CHILDREN COPE Helping Your The Parent Seminar with Divorce

TransParenting is the nationally acclaimed program
of Families First of Atlanta, Georgia.
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January 6 and 13
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All sessions will be held at 5100 Peach Street,
across from St. George Church
(5100 West Entrance, 2nd Floor)
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• More than one million children are affected by
divorce or family separations each year.
• 70% of uncoupling parents fail to build a
cooperative relationship, which is so crucial for
their children.
• Children of uncoupling parents are two to three
times as likely to suffer emotional or behavioral
• In a recent survey of participating parents, 96%
reported the seminar information will help them
understand their children and influence their
• Court-systems replicating the seminar throughout
the nation consistently report over 95% approval
by participating parents.
July 12 or 19
August 9 or 16
September 13 or 20
October 11 or 18
November 8 or 15
December 6 or 13
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8:30am - 12:30pm
January 11 or 18
February 8 or 15
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April 12 or 26
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and other family transitions is a painful time for the
entire family. Children are often caught in the middle
of their parents’ uncoupling and, as a result, they can
feel powerless, rejected, humiliated, or unloved.
This is a time when family roles are redefined. Even
though they are no longer a couple, parents must find
ways to continue their roles as a mother and a father
to their children.
The Parent Seminar is designed to help minimize
negative impacts on children at a time when parents
are naturally preoccupied with their own adjustments.
Recognizing that their joint roles as parents will
continue to exist, the seminar helps parents begin to
restructure their relationship and make appropriate
plans for their children.
• Developmental stages and needs of children and
how these relate to their ability to understand and
to cope.
• Behaviors children may be expected to exhibit, and
how to deal with these behaviors.
• Symptoms in children’s behaviors that reflect
difficulty in adjustment.
• Available Community resources.
Name as it appears on the petition (please print): ___________________________________________________________
with Divorce
Custody and/or Visitation
Topics include:
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The Parent Seminar
Helping Your
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 $50.00 FEE ENCLOSED PER PARTICIPANT. Make check payable to Family Services.
 FEE WAIVED, attach a copy of your IFP Waiver.
 I prefer not to attend the same seminar as my co-parent.
Please notify me if ______________________________ is registered for the same time.
Children and Guests are not permitted in the classroom.
CHILD CARE WILL NOT BE PROVIDED: Due to the nature of the classes, we ask that you make other arrangements for your children.
Both parties filing for divorce must complete the
seminar within 60 days of filing. Anyone filing for a
change of custody or visitation action must complete
the seminar within 45 days of filing.
You must pre-register (completion of the attached
form) for the class, even if you have been given a
class date/time. Attach your payment of $50.00 with
your form and mail to Family Services at the address
listed on the form. PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH.
Checks or money orders should be made payable to
Family Services.
Waiver of fees is available for those
individuals who are eligible for cash assistance
through the Department of Public Welfare. Forms to
verify this are available at the Family Services' office
and must be signed by you. We will verify your status
with the Assistance Office.
Registration the day of class will begin 1/2 hour
before class time. Unfortunately, if you are more
than 15 minutes late for class, we will be unable to
credit your attendance for that class. You will then
need to reschedule the missed class.
If you do not attend your scheduled class time,
you must reschedule by calling the Family Services'
office. An additional fee of $5.00 is charged for class
After completing the requirements of the class, a
certificate will be presented to you and your attendance
will be confirmed with the Court.
Children and Guests ARE NOT PERMITTED
in the classroom. Child care will not be provided.
Everyone attending the class must be registered
and pay the class fee.
5100 Peach Street • Erie, PA 16509
(814) 866-4500
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Helping Your
Children Cope
with Divorce
Custody and/or Visitation