2015:! !
Regular Collec4on 2014:!
January 11, 2015!
$ 291.00
All Students: Grades 1 10: !
Next Sunday, January 18th at
9:00 AM, is our Youth Mass. All
students are expected to
There are no classes that day.!
Save the Date: Let’s do it again! Grades 7 10 will be
sponsoring a Pancake Breakfast to benefit the Historic
Old St. John’s Scholarship Fund on Sunday, February
Stay tuned for more informa4on!!
Subs'tute Catechists & Van Drivers are s4ll needed.
Please call Anne=e if you would be willing to volunteer. !
Safe Environment/ Vicm Assistance!
The sexual vicmizaon of children is overwhelming in magnitude, yet it is largely unrecognized and under reported.
Stascs show that one in five girls and one in ten boys are
sexually exploited before they reach adulthood, yet less
than 35% of those child sexual assaults are reported to authories.!
If a Church representave has sexually abused you or a
loved one, whether that abuse is recent or occurred in the
past, you are urged to contact the local authories and
Jacqueline Bressee, the Director of Safe Environment and
Vicm Assistance, at 315.470.1465 or via email at !
[email protected] Also, do not hesitate to call with any
quesons you may have regarding suspected abuse or to
communicate any concerns about seemingly inappropriate
behavior. All calls are confidenal.!
Catholic Men’s Conference!
Aenon: Men of the Parish the theme for the 7th Annual
IGNITE Men’s Conference is You Are Sent. Almost 6,000
men have aended the previous conferences and we are
looking to make sure 2015 breaks the 7,000 mark! You can
be part of it on Saturday, March 21st, 2015 at the SRC Arena
& Event Center in Syracuse for an amazing day that will
have a tremendous impact on you. You can register for the
IGNITE Catholic Men’s Conference online at . Sign up now. Limited seang
2014 Tax Statements!
Statements showing your charitable dona4ons to St.
John’s Church during the 2014 calendar year will be
ready to process beginning on January 15th. Please
complete this form and return it to the rectory so that
we may process your request.!
Name ______________________________________!
Envelope # __________________________________!
!! for Our Parish!
Name ____________________________________!
Address __________________________________!
City & Zip _________________________________!
World Marriage Day Celebra'on!
The 29th Annual World Marriage Day will be
celebrated on February 8, 2015 at 2:30 PM
at The Cathedral of the Immaculate Concepon, Syracuse. The Most Reverend Robert J.
Cunningham will celebrate the Mass and
witness the renewal of marriage vows of all
couples in aendance. He will honor those
couples celebrang silver anniversaries,
golden anniversaries and beyond 50 years in
2015. Please contact your parish office to !
! register.!
Telephone (s) ______________________________!
Please check any that apply:!
___ New registration
___ Address change!
___ Moving out of Parish ___ Phone/Email change!
___ Unsure if registered!
___ Wish to receive offering envelopes!
Please complete and drop in the collection basket or mail to
the rectory.!
Saturday, January 10!
4:00 PM Al Mazzei req. Paulene Sanno!
4:00 PM Etro Vallese req. !
Brother, Saverio & Sonya Vallese!
4:00 PM Raymond Ferris req. Dr. Evelyn Ferris & Family!
7:00 PM (Spanish) Phyllis Calogero req. Estate!
Sunday, January 11, Bap$sm of the Lord!
9:00 AM Joseph & Robert Hoyt req. Family!
9:00 AM John Cecilia req. !
Wife, Children & Grandchildren!
9:00 AM Members of the Padula Family req. Family!
11:00 AM Mary Kaliff req. Angela & Sondra Nassar!
11:00 AM Mrs. Julie Lilli req. !
Behalf of T. Revels Funeral Home!
11:00 AM Henry DiPerna req. !
! !
Wife, Children & Grandchildren!
1:30 PM (Vietnamese) People of St. John’s Parish!
! !
Monday, January 12!
12:10 PM Charlene Greco req. Dutcher Family!
12:10 PM Ri Thi Nguyen req. Phu Le!
12:10 PM Mary Lou Graham req. Daughter, Marilyn !
1:30 PM (Focus) Claudia Becker req. Estate!
Tuesday, January 13. St. Hilary, Bishop & Doctor!
12:10 PM Reed Furman req. Bobby Nelson!
12:10 PM Ri Thi Nguyen req. Phu Le!
12:10 PM 3rd Ann. Rick Phillips req. Family!
Wednesday, January 14!
12:10 PM Francis W. Gossin req. Tom & Jeanne Gossin!
12:10 PM People of St. John’s Parish!
Thursday, January 15!
12:10 PM F. X. Ma, II req. !
Daughter, Elizabeth (Libby) Lemire!
12:10 PM J. Brady Thomas req. His Loving Family!
Friday, January 16!
12:10 PM All Souls’ Intenons!
12:10 PM A Cure for Muscular Dystrophy !
Saturday, January 17!
4:00 PM Leo William & Elizabeth Horgan req. !
! !
Son, Dennis !
7:00 PM (Spanish) Rocco M. LaBella Family req. Estate!
Sunday, January 18!
9:00 AM Vinny Peters req. Bey & Harry Cummings!
9:00 AM Julie Ciancia req. Angela & Sondra Nassar !
11:00 AM Jim Montana req. St. John’s Choir!
11:00 AM Nicholas & Mary Rosa Aleri req. Family!
11:00 AM Spec. Int. Jennifer Pekala Parise req. !
Joe & Dee Pekala!
1:30 PM (Vietnamese) People of St. John’s Parish!
Good News Center!
The Third Op$on: Meets every other Sunday from 6:30 PM
8:00 PM at the Good News Center. This is a support group
for married couples who may be discouraged about their
marriage and are looking for a way to overcome their difficules.!
Grief Survivors: This is a faithbased support group for
those suffering from the loss of a loved one. Meets every
Tuesday from 6PM 7:30 PM. Dropins are welcome.!
Women At the Well: All Chrisan women of any age are
invited to come to Women at the Well to enrich their
awareness of God in their lives and become more aenve
to the ways He nourishes them each day. Facilitated by Sr.
Mary Ellen Schopfer, CSJ Spiritual Director this group
meets on the last Tuesday of each month from 6:30 8:00
Rest in God Prayer Group: Enter into a method of prayer
that can help bring rest, healing and peace to the chaos and
demands of everyday life. The prayer group meets on the
2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month from 6:00 PM unl
8:00 PM.!
For registra$on or informa$on for any programs, call !
Tanya at 7356210 or register online at!
News from Christ the King!
Something for Everyone: There is always something old or
something new at the Christ the King Retreat Center. If you
are looking for a boost to your spiritual life, check out our
programs and retreat opportunies. Spend some quiet me
with God at our beauful facility. The best way to keep
abreast of our current programs and events is to visit our
website at or call 315.446.2680 or !
email us at [email protected] .!
Feast Day of Saint Marianne Cope!
St. Joseph & St. Patrick Church at 720 Columbia St. in Uca will
sponsor two events to celebrate the Feast Day of St. Marianne.!
On Friday, January 23rd, Mass will be celebrated at 6 PM with
veneraon of the first class relic. This mass will also culminate
the Novena to Saint Marianne which begins on January 14th.!
On Saturday, January 24th, there will be a pilgrimage to the
new Saint Marianne Cope Shrine & Museum in Syracuse. Reservaons are required.!
For more informaon, contact Ellen @ 7354429 X 5 or email
[email protected]!
Nunn & McGrath Funeral Directors
Myslinski Funeral Home
470 French Road • Utica, New York 13502
!"#$: 724-6739
%$&&' 601-1385
Robert Chambers
Funeral Homes
O’Scugnizzo Pizzeria Inc.
“Owned by Burline Family Since 1914”
Utica Store
2000 Bleeker St., Utica, NY 13501
(315) 724-6845
13 Oxford Road
New Hartford, NY
Schuyler Store
2285 State Rt. 5, Utica, NY 13502
(315) 735-4289
1123 Court Street
Utica, NY
...Like a Good Neighbor,
State Farm is There...
40 Main Street
Whitesboro, NY
2023 Sunset Ave., Utica, NY
Celebrating the lives of the ones you love.
Since 1909
1517 Whitesboro St • Utica, NY • 797-5550
10 East Park Row • Clinton, NY • 853-8434
408 Herkimer Road • Utica, NY • 797-5552
Utica, New York 13502
– Daily lunch specials
– Catering for all occasions
614 Bleecker St.
Open 9 A.M. – 9 P.M.
Mon. – Sat.
Sunday 12 P.M. - 5 P.M.
(315) 732–8915
Dr. Gregory Rorick
932 South Street, Utica, NY 13501
“A soft touch for sore feet”
736-TOES (8637)
315-724-6714 or (800) 357-3019
Email: [email protected]
587 Main Street – Suite 102B
New York Mills
The Good Meelan Feelin’
SINCE 1928
Frozen & Imported Foods
5126 Commercial Drive East
Groceries • Bakery & Spices
Paper & Cleaning Products
A Family Dedicated to Service Since 1895
Licensed • Fully Insured | Residential • Commercial
Maintenance & Repairs
Water Heaters &
New Installations
Save BIG!
700 Rutger St. Utica
Open to the Public • 724-8249
“Our family caring for yours
since 1914.”
the comp
company for women
Sharon C
Independent Sales Representative
[email protected]
Open Daily 8AM to 10 PM & Sundays Noon to 6!
8630 Seneca Turnpike, New Hartford
Holiday Inn
1777 Burrstone Rd., New Hartford, NY • 797-2131
Call Us for All Your Catering and Overnight Room Needs
3993 Oneida St.
New Hartford,
NY 13413
Chemical Dependency Services, Inc.
Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services
500 Whitesboro Street, Utica NY 13502
(315) 724-5168
485 French Road
1256 Albany St.
350 Leland Avenue
(Big Lots Plaza)
4794 Commercial Dr., New Hartford, NY 13413
315-736-5212 • [email protected]
Painting, Masonry & Tile
“A modern day craftsman with old-fashioned dedication”
Call us first or last, but call us and save!
[email protected]
The Professionals for All Your Towing Needs
Utica 733-7533
Rome 336-9353
1205 Oriskany Street West
(1/2 mile West of Route 12)
304 N. James Street
(Across from County Courthouse)
Email: jengler
412 Elizabeth St., Utica, NY 13501
(315) 732-1051 • Fax (315) 732-1033
Disc Brake Experts • Cars • Pick–Ups • Vans • 4 Wheel Specialists • Mufflers • Shocks
(315) 724-0135
FAX (315) 734-1615
Johnston’s Auto Body Inc.
Friendly Service While–You–Wait
New Gravesites Available
Cremation Garden
All Catholics welcome
Please visit or call 732-8588
P.O. BOX 1745, UTICA, NY 13503
FOR AD INFO CALL 1-800-888-4574
“Try Us, You’ll Like Us”
Joan M. Brown – Hobaica
For Advertising Information, call
STEVE MALARA at LPi today!
1 (800) 888.4574 ext. 3405
[email protected]
Parkway Drugs
24 Hour Towing
Flatbed Service
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